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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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today fellow officers are describing the deputy as a good guy and a family man. >> he takes good care of his wife and has great values. he goes to church on the weekend. we're so thankful that alex is okay. >> the suspect, a 27-year-old, was arrested at a nearby hotel where he was hiding. new details now on the suspect from cristina rendon who in the south bay. you have learned he had a lengthy criminal past. >> reporter: we did frank and julie, both here and in sacramento county. we have learned he is from san jose and moved to the sacramento area several years ago before his involvement in yesterday's shooting, or his alleged involvement in yesterday's shooting. and we spoke to a relative who tells us she is shocked by the accusation. he is facing an attempted murder charge for allegedly attacking a sacramento county sheriff's deputy, grabbing the deputy's gun and shooting the deputy in the face. it happened tuesday evening on
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the platform of a light rail station in north highlands. the deputy survived and has major injuries to his job. >> he made contact with the suspect, was talking to him, and then all of a sudden the suspect, unprovoked, jumped at the officer and began violently attacking him. >> reporter: span is originally from san jose. court records show the 27-year- old was arrested multiple times between 2008 and 2013. a spokesman for superior court tells ktvu span was accused in a 2008 double homicide in mountain view but the charges were dropped. span's former attorney says span was never at the scene of the crime and was falsely identified as the shooter. span pleaded no contest to lesser charges of receiving stolen property and being an accessory after the fact of the crime. in 2012 span was arrested several times on misdemeanor charges in sacramento county. he reportedly violated his probation in may, spent 45 days
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in jail, and was released earlier this month. he was arrested tuesday night outside a motel hours after allegedly shooting the sheriff's deputy. >> i heard the police outside the door. i heard the little robot, the wheels. i heard the guy screaming, you know, cursing and telling them to get back. >> a san jose relative of span called him a good gay and says the accusations are unbelievable. span is being held without bail in sacramento county. he is set to go before a judge on friday. frank, julie. >> cristina rendon in the south bay, thank you. at the white house today president trump met with victims of crimes committed by undocument immigrants. the president used the time to speak about two bills. the house will vote on kate's law which would impose mandatory minimum sentences on criminal aliens who reenter the
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u.s. after deportation. it is named after the bay area's kate steinle. her alleged killer was deported five times before steinle was shot and killed on the embarcadero two years ago. a vote is also set on a bill to strip certain funding from so- called sanctuary cities. >> which will cut federal grant money to cities that shield dangerous criminal aliens from being turned over to federal law enforcement. >> meantime, state lawmakers are considering legislation that would declare california a sanctuary state. the california measure would bar local and state law enforcement from using their resources to investigate or arrest people for immigration violations. the senate healthcare bill is on hold but majority leader mitch mcconnell is now pushing for changes to the gop bill to be done by this friday so that the senate can take it up right after the 4th of july recess. fox news reporter lauren blanchard is in washington. many in his own party are
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skeptical of that timeline. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, frank. this as senate gop leaders are trying to put together some sort of passable healthcare bill. today president trump offered a somewhat cautious prediction about the future of the plan to repeal and replace obama care. >> i think we are going to get at least a very close and i think we are going to get it over the line. we've given ourselves more time to make it perfect. >> reporter: republican leadership now asking for a reworked gop healthcare bill by this friday after a vote ahead of the 4th of july recess was postponed because of intra- party dissension. >> there comes a point where you've got to make decisions and move forward. >> reporter: the postponement coming after a growing number of republican senators expressed opposition to the bill in its current form. the gop can only afford to lose two votes. but despite issues within his
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own party, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell taking aim at democrats. >> it's unfortunate that our democratic colleagues refuse to work with us in a serious way to comprehensively address obamacare's failures. >> reporter: democrats believe the bill helps the rich while hurting the poor as protesters voiced their discontent. >> healthcare is a right! >> let's abandon cuts to medicaid and discuss what the american people are really concerned about. premiums, deductibles, the cost and quality of healthcare. >> reporter: asked today about the cuts to medicaid in the gop plan, president trump simply said this would be great for everybody but he later tweeted that democrats are being misleading about those medicaid numbers. frank. >> lauren blanchard in washington tonight, thank you. the california nurses association is firing back at sacramento lawmakers following a decision to put off
