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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's take a look it westbound 580 as you head out 205. you can see the traffic will be busy as you drive through. it is stop and go with no major issues driving into that area. you can see the traffic will be affected in the south bay. northbound 101 approaching the capital expressway there was a crash with slow traffic. if you're driving northbound 101, again, coming up on the blossom hill road exit. there was a problem with the car and the big rig got into an accident with minor injuries. going to 880 northbound and southbound, traffic moving pretty well. looking at the bay bridge, some lanes are slow approaching the toll plaza. it is 5:00. the police in hayward and
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san francisco are working together to determine if human remains found over the weekend were those of a man that vanished on mother's day. christien kafton is at the hayward police department, and what is the latest?>> reporter: the hayward police are investigating because they were the first ones to discover the remains after the workers turned them over to them and the police have turned them over to the san francisco authorities, both agencies working together on the investigation. the san francisco coroner's office will need to use dna testing to identify the remains found the warehouse in hayward over the weekend. workers say there was a strong smell, they investigated on their own, and called the police on saturday when they discovered plastic bags that appear to contain body parts. they believe it is those of tran4 who was an uber driver and disappeared after going to
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help his friend, bob tang. investigators confirm that bob tang has connections to this warehouse but authorities are not saying what the link is. the police and san francisco have been trying to track down tang who has now disappeared as well. >> tang is believed to fled the country to cambodia. the department is working with federal law enforcement agencies to locate bob tang. his car was found at the sfo parking lot on may 25, and was told to the police impound for processing. >> at this point there's no timeline on how long it will take to confirm the identity of the remains. >> reporter: we will talk with the hayward investigators to find out what they know about the case and talking with san francisco authorities as well to see how these two agencies are working together to
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determine the identity of the remains, and how they know that they are tied to this case. it is 5:02 am. the san francisco police officer suffered minor injuries last night while trying to break up the big fight at the westfield mall.>> the police rushed to the mall around 6:45 pm with several fights breaking out. this video posted on twitter shows you how chaotic the situation was but it is still unclear what started the fight. the police shut down the mall to help to control the situation. several people were detained and one juvenile was arrested. the playground at the golden gate park is closed after the vandals torched the slide over the weekend. san francisco park officials say will cost $1 million to repair the playground and the searches on for those responsible.
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>> reporter: families visiting the golden gate park, the koret children's playground corner with the playground slides charged at the hands of vandals . >> i am disappointed. this is my favorite part of the park. >> it is kind of sad. who would do that? >> reporter: many children unsure what a vandal is in many visitors traveling outside the area and visiting the park for the first time. >> i don't know why they would do that at a children's park, they are innocent. >> this is disturbing. where i'm from we don't see many parts being vandalized. >> reporter: firefighters responded to immediately put out the fire after neighbors reported it, the fire is still under investigation and no one was injured. >> we usually see things like broken glass and graffiti. this is a rare occurrence. >> reporter: the san francisco
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recreation and parks department has no idea who is responsible and the last time any of the parks were set on fire was in 2005. >> i think it is weird that someone would even think to do it at a playground of all places. where the small kids come to feast safe -- be safe and to play with other kids.>> reporter: park officials say will need to be replaced and based on their experience rehabbing playgrounds they estimate it will cost $1 million and the children's playground reopened in 2007 after a $3 million renovation. >> $1 million, that is an expensive playground.>> reporter: despite the high cost to replace it visitors are hoping it will happen soon. >> a lot of things happen that don't need to happen, and this is one of those things that
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does not need to happen. i hope they find the funds to do it because this is a bondable place for the children. >> reporter: there will be extra patrols and cameras in the area in light of what happened and anyone with information is being asked to contact the san francisco fire department. it is 5:06 am. one of the biggest pride celebrations in san francisco with hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets.>> [ cheers ] >> it was a lot to see with music, costumes, dancing with hundreds of groups marching including several protesting the trump administration policies. the tone of the parade changed toward protecting equality and the rights that have been achieved. >> it seems like more of a protest in those days than in these days but i think with the current administration, we are back to the protest days. we have really got to struggle
