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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the department, 12 people ruined it for the other members. >> we have details on what the report says. the blistering bay area heat is only getting worst hot weather has prompted state officials to shut down a popular state attractions. >> a small quake rattled the bay area, we have a live interview with the usgs coming up. we disciplined 12 overs, foir officers were held to criminal charges, we took this matter extremely seriously and now we have the opportunity to hold you ourselves accountable. >> mayor libby schaaf defended
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the city's actions on the sex scandal after an internal report criticized the investigation. >> the mayor and other city leaders responded to the report about an hour ago, paul was there, the new police chief said they will do better. >> reporter: that's right, the press conference lasted 30 minutes, it was to talk about the report by a court appointed investigator. he was talk about the sexual misconduct case against the oakland police department which investigating itself. city leaders responded to the report. >> some people will say this is a setback. i do not see it as a setback. i see reports like this as a mirror but as a launching pad for the future. >> reporter: this surrounds the case involving jasmine abuslin that went by the name of celeste guap, a teen that
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identified as a sex worker, police from many agencies have been named in the case. the reported said the oakland police department were inadequate in the investigation. they said they thought jasmine abuslin was not credible and did not pursue the investigation seriously. the report also went after the mayor and city administrators because they did not check in the investigation was done properly. they said that the police department's investigation was inadequate and that there were no checks in place. >> there have been many changes in this department since we were here a year ago and there will continue to be changes. >> reporter: some of the
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changes include officers liesing their jobs and others being disciplined. we also found out that the internal affairs department now reports directly to the chief. the criminal investigation department also has had some changes, the chief and the mayor just got this report today, like we did and we will see if they are going to implement other changes including the recommendation made in the report. >> more work to be done in the city of oakland stemming from the scandal. we reached out to our legal analyst. he is also representing some of the officers involved in the scandal. >> it points to the fact that this committee does not think that the oakland police department did a good job initially investigating the case, it was not until they were prodded that they gt more
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into the case and started to vet the facts more properly. >> an attorney that represented jasmine abuslin in a case that ended in a million dollars settlement said the investigation was deeply flawed. >> the report demonstrates that the investigation that we thought occurred, did not occur. the investigation was never designed to get at the truth of what happened. >> he said that jasmine abuslin told him that investigators made her feel like she was a criminal instead of a victim. to read the full report on the city's handling of the police sex scandal go to our website, and look on the home page. we have learned that there was a fourth arrest tide to the murder of a lyft driver, police said they have arrested a 35
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year old. three oar men pled not guilty to a number of felony charges including assault and vandalism. the attack happened when four men were taking part in an illegal side show on the freeway and the lyft driver tried to pass them. an excessive heat warning in the bay area, officials have confirmed two deaths related to the heat. a 72 year old man and an 87 year old woman died in san jose monday. we do not know the specifics but the deaths are linked to the hot weather. the elderly and the chronically ill are most vulnerable to the heat and everyone should be careful outside. three people were rescued in the san francisco bay after
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their sailboat cab sail -- capsized. the coast guard got the wall around 2:30 this afternoon, three people were found clinging to the boat, they were checked out for possible hypothermia. this hot weather is only requesting to get hotter. >> it is, tomorrow is similar to what we had sunday which was significant heat. we have a heat advisory for everyone. it changes tonight and tomorrow. an excessive heat wawrng goes into effect. that's a big deal. you see the areas around western marin and around the bay, those areas are advisories, like napa and concord and livermore and morgan hill. those are excessive heat
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warnings that will be in place throughout the day tomorrow. it's going to be a scorcher. there is fog along the coast right now, that's kept us relatively mild. we talk about the alerts, which we saw in the past few days, this is a western heat thing. palm springs tied its all time record at 110 degrees, it's sweltering into the west, society west and into the san francisco bay area, tomorrow is the hottest day of the week, most likely. sunday was very hot but i think that tomorrow will be hotter than sunday. right now 102 in livermore. the nice thing is areas around the bay and san francisco, 75. 75 in the east bay, it's not that way tomorrow. the heat is going to really