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consideration of the state's single payer healthcare bill. the nurses union calls the move cowardly and is pushing for the bill to be released from committee. cna members held a rally after the speaker decided to hold the bill in the assembly rules committee until further notice. he says the single payer bill lacks a funding method but supporters say it can get done. >> we are saying to move it on to the assembly, have the assembly discuss this, really talk about how we are going to manage this, if they have any questions, there's lots of ways to do this. soto shelf it, to say let's wait for another year, that's not acceptable. >> the state senate has passed the bill. a report estimates that single payer healthcare would cost the state $400 billion a year. the oakland city council has voted unanimous toll ask members of congress to consider
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the impeachment of president trump. the council vote came late last night hours after demonstrators gathered outside city hall to urge council members to support the proposal a. the largely symbolic measure asked the u.s. congress to formally investigate president trump for obstruction of justice and other possible impeachable offenses. city leaders in alameda, berkeley, and richmond have also approved similar measures. breaking news from southern california where a fast moving wildfire was threatening homes in burbank. fire crews said a few minutes ago they've got the fire 80% contained and are now mopping up hot spots. authorities ordered mandatory evacuations this afternoon to protect residents and allow emergency equipment to have access to the flames. the fire started about 3:00 this afternoon in the mountains. no word of any damage to structures. closer to home, crews in san jose say they have stopped the forward progress of a grass fire that broke out about 3:00 this afternoon. for a time the flames
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threatened a couple of homes on lost ranch road. crews from the san jose fire department and cal fire responded, fighting it from both the ground and the air. at last check, cal fire says it is about 50% contained. they also say it has burned about 15 acres. the 4th of july is six days away. the bay area's first safe and sane fireworks stands opened for business this afternoon. henry lee checked out the merchandise and the regulations in dublin. >> reporter: it's almost that time of year again. for many, independence day means time off and time to soft fireworks. most bay area cities have banned all fireworks but dublin is among a handful of cities where so-called safe and sane fireworks are legal. other cities include pacifica, gilroy, and union city. >> we have everything from something that a two-year-old might like to watch -- not touch, watch -- quiet, not too big to big fountains. we have the $500 box.
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which is usual al block party kind of box. >> reporter: rosemary is helping to sell fireworks. proceeds benefit dublin high. >> nothing that launches. nothing that explodes. these are all considered safe and sane. so yes, if you touch them, they will burn you, but nothing that could cause fires. >> reporter: there are 13 fireworks stands in dublin alone. many are clustered around downtown. the city also provides designated areas where people can set them off on the 4th of july. >> as long as you use these responsibly and under adult supervision, it's not a problem. >> reporter: any kids at this location? >> no, it's all us older kids. >> i like it. it's safe for the kids. they won't hurt anyone. won't start any crazy fires as long as you're being safe about it. >> reporter: what kind of fireworks did you get? >> the orchids, some of the contradicts and others.
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>> reporter: what gets you excited about these fireworks? >> the colors. >> reporter: so this is that $500 box. it's called the big bang. great for block parties. of course, if you want a modest size box they have plenty here but you must be at least 18 or over to bay these fireworks. reporting in dublin, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> and on we have posted a list of 4th of july events across the bay area. just look under the local news section. coming up, more students coming forward in a sexual assault scandal at a bay area high school. at 6:30, the latest on our 2 investigates report. and we're tracking a warm- up. it warmed up a bit today. not hot. a little warmer. but that warm-up continues towards the holiday weekend. see you back here with the specifics. but up first, a cold case reopened. the renewed efforts to solve the case of the bay area woman who went missing nearly 30 years ago. >> the most important thing is closure for her family as well
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as closure to find out where she is at.
