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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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love. we are celebrating summer of love, so is our control room. thank you for joining us. we're spreading the love for you this morning, thursday, friday eve, june 29th. >> love and happiness. good morning, i'm dave clark, and steve polanco, he's right here -- steve punch, he's right here. >> it's a -- paulson, he's right here. >> a little warmer, not a lot. but if you want to get in your convertible and take a sweet right. some warmer air aloft.
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it's not as deep as it was on that fog bank, but there's still plenty there. so we'll have to deal with some of that. 50 on the temperatures. so from north to south, are seeing some cool lows here. still gets gusts. almost a 30 out of travis. the water temperatures came down. a big drop. this ridge of high pressure is nosing in, and that will allow some inland areas to warm up. >> unfortunately, steven, we don't have really supper light
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days anymore like we used to with traffic, but that said, think we might start seeing some of that, steve, and then by tomorrow for sure. there's 205 in the altamont pass, which is to say slow. you're looking at interstate 880. some people will take friday off because the 4th of july is tuesday. when are you coming back? you coming back tuesday, or wednesday? lust let me know on my twitter account, if you have time. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. nothing major as you get into the city. let's go back to the desk. >> president trump's modified
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travel ban takes effect in just a couple of hours. in fact, later this evening. >> the administration is implementing new rules for people trying to enter the u.s. from six number majority countries. crenshaw is at sfo -- christian is at afo. of the trump administration has given itself until 5:00 p.m. pacific standard time to implement that new travel ban on travelers from six muslim majority countries. now we're getting new information about how that rollout might look. refugee who have already been vetted and approved through july 6th, will be allowed in. the administration also defined who qualified as a family member, allowing people from those six countries to apply for a visa.
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they include parents, spouses, siblings, children, adults, sons, and daughter requests be or signs and daughters in law. grandparents, aunts and uncles, and fiancees, are not considered close relationships. a spokes person for san francisco international airport said it has procedures in place for any free speech activities that might be planned today here at the international terminal. now, the last time the president's ban on travel was implemented for a short while, there were vocal protests here at sfo. that's one of the reasons we are standing by, waiting to see if that situation develops again. we're also going to be going inside the airport to get the latest video for you, and bring you on of those protests, should they occur, and try to find out how people feel about this travel ban going in place later today. >> thank you. it has ban very emotional debate. >> thank you.
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the trump administration imposed new safety guidelines for all commercial lanes flying into the u.s. the department of homeland security says terror groups are trying to find gaps in aviation security around the world. these restrictions apply to 105 countries that have direct flights they're the u.s., carrying an estimated 325,000 passengers every day. also new measures include heightened screening for passengers, more scrutiny of electronic devices like laptops and stablets. ings banded k-9 searches, looking for explosives, and also security around the planes and the waiting areas. >> we are not standing on the sidelines while extremists hatch new plots. >> i don't think the standard should be different for different countries. i think they should be standized, and should be the same across the board.
