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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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you moving and we have mark tamayo in for steve this morning. good morning. >> we have been watching the fog do it's dance. it is beautiful with nice colors looking out toward the bay bridge. we will pause and reflect to start out your thursday morning. with the fog the marine layer is being compressed which is a good sign we will warm back up and as a result inland we are seeing 90s and livermore from 86 yesterday to the mid-90s this afternoon. san francisco 64 and now 69 today. the satellite showing the fog hugging the coastline with thunderstorms popping up across parts of the state yesterday with isolated showers in the bay. no shower threat for today and we have typical low clouds and fog. visibility has been improving with santa rosa having one-mile and they were down to a quarter mile visibility. this fog is moving around of
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the next few hours. the current numbers right now showing sims is going 52, san jose 59 with lots of 50s toward pleasanton, walnut creek and santa rosa at 50. looking out toward the oakland estuary cloud cover to talk about on this thursday morning. the plan for today showing the temperature timeline throughout the afternoon with the beaches remaining cool at 60s and inland backing up into the mid-90s. everyone up a good 6 degrees over yesterday. antioch the hotspot in santa rosa 90, san mateo at 79. warmer temperatures for your friday forecast and we will talk about that in a few minutes. we have the update on the roadways and good morning. >> right now not a bad commute if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge approach. you can see traffic will be a little bit slow but not terrible. it is a 10 to 15 minute delay
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but no major issues driving through this area with traffic good on what is on the bridge. looking at the other commutes at hayward, traffic moving okay driving through this area with no problems heading south. if you're driving into the south bay looking okay on northbound 101 but there is an accident at 13 street so watch for slow traffic approaching that area. it is 6:02 am. president trump hours ago in poland said he believes russia was partially responsible for interference in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. the president went on to say that russia was not the only country that could've interfered . >> i think it was russia and it could've been other people in other countries. it could've been a lot of people interfering. i've said it very simply that i think it could very well have been russia but it could well have been other countries, and i will not be specific.
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i think a lot of people interfered i think this is been happening for a long time and for many years. >> all of this comes as president trump prepares for the g20 summit in germany and a meeting with the russian pruden -- russian president vladimir putin. >> reporter: the friendly handshake and a warm welcome in poland president trump meeting with the polish president andrzej duda as the warm-up act for delicate days of diplomacy ahead . he was asked about his relationship with the media and the growing crisis with north korea after the missile launch.>> it is a shame they are behaving this way but they are behaving in a very, very dangerous manner. something will have to be done about it.>> reporter: the reception in germany today will not be as warm with anti- globalization activists out enforcement of the g20 summit. while trump made face real
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pressure from european leaders on issues like climate change, it is the meeting on the sidelines with russian president vladimir putin that will likely dominate the headlines. >> obviously it is a controversial meeting and the main press has their hair on fire about the meeting with vladimir putin but i think the meeting will go well and that the president could care less if it upsets the europeans. >> reporter: the list of what to discuss, what to do about north korea, post isis era in syria, and the big lemon question of whether president trump will bring up the russian meddling into the last year's elections. >> my big question is why did obama do nothing about it from august through november, he did nothing about it and it was not because he choked. >> that was doug luzader reporting. part of the president trump trip to poland focusing on energy and he attended the three seas summit and he pages the
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united states whenever use energy to coerce the european nations insist the u.s. is competitive the opening, fair and competitive market for energy. the warsaw largest building had a big message for president trump and greenpeace rated the president with the message projected on the side of the palace of culture and sites, "no-trump, yes paris." that is regarding the decision to pull the u.s. out of the climate agreement last month which could weaken the attempts to tackle global warming and the president has left poland and now on his way to germany as we speak. it is been five months since coyote creek flooded forcing hundreds out of their homes and many people can still not return home, and they are taking legal action. alex savidge is live in the
