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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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. the house of representatives passed a pair of bill that could have major implications here in the bay area. >> local reaction this morning to the president's comments about a cable news host and new this morning we are going to hear from the target of the president's attack. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here. friday morning. last of june. june 30th. i'm pam cook. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your friday weather. steve will tell if you everything is going well. >> yeah. >> i think i know where you are going. i think so. >> the crew is out. >> the crew. >> yes. they are there every day about this time. >> they are good too. >> they are very good.
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very good. under foggy conditions. it's cold. if you are stuck in that, we did a live shot on the nine with chris griffin who is the track announceer at the fair. it was freezing. we were on the third floor. it was cold. june 30th is the last day of what was an incredible rain year. that's the rain year. goes from july 1st to june 30th. we start a new one tomorrow. the water year -- is from october 1st to september 30th. the weather folks we go at the rain year. that's the way i started it and i'm not changing now. it's the rain year. low clouds san jose. 59 degrees. give way to sunshine and mostly sunny here. i didn't warm them up that much. san jose is running below average. east san jose is lower. goes gown in the books. 77, 59, average is 81, 57. the record 100.
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not that long ago. the record low 42 and 1896. fog up and down the coast and making a pretty good push here along about local drizzle. there's an on shore breeze. 50s for everybody and a few 40s. even brentwood -- 58, 49, that's cold. 49, you go over -- it's 59. that's a big difference. walnut creek. martinez 52. oakland 52. there is the gust of to 30. everything is in place. looks to be a day where not much changes. 90s far inland. mainly 60s to the 80s. did it pick up or stay light? >> it's -- not as bad -- it's kind of a weird deal. there is a -- there is a slow traffic out there. just like the rest of the week it's just a little lighter. it's just not quite the same and i will point out why i say that. yes you see a back up at the bay bridge. you don't see any crowding here
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on this ram. that's the ramp that's a little secret ramp i look at. once that is crowded it's the regular friday or regular wednesday. that is still light. we have hope that this commute is goingo be lighter. this is a look at 880 north and southbound. it looks good as you pass the coliseum. there have been no major issues. this morning this is -- move offer to the rest of the peninsula here. traffic is moving along pretty well on the 101. north and southbound. there have been no major problems and if you are trying to get to the coast ora which from the coast photograph sick moving well. at 6:03 let's go back to the desk. >> all right. tomorrow will mark two years since the tragic shooting death in san francisco of a woman. >> the house of representatives passed two immigration bills yesterday including one in her honor called kate's law. we are there at pier14 where she was shot and killed by an undocumented immigrant and that is -- what the law is about.
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>> reporter: we are here at pi er14 in san francisco where kate was shot and killed july 1st. 2015. now the house of representatives has passed kate's law. it would increase the maximum pen amounts for undocumented immigrants who enter the united states after departings especially if they have criminal records. the house is also passed the no sanctua, ry for criminals act. that would expand requirements for cities requiring federal enforcement and allow the government to deny federal law enforcement fund it's the cities count comply. it would allow victims of crime to sue sanctary cities. cities like san francisco and season jose. the mayor said that his city isn't backing down. >> we are going to continue to police the same way we have for decades and nothing about federal law will change that. >> i know i -- the republican party don't believe in fear
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amongerring and we don't want anyone who comes here to build a better life harmed by this. it really is foe doesed on people who would do us harm. that's where we want to see the focus remain. >> both bills now head to the senate where they will have difficulty getting enough support to pass. we are hoping to talk to people here about how they feel about these two laws. we will come back to you later with the update. 64:05 the time. the federal government is confirming a new crack down. >> trump administration plans to arrest parents and other family members who authorities believe smuggled children into the united states. immigration and customs officials say the new surge initiative is a intended to identity and arrest adults who paid smugglers to bring children across the border. it's a sharp departur appreciation the obama
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administration which allowed tens of thousands of young refugees to stay in the united states after they came into escape the gang and drug violence in central and south america. a lawyer for a man from el salvador in the united states illegally said he will be awarded $190,000 in a settlement with the city of san francisco. he reached a settlement with the city attorney's office but the board still has to approve it. he sued the city in january for violating it's sanctuary city saitoing he went to police after a authorities called and said that his stolen car was found. instead of helping him he said they was detained and immigration agents were called. he was jailed for two months and has been fighting efforts to deport him. hours after the travel ban took effect the administration announced a change. now the united states is adding the cord fiance to the list of
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immediate family members. a group for immigrants and legal aids are at sfo to help anyone who may be affected or worried about the travel ban affecting six countries. >> she weighs held for quite a while, questioning. she has a green card and legal and everything. everything is proper. this time you had no problem. >> people can get a visa with an immediate family member in the united states. the state of hawaii filed a legal challenge to the travel ban and a judge gave the justice department until monday to respond. with are hearing a cable news host after the president attacked her on twitter. we have that story from washington. >> it's unbelievable alarming that this president so easily
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played. he so easily played by a cable news host. >> reporter: two hosts responding this morning to the president after he took to twitter yesterday saying i heard poorly rated morning joe speaking badly of me. don't watch anymore. how come they came three nights in a row around new year's and insisted on joining me? she was bleeding badly from a face lift. i said no. the condemnation from both sides of the aisle followed. >> obviously i count see that as appropriate. i think -- what we are trying to do is improve the tone of the debate. this obviously doesn't help. >> he has lot of the trust and i will vote for nothing until he steps down. >> reporter: what set off the president? what the white house said has been a steady stream of attacks from the morning joe program and others. >> he is covering his hands here because they are small.