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come into the bay area. you will see the warmth. these areas that are hot are going to be hotter tomorrow. so when i come back we are going to talk more about what we have going on. it's going to be a scorcher tomorrow. thank you, the hot weather is taking a toll on the alameda county fair. >> christina is live from the fair and some of the attractions that have been effected by the heat. >> reporter: that's right, the fair is a bit empty because of the heat. some people came any way because today is a dus count day but the hot temperatures are a serious issue. last night a decision was made to cancel the opening day horse
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races thursday, this is a decision that organizers were thinking about since last week when they saw the forecast. this is the first time in the fair's history that opening day horse racing has been kabled. the seven races that were scheduled for thursday will be fit in over the next few weeks, tomorrowly extremely hot. the organizers did not want to run the risk of the horses or the jockies overconspiratorring themselves or getting heat stroke. >> we saw it getting to 105 and we had to cancel the race, it's about safety. you cancel the races and lose money but you have to think about the horses, they are like family to is, so are the jockies. >> the heat is also effecting the fun slide ride at the fair. it's closed today and tomorrow until 6:00 in the evening when the surface of the slide starts
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to cool down, the water log ride is a popular ride for some in their efforts to beat the heat. people are trying to keep cool. organizers said that today there was 8,000 people during the day, they expect the numbers to increase into the evening hours, especially tonight. janet cramer is going to be performing. tomorrow, admission is free until 5:00 p.m. stay cool out there. >> good news that they are kabling the horse -- canceling the horse race until the weather cools down. >> remember you can always download our weather app. it's available in the apple app store for apple devices and on google play for andriod devices. our weather team is also
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posting updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. >> could this be earthquake weather with the heat. we are going to speak with the usgs. >> also the ceo of uber is out. what the move means for the future of the san francisco based ride sharing company >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one.
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. a minor earthquake shook
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parts of the east bay, it had a magazine teed of 3.3. the quake was 3 miles deep, there were no injuries or damage reported. some people believe we are in the middle of earthquake weather and that jolt on the fault only confirmed that suspicions. we have amm marie with the united states geological survey. >> is this earthquake weather. >> no we have earthquakes in all weather. >> can the weather or heat have any effect? we have these pictures from santa rosa where the sidewalk buckled. we see signs of heat causing the surfaces to stretch, does that have an effect on the
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earth's surface? >> no. this quake occurred 3 miles into the earth. what happens at the surface does not have bearing on what happens in the earth. >> but the problem is predicting the quakes, how do you smain what cause ka -- explain what causes an earthquake. >> this occurred on the hayward fault. the hayward fault is active. we expect these types of splawl quakes to occur along that fault. it's normal, typical activity. it's typical of the cycle we expect. while we do not predict ert cakes, we have a forecast -- earthquake, we have a forecast of a 6.2 magnitude quake happening in san francisco in
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the next 20 years. >> with the napa quake we just had, these are pictures we are showing of napa, that was a summer time quake, why is there a theory that hot weather is associated with earthquakes. >> it's because people talk about it. but there are quakes happening in cold and rainy and dry climbs. is just human nature to try to understand what we do not understand. people like to associate things and try to make it make sense but we have tested it and there is fo case for earthquake weather. >> i will kill that theory. where do we stand on this prediction with call foreign. we are trying to get to where japan is, where we could have a few seconds notice before a
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quake. >> we are not able to tell you when it will occur but we are able to warn you before the shaking. that's something we are working on now and it's in development. we hope to roll it out within the next couple of years, it's coming up and we are working on it to make it more similar to the japan program. >> that will be a good thing. >> it will be exciting when it happens. >> thank you for putting to rest that myth. we will not talk about it any more. thank you. thank you. lets go over to bill in the weather department. >> i tried to tamp that myth down years ago. it's interesting, it goes back to ancient greece, socrates wrote a book, it was mostly about the stars and the
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planets. they believed that, and in the book he writes about this, that hot winds blowing beneath the earth creates the earthquakes, i think that it started with the ancient greeks. >> that's earthquake country there too. >> yes, she's right. what happens 10 miles deep is not impacted by the temperatures here, but i think that socrates started that a long time ago. >> we have a heat advisory and an excessive heat warning that goes into effect tonight and tomorrow. it's going to be hot. it's hot today but we had this heat advisory since sunday. it's long. a long successive string the heat advisories. it's through tomorrow night.