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>>,000, these restrictions will be face fazed in over the next four months. there are no tsa check point changes for travelers already in the u.s. flying domestically oar internationally. >> lawyers for the families of victims from the ghost ship warehouse fire have made a new claim in an amended timing of their lawsuit, alleging that an oakland fire department employee entered the warehouse two months before the deadly fire. he allegedly saw exposed wiring and recommended that the tenants fix the hazard. it allegations agencies failed in their duties to shut down the warehouse and its illegal apparents. police in san jose investigating a shooting where one man was killed and a woman was hurt. it happened just before 9:00 yesterday morning on cresten
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lane near mclaunch lynn neighborhood. a woman call expected said she had been shot, and when police arrived, they found a manner dead in the middle of the street who had been shot. the woman said that man had tried to kill her before he shot and killed himself. >> at this point, we have reason to believe that he shot the female victim, and then shot himself, committed suicide. >> investigators aren't saying what their relationship was, only that they quote new each other. police say the woman was taken to the hospital, and is expected to survive. also happening today, the new smart train service is set to start rolling through marin and sonoma counties. the bay area's new transit service runs nearly 50 miles from the sonoma county airport to the downtown transit station in san rafael. >> it is really a commute
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nightmare. you are stuck with 101, a parking lot during the morning, evening, and on weekends, and we can get you there in about half the time. >> and you don't have to drive. you can sit and relax. today is the launch of that smart train. still is now 5:08. beginning this saturday, the state of california will stop suspending driver's licenses because you didn't pay traffic tickets. the dmv suspended almost a half million driver's licenses in march because of unpaid tickets. governor brown said this does not help the states collect those fines and that the punishment especially hurts low income people because without a driver's license, they could lose their job, or they can't drive to a job interview. a superior court judge defending his decision to move
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all in custody arraignments from alameda county to the no court in dublin. he said it makes sense to arraign in dublin, because it is near in the new jail. still, alameda county's public defender said moving the court dates will be an inconvenience for the families of dew defendants. >> the major issue that family members won't be able to travel to arraignments as they occur. no traveling to dublin, which is 30 miles away is a huge hardship of the families, and they simply won't make it to court. >> the court officially opens for business next month at event of dublin's new hall of justice. fireworks are on sale ahead of the 4th of july. coming up, we'll look at some of the merchandise, and also the regulations. plus, protests and arrests in washington over the gop healthcare bill. the attempt to quickly revise that legislation.
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>> it is a nice-looking drive for the most part around the bay. this is a look at northbound 101, approaching the 80s split. >> some fog out there, but still a low cloud deck is coming down a little bit, so we'll see some inland temperatures warming up. a few, not a lot, but a little bit.
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welcome back. the battle in washington over
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healthcare brought protesters in san francisco together. they oppose the republican healthcare legislation, held a noontime rally outside the federal building at 7th and mission. organizers say they're happy that the late its effort to repeal and replace obamacare is now on hold, and it's future sun certain. similar protests were held around the country. mean time in washington, democratic leaders, including california senator kamala harris led protests outside the u.s. can follow building. hundreds rallied and formed a human china round the capitol. a new push to revise the bill before the end of the week. lauren has more on that from washington. >> congratulations to everybody. >> reporter: president trump making his own double-play at the white house, turning his meet and greet with the chicago cubs into a political push for his stalled gop healthcare bill. the world series winners catching the 45th president going into overtime, as a vote on the reform bill is now
