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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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that is a great signal that the heat wave gripping the bay area's inland communities is about to ease up. about to ease up. in developing news, in san francisco, a 17-year-old girl died this evening after falling from a steep cliff above the ocean. it happened around 6:30 along a trail at lands end. officials say the teen was with a group of friends when she fell at least 50 feet from the cliff and into the water. rescue swimmers were unable to save her. >> she had multiple injuries and fractures. she was barely breathing when we got to her. she made it all the way down, fell all was down into the water. >> rescue teams say it wasn't easy to reach the girl. she spent 10-15 minutes in the water before they could get to her. she was pronounced dead in an
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ambulance on the way to the hospital. and stay with ktvu for more on this developing story. we'll bring you the latest in all of our newscasts as well as on facebook, twitter and our mobile app. now firefighters battled the heat to save several homes from a fast moving grass fire. the fire was started by a jeep that caught fire at the carquinez bridge toll plaza. it spread to the backyard of several homes in the glenn cove neighborhood. almost 40 acres burned. but fortunately, the fire didn't cause any major damage to those homes. >> we have our lives. i consider being blessed. we're insured. >> two firefighters up suffering minor leg and ankle injuries. >> we saw temperatures above 100, but people should notice
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the heat backing off tomorrow. >> we will notice more fog coast side. it won't and extreme drop-off in temperatures. today, temperatures today soaring up above 100. danville, 108, antioch, 107, livermore 106, walnut creek, 105, and gilroy 101. now, tomorrow, we are expecting things to cool off. inland, still talking about temperatures near 100 for livermore, but shaving off a few degrees for tomorrow. concorde, 105 today, down to 94. and san jose, down to 90 degrees as we head into your friday forecast. that is just the beginning of a cooling trend that kicks in over the weekend. we'll have more coming up in the full forecast in a few minutes. in the east bay, today was one of the hottest days of the year. temperatures surpassed 100 degrees in many places,
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including 108 in danville. people who were trying to cool down turned to attractions like the wave, water park in dublin, where the temperature hit 102. >> i thought it was going to be 110, and i had to do construction, so i said we need to go to the pool. >> other cool places just down the road from the wave was quiet today, including the movie theater complex in dublin, and livermore's outlet mall. after two heat related death, the santa clara health department is reaching out to vulnerable residents to make sure they're safe. >> reporter: the first full day of summer was a hot one. the sun beating down and heat rising from the hot pavement even at 9:00 a.m., it was already a sweat at the day for those working outside. >> the heat, man! it was hot. >> i've lived in san jose over 60 years, and never seen a heat wave like this that lasted this
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long. >> reporter: ward said he drank a lot of water before walking in the sun to a cool movie theater. >> it was okay. i took me sweet time, i relaxed. i wasn't in any hurry. i just reminded myself, take easy. >> reporter: the health department is worried about seniors. two san jose residents died money after being ex--- monday after being exposed to the heat. one 86-year-old woman, gardening in, and a 72-year-old homeless man found in his car. >> we're looking however we can help. sometimes it's a needle in the haystack. we're looking to see what the need it. >> reporter: because of the deaths, the health department for the last several days has launched medical teams in the valley homeless healthcare practicing to check on the thousands living in camps like this one dubbed jurassic park off oakland road in san jose, but are concerned about people living in their cars. >> we go to the major shopping
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center parking lots, and try to look for people and make sure they know not to stay in their cars. that's one thing that's important. >> reporter: a pastor handed out water to the homeless. this man proves hour thirsty you can get -- how thirsty you can get standing in the heat. >> we went out sunday and served meals to about 100 people. people were dropping left and right. >> reporter: for the next two days, santa clara county, the libraries will be open, and people can bring pets in if they want to escape the heat. pg&e says they didn't see record demand for power today, in part, because of the cooling effect of the fog along the coast, and around the bay. more than 170,000 customers have lost power at one point in
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the bay area, many are of the result of failed transformers. >> when we have an extended period of extreme heat, and here it's fairly unusual. they don't have an opportunity to cool down overnight. it stressing the equipment,. >> pg&e tells us today's peak demand was well below the total capacity. pg&e says flex alerts asking customers to save energy may have helped. you can download the free ktvu weather app to get the latest. the weather team is posting update on facebook, twitter and instagram. today, senate republicans unveiled their bill to replace obamacare, but in the current form, it doesn't appear to have the votes to pass. four republican senators said publicly they can't support the legislation in its current form. and because of the balance of power in the senate, republicans can only afford to lose two votes. the senate version re peels the mandate for people to buy
