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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 31, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> yes, a lot of activity south of us and moving away. but the waves come up from the south facing beaches. this will be the last day of july with a lot like the rest of july by the coast in bay not bad but inland it will start warming up again. the first week of august looks very warm and maybe after that it will get back to near normal, not something we have said much for those inland with another hot pattern. bumping up today and peaking on tuesday, toasty on wednesday and thursday if you are away from the coast. the fog is there, a very shallow fog bank with thicker fog in the bay as well but burning off sooner today. 50s and 60s on the temperatures to start, a decent delta breeze at 26 and we will see what happens by 9 am. the moisture continues to rotate down toward arizona and
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southern california which could planned our weather later in the week. thunderstorms are erupting in the afternoon, tahoe in truckee, keep an eye on the sky. temperatures inland warm to hot and by the coast in bay not bad. what are we starting with, 880? >> we will start with solano county and that 80, and we will make our way south, southwest or southeast to the 880, vacaville first. driving into fairfield and vallejo off to a nice start with no problems on the carquinez bridge or the venecia bridge. 880 southbound getting back on the freeway and here's a live picture of people getting on it 29th after being taken off near 23rd in this will go on till about 5:00 so another half hour or more. you can imagine why later this morning it would not be very good but right now not a big
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back up in the area but it is happening at 880 farther down, with traffic moving along very well. it is 4:31 am. silicon callie -- valley congressman hearing concerns of the people he represents and standing room only in the sunnyvale community center as hundred voiced their concern about the current state of the government in dc with people expressing frustration that nothing gets done with the congress so divided. one man that has healthcare through the affordable care act said he has been following the debate closely and he is very concerned. >> i don't mind having the health plan we currently have amended or changed but i don't want to have it eliminated on the promise that the republicans may provide something in two years. >> he is messing with people's lives.
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i hope that he would have a sense of compassion as the elected leader of this country and say, look, we may have ideological differences but i will not hurt families that are relying on the insured's exchanges.>> the people in the audience also expressed concerns about threats of north korea and the report of the russian interference in the election. it is 4:33 am. these bay congressman leading the group on a hike talking about a variety of issues in joining him with a two mile hike in they asked him questions about many topics including the latest missile test in north korea, sanctions against russia and the trumpet -- trump administration and they say that the eric swalwell said people are really concerned about local issues . >> what are we doing to make
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sure the kids have the best schools, and the family seven job opportunities and can see the paychecks growing. >> next weekend he will hold two more traditional town hall meetings. the texas police department pulling the 400 suvs and interceptors off the road after 20 officers tested positive for carbon monoxide in the blood. tom baker has more on what could be wrong with the cars and the reaction of the bay area police department using similar vehicles. >> reporter: the florida explorer suv is among the most common police vehicle in the nation but based on 2700 police and consumer complaints, the national highway traffic and safety administration has decided to expand investigation into whether some of these explorers have dangerous carbon monoxide defect leaks and the texas highway department pulling the suv some service after one
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officer fell ill with carbon monoxide poisoning with dozens of officers complaining of the ill effects. >> we know it is unsafe and we know how unsafe it is, and we know that they could die in the unit. >> this is an issue that over my 30 years in law enforcement that we have never faced an issue like this. >> reporter: initially for denied knowledge of the problem but says they are cooperating with the investigation and board suggested they may have affected the cars while adding equipment for law enforcement to the vehicles. the rissman police department others purchasing cheap but effective insurance, carbon monoxide detectors, and richmond is the latest to install the detectors as san francisco already has. >> we have not had any problems but there has been reports from other law enforcement agencies
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and individuals they use this vehicle of carbon monoxide poisoning. in an abundance of caution the sf pd decided to install an alarm system to alert the driver on whether or not the levels of carbon monoxide were poisonous. >> reporter: the chp would not confirm or deny the problem but issued a statement saying, i woke like all vehicles occasionally complaints arise and that the chp takes them seriously and addresses them on a case-by-case basis." ktvu fox 2 news. >> ford issued a statement, "we have not found elevated levels of carbon monoxide in regular ford explorers. to address police customers who drive modified vehicles and unique ways we will cover the cost of specific repairs and every police interceptor utility that may have carbon monoxide concerns. on august 21 it will be a
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total solar eclipse with the moon passing between the earth and the sun. you will be to see part of the eclipse in sonoma county and starting today the sonoma valley library will pass out free eclipse classes at all the libraries and available while supplies last. the jury in the case of the former biotech executive charged with defrauding investors will begin deliberating on 34-year-old martin shkreli, accused of lying about the performance of his investments in defrauding the drug company founded in accused of using company stock and cash to pay back in his investing, but best known for raising the price of the drug saving -- life-saving drug to more than 5000%. two babies died in arizona and hot cars one day apart in on saturday a father left his one-year-old son in a car in the church parking lot for several hours.