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delayed a few weeks so lawmakers can make changes and secure more votes. >> healthcare is working along very well. we could have a big surprise. >> reporter: meanwhile, on capitol hill, demonstrators taking a more somber tone, urging law makers to keep obamacare. >> when i think about what my daughter has to suffer through, and the fact without medicaid, she would be living in a hospital or institution, and if medicaid was taken away, it would put her life at risk. >> reporter: capitol police arrest 4:00 people in connection with protests inside senate office buildings. >> its inability to get enough votes to proceed, we have an opportunity to go back to the drawing board. >> reporter: a new fox news poll revealing a majority, 54% of american voters, oppose the senate bill, while half as many, 27%, are in favor. the bill has been widely criticized by both parties. moderates saying the bill goes too far in it cuts to programs
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like mid-cade, while conservatives say it doesn't go far enough to repeal obamacare. >> a new analysis of the senate bill finds california could lose $30 billion a year by 2027 if it becomes law. the state department of healthcare services said that's due to reductions in federal medicaid funding. more than 13 million raccoons use medi-cal. the study said younger people who guest insurance through cover california would see out of pocket costs go down somewhat, but the state said older people could see their costs double. a new study shows the number of californians who would be les left uninsured would grow a lot if the senate healthcare plan is passed. there are more than 3 million raccoons who don't have medical insurance. that's about 9% of the total population. it says that would jump to almost 7.5 million, or 21% of all californians without
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insurance by the year 2022, in the bill is approved. the urban institute says california would see a more dramatic rise in the number of the uninsured than many other states, because we were more aggressive about accepting federal money to expand medi- cal when the affordable care act was first passed. time now is 5:16. want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic at this hour. >> reporter: it looks pretty quiet out there so far. this is good news. starting with the south bay and the gill row commute, and northbound 101 doesn't look pack into san jose. been looking closely at the road centers, and not sensing any slow traffic here in the south bay yet. not a lot of slow traffic in many areas, even though there have been in minor crashes. at the bay bridge, we're seeing a little bit more crowding here, westbound, as you come through, but nothing major as you drive into san francisco
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along the bridge. at 5:16, let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> thank you much, sal. some low clouds out, maybe by tomorrow it will be more in the fog category. the high builds in ever so slowly allowing this to bun off sooner, but still a pretty good push here today. christian -- we'll still get a little warmer conditions away from the coast. santa rosa 83. that's not too bad, close to average for this time of year. san francisco still a little below average. livermore should be 87. we're going 85. san jose should be 81, 9. so we're bumping it up, but still not where we should be, but will be there by tomorrow. looks like temperatures will bump up tomorrow. 48 at the sonoma county airport.
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low 50s san rafael. oakland and hayward both 59. glen, a cool 46. mill valley is at 49 degrees. that's pretty chilly for the end of june. almost gusts up to 30 at travis. that delta breeze holding on the waters. temperatures in the water have come down. that makes a huge difference on the lows on the coast, and also in san francisco. monterey, 55 degrees. 36 up in truckee. only 108 in phoenix. first time in about 10 days they haven't been 110 or higher. there is the ridge building in. as it does, temperatures go up a little bit, but it's not going to be -- again, it's just
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average stuff. 60s, 70s, 80wise, to a few low 90s. a week system brushes us on saturday. that's all you need at the end of june or juvenile to usher in more in the way of low clouds, and then it does look cooler monday, but everything is pretty quiet here, dave. no extremes, just subtle changes. i like it. the california street that will soon get a new name. we're talking about the honor for former president obama.
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there are lends who collect this. it was an honor to see them. >> the summer of love had many stars. some left the music and arts scene way too soon because of a combination of alcohol, drugs, and wild living, but there are survivers of that artistic explosion. there is one man you may have never heard of who is a very important part of those times. >> reporter: if you try in paint streeting festival last week, remark, as the temporary chalk art was my attention turned to a somewhat smallish man. >> a lot of people know my art, but don't know who did it. >> reporter: we know there is mickey mouse, and mighty mouse, but when it comes to the summer of love, there's only one
