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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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have a sex tape of you. if you don't send me money, i will send it out to your family members. they name specific places where they lived. >> reporter: they didn't believe the suspect at first, but then he sent them screenshots. the suspect threatened to post the video on facebook and tact the couple unless he got $5000. police say the suspect give them another way to make the video go away. >> at some point the suspect said you don't have to pay me the money. the female victim, if you want to spend the night having sex with me, i can give you the video back >> reporter: police had to make sure the suspect was in a hacker. police pretended to be the female victim. the man recorded the couple from a laptop made to look as if it was blacked out. >> it is scary. this couple, their privacy was violated and they were threatened to a point where it would've damaged their lives forever.>> reporter: people
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were shocked by the allegations . >> for me, this is scary. we need to be more careful. >> it's expensive here. it's sad you can have privacy here. >> reporter: the alameda he -- da is determining whether charges will be filed. the suspect is free on bail. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news . >> henry, do we know what kind of penalty he could face if he was found guilty? >> felony extortion carries several years in prison. and then there is misdemeanor counts of invasion of privacy. at least a couple of years and possibly six months to one year. >> henry, thank you.
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new information about a police standoff in san francisco. after 15 hours akin to an end. there was a deadly shooting late last night in a home at 15th and beaver streets in the corona heights neighborhood. we're live with new information from police. rob? >> reporter: that standoff did take 15 hours. it is over, finally. it took place here on 15th street up the hill. you can see there were police tape in the neighborhood and a command post. all of that has been taken down. police say they resolved it with a gunman came out after apparently shooting himself. >> the individual surrendered, suffering from what appears to be a single gunshot wound to the chest area. he was transported to san francisco general hospital where he is being treated.>> this is a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
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>> reporter: it began at 11:30 last night. they took an elderly woman to the hospital where she went -- where she later died. the gunman went back into the house where negotiations continued for 15 hours. neighbors were ordered to shelter in place in case any gunfire broke out. the shelter order was lifted a little while ago. the investigation continues >> we have officers from our tactical unit that are still going through the residents are making sure there aren't any issues that may be of concern or harm to the public.>> reporter: police have not identified the woman who died or the gunman. they will not say what the relationship is between the two. reporting live in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. a major shakeup in the
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trump administration. the president fired anthony scaramucci who was just appointed earlier this month>> it was the new chief of staff who wanted him out. we are joined with what led up to this latest staff shakeup. >> anthony scaramucci has only been on the job for 10 days, he generated controversy right out of the rate. and r-rated interview with the new yorker magazine seem to be the last straw for the presidents new chief of staff. >> reporter: general john kelly has removed anthony scaramucci from his position as communications director. >> he lasted just 10 days on the job. >> i think anthony wants general kelly to be able to operate fully with a clean slate and build his own team. the president felt his comments were inappropriate. >> reporter: resident trump praising his new hire where
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general kerry served as director of homeland security. >> at homeland what he has done has been nothing short of miraculous. >> reporter: kelly's military background could bring much- needed order to the white house. he appears to be wasting no time. >> at the end of the day, the chief of staff has to be a strong leader. he is an experienced man.>> reporter: everything was smooth sailing including quote via stock market ever, best economic numbers in years, unemployment lowest in 17 years, wages raising, border secure, supreme court, no white house chaos. >> reporter: general john kelly asked for scaramucci's removal after scaramucci insisted he would only report to the president and not to his new chief of staff. >> it cause a chain reaction at
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the white house. sean spicer resigned in protest one week ago. and then scaramucci gave that profanity laced magazine interview with vogel remarks with reince priebus among others. this showed scaramucci's influence and then today, scaramucci was out of a job as well . >> joining us now is the senior political writer at the san francisco chronicle. a new week and a new shakeup in the white house. what are your thoughts on the removal of anthony scaramucci?>> it's a message pitch from general kelly. his next move is going to be even more important. who does he hire to replace scaramucci? that person has the unenviable task of trying to keep the president on message. what everybody has to do now is consolidate power and have
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everyone reporting to him. that is what a chief of staff does. you can have scaramucci reporting to the present in a vodka and jared , everyone must report to one gatekeeper. >> chief of staff is so important. what you think of general kelly so far and does that mean that jared and ivanka would have to go through general kelly as well to see president trump quick >> that is the outstanding question. you can't fire family. he's going to have to figure out a way to walk that tight rope. because, look at the portfolio that kushner has. the opioid crisis and peace in the middle east and reform the veterans administration. that is like the job of three people. it's all under one person. how do you get that guy to stop going directly into the oval office? he has to stand in between
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those two, even if kushner is family. >> what you think about the rest of the net? could there be more changes? what about jeff sessions being moved to replace general kelly? >> i think the senate doesn't want that. one of the senate leaders in charge of the confirmation process said that you're not going to get a new attorney general if you remove sessions. that will create more chaos within the department. i think they may back off of that. you might see things settle down for a little bit will general kelly tries to consolidate his power and create some organization there. i don't think that will be happening. sessions has to want that to happen too. >> the president tweeted highest stock market ever, best economic number in years, lowe's employed -- unemployment
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and 17 years. i think the president would argue that the media is focusing on the wrong things. what are your thoughts? >> in terms of chaos, is not just the media focusing on it. many voters. six in 10 voters say that they describe the white house as running, for chaotically. that's not a good sign for a president seven months into his term. >> do you think it's running chaotically?>> it speaks for itself. what are the results? no significant legislative victories. you have several top advisors and cabinet members leaving. the chaos speaks for itself. >> thank you for joining us today, joe. palo alto police arrested a man on setting -- suspicion of setting fires. he is facing four felonies counts of arson for for fires.
