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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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in a few hours and how the bay area is getting ready as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . welcome back to mornings on 2 and thank you for waking up with us on this thursday, june 22. i am claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i am dave clark. temperatures could reach 105 degrees today. there have been at least two back heat -related deaths in santa clara county and alex savidge joins us with the heat dangerous this morning. i woke up and immediately noticed it was warm and we got no cooling overnight. back they have to wipe out the camera. -- >> they have to wipe off the camera and they are dealing
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with their issues out there so we will get to alex in a moment. i am focusing on hot temperatures today. people asking what happened yesterday. we had that system that came by to usher in the fog bank and bringing in cooler temperatures. the day is very long and the angle of the sun is very high in the north when will chew everything up. it is a downward slope and that is what has happened. it wiped out most of the fog.. already 72 degrees and beautiful and burlingame. that is very warm in burlingame. 65 redwood city, montero nice at 56, warm temperatures. i would not be surprised to see the areas warming up quickly. the heat advisory is out until 9:00 tonight.
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the santa cruz coast has shallow bald. 50s for a few -- shallow fog. 50s for a few, 60s for more, thunderstorms over the sierra popping up again today. 70s for many, pittsburg already 70, 70 in lafayette and in dublin. we are sunny and getting warm to hot for many. this will be the hottest day. it will not be sunday hot but it will get close. >> we will have to know that it is coming and plan accordingly. good morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, back to -- it is backed up.
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we are hoping to have a better day when it comes to the delays. we don't see a lot of slow traffic but definitely slowing as you drive out to the maccarthur maze. looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge, looking good heading to the high-rise with no major issues. driving on the peninsula the traffic continues to move okay with the traffic on 92 out of half moon bay looking good. 101 and 280 looking okay. today is the spare-the-air day due to the hot weather. the air-quality officials say that the heat, light wind and hard sauced makes the air bad and unhealthy. -- hard car exhaust makes the air bad and unhealthy and if you plan on exercising outside, do it in the morning when the ozone is lower.
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and brent were two men were shot to death in the neighborhood near edna heel middle school late last night. it appears the man got into a confrontation with the person that lived on burke street. several shots were fired and the two me and did die. the resident is talking with the place right now. rob malcolm is heading to brentwood to bring us a live report from brentwood later this morning. the bart board of directors is expected to vote on the safe transit policy today. the directors that introduced the idea said it would prevent bart from spending its own money to enforce the federal immigration law and would ban bart workers from asking riders about the immigration status. they say this shows the bart commitment to the inclusivity in the bay area. the meeting will be at 9:00 this morning at the bart headquarters in oakland. the yesterday airport
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attack in michigan is reported to be terrorism and the canadian man accused of stabbing the police officer several times at the airport while shouting in arabic, "god is great." doug luzader has the story. >> reporter: had you protect people in an unsecure part of the airport. that is where the attack happened in flint and this is not the first time we've seen this thing. truck the bishop airport in flint evacuated after what is described as a brutal attack. the 49-year-old accused of approaching the airport lieutenant and repeatedly stabbing him with a 12 inch knife and an eight inch serrated blade. -- >> when the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him he exclaimed continually, "all of those will and making a
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statement to the effect that you have killed people in syria, iraq and afghanistan and that we will all die.>> at least one neighbor said he was a nice guy. the victim was initially listed in critical condition but has improved. >> lieutenant neville fought him until the end until i hang up the person. >> this has something in common with the other recent incidents like the brussels airport attack when the bomber struck me of the check in area. imported the fort lauderdale airport that claim five lives at the baggage claim. these all occurred outside of the security checkpoint. >> it is a problem. you can have the best checkpoint in the world but people may not be say outside of them -- may not be safe outside of them. the national weather service has worn that the storm could cause life-threatening flash flooding in several