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mouse, and his name is stanley. he had a father who has was disney animater on snow white. >> from day one, made a pencil in my hand. >> reporter: his first fame came with this monster driven hot rods. >> i drew a lot of cars, and i was a fan of mad magazine, and so i combined those hot rods writ cartoons and monsters, and it was a big fad in the early 1960s. >> reporter: with his remarkable pantings, he became famous, april brushing his designs upon thousands upon thousands upon thousands of sweatshirts, put san francisco beckenned at just the perfect time. a few years before the summer of love. >> something drew me out here, and i came out, and they were doing posters, and i said i can do that, andcy just jumped in and did all of the posters for the dance hauls. >> reporter: in partnership with art it's alton kelly, his
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original concert paintings are among the most sought after pieces of 60s art, which has graced everything from classic albums to eric clapton's rolls royce, to fine art galleries. >> i think the reason why i got here is i've been a compulsive drawer, and i just -- i threw drew my way through through grade school, through high school, through art school, and never stopped drawing. >> reporter: his san francisco headquarter was a former fire house that he got for a hundred bucks a month. there, parties and dancing abounded, and his art exploded on to the international scene. it was a lifestyle dedicated to peace, and most definitely anti- vietnam war. then came 1967, the summer of love. . ♪if you're going to san francisco ♪ >> they called it the summer of
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love. it was just an influx of a million people that invaded our scene. i guess a lot of good things came out of it, but it also killed a good scene. >> reporter: people here were amazed and delighted. >> oh, i'm honored to meet him. i love he artwork. it's very creative, different, it's very '60ish. >> reporter: a humble man nor sure. an art legend? absolutely. >> it surprises me every time somebody saying some like that, because just feel like i'm a normal person trying to make a living. >> reporter: and some history to boot. time is now 5:25. still ahead, frustration about a bay area program that was supposed to offer 1400 jobs to people who just got out of jail. the questions raised this morning about why only 5 people
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have been hired. also, a cold case has been reopened. the renewed efforts to solve the case of a bay area woman who went missing almost 30 years ago. >> good morning. we can see that the traffic is moving along pretty well, if you're driving on northbound 101, approaching the 0 split. >> a little more in the way of fog out there, but it will be a day when some temperatures will bump up a little. not a lot, but wave out for some of that fog. yçku
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me and bobby mcgee? that's janice joplin. let's listen to a little janet here. ♪ >> has that raspy voice. >> oh, yeah, as we look around the bay area. >> i'm loving that foggy weather over the bay. steve, i know i'm not alone. >> when i lived in denver, it's a wonderful place, but i missed
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that fog, because its land locked, and i always thought, man, i miss that fog. woulder is a great place to be, but i miss that fog. if you're used to it, and all of a sudden it's gone, then you're like, ah, there it is. there it is. a little warmer for santa rosa. a lot of near average to below. tomorrow i think we'll be above average. fog continues to make a push. 40s for a few, 50s to 60s.
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58 out by the concord pavilion. if it feels cool, it is. water temperatures came down. that makes a big difference there. came down three. low clouds will burn off a little sooner, and then high pressure nosing in, will give inland areas a different pattern. >> traffic is picking up a little bit, steve. we key see some slow traffic in some areas. but we don't see a lot in solano county. if you're driving according to the road sensors, 37. a little bit of slowing heading west. as we look at 80 westbound, still a pretty good drive to the macarthur maze. those metering leasts have gun on that the bay bridge. looks like a normal slow down. let's go back to the desk.
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>> a 27-year-old man originally from san jose now facing charges of attempts murder in the violent attack tuesday night on a sacramento county sheriff's deputy. the man is accused of grabbing the deputies gun and then shooting the deputy in the face. it happens new night in north hammonds on the platform of the light rail station. the got a survived the shooting, but needed major surgery on his jaw. >> he made contact with the suspect, was talking to him, and all of a sudden unfree vehicled, the suspect jumped at the officer and began violently attacking him. >> court records show spann has a long criminal record. he was arrested several times in san francisco and santa rosa can'ts between 2008 and -- counties between 2008 and 2013.