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insurance. it appeals the tax increasing on the healthy. >> thee cuts are blood money. people will die. there's be very clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy. with american lives. >> obamacare isn't working by nearly any measure, it has failed, and no amount of 11th 11th our reality denying our buck past by democrats will change the fact that more americans will get hurt unless we do something. >> next week, the congressional budget office releases its analysis of the bill, and at that time, we should find out how many people stand to lose healthcare coverage under the plan and the impact it would have on premiums. san francisco congresswoman nancy pelosi defend her leadership role following democratic losts in house elections in georgia and south carolina this week. >> but some democrats say
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pelosi might be a liability as the party trikes to retake the -- tries to retake the house, trump wrote i hope the democrats do not force nancy p out, that would be very bad for the republican party, and please let crying chuck stay. peter with what pelosi's fellow democrats are saying tonight. >> nancy pelosi was a great speaker, but her time has come and gone. yes, she's great fund-raiser, but it's money we're raising through her leadership is not helping us win elections. we have to have that difficult conversation now. >> reporter: if the conversation isn't now, some democrats fear they'll be doomed in the upcoming midterms. >> if we're going to regain the majority in 2018, we need new leadership. >> reporter: but today, the 77- year-old democratic leader called out critics in her ranks. >> when it comes to -- have
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your fun. i love the arena. i thrive on competition. >> reporter: that support might be strongest among members of the other party. >> i had a member of congress grab me, and say please tell me you're not going to get rid of nancy policy. tell me -- pelosi. tell me she's not going to retire. >> i respect the ambition that exists in any caucus. but i am proud of the unity we've had, and frankly my leadership. >> reporter: democrats have lost more than a thousand fed and state offices since 2009, so democrats in congress now say the talk about pelosi's fate is fluid, and things would be different if there was an obvious successor, but there's's not. president trump said today that he had not recorded his conversations with former fbi director james comey. on twitter, the president set "with all of the recently reported electronics
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surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, i have no idea whether there are tapes or report dings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make, and do not have any report dings ." after he warned on twitter that comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversations. this is pride week in san francisco with as many as 1 million people expected to turn out for sunday's big parade. after recent terror attacks in europe, the city wants everyone to stay safe. paul chambers on the security measures. >> reporter: it's that time of year that many in the lgbtq community look forward to. rainbow flags are welcoming people. but with that comes crowd, and possible dangers to the community. >> with the events that have happened throughout the world, especially in europe, we're keying and staying on top of
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the information being put out there. >> reporter: with that in mind -- making sure all of available officers are at their red. >> -- ready. >> we're going to have different units on foot, in uniform, out of uniform. >> reporter: organizers say, they are expecting record- breaking crowds, with possibly more than 1 million people coming. police and organizers are not taking any chances. >> we will do like last year. we want to remind everybody we will do bag checks. items will not be allowed in. >> we will utilize all sorts of resources that the city has, whether it's cameras, whether it's people spotting from different advantage damage points. >> reporter: police are aware there have been issues of people taking automobiles and ramming them into large crowds, killing people. with that in mind, instead of
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your street with cones or tape, they're going to add vehicles. coming up, authorities searching for a man who exposed himself to two girls in palo alto. bike rental shops looking to put the brakes on new bike service from ford, why they say the auto giant is stealing business from mom and pops. >> we feel we were blind sided.
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>> and no underwear. they say that the suspect is in his 20s or 30s, and was driving a white or silver car. police in brentwood say a rest donned shot and killed two -- resident shot and killed two men trying to rob him. surveillance shows the two alleged robbers walking up of the driveway. they ordered man to open the safe in the garage, not knowing there was a loaded gun. the resident grabbed the gun and shot both men. >> he's always in the garage.
