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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the bay area heat wave turns deadly and there are at least two deaths blamed on the heat. republican leaders plan to release their version of the new controversial health care plan that is cloaked in secrecy and hidden away from several members of congress as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. take a look at that beautiful shot of the bay bridge this morning. it is hot, hot. if you have been
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sweating all night thinking i need a break, you will have to wait a little bit longer. but it is a beautiful shot anyway. a gorgeous place to live but it has been a little bit too warm. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 22. i am claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. i am dave clark, and it is going to be a very hot day. >> i am shot that it is too warm or claudine. i had no idea. >> you have been complaining as well, so i feel better. >> it is hard to sleep. other than that it is summer and it gets hot. that is a long stretch for us, eight days. after day nine it will start
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cooling down. a heat advisories out for everybody with a high fire danger. 72 in livermore, 70 in san jose and brentwood 75, berkeley at 59 and san francisco at 59. 13 degrees warmer in livermore than 24 hours ago. everybody is on the plus side. yesterday we started out cool but that north wind came in and with the days being so long that is what happens. we are getting that north wind for some and still out at the ballet. temperatures in the higher -- out at the valley. temperatures in the higher elevations as well. 70s for many, right at 70 even for moraga and lafayette. 40s in the mountains, 60s and 70s, very hot in the desert southwest looking at 115 to 120 again. warm to hot temperatures and 100s forbidding inland.
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-- for many inland. did they get that kirker pass figured out? >> it may be slowing traffic wise as you drive by the same. we have slow traffic on 205 and 580, getting better at livermore but a lot of slow traffic. the speed is low and some of these areas, for example madhouse parkway, 28 miles an hour -- mountain house parkway. 28 miles an hour. i have seen it slower but that. looking pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza into san francisco. it is 5:03 am. health officials investigating whether a third
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person in the south bay could have died due to the heat wave. one of the victims was an elderly woman working in her garden. >> she was a very sweet old lady. she did not know me but she would bring my sons a gift -- my son a gift on his birthday or christmas. >> reporter: they remember gordon as being friendly and that she loved to garden. >> every morning we would wave and she would spend the day outside with her hat on. >> reporter: her son told ktvu she was doing yard work. the neighbors were warning her that she should go inside and that it was too hot. at four in the afternoon her son found her passed out and she had died in the driveway with her body temperature to high. >> these deaths remind us what we all need to do, and that is
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to keep ourselves safe, keep our families say.>> reporter: gordon is one of two confirmed heat -related death in the santa clara county. the other person was 72 girl dennis young -- 72 year old dennis young who died in his car. he was said to be homeless. >> if they are sitting out in design not doing something or moving, they are probably in trouble so go find out. >> reporter: temperatures topping 100 degrees across santa clara county and the doctor said that emergency personnel saw a significant uptick in the call volume relating to the heat. the heat caught many off guard. >> i'm not surprised because when there is extreme in the weather, flooding or any big shifts the homeless appear to be the first to get hit with this. that makes sense because they are vulnerable and often without the resources that the
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rest of us have. >> reporter: they spent the evening handing out extra water at this homeless camp in san jose urging people to seek shelter to prevent any more from dying. the animals are also suffering in the heat wave. at the alameda county fair for the first time they canceled the opening day horse races scheduled for today due to the heat. the temperatures in pleasanton could get 105 degrees at the fairgrounds putting the horses and the jockeys at risk. >> with us it is the horses and the jockeys first and foremost in safety. you cancel if you races and you lose a little bit of money but you have to think about the horses and jockeys because they are like family. more people have a tendency to come out at night time because it is colder but to attract more people to the fair admission is free through 5 pm.
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the popular horseracing is expected to be back tomorrow, and the races canceled will be rescheduled for other days. we have a list of the bay area: sinners where you can get relief from the heat, the information on the local news and the web link section of in eastern contra costa county the police are investigating a double homicide in the two men were shot to death near the edna middle school late last night. it appears they got into a confrontation with the man that lived on the street in several shots were fired. two men died in the resident is talking with police now. rob malcolm is heading to brentwood and we will have live report later in this newscast. the bart board of directors is expected to vote on the safe transit policy and the directors that introduced the idea said it would prevent bart from spending its own money to enforce federal immigration laws and it would ban bart
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employees from asking riders about their immigration status. supporters say this plan shows the bart commitment to the inclusive community in the bay area. the meeting will start at 9 am this morning in oakland at the bart headquarters. the cheap wants the officers to carry stun guns in the san francisco pd is taking up this controversial issue again. the cost to the city would be $10,000 per officer for the startup and training and they say they need less lethal options in a confrontation with suspects. >> i believe we can minimize or reduce the officers injuries and more importantly the injuries to the residence. >> critics say that stun guns don't work sometimes due to the mechanical failure or if the suspect is wearing dick her clothing.