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>> i think he -- it's possible that he is mentally ill. >> he is not going to sit back and be attacked by the liberal media, hollywood elite. >> reporter: as effective as the president can be rallying his supporters on twitter even some of his backers say there is a real risk now in taking things to far. >> that was doug reporting. the president just tweeted this just minutes ago. watched low rated morning joe for the first time in a long time. fake news. he called me to stop a article. i said no. bad show. the president's tweets have over shadowed most of the white house agenda over the past 24 hours. yesterday ktvu spoke to republican voters about the president's tweet. some say he setting a bad example for children, others say they are standing by the president. >> i have three daughters. yes, i do find it extremely
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offensive. i don't think that any man -- whatever his position is in life should ever speak of women in such a way. >> i'm not offended at all. get over it. that's what i say to people. get over it and appreciate it that we finally have a president that cares and is not politic alli correct all the time. >> many critics say this is just another example of cyber bullying. we talked to the head of a bay area nonprofit called common sense. they say parents and teacher is talk to children about the president's tweet its. >> he is a role model for our kids. he doesn't act like one and clearly with today's actions and with his tweets he acts more like a bully in chief than a commander in chief. >> this morning the hosts wrote an oped for the washington postful it's called donald trump is not well. it said in part that the president's unhealthy obsession
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with morning joe doesn't serve the best interest of either his mental state or the country he runs. lawmakers have come out against the president's tweets. own of them is diane feinstein. >> i'm appalled. this is the president of the united states. you don't do things like that. you donta tack women. >> a fox news poll indicates many americans think that the president's tweeting is doing more harm than good. 71% of people in the survey say that his tweeter railroads hurting his agenda and the office of the president. just 17% say that his tweeters helpful. the poll was done from last sunday through tuesday evening so that is before the latest threat of controversial tweets. a search party is headed to half moon bay this morning. coming up the latest on the search for a missing 22-year- old man and why the crews are
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focusing on a beach. >> and after several protests oakland city leaders approve a new budget. right before the deadline. we will see what is being done to address three areas of concern.
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. welcome back. our time is 6:14. a search resumed in san mateo this morning for a missing man who hasn't been seen since may 25th. the 22-year-old richard moss was last seen in mont era leaving his house.
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yesterday his aaa card was found at the southend of mont era beach. this morning the sheriff's department and a team of volunteers will meet at the beach to begin searching for him. no it took a few days longer than expected but the oak and lay council proved a new two year budget. the council planned to vote monday night on the new budget but protesters disrupted that hearing. demonstrators handcuffed themselves to the gates that separate the awed wednesday from councilmembers so last night's hearing was also pretty now is he but the council approved a 2.5 billion dollar budget. the budget runs from 2017 to 2019. oakland's new year starts tomorrow. the budget includes more money for homeless services, the police department and fighting illegal dumping. the justice department said that san jose police him republican accounted for a half million dollars in federal funding. the inspector general's report for three fiscal years ending
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in 2015 didn't accuse the police department of fraud but it was criticized for the way it hand manied the money. the types of accounts it used and for not spending more than a million dollars it received for aiding federal investigations. the san jose police department was criticized for a 34,000- dollar contract for window blinds awarded to a company owned by a city employee's spouse. the city said it agree was the conclusions its working to fix this. the department of justice said it would close the case after the city showed evidence of improvement movement a record number of americans expected to drive. aaa predistricts more than 5 million in our state are taking a trip. about four million will drive which is up nearly 3% from last year. 642,000 people will fly which is up nearly 6%. aaa said that air far, for the top 40 flight routes cost 10%
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less. as 7:30 we will have a spokesperson will join us live to talk about the best way to beat the traffic jams that weekend. i'm continuing the conversation on my facebook page as well. we are talking about do people leave early to get off early and then all of us who get water families up at the crack of dawn. >> sure. >> to hit the road and beat the traffic. yeah. what --. >> i'm still thinking about the theme. i have three minutes. do you veria suggestion? i was thinking something with --. ken wants skaa. >> he always says that. >> i say maybe something with fireworks in it? >> 4th of july type music. >> right? >> okay. >> we will come up with something. >> patriotic. a lot of katy perry fireworks. like a fireworks. >> through go. we have a few minutes.