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rock springs neighborhood on what they plan on doing.>> reporter: good morning. later today a group of the flood victims will file suit against the city and the county for not doing enough to warn the people that live your along the coyote creek about the rising floodwaters earlier this year. many seeking the damages live in the hard-hit rock springs neighborhood and there is still evidence of the disaster when you go up and down the streets. others filing suit are from the olander and william street part neighborhoods and also people that were living in the mobile home parks along the oakland road. everyone is suing san jose, santa clara county and the santa clara valley water district. their homes were damaged by that catastrophic flooding in san jose across the city in february as a result of the heavy runoff that overwhelmed coyote creek. city officials have acknowledged they did not issue evacuation orders early enough for those that live near
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the rising creek and ultimately the disaster cost over $100 million and we checked in with city officials yesterday and they said they are still about -- 120 families have not been able to return to the flood damaged homes and many of these families are still receiving some sort of assistance. this is a disaster and the effects continue to linger for many of these families. this group of flood victims and their attorneys will be filing suit later today and holding a news conference right here in the rock springs neighborhood at 11 am this morning.>> it is amazing to see all of that behind you right now. there are health concerns over that debris that is been sitting out there so long with mold and everything else. >> reporter: i have to tell you, i was here after the flooding, shortly after and obviously covering what was
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going on, and the cleanup, and driving back to the neighborhood these months later i did not expect to see this. it is still in the streets this long after the disaster. >> it is surprising and thank you for the update. it is 6:08 am. last night in the emotional news conference he -- in oakland, the mother of the two little boys killed in a hit-and- run crash in concord talked about the indescribable pain. >> the movie, "despicable me 3" and it was dark. it could've been any other car. i thought i was so lucky because i had skipped all of the lights to get out. [ crying ] >> aida reyes surrounded by family members and calling for
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justice after she just made funeral arrangements for her little boys when she spoke with reporters outside of the tobin's hospital in oakland about the suspected drunk driver, lemuel wilson jr. . >> if you are a multiple offender on a dui charge, you should be sitting in jail read heartless. -- regardless. >> she was driving home after taking her three children to see the movie "despicable me 3" and the drunk driver with a suspended license rammed their vehicle on the ramp on highway 4 and it killed her five-year- old 18-year-old. her three month old is still in critical condition in the hospital and she was hurt and is wearing a neck brace. >> the suspect in the hit-and- run crash is in jail this morning on $2 million bail. we obtained court documents about the criminal charges in an unrelated incident a few
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days before the crash. you can read the full story on our website, the san jose police arrested a woman that they say shot and wounded a man in the cosco parking lot at 12:30 pm yesterday outside of the store on almaden boulevard. the victim worked at the store and had just finished his shift. officers found him suffering from a gunshot one to the lake and the suspect, the suspected shooter knew the victim and we are told that the suspect is his ex-wife but the police have not confirmed that. it is 6:10 am. a deadly shooting at the ups facility in san francisco is still taking a toll on the workers that saw it. jimmy lam shot and killed three ups drivers and wounded two before killing himself on june 14. the union official says that only five of the 40 ups drivers that saw this last month came back to work. the chronicle is reporting that
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some of the drivers are working with trauma counselors. despite the warnings against illegal fireworks this fourth of july many people say there were more than ever, the number of 911 calls to report illegal fireworks decreased according to the san francisco examiner but the paper reports the number of calls to the nonemergency number doubled to over 1100 during the long holiday weekend. many people calling the number said they had trouble reaching someone to make a report, and the new app 232 reports of illegal fireworks and the police said they had more patrols on the streets to deal with the problems. it is 6:11 am. new developments for the children caught in the middle of the immigration debate in we will show you what the judge's ruling means for the kids in the country illegally. later this morning a safe place to purchase and sell things you find on craigslist and other
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websites, and we will tell you how to prevent crime 24 hours a day. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up! welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 6:14 am. the san francisco ninth circuit court of appeals ruled that the immigrant children that crossed the border without parents are entitled to a court hearing. tens of thousands of unaccompanied children escaping violence from guatemala, honduras and el salvador came here to the u.s. in recent years