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to keep our rights. >> this year 260 groups took part in the parade which is about average but the pride president said that most of those groups were larger than normal. in seattle more than 200,000 people marched in the 43rd pride parade of the city and this year's theme is "come together, we will rise. " many first-time participants said it was exciting to be around people that protect themselves, and protesters briefly showed up to shut down the parade. our coverage of pride continues on tran2 and we have the photo gallery and video of the weekend pride events. new changes in the airport security are coming, details about the items you will have to start taking out of your carry-on bags that will start to include books. could the
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supreme court justice be on the verge of announcing retirement? i am doug luzader in washington with the latest on the speculation just ahead. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well along the bay area with a couple of interesting things happening, but things have settled down on highway 24 heading into the tunnel. temperatures much cooler now and this could be one of the coolest days of the week, and we will take a look at your monday forecast with low clouds and a good breeze.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . several key decisions expected including the resolution of the president trump proposed travel ban.>> doug luzader is going to tell us about another important decision that could be made, possible retirement. >> reporter: good morning. this is the last day of the term for the court and justice anthony kennedy could be thinking about retiring in this would be a good day to do it. >> reporter: as the cameras click or the class photo earlier this month there was justice anthony kennedy looking relaxed and chatting with his fellow justices. does he know something we don't? speculation is swirling that he will be stepping down after his
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clerk pushed up the reunion party over the weekend. the administration facing questions about the possibility of another court vacancy with counsel for the president kellyanne conway not saying much. >> has he said anything about his retirement plans? >> i will never reveal the conversation between a sitting justice and the white house but we are paying attention to the decisions. >> reporter: justice kennedy often the swing vote making his opinion critical. if he steps down president trump will get to make a lasting imprint after already selecting neil gorsuch for the court shortly after taking office. >> it would be a seismic shift for the supreme court. >> reporter: kennedy could easily stick around but either way the big news for the court could be the decision on the controversial temporary travel ban targeting a half-dozen mostly muslim countries with the administration asking the high court to overturn the lower court decisions to put
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the travel ban on hold. >> reporter: it is confusing to follow. the lower courts in essence have banned the ban and while it is litigated through the courts they say the administration cannot enforce the travel ban. the administration is asking the court to fight it out even at the supreme court level but in the meantime let us go forward with the ban. that is the central question. >> before you go, if the supreme court approves the president trump travel ban, houston with that take affect?>> reporter: the administration has indicated within the course of 1 to 3 days if they get it implemented and the go-ahead from the supreme court today. the justices are also expected to rule today on the key church-state issued by the trinity lutheran church of missouri which was excluded from the state grant program to
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pay for the soft services on the playgrounds run by nonprofit groups. missouri has changed the policy to allow churches to apply for the money, school voucher advocates see that as a possible test on whether the court will make it easier to use state money to pay for private and religious schools that are now prohibited in some states. senate republicans are expressing doubt about holding the vote on the bill to overall the healthcare bill. lawmakers are waiting for the nonpartisan congressional budget office and so far five republican senators are opposing the senate republican bill plan that would erase most of the former president obama health care plan. that is more than enough to kill the measure. one point of concern for several senators is the proposed cuts for funding on medicaid. >> they say they will fix healthcare that premiums will go down but there's no way the
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republican bill will bring down premiums. i've been a medicine for 20 years, 54 years old, in the premiums on medicine have never gone down.>> they insist that the republicans are not that far off and that last-minute changes are coming to win the votes. more questions about the possible interference in the hillary clinton email scandal and the judiciary committee sent the letter to former attorney general loretta lynch and asking more information about the roads she had in shutting down the fbi investigation. questions about her role were raised during the investigation into the president trump firing of former fbi director james comey. the spokesperson for loretta lynch said she will cooperate fully and respond directly to the senate judiciary committee. it is 5:15 am. let's get you where you need to go and salads watching the streets. -- sal is watching the streets.
