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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 23, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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. and good afternoon , everyone. i am mike mibach. >> and i am carry tina. you can feel it outside. it is a little cooler. details on how ow weekend looks. >> yes. a cooldown is on the way. temperatures will be dropping off with each day. we are looking at temperatures -- is my mic working properly? >> the mic is not on? >> i know the temperatures are a lot cooler today , christina. >> they are cooler. look at san francisco already at 58 degrees. in the 80s for walnut creek and livermore when they saw triple digit temperatures earlier this week. we can physical therapy this cooldown to continue throughout the weekend. more from rosemary in our weather a little later in our
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newscast. we have the power carried under pressure because of the recent heat wave we had. pjd said in the bay area alone 170,000 customers lost power this week mainly because of failed transformers. they need to cool off and it usually happens in the evening , but not this week. they said new transformers are already at the distribution center in fremont ready to be installed. animals are also in danger from the heat. in santa clara county precautions are being made to keep animals and their owners in doors. county libraries in gilroy , morgan hill , sayre toe goldman sachs cupertino , campbell and more.
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you can get all the latest weather information on half a million people are expected to turn out for pride celebrations throughout the weekend. >> yes. we have more from city hall with the look at the preparations already under way and the special ceremonies that kicked off this morning. >> reporter: take a look behind me. they are getting the main stage ready at civic center plaza , getting ready for pride 2017. city hall getting ready to marry one couple who said the moment they locked eyes they were meant to be together. >> it is absolutely wonderful. >> we have been together for one-and-a-half years. we have felt the same way since we met at that traffic light. >> reporter: we watched this morning as city crews got to
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work for this weekend's prides celebrations , putting up balloons and barricades for the weekend parade and other activities. this year's celebration , members of the lgbtq say it is all about pride and community. >> it is not so much about coming as the lgbtq , but no , we are all immigrants. there is so much going on. the whole thing with sf , we are celebrating diversity. >> reporter: crews are getting the main stage ready at civic center plaza. the main celebration gets under way at noon tomorrow and the parade kicks off at 10:30 sunday morning. ktvu fox 2 news. >> the pride announced yesterday on twitter that cast members from the national tour , the hit show hamilton , will be the celebrity grand marshal. here is a look at the other big pride events in san francisco.
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the installation of the triangle will start at 7:00. the celebration at civic center plaza kicks off tomorrow at noon and the parade starts sunday morning at 10:30 right there on market street. for more information about this year's pride celebration go to our website at you will find everything you need right there on the home page. >> security is expected to be tight at the parade with the recent attacks in tourist sites in europe. san francisco police are increasing security and using police vehicles to block traffic in areas rather than cones and visitors will go through metal detectors. they will be working with other agencies from around the bay area. >> we are coordinating with the law enforcement agencies. they are aware this is a busy weekend that potentially things can go awry with lots of crowds and traffic. we are keeping each other abreast and are communicating
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closely this weekend. >> organizers say they are expecting record breaking crowd this is year with possibly more than a million people coming to san francisco. >> and as pride weekend is about to start , california is banning nonessential travel for official state business to four more states with laws that discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation , texas , alabama , south dakota and kentucky have been added to the list that already includes north carolina , kansas , mississippi and tennessee. the law does does have exceptions for law enforcement and to honor certain contracts. officials at fresno state university have asked for a rule from the state on weather it can travel to the university of alabama for a football game in the fall. happening today , san francisco police will be releasing new information on the mass shooting that happened at a upset facility last week. they will -- at a ups facility last week.
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the three shot and killed last wednesday by a co-worker who then killed himself. we will have all the details for you on our next newscast , the 4:00 on 2 as well as online on we have the name now of the teenaged girl in a died last night after slipping and falling off a cliff in san francisco. it happened about 6:30 in the lands end area near china beach and the legion of on. the medical examine ear office says the victim was 17-year-old victoria la rocca of corte madera. she was with a group of friends when she lost her footing and fell several feet down on the rocks. rescuers raced to get her out of the water and into an ambulance. >> she had multiple injuries and fractures. she was barely breathing when we got to her. she made it all the way down , she fell all the way down to the water. >> rescuers had difficulty getting to her because of the rising tide.
