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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 27, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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committee but it was not clear yet if that pledge will be enough. senators are expected to work into the night and possibly voting on the bill itself. >> a former sheriffs deputy was orthopediced ed was ordered to stand trial -- was ordered to stand trial today. he is accused of having sex with jasmine when she was 17. the two had sex at least six times while in the back seat of his car. perez is charged with engaging in a secretary act with a -- in a sex act with a minor. >> a lawsuit being heard in federal court in oakland versus social media companies for terrorist attacks. her family wants the internet
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giants held responsible. >> lawyers for the parents of the girl slain in the parents attack are suing youtube and google. they say they repeatedly allowed isis and its supporters to post videos sometimes with paid ads. >> this is tough. the judge was hard on us. she read all the materials. i think she is going to very carefully consider everything. she asked us the tough questions and i think we answered them as best we can and she's going to ultimately make a decision. >> google is relying on the 21-year-old decency communications act. that law says the internet social sites cannot be held liable for things said and shown that was provided by others. >> the things that we are seeing in terms of the way that the
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internet is being used were not even i imagined by the people who created that act. >> the parents' lawyers argue in the new world of internet youtube should be held responsible for providing i cysts and its supporters a platform they've repeatedly used to practice and encourage terror attacks. google maintains they're immune from that as well acknowledged the case should be dismissed -- and the case should be dismissed. the magistrate took the matter under advisement for a later ruling that could be weeks or months away. >> to hear from the judge's questions and that big book of cases she had in front of her that she's looked at this very carefully and she's going to look at it very carefully and she'll take as much time as she needs to write a careful decision. >> google's lawyers refused to comment before or after the hearing. but for the googles and
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facebookings of the world, they feel congress should make changes. ktvu fox news. >> police arrested amanda in connection with a a man in connection with a vehicular homicide after he veered off the ride and hit a 16-year-old teenager. he died in the days following the crash. officers say jordan may have been on his phone at the time of the accident. >> we're checking his cell phone records to determine if he was on the phone at the time of the collision. if you're not paying attention to driving your 4,000-pound vehicle, it can do serious damage and cause death. >> the arrest comes on the same day that funeral services were held for the teenager. >> uc c berkley are looking for
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two men. the burglary happened ten days ago. they say two men broke into north gate hall. the suspects are described as being in their 20's. one has a goatee. if you have any information about this case you're urged to contact uc berkley police. >> new at 6:30, leaders of the state's marijuana industry is saying california is groig too much march with a -- growing too much marijuana. most of the marijuana they say is illegally exported to other states. the group expects illegal exports to continue because of
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the surplus. >> proponents of a proposed marijuana dispensary are fighting to keep it out even though the city's planning commission has given it the green light. the next step in this battle involves -- is involves former oakland mayor. >> this is the future site of a marijuana dispensary in san francisco's outer sunset district. even though the pot club has been approved this group of neighbors is still wanting to keep it out. >> this isn't an issue up for debate. >> today neighbors represented by the pacific justice institute marched up to the city clerk's office to file a complaint. we have in the law a specific requirement that no place where children congregate daytona beach within 600 feet of such a dispensary. >> neighbors say the proposed dispensary that has plans to sell recreational marijuana could pose a threat to children at a nearby church preschool. >> when it becomes recreational
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the law has very restricted rules about people who smoke and drive and also get out off the shop and hang out in the neighborhood. >> but the dispensary owners said it would not be a danger because next to the church is a liquor store. >> they are misinterpreting the law and they are making things up about dangers to children that do not exist. >> the owners who currently run it on market street as well as former oakland mayor say the state law opponents are referring to applies to k through 12 and not preschool. and they have the support of the majority of the voters. >> back in november '58% of the voters voted to for increased access to marijuana. >> these opponents say the law is hazy. no word from the planning
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commission on how long the appeal process will take. in is an, ktvu. >> technology that allows the alteration of genes in a human embyro. the researchers say their work demonstrates it is possible to correct defective genes that cause inherited diseases. none of the embyros were allowed to develop for more than a few days. >> the change in law allowing students to sell their beer.
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sgr the governor of kentucky and attorney generals are threatening to sue california. it is over a state regulation requiring insurance companies that do business here to destroy their coal, oil and gas investments. the other states claim that under mines federal authority. the california insurance commissioner says he's confident his office will win if the case goes to court. >> it may just be a bluff, an idle threat but we're confident we'll prevail and our simple messages we're not going to be
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detoured by threats. >> the state regulation is meant to allow consumers and businesses to choose insurance company with investment portfolios that focus on clean energy. >> legislation signed into law this week by the governor makes it legal for california college students to sell the beer they make. the law removes the ban on beer sales for college brewing programs on california campuses. it gives brewing instructors the same rights as wine making instructors who are already allowed to sell the wine their students make. the new laws will go into effect next january. the money will go back into the school's beer making programs. >> a new report out today showing major changes happening in and around lake tahoe. coming up after the break about the clarity of the lake and what could be causing thousands of trees in the area to die. we are tracking the heat. it's hot inland right now. the fog is clear at the coast. we have sunshine out at ocean
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beach. what does that mean for your friday? we'll let you know.