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>> one officer now poses them after his teenage son was taste for 23 seconds after a traffic stop and almost died. >> the officer stated he held the trigger down for 23 seconds because he thought it was not working but they are all too often used in cases like my son who almost died. >> there will be at least two community hearings on the stun guns before the commission votes on the issue. a demonstration yesterday san francisco was interrupted when a man on a motorcycle is the julie -- allegedly drove to the crowd of people. the protesters took this video as the police arrested the man in front of the federal building at seventh and mission street. the spokesperson for the group said that the man rode up on a red motorcycle the wrong way on seven straight and -- seventh street and the people had to
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jump out of his wife but no injuries were reported. the police releasing a sketch of a man wanted for assault and the woman said she kicked him in the groin and he ran off after trying to assault her. it happened at 9:30 pm on south e street near sonoma avenue and described as being white wearing a light colored hoodie and caring a dark backpack, in his 30s. there is a $2500 reward for an arrest that leads to conviction. to rebuild the oroville dam spillway's, since monday workers began the 10 hour shifts early in the morning or late at night to avoid the hottest parts of the date. they are starting at 5 am or 8 pm. there are 425 contracted workers rebuilding domain in the emergency spillways at the oroville dam.
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they are using i think chilled water to keep the concrete: a to work with it. a scathing report blasting the oakland police department and how top officials are responding. what could be an unprovoked terror attack in flint, michigan, and we have the very latest on that just ahead. good morning. we can see the traffic is moving along pretty well on the bay bridge into san francisco. if you like hot temperatures, today's your day. with had eight days of warm temperatures, and we have a color pattern coming up.
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and airport attack in michigan could be an act of terrorism and that man allegedly stabbed the policeman several times at the reagan national airport just outside of washington. this could be raising questions about airport security all over the country. >> reporter: good morning. can you protect people in this part of the airport before you get to the security checkpoint? this is where the attack occurred at the flint airport and it is not the first time we've seen something like this. >> reporter: the bishop airport in flint was evacuated after what was described as a brutal attack.
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the 49-year-old accused of approaching the airport lieutenant and stabbing him with a 12 inch knife with an eight inch serrated blade. back when the subject went up to the altar and stabbed him, he continued to exclaim, "allah" and made a statement to the effect that you have killed people in syria, iraq mac in afghanistan and we are all going to die. >> reporter: the police in montrial searched the home of the suspect but at least one neighbor said he was a nice guy. the victim has been in critical condition but has since improved your >> the lieutenant bought hillman to the end until i handcuffed the person. >> reporter: this attack had one thing in common with other recent incidents, at the brussels airport when the bomber struck at the check in area and at the fort lauderdale airport the shooting claimed five lives in the baggage claim.
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all of these outside of the security check points. >> reporter: it is long been a concern for the security agents these. they continue to make the checkpoints better but at some point it is tough to address the issue of how to protect people that are waiting to get to the checkpoint or that are somewhere just outside of the. back -- of it. >> it is scary but do we know why he targeted this police officer? we heard he went into the bathroom just kind of came out and did the lieutenant have any warnings he was coming? >> reporter: we don't know of any warnings at all and it is unclear why the police officer was attacked versus a civilian in the airport. obviously the folks with the airport authority are saying the attack could've been much worse. >> we are glad that he is okay.