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southern states and tropical storm cindy is expected to move across western and northern louisiana and into southeast arkansas. many under a voluntary evacuation order. >> the water is coming up at our place so we had to take all because we think the entire road will get flooded. >> the governor of alabama and louisiana have declared a state of emergency due to the incoming storms in some areas could see as much as 12 inches of rain today. the tropical storm blame for the death of a 10-year-old boy that was on the beach when the log struck him while crashing ashore. the family was vacationing from st. louis and part of a large group at the beach for a reunion. back here at home today we mentioned it is expected to be the hottest day of the year so far. i am sorry.>> not much we can do about it would temperatures
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reaching as hot as 105 degrees today. there have been two heat related deaths in santa clara county and we go back to alex savidge. it felt warm when i got up. i don't think we got an overnight break.>> reporter: they will not get a break today in livermore where we are. it is already very warm with temperatures expected to climb well over 100 degrees today. that means this is the time of day you need to get out to do anything. exercising or doing work, obviously. you will see a lot of construction crews and workers out early trying to get the work done. it is important in this whether to keep an eye on the kids, the pats, and especially the elderly -- the pats -- pets, and especially the elderly. two people died from the heat
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this week and one was a 72-year- old homeless man found dead in his car. the other victim was an 87-year- old woman that was gardening outside of her home and found dead by relative. the soaring temperatures in the south weber too much for her body to handle. this type of hot weather, and this type of a heat wave, we need to all look out for one another.>> if you see someone in trouble or sitting out in the hot sun, not moving, or not doing something, they are probably in trouble so go and find out.>> reporter: as the heat wave drags on emergency workers across the bay area are seeing more he related calls. it is important to listen to your body if you feel exhausting, or feel faint or dizzy, a clear sign that you could be dehydrated and suffering from heat related illnesses. without air conditioning, try
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to find a cool place to go because there are cooling centers open across the bay area. the local library is also a good spot where they have air conditioning. a lot of folks have air conditioning but a lot of people need to be outdoors so be safe. we have one more day of this extreme heat. already very warm in livermore, and as the sun rises and i am staring it down, and it will get hotter and hotter out here. >> tell that sunshine to back off. i know the people evening air conditioning say that when it is this taught the even -- it is so hot that even the air conditioning units are having a hard time keeping up. it is 6:10 am. today the senate republicans release the healthcare bill and why the plan could be losing some republican support.
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the future girl scouts will focus on more than cookie sales, merit badges getting a 21st century update. lost overnight in the sierra and the dirt biker goes flying off the cliff. we have a tiny bit of fog off the san mateo and santa cruz closed but for most of us it will be a cooper. this will be the hottest day before we began to cool down. >> promises.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:14 am. a man is recovering after his dirtbike fell 30 feet in el dorado county last weekend. the man was camping near pines with this family and he took off on his dirtbike. he did not realize that some of these roads had been marked out by the winter storms. for 12 hours his family did not know where he was. the area was so remote that the chp helicopter had to land nearby and rescue teams had to climb the ravine to get him. sexual teenagers are less sexually active in the u.s. in a survey found 44% of the boys, 40 two -- 42% of the girls said they had sex before 19 and that is down when survey 20 years
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ago. the most common reason the teenage escape for not having sex is that it was against their religious beliefs or morals, or did not want to get pregnant. girl scouts are doing more than selling cookies to prepare for their future, teaming up with the palo alto network to master cyber security topics and they can earn their cyber security badge after learning how to protect your identity online, coding and how to prevent hacking. they have a level of learning from exercise, cooking and now cybersecurity. officials say this opens the door for the girls that had not considered careers in high tax. -- careers in high-tech industries. we had an earlier crash and we were talking about that at the kirker pass road and
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heading westbound on kirker pass. the truck ended up going down the ravine and the driver of the pickup truck had to get up from the bottom. fortunately no major injuries but a lot of emergency vehicles were there any with the rescue operation. the scene has been cleared. this did not turn out to be a major injury and luckily, it could've been a lot worse. we are looking for the traffic to improve now that the crews have cleared the area, and that is kirker pass road near hess road. we have a 15 to 20 minute delay before we get onto the bridge. we are also looking at a commute on 92 westbound heading to the high rise at the san mateo bridge. we are looking at the peninsula and the traffic on 101 and 280 is still looking good.