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and federal officials put most of the children with their family members in the u.s. but others were held for months. yesterday the ninth circuit court of appeals found two laws passed by congress do not cancel the rights of those children to a detention hearing. the california is a step closer to becoming a sanctuary state. state legislation passed along the party lines in the assembly judiciary committee which would limit the involvement of local law enforcement throughout california and in the federal deportation cases. republican lawmakers argue the legislation would make it more difficult for police to do their jobs. >> this bill is of political statement and doing so in a very dangerous way. doing so in a way that will imperil the safety of our communities. >> the next step is the bold and the appropriations committee report heads to the final vote in the assembly and the state senate has already passed the bill. the san francisco police
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commission approved the new and updated policy on the city sanctuary city laws and the new policy makes it clear that san francisco police are not allowed to ask about a person's immigration status and it also bans the police from cooperating with immigration authorities except for state or federal law wires it. the policy change follows last week's decision from the board of supervisors to prove the $190,000 lawsuit settlement filed by an undocumented immigrant. in 2015 the immigrant was turned over to the federal immigration officials after reporting his car stolen. it is 6:16 am. any problems we should know about? >> nothing major and traffic looking pretty good out of 80 westbound around the corner to the maccarthur maze. looking pretty good with no big crowds driving from the
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carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. the commute looks okay coming around the corner and at the bay bridge toll plaza coming along just fine but backed out to the maccarthur maze since the metering lights are on for a 15 to 20 minute delay. southbound 880 you will see traffic will be a little bit slow approaching eight street where we had an accident and a few crashes. moving to the south bay with a few crashes but for the most part the traffic is light. it is 6:17 am. let's bring in mark who is filling in for steve. >> more 90s in the forecast showing up on the maps this afternoon. here's a live camera looking across the bay with patchy fog. it is doing a dance near the coast and the bay. it is keeping the beach is cool but inland not as much fog so temperatures will be soaring into the mid-90s this afternoon.
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san francisco from 64 to 69 see you get the idea we will warm up today and kicking in tomorrow. on the satellite we had this marine layer clouds showing showers and thunderstorms popping across portions of the state yesterday. right now we have fog hugging the shoreline in pushing back into the bay. we check on the current numbers and first the numbers of visibility, in santa rosa up and down and now a quarter mile visibility at the airport. keep that in mind that you could be driving along and all of a sudden at the instant drop of visibility and especially from the north, cloverdale and santa rosa. current numbers showing lots of 50s on the maps, san jose 59 in san francisco checking in at 52. the live camera looking across the bay toward san francisco, and here we go with the fog bank.
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the fog hanging out at the coastline and working their way back into the bay as well. warmer today and warm to hot for tomorrow. tomorrow will be the hottest day for the week before we gradually cool off into the weekend. in san francisco this morning at 7:00 showing you patchy fog and 56. lunchtime partly sunny and 64, and by 3:00 more sunshine with temperatures downtown in the upper 60s and cooler temperatures at the ocean beach with the cloud cover. this hot area of high pressure expanding across the west coast so it will be warmer today, especially inland, continuing through friday. slight cooling over the weekend and especially sunday. tomorrow mid 60s at all the way up to 99 and possibly 100 on saturday toward antioch in brentwood. the forecast model showing clouds hanging along the
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coastline, a big range in temperatures from the 60s on the beach to the 90s toward fairfield and vacaville. oakland 75 and mid 90s at livermore and pleasanton. san jose a forecasted high of 85, san francisco 69. temperatures going up and so does the fire danger. we will cool off into the weekend but as we look at these numbers, by saturday heading toward tahoe, i don't think i've ever been able to say that it can be 100 degrees driving through sacramento and you can also go skiing the same day at squaw valley. >> that is unusual, we have it all in california. it is 6:20 am. there could be a major hole in the airline security and the airport failed 95% of the security test and we we will tell you what happened one
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someone tried to sneak the band items past the tsa agents. >> i would almost be sorry if they found her. it is the mystique that keeps the legend going that is an inspiration even today. >> was amelia earhart still alive one airplane crashed after she was flying solo around the world and questions about what happened 80 years after she disappeared.
