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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  June 30, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a small plane crashes and what happened moments after the plane burst into flames. >> we have richard with us and he appears to have a fragile impetuous childlike ego that we seen over and over again expect to war of words continues two news anchors respond to the controversy over speed -- tweets but it did not stop this morning. a new scandal involving the oakland police department and the investigation underway involving inappropriate sexual conduct and illegal drugs. "ktvu" fox news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, everyone. i am mike mibach. >> and i am cristina rendon. the developing story after playing crest onto interstate 405 in the crash happened around 930 at -- 9:35 a.m. and light picture now over the 40 five in southern california and witnesses say the cessna
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burst into flames short of the runway at john wayne airport and the pilot declared an emergency shortly after takeoff and was trying to return to john wayne and the fire captain says the two people aboard the plane suffered traumatic injuries and also from lanes were shut down to about 10:15 a.m. and officials open one lane of traffic and traffic was backed -- backed up for miles. the day after a series of tweets about a cable news anchor president trump was back at it this morning. new to eat reading watched low rated morning joe for the first time in a long time and it's fake news. he called me to stop a national inquirer article and i said no. bad so. people say that with our distracting from the parties agenda. president trump ignoring calls to delete his twitter account and the commander-in- chief is tweeting about the
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morning show calling it fake news but it was us -- a tweet he dropped on thursday mocking the two that continues to dominate headlines. >> it is unbelievable alarming that this president is so easily late. he is so easily played a cable news host. >>reporter: the inner circle saying he has the right to take them on. >> it's incredible to watch people play armchair psychologists and outwardly ridiculing his physicality's and his mental state and calling him names and then all of a sudden feigning shock when he wants to fight back and defend himself. >> was resounding backlash. >> stop. stop. >> it is so blatantly sexist i don't know there is a question about it. >> it's not helpful. the president needs to stay focused. healthcare topping the
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agenda in the president tweeting if republican senators are unable to pass what they are working on now they should immediately repeal and replace at a later date. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is hoping to get a revised version to lawmakers before the july for the -- recess. so how do you think voters feel about the pension for using twitter x according to the latest survey 71% say they disapprove and think it hurts his agenda. at the white house, kevin court. "ktvu" two news. president trump's tweets have overshadowed much of the white house agenda over the past 24 hours and yesterday "ktvu" spoke to republican voters and some say he is setting a bad example while others are standing by the president. >> i have three daughters and yes, i do find it extremely offensive and i don't think that any man and whatever his position is that life should
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ever speak of women in such a way. >> i am not offended at all. get over it. that's what i say. get over it and appreciate that we have a president that cares and is not politically correct all the time. >> many critics say it's another example of cyber bullying and that brings us to our question of the day. we have been asking our reviewers, what do you think about president trump's use of twitter? >> 14% say it helps deliver his message, 86% say it hurts his credibility and we have a few comments from viewers on today's question. >> people attack him and he has a right to attack back. they can dish it out but they can't take it back. >> antonio says i'd like a president who is the scanned and signed in on you and other -- who is in scanned and you have other things to do for the country. i don't think about his
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tweets as anything more than entertainment and you can respond and use the hashtag # "ktvu." the trump administration has until monday to respond to a legal challenge in the meantime -- and in the meantime a change went into effect in the u.s. is adding fiancis to the list of immediate family members who will now be allowed to enter the country. a group of immigrant advocates and legal aids are gathering to help anyone that could be affected or are concerned about the travel ban affecting six muslim majority nations. >> she was held up there for quite a while. she is a green card holder and legal and everything is proper at this time we had no problems. >> people can receive a visa if they have immediate family members such as a spouse, fianci, parent, child or sun or daughter in law. tomorrow is the second anniversary of the shooting death of kate stanley.
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there were two immigration bills passed yesterday and she was walking with her dad and a family friend near the ferry building in san francisco on july 1, 2015 when she was struck by a bullet and killed. investigators say the shooter was an undocumented immigrant juan soap -- lopez sanchez who kept returning to the country after being deported at times. >> most immigrants don't commit crimes at the rate that average u.s. citizens i do. >> these are not huddled masses yearning to be free or families attempting to come here for a better life, these are bad people and we call them criminals. two -- >>reporter: to california members voted in favor and case law would increase penalties for undocumented people who come to the u.s. and keep crimes.
