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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 23, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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i think the worst is over i can happily say that. temperatures coming down, the fog is back after you talk about 50s-60s temperatures running noticeably cooler compared to yesterday. livermore 90 cooler, san jose down 50. the trend is set and the fog came rolling back. i think we will see i may be a 150 drop today. the delta breeze is usually the key. at the coast comes the fog and is still pretty shallow.
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60s-70s i know it's still hot, but not the 105 or 106. >> i think a lot of people are happy to hear that. let's take a look at tracy's super commute. traffic is light on the ultima past, we can see the road sensor showing green. that means the traffic is at or near the speed limit. you can see for the east bay for the most part you don't have a lot going on which is just the way we like it. this is interstate 880 there's oakland coliseum you can see the traffic is looking good. and at the bay bridge toll plaza it is there and not too low but definitely you'll notice it as you drive into san francisco. today's another spare the
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air day, the second day in a row and air-quality officials say the air will not be healthy. the heat, light wind mixing together to create smog out there. you are advised to carpool or take public transportation to reduce pollution. while it may be cooler today than yesterday health officials say be very careful with this heat. in the south bay there are outreach programs to help the most vulnerable people. >> i have lived in san jose for over 60 years and i've never seen a heatwave like this the last so long. >> what kerry says he drank a lot of water before walking in the hot sun to a cool movie theater. >> it was okay, i took my sweet time. i relaxed and i was not in any hurry. just remind myself to take it easy. >> the health department is concerned about seniors and the homeless after this week's heatwave turned deadly. officials say to san jose residents died monday after
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being exposed to the heat. an 87-year-old woman who been gardening outside her home and a 72 your homeless man found in his car. >> we are just looking for however we can help sometimes it's a needle in a haystack kind of thing. we're just looking to see what the need is. >> because of those deaths, the health department for the last several days have launched medical teams to chat on the thousands living in camps like this one double jurassic bark off oakland road in san jose. they are also concerned about people living in their cars. >> we go to major shopping center parking lot and try and look for people and make sure they know not to stay in their cars. >> on the eastside a local pastor also handed out water to the homeless. this man proved how thirsty you can get being out in this heat all day, and how a bottle of water does not last long. >> we went out on sunday to
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serve a meal to about 100 people. people were dropping left and right had to call ambulances. some cooling centers will stay open today. also pets will be allowed today a santa clara library including those in gilroy, morgan hill and saratoga. the state's power grid is hurting because of the heat wave. pg&e says that in the bay area alone more than 100 pg&e says that in the bay area alone more than 170,000 customers lost power this week, mainly because of failed transformers. those transformers need to cool off. normally it happens in the evening, but not this week. >> in this heat wave over the last couple of days it has primarily been from distribution transformer outages. those are the cylinder looking pieces of equipment on top of power poles. >> new transformers are lined up in fremont at pg&e's
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distribution center. yesterday pg&e says that because of cooler temperatures from the fog we did not see record demand from the power. pg&e also says customers have been conserving energy. a 17-year-old girl died last night after falling off a cliff in san francisco. it happened in the lands and area near china each. the teenage girl was with friends when she slipped and fell at least 50 feet onto the rocks. the rescuers out there race to recover her body. >> showed multiple injuries and fractures. she was barely breathing when we got to her. she fell all the way down to the water. >> because of the rising tide, rescue teams had problems getting to her. she was pronounced dead in the ambulance. barts board of directors approved policy changes including a new safe transit policy. in an eight-one vote but
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aligned itself with the sanctuary movement. thing bar police will not enforce federal immigration laws. the policy also forbids bart employees from asking writers about their immigration status. >> the safe transit policy is going to make sure everyone who rides our system including undocumented immigrants feel safe and that our police resources are devoted not to cooperating with federal immigration officials, that are really focused on keeping a writers safe. stomach the bar board also passed a policy the charges an extra $.50 for paper tickets. it also repeal the seat hall ordinance. when the prevented riders from taking up more than one see during commute hours. this is pride week in san francisco. as many as 1 million people are expected to be at sunday's pride parade. after the recent terror attacks in europe, san francisco wants to keep everyone safe. ktvu paul chambers tells us about security plans. >> it's that time of the year
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that many in the lg bt q community look forward to, san francisco pride. the rainbow flags are welcoming people to a celebration of diversity. with that cub scouts. a possible danger to the community. >> with the events of happen through the world, especially in europe where definitely keen in staying on top of all of the information that is being put out there. >> with that in mind sf pd has canceled all days off. making sure all available officers are at the ready. >> will have to add extra units on foot, on vehicle, in uniform out of uniform. >> they are expecting record- breaking clouds. crowds greeted with more than 1 million people potentially coming in the police are not taking any chances. >> we will be doing screening like we did last year. so we want to remind everyone we will do that checks and their lives in -- the items