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tomorrow is going to be the hottest day of the week, the grid is fired up. that's why they are asking you to voluntarily try to do most of your laundry, dish washing and charging your car after midnight or 9:00 at night. there is some coastal fog out there. i saw that picture, we have a picture of the golden gate bridge with some fog. we have a little bit of fog they coast. that's the picture, you can see that pinch of fog, that's nice, that's kept the avenues nice and mellow, but you can see it sweltering other places. 100 right now in walnut creek. 102 in livermore. that's today, which was warmer than yesterday. 8 degrees warmer in livermore.
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cooler in santa rosa, overall, slightly warmer today and tomorrow, significantly warmer, mostly around the bay, the bay will notice the biggest warm up tomorrow. you see this live camera shot at the bridge, the high pressure is dominating and creating compressional heating which sets us up for potential records. the fog is not in the forecast for tomorrow. the forecast highs are 100s. we will see a lot of 104 degrees to 106 degrees in the inland valleys. tomorrow, san jose, 68 degrees in the morning. then hot, 87 by lunch time. we will talk about the afternoon highs, 98 degrees in san jose but it's going to feel, especially at the street level, like 130 degrees, right on the streets.
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just because i am showing you an air temperature, measured above the ground, the real world, you are standing on concrete and it's much hotter. think about your pets and kids and the elderly, take it slow, we are looking at a very hot day tomorrow. it's been a hot week, so far we had a couple of fires, nothing too big, which is great. so we may break some heat records this month. >> thank you, bill. the san francisco police commission set to once again take up the issue of arming officers with tasers, it's something that the new chief appears to be supporting. >> there need to be options that officers have that save lives. >> will the chief turn his support for tasers into
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reality. coming up we talk live with the police commissioner about this new round of discussions. >> protests against a police training program. why the police say critics may not understand the importance of urban shield >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break . save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. . welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. after months of chaos, the ceo of uber travis kalanick has resigned. he went on a leave of absence
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following the death of his mother. he has not returned to work. the ride sharing company has faced a series of scandals including claims the sexual harassment in the work place, i am joined by tim higgins. is this too little to late. >> reporter: time will tell, he has been able to survive the scandals. now the challenge for the new leadership team is to get pasted challenges. >> why do you think he did not survive. he founded the company and turned it into a company worth $68 billion. >> reporter: the investigators did not believe that he had the ability to implement the changes that needed to happen to improve the culture of the
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company much the the board pushed for him to leave and he resigned. >> is he misunderstood. >> reporter: he had to fielt balances against cities and taxis all over the country to survive. it created an us against them mentality but a lot of the problems were self-inflected. >> how do they move forward. >> reporter: they have to change the culture. they have to make it into a company where top talent wants to work, they have to replenish the senior leadership. >> any names, we have been hearing a few names. who are you hearing as the top people. >> it could be a deem job for
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someone. they are likely to go public. many people's named were thrown about. you know, we have talked to a bunch of head hunters and said that perhaps people that were considered for the number two position at uber may be more willing to go for the number one spot, especially now that the ceo is now out of their hair, but he is still on the board, that could be a recruiting challenge. >> travis kalanick is one person but the fact that he is gone, is that more symbolic or are there going to be key changes made. >> you lost a lot of his supporters in the executive group and you lost him although he is on the board. with him gone it sends a signal that they want change. >> thank you so much, tim.
