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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 22, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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now to today's top stories. the second full day of summer has been one of the hottest days of the years at the coast. with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees. 108 in dan ville. tomorrow will also will be warm. inland temperatures are expected to ease over the weekend. fire crews managed to stop a
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grass fire that threatened to destroy homes. the flames quickly spread up a hillside and right up to the backyards of several homes in the glen cove nabld. almost 40 acres burned, but the fire did not cause any major damage to the homes and no one was hurt. today the bill to stop the healthcare bill. it is not clear if the measure has enough votes to pass the senate if it comes up for a vote next week. four conservative republicans says the plan doesn't go far enough. you're watching ktvu fox news at 6:30. san francisco pride fest i have its are -- festivities are ramping up. >> thousands of people are planning to attend. paul is here tonight to tell
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what's being done to beef up security. >> reporter: it is the time of the year that many in the community look forward to, san francisco pride. the rainbow flags are welcoming people to a celebration of diversity. but with that comes crowds and possible dangers to the community. >> with the events that have happened throughout the world especially in europe. we are keen and staying on top of all of information that's being put out there. >> reporter: with that in mind sfpd have canceled all days off making sure all officers are at the ready. >> we are going to have officers on foot in uniform, out of uniform. >> reporter: with the current political climate they are expecting record breaking crowds. police and organizers aren't taking any chances. >> we will be doing screening again like we did last year. we would like to remind everyone
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that we will do bag checks. >> we are going to be utilizing all sorts of resources that the city has. whether it's camera, whether it's people spotting from different vantage points in the city. >> police are well aware that there are issues taking automobiles and ramming them to large crowds killing people. with that in mind san francisco police says they are going to add more officers and more vehicles in the area for added safety precaution. >> police say it appears that a deadly double shooting in brentwood overnight was in self-defense. officers were called to burt street around 11:15 last night. they found two men in their 30s suffering from gunshot wounds and both died at the scene. the resident opened fire on those two men during a home invasion robbery. a witness told ktvu what the homeowner said to him just after the shooting. >> my neighbor was copping up
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the driveway and -- coming up the driveway and he was like they came in my garage and open my safe. i believe he has a gun safe in his garage. so they made him open the step. he got one in front of the driveway door, one in front of the driveway door and the other guy made it out to the middle of street. the -- >> the resident was not hurt and month charged have been filed. police also tell ktvu that this was not a random act and that the home had been targeted. a big name in the car industry has set its name on bike rentals. the ford go bike recently unveiled a new go pass that allows riders unlimited 3-hour trip within 24 hours for $15. the target audience is supposed to be commuters but some say this new pricing ford and motivate want to compete for the
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tourist market. >> we feel that that's encroaching on our looi lee hood. we don't -- livelihood. we don't want the ford motor company and motivate to do with our bike rentals what uber did to the taxi industry. >> they agree for five proposed sites and now they regret it. the controversy comes as ford and motivate plan to expand their fleet from 700 to 7,000 bikes across the bay area next week. a crash on a southern california free way caught on camera. it was all sparked by road rage. see which drivers investigators are working for. a new bike company, we just told you about that, and the controversy.
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. they are investigating this crash in hayward. the crash happened around 9:30 this morning on i80. the bus blew a tire and sliding against the highway. no one was seriously hurt. two lanes were closed though backing up traffic. those lanes reopened just before 2:15 this afternoon. a shocking apparent road rage incident on a southern california free way was caught on camera. the driver of a motor vehicle
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and an suv get in an altercation. the motorcyclist kicked at the door when it gets too close. the driver of the suv swerved toward the bike. it hit another car and caused the car to flip over. two of the drivers are hurt but they are expected to be okay. officers are now looking for that motorcycle driver who could be facing charges after leaving the scene. two girls are now missing after watching next flicks's 13 reasons why. they were both 13 years old and they both hanged themselves inside their rooms. this is bella's mom who describes what it was like
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finding their daughter. they both say the show was a trigger for the two teenagers to take their lives. >> i feel like it's dangerous for that small percentage of young adults that the show could become a trigger for them. i feel that the show only gives one alternative for dealing with cyber bullying, you know, other teenage issues. >> and that one alternative? >> is suicide. >> bella's father is even more blunt. he says there are no words that describe his contempt for the show. tonight at 10, you will hear more from both families. it is gut wrenching listening to them talk. you will hear from netflix and the writer from 13 reasons why. how they are responding and how they are defending the show. a former long time catholic arch bishop has died.
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john rquinn was named 6th arch bishop of san francisco. he launched the catholic church's first official response to the aids epidemic in 1985. he died today following a long imness. he was 88 years old. still to come here, the heat wave has created health concerns for seniors, and others. i have lived in san francisco for many years and i have never seen a heat wave that has been like this and lasted so yard. that is the remarkable aspect about this heat wave, it is lasting so long. today another round of temperatures up past 100 degrees. some bigger changes by the weekend. we'll let you know when you can expect the 70s and 80s, a
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welcome relief in your forecast.