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that will not be allowed into the area. >> will be utilizing the resources the city has whether be cameras, people spotting from different vantage points in the city. >> police are well aware that there've been incidents of people using automobiles to ram into large crowds. with that in mind that san francisco police say that instead of blocking the streets with a cone or yellow tape they will add more officers or vehicles to the area. as pride weekend is about to begin california's banning nonessential travel for official state business to four more states that have lost that discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. these states texas, alabama, south dakota, kentucky have been added to a list that include north carolina, kansas, mississippi, and tennessee. there are exceptions for law enforcement and to honor certain contracts. fresno state has asked for a ruling from the state on whether it can travel to the
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university of alabama for a football game this fall. within the week the supreme court may announce a ruling on president. trump's travel ban targeting six muslim majority countries. the high court met yesterday. they may have taken a vote about whether to allow the temporary ban to go into effect. the executive order was originally signed in january but revised after a lower court lot different taking offense. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruled that the band violence federal immigration law by discriminating against people based on their nationality. the archdiocese of san francisco says a former longtime catholic archbishop has died. archbishop john quinn. he was named the fifth arch is chip in 1977 and served until 1995. officials say he launched the
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first church official response to the aids epidemic in 1985. he digested the jewish home of san francisco after long illness. archbishop quinn was 88 years old. coming to a bay area school district plagued by allegations of sex crimes on campus. coming up we will tell you how officials are trying to improve the policies after a 2investigates report. senate republicans have introduced their new health care bill. we are off to a nice start here if you're driving on the road there's a little bit of fog that for the most part traffic is light. stomach yesterday about 5 pm my ac knocked on the back door, waving the white flag. i said don't worry, relief is on the way. we will talk about it on the friday forecast.
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president. trump said he did not record his conversations with former fbi director james comey, who he fired. on twitter president. said, and i'm quoting. with all the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and the illegal leaking of information i have no idea whether there are tapes or recordings of my conversations with james comey. but i did not make, and do not have any such recordings. after the president fire comey he warned on twitter that comey better hope there are no tapes of our conversation. in the meantime president.
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trump is expected to sign legislation today designed to protect whistleblowers, while making it easier to fire problem employees at the department of veterans affairs. the va accountability and whistleblower protection act of 2017 makes permanent an office that was created by a trump executive order earlier this year to investigate claims made by whistleblowers and protect them from being retaliated against. yesterday u.s. senate republicans unveiled their bill to replace obama care. but in its current form it doesn't appear they have the votes needed to pass. for republican senator said publicly yesterday they cannot support the legislation the way it is now. because of the balance of power in the senate, republicans can only afford to lose two votes. the senate version repeals the mandate for people to buy insurance. it also repeals the tax increases on the wealthy imposed by the affordable care
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act. >> these cuts are bloodmoney. people will die. let's be very clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. >> obama care is not working. buy nearly any manager it has failed and no amount of 11th hour reality denying her buckpassing by democrats will change the fact that more americans will get hurt unless we do something. >> next week the congressional budget office will release its study of the bill. this -- that time we would be able to find out how the people would lose coverage under the plan and the impact it would have on premiums. several medical organization say they are against the senate republican healthcare bill. the american academy of pediatrics says the bill can her children by scaling back medicaid. other medical organization say it may leave millions with no health insurance and may lead to hospitals reducing services,
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or closing. the american medical association is still studying the plan bethesda strongly opposes limits on medicaid spending. also aarp says the bill would allow insurers to charge older adults up to five times as much as younger adults. aarp is also raising concerns about cut to medicaid saying, it could put millions of senior citizens at risk of losing the care they need. aarp represents about 38 million people over the age of 50. it is calling on every senator. to vote no on the healthcare bill. if you are trying to get away to the american river this week, leave your beer at home. a ban on alcohol along the american river will be in effect this weekend. a non-permitted party called rafting gone wild is scheduled for saturday and sunday. for safety reasons authorities want to keep people who are drinking out of the water. violations of the alcohol
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restriction will be strongly enforced. it looks pretty good so far, we don't have a lot going on. northbound 101 and the gilroy area, traffic is looking good. driving from gilroy to san jose, it's not a bad commute all the way up into san jose and into the main part of the area. there have been no major issues if you're driving through. also looking at 280 northbound getting off of highway 17, that's a nice-looking drive. this morning at the bay bridge traffic is looking good. notice there's a little more fall get my pictures. with that said, let's bring steve paulson in with the bay area weather. >> nine days is enough.