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meanwhile, ken always wants skaa. they are have good songs. don't get me wrong. they are have some good songs. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza up to the maze. it is backed up for a regular looking delay. it looks like a kind of a normal, even wednesday morning. i think a lot of people are on the road. i think pam nailedt. people are getting in to the office early. the get away will start around noon today and then it's on as it would be for the holiday weekend. chp doing their maximum enforcement period. looking for impaired or other violations out there, impaired violations. slow as you come on the pass. slow traffic also on 205, not as bad as normal many a slow down. i will tell what you is normal. what is righter than usual is 880. look at this. we don't see a lot of slow traffic between fremont and heading down to the mission boulevard area. the south bay commute looks
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good. here is a live look at 280 throw done town. not a bad commute. some are busier than others. it's obvious. 6:19. hello steve. this is the day you don't want the check etching inlight on. >> no sir. i hate that right. >> just keep driving. don't worry aboutt. i know someone who who did that? we have really -- i think a much deeper fog bank than we saw over the last couple days. lot of local drizzle being reported it's a cold pattern form. there is 40s and 50s. you combine that with a breeze. this is the last day. the rain year. july 1st to june 30th . jeff says here is the full year's graph from my backyard rain bucket in berkeley. just shy of 46 inches. of rain. there you go.
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started in october. all the way up. thank you. that's great stuff there. yes. if you do keep a rain to thel it ends today. we start a new rain year tomorrow.. fog, drizzle. there is a lot to go around. 60s, even 50s. many 0's around the day. inland low, mid, few upper 80s. well inland you may get low 90s. plenty of low cloud and i mean low clouds. not only that but the temperatures have cooled off. 50 san rafael. half moon bay 53. even out -- that's concord, buchanan. it's 49 by the pavilion. that's a big difference. livermore. wood side menlo park. 47, 49, parka 50, montero . that's quite cool. 23, almost gusts to 30. a westerly breeze from sfo to haywood to livermore.
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san jose. 58, 58, 60, now 50, 51, 56 and 56. that is a great difference in just four or five-days and plays in to a lot of fog and low clouds, southern california. also if you are head that way it's not that bad. fog on june gloom and desert southwest is not. for us watch that fog to retreat. high pressure giving the most inland area that would be warm to hot. everybody else is in the nice to mild to cool category. that means from 50s to maybe low 90s. the pattern is here to stay with anything just maybe subtle changes. >> thank you. >> there you go. >> we will watch the bay, hopefully we can see the fireworks on tuesday. >> hopefully. >> thank you. a new way to get around is being tested in some east bay cities. up next what is coming to oakland and berkeley. >> also a sailor comes home to california after a long
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deployment. surprise from his family in a very emotional homecoming. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! .
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all right. ♪ [ music ] . >> went with the patriotic theme. >> i'm wearing my head phones. >> it's a thousand city newsroom. >> i like that look. >> the old dj sal look. >> neil diamond coming to american. go. ♪ [ music ] . thank you. this is requested by jim sanders. picking up on our american theme here. if there is a special song you want to hear it has to be about america or something patriotic. happy 4th of july weekend coming up. ly play your requests this friday. just use the hash tag ktvu. >> i look forward to those traffic jams on frilled. it's nice. minimum wage workers in san francisco will see a pay raise. starting this weekend. >> yeah the wage is going up a dollar. to $14 an hour on saturday. san jose raising its wage to $12 an hour.