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six. house minority leader nancy pelosi defending her leadership. up next how she is responding to calls by members of her own party for her to step down. >> coming up we have your full forecast with meteorologist rosemary orozco.
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what you can expect after this week's heat wave. >> and the health care reform legislation facing step opposition from republicans and democrats in the senate. in washington , the details straight ahead.
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a woman is being treated this noontime after being hit by a lightrail train near san jose. she was hit around 10:30 near
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the core rina station near 4th street. train service was stopped borrow about 30 minutes. investigators are trying to figure out if the woman was hit on the crosswalk or fell in front of the train. she was conscious when taken to the hospital but no word yet on her condition. investigators in london learned a refrigerator sparked last week's high-rise fire that killed 79 people. combustible materials on the exterior of the building being blamed for the quick spread of the flames. police are announcing today the materials failed safety tests. investigators are looking at every company that may be involved in the building of the high-rise and considering filing manslaughter charges. a double decker tour bus in paris crashed into a tunnel underpass yesterday afternoon it felt crash injured four people. one person was seriously hurt. at least 18 people were riding in the bus when it hit the tunnel and got struck. authorities say the height limit for that tunnel is 8 feet tall. the tour bus company said the driver took the tunnel as a detour to get around a road
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closure. republicans still don't have the number these need. majority leader mitch mcconnell has one week to scrape up enough votes to pass his version of the health care reform bill. >> but right now he has a tough sell to make. here is more. >> reporter: four key republican senators standing their ground. as of now blocking the senate's big chance to repeal and replace obama-care. >> as we look at the expense of the bill we believe in the first year or two it may well cost more than obama-care. >> we want to get the yes and the way to get the yes is fix the underlying problems. lower premiums and i will happily be party of it. >> reporter: with the republican opposition stacking up and no democrats willing to cross the aisle , leader mitch mcconnell is scrambling to get the 50 votes he needs but he does have the confidence of the white house. >> you have the white house , the republicans have the house and senate , but you have senators not on board. >> but they are always four
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good guys and friends of mine. i think they will probably get there. >> reporter: democrats voicing their opinion , bernie sanders calling it the most harmful piece of legislation in his lifetime , an impending disaster. amendments to the bill are likely but the draft calls for eliminating the rule mandating that everyone buy's insurance and cuts taxes for corporations and those making $200,000 or more. it also calls for creating a $2 billion fund to help with the opioid epidemic gripping nation. in washington , ktvu , fox 2 news. several medical organizations say they are as opposed to the senate republican health care bill. the american academy of pediatrics says the bill could hurt children by scaling back medicaid. other medical organizations say it may leave millions without health coverage and mainly to hospitals reducing services or even closing. the american medical association is still reviewing the plan but says it strongly
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opposes limits on medicaid spending. >> the aarp says the bill would allow insurers to charge older adults up to five times as much as younger adults. it is raising concerns about cuts to medicaid putting seniors at risk of losing the care they need. aarp represent 38 million people over the age of 50 and and calling on every senator to vote no on the bill. house minority leader nancy pelosi is brushing back complaints from rank and file democrats and saying she is not going anywhere. some democrats say she is at fault for the party's defeat in november. and in order to take back the mid-term elections next year pelosi needs to step down. she has become a target for republican up candidates out there on the campaign trail and fellow democrats say they can't recapture the house with her at the top but in a meeting she defended herself saying she is
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quote worth the trouble. we have more with rosemary orozco and the temperatures we may be seeing this weekend. >> yes. it may be cooling down. the marine layer is deeper and the cooling trend will last several days. here is a look at the numbers. a cool 59 in san francisco. around the bay very pleasant 70 degrees right now in oakland. 74 in redwood city. in the south bay and san jose 80 degrees at this time. north bay a beautiful day there. 75 in napa. in the inner east bay mid 80s in livermore , 84 in concord. the heat will remain at least one more day , shifting to the east bay. take a look at a few more numbers, 84 in danville. inland , antioch reporting 95 this afternoon.