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new at 6:00 tonight a cold case reopened. tonight fremont police are looking for new leads in a decades old missing persons case. 25-year-old sherry lynn mulliman was last seen at her home in fremont 30 years ago. >> potential new evidence has led investigators to reopen the case. alyana gomez talked with police
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about the renewed effort. >> fremont detectives told me they had a novel full of information on this case that literally told a story, a story that had no ending for more than 28 years. now they're hoping to find closure. >> it intrigued me but also as i'm reading through the statements it started to help me understand there's more to the story that needs to be opened up. >> she was last seen february 27th, 1989 at a home in fremont. her boyfriend at the time said he saw her before he left for work that morning but when he got home sherry was gone. they had a five-year-old daughter together would is now 33 years old. police believe she was a victim of homicide but have never found her body or her killer. now, the home where she was last seen is no longer standing. when we went to the address today this church was now on that section of land. police say that poses a challenge but detectives still have evidence to help them solve this cold case. >> we believe that we can help
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find sherry. that's the biggest part. yeah, we want to arrest somebody if that's the case but the most important thing is closure for her family as well as closure to find out where she is at. so there has got to be somebody out there that either witnessed this, that didn't come out to the police before, or maybe they know of something with additional evidence. police tell me sherry's boyfriend was a person of interest at the time. he was questioned some years after her disappearance and did not agree to a polygraph test. detectives tell me talking with him again is going to be part of the process. >> alyana, thank you. bart says they finished installing working surveillance cameras in all of their train cars. the project was launched last year after it was revealed that no cameras recorded a deadly shooting on board a train at the west oakland station. it turned out that two-thirds of the cameras on bart trains were actually de kois meant to be a deterrent but not operational.
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bart says cameras are now recording video on board all 669 train cars. >> i think we will be very beneficial. i don't think these cameras are going to be zooming in on people's phones or hacking anything. i think it will help people feel more safe. >> it puts me at ease. it's a little annoying that it took so long, but happy that it happened. >> bart says the cameras aren't monitored on a real-time basis but they are recording video that can be viewed later. bart says if you happen to be a victim of a crime take note of the car number that you are on. that will help bart police retrieve the video. a new bike sharing service launched in san francisco today. despite a few early problems, as ktvu's tara moriarty explains, the city's mom-and- pop shops worry they could lose business to the new ford go bikes. >> reporter: we took a test ride of the ford go bike with the company's ceo. he has paired one the municipal transportation agency rolling out 7,000 bikes on city
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streets. >> the reality is that i think the things we can do that increase biking in general help our cities, help our region, and help all of us. >> reporter: the program rollout hit a snag when bike rental companies worried that motivate was trying to steal their business with a competitive pricing model. >> there was a question about a product called the go pass that would have allowed for longer trips. we have taken that off. it is not being offered. it is not on the kiosk, it is not on our app. we don't want this to be a conflict. >> the last couple of weeks were not marked by a lot of warm fuzziness. >> reporter: because of the conflict the transportation board chaired by supervisor aaron peskin voted to put the brakes on granting $255,000 on researching future sites for the go bike. >> i am hopeful that they will speak and they will actually enter into an agreement. and a wovens i seat and it is all in writing, we will release
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the $255,000. >> reporter: that should happen within a month. meanwhile motivate crews are busy installing the bike pads, and annual membership which includes an unlimited number of 45-minute rides is $150. >> we have saint program called bike share for all, so that for $5 a year, low-income residents of this region can take advantage of unlimited rides. >> reporter: in order to unlock a bike all you have to do is go to the ford go bike app or get a clipper card and swipe it and you are on your way. >> it will feel that it's part of the public transit system, and that's the way we want it to be. >> reporter: the road may have started out a bit rocky but motivate says it is sure that from here on out everyone will after smooth ride. temperatures today kind of on the warm side compared to yesterday. 90 in antioch, 88 in concord, 81 in livermore. so a nice looking day out
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there. a little warmer than yesterday. then it is going to be a little bit warmer tomorrow, a little bit warmer the next day. such a difference from last week when last week it was just big chunks of heat. go up five degrees, 10 degrees, and before you knew it we were at 110 in some of the inland bay valleys. it is a much nicer week with no spare the air days, no heat advisories. tomorrow very similar to today but just slightly warmer. a little fog offshore here. it will be in tomorrow morning. just like this morning, it will burn off more quickly. and temperatures, consequently, come up a little bit more. right now in concord it is 83 after a high of 89. there's the marine layer which is making its push inland. it's an interesting shot. i'm trying to figure out why this is gapped here. it must be because of the topography. twin peaks up here in this interesting. it's interesting that you have a hole in the middle there. anyway, the fog tomorrow
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morning is going to do this. it is going to come in, not quite as extensive as yesterday. with that in mine it gets warmer. reds and oranges come back to the west. it means it is going to be warmer. your thursday warmer than your wednesday. friday and saturday is going to continue to warm. holiday weekend just about here. specific numbers for your backyard. the treasure island music festival is taking the year off and will be back in a new location in 2018. organize verse the two-day event made that announcement today. the festival has been running for 10 years but a redevelopment project forced organizers to relocate, and that has proven to be a challenge. once a location is secured, a lineup announcement will likely soon follow and the show will be back up and running. a double shooting in the south bay leaves one man dead. >> i come to my yard and i see the body in the street, and i say to my son to call 911.