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oakland's wage $12.25. the san francisco rate will go up next year to $15 an hour. making one of the highest minimum wages in the country. >> in the state of maine a group of restaurant workers successfully lob yipped to lower the minimum wage there. the state legislature raised the wage to nine dollars an hour last november but restaurant servero feared would lead to fewer hours at work and fewer tips. lawmakers passed a new bill early their month. it was signed by the governor repealing the raise. that is now back down to just $3.75 an hour but restaurant workers say that through tips they are going to still make at least nine dollars or more per hour. oakland and berkeley testing the bay area's first one way car sharing program. it's called dig car share. it's like services is provided by zip car but instead of picking up and dropping off the cars at the same spot renters can take the car to any
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location in oakland or berkeley. the cost of a rental is about $15 an hour or $85 a day. the hottest housing market not in san francisco or oakland or silicon valley. where buyers is still find homes for less than $500,000. >> and three bay area planned parenthood clinics will close down for good today. we will tell you why threats from the trump administration likely lead to this move.
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♪ ♪ ♪
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. good morning to you. thank you for joining us on mornings on it. it's friday. it's june 30th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. time 6:30. senator die san feinstein said this year's wildfire season could be worse than last year. we keep hear that. >> she said all the heavy rain and in the winter created more brush and the heat wave dried it out. she said this is caused a possible disaster situation statewide. more than 30,000 acres have burned already. firefighters are continuing to battle that fire, act will two fires burning in southern california's most -- one is burning there in mal ib u. the other in cal ib asis. that fire is on a hillside
6:31 am
above the town and has been threatening homes. it burned at least 25 acres. it's still spreading. the fire which is inland burned about 50 acres. one firefighter had minor injuries. the fire shut down a stretch of pacific coast highway until nine last night leaving many people stranded. >> right now i'm waiting here at sunset and pch for the road to clear. get back to my family. >> what's going on? it's daunting. i want to make sure everything is all right. >> wildfires also burning in arizona and in colorado and in the mountain community of prescott arizona, 1400 children had to be evacuated from summer camps. another two thousand were forced out of their homes and in colorado a furriner durango burned one homet. forced the evacuation of 170 other people. in san jose firefighters put out a brush fire late
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yesterday afternoon that came very close to homes in san jose this one reported about 4:00 off north capitol yeah near interstate 680. it came very close to homes and some buildings on property that belonged to the eastside union high school district. fire crews said set a fire break, helped them keep that fire from moving and damaging property. >> and a little farther east, firefighters have contained three small fires off grant road near mount hamilton. the fires burned a total of 85 acres. investigators say it appears they may have been sparked by a passing car. we have seen a lot of that as bell. cars pulling off to the side and certainly don't throw the cigarette out the window. that happens as well. >> you can see them. a friend of mine said you can see them when you fly in or come up from la. my sister said they are out at lake havasu for the holiday
6:33 am
weekend and they have a lot of smoke from the riverside area . >> friend of maybe said that you can see it. that one there. it's not bad in phoenix. you can -- you with fly in and see it. those are -- that's a lot. we have high humidity and cool temperatures. that helps here. unless -- the wind doesn't. it's a west wind. we don't have the north or northeast. oakland with fog and drizzle and partly sundayy. didn't get that warm. only 70. these are slightly below average. average temperatures about 67 to 84 around here. santa rosa should be 84, san francisco 67, i don't think anyone will come close. they will be close. 50s on the temperatures. 51 san francisco, 51 above los gatos. 50 for boulder creek. saratoga. west. on shore wind.