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24 in augusta , good news for the folks finally getting some relief. here is a look at the heat advisory that remains in place for the east bay. primarily until 9:00 this evening. i will shift in a little closer and show you where it does include. we are looking a vallejo , hercules , martinez , in and around arinda , areas like walnut creek , danville , pleasanton , livermore and further east along highway 4 through brentwood and beyond. that will continue for one more day. the rest of us , again , just a notable drop in temperatures.
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we will be cooling it off. the cooling begins for us on this friday as we get into your bay area weekend. sunday looks to be the coolest day of the weekend. temperatures will continue to fall as we get into the extended forecast. here is a look at the afternoon highs expected today. 99 in antioch. if we go closer to the bay 78 in oakland , upper 60s in san francisco , low 60s in pacifica, low 80s for santa rosa and upper 80s for san jose. the giants will see a cool , breezy breeze up to 20 miles per hour. mostly sunny skies. extended forecasts showing temperatures in the upper 90s today for the inland cities. by sunday upper 80s. a 10-degree difference there. with lefeel it by the end of the weekend -- we will feel it by the end of the weekend. by tuesday low 80s by tuesday for the inland cities. >> a lot better than last week. >> i am excited for it. >> yes. me too. >> thank you , rosemary. in phoenix , arizona , it is expected to be 113 degrees
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today. health officials say it has been so hot that visits in the area's main burn center doubled during the recent heat wave , including contact burns after people touched hot car interiors and walked on outdoor surfaces without shoes. oes. heavy rain from the storm could still cause flash flooding for folks in alabama along the east coast. shopping in san francisco are hoping to tap into a new bike service from ford. why they are saying the auto giant misled the community.
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let's get you up to speed on the market. the dow is down 25 points. financial stocks specifically are flipping between modest gains and losses. the largest u.s. banks passed the federal reserve stress test. the nasdaq is up by 15 points. uber's exceo is facing more problems this week. documents filed in the state show that travis kalanick hired a former google engineer despite warnings the engineer
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was carrying around data from his former employer's property. antily levandowssi ripped off strayed secrets before leaving the company and -- off trade secrets before leaving the company 11 months ago and used the data. the palo alto based automaker is talking to music labels about creating a streaming service preloaded in all tesla vehicles including a web radio similar to pandora. there is no word yet on how the service will be different from other streaming sites like spotify and apple music. amazon applied for a patent on a plan for giant drone delivery towers , futuristic , and robots would move good and help maintain the drones. .
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one bike rental shop in fisherman's wharf has tourists going to see the sites on wheels. but owner jeff sears says the ford go bike has been treading on his turf lately. >> go bike, run by bike share service motivate, repeatedly revealed its go pass, $15 to ride unlimited three hour trips within 24 hours. motivate is supposed to dominate the commuter-net but the pricing model says otherwise to sears. >> now that they are targeting the visitor's market we feel like it is encroaching on our
12:25 pm
livelihood. >> we don't want ford and motivate to do to our mom and pop bike rentals what uber did to the taxi industry. >> reporter: the supervisor says everyone needs to stay in their lanes. >> that means that they should not cannibalize the tourist industry at fisherman's wharf, locating their facilities along jefferson street. >> reporter: sears says months ago bike rental companies agreed to renovate five proposed sites for fisherman's wharf but now they regret it. sears says he pays $25,000 a month in rent. >> we don't think that this is fair. >> what can you say to those rent bishop owners who think you are trying to steal a chunk of your business away from them. >> sure. bike share is about short term trips mostly for locals. we know visitors like to connect to neighborhoods but we are not in the business of servicing all-day trips and guided tours. >> reporter: motivate now is
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getting ready to increase its fleet from 700 to 7,000 bikes next week. the mayor released a statement saying tourism is the largest industry in san francisco and the small businesses that serve our visitors are essential to the economy and city. we will not allow a company to come into our city and threaten the livelihood of those small businesses. motivate says as a gesture of good faith they removed the rights from its golden gate bridge website and they are talking about the issue behind closed-doors. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. nascar rolls into wine country this weekend. coming up a look at everything race day has to offer and why you may want to avoid the area all together if you are not going to the race. >> and a controversial plan. what bill cosby will be talking about at a series of town hall meetings this summer.