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we are glad he was able to fight back and we hope he can recover quickly. thank you, doug luzader, for that report. how are we looking over there for the morning commute?>> right now traffic doing pretty well in the south bay and we take a look at northbound 101 driving up from gilroy to san jose. it looks pretty good continuing up to san jose and into the silicon valley commute. some commutes are slower but nothing major on the road jet. this is 280 northbound up to highway 17. when we get to the bay bridge toll plaza, not bad, and no problems into san francisco. 5:30 am is generally when the metering lights come on. it is 5:17 am. good morning everybody. clear skies with a little bit of fog at santa cruz and
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capitola but that is all i can find. and here is the 4% visibility, and there this. -- there it is. good morning. at 30 great difference between 4 pm yesterday and now. a warm low of 66 four san jose area. it did get warmer at 3 pm because we had that spin in the atmosphere that coldest down and gave us the fog but behind that was that northwest wind. i don't think the fog has much of a chance. the spin in the atmosphere came by and behind that is that nordland. you can see it right here. the high pressure built the and
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in the high does not like that so we will fill it with the breeze in that direction is offshore. 60s for most and 70s. brentwood at 79, 73 in fairfield. double-digit extremes compared to 24 hours ago. fairfield +13 with toasty temperatures. fairfield west at six, but the fog is being chewed up. thunderstorms over the steer because we still have a lot of snow above 8000 feet. we have that thunderstorm activity that will probably pop up again today. 64 is a popular number, stanford, menlo park, woodside, san mateo. 48 in arcadia which sounds beautiful. 73 in sacramento, 53 in monterey, phoenix 91, tucson
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yesterday 115 and the third day in a row that tucson was 115 or higher. sunshine for most. 70s and 80s and you don't go far to find 90s to 100. this will be the hottest day for a while, close to sunday on what we had. in the 80s by sunday and monday for the areas that are 104 right now. >> right now for many places it is just hot. back the altamont pass right now is 86 degrees. >> even people with air- conditioning say it is working all the time and that it cannot keep up. uber is looking for a new ceo in which tech leaders are being considered and who is said we are not interested.
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the female members of congress hit the diamond for their own gain and the female members of congress and the dc press corps battled it out on the softball field with the proceeds going to young women awareness for breast cancer on june 14 they had republican baseball practice and they throughout the ceremonial first pitch for the annual bipartisan event. it is 5:23 am.
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the time is winding down for the republican plan to replace obamacare and it was drafted in secrecy frustrating democrats and even some republicans. the health coverage for millions of americans is hanging in the balance. >> reporter: medicaid which provides the healthcare to tens of millions of low-income americans stands to lose big under the early draft of the senate plan which would drastically reduce spending on medicaid by $800 billion over a decade and make way for the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans. it gives states more options to opt out of the regulations put in place by the affordable care act and would eliminate federal funding for planned parenthood. the republican leader mitch mcconnell once a vote on the bill by next week but the democrats rallied on the steps of the capital crying foul
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pointing out there is no debate that is been held yet on the senate floor. >> they are ashamed of a bill that is mean, a bill that goes against the interest of america. >> we have not had one hearing or one open discussion.>> we need to fight this tooth and nail and if the republicans were proud of this they would say tell me more.>> reporter: some republicans are expressing concern that they have not seen a draft of the bill. with 52 gop senators the vote is expected to come down to a handful of the republicans and the bill will not pass if only three of the eight vote no. one big difference between this and the bill, income rather than age and it would and penalties on people that do not buy coverage, and drop the provision in the house bill allowing insurers to raise premiums on some people with pre-existing conditions. ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> the republicans are expected to officially unveil the proposal today and they promised to vote on the bill before the senate leaves for the break before the fourth of july leaving nine days for this entire process to take place. the recent survey says the u.s. is now a second-tier country in the nonprofit, social progress imperative, ranks nations on health and wellness in the u.s. was praised for access to higher education but lost points for the cost of healthcare, environment and fighting discrimination. denmark scored the highest in america came in number 18. we will tell you why the san francisco police officer, nicknamed "the hot cop of the castro" ordered to stand trial. traffic getting busier in the bay area but not too bad at the bay bridge toll plaza coming round the corner from
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the maccarthur maze. [ crickets chirping ]
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 22, i am dave clark. >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook. i am not going to complain