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>> we had a little bit of drama in solano county with that high- speed chase but that is now over. let's go to the gilroy commute and talk about that commute from gilroy into san jose and morgan hill. for the most part it looks good but we have a crash at northbound 101 at the blossom hill road. fortunately it is minor injuries but we do have slowing into san jose on northbound 101. the rest of the san jose traffic looks good, and here is 280 in san jose, traffic moving along well. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is okay with no major issues. generally at 5:30 am is when we see it with the metering lights turning on. let's take it to mr. steve paulson.>> thank you, how are you? >> doing well. the weekend went quickly. >> they usually do but it is
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all good, cooler and easier to sleep. let's get to it. it started last friday and into the weekend and continuing through the day as the system moves in. low clouds breezes picking up for many. we have some good wind gusting already that will usher in this cooler pattern all the way up to the delft up. gusting at 28 to 36 in the last hour and when vacaville has a delta breeze that means it makes it out to san francisco. low clouds, breezy to windy. yesterday we had a bigger fog bank with a few breaks in the clouds, temperatures as you know were very high. they will continue to: to tuesday before we rebound but nothing compared to last week. the water vapor showing this and it is moving into enhance the fog bank that started yesterday. the inland temperatures are cooling off in the support for the fog bank is waning. it has pushed in a lot of low
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clouds in some areas that have not seen this for a while. 60s, 70s with some 80s. vacaville and clearlake but down from 105 and 110 last week. 60s and 70s around the bay, low humidity and a few low 80s. upper 70s and morgan hill, gilroy, and 70s at the peninsula. 59 in pacifica, daly city at 62. not much change on tuesday with inland temperatures warming up thursday through saturday. just a little bit above average. the time is 5:18 am. the melting snowpack in the sierras blame for weekend flooding in the central valley and enforced 90 homes to be evacuated along the kings river. it was a 15 foot break in the
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levy friday with flood waters reaching homes at the kings river golf and country club. this morning 300 people have been affected in the flood warning is due to expire this afternoon. it is 5:18 am. big changes coming for those drivers that use the hov lanes and several decisions that affect how much the violators get fined occur along with the stickers on the hybrid cars. a bowl sets things on fire and with the store that sells the product is saying.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:21 am. scientists have developed a drug that could potentially give you a can. the drug -- a tan. the drug could give you darker pigments and it could even work on redheads that generally burn. they are hoping it could prevent skin cancer and slowed out the appearance of aging. they are getting the drug ready for human trials. takata airbags maker file for bankruptcy protection in japan and expected to do the same thing in the u.s. today. takata said they are overwhelmed by law suits and the cause related to the
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massive recall of the defective airbag inflators. 15 have died with 180 injured when the takata airbags inflated with too much force. most of the assets of takata will be sold to the key safety systems out of michigan. takata said bankruptcy was the only way they could do with the legal penalties and the verdicts from the lawsuits. a very important recall on food for little children. the california based company, over hill farms, recalling over 50,000 pounds of chicken products that could contain bones. the frozen chicken bites were made on august 30, 2016, february 1 and february 9 of this year and april 25. check the freezer box for the three ounce boxes of the yummy spoonfuls chicken bites . the boxes are also included in the recall at 30 pounds. no injuries have been reported but if you have the products either throw them away or take them back to the store where
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you purchased them. the bowl from ikea may have the ability to set things on fire. look at this. the man in sweden said that stems from his grapes caught fire in the bowl while sitting in the sun. to demonstrate what happened he made a video showing the bowl as he set fired -- it set fire to the piece of paper. it is the ikea metal blanda blank bowl . ikea is investigating the claim that son right reflecting from the surface of the bowl can start a fire. it is 5:24 am. serious problems with the amusement park ride and the teenager is stuck dangling 25 feet in the air. we will show you with the park guests did to get her to safety. more than 50 additional high-rise buildings at risk of fire in the uk. the decision by authorities that is left thousands homeless
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. looking at the east shore freeway and the maccarthur maze, traffic not bad getting onto the bay bridge toll plaza. the weather is not bad if you like this cool pattern, and we take a look at the temperatures from last thursday through today and we have come way down. .