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the fires happened between 2 am and 4 am. a car fire and then a dumpster fire on palo alto avenue. firefighters responded to fires on high street and a bike path. an officer on routine patrol took him into custody after recognizing him from a surveillance photo. the new easier way to get piles of junk removed from streets in the south bay. delayed by as much as two months, the salmon season is finally about to begin here in the bay area. we are tracking the heat around here. there are heat advisories for the central valley and how it impacts the rest of the week.
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a miniature train were $60,000 is back with its owners tonight. it was stolen and pleasant hill. a woman recognize the trailer from post on social media. it belongs to an amusement rental company called the fun and game experts. they are showing their appreciation with an offer to bring that train to the woman's favorite nonprofit group. investigators are looking for the thieves. a group funded by a tobacco country is trying to overturn an ordinance banning sales of flavored tobacco. the board of supervisors approved a band that includes menthol cigarettes, flavored chewing tobacco and flavored liquid used in e cigarettes. 34,000 signatures were turned in in hopes of putting the measure on the ballot next year.
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voter should decide the matter. it's been a rough couple of years for bay area fishermen. salmon season kicks off tomorrow. it comes after a poor salmon season last year and a crab season nearly wiped out. we were at a celebration today where relieved fishermen are still worried about the future>> reporter: very worried. when you think about it, the san francisco bay and the golden gate i one of the great migration past first salmon anywhere on earth. it is a situation where for many salmon boats it will be a do or die season. >> today on fishermen sports, fishermen celebrated the opening of the commercial salmon season. >> we have the most beautiful fish. we are really excited to start fishing tomorrow. >> reporter: it will be a short season to catch the california king salmon for a beleaguered shellshocked fleet.
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>> we have three disasters. last year's salmon season, a declaration for this year salmon season, and the season for crab that we had issues with last year. >> these last three or four years i've never seen in my last 40 years. a collection of bad things happening, one after the other after the other. >> reporter: only $20 million has been earmarked for fishery disaster relief nationwide. california's fishing industry and fishing service industries alone need $100 million in relief. >> the impact to fishing communities and individuals and businesses and families are absolutely sobering. i see it up and down my district . it begins at the golden gate bridge and goes to the oregon border.>> this is vital to make sure our community stays here to harvest seafood for the
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future>> reporter: while the subject today is salmon, this is really about the problem california has faced forever. who gets water? how much? >> the salmon don't have enough water in their spawning habitat in the rivers to actually complete the whole process of spawning>> reporter: that's because in drop years, lack of enough water is insufficient to maintain healthy fish populations which may well set many fishermen down. >> so the billionaires in the central valley can get subsidized with more water? they drove all of their brown water over the last four or five small we had seasons shorten quick >> we have these water wars. more and more water gets sucked out of the delta and the's rivers. it collapses ecosystems. it collapses the ecosystem of san francisco bay>> reporter: considered this, 25 years ago
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there were more than 4400 licensed salmon boats in california. today, just over 400. ktvu fox2 news. that number is incredible. how titer things first salmon fishermen? are they paycheck to paycheck? >> many of them are. many are deeply in debt because when those bad years were happening, they had to borrow against their boats in their homes and many borrowed whatever they could. unless they have a lot of good seasons, they may never get out of debt. one of the great traditions of america are the fleets of the pacific and the salmon fleets may one day be gone. >> let's hope that this is a good season. tom, thank you. to me, the salmon are the canary in the coal mine. if they're not doing well, that means were doing something wrong
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. salmon runs, we have world- famous salmon runs here. three runs a year. i don't think anywhere else in the world has three a year. it's a natural resource and it is a big deal. people from new zealand come here to salmon fish. you want to maintain those resources and keep them going. it makes california california. >> we have a heat advisory for the hills as we head into tomorrow. it will last until wednesday. the heat advisory in the hills and out in the livermore valley. it will be hot tomorrow. tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week. to me the real story is the central valley. for example, today, every day this month in july, sacramento has been over 90 degrees. every day for the month of
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july. that has never happened. it will be hot from reading to fresno with numbers in the triple digits. the big heat was up there in marysville, chico, modesto, down towards bakersfield. it will be relentless all day every day through thursday. that is why there's a heat warning for they will see 110. we will get a break because we have a seabreeze. if you get out into the livermore valley, you will find the heat. one of the in the quarter -- indicators, there is mount him. if you ever get up here, this is an old military building. there were a group of military men in this area. the mountain is about 2500 feet. the marine layer is about 1200 feet. that tells you is going to be hot and winds. the lid is on.