6:34 am
out to livermore. haywood. it's a westerly breeze. sf moody in the last half hour. that is cold again. we started the week with 56 to 69. we have come way down. it's a push here. 60's to the 08's or very low 90s. 6:34 sal and you think that it'll be lighter until you get that sense. yeah. i'm looking at -- what i always judge by steve is the toll plaza. i can see traffic is moving along slowly. there is a back up and it looks kind of like a lot of people are going had to the office. i still think that later today. we are going to hava lighter day this commute is not lighter. if you are going to the bay bridge it looks the same to san francisco. there have been no major problems but there have been a couple of minor things that have caused slow downs. some commutes lighter. this is 580 westbound. you can see how slow it is kiming township the 205
6:35 am
interchange. 205 is slight lighter 880 between haywood and union city looks better than normal. like wise san mateo and dunbar ton and the south bay commute. let's go back to the desk. happening today three planned parents hood clinics in the bay area will be closing their doors for good. alex savagn pittsburgh this morning where the organization is trying to cut of the coulds to deal with falling financial resources. alex. >> reporter: right. good morning to you. on top of that planned parenthood could loose all of its federal funding under the proposed republican health care bill. this is part of the reason that the organization is now consolidating. this clinic here in pittsburgh where we are this morning on railroad avenue is one of three bay area locations closing down for good starting today. you can see the sign here up at the front door. the other two locations in vacaville and central richmond. there will still be 19 clinics
6:36 am
operating across northern california. even after these closures. planned parenthood provides a wide array of medical services including family planning and abortions. the organization said that it needs to close some clinics because the reimbursement rate from medicaid is among the lowest in the country here in california. the group has faced the threat of defunding ever since the president took office. >> right now access to women's preventive health care is under attack. we are not immune to what happens in washington dc. when you look at the attacks on the affordable care act and the roll back of medicaid access. the roll back of preventive health care and the defunding of planned parenthood that's a triple grand slam. >> when you have somewhere to g somewhere you feel safe you can talk to someone and learn about yourself. it's priceless the kind of effect it has on us. >> people who use the clinic
6:37 am
in central richmond will now have to travel as many as five miamis away to the only other clinic in that city and patients tell us that -- it'll be a huge hardship for them. to ensure it's financial stability it's shutting down clinics mainly in urban areas and expanding areas at the more rural clinics where they say patients have fewer options nearby pam. >> yeah. all right. thank you alex for that update. 6:37 is the time right now. congress getting more security following the shooting in arlington havev. this is after the house administration committee updated the congressional handbook to try to protect lawmaker and their aides after that congressional baseball shooting. lawmakers can be reimbursed for buying bullet proof vests. they can protect them at various events. following the shoot that left
6:38 am
steve scalise nighing for his life we have learn that the gunman who acted alone was carrying a list of six members of congress when he opened fire on gop members of the house. new reports that alleged russian hackers talked about how to steal hillary clinton's e-mails and then transferred them to michael flinn. the watt street journal cited reports who were investigating the interference in the 2016 election. one of those according to the wall street journal may have been a republican operative named peter smith who had a working relationship with michael flinn's consulting company. the special council has been leading the investigation into whether any of trump's associates worked with russia to undermine clinton during the election. just hours after bart said that security cameras have now
6:39 am
been installed on all bart trains there was a report of an attack on a train. at about 11:00 wednesday night bart police say a group of teenagers punched a passenger on a train headed to dublin and then stole the cell phone getting video could take days because the new cameras on the trains aren't accessible instantly. former bart police chief said that even though the footage can't be seen in realtime the video can still help solve crimes. >> the fact that the train cars are nowe equipped with cameras that are operational but can also record and store footage that did be retrieved used as evidence. it's a vast improvement over having no video at all. >> in the past two thirds of the cameras on bart trains were decoys. bart said it'll get new train that will have cameras that can provide live feed. police in los angeles say a
6:40 am
man suspected of shooting and injuring a swat police officer yesterday morning actually live stream the shooting on facebook. now it started as police were serving four search warrants in connection with a murder back in march. police say they saw one of the suspects driving in the area. that led to a chase. at one point police say the suspect pulled out a gun. the suspect and swat police officer were wounded in a shoot out but both are expected to survive. identify judge has blocked a new state law banning the possession of gun magazines that hold more than ten bullets. it was due to take effect tomorrow after voters approved it last year. a district judge in san diego ruled the ban violates the second amendment and amounts to the government taking private property without compensation. the sale of high capacity magazines in california was banned in the year 2000 but it is still legal to possess them in most cities.
6:41 am
a navy wife in san diego had a big surprise for her husband when he returned home from a six month deployment. . >> is that real? >> yes. >> pointing to her belly. >> she great greeted him by saying they are expecting their 4th child. she said she hit hid being beg six months to surprise him when he got off the ship. she found out she was pregnant a week after he was deployed and said the baby is due in late august. is he expected home for the birth. >> surprise. >> that is cute. she hid it. >> hiding it behind the sign. the president's crack down on immigration is moving ahead. coming up at seven the key pieces of legislation that the house passed and how this would affect us right here in the bay area. >> and coming up next even
6:42 am
captain ahab would be uncomfortable. the close encounter in the bay and the warning ahead of a busy holiday weekend. >> it was great. why not five? why not six? why not chase bigger things? >> that's what i say. we sit down with draymon green the defensive player of the year. what he is saying about championships and future free agents.