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no centuries for criminals. the proposal would block grant from the justice department and homeland security to any sanctuary city that refuses to cooperate with federal immigration agents. while the bay area could be deeply affected san jose mayor sam mcardle for san jose would not lose much funding. >> i expect we will continue to do what we are doing and we are not informing ice or and it doesn't mean we are cooperating with ice or do their work for them. >> the mayor said san jose does not depend on federal funding for safety and they senate is considering a broader bill that incorporates both kate's law and the anti-sanctuary legislation. in the federal government is confirming a new immigration crackdown. the trump administration will arrest parents or relatives who authorities believe smuggled
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children into the u.s. custom enforcement says it is intended to identify and arrest adults who paid smugglers to bring children across the border and marks a smart -- a sharp this archer from the obama -- a sharp departure from the obama administration. a new misconduct scandal brewing at the oakland police department. "ktvu" is confirmed an investigation is underway into allegations that an officer had sex with a civilian in the basement of police headquarters in downtown oakland. as police searched for evidence i found a stash of illegal drugs including cocaine and it comes as a federal judge has ordered oakland officials to appear before him to discuss why they fell short in a -- investigating the sex exploitation scandal and fire -- and balmy -- involving a former worker. planned parenthood is closing three of its the area
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locations. 19 clinics continue to operate in northern california and planned parenthood since needs to consolidate because it's reimbursement rate for medicaid is the lowest in the nation. the clinics offer a wide range of services as well as abortions and family planning. you can't flirt says the closures will have a big impact on young people. >> when you have somewhere to go and you feel safe and you talk to someone and learn about yourself, it's priceless the effect it has on us. >> the healthcare bill would be a major challenge for planned parenthood. in its pleasant form it was stripped federal funding for year. right now there are not enough votes to pass legislation on the healthcare bill. conservatives and moderate republicans remain divided on issues such as subsidies, medicaid spending and charging a 3.8% investment income tax on
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what the americans. >> senators are continuing discussions on the path forward and bringing relief for obamacare and it is collapsing markets. we've made good progress and we will keep working. >> 45 billion dollars has been added to the measure to address the opioid addiction problem across the country to attract support of moderates but some republicans remain noncommittal. >> we've had differences of the parent -- opinions but i would not call them arguments. i would say with had an honest debate and my focus is on ensuring that low income people continue to receive care. >> immigrants are split and they're willing to discuss  improvements and a lot more and bernie sanders -- bernie sanders is calling for universal healthcare. >> a push to stop cigarette in
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the bay area. up next a new plan to keep cigarette butts off the beach. a live look outside for you on the friday afternoon and coming up we have this weekend forecast plus what you can expect is you watch the fireworks on the fourth. the president of south korea comes to the white house and what they are focused on as they spoke to the media this morning. fox13 news.