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. the san francisco police commission tonight is set to reexamine the issue of arming officers with tasers. san francisco is one of the largest departments in the country that does not allow the use of stun guns, some have
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expressed concerns that the device are dangerous. for more on this on again, off again battle, i am joined with the commissioner, joe marshall. do you believe that this debate will end differently than the others. >> in my tenure, the debate has come up at least three times, maybe more. it's before us again now. >> i know you voted for tasers in the past but you are obviously aware of the criticism. what do you think that those opposed need to hear to join you this time and support the tasers. >> this time it's coming up because it was in the recommendation of the
4:32 pm
department of justice report. the recommendation talked about the city of san francisco considering employing the tasers, to do that is to work with all key stake holders and community members to make an informed decision and to listen to top experts. our working group has gathered you -- gathered up a number of top experts. we want community members to be informed about where tasers are today. there is no voting tonight. it's all about listening and scition, i do not know when it's going to come to a vote but it's on the agenda tonight. >> i have been here for 10 years, every chief in that time has asked for tasers. each time the commission ras
4:33 pm
rejected the proposal. new police chief scott has appeared on the four and he in fact backs the use of tasers. >> i came from an organization, from the day i started to the day i left where tasers were on option. i believe in them. i have seen them work beautifully, there have been times where they have not worked beautifully, people have lost their lives but they are designed to save lives. >> reporter: doctor marshall, do you think that because the new chief wants them and the department department of justice feels that there is a need for them, do you think that they will be approved this time around. >> i have no idea. i am always open to taking a fresh look at things and seeing where things stand today.
4:34 pm
i cannot remember the last vote, but we will have to see. because of the department of justice report and the fact that the chief is, you know, wanting to take a look at them, it's good but how it will turn out, i cannot predict. >> thank you doctor. we at channel two will be following this as it moves forward. >> thank you. a berkeley city council meeting ended in chaos after protestors staged a demonstration against a controversial police training program. despite the opposition, the counsel voted in favor of the berkeley police taking part in operation shield. several hundred people took over the meeting, storming the stage as the counsel was voting on whether or not to traik part
4:35 pm
in the criticized uban shield training program. police arrested two protestors that they said refused to leave the auditorium. the members of the stop urban shield coalition said that the police were heavy handed removing the crowd but there are no reports of people being injured. >> the berkeley police department used excess force. >> this morning, critics of urban shield unfurled a pair of banners expressing outraging over the vote to loi -- allow berkeley police to take part in urban shield. they said it leads to a militarized police force. >> we are appalled by the traumaa that they have been
4:36 pm
inflicting. we show -- showed up by the hundreds to show that berkeley wants to pull outof the largest military training in the world. >> the event brings police officers from across the region and the officers learn to respond to mass shootings and terror attacks. they said that critics have misconceptions about the program. >> the level of training provided by urban shield is unmatched anywhere. i have been on situations where a person was stabbed, we applied a wrap and that man lived as a result of the training that we received. >> berkeley police are sending at least eight officers to the training, city leaders will be reevaluated whether or not the
4:37 pm
