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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: yes, a white car. we were actually on scene about an hour ago, and we saw that car. it looked fully destroyed by a fire. i actually just checked in with cal fire. and they tell me so far 40 acres have burned, and evacuations are in place around a one-mile perimeter around san felipe, where it crosses metcalfe road. that is where this fire is burning. and also, reverse 911 evacuation calls have been sent out, just after 4:00. now, as you mentioned, just before 4:00 cal fire received initial a report of a vegetation fire. when firefighters got on scene they saw this white car was also on fire under a telephone pole. it appears to us when we were there no wires were down. again, it isn't clear if that white car is indeed the cause but when we were there we saw that they were primarily focused on that car and the area around it. we've seen air tankers, helicopters, engines from cal fire, san jose fire, santa
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clara county wildfire, all fighting this blaze. i'm told roughly 125 firefighters are on scene. and again a, while no structures have been damaged, we've been talking to nearby residents up here in south san jose, and they tell us they can't help but be concerned. >> it's a little unnerving whenever you see the smoke break out is quickly so close to your home. it is something we've learned to live with a little bit, but usually it's not this close to our house. >> are you worried, that you may have to be evacuated? >> at the moment, no. it still seems far away, and i have a lot of confidence in the fire department and cal fire. they do a really good job. >> reporter: and they have been able to tackle this fire rather quickly. again, it looks as though vegetation is the only thing that's been on fire here. dry brush and trees have burned. police have also blocked access to san felipe road. so if you are trying to get up here, you will be turned away.
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again, the cause is still under investigation. the good news is no injuries to report. and when i spoke to cal fire they tell me they plan to be here all night. back to you. >> azenith, we have seen the large amount of smoke that this fire has been putting out. it doesn't look particularly smoky where you are, but what is it like down there? is it lingering or does it feel like it's blowing out? >> reporter: well, it looks as though it is dying out. we were there around 4:00. there's no cell phone reception over there and it's kind of spotty, but there was a large plume of smoke. especially if you're driving along the freeway you can see this large plume of smoke. luckily it has died down. we haven't been able to go up the hill to check it out but in talking with the residents here they say it appears that firefighters are making good progress. >> we could see originally the smoke from the tower cam that we have in downtown, and we could street quite a distance
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away. azenith smith, thank you. >> chief meteorologist bill martin is here. the temperature there is in the high 80s, is that right? >> yeah. >> and you said we're going into a bit of cooling trend so that's good news. >> this fire today, you live down there, you go, hey, it's cooler today than yesterday by a lot. everywhere is five to six or eight degrees cooler than yesterday. but would really set this thing up was the three or four days of the 90s and low 100s in this area. the car fire didn't help but it took off. we watched this thing start around 3:48 or 3:50, and within 45 minutes this thing was going. julie mentioned the smoke. there it looks like the smoke is blowing away, but the atmosphere is so stable in this area, the air is still sinking so that smoke isn't able to
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clear out. fortunately there's not a lot of populations centers to the east but you can see the smoke isn't really clearing, or hadn't been. so areas in the hills are seeing some poor, poor air quality that could filter into the morgan hill and gilroy area. right now 40 acres, 40% contained. some pretty good news. because when it first took off it looked like it was going to go big air support with this fire. probably helped do the trick. when we come back, as julie mentioned, we're cooling off, but it heats up again and fire danger goes back on the table. >> stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we're working to keep you updated in all of our newscasts as well as at new follow-up from the sex scandal that rocked the oakland police department as the city's representatives appeared today before a federal judge. mayor libby schaaf and chief