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at the san mateo bridge, looking at the dumbarton bridge, and not a bad commute. under mostly clear skies, and there is a little bit of bald -- fog, and a little bit working its way up the san mateo coast, santa cruz and down through the salinas valley. is very shallow and will probably not last long. 72 on my patio in campbell, and we think you will get 99 today in campbell. sunrise over balboa park is clear and beautiful this morning. today looks like it will be a nice day if you are a few steps inland. you know it will be hot in the heat advisory has already been posted along with the excessive heat warning. the fog is making a good move
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but after gets to half moon bay it's going to run into trouble with that offshore breeze. highway 101, santa cruz, watch out for little bit of fog. we had that system come by yesterday morning that codis down. this type pressure build in to the north and it feels this with an offshore breeze which is why we went from cold to warm in one day yesterday and overnight. thunderstorms in the sierra continuing to pop up and they could drift off into the valley but probably staying along the crest of the sierra. we are already very warm for some as much as 30 degrees warmer. i think it is more than that at concord. most locations are pretty warm already. 70s for many, 60s and we had a lot of 50s yesterday. your roy and 54 santa cruz, san jose state meteorology department at 70 and also in campbell and santa clara.
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71 in sacramento already and 108 were today. phoenix already at 91, palm springs, another very hot day along the desert and you can imagine. 70s, 80s and 90s for many. also 100, ukiah, vacaville and also toward concord, pittsburg, antioch, oakley, brentwood, livermore and pleasanton. remember if you're heading out to the alameda county fair, get your sunscreen and take your big hat. nice and pacifica, redwood city and palo alto at 92. today's the hottest day and after that we will have cooling trend. new concerned about the marijuana along with the
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cost of auto insurance. san francisco city leaders talk about less lethal options for the place and something stun guns are not worth the risk.
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linking legalize marijuana use with the link in increase
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car crashes, colorado, oregon and washington increased 2.7% after legalizing marijuana in those states. they are counting in the factor of whether, age, gender factors and they also compared the crashes to the states compared to the neighboring states and marijuana advocates are questioning the reliability of the study. the number of travelers estimated at 44.2 million americans driving away from home and increase for this year. gas is about four cents lower than last year and airfare is 10% less than car rental cost is 14% lower. the same disco police chief william scott wants his officers to carry stun guns. this city police commission
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again debated the controversial issue saying it will cost the city $10,000 per officer for the training and start up equipment. chief scott said the police officers need to have less lethal options to handle the confrontation. >> i do believe we can minimize or reduce the officer injuries, and more importantly the injuries to our residents. >> critics say the stun guns often do not work due to mechanical failure or the suspect could be wearing heavy clothing. the commissioner her by phone from a missouri police officer that used to support the stun guns but now he does not after his teenage son was tased during the traffic stop and almost died. >> the officer stated he held down the trigger because he thought it was not working or would have an effect on my son. there are dangers to deadly force but these are all too often used in cases like my son . >> at least two community hearings will be held about stun guns before the police
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commission takes about. the meeting was interrupted when the man on a motorcycle drove through a crowd of be will. -- people. >> protesters took this video as the police arrested the man in front of the federal building at seven straight and mission street. -- seven straight and mission street. there were no reports of injuries but people had to jump out of the way. it is 6:25 am. the airport is investigating why the drone crashed near mount whitney. it was an unmanned drone that went down yesterday in the forest and on his way back to the beale air force base. the drone has a wingspan of 130 feet and designed to fly at high altitude for long-distance and. it is -- long distances and it is slowly being replaced by the
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planes that are manned. the police are still working this active crime scene imprint word what two man shot dead in the street wednesday night. still looking for answers on how it happened. the spec commute is more busy now than a few moments ago. here is a live look at interstate 880 and looking good in front of the oakland coliseum.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday, june 22. i am dave clark here >> i am claudine wong in for pam cook. it is almost 6:30 am. the energy demand will be high but they are not anticipating any electrical issues. they have not issued a alert today but we had it yesterday the day before and asking residents to conserve energy and change the hours you use your electricity. pg&e has reported that effect on a handful of customers which is good news and over 120,000 customers lost power between last friday and tuesday.