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an investigation by a chemical weapons watch dog group confirms say a gas was used back in the month of april that killed more than 90 people including women and children. days after u.s. ordered an airstrike on the syrian bear -- military base or the attack was launched in the investigation or the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons confirmed that the gas was used days after the white house issued a warning to syria. >> i am pleased but i will say not surprised that the opc doubled the weapons inspection and confirmed this is indeed sarah and. >> the goal is at this point -- syrian gas. it's to send a message that if it's that -- if it happens again we are putting you on notice. >> it is widely believed the regime contacted some people but the country denies those
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claims. russia says the report does not prove syrian president pilar -- the president played -- played a roll and the president will sit face-to-face to -- with vladimir putin at the summit. the president is hosting the president of south korea and the talks begin over dinner and this morning to give joint statements to the media. president trump reiterated his commitment to south korea and spoke about strengthening the alliances. the president called north korea a menace and vowed to tackle a nuclear threat from the north korean dictator. his predecessor was impeached on corruption charges and he took office in may. things have cooled down here considering what we had last week that we are looking ahead to the holiday weekend and rosemary is here with what you can expect. >> cool, mild and warm and you
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will have your choices and that's a pattern in place for today and that is the pattern that will stick around for the next several days. giving you a live look outside outdoors across the oakland estuary where you can barely see san francisco in the background and we have the fog up there at this hour and clouds in some areas and right now temperatures in santa rosa 73 degrees in san francisco reporting mid-50s only mostly cloudy skies and low 60s in the in livermore 73 and san jose 71 . at this time mostly sunny skies where you see the 70s in san francisco mid-50s. 24 hour temperature change not a lot going on and a little cooler like sfo is warmer and the rest of us within a few degrees of where we were yesterday at this time and continuing to run a bit cool for this time of year. here is stormtracker to where you can see the last three hours a cloud cover has retreated moving back toward the coast and some just inside the bay and a little bit of hayes across the bay bridge and on
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the shoreline in san francisco is covered in clouds at this time as well as pacifica and have moved bay and as we get into the onshore breeze there it is at 22 miles an hour in fairfield insisting that 14 miles per hour in oakland if you go to see that easy play it will be cool and i will have that forecast. here is a look at your "futurecast" models. we will be mostly sunny away from the coast at at the coast it's going to be stuck under the cloud cover. santa cruz partly cloudy and mostly clear for the afternoon and the afternoon highs looked like this. 80 degrees by nevada display short 70 degrees for oakland and our inner east bay a warm one at 92 brentwood and 85 expected for pleasanton and south bay locations 77 san jose and 81 degrees in other areas and it's a beautiful day in woodside and 70 you there and 72 san mateo and low 60s and seven cisco and here is a look
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at your forecast. 75:00 with the westerly breeze at ten miles per hour so 63 degrees at the start of the game and going back into the upper 50s by the end of the game and bring along the extra layers and here is a look at your extended forecast. a slight dip on saturday and backup on sunday and back down on monday and tuesday and all in all not a lot of change. low 60s at the coast and low 70s at the bay and widespread 80s expected for inland cities. perfect. thank you, rosemary. san francisco is rolling out a new program aimed at keeping cigarette butts off of the streets and out of the ocean. there is a pilot program putting new holders in the sunset enrichment district and partner -- partnered with the surfrider program and kick it off by collecting butts and they said it is the most littered item in the city and they end up washed down the drain pipes and into
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the ocean. >> we still see the letter everywhere and i think it takes a renewed effort and more creativity to figure out what do we need to do here. >> the pilot program runs six months and if it keeps cigarette butts off the streets they will have more waste bins around the city. fire is burning in malibu and the other in calabasas. malibu is 20% contained and is burned 30 acres -- and has burned dirty acres and is no longer threatening homes. calabasas is 30% contained and it shutdown some of the highway until 9:00 p.m. last night. coming up. how you can order your favorite pair of nike's -- straight from instagram or amazon.