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about the weather. i am making a note that day 8 is a long time. >> it is a long time. not only is it warm but the humidity is high for the month of june. we had a lot of bald yesterday with the big cool down -- bald -- fog yesterday with the big cool down. surprising high dew points with the amount of moisture in the air with water vapor in constant pressure. we june we have hot temperatures in a northerly breeze which is usually a drop pattern. we have a dew point of 67 which is through the roof, san jose had to dew point of 63 with 81% relative humidity and that is not something you see. a lot of
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moisture came streaming off of this year and wrapping around from that high. on the santa cruz coast is all the fog i can find. 81 already in very warm. we have thunderstorm activity over this year and that could head back to the valley. you remember sunday night and monday. 50s on some of the temperatures, and the san jose meteorology department already at 70 degrees. we are good to go for the sunshine and hot temperatures. it is 5:31 am. right now we are looking at a decent commute on interstate 880. we will start at 80 westbound out to solano county. i had the map up on the spec commute but let's start in solano county on 80 westbound with vacaville, fairfield and vallejo, continuing to the
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carquinez bridge. not a back commute on interstate 680 and also good across the benicia bridge . -- benecia bridge. 18 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze, and there is waiting at the toll plaza of about 5 to 10 minutes. still not bad as you get onto the bridge. it is 5:32 am. today is the spare-the-air day due to the hot weather and that he, the light wind mixed in with the car exhaust can make for some bad air. you are advised to carpool or use public transportation to date. if you plan on exercising outside, do it in the morning when the ozone concentrations are lower. the gulf coast states during for the third day of
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rough weather today due to tropical storm cindy being blamed for one death already in alabama and the storm made landfall this morning and the national hurricane center 30 miles west southwest of lake charles louisiana and cindy is expected to move inland near the louisiana border thursday morning and be across western and northern louisiana along with southeastern arkansas tonight in early tomorrow. it will get weaker when it moves over land. back at home oakland city officials are reacting to the new report criticizing the way that the city handled the recent police sex scandal calling the initial investigation by the police department, "seriously deficient." the mayor a new police chief told paul chambers they are committed to doing a better job.>> reporter: this surrounds a case involving jasmine, who once went by the name celeste, and underaged teenager that self identified as a sex worker.
5:34 am
officers from oakland and other officers and agencies implicated but no longer working for those respective department. >> some people will say this is a setback. i don't see it as a sect back. i see reports like this as a mirror and a launching pad for the future.>> reporter: the initial investigation says the opd investigation was wholly inadequate and found it not credible and failed to pursue the investigation of the allegations vigorously. >> 12 people are were wounded, 1238 members of this department. we disciplined 12 officers, seriously and quickly last year. there were four termination findings, four officers being held to criminal charges. >> reporter: the report talking about former chief of police
5:35 am
sean whent did not report that the investigation was underway. >> we appreciate the report from ed swanson in the root of this, and we are prepared to do all of the recommendations. >> reporter: at also stated that the opd investigatory process was inadequate with no checks in place. >> there have been many changes in this department since we were here roughly a year ago and there will continue to be changes. >> reporter: report had nine recommendations which the city says they plan on implementing. they already implemented that the internal affairs division now reports directly to the chief. fox 2 news. recently getting a settlement of nearly $1 million in john burris was the representative in that case
5:36 am
calling the opd investigation a sham. >> the report dimming plates -- demonstrates clear that the investigation we thought to occur did not occur in the report suggest it was never designed to get at the truth of what happened.>> john burris said that she said investigators made her feel like she with the criminal rather than the big dumb. >> we have posted the entire 33 page report on and go to our homepage, and you can click on the link to the story. on hold for over a year for a lack of city water and that is about to change. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is helping to get the project moving again. >> reporter: a lot of new construction is in east palo alto, and the building moratorium is about to end.
5:37 am
all projects were put on hold because there were simply not enough water to support them. >> without water you cannot survive. east palo alto was in a situation where we were using all of our water allocation. we could not get anymore which meant a slow death. >> reporter: the city receiving two gifts, the water they desperately need and the money to pay for it. it is coming from the city of mountain view that had more than it needed, the money coming in partly from the zuckerberg initiative founded by facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife, supplying $2.5 million. the catch is the city has to eventually repay the money into a pond for affordable housing. >> it is a double when. >> reporter: the zuckerberg's said they support the project in local advocates do as well.