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. after two heat related deaths the santa cruz health department is reaching out to vulnerable residents, including the homeless population. >> the library is offering their spot for a cool place to get out of the heat. >> reporter: the first full day of summer was a hot one. the sun beating down and heat rising from the hot pavement. and even at nine in the morning it was already a sweaty day for
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those working outside. i've lived in san jose for over 60 years and i've never seen a heat wave like this. >> reporter: 65-year-old ward says he drank a lot of water before walking through the hot sun to a cool movie theater. >> i took my time and relaxed. i wasn't in any hurry. i would just remind myself to take it easy. >> reporter: the health department is concerned about seniors and the homeless. health officials say two santa cruzes residents -- san jose residents died saturday. an 87 woman who had been gardening and a 72-year old homeless man found in his car. >> we are looking for however we can help. sometimes it's a needle in a hey stack kind of thing. we are just looking to see what the need is. >> reporter: because of those deaths, the het department for the last several -- health
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department has launched medical teams. they are also concerned about people living in their cars. >> we go to the major shopping center parking lots and try and kind of look for people and make sure they know not to stay in their cars. that's one thing that's really apartment. >> reporter: on the east side a local pastor -- pastor handed out water for the homeless. a bottle of water doesn't last long. >> we went on sunday to serve a meal to about 100 people. people were dropping left and right and we had to call ambulances. >> santa cruz announced for the next two days its seven c libraries will be open and people can bring pets in if they want to escape the heat. mark tamayo is in for bill tonight. the heat is on in the east bay today. >> typically we talk about maybe
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100, 100 degrees, when you start getting up to 107, that's the dangerous type of heat. one more day a few neighborhoods could be right around 100 degrees, but we are headed in tt right direction for your friday. the heat advisory has been extended for your friday. everybody cools off by the weekend. here is the satellite. there is that fog bank out there. the beaches not warming up too much this afternoon. there we go with some of the fog, at least a few patches heading back into the bay with more of an on shore breeze right now. we'll check in on some of the current numbers. upper 90s in livermore. concord 95. santa rosa 80. we're not talking about any 90s that was the case earlier today. once again here is that camera
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looking out towards san francisco bay. temperatures at the shore line 80s. inland areas close to 100 degrees. the remarkable thing about this pattern, it has been in place for so long going back to friday last week, it intensified last weekend and extended into today. the area of high pressure begins to weaken and some cooler temperatures by the weekend. we are talking about 70s and 80s out there. . tomorrow morning, showing you some of the fog out there near the coast and bay. clearing back to near the coast line, temperatures for the beaches nearly mid 60s. mid to upper 90s. could be right ar 100 degrees by about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. we are scaling back on the heat. most areas coming back down from 4 to 8 degrees.
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oakland 78. some more neighborhoods, san jose 90, san francisco 70 degrees. here is a look ahead at your five-day forecast. temperatures continue to cool off into saturday and sunday. we are talking about 60s, 70s and a few neighborhoods around the 90-degree mark. this can be a welcome relief and we don't have to worry about drinking so much water every day. >> 60s, 70s sounds much more refreshing. a's get rid of one of the fan favorites. that's coming up next in sports.
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. mark's starting with the a's tonight. how did they do skwloo at the -- they did not do well all the way around. swept by the houston astros. no shame in that. they are the best team in baseball right now. not only that, one of their most popular players was released today. talk about that in a moment. let's get out to the coliseum where not a thing went right. 2 runs in the first inning. and the beat goes on. jake, a blast in the 2nd inning.
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springer hurt himself early. 3 run homer. an eighth run second inning for the astros. march lien gonzales another home run. get this the giants hit three, 3 hundred homers in one year. they hit 3 in one game. steve voeth is the man released. one of the most popular and respected players on the a's. >> i did not see this one coming. you might say straight out of left field. here is a guy that is not only a fan favorite and clubhouse leader, but he was also a pretty darn good baseball player, the last couple of years being an american league all star. management decided it was time
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to look towards the future. they have a kid brews maxwell they want to take a look at. >> he competed a high level before. he just wasn't going to have the playing time with the direction we were going. hopefully he winds up in a good place. >> he was part of my progression as part of this organization. it is bitter sweet, but i have the confidence that he is going to get a job in the big league somewhere and i will see hiem down the road. >> he might even show up in the playoffs this year. a's fans, brace yourself because this will not be the last veteran player that is shown the door. clearly this team has an eye towards the future. >> a lot of changes coming for both the a's and the giants. meanwhile derek carr is the proud big brother.
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rich est dude in the nfl. he put the finishing touches on a deal. 125 million over the length of the contract. some $70 million of that guarantee. he will be a raider through 2022. meanwhile the entire nba trying to figure out how they can get close to the golden state warriors. one way through the draft. you have to start somewhere. and the number one pick today is a washington husky. they seem to have the number one pick every year. 23 points a game for the huskies. he might help them change the culture out there in philadelphia where they've been losers year after year. here is the top five. jay some tatum to the selt ikz.
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a lot of people thought they'd pick jackson. meantime, some other stuff going on. and that would be tom brady over in the asian area, japan to be exact. he was in japan today. you've not seenl tom brady like this. he's checking things out on the sideline. that's not tom brady, but he was watching the sumo wrestlers. evidently he was so impressed, that he took his shirt off and got on the mat. he will not budge that gentleman at all. tom brady is pretty sizable but not making any progress right there. he might want to get out in the sunshine a little bit. >> they are looking pasty in there. thank you for joining us. our coverage continues at 7 on
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ktvu plus. good night.
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here's what i wonder about zombies. (others groaning) what happens if they can't get any human flesh to eat? they can't starve to death-- they're already dead. you take this one. i spent an hour last night on "how do vampires shave when they can't see themselves in the mirror?" well-groomed vampires meet in pairs and shave each other-- case closed. yeah, okay, so, zombies. i guess it depends on the zombies, raj. are we talking slow zombies, fast zombies? like, in 28 days, if those zombies didn't eat, they starved. you're thinking of 28 days later. 28 days is where sandra bullock goes to rehab and puts the audience into an undead state. hey, don't bag on sandra bullock! you think it makes you look cultured, but you just come off as bitter. dr. siebert, twelve o'clock. wolowitz: why's the president of the university slumming in the cafeteria? perhaps he's emulating shakespeare's henry v, who dressed as a commoner and mingled among them to find out how he was being perceived by his subjects.


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