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anne kirkpatrick were there. henry lee joins us live with the details. henry. >> reporter: well, julie, the oakland police department has a been under a federal judge's oversight for more than 14 years, ever since the misconduct case. when this sex scandal erupted last year this judge was none too happy. today he ordered oakland city and police officials to explain to him why they bungled the internal investigation. cameras were not allowed at the hearing where judge henderson took officials to task. jasmine abuslin said officers sexually exploited her. an investigator failed a report staying internal affairs investigation treated abuslin more as a suspect than a victim. the report says then oakland
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police chief sean whent did not treat it as a priority. >> i hope this isn't, as i said in court, deja vu all over again, meaning that we've had many hearings over 17 years where the police chief's good faith intention would come before the court, whether it was chief tucker or chief batt srksz and they would come before the -- chief batts, and they would come before the court and tell them all the great things they were going to do and nothing would happen. >> reporter: police chief anne kirkpatrick told the judge, "i am the chief now, so i apologize." she and mayor libby schaaf pledged to do bert even with revelations that the chief has promoted to command staff some of the same officers who were criticized for botching the investigation in the sex
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scandal. >> we will have a clear direction about how opd will become the best agency that we can be. it's certainly my vision and my mission for the oakland police department to not only heal and to apologize for our shortcomings, but to also move forward. the city has learned that we not only have to do a better job of holding individual officers accountable, we have to hold ourselves accountable as leaders, for the systems, for the policies, for the training that we provide. not just the police department. >> reporter: the judge's oversight is part of a 2003 settlement from a class action suit charging police corruption. so this judge says he will issue an order in a day or two that will require additional monitoring and reporting by the department. now, this judge, judge henderson, by the way, retiring this month, so this whole case will be transferred to a different judge. reporting live, henry lee, ktvu
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fox 2 news. >> henry, thank you. in an unrelated case, alameda county prosecutors said today they intend to refile felony conspiracy charges against a former oakland police officer named ryan walterhouse. authorities say walterhouse was off duty when he paid a sex worker $200 at a castro valley hotel, and later warned her about undercover prostitution tickets. last month the defense made a motion to disclose the identity of that prostitute's pimp who was a confidential informant. the district attorney refused saying it would put the witness' life in danger. prosecutors said today they are asking to refile those counts. walterhouse's attorney, michael cardoza who is also a ktvu legal analyst, said the case is political. >> the d.a.'s office decides to refile the two felony counts
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against my client. if he were not a police officer, this wouldn't be happening. so he is being treated very unfairly. >> besides the felony counts, walterhouse has also been charged with a misdemeanor count of engaging in prostitution. the sex worker in this case was not jasmine abuslin. walterhouse will return to court later this month. the aclu has filed a lawsuit over the trump administration's election fraud commission. the civil liberties lawsuit says the commission held its first meeting without notifying or making the meeting open to the public. the lawsuit says the commission also failed to make meeting records public in violation of federal law. the department of justice says it is reviewing the complaint. the commission's request for the release of voter data has prompted other lawsuits. many states, including californiak have refused. president trump returned from his trip to the g20 to revelations about a newly
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disclosed meeting between donald trump jr. and a russian attorney who said she had some dirt on hillary clinton. >> lauren lauren clashed is live in washington where this all comes as the white house is trying to move forward on that healthcare bill. lauren. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, ken and julie. as hard as the president is trying to get his agenda back on track once again the political narrative here in washington has returned to russia. the latest issue, a meeting in june of last year shortly after president trump became the republican nominee. donald trump jr., along with the president's senior advisor and son-in-law jared kushner, and then campaign manager paul manafort all meeting with a russian lawyer with alleged ties to the kremlin. the lawyer reportedly offering up dirt on democratic opponent hillary clinton. don junior claiming he thought the get-together was about u.s.- russia adoption policy. >> no question, you always want to get dirt on your opponent.