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he was charged with a double homicide at one ., but the charges were dropped. he's due in court tomorrow about >> many former inmates of the alameda county jail staged a noisy protest, saying they are frustrated they can't find jobs that would let them take care of their families, legally. alameda county has what it causes the reentry hiring initiative, a push to get former inmates jobs with the county. so far just 5 people have been hired full time, and the demonstrators say that's not enough. alameda county supervisor keith carson said the county is now working with the private sector to find more entry level jobs. >> now that we are coalescing wet the private sector, other governmentle agencies, which broadens things beyond the county pool of employees, i think we'll be able to move much quicker. >> i just hope at the take their word and do what they say they're going to do and hire us, so i can get a job, so i
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won't end up back in jail. >> last year, about 1400 inmates were released back into the community, and surveys show nearly all of them say they would rather work than go back to jail. >> time is now 5:34. in fremont, possible new evidence in the code case from almost 30 years ago as investigators are hope thank can solve this history. sherry lynn molamon was last seen in 199 at a home on dakota road in freedom. her boy friend said he saw her before -- fremont. her boy friend said he claw her before the left for work enthusiast morning, but when he returned, she was gone. a church now standsy that home was located. >> we hope we can find sherry. yeah, we would like arrests somebody, but the biggest thing is closure for her family, and closure to find out where she's at. there has to be some somebody out there that either witnessed
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this, or maybe know of something with additional evidence. >> sherry's boy friend was a person of interest at the time. he was questioned some years after she disappeared, but he wouldn't agree a lie detector test. if you have any information about the disappearance of sherry lynn molamon, get in contact with fremont police. >> a hi ranking vatican official, cardinal george powell, is facing several sexual abuse charges in australia. he denies the allegations. he is she a top adviser to the pope. he is the highest ranking catholic church official to be charged with a sexual offense. powell has said he would leave the vatican and return to australia to feist the charges. he is scheduled to appear in court in melbourne on july 1th. pope plan six said suicide attacks are not an act of martyrdom. he said that idea during his general -- to the general
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audience at the vatican. pope francis said suicide bombers cannot be considered martyrs, because they hurt others. he said a mart sir a follower of christ, and that disciples of jesus don't fight violence with violence. a new federal report says most of hate crimes in the u.s. are never reported to the police. that report says a quarter million hate crimes occur every year between 2004 and 2015, but fewer than half of the victims ever went to the police. many victims told researchers they found another way to dewitt the went but some victims say they didn't file it was important to go to the police, because they didn't think the police would help them. san jose city leaders are cracking down on food deliveraways for the homeless at saint james park. they started notifying homeless advocates and church groups that the free feedings have to stop. they cited health and safety concerns. they say the needy should be cared for by established
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programs that provide food and other services. this crackdown would end a long tradition of groups providing free food for the homes and hungry in that park in downtown san jose. a new study says air pollution can cult lives short, even at levels considered safe. researchers from harvard university looked at 60 million senior citizens, and found that long term exposure to pollution can lead to early death. the study also found that april pollution, even at standards considered safe by the government, can have never health effects. >> the bay area's first safe and sane fireworks stands are open now for business for the 4th of july holiday. henry lee looked at the merchandise and the regulations in dublin. >> reporter: it's almost that time of year again. for many, independence day means timeoff and time to set off fireworks. most bay area cities have banned all fireworks, but dublin among a handful of city
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where so-called safe and sane fireworks are legal. >> we have everything from something that a two-year-old might like to watch, not touch, watch, quiet, not to big, to big fountains. we have the $500 box. which is usually a block party kind of box. >> reporter: rosemary is helping to sell fireworks. proceeds benefit dublin high. >> nothing that launches, nothing that explodes. these are all considered safe and sane. so, yes, if you touch them, they will burn you, but knock that could cause fires. >> reporter: there are 13 fireworks stands in dublin alone. many clustered around downtown. the city provides designated areas where people can set them off on the 4th of july. >> as long as you use these responsibly and under adult supervision, there's not a problem. >> reporter: any kids?
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>> no, it's all us older kids. >> i like it. safe for the kids. won't hurt anyone or start any crazy fires as long as you're being safer about it. >> reporter: what kind of fireworks did you get? >> the orchids, some of the crickets and others. >> what gets you excited about these fireworks? >> the colors. >> reporter: so this is that $500 box that's callinged the big bang. great for block parties. if you want a modest sized box, they have plenty here, but you must be 18 or over to buy these fireworks. >> there are also a lot of warnings with those, because police come out to is say even those sparklers, they have the most cause of fireworks injuries burning people, so do be careful. >> yeah, yeah. >> 5:39 is the time right now. a woman facing charges for what's being called a stunt gone wrong. coming up at 6:00, we'll tell
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you what she was trying to do with a boyfriend as they tried to seek fame on youtube.