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a photograph discovered in the u.s. national archives could be a new development in the 80-year-old mystery of what happened to amelia earhart. >> look at this photo. some believe it may show the famed aviator sitting on the dock in the marshall islands after being captured by the japanese soldiers. there are questions and with her there is someone that looks like kurt navigator and they both disappeared in 1937 lying over the pacific ocean as they tried to fly around the world. the photo will be featured in a new documentary being aired on the history channel. pam will be watching, and some say the photo could be just another in a long history of unproven theories about the
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disappearance of amelia earhart. >> having her go to other islands to be spying back into that time air and some ever landing on the island and being captured by the japanese and executed. there is a another theory for years that she was living as a housewife in new jersey.>> amelia earhart became the first female pilot to fly solo across the atlantic in 1937. she attempted her famous around the world flight that began in oakland and to miami. amelia earhart was nearly across the pacific and back to the u.s. when she and the navigator disappeared. it is 6:25 am. new security concerns about the busy airport in the midwest and ts agents at minneapolis- st. paul airport did not spot safe weapons, drugs or explosives in 17 of the 18 tests
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over the fourth of july holiday weekend. that report came from two sources out of minneapolis and it is not the first time the problems have been reported at that airport. in april of last year the report said the tsa screeners failed nine out of 12 test. tsa refused to comment saying that they cannot confirm or deny the results of the internal test and condemns the release of any information that could compromise the nation security. the contra costa county animal service reuniting pets with owners after they were likely scared from the fireworks. since friday 150 animals have been found and dropped off at the contra costa animal services in martinez. employee set up booze and passed out signs while good samaritans dropped off animals in hopes they can reunite them with their owners. >> she was running around in my
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work parking lot at the san jose regional medical center. >> we went around the neighbors to see if he got out and no one seemed to recognize him or knew where he came from. >> if you lost a pet and think it could be at the martinez shelter, head over there soon because most of those animals will be eligible for adoption in 4 to 10 days. hopefully they can find their homes whether where they were before or a new home. >> so they can relax again. it is 6:27 am. bartenders are thrilled because of a new law that is off the books and coming up the mystery is gone for those that want to drink in utah, and why many feel the glass wall served a purpose. the exchange unveiled in redwood city in my law enforcement say it is important.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back. several wildfires are still burning in the biggest in southern utah has burned over 68,000 acres and it is 75% contained. there are three big wildfires in arizona where crews are busy fighting fires around nevada. people are told to evacuate their homes in the path of the
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fire north of reno which is burned over 3500 acres and is 20% contained. in colorado a fire near denver forcing hundreds to evacuate in officials have told others to be ready to pack up and get out. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 on this thursday, july 6 and i am dave clark>> good morning. i am pam cook and it is 6:31 am. speaking of fire danger, let's check in with mark because we know that is under the weather umbrella. >> fire danger goes up and down all summer but over the next few days we have some neighborhoods close to 100. fire danger today and for the weekend. we have spot fire starting across portion of the state and thankfully nothing too large. we are heading toward the peak of the fire season in northern california and in fact the entire state.
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the live camera looking across the bay and toward the bay bridge with fog in the distance embracing san francisco with the cloud deck low. everybody warming up today, especially inland. livermore from 86 to the mid- 90s, san jose from 76 to the mid-80s. the marine layer clouds hugging the coastline for this typical summertime weather pattern. yesterday we track the shower threat and if you popping up in the bay area but isolated. in the meantime look at this fog doing his thing in the north bay with santa rosa a quarter mile visibility and nap a half mile. temperatures on the boards showing most areas in the 50s at this hour and oakland 59 with san jose in the upper 50s. here we go with the fog hanging out near san francisco and that will be in the forecast this morning in the short term. this afternoon a big them to range with the coast remaining chilly in the lower 60s and
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inland mid 90s to 96 degrees. temperatures will continue to warm up in your friday forecast and we have more on that coming up. sal has an update on the roadways. >> nothing major happening but we have slow traffic and good morning. northbound 280 is where we start and it looks good of to hwy 17 and continues to move along very well up into the highway 17 corridor. it is a somewhat hazy shot of 280 at the 880 interchange with traffic moving along pretty well and not a lot of slow traffic as we continue to see a decent drive on northbound 101 and northbound 280 into the valley. looking at traffic on 880 and it is a little bit slow and we had slow traffic near 92 and they are clearing up accidents
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that have moved to the shoulder. 880 at richmond heading toward berkeley, here's the san mateo bridge where traffic is crowded. the a 80 freeway in oakland looking good leading up to the bay bridge backed up for 15 minute delay before you get onto the span. it is 6:34 am. the san mateo county is trying to combat the growing number of people getting robbed while buying or selling on social media and they unveil a new program and rob out from -- rob malcolm is in redwood city to talk about the safe exchange zone. >> reporter: good morning. san mateo county will unveil the safe exchange zone around 11:00 at the maple street correctional facility. the transactions take place in the shadow of this building in redwood city to get the peace of mind to many people that want to sell their items online.