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welcome back, everyone. i hope you are having a great afternoon. i am glad, finally, rosemary, the temperatures are dropping so everyone can have and
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enjoyable time out there. >> yes. it will be very nice, very comfortable. even the inland cities are getting a break. but still a warm one today. already hot for some out there, but temperatures are coming down and we have better weather as we get into the weekend. 59 degrees in san francisco, around the bay. 76 in hayward and 74 in redwood city. in the north bay a nice one. 75 in napa and in the south bay 80 degrees in san jose. mid 80s in livermore. if you are hitting 85 now chances you will hit 95 by the end of the day. 84 in concord. we will take a tour and go back to the east bay where it is 85 in danceville, low 80s in lafayette and antioch reporting a hot 95. peninsula is pleasant, 73 in san mateo, 76 in menlo park and 80 degrees in woodside. here is something worth noting, a big drop of 17 degrees in santa rosa and the south bay
12:31 pm
locations down by 13. even oakland down by 15 at this time. we are on our way to a cooler pattern and it is going to continue for several days. with that said there is still a heat advisory through this evening for our east bay locations. it starts in and around vallejo. areas near martinez, hercules and east bay, widespread in the inland cities, pleasanton, livermore, antioch -- you know exactly where it is at. as we get into the second part of the weekend temperatures will continue to fall. upper 90s today for the hottest spots and upper 80s for sunday. the extended forecast is coming up. >> thank you, rosemary. another spare the air day. the second day in a row air quality officials say the air won't be healthy as the heat, light winds and cars mix together to create smog out there. you are advised to carpool or take public transportation to reduce pollution. thousands of race car fans
12:32 pm
will be coming to the sonoma raceway for the big event at the racetrack. >> yes. that is on sunday. but before that there are other races going on. more on how drivers and fans are getting ready for the big races. >> reporter: getting revved up for a busy weekend at sonoma raceway, in the nascar garage things were humming along this morning as the crews unloaded their gear and got their cars ready for practice laps on the track. race fans from across the country are hero in town for the festivity -- are here in town for the festivities. >> you can hear the engines roaring in the background. i can't wait to here them on the track. >> it is never slow. there are a lot of new, young drivers was. it is awesome to watch them. >> it is a beautiful area. we could not ask for better weather right now. it is perfect out here. good racing. i am excited! >> reporter: the two mile
12:33 pm
course at sonoma is fairly unique on the nascar circuit with so many tight turns both to the left and the right. >> we are going at least 200 miles per hour. at least 200. >> reporter: we felt the need for speed during mornings on 2. i road shotgun inside the official pace car for a quick lap around the track. >> now we are getting a little speed here. now this is getting fun. you see this guy up here, don't you? that is lap traffic. >> reporter: the main event this weekend is the toyota savemart 350 on sunday. there are other races saturday, including the pro-series west. >> to be able to race in front of the big audience is really exciting. >> reporter: julia landower is one of the drivers taking part in the saturday event. the stanford graduate tells me she has been racing since she was 10 years old and hopes to inspire more young girls to eventually get behind the wheel. >> it is great to see there are
12:34 pm
more and more girls and women. the more we can show we can win and ride up front, the more encouraging it is for parents to get their young girl into racing. >> reporter: the fans are here, the cars are ready to roll and the weather could not be better here in sonoma. the stage is set for a fast- paced, fun-filled weekend. >> fun but it could be a traffic mess. an advisory has been issued for the raceway this weekend. highways 37 and 121 will the very congested. the heavy traffic from 3:00 to 7:00. lane controls tomorrow and sunday will be packed. chp says anyone not going to that race should avoid the area all day long. ktvu has obtained exclusive video of an attempted robbery wednesday night that turned into a deadly shooting in brentwood. two alleged robbers are seen walking up to the driveway of a home on birch street late