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this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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the chp release dramatic video of the man being rescued from the top of the waterfall at the yuba river on saturday. he was set down and they found him sitting on the rock in the middle of the river not far from the waterfall. they lowered the basket to get him to safety. the chp also rescued his girlfriend who became stranded herself on a ledge in that same area while trying to find him. they were not seriously injured. good for them. we welcome you back to mornings on 2 on this monday, june 26. i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook and thank you for waking up with us. it is almost 5:30 am. these rivers look like something we have not seen in years. >> i forget how many billion gallons went into tahoe in a week.
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>> the rivers are rushing so people need to be careful.>> yes, and some of those higher elevation campgrounds are having trouble getting open. remember last thursday, and unless you are on the coast you thought it was normal but for everyone else it was very hot. santa rosa was 93, livermore and concord at 106 and 105, san jose 96. today we've come a long way with temperatures in the 70s. temperatures staying in the 70s today and tomorrow with that low cloud deck, but lifted pretty high now but solid yesterday. the breezes have picked up for some vacaville with that west wind and delta breeze picking up as this system moves in. 50s and 60s, fearful that 57, san jose 61, livermore at 58. you can see that spin in the
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atmosphere moving toward northwest california ushering in the fog bank and bring us colder temperatures. 60s, 70s and 80s for some but temperatures now a little below average. it is 5:30 am. we have already had some excitement. >> we start with solano county this time at 80 westbound and eastbound, a few different crashes. one on eastbound 80 near redwood , an injury accident. the other is west 80 approaching 780 with a big backup due to the activity on the shoulder. they stopped a chase and the traffic will be busy in that area on westbound 80 driving through that area, traffic is busy. you can tell by the road sensors that the traffic will be busy throughout this entire area. please give yourself extra time. i took off the indicators to
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show you this slow traffic driving down toward 780 with the activity on the shoulder after the high-speed chase we told you about earlier. no major problems in the area of the maccarthur maze, 17 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, reading lights just went on a few moments ago with traffic backed up for a 10 minute wait. it is 5:31 am. if you plan on flying this summer get ready for the new airport security features, alex savidge is at the sfo the tell us about the changes that are being phased in slowly. good morning. >> reporter: they sure are and you may not even notice, good morning. the tsa is essentially trying to get the travelers to the clutter the carry-on bags to make it easier for the agents to spot potentially dangerous items which good soon mean that you may have to put things like your food, books and your laptop, tablets into separate
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bins as you pass through the security checkpoints. tsa is testing the new security procedures at a handful of airports over the last few months including the lax, phoenix and las vegas. it does not appear as if the sfo as part of the pilot program yet. tsa said that the passenger carry-on bags can get so full that the x-ray machines are having trouble seeing what is exactly inside which is the reason for the changes in the rules. we already take off our shoes, tossed the water bottle before we go to the security checkpoints and others feeling this is going too far. the aclu has raised privacy concerns when it comes to the sensitivity of the people's reading choices. having the agents at the security checkpoints going through people's books, and there are concerns in that arena but this is a pilot program rolled out at a handful
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of airports and it does not appear to include the sfo at this point. it would appear the end result will be the new rules will be in place at the airports across the country. >> alex savidge at sfo, thank you. the death toll continues to rise after the oil tanker crashed and exploded over the weekend and the pakistani television showing the video of the black smoke pouring from the fiery crash. people ran from the nearby mosque to see if they could get the fuel leaking out of it when the tanker exploded and killed over 150 and injuring at least 50 others. the death toll is now at 157 with 70 patients still treated for severe burns. at least six are getting columbia with 15 missing after the ferryboat sank yesterday on the reservoir near with boat
5:34 am