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is that gentleman in san jose said, i've lived here a long time i don't remember when this long. july, 2006 was last time we had this extended period of hot. they will be a big drop a lot of those temperatures. i've seen things dropped 300 before going from hot to cooler. i don't think they will go that much but they will drop. livermore was 106 yesterday. 96 today and gilroy from 98 to 99. that was san jose airport 96 to 98. fog yesterday afternoon and started to show and reverse itself. and that's what we call the southerly surgeons could in. still cloud cover popping up over the sierra. it was late to the party but it did pick up in the afternoon. it looks a little quieter to the overall pattern. 50s, 60s, 70s but more 50s and 60s and the temperature trend is down. fairfield is down 10, livermore is down 90, san jose just down
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50 from 24 hours go. keep an eye on fairfield, they are up to 23 they can hold that and maybe even show gust of about 30 then everyone will go down, will probably take until tomorrow. the big dome of high pressure is weakening and lower pressure will start working its way in. 50-60. 56 sebastian, 46 in tracking, 67-70 to sacramento and the low clouds will continue. coastal fog is not as hot, 60s- 70s. back to the bay 80s instead of 100 the stage is set, yesterday we top it out, so it's gonna be cooler taking us into next week. >> it doesn't feel bad this morning. if you want to rent a bike in san francisco you have a new
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tropical depression cindy is still dumping lots of rain on parts of tennessee, kentucky and west virginia. you can see the damage left behind in alabama. that's where one person was killed. on wednesday 10-year-old boy was killed on the alabama coast.
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it was hit by a law that washed ashore. the storm is been downgraded but authorities are warning not to let your guard down. this week and there could be more flash flooding and strong winds. bay area home prices are breaking records again. core logic says the bay area median price for house hit a new high of $755,000 in the month of may. that is up 7% from last year. median prices are already well over $1 million in marin, san francisco and san mateo counties. the experts say it is a classic case of supply and demand. there are relatively few homes for sale on the market. with interest rates staying low there are a lot of buyers left cash in hand competing for those few houses. the ford motor company offering a new option in san francisco. if you want to rent up like.
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>> blazing saddles is one bicycle shop where tourists go to see the sights on wheels. but owner jeff sears says the ford go bike has been treading on its turf lately. go by, which is run by bike share service motivate recently revealed its go pass. $15 to ride unlimited three- hour trips within 24 hours. motivated supposed to dominate the commuter niche. but this latest pricing model says otherwise. >> now that they are targeting the visitor market we feel that is encroaching on our livelihood. >> we don't want the ford motor company and motivate to do to us what those mom-and-pop bicycles what overdid to the taxi industry.
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>> they should not cannibalize the tourist industry affects -- fisherman's wharf they should not be locating their facilities down along jefferson street. >> sears says months ago by krill companies agreed to motivate five proposed sites near fisherman's wharf. but now they regretted. the city also provides the past and motivate for free. sears says he plays $25,000 a month in rent. so what can you say to those rental bike shop owners who think you're trying to steal a chunk of their business? >> bike share is really about short-term trips. mostly for locals. we do know that some visitors like to connect to neighborhoods but we are not in the business of servicing all day trips and guided tours. >> the controversy comes as motivate is getting ready to increase its fleet from 700 to 7000 bikes next week. meanwhile they released a statement saying tourism is the largest industry in san francisco and the small
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business for visitors is essential to the industry and our city. we will not allow companies come into our city and threaten the livelihood of those visitors. >> as a gesture of good fate motivate said they've removed any references of riding bikes on the golden gate bridge from its website. meanwhile bike rental companies continue to talk about the issue behind closed doors. the police are searching for a suspect linked to at least two bay area bank robberies. we will show you the photos and the video that may lead to an arrest. we are looking at a commute that is off to a nice start with a nice look at the richmond bridge approach. fog is back, not for everyone but for more than we've seen in a while. there's also a decent delta breeze. ♪ hey! ♪ bee to hive to the comb
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one of the most popular tv theme songs and i just lost it. don't tell me. that's right, it's taxi. that takes me back. it's a beautiful day, we were looking live at the bay bridge. and it feels a little better today. stay tuned, steve will be your moment. welcome back to mornings unto. it is friday, june 23. steve paulson is working hard because he has things to tell us. >> bob james. >> bob james music.
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low clouds are back. 50s-60s-70s. everyone is going to be cooler today. sometimes up toward ukiah, clear lake you know you'll get there eventually. we


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