12:35 pm
wednesday night. the thieves confronted the homeowner in his garage where there is a large safe. they ordered him to open the safe not knowing there was a loaded gun inside. a neighbor said the homeowner grabbed the gun and shot both of the men. >> he is always in the garage, sitting there watching television, just chilling. the garage was open i am pretty surement buns he opened up the safe he pulled the gun out and started firing. >> the two men killed were in their 30s from antioch. their names have not been released. police competented the homeowner but he is not being charged charged with a crime since he was acting in second degree. and at a cost -- self- defense. the costco on metro center boulevard had four thieves breaking in and taking everything in a display case. this after two similar smash- and-grab robberies at the danville costco last month. the robber there is broke into
12:36 pm
a jewelry case and took off. and a robber fired a gun there when an employee tried to intervene. one person has been arrested for the first danville robbery. the people behind the other robberies are still unaccounted for. police in palo alto are searching for a man that allegedly exposed himself to two girls wednesday afternoon in separate incidents. let's show you a police sketch of a suspect in the first incident. police say he was in a parked vehicle and called to a 12- year-old girl who was walking her dog nearby. she was able to see that he had no pants or underwear on at the time. he then drove away. about 90 minutes later a man with a similar description drove up alongside a 16-year- old girl riding a bicycle. he did not say anything but exposed himself to her, as well. he is a white man in his 20s or 30s driving a white or silver four-door sedan. bill cosby is planning a series of town hall meeting this is summer to educate men about what he considers the dangers of the judicial system. a pennsylvania judge declared a
12:37 pm
mistrial last weekend in his sexual assault case. prosecutors plan to retry him. two representatives for cosby say the entertainer will tour the country to teach young african-american men how to avoid sexual assault allegations. advocates for sexually abused women say cosby is trying to influence people who may be jurors in his next trial. president donald trump signed new legislation to improve the department of veterans affairs accountability and whistle blower protection act at the white house today. the bi-partisan legislation gives va leadership the ability to fire employees for misconduct while protecting those that may expose problems at the agency. president trump calls this law one of the biggest reforms in the va's history, promising future changes in the agency until quote the job is done. the supreme court may announce its ruling on president trump's travel ban to six muslim majority countries.
12:38 pm
a judge may decide whether to allow the temporary ban to go into affect. it was originally signed back in january and revised after the lower court blocked it from going into affect. it ruled the proposed ban violates emotion law by discross-claim nateing against people based on narcotic, the hacking of the database during the last presidential election was more extensive than previously thought. according to a "time magazine" report hackers altered voter information at least once during the 2016 presidential campaign. thousands of voters' records were stolen containing partial social security numbers. investigators do not yet know whether the hackers were affiliated with russia. the voter rules were corrected after the attack discovered. the newest member of golden state's team despite not having a pick in the draft this year and the bay area players making it to the nba.
12:39 pm
>> a live look across the bay into fran, finally cooling down after record breaking heat this past week. up next meteorologist rosemary orozco has the weekend forecast. ♪ hey! ♪ bee to hive to the comb ♪ combing that honey ♪ into some gold ♪ take that gold and make it an o ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive to the o ♪ oat from the farm is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ good goes around good goes around and around and around. hey! ♪ the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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the hottest drink of the summer is ice cold frozen rosi. it was created in a new york city bar and the icy wine has gotten pretty popular. >> reporter: with the start of summer comes the heat, and of course, the cool refreshments.