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the baby died of heat stroke. one day before that a seven- month-old baby died in a sweltering car while being cared for by his grandparents. the state of arizona ranking number fourth in the nation with children dying in hot cars and temperatures in phoenix area have been over 100 for the last several days.>> we ask that you take time again and look in your vehicle before you go anywhere to avoid these tragedies. >> so far no arrests have been made and in both cases they are being investigated. both of these deaths are believed to be accidental. the ohio woman call for help was like nothing we've heard before after a snake attacked her. >> 911 what is the location of your emergency? >> please, i have a boa constrictor stuck to my face. >> you have a watch? >> it is a boa constrictor, i
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have blood everywhere.>> the frantic call took place last week and the woman said she rescued a six foot boa constrictor the day before but it wrapped itself around her neck and began to bite her, and first responders arrived in minutes to kill the snake. the neighbors say that the woman has several snakes and frequently walks around with them wrapped around her neck and shoulder. >> pam? >> this is not someone with a random snake coming into their house. still ahead, the smash-and- grab robberies at the three bay area cosco stores and the search for the thieves that have stolen thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. college football season kicks off in a few weeks and we will give you a preview on what to expect from the stanford cardinals football team. right now traffic is moving
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when you make a pb&j with smucker's, that's the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. welcome back to mornings on 2. the giants lost to the dodgers, 3-2. >> gillespie since the fly ball deep right and it is gone. just beyond that outstretched glove and the giants have taken the lead. >> the giants had a lead going into the 9th inning but sam
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gives up they hit and scoring utley. in the 11th, joe panik gets the third hit and driving in tomlin son. the giants had another chance to close it out but kyle farmer sends it down the right field line with two scored and the dodgers go on to beat the giants . the a's beat the magic in extra innings, 6-5. >> here comes davis and this ballgame is tied. >> chatman gets the job done yet making a great catch but in the foul territory. top of the 10th inning that inning goes 12 innings and ending it with the swing of the bat.>> it is gone.
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>> that was a nice crack of the bat and alonzo hit the 22nd home run of the year and tying us with the dodgers for the most in baseball and this is how he gets rewarded, in your face. >> the a's and giants will begin the bay bridge series today at the coliseum at 7:05 pm . training camp starts today for the stanford cardinals football team and here's the david charles seventh season as head coach and the team is loaded with experience along with a talented freshman class. they are predicting stanford will finish number two and stanford's first game is august 26 against arise and they will -- against rice in sydney australia. we have a balanced report about college football and sal
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may want to be chiming in with another college football team around here. >> are you talking about the california golden bears? >> i am. i am more interested about down south but what is the football team looking like this year? >> i am optimistic because they have some good new kids and i won't bore you with the details. we do have a new coach, so feeling good. good morning everybody. westbound 580 this morning at the tracy triangle, traffic moving along okay. a little bit of slowing at 205 and 580 as you continue to the altamont pass. through livermore and pleasanton not a bad commute. we do have early morning slowing on 880 north and southbound, they are picking up the roadwork we are seeing on 880 south at 23rd.
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one of the photographers at the scene said they could be picking up those cones soon which is good news. as a matter fact, let's go ahead and here we go. bringing this in life, they are just about pick up those cones and this will probably be the last time we see the detour. 880 south, still for a few more minutes you could see a detour. it is 4:46 am. good morning everybody. temperatures not too bad for the weekend, warming up yesterday inland and continuing that. mainly north and east but some to the south. the east bay just gets hotter and hotter. lake county hot and pretty hot at those locations this week with the coast and bay warming up some, but not in on that offshore breeze. it will be warmer in the forecast, hot and especially
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tuesday for the hottest day but warm wednesday and thursday. the fog is there for some but very warm air loft compressing that dog so that it is a much lower fog bank. dense fog for simon don't forget the dangerous rip currents at the coastal forecast. the high surf on monday into tuesday with water temperatures coming up a little bit. in fact, up to about 55 or 56 but the wave height is not too bad at 3 to 4 feet, half moon bay at 58 in monterey bay, 58. we. -- we have not had any wind really to cool us down. pittsburg and walnut creek in the 50s, everybody is pretty close. 55 in moraga and lafayette, also martinez and american
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canyon. 48 and truckee, 86 in vegas and palm springs. we have this nonstop monsoon moisture continuing through arizona and it has been on for about three weeks and will not let up. some of that is sneaking back into southern california and it could play into our weather later in the week. we have some to the east and south but for us it looks like sunny and warmer. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and near 100. tomorrow looks to be the hottest day and still toasty wednesday and thursday, and gradually cooling down inland as we get into the weekend. we were talking about steve and he was talking about some the things you said in talking about the "steve-isms", crazy and hot, large in charge, we
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i wineverver wash my hair again now, i fuel it pantene is the first shampoo and conditioner system with active pro-v nutrient blends that fuel 100% stronger hair. because strong is beautiful. this clean was like pow! everything well? my teeth are glowing. they are so white. step 1 cleans. step 2 whitens. crest [hd]. 6x cleaning*, 6x whitening*á i would switch to crest [hd] over what i was using before. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:51 am. in cologne, germany, one
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person be rescue after and 32 cars operating when one car ran into the pillar bringing the cars to stop and passengers were stuck with 130 feet in the air. rescue crews had to make their way across wires to bring people to the ground safely with over 100 passengers rescued. fortunately, no one was hurt. it is 4:52 am. the movie, "dunkirk" number one at the box office again. >> [ video playing ] "dunkirk" took in another $20 million in ticket sales for the second weekend and based on the world war ii event with 400,000 retreating allied soldiers trapped along the beaches of dunkirk.