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. a massive tree die off at lake tahoe is being blamed on years of drought. what this means for the lake and all of us. >> lake tahoe looks beautiful today but thousands of trees in the tahoe basin are dying. >> the forest has been in a lot of stress after five years of
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drought. >> the tahoe regional planning agency estimates 70,000 trees have died in the last year alone. that's double the number than the year before. >> it's a big wild fire risk so those trees can catch fire and can burn and those fires can spread to other areas of the forest. >> the run off from wildfires in the tahoe basin can sauce damage to the lake. some more study shows troubling trends as well. >> lake tahoe's temperature has actually increased by half a degree each year for the past four years in a row due to the long-term impacts of the previous droughts of the the key concern the persistent lack of water has made the trees surrounding the lake much more vulnerable. >> you have a forest full of trees that are water stressed that are prone to disease, that
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are prone to beetles and we're seeing trees dying in very high numbers, so 10s of thousand a year. >> passengers on a fishing boat got the surprise of a lifetime when a shark jumped on to their boat and got stuck. take a look. >> he jumped on the boat. oh, my god. >> oh, yeah. oh, my gosh. a shark jump on a fishing boat trying to bite through the guardrail. eventually the fishermen were able to cut him lose. they are known to jump up to six meters which is about 19 feet to catch prey. it almost doesn't look real. that just reminded me of that scene from jaws when the shark comes on at the end. >> can you imagine being the people and seeing that. >> you get him in a boat like
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that and you're lucky he's stuck. you get them on the boat and they'll bite anything. >> he's in defense mode. >> he's trying to get out. we caught sharks off the launch here , smaller than that, but it's hard to unhook them because they bite. >> what do you mean? you said you caught them. >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, you'll be rock fishing for coulded or snapper and you'll get a shark. but not big whites. >> they look aggressive. >> they're really scary. the white sharks up here they're scary because they're so big and jaws and all that but they bite once. they hit you once, because they don't want to fight you, they go away and want you to bleed out then they'll come back and eat you but that's okay because most people live. but those keep going at you. that scares me more than
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anything. are you kidding? okay. so, yeah, incredible video. there was fog all day but in the last hour we're seeing clearing. temperatures got a little spike there that's today, on thursday. then you drop off a little bit, temperatures drop off on friday and saturday. it's still hot inland. still mild. warm around the bay and mild to cool at the coast. if you don't like the heat, if you're not happy about the livermore deal, head out to the beach, the weather should be nice. there will be a little bit of sunshine tomorrow. air quality looks good, i can see berkley, and so air quality is pretty good. pro suspect it will be that good tomorrow. a couple days start to build-up. the fog along the coast you'll
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see that. you can see that little notch that got pushed away as the winds started working their way out. it's indicative of a high pressure with air sinking. 94 in livermoore. 94 in fairfield. highs tomorrow will be cooler. it's still going to be hot. fog along the coast burns back. you'll get some sun tomorrow, ocean beach will see some sun. those purples are 100s. it is going to drop down a couple degrees. it will be hot on saturday and the bottom line when you're talking 97 degrees in brentwood it's hot. those are tomorrow's forecast highs. 97 in morganhill. it's funny you said, because
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literally i start to think our white sharks were kwant quaint because they bite and go away. >> you said they want you to bleed out. >> can you imagine all the sharks chasing you. >> it was interesting how matter of fact you are. >> that's kind of the deal. yeah, you kind of go, yeah, because it doesn't happen. i spent four years in the water. >> do you know anyone that got bit. >> yeah, they both lived, though. >> that's good. all right. thank you. . >> ahead in sports, the warriors bring back one of their main guys in the middle. mark will tell us who is back with the team. sports coming up next.
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. all right. tell us about the warriors. no fees, all the spots with filled and we know who's on the roster. >> that's a tough nut to crack making that team now, but you can say at least on paper, the
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warriors just blew through the play offs. the final piece turning ought to be one of the more popular players. that's the seven footer is back. he'll sign a one-year deal close to $2.5 million, the veteran minimum for him turned into a complete fan favorite. the warriors now have 15 signed contracts for their roster. so, like julie said, so vacancy. meanwhile the asian tour for steph curry and his family. take a look. . >> she is everywhere just like
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her hubby. they told me that was her first try. so the fun continues for them but apparently they are headed home. on the opposite side of the fun spectrum would be what's going on at the oakland a's, out on the road, disaster trip. it looked like it was going to be good news when john guy bones the toronto manager gets ejected for arguing, then watch this. even worse, in the 5th, their pitcher gets ejected because he had a word for the umpire. he doesn't realize he's ejected, then the catcher turns around and on one pitch the pitcher and the catcher are both ejected for arguing balls and strikes. the a's 3-0 lead disappears in smoke with the six knowledge inning with a single, and it's
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all -- in the 6 nchthe bull pen, in the bottom of the 9th inning, today he only ties it so we go to the bottom. the jays load the bases. that is a grand slam walk off homer to beat the a's. they are swept by toronto. so, in other words let's change the subject and talk football. a lot of fans around here ready to do just that. the 49ers opening camp today for
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the most part. raiders tomorrow. that's kyle shanahan. a lot of rumors around the 49ers that they would like to have kirk cousin from washington come this way. but right now he's the man and he's pleased with his position with the quarterback for the 49ers. >> for me to be going into training camp not having to worry about competition, one of the reasons i came was to be with kyle and i have been around him with a head coach, i'm just, i think, everybody is really excited. i know for me personally this is the most excited i've ever been going into a training camp. >> all right. the 49ers, last year two and 14, new blood. i think it will be a process. >> see you later. thanks for joining us.
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it was a nice retirement party. i guess. still, it's a shame professor rothman was forced to step down. what choice did the university have? he snapped. it happens to theoretical physicists all the time. i wonder how long sheldon's got. these shrimp are all the same size. there's no the logical order to eat them in. can't be very long. hey, look, there's rothman's empty office. sad. mm, indeed. yeah. so sad. dibs. (tape measure retracting) what's up, fellas? what are you doing here, kripke? ah, measuring my new office for drapes. this is not your office. it hasn't been assigned yet. well, i called dibs at the christmas party when professor rothman tried to have intercourse with the toys for tots collection box. dibs?! this is a university, not a playground.


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