12:42 pm
this is frose, the new unofficial drink of the summer, basically a frozen wine. it comes straight from this slushy machine. >> it is a sicilian rosi wine, a little rosi very mouth new york city ice, no water. freeze it up and keep it as a slushy. >> reporter: this is the general manager. >> it is for everybody. don't worry. it definitely is a little more popular with the ladies but it is not sweet. it is not overall one thing or another. it is like that perfect almost wine drinker's rosi. >> reporter: $14 a glass may seem steep to some but the frose is still the hottest thing on the menu. >> i don't really like sweet so for me this is perfect. it is more refreshing.
12:43 pm
>> reporter: will the frose love affair be a seasonal thing? well, based on this demand it may be more than just a summer fling. >> it is fabulous, refreshing, delicious and it gives you a little buzz, all great! >> i know, i know! it is a tough job but someone's got to do it, right? cheers everyone. from the east village, back to you. >> that does you sound refreshing this time of year in the summer months. but not today. right behind you, maybe not refreshing for some folks in san francisco as the fog rolls right through the neighborhood. >> all along we had the micro climate pattern set up where the coast was very comfortable, even cool for days but the inland cities baking for several days. finally good news for those of you that live far inland experiencing 100-plus weather. they are coming down. today will be another warm day. we have a great weekend shaping up.
12:44 pm
a view at the current temperatures. you can see the cloud cover floating across the bay. 64 degrees right now in san francisco. 74 this santa rosa, 70 degrees in oakland. mid 80s in livermore. as i said in the last half hourers if we are -- last half hour, if we are in the mid 80s right now you know we will be in the 90s by the latter half of the day. if we go in here where we saw the live picture, cloud cover over the west edge of san francisco, the sunset district right there just on the edge of the golden gate bridge. just a sliver inside the bay. all right. into the afternoon the on shore breeze will continue. this is good news here. fairfield reporting 18 miles per hour gusting to 24. we like when it is that strong, even stronger to get the cool air pumped inland. for the forecast today, definitely the micro climate in the forecast for the afternoon is 65.
12:45 pm
the coast low 80s around the bay and our hotter spots going back to about 100 degrees. just a few airs like vac -- few areas like vacaville stretching to the 90s. for the east bay pleasant along the shore. we have 77. the afternoon high expected in oakland. low 90s in danville and inland quite hot. 100 degrees expected for brentwood at which time south bay looking good. san jose 88. 92 in sarasota. 84 in redwood city. 68 the afternoon high for san francisco. if you are going to tahoe warm out there. upper 80s in the forecast. a chance of isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon for saturday as well as sunday. if you plan on being on the lake, something to be aware of. a slight chance but they could actually occur as we get into the warmer part of the day. again, upper 80s in the forecast for tahoe. here is a look at the extended
12:46 pm
forecast. temperatures falling off saturday. sunday the coolest day of the weekend. we don't stop there. monday to tuesday low 80s in the forecast for inland cities. when was the last time we said that. >> no kidding. it will be very pleasant for inland communities as we get into the coming days. >> exciting. thank you, rosemary. the warriors did not have a pick in this year's nba draft but they still picked up a player they like, oregon forward jordan bell in the second round, the number 38 overall pick in the draft. the warriors reportedly paid $3.5 million to the bulls to get the rights to bell. leading oregon to the final four last season. two cal players were drafted in the second round.