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the san francisco board of supervisors voted unanimous live to approve a pay gap policy that will help put an end to disparities based on gender. it is said for one of the strongest equal pay policies in the country. that bill prohibits employers from asking job applicants about past salary history. it applies to all employers in san francisco including city contractors and even subcontractors. >> time is 5:42. more than 120 california city asks counties are pushing back against the proposal to limit their regulation of yell phone towers. supporters say it would streamline approvals, and also reduce fees to service providers, and reduce costs for customers. but critics say like governments would be forced to
5:43 am
allow antennas on public property without having control over how they look. both sides agree that cities and counties would lose money. they can receive as much as $3,000 a year for each location that's leased for a yell phone tower. >> a state lawmaker wants your next car to be electric, and hopes a generous cash insent live help drivers make that decision. debra shows us what is behind a new proposed incentive plan. >> the new cyst going to be the volt ev. this is motor trend's car of the year. >> reporter: right now when someone buys an electric vehicle in california, they get a state rebate averaging $2500. >> you're probably looking at 43 and change, depending on the color you choose. >> reporter: that rebate plus a federal tax credit knocks about 10 grand off the cost of an ev.
5:44 am
still, though, sticker shock. >> it's a victory for plan and pocketbook. >> reporter: now a coalition of environmental and health groups back a new bill. >> we need evs everywhere, and they need to be affordable for everyone. >> it would spend $3 billion over the next dozen years on more rebates, and larger ones. >> i think with the volt, i think with the new tesla coming out, you're starting to see consumer vehicles at the right price point, but think right technology. >> reporter: it would be tied to a customers income. the smaller their income, the bigger the rebates. presently only new cars get rebates, and the new billed as used cars to the rebate. ed there also nobody waiting
5:45 am
for the rebate. it's on the spot, at the dealership. >> anytime customers see a saving up front where they don't have to do the leg work to get the rebate. >> reporter: rebates would fade as the prices come down, but supporters say a sluggish market needs a jump start now. and price isn't the only obstacle. >> range anxiety is a huge thing. >> reporter: that's anxiety about finding charges and long- distance driving. you're constantly looking at your gauge. >> reporter: the newest volt goes more than 200 miles on a single charge. >> 238-mile range on a full charge. it's awesome. >> time is 5:45. some say a real team is a second family. that is the case of a former high school soccer team captain diagnosed with als, or lou gehrig's disease. he said his former teammates and coach are rallying around
5:46 am
him, since they found out he was diagnosed 8 months ago. they held a benefit soccer match, raising money for als research. now, that disease kills neurons that control voluntary muscles, and makes it hard to walk, speak, swallow, and eventually to breathe. mendoza said their support helps him on those really dark days when he feels overwhelmed. >> i wish could be out here playing soccer with everyone, but it's hard to walk now. i can't run, i can't play any type of sport. in college, in the past few months, it's getting hard to just take notes in class. >> there's a lot of people with a diagnosis like that that might kind of take a different approach, and he didn't. he took a courageous approach to try to help other people and get the word out. >> reporter: now, mendoza said he didn't have your over everything in his life, but he intends to control what he can, and he proposed marriage to his girlfriend three days before finding out he has als.
5:47 am
they're getting married in september. now that he has graduated from college. and we wish them well. >> yes, we do. >> 5:47 is the time. and we hope that traffic is moving along, and everything is smooth. let's check in with sal. >> all right. we do have some slowing, unfortunately, that i was hoping maybe not here today, as we get closer to the holiday, let's go to the tracy commute. here is some traffic here on the 580, and 205. as we push in here, you can see how slow it is. 16 miles an hour, not great. when you see the yellow, that's up to 41, so not bad. green, almost afraid to pass that, because you -- yeah, 70. a little highish than the speed limit. this is a look at the rest of the bay area commute, you can
5:48 am
see traffic is okay. doesn't seem bad north and south past the coliseum. if you look at this 880 ramp, you can see the traffic is light, and if it stays this way, we're going to have a lighter commute. we'll see. as we bring in steve, hopefully it will stay lighter, and will be -- you know, by 8:00, we'll be having tumble weeds rolling up. >> well, if anyone knows, it's would be you, and i think you're kind of hinting in that direction. >> it's hard to predict. >> yes, it is. >> but after years of data, you can kind of get an idea. >> i believe it. thank you, sir. it's now turning into more of that fog, because high pressure is building in, giving us an inversion, higher air aloft. so some thick fog there will give way to sunshine i think for everybody later on today. we start off wait pretty good fog bank out there.