6:35 am
there are two parking spots in the lot posted with signs that have designated safe areas, the exchange zone is a partnership between the sheriff and the county supervisor. the idea is to make the online purchases safer for the buyers and sellers to prevent the so- called craigslist robberies. this comes on the hills of the resident that tried to sell a playstation online was shot to death in 2013 after agreeing to meet the buyer in san francisco. in san mateo, the first county in the bay area to initiate the program. law enforcement says this is important for the members of the community to have a safe space to meet and conduct the transactions. last week in lafayette a man trying to sell his van on craigslist was robbed and beaten at his home by two men that answered the ad on craigslist and this highlights the safety issue which also extends to the east bay. while you cannot guarantee
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every transaction is safe, lost markman -- law enforcement says very few assaults take place in a safe zone. in addition to these marked parking spaces it is in full view of the high definition cameras monitored around the clock by personnel at the jail. we take a live shot at the sheriff department across the street from the correctional center, and this of course makes it a great place for people to conduct the transactions online. we have more on the unveiling later this morning at 11:00. live from redwood city, rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it is a great idea and i'm sure that other cities will follow suit. today marks four years since the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo and more questions are being raised on how quickly the plane was evacuated. newly released video showing the plane approaching the
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runway and it was too low when it hit the seawall. you can see the smoke and dust 50 seconds later and emergency chutes were deployed. the first evacuation appeared to come out of the rear of the aircraft. that is 1 minute, 29 seconds after impact. people still exiting the plane eight minutes later. we talked with an airline captain that said the evacuation was too slow. >> it must be evacuated completely within 90 seconds. that is with half of the exits closed. >> the retired captain bruce milan says it is possible that some of these pastors at the emergency exit rows could have slow down the process because they did not know what to do. he says it is disturbing that the evacuated passengers stay close to the plane after getting off when they should've been led far away in case the plane exploded. it is 6:37 am.
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there was a suspicious bag at the sfo yesterday that prompted an evacuation and found in terminal 1 at the baggage claim area around 11:45 am. that part of the terminal was evacuated and the bomb squad along with the bomb sniffing dogs searching the areas and the bag was deemed harmless. they believe someone just forgot the bag. a crash involving the casino bus yesterday at the golden gate bridge injured almost 1 dozen people. this was in the southbound lanes around 12:30 pm and three vehicles were involved. investigators say that the car slowed to a stop just before the toll plaza and was hit from behind by the pickup truck. a bus coming back from the casino in sonoma county rear- ended the two other vehicles. 11 people were treated for minor injuries. the hate crime
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investigation is underway in berkeley after dozens of cars and homes were vandalized with hateful speech overnight on june 27 in the south berkeley neighborhood near the cal campus. the berkeley police say they've seen 35 incidents including 17 cars with slashed tires. they say some of the messages contain anarchist symbols and others using profanity against " white people and the cops." >> it is unfortunate that the vandalism is occurring but i must admit i'm not surprised given the environment we see around berkeley with the militant and antisocial behavior becoming accepted. >> the police say they believe all of the vandals -- vandalism cases are connected and anyone with information is asked to call the police. something new at 6:39 am, in the state of utah to go to the restaurant you can watch as your dreams are made. before saturday the law
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prevented customers from seeing their drinks being mixed and poured. under the state law in utah restaurant had used tinted glass to protect the kids from seeing how drinks were made. restaurants began taking down the glass walls of this week. >> most of the utah liquor laws we feel are pretty reasonable. there are a handful of laws that made us look foolish and over the last two years it cost us maybe $350,000 in sales. >> there are still a few restaurant liquor laws in place in utah where kids cannot be within 10 feet of the bar and customers have to say they will order food before they get a drink. only 30% of the restaurants sales can be alcohol. >> that is quite a change. it is 6:40 am. there is mounting
6:41 am
frustration over illegal fireworks that some say are out of control. >> the power of the mortars that were blown in the air are 10 times greater than anything i have seen. >> san jose pointing the finger at the city and the police. facebook talking about hosting a party on your phone, and coming up we will show you what the company is working on. klay thompson is enjoying his summer vacation and china and once again having a hard time proving he is an all-star. traffic will be busy and right now we look at some of these commutes on 80 westbound moving pretty well out to the maccarthur maze. in the bay area we have a warming trend coming up and we will let you know when a few areas could be close to 100 degrees. ♪
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look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. welcome back to mornings on 2. facebook reportedly testing the group video chat app that is a clone of the popular party at. according to the website, the social giant has bonfire which has similar features to the "house party" which launched last september and had 1.2 million users by november. they get users with a friend has the app open and sends them an invite to a group chat and the