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they are trying to figure out if a third person is died from the extreme heat and santa clara county and there have been two separate heat -related death and santa clara county. 170-year-old homeless man found in his car and and 87-year-old woman passed out by gardening and both died. since monday the workers of the oroville spillway have began 10 hours she is in early morning or late not to avoid the hottest part of the day here there starting at 5 am or 8 pm and there are 4500 contracted workers building the main and emergency spillways at the oroville dam. there using ice and chilled water to keep the concrete pool enough to work with. this heat is is harmful to animals and for the first time in the history of the alameda county fair the opening-day horse races were canceled due
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to the heat wave. it could reach 105 degrees and they don't want to run the risk of the horses or jockeys getting overheated. we have a list of the bay area: sinners where you can cool off, and the information is on the local news and the web link section of . it is 6:31 am. we know that it is hot but it is so hot so early which is a good in the nation. >> -- a good indication. back it is so hot that i am complaining. >> we will get right to it, how hot is it, i saw a nightcrawler doing a cannonball in my birdbath. >> i need to catch up on my whether jokes. let's get to it, it is already 79 degrees at the
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country club in clayton. the air at 1400 feet is around 86 to 88 degrees. black diamond is near clayton at 1200 feet and 86 degrees. altamont pass at 86 and 1400 feet which is very warm air. when you combine that with that offshore breeze for most, that will be it for some but today combined to these areas. the thunderstorms popping up over the sierra and that is very warm compared to 24 hours ago. we are 9 degrees hilar in mountain view, 60s for many and it will not take long to warm up here we have some fog in salina but that's it. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, 100 for many away from the coast. things are better now we
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traffic in the east bay that is going to be busier driving from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, 35 minutes. it looks like it is beginning to turn a little bit driving out to the maze. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see traffic is backed up for 15 to 20 minute delay. here is a look at westbound 92, the commute is moderately heavy crossing the bridge. there are no problems on the peninsula or on highway 92. the commute on the peninsula and in the south bay so far has been lighter than usual. it is 6:33 am. the brentwood police are investigating a shooting that left two dad and rob malcolm is live in the neighborhood where place are trying to figure out what led to the come rotation -- where the police are trying to figure out what led to the
6:34 am
confrontation. >> reporter: they don't believe this was a random act. it is still an active investigation. they just removed two bodies from the location. here's the video we shot from the saying. the police were called to the burke street at 11:15 pm wednesday night. once they arrived they found two men suffering from gunshot wound and both were announced dead at the same. the shooter lives at the house where the confrontation took place, not injured and cooperating with the investigation. the exact relationship between the three man is unknown. the police are asking neighbors and witnesses to come forward and one witness described what she heard. >> i heard around 11:15 pm rapid gunshots. i what in my backyard -- i went in the backyard to check to make sure no one was in the backyard. i woke up my fianci and he said
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it was probably fireworks and disregarded it. this morning we came out to go to work and the police cars were on the street and blocked off and that is how we knew. >> reporter: the neighbors are not getting too much information from the place. we can tell you there was a pg&e truck on the scene. there was reportedly the smell of gas from the home where the confrontation took place. we are trying to determine why that took place. anyone with information is being asked to call the brentwood police. we are live in brentwood, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. it is 6:35 am. the santa rosa police have released the sketch resembling the man is wanted for assault. the woman said she kicked him in the groin after he groped her. it was around 11:30 pm near