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>> why police say the cause could be an attempted murder- suicide. the giants needed a win this afternoon at at&t park to pull off their first sweep of the season. mark will be here about the good news about that coming up later in sports. details on a new lawsuit filed against an east bay high school by the parents of the student body president. the controversial campaign video that started it all.
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a judge set bail at $6.5
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million for a neurosurgeon from santa cruz accused of sexually abusing children. he was arrested as part of an investigation into a child sex abuse ring. the 57-year-old doctor is facing 11 felony charges of sexually assaulting two boys and a girl all a under the age of 14. he has pleaded not guilty. the case also led to the arrest of two nurses who face child sex charges as well. prosecutors called the doctor a public danger who recruited women to help find his victims. police in san jose say a double shooting that left a man dead may have been an a attempted murder-suicide. as ktvu's ann rubin reports, a woman who survived called police saying she had been shot. and when officers got there they found the man's body in the street. >> reporter: neighbors on creston lane in san jose heard what they thought were fireworks. this woman who asked not to be identified went outside for a closer look. that's when she saw an injured
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woman rung and screaming and a man suffering from a gunshot lying in the street. >> they come to my yard and i see the body in the street and i say to my son to call 911, and i go to where the guy is. >> reporter: she and other neighbors stayed with him until police arrived. >> he's bleeding, okay, and maybe one minute more, he would die. >> reporter: turns out neighbors weren't the only people who called 911. turns out the woman did, too. >> at this point we have reason to believe that he shot the female victim, and then shot himself, committed suicide. >> reporter: police aren't say black the relationship was between the two, only that they were known to each other. authorities also are not saying what led up to the shooting in the street but they say the woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. >> we have no reason to believe
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there is any outstanding suspects at all. so the community doesn't have to be in fear of someone beg out on the loose. >> reporter: neighbors say the man appeared to be in his 20s but no official word yet on his identity. the woman is in the hospital and is expected to recover. in san jose, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with more students coming forward in a sexual assault scandal at a bay area high school. so many things should have fallen into place that didn't. and it will make the trust of these children so difficult. >> up next, the latest developments following our 2 investigates report. plus, outrage and frustration after a program that pledged to hire people out from behind bars falls short of its mission. and future engineers getting an early start on their careers. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next.
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a sacramento sheriffs deputy is in stable condition after being shot in the face with his own gun. the suspect was arrested on charges of attempted murder. we've learned he has an extensive criminal history including being charged in a 2008 double homicide in santa
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clara county. mitch mcconnell is pushing for changes to the gop health care bill to be done by this friday so that they can take it up after the fourth of july recess. many republicans senators are scheduled -- questioning that timeline. they are opposed to the bill which would cause 22 million people to lose coverage in the next 10 years according to the cbo. >> the house of representatives will expect to vote tomorrow on case law. she was shot to death in san francisco two years ago. francisco sanchez has been deported five times before he allegedly shot and killed her. it would impose mandatory minimum prison sentences on criminal aliens who reenter the u.s. after being deported. the school board is making revisions to the district policies to better protect
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students from harassment and make criteria full -- for reporting crimes. >> this comes in the wake of two sexual assaults but to light by series of a report. jesse gary is live where the board meeting just ended.>> reporter: people were just walking up behind me 30 seconds ago hurco this meeting was supposed to end up 5:00. there was so many issues that it went long. the board members are trying to investigate the cases of sexual assault here in the district and this is new tonight. we are learning a step on that path. within the form there's a subsection for title ix complaint involving sexual assaults. victims can use this and remain anonymous and it will initiate
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an investigation. this went active today. they're also looking to clarify language and existing policies covering procedures and sexual harassment. they are taking these steps as part of its resolution agreement with the department of education. three months ago they closed eight for your investigation and found that they failed to take appropriate steps in a prompt manner. this is back in 2013. in may our series of reports detailed how a high school student athlete was convicted in juvenile court of having oral sex with a minor in a bathroom. the district did not initiate a title ix investigation as required by federal law. 19 additional allegations of sexual harassment have been made including a sexual assault against a six-year-old girl on
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the campus quad back in november 2015. >> these are very difficult and complicated issues that are not 100% clear. so we are looking forward to your input and your perspective for you and your constituents about how we should go about making policies for these situations. >> reporter: that was a district lawyer. the superintendent would update from the law firms reviewing the handling of the cases. they say most of the interviews had been completed and they will be able to do a verbal report sometime next month also the board will have another meeting to clarify some of the issues that they talked about today and changes they are making to the policy. they will have to wrap this up as august 1 they begin training the staff.