12:47 pm
the giants are playing the mets tonight at at&t park, wrapping up a four game series last night with the atlanta braves. atlanta scored first and the giants took a 3-2 lead in the 2nd inning and gave up more in the 3rd. seven home runs in the game, three by the giants. they lost to the braves 12-11. they cannot catch a break this season. >> they cannot. >> the oakland as coming off a loss with the astros, scoring 10 runs in the first two frames last night behind three home runs. josh reddic ordered a solo shot in the 6th. not quite enough, the astros win 12-9 and completed the four game sweep of oakland. >> landon donovan is
12:48 pm
celebrating the birth of his second child. his son, slay bartell was born. he said everyone is happy and healthy back in the donovan home. an animal lover lending a helping hand. up next, see this saratoga woman who turns her vacation into a chance to work with wildlife. together our hands can save it connect your hands with ours and we can save our land, our water, our future join us at
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a veteran l.a. police officer is in custody and charged with having sex with a teenaged cadet who is suspected of joyriding in stolen police cars. the l.a. police chief charlie beck personally handcuffed 31-year- old officer robert cain, booked on suspicion of having sex with a minor. the teen led authorities on a
12:52 pm
child chase around los angeles and stolen police cars. the teens used the name of a sergeant on vacation to sign out the cars stocked with guns and police radios. >> i certainly think there may be a connection to the wooing of this underaged female and access to the equipment. i don't know. that would be consistent with pedophile type behavior. >> investigators say cain worked as a police equipment room operate that allowed the cadets to take the patrol cars. johnny depp just issued a apology saying he meant no harm after joking about killing president trump. >> it is just a question. i am not insinuating anything. by the way, this will be in the press. it will be horrible. but i like that you are all part of it. when is the last time an actor assassinated a president. >> de with, with, was referred to john wilkes -- depp was
12:53 pm
referring to john wilkes booth killing president lincoln. the white house says president trump condemns violence in all forms and it is sad johnny depp did not follow the president's lead. depp told people magazine the joke did not come out the way he intended. you can see the dow currently down 16 points. the nasdaq in the green, though, up 26 points. well, it may be the happiest place on earth, but can you picture yourself visiting disneyland every single day for 2,000 day in a row. that is exactly what one california man did. here is more >> reporter: jeff wright has come through the gates of disasterland every single day for the past 2,000 days. >> this may end up in the
12:54 pm
guinness book of world records and it wasn't planned. >> reporter: he used the annual pass every single day he first got one in 2012. now, every single time, he comes everyday. >> as long as you are in the gate before closing you are good to go. >> wait a minute, you have been here everyday if are 2,000 days? oh, my goodness. >> it has been a positive motivator. it has been my workout gym. this past year i lost about 40- pounds. >> how many years is that? >> 5-1/2. >> 5-1/2 years. only in california can you do that. his girlfriend loves disney, as well but she can't join him everyday. >> i am a teacher and graduate student, so two to three times a week depending on what is going on. >> reporter: how does he pay? >> the annual pass. it is $1,049. if you were to come on a single
12:55 pm
day basis and pay cash at the gate you would be paying over $65,000 for the year. >> reporter: jeff has a following on social media and is the envy of every single kid. so, what do you think of coming to disneyland every single day for five-and-a-half years. >> it would be good. >> reporter: would you get sick of it? >> no. >> it would be exhausting but really fun. >> it is a reflection to the future. in anaheim, fox news. it is one of the big highlights at the snoqualmie marin fair. the world -- at the sonoma marin fair. >> this 17-year-old chinese chihuahua is blind in both eyes. there is a contest and a red carpet walk and fashion show featuring adoptable dogs. the winner is awarded $1,500
12:56 pm
and the trophy winner is flown to new york city. well, today is take your dog to work day. it started in 1999 as a way to promote pet adoptions. dogs make the work environment better by increasing morale. walking a dog in the extreme heat we have been having this week is probably not an option but one man is helping people get the exercise they need. david lopez is bringing his portable animal shelters across america. the treadmills accommodate pets up to 200-pounds. a sarasota family showed their love for animals while on vacation this week. they were out on the lake when they noticed a bird stuck in the water. haze said when she saw it she knew she had to do something so she extended a paddle to the osprey to help get it out of the water. it stayed there for a bit and
12:57 pm
then she gave it a nudge and it safely flew away. very cool. >> thank you for making ktvu fox 2 news your choice for news. a very busy weekend coming up. the pride celebration, big parade often sunday and more right there on market street. and of course the giants are back in town as we give you a live look out there across the bay. thank you for watching, everyone. have a fabulous weekend.
12:58 pm
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