close to medalin. the exact cause is under investigation and most people that were on the ferry were rescued or found their way ashore. in columbia at least 13 died at the explosion at the illegal coal mine on friday. investigators believe he was triggered by the accumulation of the methane gas. the remaining bodies were recovered from the mine yesterday and it had no operating permit and lacked adequate safety equipment. it is 5:34 am. british officials say that at least 50 high-rise buildings have failed the fire safety test and inspecting 600 buildings across the uk after the high-rise fire this month 79 healed. -- 79 were killed. the flammable exterior led to the quick spreading of the fire and they want to prevent
5:35 am
another tragedy. 4000 people in the four at risk buildings were told to evacuate.>> there are issues whether fire doors, not operating property, not being properly built and other changes that need to be made. >> authorities are considering filing manslaughter charges in the deadly fire. the jury selection starts in the fraud trial of the former pharmaceutical company ceo that raised the cost of the life-saving dredge by 5000%. you will remember that martin shkreli was arrested in 2015 and charged with securities fraud in the unrelated case that has been -- he has been free on bail. he is accused of cheating investors out of $11 million in the ponzi scheme and if convicted he could get 20 years in prison. the police in fremont arrested a teenager in connection with a home invasion- robbery earlier this month on
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june 11 at the home on peregrine way. the woman that lives at home pulled into her garage and two people try to take her car keys. or 74-year-old husband was beaten by one of these suspects. days later the same suspects came back but they managed to scare the suspects away. the day after neighbors called the police say they spotted the same suspects in the area again. the police took three people into custody, a 15-year-old boy, 14-year-old girl, and 18- year-old girl. the girls were released and the young man was booked into juvenile hall on charges of home invasion robbery, elder abuse and possession of a stolen vehicle. the police in santa cruz say that a tip from an alert firefighter led to the recovery of $5000 of stolen high-end clothing and products. the firefighters spotted several people over the weekend with brand-new camping gear
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that did not appear to belong to them. he contacted the santa cruz police that detained three people, and he called the owner of the tent store that had recently been burglarized and he identified the gear. the police arrested john thompson of santa cruz who is charged with felony possession of stolen property. the roofing work could be to blame on the fire at the high school in belmont and smoke was seeing coming above the roof of the gym with 50 people in the gym for the adult basketball playoff game and they were evacuated safely and crews were able to put out the fire quickly. the name -- main portion of the gym was not affected but the fire damage will cost about $100,000. destiny webster was reunited with her teacup
5:38 am
carrier, zoe, yesterday. a stranger found so we wandering on 9th street and she was stolen last thursday from her apartment. when she came home from school the dog was not in her crate and also jewelry, and ipad in camera were also missing. she's is getting zoe back was nothing but magic. people were injured after the car crashed into the motel swimming pool at the vagabond inn and the driver lost control of the car plunging into the pool. there were several children in the water at the time of the crash but we understand they only suffered minor injuries. witnesses say that the driver was in the pool for quite some time before being rescued and taken to the hospital in critical condition. the police are investigating the cause of the crash and not yet ruled out dui. the investigation continues in the upstate new york and how
5:39 am
the teenager fell 25 feet from the amusement park ride over the weekend. >> don't touch her, honey. >> you saw that 14-year-old girl, but she was not seriously injured. she was riding on the sky ride gondola at six flags escape when she screamed for help. the ride was stopped and she was dangling over the ground. this is before the park officials could get to her. the crowd gathered below promising to cancer and they did.>> looking at her today and knowing she is all right because of me and my daughter made it worth it. >> god put us in the right way -- place at the right time and we could do something good by saving the child's life. >> they say the gondola ride is in good working condition but will remain closed until there is a full investigation. still ahead the bay area
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florist is accused of ripping off customers, coming up at 6:00 the family says they spent $10,000 on flowers and got nothing in return. harry potter flooding into the universal studios for a special summer surprise, the changes happening at the wizardly world of harry potter. traffic moving along pretty well driving on i-80 westbound. coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza moving well.