5:38 am
>> i am excited and happy but at the same time i'm worried. there's a real concern about what is happening in my community. >> reporter: the soprano organization is also contributing $1 million to the water rights but they will get repaid. the office project on the bay road in the primary school are chipping in as well and they are hopeful this new development will mean good things for the community. >> i am very excited and happy for the community to move forward. i hope we are going to have plenty for everybody. >> reporter: the water transfer between mountain view and east palo alto is expected to happen in august. east palo alto will get $1 million of water extra per day. ktvu fox 2 news. president trump holding a campaign style rally in cedar rapids, iowa at last night, and
5:39 am
this is his fifth rally in his first five months in office. he told the crowd of 6000 that the administration has been busy rolling back regulations and said he is getting ready to build a border wall. he made no mention of the russian investigation other than a brief reference to the bone -- bone witchhunt. -- phony witchhunt. the "hot call of castro" officer christopher kohrs accused of hitting to admin in the crosswalk in november 2015 and leaving his car at the scene and walking away. the two victims suffered serious injuries and he reportedly was on medical leave from the sf pd at the time and pled not guilty to the charges. he is free on a $100,000 bail. the ninth circuit court of
5:40 am
appeals the california law requiring police officers to hold impounded vehicles for 30 days in the three-judge panel unanimously ruled the law violates the amendment, and they stopped the vehicle when they learned he was driving on a suspended license but the authorities would not get the woman her car back even though she proved it belonged to her. the conservative groups had sued the u.s. department of agriculture. they want a review of the killing program in an effort to reduce the number of animals killed every year. the law affects 13 counties and claims nationwide last year 2.7 million animals were killed by the department of wildlife services including coyotes, black bears in mountain lions. the lawsuit claims that in the last 20 years more nonlethal ways were found for dealing with wildlife in a been developed, and they want a
5:41 am
complete review of the program. still ahead, the dirt bike rider falling off the side of the cliff and ends up spending the night stuck in the sierra. coming up you can see how he got out alive. the san francisco 49ers doing good off the field and we will t the work they've been doing at the bay area autism center. traffic will be okay driving on 80 westbound along the berkeley curve to the bay bridge toll plaza. it will be hot for many today, no way around it unless you're right on the immediate coast. 100 for many inland.
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to the according to bloomberg, snapped a and says snape has
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turned the product into the pitcher on the main snapchat app that will let the users see their friends photos and video post location. they are marked with an animated avatar for each brand. facebook and spotted five making it easier to share music, and you can share a playlist with others through the facebook messenger service and you can create a group for listening. travis kalanick the founder and ceo resigned as ceo of uber after investors pressured him but remains on the board. uber is trying to repair the corporate culture an image in ubers looking at executives with experience in the tech world like amy weaver, president of sales force and former yahoo ceo melissa meyer may also be under consideration.
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back from what we've seen in the past six months to year a lot of the wounds were self- inflicted in a lot of ways. the challenge for the next leadership team will be back to get past these challenges and to instill a culture going forward.>> sheryl sandberg, facebook, and area on the huffington board -- taking themselves out of the list of potential spirit the san francisco 49ers pitching in at the autism center in need of a makeover. >> reporter: from training camp to volunteers, laboring in the football type preseason conditions. >> it is a big project and a lot of people putting a lot of hard work in to make a difference. track this project. >> reporter: this is the morgan
5:46 am
autism center in san jose for 70 autistic children and adults and has been around for 45 years. they began owning the building two years ago and that brought in renovation which was needed. >> we spent a lot of money on renovating the interior of the building but we ran short when it came to the outside area. >> reporter: the san francisco 49ers stepped up. as part of the annual community day the owners, officials and ex-players donating time and money to make this upgrade a reality. lending a hand like many others. >> the thing we love about the 49ers is that that give back to the community and they support the families.>> reporter: the issue of autism is close to the heart of leawood all. -- lee woodall >> we know what is needed in
5:47 am
the community so that people are accommodated and not forgotten about. >> they sculpted a garden area and naturopath, built a trellis and benches, and repairs. >> reporter: estate the new digs will be put to good use. >> our students with autism need open space and outdoor areas to come out to get exercise in a safeway. >> in the competitive world of sports this is a when we and were those in need can claim the prize when they return from spring break next month. the time is 5:47 am. we are taking care of the folks that make the long commute. >> that's right. if you're driving on 580 anytime soon, those drivers will see slowdowns. i want to mention that the slowed traffic is stop and go
5:48 am
on 580 and 205 for the tracy super commute. we have had a couple of minor things on the commute but nothing major. the slowed traffic is still there on 580. we did have minor collisions on westbound 580 near the grant line road. no injuries but it could be causing slow traffic. from dublin to livermore it is moving well with no major issues driving through. we also take a look at 880 northbound and southbound, traffic looking good in front of the oakland coliseum. when you get to the bay bridge we have a 10 minute delay. as we go to state i want to mention, this is the nascar weekend in sonoma. i received a reminder tweet and bill knows all things vallejo and i would bet that i would 37 will get very crowded this weekend. it will also start off very hot.