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sonoma avenue. the man is described as in his 30s, wearing a light colored hoodie carrying a dark-colored backpack. is a $2500 reward offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. the senate republicans will unveil the secret of new draft for the healthcare reform which many members of congress have never seen. the lobbyists and congressional aides say it would cut and read that medicaid and and the penalties on those that do not purchase health insurance. we have more on this. >> reporter: senate republicans will review the discussion draft of the healthcare reform first thing in the morning here it is expected to be more moderate than the house bill cutting the medicaid expansion slower and pry -- and provide more generous subsidies to some people. they say it will slow the growth of medicaid spending. >> for the past seven years obamacare has continued to hurt
6:37 am
the people we represent. for the last seven years we have a better way forward and soon we have chance to turn the page on this failing law. >> reporter: only able to lose to senate republicans in order to pass the bill with vice president pence serving as the tiebreaker. republicans with the states where the constituents are losing insurance under the obamacare sang the status while is not sustainable. >> far too often i hear high monthly premiums are squeezing the pocketbooks and soaring out- of-pocket costs like deductibles and co-pays make the coverage unaffordable. >> reporter: the democrats are taking the gop for lack of transparency and chuck schumer suggesting that if there were any good the republicans would be bragging about it eric >> they would be preaching it from the mountain tops, and there would be a brass band
6:38 am
down every main street in america announcing the new legislation. but they are afraid to even whisper about the bill. they want it out in the open for as little time as possible. >> reporter: others accusing the gop of brushing it. >> 10 days from start to finish to rewrite the healthcare system of america. 10 days on a measure that is not be disclosed to the republican senators, not all of them, let alone the democratic senators or the american people.>> reporter: even veteran republicans expressed concern about how the healthcare reform has been crafted. >> i would like to see a vigorous debate and amendments on the floor the senate and i would have liked to been more involved in, frankly, what almost none of the have been involved in -- none of us have been involved in and that is shaping it. >> reporter: lawmakers expected to work on the fiscal year 2018 budget which will be critical if the leaders intend on
6:39 am
keeping the plates for tax reform later this all passing it with 51 votes in the senate instead of 60 votes using the budget reconciliation. they will have to address the debt ceiling in july or september. there is also faa authorization duke september 30 along with funding the government. >> sources say the infrastructure is not had recent attention and if democrats continue with the stall tactics, time becomes a factor. on capitol hill, fox news. in other news at home the city of oakland top officials responded to report on how the city handled its investigation of the police sex scandal. the case involved the underage teenager that called herself celeste at the time and identified as a sex worker. the officers from oakland and other east bay law-enforcement agencies were implemented -- implicated in the case.
6:40 am
they decide that the teenager was not credible and they did not vigorously investigate the case. the report laid out nine recommendations for the city. >> we appreciate the report from mr. swanson and the courts and we are completely prepared to implement all of its recommendations. back there have been many changes in this department since we were here with you roughly one year ago. there will continue to be changes. >> one of the recommendations has already been carried out and the police department internal affairs division reports directly to the police chief. jasmine recently won a settlement of almost $1 million from the city of oakland. her attorney john burris represented her in the case calling the oakland police department investigation a sham . >> what this report demonstrates very clearly is that the investigation that we thought would occur did not occur. that in fact the investigation
6:41 am
from what this report suggests was never designed to get at the truth of what happened. >> john burris said that investigators and made her feel as if she were criminal instead of the victim. we have posted the entire 33 page report allen and you can look at our home page for the story and click on the link. many outdoor workers are not taking a break despite the sporting temperatures and we will tell you the regulations in place to protect them from heat related illnesses . how many people does it take to change 13,000 lightbulbs ? the upgrade will help san francisco in more ways than one. uber is looking for new ceo and we will tell you about the high profile executives that do not want the job. base pay commute does not look bad so far and in most
6:42 am
areas on interstate 880 looking pretty good driving past the coliseum. for most already pretty warm, of the bit of fog but a hot day for many.