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the civilian boats were called in to rescue them and it continues to get positive reviews from the critics and the fans. the new "emoji movie" pulling in $25 million but still managing to put up solid numbers. coming up number three, girls trip, taking in $20 million in tickets sales. the bay area and san francisco the setting of many memorable films and now the city of petaluma is under the bright lights and we tell you about all of the film activity happening with ken wayne. >> jump into the screaming machine, cruise downtown and catch the "american graffiti." >> reporter: american graffiti putting us on the map in the
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70s and keeping the spirit alive today. >> people here, friends and family have helped, and i cannot thank them enough, off the charts. >> reporter: growing up in petaluma and a midwest company ironically named, lucas oil, and the family wants family- oriented movies to cause a tear and leave you with a smile. >> the residence, politicians, business owners, everyone is so welcoming and opening up their lives to us. >> reporter: this movie is a sequel to the film based on the wrestling days at the casagrande high school and the star of the first film is in petaluma for part two. >> all the actors are very cool so we end up hanging out with them.>> reporter: the producers say that petaluma and the surrounding area offer a wide array of filming options>> we
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do a lot of stuff that is roll, dogs, -- rural, dogs, racehorses and all that and it is also part urban.>> i like to come out here and i like to make movies and alley is a great person. go petaluma. >> it is like the norman rockwell town with farms. to be honest, i'm ready to buy a house out here. >> reporter: estimating $20 million pumped into the local economy. >> a lot of extra hours. very tiring. it is a fun thing.>> i have never met some new people on one sent from northern california so this is kind of fun. >> reporter: the director is from chico. >> everything is about respecting the community, location and people. it is been a wonderful experience and i like to shoot
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here again.>> reporter: petaluma may not be hollywood north yet but it is on the moviemaking map.>> our offices is at petaluma because the director at warner bros. was raised in petaluma your >> that is exciting for the petaluma businesses. today marks the general john kelly first day as the new white house chief of staff and his task to get things turned around in washington. back to school for millions of california students, the proposed legislation that would change the start time for the middle and high school students. off to a good start on your morning commute. traffic on highway 24 off to a very nice start on the way to the tunnel. the weather is off to a nice start but warmer for many and again away from the coast without much changing closer to the coast.
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♪ ♪ ltry align probiotic.n your digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support, with align. the #1 doctor recommended probiotic brand. also in kids chewables. the light path being changed in and out of the sfo and issue is the noise.
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-- flightpath being changed in and out of the sfo and the issue is the noise. we will hit the bay area beaches with a warning, coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back to this monday, july 31, i am pam cook. >> good morning, and i am dave clark. steve is back. >> it is nice to be back but always nice to be on vacation but nice to come home. this is the highest humidity i have failed, south of the border. -- i have felt, south of the border. we can be thankful for some things. we have high community but temperatures cool on the coast. 60s on the coast and inland temperatures warming up. not just us, the pacific northwest will warm up as well
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and in fact portland, oregon, could hit 107 degrees which is amazingly hot for them. that will be wednesday and thursday and we have heat advisories starting tuesday for the diablo range in the santa cruz mountains. we will ease into that toward tomorrow. suffice it to say that august is getting chewed up with temperatures warming up today. at least the lows will cool off, 50s for some and 53 in san rafael, even 60s but of warmer on some temperatures. los altos hills is 59 and 60 for stanford. west southwest with the wind at 23 in gusting up to 30 for the strong delta breeze. a lot of monsoon moisture in southern california and arizona with thunderstorms over the sierra. for us sunshine and warm temperatures from 60s to near 100. it is 5:00.


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