5:49 am
it will be cooler by monday. >> we need to do a little bit of wine tasting up in that area. many of you writing on facebook that it is already very warm. heat advisories posted through 9:00 with excessive heat warnings. we also have a high fired warning as well. humidity is higher. we have this offshore exception except for the fog off of the santa cruz coast but running into resistance. we had a spinning in the atmosphere that coldest down and ramping up the fog but as this moves south and offshore the high pressure built-in to the north and the wind building in from behind that. with that angle of the sun high we are very warm. we have thunderstorms over the sierra and they will continue to pop up.
5:50 am
80s for some already, 70s and 60s for many. we are running well above yesterday at this time, 13 degrees warmer in san jose and everybody 5 to 13 degrees warmer. the snow at 8000 feet is still pretty impressive. when you get temperatures in the 80s and 90s, we get evaporation which is state and that has a buildup which is going on. a lot of that has stayed in this year but last sunday and monday some of it came by. we don't expect that today but you can see the build doll -- buildup pretty rapidly. 65 in napa, 70 in calistoga, kelseyville 67. almost 70 in ukiah, 107 probably for them. the same for sacramento and monterey, 115 to 120 from palm springs down to tucson.
5:51 am
tucson is it 116 or above three days in a row. it is 107 in clear lake, 94 in kentfield, one of three in vacaville, someone 95 in napa 96. concord 100, brentwood, oakley, livermore, lexington, all 100. san jose will probably get to 99 near 100. 70s on the coast, nice. 80s and 90s on the financial. -- 90s on the peninsula. this is one of the hottest days. >> i am tapping out. san francisco is getting greener and the new lights across the city. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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several streets and san francisco will be a lot brighter and the public utilities commission is replacing 13,000 old light bulbs and replacing them with l.e.d light. the project is expected to take seven months to complete in the nearly $3 million upgrade will improve lighting, conserve energy and save the city millions of dollars. >> the current lights are very
5:55 am
energy inefficient and only last 3 to 5 years. these lights will average 20 years. >> it is about 50% cheaper as far as power consumption and therefore he will pay for itself in about four years. the new l.e.d lights will save more than 8 million kilowatt hours of energy each year, enough energy for 752 homes. the oakland a's lost to the astros, 5-1, and that will play a game today. that was the case third straight lost to the astros and the astros scored three runs in the sixth inning. the a's scored their only run in the seventh. this afternoon jesse horne will peach for the a's to avoid the sweet in the finale. the giants lost 5-3 to the atlanta braves despite the late inning come back in the giants scored first with a triple in the second. the brakes took the lead in the
5:56 am
fourth with a two run homer and they held the lead until hunter pence did this, hit the homerun that tied up the game. it took the game into the extra innings. at the bottom of the 11th the giants come back in their hopes for a win ended win camp -- matt camp hit the homerun. the braves win, 5-3. let's talk about hockey. congratulations to brent burns, the san jose defenseman. >> he made history at the nhl awards show last night. >> look at that, brent burns, the first sharps player to win the norris trophy which is awarded to the top defenseman.
5:57 am
it was a close vote by members of the professional hockey writers association. he let all of the defenseman this season with 29 goals. back bravo. still had the police in brentwood are questioning someone right now after a deadly shooting inside the home in brentwood. coming up we will show you what happened. >> we are two hours away from what will be the hottest temperatures of the weight and what you can expect, and advice on how to stay cool. traffic is getting busier around the bay area on 80 westbound heading of through the maccarthur maze. next week we will see highs 60s through 80s but today 90s and hundreds remaining.
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we have breaking news overnight. two nimmer shot and killed in a home in brentwood and we will tell you who the place are questioning right now. the heat expecting the peak
6:00 am
in a few hours and how the bay area is getting ready as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . welcome back to mornings on 2 and thank you for waking up with us on this thursday, june 22. i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i am dave clark. temperatures could reach 105 degrees today. there have been at least two back heat -related deaths in santa clara county and alex savidge joins us with the heat dangerous this morning. i woke up and immediately noticed it was warm and we got no cooling overnight. back they have to wipe out the camera. -- >> they have to wipe off the camera and they are


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