city should be participating in the program on a long term basis, as for the protestors last night, the berkeley police department said they will investigate any accusations of excessive force. we have breaking news to tell you about. in san jose, there is a bush fire burning, you can see it on one of our south bay cameras, this is near highway 101, not far from julian and mckee road. the california highway patrol is working to shut down the road near the fire. the structure you see to the right with the pointed roof toop, that's the monarch trucking -- roof top, that's the monarch trucking company, that's the location of the fire, we have no information on
4:38 pm
any structures that were involved. we are working to get more information and we will get it to you as soon as we can >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. we have live pictures of san jose where there is breaking news of a brush fire. we are work rg to find out more information. this is near highway 101. right now, california highway
4:41 pm
patrol is working to shut down the stretch the highway 101 as firefighters try to get a handle on the fewer. >> that's going to be an issue for the afternoon commute. highway 101 is a major artery getting people out of san jose and morgan hill and beyond. that's going to be an issue. looking at the smoke employing and low to the ground, it looks breezy down there. >> it is at the source of the fire but the wind down there in general are light and variable. what is striking me is the color of that smoke, that does not look like a woodland fire. i am not sure what is burning there, or maybe they have a handle on the fire. >> the structure with the
4:42 pm
pointed roof tops is the monarch truck company. it's not burning those buildings but its burning towards those buildings. the level of smoke has been sustained for the last five minutes. >> yes, that's the first thing that you look at, the smoke plume, it's not going vertical. you see these fires and you create a surface low produced by the fire, it creates it's own winds, the prevailing winds are not an issue but it's an interesting shot. i am looking at what is involved, do we have trees or brush, it's tough to see from this angle. we have not seen a lot of activity from the firefighters. but we will watch it, you know what is weird, i talked about this for tomorrow, i have seen
4:43 pm
this happening, a broken bottle out in the woods will spark a fire. you do not need a spark, you can have a fire spontaneously if there is reflection coming from the sun through a bottle at the right angle. >> that's what we saw a few days ago with that fire, items spontaneously combusted. >> it was the compression. >> things can catch on fire from being hot with the compression. imnot saying this happened here but the point is that the fire conditions are through the roof and it takes almost nothing to start a fire. with that said, we have the
4:44 pm
heat advisory in effect. we have an excessive heat warning going into effect for the areas in purple. it's a big deal. the biggest deal is that this fire is working on five or six days. not around the bay but in the inland and your valleys, it's been downright hod. like the western united states, -- downright hot. like the western united states and lower california. you see the greens, that's the cooler air, but tomorrow is going to be a hot day. you know what i did, i maize an orconditioner out of an ice chest. i will show a picture of it. >> did it work? >> yes, but the drag is, you have to get ice.
4:45 pm
i have a work out room and i do not have air conditioning, but it works well. >> ken suggested that i do that, i said, no way that works. >> my friend did did it. she bought an ice chest and she went online and she built her own air conditioner, you can go online too you tube and find out how to build it. >> the nice thing is, it does work. my ice block lasted five hours, the trick is you need a pretty good sized fan. you drill a hole for the fan, fill an old ice chest with a block of ice, the fan employees it out there and it lasts for five yours. >> okay. -- five hours. >> okay. >> i will show you a picture.
4:46 pm
>> i want to see that. when the weather is this hot, a lot of people try to cool off heading to the pools or the beach or making their own air conditioners but some head to the heat. in death valley, people are coming far and wide to feel the heat there. >> reporter: with the wind going is more like a convection oven. park rangers in death valley expect 100 thow tourists a month during the summer. the highest temperature ever recorded in america was in death valley, 143 degrees, back in 1913. we have the public information officer for death valley national park. thank you for joining us, what is the temperature right now?