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the quality will be sketchy. around the bay, terrible. inland, not bearable. areas of fog tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon, it will be a lot like today. livermore and morgan hill, 100 degrees instead of 95. we will see you back here in a little bit and we will go long day -- long-range with the 5- day. >> the oakland a's trade away their best players for prospects. coming up next, billy dean talks about trading away sunny great. a new report claims school officials may be hurting the california economy. what they are doing when it comes to buying school lunches. healthcare advocates gather on the state capital. what they're saying about the repealing and -- what they're
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saying about the repeal of repair act -- repeal and replace act.
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many baseball fans knew that this day was coming. the oakland a's traded sunny great to the new york yankees. he is the latest start to be leaving at the baseball trade deadline. speak -- >> we are at the oakland coliseum tonight. it's sad to see him go, joe
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>> i guess we should be getting used to it by now. usually when the giants and the a's play each other, there's something at stake. we will see which team is less miserable. both teams are in last place. the a's are coming off of a situation now where once again, they traded one of their most recognizable players. at the beginning of the year, they would've been fan favorites. now all of them are gone. the talk about sunny great has been going on for some time. we knew they were talking to the yankees. two years ago he was an all-star . last year he had an injury year. he has been pitching better the last four weeks or so and increasing his trade value. the a's get the prospects and they get an infielder and a pitcher and an outfielder.
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pretty much names that nobody's heard of. something they continue to do. the general manager is left to explain how this philosophy is good for the team. >> this is part of our process as we sit here right now. we are in last place, so we need to do something. sunny was a great player for russ, but i think were pretty clear about the direction were going to go. we need younger and hopefully the next cycle is one that we maintain these players. that is the goal here. >> i think this time with potentially a new stadium, there will be a new stadium. the whole model changes. that is why this is taking place. i think there is an actual timetable that they are looking at to start keeping guys. it has always been a bit of a shell game here. >> one of the key players is an outfielder named dustin fowler. what you're looking at here is is one majorly game for the
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yankees. he hurt himself and his been out ever since. the a's have him targeted to be a centerfielder. the best case scenario with to have him healthy. the shortstop is ticketed for aa. a familiar story in the a's veteran players about they become arbitration eligible or free agents that can demand a bigger salary, it's time to deal them away for prospects. they are hoping that they can compile and they have guys to at least be competitive. the game plan is that the a's would like to be in a new stadium three to four years from now. they want a good team there -- then. in the meantime, don't buy a veteran players jersey or bobble head. who knows how long it will be around. >> it feels like the a's are always preparing for the future as opposed to playing for the
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now. why wouldn't sunny great fit into the future plans? is it all about money?>> that's a very good question. they did have him under control for a couple more years. when he was eligible to be a free agent, they didn't think you would stay. i think anybody will tell you that you obviously need people coming up on pushing the veteran players. you need veteran players who have been there before and have playoff experience. any time the a's get somebody like that and they have to sign them up long-term or potentially have them be arbitration eligible or a free agent, they deal them before they get to that point. you can't really use that money excuse anymore. we will see if that plan works. i don't think any fan or veteran player wants to hear that you're part of a three- year plan. >> it looks like a beautiful
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day out there. we need more people in those stands>> there is that. [laughter] >> thank you. some people in san jose say that there streets have turned into one illegal dumping ground. >> actually, i was taking some of the effort. putting technology to work on streets. a bay area surgeon pleads not guilty today. the nationwide crackdown he became a part of. there
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things are heating up for the wta.mer. time to play. when the us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. now through august 6th. it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the us open series. we're serving up the best of summer. --
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a new tool in the fight to end a problem in san jose including piles of carpets that compile up and push residence to the breaking point. after a year long partnership between city staff in a high- tech community, there's a new app to make it easier for residents to report quality of life crimes. here is more on how the new app works in the impact it is having. >> reporter: some residents on quincy drive say that there street has been turned into a haven for illegal dumping>> the pile was as tall as me. i couldn't stand the way it looked. i couldn't stand it. >> reporter: jessica no longer