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stocks are higher in afternoon trading on wall street is big -- as a big gain for mikey lifts -- nike lifts the numbers and the nasdaq is up 13 points. nike shares are up 10% after a top wall street fourth- quarter earnings and sales expectation and confirmed the deal with amazon to cut out the middleman. the world biggest sportswear maker will sell directly to amazon. nike has been selling to third- party dealers in this deal
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could bring them up to .5 alien dollars in revenue and cost for amazon to do stricter policing of counterfeits and place restrictions. nike announced a partnership with instagram allowing consumers to buy nike products seamlessly through the app. this book is one-step closer -- facebook has successfully completed a second test of its drone. it flew for one hour and 46 minutes and landed without any trouble with the first drone crashed but this one had significant improvements. facebook plans to use the drone to beam internet signals to areas of the world not connected to the internet. alejo is number one on the hottest towns and markets. dune rankings on where homes sell the fastest and according to them -- alejo -- it's one of the most affordable places to
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buy a the san francisco market ranked number two on the list -- vallejo, california -- in the bay area has a one-way shower -- car sharing. similar to services like zipcar, renters can take the car to any designated location in oakland and berkeley and it's about $18 an hour or $85 a day. millions of americans are addicted to celebrate the fourth of july from hotdogs to fireworks and those red white and blue shirts, jerry willis breaks down how much people are planning to spend. happy 240 for earth day america -- happy 241st birth day, america. a survey of the national retail federation finds 53% already own apparel like t-shirts and
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apparels in bathing suits and shoes and they plan and rock some america pride. >> that american pride means different things to different people. to 66% of those surveyed it means a lot of red, white and barbecue. the average consumer is slated to spend just over $73 on food. about totaling over $7 billion in revenue, the north american meat institute says the people will it -- people will eat 150 million pounds of hotdogs alone. >> people fire up the barbecue and there is nothing better for the barbecue and meet. whether the hot dog or hamburger steaks and chicken, there's a lot of different ways you can grow meat on the barb -- grill meat on the barbecue. and -- analysts say drivers will pay the lowest price for
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gas and 12 years. almost 33 million americans plan on taking advantage of the low prices are packing up the car and hitting the road. when the sun goes down the show begins. whether it's a hometown display or the largest. >> regular in the country, fireworks are synonymous with the fourth of july and vice president of special productions at macy's says they take pride in honoring our nations history. back to 1776 we've had some sort of virus display and we want to celebrate that in a very big way and that's what we are doing. this is a patriotic show and the best way to do that is to fireworks. >> macy's also says this will be there because show yet and they are using 60,000 our work shows spread across five barges in manhattan's east river. in new york i am jerry willis, fox willis. on "ktvu".com we posted a
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list of fourth of july events across the bay area and look under the local news section. >> it's called operation dry water. how the coast guard plans to crackdown on anyone thinking but drinking and boating on the holiday weekend. plus many low wage workers here in san francisco will get a slight bump in pay and we will tell you about the minimum wage increase that takes effect tomorrow.
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starting tomorrow the minimum wage in san francisco goes up to $14 an hour. >> alex savage joins us live were some workers notice a difference in their paychecks. alex? good afternoon to both of you. -- >>reporter: a handful of workers here and we will get a slight bump -- they will get a slight bump in pay because of the minimum wage increase and that might not be a whole lot in the expensive city but it's a step in the right direction. >> at least how many years? >> 30 years. >> 30 years. congratulations. >> mayor ed lee got a tour of the golden bear facility from the owner and this is a wholesale outerwear manufacturer here in seven cisco. the owner says none of his
12:31 pm
employees make minimum wage and it will give workers a small increase in their hourly rate. starting tomorrow the minimum wage in san francisco goes from $13 an hour up to $14 an hour and back in 2014 but -- voters approved the increases as a way to help low wage workers survive in san francisco. >> you need to make sure you're compensating someone enough so they have a standard of living so they want to come to work and the reason why they change jobs is because they can't make money where they are and they are posted -- forced to go somewhere else. >> a city in san francisco is become so expensive and it was one of many ways and a solid way to help with income inequality and a lot of workers are struggling to afford this expensive city.