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♪ ♪
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♪ it is 5:42 am. chp could be getting tougher on those drivers that use the hov lanes. >> the carpool cheaters have doubled and allie rasmus joined
5:43 am
us from berkeley to talk about it. >> reporter: the carpool lane on interstate 80 at berkeley, not hard to find drivers and planning say they do not follow the rules. that includes this highway and many across the bay area. the bay area transportation commission want chp to step up the enforcement and carpool lanes. they want the extra enforcement to be part of the another bill that would allow electric vehicles to continue to use the carpool lanes. here's the video, and the ticket for driving in the carpool lane without extra passengers is about $490. chp has written more tickets over the past several years but not enough to stop the problem. where hoping to speak with representatives later this morning to find out more about the issue but for now we wonder what your commute looks like,
5:44 am
interstate 80 westbound to berkeley, looking pretty good for now. >> that is allie rasmus in berkeley. it is 5:43 am. you probably hear from a lot of people about the carpool sheets, and some people trying to sneak in, and it is very tempting because sometimes the carpool lane is empty.>> i have seen them out there trying to catch people. i don't want to get one of those tickets. it is tempting when you see the lane is wide open but you cannot do it. looking at the commute on 580 westbound traffic is slow this morning. driving through the altamont pass we've had a few minor accidents slow traffic. westbound on 580 you can see the stop-and-go traffic. southbound 680 near the automall there was a crash in the
5:45 am
traffic will be slow a little bit driving southbound 680. i'm in south mission, and traffic will be slow down the sunol grade. here is a look at the interstate 80 northbound and southbound with no major problems. the bay bridge toll plaza is not bad. we had an earlier accident in san jose on northbound 101 near blossom hill but that is gone and the lanes are open. it is 5:45 am. from the extreme heat for many last week to a much better pattern now with this gradual slow process for some. everybody will get him the cooler air today. clouds at 3500 feet and you can clear the coastal hills, and that tells you they will make it pretty far inland with a decent delta breeze. brenda from middletown said we have delicious cool and 59 degrees breeze. it was only 95 in middletown yesterday.
5:46 am
today 88. kelseyville at 52 and cool. bodega bay mid 50s with everybody in the mid-50s including calistoga and glenallen. san jose 61, and half moon bay at 56, livermore 58 and 57 in fairfield today. this is a robust and fresh delta breeze, the low cloud deck being helpful with a little bit of a spinning in the atmosphere. west southwest when you go that way, vacaville even is cooling down. the airport due west and water temperatures coming way up. 54 to 58, and that is one buoy around monterey with the others in the 50s. san francisco buoy has cooled off from 5857, bodega bay from 49 to 54. that dome of high pressure certainly did that. we had that spinning in the
5:47 am
atmosphere to help cool things off. thunderstorms popping up in northeast california and on the lee side with this system pushing that often out of the area today. look for that low cloud deck reluctant to give way, solid with temperatures even inland settling into the 80s. 60s and 70s for most unless you are very far away. even toward antioch, brentwood and oakley cooling down with 70s , 60s for us. morgan hill and gilroy at 79, 70s on the peninsula, menlo park at 76. not much change to stay with inland temperatures bumping up thursday but nothing compared to last week. it is 5:47 am. the "transformers" the big winner at the weekend box office.>> [ video playing ]
5:48 am
>> we know which one survives, number one with an estimated $43 million in ticket sales. it was the lowest opening ever for the "transformers" franchise in the movie starring mark wahlberg and anthony hopkins, the fifth in the "transformers" series.>> the amazing "wonder woman" adding another $25 million in its fourth weekend with over $650 million in global ticket sales. "cars 3" dropping in to second- place tie. $25 million in box office receipts. the celebration for harry potter begins today. >> [ music playing ] >> that is the incredible new light show taking over the hogwarts castle on a nightly
5:49 am
basis. the show is marking the 20th anniversary of the first harry potter book. jk rawlings, harry potter and the philosopher's stone released on june 26, 1997. the light show will run throughout the summer at the parks in orlando, japan and hollywood. i saw this amazing light show and i have posted some the video on my facebook page. it is amazing. i got to interview the director of entertainment at the universal studios. what is phenomenal is that it is hard to capture video and you must see it in person. the digital projection reads the architecture of the castle so that the lights truly wraparound all of it. it is incredible. my favorite part of the park was seeing the 30 to 35-year- old men and women running around with their cakes and their wind -- wand, and they
5:50 am
were the ones reading those books when they first came out. you can see how the light wraps around the castle, incredible. they have 2 to 3 shows per night. if you are a harry potter fan you need to get down there and they have re-created the world. it is 5:50 am. nascar fans flooding into sonoma and it was a dramatic finish as the crashed into the race under caution, the big moments coming up next.