6:45 am
bonfire app will be released in the fall. it is 6:44 am. the dungeon is crab season that ended friday along the coast was above average and the crab season south of mendocino county is now over. the chronicle reports over 21 million pounds of crab caught worth $67 million. that is the biggest catch by weight and value in the last four years according to the state fish and wildlife officials. last year was a disaster for the crab fishermen due to the long closures caused by the toxic domoic acid. they caught only 12 million pounds of crab which is less than half of the average of the past five years. bad publicity for united airlines and united says they will compensate the woman that was forced to hold her 27-month- old son on her lap because the flight crew gave the child see to another passenger. the family was flying from
6:46 am
houston to boston and the mother paid almost $1000 each for the two tickets because children over the age of 2 are required to have their own see that united gave the city to a standby passenger. the mother held the talker that was not buckled in throughout that -- toddler that was not buckled in throughout that three hour flight. united said his ticket was not scanned so he was not logged into the system. let's check in with gasia mikaelian . >> good morning. when i joined you in a few minutes, the school district siphoning gas from the underground storage tanks and caught in the act, and they took pictures that we will share with you and we will tell you who the police are looking for. there is a new noise ordinance that targets the owners of barking dogs in the east bay and complaining about a barking dog is nothing new but some people feel the
6:47 am
concerns are not addressed and the extra steps this new ordinance contains and how it will bring the opposing sides together. the stories are more when i join you in just a few minutes. madison bumgarner, with the san jose giants, rehab start in the game working back from the shoulder injury. giving up nine runs, four home runs and allowing nine hits overall and struck out five. despite the rough game he says he is happy with his progress. in the meantime the san francisco giants beat the tigers, 5-4 and hunter pence driving in three runs, and they held off a comeback by the tigers. the giant take goods and pitching and the giants take it, 5-4. at 10:00 this morning they
6:48 am
will play another game with the tigers in detroit. the a's have the 7-4 series wind over the -- win over the white sox and three runs came in the 4th inning and one was the home run right here with sonny gray holding chicago the three hits over six innings. the a's are up in seattle tonight beginning the four-game series with the mariners. it is 6:48 am. the warriors are getting stronger and free agent nick young, agar, signed a one-year, 5.1 million deal and averaging 13 points a game with the lakers last season. the fans may know nick young from " swaggy p." >> kevin durant had a picture of the nick young premature celebration of a shot that he
6:49 am
missed. that is the famous picture. in the meantime, you remember klay thompson, he is still in china and he is playing a pickup game completely airborne with that three-pointer. he cannot even believe it. let's show this again. i've got it, i don't have it. playing in china to promote the game. but you are still a star, klay thompson. >> he is allowed not to be embarrassed about that. >> it is time for him to come home. he is klay thompson so we can do whatever he wants. good morning everybody. let's take a look at the commute on 24 westbound as you drive past the bart station at lafayette, it is getting slow but no major problems driving
6:50 am
through the tunnel. not a completely like commute but this is the week of the fourth of july. traffic is okay approaching the maccarthur maze on the east shore freeway. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see traffic will be backed up for about a 10 to 15 minute delay but not a bad commute. definitely we have slow traffic. the san mateo bridge slow westbound approaching the span from hayward. it is 650 a.m.. -- 6:50 am. we still have fog out there but not nearly as widespread as yesterday at this time. a beautiful day looking toward san francisco with the fog cascading through the buildings. it is blackening a good portion of the bay area. the fog signature at the shoreline up and down the coast keeping the coast cooler and ill and more sunshine with
6:51 am
temperatures being noticed today. the fog is chasing around quite a bit was santa rosa down to miles and it was a quarter-mile as this patch of fog moved to the south toward novato and now a quarter-mile visibility. keep in mind the fog is moving around so you could encounter an instant dropping visibility. a lot of 50s right now was san francisco, oakland and san jose at 59, walnut creek 54. looking toward the open estuary, overcast. the earlier clearing times on the coast and we expect warmer temperatures for today and warmer temperatures heading into friday. it will be warm to hot especially inland before we gradually begin to cool off over the weekend. that will be especially on sunday. the plan in san francisco this morning, 7 am at 56 and lunch time partly sunny and 64. mostly sunny and breezy with white caps closer to the bay
6:52 am
waters this afternoon and probably still lingering fog working its way closer to the ocean beach. this high is strengthening to heat up a good portion of the west coast over the next few days beginning today. looks like the hottest day of the week will be on friday and that means temperatures inland could spike close to 100 degrees before minor cooling over the weekend, especially by sunday. for this afternoon clouds hugging the coastline and away from the coast temperatures will warm up quite a bit and you can see all of these microclimates showing 60s, 70s, and the red color is 90s. warmest location is 95 to 96 degrees. fly around the bay and show those 90s around santa rosa, fairfield and vacaville with walnut creek in the bid 90s, oakland 75, hayward upper 70s. san jose 85 in gilroy mid 90s, san francisco 69.