12:32 pm
>> along with increasing the minimum wage the mayor says it's important to build -- build more affordable housing to make sure low income families can continue to live in the city and according to one study done at uc berkeley 20% of the workforce will be getting some kind of arrays as a result of this new law and this time next year the minimum wage here in san francisco will go up one more time to $15 an hour. we will send it back to you guys. alex live in the city and it took a few times. they approved a new two your budget and they plan to vote monday night but protesters disrupted the special hearing and it separates the audience from council members and it's noisy with people protesting but the council approved a $2.5 billion budget and it will run from 2017 i could 2019 and includes more money for homeless services, the police department
12:33 pm
and to fight illegal dumping. the justice department says san jose police improperly kept track of $.5 million in federal funds. the inspector general report for three fiscal years ending in 2015 did not accuse apartment -- the department of fraud but was criticized for its handling of money and for failing to spend more than $1 million it received for aiding federal investigation. the san jose police department was criticized for a contract for window blinds worth more than $33,000 -- dollars. and the city is working to resolve the issues and they would close the case once the city showed evidence of improvement. search for a missing man is continuing. richard moss was last seen living -- leaving his home in montero and yesterday's aaa card was found at the south end of the beach. a team of volunteers were back
12:34 pm
on the beach at 10:00 a.m. to continue the search for him. hours after bert said security cameras have been installed on all art trains there was a report of an attack, bart train. bart police say teenagers punched a passenger headed to dublin and still that person's cell phone. getting video could take several days because the new cameras are not instantly accessible. former police chief says even though the footage cannot be seen in real time the video can still help solve crimes. >> the fact that other train cars are now equipped with cameras that not only are reputational -- operational i can always retrieve the evidence and it's a vast improvement over having no video whatsoever. >> in the past two thirds of the cameras on bart trains were decoys. they will be getting new trains
12:35 pm
that have cameras that can provide live feeds. l.a. police say a man suspected of shooting and injuring a police officer yesterday live streamed the shooting of facebook and it started when police were serving for search warrants in connection to a murder that happened back in march. police are one of the suspects driving in the area which led to adjacent one point the suspect got out with the gun. both of the suspect and the s.w.a.t. officer -- both the s.w.a.t. officer and the suspect were hit and they will both survive. tomorrow voters approved a vote last year in the san diego judge says it violates the second amendment and taking private parking -- operate without compensation. high-capacity magazines were banned in 2000 but it is legal to possess them in most cities. the coast guard is stepping up its safety patrols to help prevent people from boating
12:36 pm
under the influence and it's part of an intensified nationwide effort called operation dry water folders can expect the -- boaters can see more coast guard vessels and they will be paying a dental -- paying attention to record -- recreational safety and they will do dockside boardings to check for safety. >> the operation dry water campaign is year-long and we are enforcing recreational boating safety and making sure that people are on the water and enjoying it and being safe and responsible. >> it's illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs in every state and penalties can include fines and jail time. boaters are told to keep away from wales after two instances where boaters drove in text -- drove intentionally into wales. you can see right there this
12:37 pm
happened on wednesday and clapper says there were about four whales in the area when the boat hit the whale without slowing down or stopping. >> as he tried to get closer to one of the whales he might not have known that there were other whales in the area and happen to run right over one. >> we don't know if the foil was injured. i morning sun to -- we don't know if the whale was injured we spoke to the morning sun and she said voters -- boaters are being careless. >> a whale will pop up in front of you and that is unavoidable. there's a huge concentration right now that happened to be in the area but the people who are moving in too closely or boxing in, vessels or windsurfers are boxing and animals and you know you should not be doing that. >> boaters must maintain a distance of 300 feet away from
12:38 pm
the whales. marin county fair open today and there celebrating the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. it will be plenty to see even a nightly fireworks show and also plenty of rides and live music including performances by ub40. people are being encouraged to take public tensor vacation -- transportation to east traffic and it runs through july 4th at the marin county fairgrounds. a one-on-one with draymond green. we sit down with the defensive player of the year. up next and what he has to say about championships and teacher free agent. meteorologist rosemary roscoe will have the weekend forecast when we return.