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he's sitting in there watching television, just chilling. so the garage is open. once he opened the safe, he pulled the gun out, and started firing. >> the two men who were killed were both in their 30s, and from antioch. their names have not yet been released. police say they questioned the resident, and determined that he acted in self defense. san francisco bike rental companies are voicing concerns that a new low price option become overred by -- being offered by ford go bikes -- >> reporter: this is one shop where tourists to go see the sites on wheels. but the owner says the ford go bike has been treading on his
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turf lately. go bike, recently revealed the go back, $15 to ride unlimited 3 hour trips within 24 hours. the latest pricing model says otherwise. >> now that they are targeting the visitor market, we feel that's end overing on your livelihood. >> we don't want them to do to our mom and pop, what uber did to the taxi industry. >> reporter: everyone needs to stay in their lanes. >> that means that they should not cannibal eyes the tourist industry at fisherman's walk, along jefferson. >> reporter: months ago, the complaints a-- companies now they re great it. the city provides the pack to
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motivate for free. he pays $25,000 a month in rent. >> what can you say to the rental by shop owners who think you're trying to steal their business? >> bike share is really an about short trips, some visitors like to collect to neighborhoods, but we are not in the service of doing all day tripstourism is the largest industry in san francisco, and small businesses who serve our visitors are essential to the economy and the city. we will not allow companies to come into the city and threaten the livelihood of the small businesses. motivate says it has removed any references to riding bikes to the golden gate bridge from the website. it with the city and bike rental companies continue to talk about the issue behind
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closed doors. bay area home prices are breaking records once again. core logic says the bay area median price hit a new high of $755,000 in may. that's up 7% compared to last year. median prices are well over a million dollars in marin, san francisco, and sam mat county -- san mateo counties there. are relatively few homes for sale on the market, and with interest rate remaining low, there are plenty of buyers with cash in hand competing for those houses. big range in temperatures today here in the bay area, these are the highs, we had 70s coast side, san francisco 70s. all the way to over 100 degrees as advertised inland. look at the high, san francisco 72, all the way to 107 in antioch. san jose, 96, santa rosa 93. it has been quite the week in
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live more. last saturday, upper 90s, cooling off slightly by monday, today, we had that 106. tomorrow, we begin to cool off even for the inland east bay, but still, we have this, the heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. for places like livermore. here's the live camera. can you see what's happening. the return of our old friend, the fog, surging back here. that will continue to cool off the coastal spot, and bay side locations as well. closer look at the on shore breeze. fog bank pushing back into the bay. current numbers out there, still 70s out to walnut creek and live more. san francisco, 58, santa rosa, lower 60s, 62 degrees. and san francisco, sky cast showing you this. patchy fog, 58 degrees. still plenty sunny, 65, and forecast high 69 degrees, with still some patchy fog into the afternoon hours.
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this area of high pressure begins to back off tomorrow. it will be cooler than today, and more pronounced cooling into the weekend, especially by sunday so the major heat is heading out of town. the forecast model showing you this, some fog in the morning. inland neighbors back into the upper 90s, close do 100. but everybody coming down in most spots, coming down about 4- 8 degrees from today. san jose, the forecast high of 90, gilroy 95, san francisco downtown in the upper 60s. some patchy fog, dense fog, keep that in mind if you're driving the coast tonight and tomorrow morning. we continue to cool things off, i promise. and that will be a big relief. >> we're going to hold you to that! >> you better. giants offense scored 11 runs in atlanta, but was it enough to beat the braves? mark will show us what happened coming up next in sports.
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a live look at san san francisco and the bay bridge, the fog moving in. >> that fog. >> that's going to help. >> that's welcomed news. welcomed news.
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mark --
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>> mark is back, and m o.r. k? >> it's very late. >> thing about the nba draft, aim sure that's where -- i'm sure that's what you are talking about. this is just a feeling after doing this for a lot of years, i think the warriors pulled something off. they didn't have a draft pick, but they bought from the bulls, the 38th pick, jordan bell from the university of oregon, pac- 12 defensive player of the year. you know they loves players that start their game in that way. 10 point, 8 rebounds, two blocks. 6'9", 225 pounds. little glimpse of his attitude. check out the recent interview he did about what type of player he is. >> i'm going to do whatever i need to do to help the team win, defense, block shots, block the player, score, i'll do whatever. i kind of think -- i'm like a draymond green player.
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i'll do whatever i need. >> draymond green reference. that was before he was drafted by the warriors. cal, the basketball program proud, as they have a couple of their players drafted. iran rab didn't make it, but -- rab will be joining in the nba by his one time bear teammate, bird, who was picked by boston, and darren brown. the beat goes on for the giants, and the as. we'll start down in the atl. giant will play a night game tomorrow at at&t after flying home tonight, and that's ryan vogelsong, having a beer. that's what he should be doing,
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watching his old teammates. buster posey leads with 5. he had a home run in his home tate, and 3 rbis. giants led 5-2. but a 8th inning 5th did them -- 8 run 5th did them in. adams, the first big league homer for the braves. they go on to win it 12-1. rotten day for the as all the way around. jessie hawpe gave up 9 earned runs, three run homer. gonzales, second three run homer of the inning. as, like a young ball club will, scratching back, bruce maxwell who will probably get a
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lot of playing time, 3 hits, including this rbi double. all right. we've got a quarterback to tell you about, and it's not derek carr and his new big contract. it is tom brady in tokyo, checking out sumo. so impressed, took off his shirt and went at it a little bit. >> see you later.
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