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in this case, we don't know exactly what donald trump jr. knew about who he was meeting with. >> reporter: fired fbi director james comey meanwhile back in the spotlight after a report more than half of comey's private memos on trump conversations reportedly contained classified material. >> unpredictable consequences of these kinds of investigations may come back to bite comey really hard. >> reporter: all this coming as congress returns to capitol hill where lawmakers in the upper chamber are working to repeal and replace obamacare, this despite warning shots from prominent gop senators cautioning the bill will be dead on arrival. >> the bill that was in draft form that mitch mcconnell first presented, ten senators have come out against. he is trying to rework to get something that will pass. >> reporter: although lawmakers aren't quite seeing is eye to eye yet, senate gop leadership has said they believe they will be able to get some sort of
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draft of the bill ready later on this week with a possible vote on it next week. ken, julie. >> lauren, completely different issues here. we've got the russian investigation on one side with what happened with donald trump jr. today. now we have the healthcare bill that's trying to make its way through the senate. but in a way, there a connection? if you have one, that's distracting from the other, isn't it? >> reporter: yes, so lawmakers on capitol hill, those republicans want to focus their time and energy over the next three weeks on this senate gop healthcare bill because that's all they have before the august reyes. right now they simply do not have the votes as of the last tame this came out. they're now waiting on a new score, and they need their party to pull together and to really sell this thing to get those votes. so any sort of distraction, bad headlines for the president, bad headlines for the republicans could delay this. and of course the president also wanting everything to come out. he says he wants a beautiful
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healthcare bill, fully approved by that august recess, which is less than three weeks away. >> lauren blanchard in washington tonight, thanks. coming up, a renewed effort to find a killer. at 6:30, the big reward now being offered nearly one year after the shooting death of a college baseball player from san mateo county. >> we're not going to stop. we are going to find this killer. >> but first, more problems after that massive construction fire in oakland last week. why some neighbors still are not able to return home.
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new details on the massive fire that burned the apartment complex under construction in oakland. we are learning that the city's new police chief was among those evacuated over concerns that a construction crane at the site of the fire might collapse. federal investigators are now on the scene of the fire starting their work to determine the cause. some fear this fire could be connected to a string of arsons involving large construction sites. tom vacar now on the investigation and the ongoing effects of the fire. >> reporter: today was both a cleanup day and another atf investigation day into the origin and cause of the fire that ravaged this nearly complete oakland residential complex on friday. atf used a drone to check for any dangers that would keep investigators from going into the project that burned to its raised reinforced concrete foundation. a standard industry warning
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sign offering $1,000 for anyone reporting theft or vandalism stood in front of tens of millions of dollars of damage, but today the atf upped that reward to $110,000 for this and the two other oakland fires and the other in emeryville. dennis rogers works in this reflective glass high-rise. it's so close to the fire site that its windows popped out over the weekend well after the fire was doused, crashing to the street below. his building not only lost windows, it no doubt ingested a lot of smoke that will keep it closed for the indefinite future. >> we don't know when the building is going to reopen again. they've got to check out all the windows obviously. so i'm just taking some work home so i can get some work done while we're out. >> reporter: jarred carpenter's office was not damaged but his manager close to shut down the building's ventilation system to avoid filling the building
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with smoke. >> we got an issue saying don't come in, there's an issue with the building. i went on-line and found that there was a big fire here. our building stayed closed until sunday. >> something is wrong. someone is doing something for some reason. i mean, maybe not, but how do you have three of these in the period of a year, these immense fires, and the buildings are near completion? >> reporter: officials provided this picture of a possible suspect. atf sent out a press release saying it has a 22 member team on site. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. now to developing news in butte county where the wall fire near oroville has grown to 5600 acres. cal fire says the fire is near 35% contained. four people have been injured and 17 structures have been
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destroyed. today firefighters say the conditions have improved with lighter winds. about 4,000 people who are still evacuated from their homes say they're anxious to return. >> you have to take a cal fire at its word and just wait. when it finally died down here, then you get real frustrated. i drove up there yesterday trying to see if i could sneak in, but i couldn't do it. >> when the evacuees are allowed back home many will be facing devastation. a number of homes along viewcrest drive have burned to the ground. cal fire says it is still assessing the damage there. the fire evacuation zone is just a few miles from the area that was evacuated in february when the oroville dam was considered at risk of collapse. despite everything, the people who live in that area say they will bounce back. california's largest fire burning right now is in san luis obispo county. cal fire says the alamo fire grew 5,000 acres overnight.