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i want to bring you up to speed on breaking news back east. this is in the hospital in new york city work on fire broke out just about 45 minutes ago. this is at the bronx lebanon hospital. police have no immediate information on weather anyone was killed as we give you the live pictures here from a chopper over the hospital but people have been injured. >> we have learned from foxnews , two people are shot in no word on their conditions at this time. we understand that this hospital is not far from yankee stadium to give you some
12:42 pm
perspective if you're familiar with the new york city area there and you can see the police cars and officers surrounding the building likely because we are hearing this is an act of shooter situation. unclear on whether or not they have contacted the active shooter or know where he is in the building. there was a report that he was on the loose and we will report -- we will follow these developments and bring you an update as soon as we have one. the holiday weekend is here and for many people it means vacation time. from the roads to the skies it's supposed to be the most traveled fourth of july in history. >> lauren blanchard has a look at how many people will travel this year. >> the fourth of july weekend is here and many americans are saying so long to the backyard. according to aaa this year more than 44 million people are heading away from their homes to celebrate the red white and blue. compared to 2016 1 million more people will travel this fourth of july weekend taking to the
12:43 pm
air, the road, the rails and waterways during what is a long weekend for many working americans. according to aaa, 37.5 million people will choose to drive to their destinations due to cheaper gas prices, the average hovering at $2.28 per gallon and the number of americans choosing to take to the friendly skies is also up almost 3.5 million will be flying this weekend and while the tsa reminds folks keep the fireworks at home and out of your bags and where is everyone going? the top destination goes to orlando florida. >> here in washington dc while the city is decked out according to aaa more than 1 million people will head out and away from all of the fanfare for this record breaking travel weekend. in the nation's capital lauren blanchard. foxnews. here is a live look now and
12:44 pm
it is the good is short 80 going through emeryville and berkeley and as you can see it's sluggish and not even 1:00 on this friday afternoon. both directions sluggish and they are in their -- they are there and berkeley and a spokesperson was with us i morning sun two with tips on how to best avoid the holiday traffic. i think early morning is the best time. you want to avoid peak travel times after about 2:00 to 4:00 today the roads will get had as people go to their destinations and we advise people to leave it's early as they can -- as early as they can. >> it has steadily dropped since memorial day and 80% will be on the roadways and popular destinations likely tahoe as well as when country. open police are warning people to celebrate safely. there will be extra officers on patrol who are counting on
12:45 pm
people and communities to tell them when they see or hear fireworks or celebratory gunfire. we do ask those to refrain and avoid that and if you see it to report it as well. with firearms what you should up must come down and that's dangerous. >> the police department says it knows about key areas where people use illegal fireworks and last year on july 4th oakland police made over 103 pedestrian and vehicle pedestrian stops and they arrested 14 people for illegal fireworks and officers recovered wordage guns and made 26 seizures of fireworks. let check in with rosemary now and look at the holiday weekend forecast and what we are going to expects. >> we all know about june gloom and it's here. it's kind of funny. summer bomber. so we've got gray skies along
12:46 pm
the beach and that will change and we have seen a little bit away from our bayside communities but for the most part we are remaining with those clouds throughout the morning and throughout the evening and a little fog here as stormtracker's two shows you the three hour time lapse and at the coast i do expected they are going to remain for the afternoon. at least pacifica and half moon bay a little clearing over monterey and santa cruz. the onshore breeze will stick with us as well. concord reporting is sustained when at 13 in fairfield sustained at 32 miles an hour and it will last until the fourth of july. here is a look at what to expect. slightly cooler for tomorrow and slightly warmer on sunday and slightly cooler on monday and tuesday not a lot of change expected. there you have it. the "futurecast" here will show you that as we get into the afternoon and the clouds move
12:47 pm
around to pacifica and half moon bay and all of her small communities here and we make it pretty good clearing and partly cloudy skies in seeing sunshine . temperature wise a warm day and brent went and 86 degrees outside your door and get closer to the coast 55 half moon bay. mid 50s at the coast and mid 80s inland and everyone else right in between. 57 in the city and to the north bay a beautiful day in santa rosa and 73 outside your door and san jose checking in at 71 degrees. afternoon highs a nice one and warm and not too hot for the north bay. 81 degrees for petaluma and 80 degrees for nampa and sausalito upper 60s and the east bay short upper 60s in alameda and if you like it warmer had inland . 84 in danville and south bay locations we have 83 for morgan hills and 77 san jose and we do
12:48 pm
have more sunshine and santa cruz and 73 for the afternoon. afternoon highs for reading 76 and cool in san francisco with 63 and upper 50s low 60s. pacifica, half moon bay, daly city. going to tahoe it's going to be nice with mostly sunny skies and upper 40s in the forecast but low 80s expected through the weekend and through the fourth of july and here is a look at your extended forecast here at home. no major changes expected. low 60s at the coast and low 70s around the bay and mid to upper 80s expected and some of the lower spot test warmer spot low 90s and if you are thinking about it just be aware san francisco, berkeley and all of our bayside communities could have trouble with fog and go inland and enjoy a summer night. >> see you there. draymond green just 27 years old and he has a very impressive room -- resume. and we sat down with draymond
12:49 pm
green right after he was named the nba defensive player of the year. they talk about the future of the team and keeping the warriors together. >> i want to win multiple championships. two is great but why not five or six? why not chase bigger things. the feeling of winning a championship is so great and the fear of never experiencing and it -- of not experiencing it again is scary. i have faith in the front office that they will load the pieces and and we will keep the ball moving and i think the more you play with each other the more familiar you are and that leads to getting better as well. >> you can watch the one-on-one interview sunday night at 11:30 p.m. during sports rep. happening today nba free agency begins at 9:00 p.m. pacific time and warriors fans are concerned that they may lose some key reserve players.