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6:44 am
travis kalanick resigned as ceo of uber and the companies making wide range effort to fix
6:45 am
the corporate culture and we are told ubers looking at executives with experience in tech like amy weaver, the president of the sales force. the former yahoo ceo melissa meyer under consideration and two prominent women on the shortlist is the facebook coo sheryl sandberg in the uber board member huffington but they have taken their name out of the running. snapchat spending $200 million to help you find your friends according to bloomberg. snapped a the parent company of snapchat purchased the french mapping company last month and snap has already turned the product into feature you can find on the main snapchat app. it will let users the their brains photos and video posts by location and those locations are marked by personalized animated avatars for each brand . it is 6:45 am. several san francisco
6:46 am
streets will soon be much brighter, replacing 13,000 old light bulbs with brand-new l.e.d light bulbs. the almost $3 million upgrade will improve the lighting and save energy, and it will save the city millions. >> the current lights are energy inefficient and only last 3 to 5 years. these lights will average about 20 years. >> it is about 50% cheaper as far as power consumption and it will pay for itself in about four years. >> operating 6% of the san francisco 25,000 streetlights and they said that all of the lights should be installed in the next seven months. the small earthquake in the east bay rattled nerves and at a lot of people talking about that 3.3 earthquake at hayward falls in kensington. it almost hit exactly at noon
6:47 am
and three miles below the surface of the earth but it rattled a few people working in their offices. >> everybody got up one of our coworkers said to save our documents and i said to save yourself. [ laughter ]>> save yourself. a lot of people said that craig -- quake was a strong joe. there was a faith 6.8 earthquake in southern california and a false wart was generated after the software misinterpreted the data about an earthquake that occurred in 1925. they sent out a bunch of alerts about the magnitude x .8 earthquake in the pacific ocean 10 miles west of santa barbara and that usgs alert triggered an automatic story on the la times website about the large earthquake, and the newspaper quickly retracted it. it is 6:47 am. the san jose sharks have
6:48 am
something they never had before which is a winner of the norris trophy. >> brent burns. the award goes to the best defensemen in the national hockey league and that is brent burns. he was not the favorite going into the award show when he had 29 goals for the season, more than any player on the defense. he told the audience that his teammates and coaches dessert some of the credit for the >> reporter: be coming to san jose. >> i want to thank all of my teammates and without them this is impossible. they put up with a lot from me and they let me shoot at them all night. for them, thank you for everything. it is fun to play every day with you guys. >> brent really likes going to work and is not mr. regular season hockey game in three years. congratulations. it is 6:48 am.
6:49 am
let's check in with sal on the traffic. back looking okay. i'm looking at my screens but not surprised by anything. sometimes when i say that we will have a new accident but we have decent look at the commute now as we look at the maccarthur maze. it is taking some time to get there, 55 minutes which is a bigger commute than yesterday. yesterday we did not reach 55 minutes but this is a tough one from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, not unusual with a 20 minute delay before you get onto the bridge. the san mateo traffic looks okay driving through with no major issues. driving on the peninsula traffic is moving okay. on the east bay commute between hayward and union city you will see slow traffic from hayward into union city and parceling
6:50 am
to fremont here it is 6:49 am. the morning everybody. clear and getting warmer quickly and brothers a little bit appalled. for some not too bad, and 61 still feeling cool for now. list take a look at at temperatures. petaluma set 59, leila valley at 54 and calistoga at 67, glen allen at 63 and napa 67. kelseyville rocking it up quickly around 8:00. the heat advisory is out and there is a excessive heat warning, high fire danger, take your pick. multiple warnings and watches. fog forming on the san mateo and santa cruz coast. sometimes on the west side it can get foggy but on the side not so much, and also down toward santa cruz, the monterey
6:51 am
area. this system came by giving us some cool weather to ramp up the bald. it went south and off the coast and we get that north wind from cool to warm. remember the days are very warm with the angle of the sun very high giving us that northeast breeze for most. due to the snow still above 8000 feet you get evaporation rates that are off the chart triggering that thunderstorm activity. it dies off at night and picking up later over the mother load. i don't think the flow around this is as positive as last sunday and monday when the thunderstorms rolled through but most of us sang over the crest of the sierra. at the sfo the offshore breeze took care of that bald -- fog but just a little bit. 60s, 70s and 80 in brentwood already. most locations 5 to 13 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. 91 already in phoenix, tucson
6:52 am
his had three days in a row of 115 or higher. for us this is the hottest day in temperatures will back off and take a tumble in the latter part of the weekend and early next week. 70s, 80s and lots of 90s. some near 100, 104, 105, and 88 at berkeley. downtown san jose close to 99 or 100. the same for morgan hill, gilroy, and 70s, 80s and 90s on the peninsula. the fog coming back and the temperatures going down here if you put in a request he comes through. it is 6:52 am. east palo alto is the green light with the help of mark zuckerberg and what it means or future development and some do not see it as progress. we changed the light come
6:53 am
back for this moment. >> the concert with a magic bus, the san francisco celebration of the summer of love and it is not too late to join the party.