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...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. . welcome back.
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it could be kind of quiet on wall street. nike shares are trading higher after it beat the 4th quarter earnings and sales expectations. they also confirmed a deal with amazon to cut out the middle man. you can buy your gear right from amazon they will be selling directly to amazon, also instagram. they have been selling through third party dealers. it could bring them up to a half billion dollars in revenuet. also calls for them to do stricter policing of counterfeits and place restrictions on unsanctioned sales of nike products movement time is 6:45. val johan, you are number one on a new list of the hottest housing markets in america. realtor based rangings on where homes sell fastest. according to the mercury news vallejo is one of the most affordable places to buy a home here in the bay area and properties sell quick. the san francisco -- oakland,
6:46 am
haywood market ranged number two on that list. the san jose market is number nine. there is a warning this morning for boaters to keep their distance from whales. it comes after a tourist from florida capture a picture a boat hitting a whale near the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: crowds are gathering at fort point to catch a look at a fantastic sight. whales breaching by the golden gate. >> they are have been out here for at least the last week and a half, maybe two. >> this photograph was taken by a tourist ryan clapper on the bridge wednesday showing a boat striking a whale. clap esaid it appeared that the boat got to close in an attempt to take a picture. >> that's just like you are hitting a human. that's god's creation. this is their land. this is their world. >> i was appalled. i was upset. >> reporter: mary of the natalma rene samctuary said they know of two incidents of
6:47 am
small boats driving directly into whales. she sold it harassment of the an ma'ams many of which are endangered or protected. >> if you hurt them or them and cause them to come up at another location they may be resurfacing directly in the path of an oncoming large ship. . >> reporter: ship strikes can be deadly like the one that killed a whale last month. they are documenting evidence with long range cameras of careless boaters or kite surfers seeking a thrill next to a whale. him reamazing creatures. they want our. respect. >> the captain was careless and shouldn't be a captain if they are can hit something that big in the water. that's what captains not supposed to do. the agency said their goal is to not put someone in jail or hit someone with a fine but they want people to be aware to keep a safe distance.
6:48 am
they will meet with agencies about the issue later today. we will be joined by ryan clapper and mary in our 9:00 hour this morning to talk about this further. time is now 6:48. draymon green is only 27 but he already has a very impressive resume. mark ibanez sat down with him after he was named the defensive player of the year. they talked about the future of the team and keeping the team together. >> i want to win multiple championships. two is great but why not five? why not six? why not chase bigger things? you know the feeling of winning a championship so great. the fear of never experiencing that feeling again is scary. we will loose pieces in free agency for sure. i have the faith and trust in the front office that they will plug those pieces in just fine and -- we will keep this ball moving. i think that the more you play with each other the more
6:49 am
familiar you are and that leads to getting better as well. >> there you go. you can watch mark's full one on one interview with green this sunday night. 11:30 during sports wrap. they do play as a team. >> yeah. >> so many championship teams like they have one guy or they have two people who are stars. the warriors -- a lot of weapons. >> strength in numbers. >> yeah. exactly. they -- they enjoy playing. it's obvious they enjoy playing with each a. >> they do look like they are having fun. >> and i'm sorry i'm a bit distracted. >> you are watching stuff. >> i was looking for something i needed to click on. one thing that -- we are a good team here. >> of course. >> we enjoy what we do. >> dave sup for defensive anchor of the year. >> yeah. >> and national championship. >> yeah. right. >> good morning. good morning everybody. let's go out and take a look at the commute now. westbound bay bridge. i was thinking would be lighter but it is busy here at the bay
6:50 am
bridge toll plaza. some commutes are lighter. some commutes look like this. others look relatively empty as we look at interstate 880 and oakland. that looks lighter. if you are trying to catch a flight at sfo there have been no major problemsful traffic is moving along okay as you drive through the area. very been looking at just -- just a lot of stuff here. westbound 580 for example. slowing on a different part of 580. this is kind of caught my attention. 580 coming this way. this is not usually where we see the slow traffic. 205 is not as slow. the traffic patterns are wonky. look at 880. we normally see a lot of slow traffic through here. there is something but it's lighter than usual. we look at the south bay commute that hasn't started to fill in. a little bit of slowing on the 101. it's -- it's a mixed bag for the most part it's a little lighter than you may expect it
6:51 am
for a regular commute morning. let's bring steve in with the weather. i do believe the nba free agent season starts tomorrow. >> yeah. >> and there is a lot of shuffling. >> it has. very foggy as well. i think we have a bigger fog bank today. local drizzle. many reports and this is the last day of the rain year. june 30th. starting a new one july 1st. started off in october and never let up. we may get another point for some. the real -- we built this city. it's so foggy in my walk to bal boxer aa park. now that i'm soaked from drizzle. i believet. we have had reports in the city. daley city. al pleada. oakland maybe where you are as well. berkeley. fog, drizzle for san francisco and -- some location around 50, 51. i don't think that we will see anything close to average today for some which would be 67.