12:50 pm
andre will field some offers and 17 have expressed interest warriors ownership is concerned about the future of luxury tax penalties if they re-sign him and another free agency is mickey. a man from las vegas is the ultimate nba long shot at the age of 61 kevin roberts holst -- hopes to be the oldest player. he was drafted by the spurs in 1980 but he did not make the roster. he played overseas before retiring and he knows the odds are against him but he's been training hard and he said letters to eight nba teams but not the warriors. he jokes they don't need him and the oldest player in history was nat hickey a few days shy of his 46th birthday and he played in january. 's homecoming surprise one sailor did not see coming. the secret his wife has been keeping from him for months and
12:51 pm
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welcome back. if you've been injured and it was not your fault we have legal professional andy to answer your questions and tell you what your case is worth.
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we are now bringing you up to speed on the breaking news situation in new york city. two people were shot at a
12:54 pm
hospital and this is the bronx- lebanon hospital center not far from yankee stadium and police still describing this as an active shooter. >> began about an hour ago and no word yet if anyone has been killed in the new york times just sent out a tweet and they are reporting that three doctors have been shot and police say also that they are continuously looking for the gunmen if this is an active shooter situation everything that has no. >> we will keep you updated on the very latest information especially on the four on two. the entertainment industry foundation which ran the successful stand up to cancer campaign is putting on a live primetime special to support the nation's high school system. it will air on fox and the names have not yet been announced but organizers hope the super school live will be as successful as the stand up to
12:55 pm
cancer campaign which is raised over $370 million for cancer research. the first weekend in july is here and there are plenty of ways to celebrate and here is rosemary your weekend watch. >>reporter: here is what is happening around the bay. in san francisco that your groove on at one of the largest free jazz festivals on the west coast. the fillmore jazz festival runs saturday and sunday offering live music, art and craft, gourmet food and drink or had to golden gate park for the 18th annual oyster fest. in the east bay take part in the play ball five k on sunday at the oakland coliseum and oakland a's community will introduce and fund the event and all entrance will receive a ticket and a portion of the proceeds will benefit bay area charitable organizations. the world dance battle festival is on the waterfront with dance
12:56 pm
workshops, local east and vendors and check it out on saturday in the north bay. friday is opening day of the marin county fair running through july 4th at the same -- at the fairgrounds. start your holiday early in montrial. it starts saturday and it will continue on sunday followed by the boat parade and water curtain. oregon are spectacular display sunday night at 9:30 and bottega bay. south bay 2017 hollister valley and it welcomes all bikers to enjoy live entertainment and in sports a's and deltas are at home and giant quakes are on the road and that is your weekend watch. a navy wife had a surprise for her husband when he got back from a six month deployment. >> [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] a.
12:57 pm
>> is that real? >> she greeted her husband with the big baby bond and this will be their fourth child -- baby bump and she found out a week after he was deployed. live pictures here out in new york city and the source of this feed is from our sister station in new york city and shots fired about an hour ago at the bronx lebanon hospital and right now police say the shooter is being sought because word is from police that multiple people have been injured. >> that's exactly right and they are still describing this as an active shooter situation. still looking for the gunmen. we leave this live image up on the screen and we will have more today on the four on two.
12:58 pm
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>> today -- >> 30 seconds. >> you think you can do it? >> what? >> the cord was connected. [laughter] >> it's $100,000 health fear, with michael strahan. >> you can't throw out medical -- we didn't go to medical school! for an, protein is key healthy body. but how much is right for you? simple!darn coming up next. ♪[music] >> we'll save lives today. >> you guys ready to get healthy? [cheering]


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