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they need to have a clear idea of what the policy will say so they can make it teachable to the staff. >> the parents of a high school student have raised more than $25,000 to fund a lawsuit against the unified school district. the threat of legal action comes after a campaign video for the office of school president. the parents of the winners they their son was bullied by school administrators because of that video. the student said it was a parity in a spy movie. school administrators stripped him of his position as class president and refused to acknowledge that he won the presidency until his parents threatened legal action. they now want to sue the district. an initiative to hire people who been released from jail or prison has fallen
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short of the mission. the goal is to provide 1400 jobs with the county. now a year later only five people have gotten full-time jobs. rob tells us that has former inmates were looking for work angry and frustrated. >> he served seven months in jail for armed robbery and he was released last year. >> i have kids to feed. >> reporter: since his release he said he's been unable to find a job and he knows the reason why.>> they see my robbery and they say he's going to steal something and he's not going to work. i honestly work. just hard to find a job. >> reporter: is among dozens of people protesting out of frustration in front of the ministration building. they say the small handful of hires is not enough.>> five
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jobs plus the six temporary ones is not enough. we know they can hire more people. >> we are disappointed that we don't have more jobs. >> reporter: he is the author of the initiative. >> we have to go to working with each of our department issues.>> they could've been helping people get past the serve dutch civil service test. those are not substantial reasons why they have not had more people. >> reporter: that the number of inmates released into alameda county last year. officials in the problem is not that many entry-level jobs opened up but they are working to bring in employers to help in the effort. >> now that we are connecting with the agencies, i think that we will be able to move much
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quicker. >> i hope they take their word and do what they say they're going to do and hire us so i can get a job and will end up back in jail. coming up unpaid traffic fines will no longer mean a suspended license. details on the bill signed by governor brad. the announcement of new security measures for flights coming into the u.s.
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a police chase in stockton this morning and it in a deadly collision that killed an innocent driver who was heading home to work. the officers were responding to a call of shots fired. they had their sirens on and lights flashing when there police suv collided with a car that was being driven by a 28- year-old man. he was killed and the two officers were hospitalized. is not clear if the light was red or green at the intersection. governor brown's signed legislation that prevents courts from suspending your drivers licenses because of unpaid fines. he said the practice harms low income residents. he maintains there is not a strong connection between license suspensions and collecting fines. opponent say the threat of having your drivers license suspended is an important tool to make people pay traffic fines. the new law goes into effect july 1. a home and security
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announce tough screening measures for all commercial flights coming into the u.s. they include tighter screening of laptops and other personal electronic devices. greater use of explosive sniffing dogs and improvements in tracking people on the terrorist watchlist. new rules what impact 2000 flight today for more than 100 countries.>> this announcement we send a clear message that it is not an option. we will work to our partners to ensure these measures are implemented. today is just a starting point. >> the announcement follows what the governor believes is a growing threat of explosives being headed in electronic devices. for now they decided not to bad laptop computers but could do so at a later date. they say the rats are more computer tech appears to be a different type of malware.
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ukraine or russia were hardest hit which scrabbled up your data and demand cash to restore it. there were also hats and europe and the u.s. as well. fedex said what of their subsidiaries was significantly slowed by the malware. future engineers getting an early start on their careers. >> a university is hosting a summer camp. temperatures have warmed up a little bit. we are back into the upper 80s and low 90s in the inland valleys. warm up as we head toward the weekend and i will let you know how hot and how long.