6:52 am
i went 63. 63, 51, that's the average. 93 the record high. 1927. 1908 the record low. if you are traveling north. if you are going south there is a lot of low clouds and fog against the coast. some of this makes a good push inland. we are seeing more today than yesterday at it time. i don't see much change in the temperatures. everybody in the 50s and a few 40s. even brentwood at 59 and 40s for glenallen. there is one. i know it's close for san rafael. windsor and leesburg and bodega bay. lima valley at 51. weak system will brush us. gusts almost 30 out to travis. due west and the delta breeze is in place. sfo, haywood and livermore on shore breeze. incredible how much the water temperatures have cooled off just from on monument about 56 to 60. now the bay is 50.
6:53 am
san francisco 52. almost 59 four days ago. half moon bay 56 and monterey 56 to 60. who ho's for just about everybody. sunny ask and warm over the weekend. near average to below. 60s to the 80s and then well inland you can find some of the 90s. i don't think they will warm up compared to yesterday. 85 walnut creek. 83 for morgan hill. san mateo72. not much change pam, looks nice. >> all right. sounds nice. thank you. great story. google has a new mission to keep kid from dropping out of school or to help people continue their education.
6:54 am
the pilot program with local authorities and the way to help people learn.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
. >> that's right. >> john cougar meloncamp. >> exactly. at least they didn't ever call himself a sill bomb which could be hard for -- a symbol which would be hard for dj. this a question by ann who came in on twitter. it is a special song with a fourth of july theme or american theme? i will play your request every friday morning with a theme. # ktvu twitter or instragram. >> that's a good one to get you moving on a friday morning. >> it is. >> coming up on 7:00, the san francisco sheriff's department is actually teaming waive and give up google to reach high school drop outs -- teaming up with google to reach high school drop out. >> mobile class rooms go into san francisco, san mateo and adult who is dropped out of high school can attend class inside a bus.
6:58 am
the bus serves as a fully equipped class room with computer, wi-fi, even a library. we literally have learning senor for two blocks way so cross the street out of fear of safety. the self determination is an attempt to solve that problem. >> the students do it as an independent study three time a week. these are used as credit toward getting a high school diploma. >> police in palm beach florida mr. say venus williams was at fault in a deadly car crash. mores say williams ran a red lathe on june 9 and drove her suv into the path of another vehicle. a 78-year-old passenger in that car was injured in the crash, and then died two wokes later. according to williams attorney, she enters the intersection on a green light and was not sited or charged. she was not injured in that crash. time is 6:58. a group is claiming fraud in radio active clone up effort at
6:59 am
the naval shipyard in san francisco. the shipyard had a radio active lab study ships that survived atomic bomb test. the environmental group says since 2006, the toxic soil has not been cleaned property. they're accusing the: up company of filing false documents. soil that was radio active was pulled out of the ground and put right back into hunters point. >> 20 time it is health level that the navy set. >> the group doesn't want the city to build houses at hunters point because of possibly danger russ rows side effects. the company tetra tech accused of submitting false documents denies all of the allegations. a nationwide crack down on illegal immigrants, the two pieces of legislation moving forward and how they would affect some of the bay area's biggest cities.
7:00 am
that's all ahead here on mornings on 2. >> this the ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for ginning us. today june 30th. good to see you. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather for a friday heading into a weekend. steve is right here. >> have you stepped outside. >> it is still brisk. it is cold, foggy and drizzle out there for in. >> and i think today looks to be a little coolfor some. in fact, some temperatures are still below arch, livermoore should be 88. i went 84. michael said i am up on the mountain, heavy, wet, dense fog and a cool and. let's see what else is showing up in the mountain. moulder creek at 5. scotts valley at 51. santa cruz and so cool at 51. a little warmer, and campbell and santa


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