6:53 am
the beaches have not warmed up much and mainly in the lower 60s. a look editor five-day forecast showing hot inland before we cool off over the weekend, especially by sunday. it is 6:53 am. wrigley field getting and attracting coming up we will see how the park is connecting with people around the world and it all starts with the shipping containers. there's a place like no other...
6:54 am
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. there's a set back for people trying to get rid of daylight savings time here in california. >> they introduced the bill to end daylight savings times and keep the clocks permanent on standard time but people when like having more light spoke out against it so amendments were added to that bill. >> yeah, now state law makes are could vote to keep thing as they are switching back and forth or stay year-round on daylight savings time but moving the state toier-round daylight saving time would require an act of congress. >> parking nefariously difficult in san francisco and that's not just for drivers put for muni as well. by 2025, they will have about 5 a35 more vehicles than room to park them. -- 55 more vehicles than room to park them. they're look at places to store the buses of future.
6:57 am
they're working to figure out the situation now before crunch time come. >> we're working to develop plans to ensure we have facilities not only to store vehicles but to do maintenance on these futuristic smarts and buses thawer bringing in to the new system. >> they're also looking at upgrading the existing facilitys to add more more. time is 6:57. a new art installation is coming to san francisco's field. the goal connecting strangers around the world. now it is called portal. here it is it has a gold painted shipping container fill canned ram ares and micro phones. people who go -- cameras and microphones. people who go into them talk to one of 20 other portals all over world. honduras, iraq, afghanistan and mexico. as there's no opening date set for the field location but we expect it to happen soon. >> a program that has been
6:58 am
helping the homeless in bay area for years is now heading to santa does, the vets pays people weekly for thing out and cloning up trash the tram 689 according to santa cruz sental, the streets tome is exticketted -- is expected to with up and running that month. those operate if no, san jose and five other bay area city. >> >> a would liar certain at lake ohio is caring care of an injured bear cub. a female black bear cub was found in the dl blitz state park in south lake tahoe. the bear cub is about four months old, weighs just over 15 pounds, and they say she had two cuts on her leg, when they found her.
6:59 am
>> she was barely walking. the ring tears called us from blitz state park said she was labored breathing and they were very, very concerned about it. >> those ranges are actually waited for two hours as they hit the mother bear who could back for cub but she cannot so she called it wild life care sent. it will be reached for his if she's deem today be healthy. they will release her back into the wild in about six no. >> aful back has. they captureed it female wolf and put a track collar on her consider they put her frequent, the very next datril example ares took foe at thes of the pack including three cubs. it is from organize ors's road peculiar. -- >> in almost 90 years when it
7:00 am
rifed back in 2011. >> -- arrived back in 2011. you see what's happening out there. >> they are threats. we will confront them, we will win. >> before heading to g-20 summit. his message about global security. >> plus several families whose homes were damaged by catastrophic flooding here this year have filed claims against the city and the county. what they're seeking coming up at mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. 7:00 on a thursday morn, july 6th. and and good morning i'm dave clark. it is a beautiful thursday morning, mark in for steve paulson talking about cloud cover and all of this, and the heat. >> the heat, yeah, we will bring back the warmer temperatures in forecast. just get rea


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