4:47 pm
are you there? >> i am here, can you hear me. >> reporter: yes, how hot is it right now? >> i checked the temperature, it was quhun -- 122 degrees. >> reporter: how are you holding up? can you go outside. >> you can go outside. we try to not go out for more than 15 minutes at a time but it's interesting to see what temperatures above 125 feel like, is an interesting experience. >> reporter: i bet, it sounds like a lot of people are heading there to see what those temperatures feel like. >> typically our summer visitors are european and
4:48 pm
asians. this morning i was out and chatting with people, they were sweating up a storm at 9:00 in the morning but they were happy about it. >> reporter: how hot will it get this week there? >> yesterday was probably our hottest day, the weather service recorded a high of 127, today is a bit cooler. the rest of the week, the highs are predicted to be 125. it's been a solid week of really hot temperatures, it's a bit unusual, we usually go over 123 or four days a year. to have it for a week straight is strange. >> reporter: a woman burned her feet, tell us what happened with that. >> it was several weeks ago,
4:49 pm
earlier in june, a woman walked out to the mesquite sand dunes, she was wearing flip flops and lost them and had to walk back to her car, the temperatures were 120 but the surface is it hotter on a day like that. she got third degree burns on her feet. she had to go to a burn unit. >> reporter: with the crowds that you are getting right now, are there constant medical situations that you have to respond to. >> you know, it's so hot that i think that people are not taking the risk of going out and hiking very far, we had a few heat related incidents but nothing too serious, when it's cooler, people are more likely to hike and get into trouble. 110 does not feel that bad so you may walk into a canyon and
4:50 pm
run out of water. this week we have been lucky. >> thank you linda, we appreciate it. we will be right back >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ♪
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. back to our breaking news, there is a brush fire nurng in san jose, on the phone with us is an officer from california highway patrol. what can you tell us about what is happening in that area. >> we have a small grass fire in the area, south bound 101 at julian. the fire is on the right
4:53 pm
shoirld of south bound 101 in the grassy area -- shoulder of southbound 101 in the grassy area. the on ramp is shut down. fire personnel are on the scene. we have one portion of the fire put out and we are working on the second portion. >> how is this effecting traffic, officer? >> traffic is experiencing a bit of a back up heading south bound, especially north of julian, as you come to that area, you will see smoke coming over the freeway. there is a back up. it's white smoke. the traffic should be able to
4:54 pm
start moving freely soon. >> officer, you mentioned that this is a grass fire, any idea on what sparked it? >> too early to say, right now we do not have any indication that it was intentionally set or anything. we are just trying to divert traffic and make people safe in the area. >> real quick, any structures threatened. >> i do not believe so. i believe that the structures are fine at this point. >> any idea how long the freeway traffic will be effected. >> the fire personnel are on the scene putting out the fires, hopefully within 15 to 20 minutes we should have a better situation in that area. >> thank you, officer. firefighters are continuing to battle the brush fire along
4:55 pm
highway 101, >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. senate republicans are ready to unveil their version of the bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. it could be on shaky ground. >> reporter: senate republicans are ready to move fast to try, at least, to push through their vision of a healthcare bill. a draft is in the works and could be ready on thursday with a vote next week. that might be optimistic even
4:58 pm
for some in the republican party. >> my sense of it is there will be differences that need to be worked out. >> reporter: democrats and others fuming over the republican leadership's decision to craft a bill behind closed doors without public debate. >> we have not had one hearing. not one open discussion. >> we need to fight this tooth and nail. if the republicans were proud of what they were doing, they would be telling the world. >> reporter: the road to 50 votes in the senate seems iffy. majority leader can only lose two republicans and prevail. that would require vice president mike pence cast a tie this breaking vote. president donald trump is using big gop wins in georgia and south carolina last night. the president tweeting democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with republicans on health
4:59 pm
care, tax cuts and security. >> i personally apologized that law enforcement failed our citizens and ourselves. i have come knowing about her past. i own it. and i will move us forward. >> oakland city leaders responding to a new report over the police sex scandal. tonight what the report is saying about the police department's initial investigation that involved a former teenage prostitute. the oakland police chief is promising to take the department in a new direction because of that report. the report says the police
5:00 pm
department's initial investigation was quote seriously deficient. oakland leaders defended the department speaking a short time ago. paul chambers was there as the mayor and new police chief said they are committed to doing better. paul? >> reporter: it was a 33 page report issued by a court investigator. in the report it is found that the city of oakland did not know about this investigation in scandal from the oakland police department for six months. this all surrounded a case involving jasmine, who went by -- since the case began. numerous offices in oakland and other agencies have been implicated and no longer working for the respective department. >> some people will say this is a set back. i don't see it as a set back. i see reports like this as a mirror but


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