5:32 pm
has to go it alone. on monday, the next phase was issued to help residents in the city to buy unveiling the my san jose app. >> we have something that will be, will enable us to be more effective when responding to the needs of our community. >> reporter: the launch concludes one year of work for high-tech. it details problems from graffiti on public and private buildings to potholes and illegal dumping. average calls for help have spiked this summer. 32 per day up to 50. >> if things are reported, we don't know about it. these items need to be reported. >> reporter: using the app, residents can snap a picture in its routed to the wright city agency. >> the resident can directly communicate with the crew during the repair.
5:33 pm
it's fast and efficient and streamlined for residents to reach the people who are actually going to do the work. >> reporter: response times will vary depending on the problem. pitting over graffiti can happen more quickly than repairing a streetlight. officials say they have added staff, doubling the number of response teams covering the city. officials say it took just a few days for jessica's post -- post the result in a clean up. >> thank you for coming. >> reporter: crews found 10 additional unreported illegal dump sites. this fast response won't mean a quick into problems. ktvu fox2 news . take a look at these pictures. a spokeswoman for the city of oakland took them last night outside her house. she tells us she got new clothing with tags, baseball hats, new shoes, duffel bags and toiletries.
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there was a stack of blank credit cards. he thinks he illegally dumped trash could be evidence of identity theft. she reported the incident to the police and public works. we contacted opd and we are told the pictures have been sent to the investigations unit. a former surgeon pleaded not guilty and he illegally prescribed opioids to a san francisco woman. that woman was found dead in her apartment under what investigators are calling suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: this dr. walked briskly out of the federal courthouse avoiding questions. the 50-year-old former vascular surgeon entered a not guilty plea on monday on charges he unlawfully prescribed oxycodone dirty six times to people who were not under his care.
5:35 pm
>> my wife was one of the people that he was writing these fraudulent prescriptions to. >> reporter: the 35-year-old worked at the veterans affair medical centers and she died last june and what investigators initially thought was a drug overdose>> she became involved with chris. she was found deceased and he was the last person that was with her. >> reporter: low was was placed on leave. he was fired five months later after he was booked the local drug charges. those charges with the das office never stuck. >> i think it shows that the federal courts will take this seriously and start cracking down and they need to. >> reporter: he was arrested by the dea as part of a crackdown on fraudulent opioid prescriptions spearheaded by jeff sessions. >> when you have a person in a position of power who is contributing by providing very strong opiates, to someone not one of their patients.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: she suffered physical and emotional abuse with the ones who got her hooked on opioids as a way to control her >> she told me, if i don't get out, i'm not going to live. i will never be able to get over that. we were best friends since we were kids. i won't have her for another 30 or 40 years.>> reporter: to see somebody so awful but i am heartened to see that maybe we will get some justice for danielle. >> reporter: neither would comment on the case in an investigation is underway into the circumstances surrounding daniel's death. his next court appearance is september 12. in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news . more than two dozen states, counties and municipalities are
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suing drug manufacturers over the opioid crisis. the lawsuits accuse the drugmakers of using deceptive marketing, downplaying the risk of addiction and the benefit for chronic pain. some suits claim the pharmaceutical companies knew the drugs were highly addicted -- addictive. some deny that and say they share concerns about the crisis. a burglary suspect is dead and two people hospitalized with gunshot wounds after a struggle at an apartment complex. two officers responded this morning to a report of a man breaking into an apartment. when they arrived, they got into a fight with the officers and grabbed a gun and opened fire. the officers conditions were not release. one officer was able to return fire and hit the suspect who later died extract senate republicans are ready to tackle tax reform despite pressure to work on the obama repeal of a place. they are pitching their ideas for tax reform. they are working to make the
5:38 pm
tax code simpler. members of the house have adjourned but house speaker paul ryan spoke about tax reform yesterday on a sunday talkshow>> regulatory relief, working on labor supply, welfare to work. tax reform. you can get to 3% without tax reform. >> if they do the same thing, they will fail on tax reform, they will fail on infrastructure. instead on those issues, work with us. >> in addition to all of this pending legislation, there will be for weeks to come up with a spending plan and prevent a government shutdown. parking lots filled with and spell it to neighbor streets. the new restrictions going into effect near the alameda ferry terminal. remembering sam sheppard. the impact he had on the local
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theater going back decades.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t.