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saturday at the oakland a's game it was all about the rookies and sonny gray is who the fans are talking about after the 5-3 win over the white sox. the a's trailed but tying it up to hop into with chris davis lining the solid yet to the left. scoring with the a's up 3-2. taking david robertson deep for the solo shot and the next batter connects with chris beck offering for a solo home run and the a's go on to win, 5-3. the giants lost to the mets, 8-2 and the giants have lost 51 games and battling the phillies for the worst record in baseball. even though the giants have been losing david 524 straight
5:54 am
sellouts at the at&t park. the picture only -- pitcher only allowing four runs in the giants only scored two runs in the entire game. tim tebow is moving on up with the new york mets promoting the heisman trophy winner to the single new league, joining the letter a ball. they say the indications are positive and they want to give him a shot at better pitching and tim tebow should be in the lineup for the port st. lucie mets playing tomorrow night. kevin harvick ended his long losing streak and dominated the race course at the sonoma raceway during the toyota 350. the former nascar champion and had been winless and kevin
5:55 am
harvick lead for 24 laps and took the checkered flag under caution. have you ever wanted to try out for the olympics but did not know how to get started in one of those sports? the u.s. olympic committee gave some people in texas a chance by holding opening tryouts for the first time ever. the olympic wannabes were put through the test to show how high and how far they could jump, how fast they could run. testers said they were confident they had what it takes to be an olympian and others decided to try out for fun. >> i realize it is a super longshot but i would were not trying. >> i will make it. i'm an all-star athlete and i fully anticipate being in the olympics in 2023. >> good for her. u.s. olympic committee is looking for rugby, cycling,
5:56 am
bobsled and skeleton teams for the next two winter olympics and as well as the 2020 summer games. they will go to the same tests as other olympic hopefuls try their hand at this. one man and one woman will be invited to participate in each olympics camp meaning they could qualify for the next olympics in the next five years. still ahead, major developments in the case of the missing bay area uber driver and what authorities found after searching the warehouse in the east bay. the future of america's healthcare laws could come down to just a few votes, the major sticking point and what will happen later today. good morning. traffic getting busier around the bay area, and we checking with your morning commute on highway 24. if you are fan of the cooler weather today and tomorrow will be your day.
5:57 am
it will be unseasonably cool for some of the big fog bank in place.
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good morning. the break in the case of the missing uber driver and what investigators found at the east bay warehouse and the possible connection to the suspect. two major questions at the supreme court and the justices consider the president's travel ban and one could be considering retirement. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us if you're just waking up this monday morning, june 26. i am pam cook. good morning. i am dave clark and steve paulson will tell you what you need your jacket. >> i would say so along the coast, foggy for some with the cool breeze. overnight lows have cooled off and we have some breaks in these low clouds. inland temperatures still heading upper 80s and low 90s but not today with 80s.
6:00 am
last thursday 93 in today's 76, livermore was 106 and today 79, concord was 105 and now 79. san jose is 77 today. we finally got the cooler weather all the way out to the inland valleys and still hot for some in southern california. we have that low cloud deck with the onshore push in place with that solid westerly wind at the napa airport, wind gusting up to 40 earlier and even vacaville getting up to 14 with other locations at 20 to 25. 50s for most, and 56 and half moon bay, and 59 in berkeley with san rafael at 57. the spinning and the atmosphere is helping the coolest down. this is being replaced for the warm air, 57 in livermore, the same for danville and blackhawk with everyone close. we've come a long


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