5:49 am
a little lower on those bases. santa rosa is at 48. 47 in woodside. los altos is 58. water temperatures have gone down. so from 250855, that's a big drop here, and that makes a huge difference on the overnight lows in the city and also on the coast. 50 in sacramento, and also ukia. only 1005 yesterday if phoenix. so even they are cooling dune little bit. a nice 77 in palm springs.
5:50 am
low clouds and fog making a surge. high pressure, though, is building in. it's not a huge one, but it's going to be give some inland areas back into the 90s for a few. everyone else in between, over to the west, 60s, 70, to 80s. now concord and buickenen is there -- but cannon is there, not -- buchanan is there, not bad. gilroy, a little warmer east san jose. 60s on the coast, 70s mainly on the peninsula. warmer tomorrow, but then it looks like a slight cool down saturday, and that eases off going into the holiday weekend. >> that's great. a lot of people will be enjoying the fairs and fireworks and everything, so will be nice to have it kind of cool. but we'll have to keep track of
5:51 am
the fireworks over san francisco bay, because sometime this fog affects that. >> i think it will lift by then. but we'll have colorful clouds. >> that's okay, but it's boater to see all of the fireworks. >> attention warriors fans, get your cameras ready. the chance trophy tour kicks off today. we're going to tell you where you can see it and snap that trophy selfie.
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welcome back. evacuations at one burbank neighborhood have been lifted at avenue wildfire threatened that area yesterday. it started there in the mountains about 3:00. the fire is now 80% contained. well, if you want to get a close uplook at the warriors new championship trophy, now is the time. a dunk contest in -- it will bal
5:55 am
oracle arena tomorrow. on saturday, the chance trophy will be at the warriors team store in walnut creek, and at the west one san francisco center monday. the giants have now won three games in a row! the giants got a lot of help with a couple of home runs in the game against the colorado rockies. hundley hist his 2-run home they were the fourth inning, but the big hit was from long. a tie breaking home run in the 6th. he had a big league career in south korea, but this is his first home run in the majors here. here.
5:56 am
the l.a. city county voterrednam us inly yesterday. they're renaming a street after former president obama. a three-mile stretch of rodeo road will soon be called obama boulevard. a city council president herb westin came up with the idea. he introduced then senator obama at his first campaign rally in l.a. right there along rodeo road back in 2007. he recalls that the future president arrived in a minivan, looked like a soccer dad. help attracted a diverse crowd of thousands. it's hard to imagine a world without iphones, but they have now been around for 10 years. apple's first iphones hit the stores exactly 10 years ago today. the first was pretty basic by today's standards. it had no floor for its camera. could not be used to record
5:57 am
video or send a text message, but now apple has sold more than one billion iphones. >> how many? >> one billion. fee like i've bought about half of them. president trump's travel ban starts in about 11 hours from now. coming up at 6:00, what it means for passengers, and what you can expect to see at sfo fold
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this was a request by steven r. paulson. >> country joe and the fish was a big part of the summer of love music scene, but this is country joe mcdonald, and this was probably the very first really high impact environmental song called save whale. it was recorded in berkeley at fantasy studios. >> the answer was blowing in the wind. >> of course it was berkeley, save the whales, with the first environmental song. it's thursday, june 29th, i'm pack cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we go to our music historian without first adieu. >> well, on some, some stuff. this was a very underrated album.


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