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california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. new parking restrictions go into effect for people who take the harbor bay ferry in alameda.
5:42 pm
the ferry terminal parking lot only has 250 parking spots. the demand for parking far exceeds the supply. >> reporter: the parking lot at the terminal and alameda fills up fast. drivers park on the residential streets in the neighborhoods nearby>> we live a couple of blocks down the street and there is always a lot of cars there. >> reporter: ferry commuters will not be able to do that anymore and drivers will need a residential permit to park on residential streets for more than four hours. commuters are hers to use buses, bikes and ride sharing. some residents acknowledge is not an option for everyone. >> the ferry is totally packed. if they want to encourage people to use public transportation, they need to consider that people drive to get there. >> reporter: hannah lives near the ferry terminal and she takes the blood to work sometimes. she empathizes with those who will struggle to find parking>> to me, it is taking away means from people who absolutely need to go to work. >> reporter: she created a parking website to rip -- went
5:43 pm
out driving spaces in her neighborhood. the goal is to help commuters in a pinch at a cost of eight dollars per day. >> giving an option to people who need it. i would rather have my driveway space open, but there are people who need it more than i do. >> reporter: the hope is that commuters were only user website in an emergency and not on a daily basis. there are about eight other homeowners who are willing to do the same. in alameda, ktvu fox2 news. in films and on stage, sam sheppard left his mark. coming up, the impact he had on a bay area theater where he spent decades. we have big heat in the valley. we will talk about all of your weather coming up after the break. there
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-- moscow is now expelling hundreds of u.s. diplomats as payback for new u.s. sanctions. allison barber tells us that mike pence is trying to reassure eastern european allies that the united states has their back. >> reporter: mike pence is speaking in estonia and he
5:47 pm
calls moscow unpredictable and says the president trump will soon assign the new russia sanctions bill. >> the united states of america rejects attempts to use force, threats, or malign influence in the baltic states are against our treaty allies >> reporter: the u.s. wants to approve ties with moscow but suggests that's only possible if russia changes course. >> we hope for better days. and for better relations with russia. >> reporter: vladimir putin is telling the they must get rid of 755 employees. the move is meant to retaliate against sanctions approved by congress last week. they were intended to punish the country for meddling in the 2016 election. >> we have a large number of options. we are responding now because the americans have taken an unprovoked step towards worsening relations. >> reporter: president obama
5:48 pm
expel 35 russian diplomats from the u.s. last year. when it comes to russia's latest actions, the white house is and commenting beyond what pins had this day. a state department official tells fox news is our policy not to comment on the number of individuals on missions abroad. hbo confirmed today systems have been hacked leaking spoilers for game of thrones. the hackers and emails to out lax claiming to put next weeks scripps online. the thieves claim to have information on the show butlers in room 104. hbo is the latest company to be hit by a cyber breeze. information has been stolen from netflix and sony. let's bring in our chief meteorologist. it sounds like it's going to heat up this week. >> there's a huge fog bank. >> it will keep the bay
5:49 pm
reasonable. that's where the heat advisories will be in effect. sacramento, vacaville, fresno, for the whole week. sacramento, for the entire month of july. they've had over 90 degrees. it's going to stay hot. sacramento will go for 100 degrees straight. that's for that heat advisory. these are the highs for today. highs tomorrow, i think fairfield will be at 98 degrees. it is going to be in these inland spots. just right in here. around the bay and even in san jose, it will get into the 90s.