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it has now burned almost 29,000 acres and is still just 15% contained. one structure was destroyed and more than 100 others are still threatened. mandatory evacuations are in effect. california's second largest fire is also burning out of control in santa barbara county. this is video by a news crew driving through the smoke of the whittier fire. it is almost 11,000 acres large and is only 5% contained. >> we've been watching that fire that was burning in santa clara county that started right before 4:00. bill, there's a lot of activity going on. it's fire season. >> exactly. it's fire season. we talked about it last week before the heat came on. a couple days of heat, you will have fires. we don't want to have fires, but you will have fires this time of year, especially when you have multiple days of 90 plus degree heat. temperatures were hot. that's why i showed you the shallow inversion. but the next few days it deepens out, which is typically a sign that things are going to start to cool off.
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that will be helpful, but then we go back into a compression period and fire danger will become greater again. so it is kind of a roller coaster. a couple days break, at least condition-wise, for cal fire. there's very little fog at the coast. the fog will return but not as aggressive. there's the temperatures now. so you are seeing temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. and that trend will continue. so the winds are light right now. 7 miles per hour in novato. that's really nothing for this time of night this time of year. air quality, you can just go, hey, visually, there's junk in the air. this pattern did create a little bit of a lid on the atmosphere, the heat, and so all the pollutants are getting stuck up there. there are the current overnight low forecast temperatures. as we go into tomorrow, the fog tries to reform at the coast. there will be some patches of
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it. daytime highs maybe a degree or two cooler than today. the hot spots are upper 80s and low 90s. so when i come back -- that's tomorrow's forecast. when i come back i'll show that you roller coaster. i'll show you the drop and then the heat did you know that will be significant towards the end of the week. >> thank you bill. vandals target an east bay elementary school. >> it's very disrespectful because this is like a very beautiful school. >> up next, the search now to find the people responsible for what school officials call the worst case of graffiti they have ever seen. also ahead, the warriors and cavaliers in a rematch, but this time the stars of the future are playing in the nba summer league. plus, details on a high- speed police chase through several east bay cities.
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a driver led police on a high-speed chase through alameda county last night. the highway patrol saw a man with a handgun in a car. police tried to stop the driver which led to a chase that reached speeds up to 100 miles per hour. the hour-long pursuit went through berkeley and san pablo. the chase ended back in west oakland where the driver was arrested. workers spent the day cleaning up an oakland elementary school after vandals broke in over the weekend. many in the school district say it is one of the worst cases of
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graffiti they have ever seen. rob roth explains what happened and what the school hopes to do to prevent it from happening again. >> reporter: here at acorn woodland elementary school in the heart of east oakland, the mess is massive. graffiti is on the walls, floors, desks, and even the ceilings. this is one of two rooms the vandals struck, not to mention the hallway. all nine members of the oak land district's painting crew have been called in. the damage includes scratched computer screens and countless broken hearts among the students attending summer classes. >> it's hurtful and very disrespectful, because this is like a very beautiful school. >> reporter: officials say the alarm went off saturday afternoon. a private security guard says he saw two juveniles run off. it appears they entered by breaking a back window and did an a estimated $20,000 in damage. there are no security cameras here. >> we've never had issues with anyone in the community, and
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this came as a shock to walk into the school this morning to see this. >> reporter: the painters sites not easy removing the graffiti. >> two different chemicals to get the ink off, and then paint. so a lot of work. >> reporter: oakland unified says it has had 38 school break- ins and acts of vandalism over the past two years. educators say it is the students who get short-changed. >> the school is a home for our students. for them to walk in and see this makes them feel like they're not safe, and that interferes with learning. >> reporter: students say the vandals may have thought what they did was funny but they're wrong. >> a lot of stiefnts are on the younger side. they're like, why would somebody do this? i'm like, i really don't know but we have to be strong. >> reporter: acorn school is considering setting up a gofundme page to help pay for security cameras in the hopes that what happened hear never happens again. rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is
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next with the emotional plea from the family of a young man who was shot to death almost a year ago. >> we're living a nightmare every day. we still feel like he's coming home. >> coming up next, the renewed effort and the large a reward thou being offered to find his killer. plus, a setback for bay area based snap after it falls below its ipo price for the very first time. also ahead, a bay area teen overcoming the odds of homelessness to a college scholarship. stay with us. ♪
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