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...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. a new construction project is expected to pick up again, thans to mark suckerburg and his wife. >> for past year, they have a
6:56 am
moratorium on all development because there wasn't enough water to support them. but now, thanks to the chantzuckeeburg, they're donating to pay for water to be moveed in from mountain view. it will allow the city to invest in the long-term development. >> but residents are worried it could lead them to getting priced out of their home. >> i am excited and at the same time i'm worried. there's a real concern about what's happening in my community. >> it require it is city to pay to the -- and put it into a fund for the border housing. the court of appears struck down a california law requiring police to hold vehicles for 30 days. the three judge panel unanimously ruled the law violate it is fourth amenment that prohibits unreasonable seizures. this case involves a los angeles woman who loaned her
6:57 am
car to a brother-in-law, police stopped him and seized that vehicle when they learned he was driving with a suspended license. however, authorities will not give the woman back her car even though she had proof it belong today her. >> the time is 6:57. the census bureau say it is united states and the population is growing older and more ethnicalliers diverse. every group grew between 2015 and 2016. there was a 2% increase among latin knows and a 3% increase each among asians and people of multiple races. these also show the median age went up from 35 years to about 38 years in just 2018. last night, in san jose, against domestic violence, hundreds of men walked in shoes of women. >> ♪ we will, we will rock
6:58 am
you. >> yeah about 400 men put on high heels. they were raising money for an event called the walk a mile in her shoes. it was set up by the ywca silicon valley to help support survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. he praiseed it y for its efforts. >> as mayor and former criminal prosecutor i can tell you i'm extraordinarily grateful for the work of the ywca in supporting survivorsover sexual abuse and rape. >> they say the ywca is one of the largest and oldest women's organizations in america. time is 6:58 the bay area celebrates 50 years since the summer of love. last night, people were treated to a spectacular light show and concert with sounds from the year 1967. summer of love brought pier people from san francisco to gooden gate park and it became
6:59 am
a mechanism of use, and the opening of the generation. some of the was an emotional night for them on an important part of our history. summer of love light show will be on display from sun down until midnight through october 21st. >> the renaissance time, everything was new. everything was spectacular and fun. >> happy paradise with all the hughes pick all the happy people and tall colors and the great weter and smiles. people were so generous and kind. >> summer of love light show will be until tonight through october 21st. >> dangerously high temperatures in the bay area and it is only going to get hotter as day goes on. the warning after at least two deaths are blamed on the heat all ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2.
7:00 am
. >> good welcome to mornings on 2. here a look at the downtown area over san oh say say. it is going to reach hot temporarily -- san jose, and there have been two deaths in santa clara county blamed on the heat. stay cool out there, go to cooling center, a number of them are open. >> and stay a hydrated be aware of all of that. >> it is already warm. thank you for joining us. i'm dave clark. >> i'm gasia. we also have steve paulson to tell us about weather, and. >> we begin to talk about how doctors are warning us about the health of at least two related deaths, two inside santa clara county. we have coverage on this story this morning. we will start in livermoore where it is always hot but they're


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