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a special summer camp is underway. is designed to encourage teens to go to college and study engineering. they say it is a way to give high school students from low income communities a chance to experience life on a college campus.>> amber lee talk to some of the students. 442 boys and 30 girls are divided into teams. their building robots. they draw and then a process of
6:46 pm
trial and error. >> is sort of like a click in a way. my uncle lives in apartment that has of you and every time i go to his house, i always think to myself how will this be built. >> reporter: he says is about advancing technology. >> i can make a living a lot easier. >> reporter: another 15-year- old is building a robot. she plans to study biomedical engineering to help the disabled. >> i want to do the prosthetics and improving -- >> reporter: for some this is a natural extension of what they love to do. >> ever since i can get my hands on lay goes i would build
6:47 pm
bridges and it was a starting point. >> reporter: this camp is a starting point for some to come out of the shells. >> makes more motivated to come -- become the first person my family to get a four year degree. >> reporter: they are learning, eating, and sleeping on campus. >> that is a big reward. making college an option for them and then having them set their goals. >> reporter: many see the invaluable lessons they've learned. >> you're always going to have to work with new people. it is a way of life no matter where you go. you will have to learn to acclimate and i actually like it. >> reporter: organizers say this is designed to help students build a bridge for their future and improve the quality of life.
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we have a temperatures from today. it was nice out there. we had plenty of 60s and 70s. highs tomorrow are going to be a little bit warmer in those valleys. good-looking day tomorrow as temperatures increase. today's numbers santa rosa anyone and tomorrow 87 and san francisco you see a uptake. thursday a little bit of fog to speak of. it will be filled in at the coast tonight and then it goes away tomorrow. some clearing at the clubhouse right now. not a lot of clearing and the fog will be a constant player as we go into the next few days. currently 79 fairfield and 76
6:49 pm
livermore and those temperatures reflecting the fog that's pushing inland right now it's working its way through the city and over here albany and berkely and over here you are shooting across the fremont area. as we head into the next couple of days, temperatures just warming. thursday and friday the winds are going northerly and that sets us up with a warmer day. tomorrow, friday and saturday and sunday equals a little bit but the warm up thursday and friday and then it flattens out. san francisco area of fog tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon partly sunny and then afternoon sky. basically the same sky cover we have today we have again tomorrow. it's not like him forecasting any big changes from monday, tuesday, wednesday to even
6:50 pm
thursday or friday because it is very subtle each day. tomorrow to feel like today. there is no real change. forecast santa clara valley 88, 89 gilroy and low 60s along the coast and 5 day forecast so much different than last week. this is a much better set up and i am happy with it. >> i am happy.>> we are a happy bunch. >> it gets really hot. the giants made a clean sweep for the -- with the colorado rockies. mark will have all the highlights coming up next in sports.
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mark asper's. a big day for the giants. >> about 10 days ago i think if you said the giants sweep a series you would think i was lying. they do sweep the rockies. all
6:54 pm
kinds of good stuff to show you although earlier in the game you would not let kids into a giants game a few weeks ago. type block gives up a to run in the first inning. then it doesn't get any better even for him himself. the pitcher looks like he shot one to left. that is a sensational play. the agility and the quickness and president to throw them out at first and then the giant start making their move. neck takes over the catching and hitting chores. giants laid 3-2. here is your special moment.
6:55 pm
he has a shot and first ever korean and a giant uniform his first big-league game and he deposits up all way up into the stands 417 feet and the giants a wind up with the 5-3 win. it's going to take us a while to get the gist of pronouncing his name properly. here is the korean broadcast of this afternoon's went by the rookie. >> that is a moment he will never forget. he wanted to make sure it got done. i loved the excitement in the voice and another great moment for warrior fans. the good stuff just keeps on
6:56 pm
coming. special day at mana vista high school and danville for bob myers. he won executive of the year award. the reason for montevista high that is his school. both are high school coaches were on hand and student their answering questions and talking about how they became such stars and their current profession. i had to ask green after the proceeding what about our man agee is he coming back to the warriors which mark>> i feel strongly about his return. i hope he does. at the end of the day, it is not my decision. that's his position to where he has a decision to make.
6:57 pm
he should be able to make that decision on his own. whatever decision he makes, i support him. we are bonded together for life.>> the nba in a tizzy right now trying to keep up with the golden state warriors. phil jackson fired as president of the new york mets. he has $24 million left on his contract that he just signed a couple months ago and here's a big trade chris paul on the clippers is now used in rocket and joined chris hardin and sam decker all going back to the clippers. the team is trying to put together big-name superstars together and somehow keep up with the warriors. it would be great if andre would return to the warriors. >> see you later, everyone. >> goodnight.
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