5:50 pm
the cooler air and the seabreeze coming our way. that will hopefully keep things better for most of us. here is the heat advisories. is not a heat warning. there is a heat warning for the northern part of the state around the chico area. again, multiple days of 100 degrees plus. they may go to 110 and redding and red bluff. the fog will stay at the coast. it will be a lot like last week . a bit warmer, obviously, but the heat will stay away from the interior bay. it will warm up, but the 100s will be in the livermore valley and concorde, antioch. you can see how dry it is. a little bit of he can get the fire potential up. your clock course -- call forecast for tomorrow, the same as today. you will see the 100 is bleeding into the fairfield area. livermore, hot. tuesday, will be the hottest
5:51 pm
day with 102. the idea of that heat advisory, you were hovering in the upper 90s for multiple days. as you look at san francisco tomorrow morning, a few clouds and it will start to clear off. vacaville, low 100s. the story is going to be the fire danger an issue. look at that top-tier number. it starts to cool off towards the weekend which is fortunate. the air quality will be a little dicey too. >> i love upper the fire -- where the fire was in oakland. for me, it's been comfortable. and then in livermore, it's 100 degrees. >> the real story here is that it will be redding, chico, where they will be 105 or 106 for multiple days. a wildfire burning into
5:52 pm
wallaby county has burned at least one home and prompted mandatory evacuations. it started in jamestown in the sierra foothills. the fire has burned 123 acres and is 60% contained. it is burning south of historic jamestown which is an old-time from the goldrush era and a california historical landmark. homes and structures are threatened in a shelter has been set up by the red cross. that shelter can take animals. the jacksonville fire outside of jamestown has burned never -- nearly 700 acres and is now 73% contained. sam sheppard has died. >> i think i see a plane over here with your name on it. >> he received an oscar nomination for his role as chuck yeager in the movie the right stuff. sam sheppard was raised in california and had roots in the bay area. starting in 1975, he was
5:53 pm
playwright in residence in san francisco. they produced 24 of his plays including barry child. >> he established a culture. he established the muscle of what it was to make new theater and he ignited what is now one of the most robust play ecosystems in the country. >> he wrote with a 50 plays in all including short stories and a novel. many works were installed -- inspired by his personal history. he often appeared in westerns. >> he appreciated the mysteries of inhabiting a character. he loved actors. i think is acting work said that his love of writing for other actors and he was a very humble and heartfelt and complicated guy. >> a family spokesperson said he died at his home in kentucky
5:54 pm
last thursday of complications from als. he was 73 years old. dreams of owning a home are driving people outside the bay area. coming up, where we found homes for $500,000 40,000 miles from san francisco.
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it may come as a shock to people in other parts of the country, but a single-family home in the bay area under $500,000 is considered to be affordable. a number of those homes has dropped significantly. this is pushing people farther and farther away from the heart of the bay area. >> reporter: this brand-new houses in hollister. his job is in contra costa county. it's a 2.5 hour commute to work. >> i would love to be close to where cannot commute. that would be the dream. it's not affordable. it drove us down here. >> reporter: when it comes to affordable homes, real estate data shows inventory is dropping. listings under $500,000 are down 17% and single-family homes in silicon valley do not exist. >> if anyone didn't think we have a housing crisis,
5:58 pm
hopefully this sounds the alarm. >> reporter: the median home price of $935,000 is driving people away to other cities. >> our competitor regions are about one third to one fourth the cost for a home is often twice as big. >> reporter: along commute is sometimes the only option. >> there saying i can't afford san jose or santa clara or other places. they prefer the climate in the low crime. they like san benito county. >> hollister is about 40 miles away in their seeing a housing boom. there were 70 new subdivisions in 2000 new homes being built over the next five years. it seems like the best the most affordable option for his family. >> we don't want to live in an apartment or a townhouse. we want to single-family home.
5:59 pm
the american dream. >> reporter: we checked housing prices in hollister and there were at least 15 other homes on the market for under $500,000. and rubin, ktvu fox2 news. the president certainly felt that his comments were inappropriate for a person that position. >> another shakeup as trump removes anthony scaramucci from his position as communications director after just 11 days on the job. the move comes on the first day of a new job for the presidents new chief of staff. the departure of scaramucci follows a chaotic week that saw the president's press secretary and his chief of staff stepped down. and then the president tweeted, quote, a great day at the white house.
6:00 pm
it looks like an effort to bring chaos in the white house under control. rick? >> reporter: it was a short stint for scaramucci who sealed his own fate with the exploding field interview off the record. general kelly is in and scaramucci is gone . >> general john kelly the new chief of staff has removed anthony scaramucci from his position as communications director. >> he does not have a role at this time in the trump administration.>> reporter: scaramucci lasted only 10 days on the job.>> i think he wants general kelly to have a clean slate. >> reporter: president trump praising his new hire at a cabinet meeting were just last week he served it


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