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we're looking out across the bay and the bay bridge and oakland and san francisco listening to hall and oats early on a friday morning >> this is toe tapping music >> yeah, make my dreams come true. good morning >> it's 4:30 in the morning and it's already 70 degrees across the bay area >> should i tell you [ overlapping speakers ]
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me and then girlfriend carmen we went and saw him. he had blue shoes on and they're sitting there singing and we were in the front row and she's tapping on his shows and he's looking down going who the? >> you were that close >> yeah, we were right there and he's looking down like who's tapping on my shoes. now days you can't get that close. that is a very good album, by the way. brandon says it's 80 degrees and raining. that's a treat in oak grove. i've heard of it. are we in california, what is going on here. seventy-seven in walnut creek.
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there is a little relief coming up from south to north. this puts them in a better window for thunderstorms. thunderstorms. 70s, 80s and still some 90s. a warm air mass over us. good morning, sal >> good morning, steve. i guess i have to do a little traffic >> you might want to >> ame just sitting here, might as well help you.
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we're hoping that on a friday i don't have a lot to to do. we want like traffic, vacaville is so far so good. at 4:33 let's go back to the desk the faa leading the investigation into yesterday's deadly plane crash in sacramento county. the pilot was killed when his single engine plane crashed into the backyard of a home. witnesses saw the plane flying low before hitting a power pole, some trees and then crashed into a chicken coop >> everybody just like tore down the fence and we went through and there was no
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flame or, there wasn't even no gas smell and just went over there and he was like laying there dead, i guess >> now, no one on the ground was hurt. the name of the pilot has not been released as yet. the plane was registered in nevada new details on a crash that hurt a man at a bus stop. it happened wednesday afternoon. witnesses say two cars were racing which does not surprise people who live in the area. they say that intersection is dangerous and some drivers treat that stretch of road like a racetrack. the speed limit is just 35 miles per hour >> those guys shouldn't have been going 60, 70 miles per hour coming into this red light. they shouldn't have been going that fast regardless >> i believe both these streets are a racetrack >> police say they are still investigating the incident and whether or not the cars were racing. both of the drivers are said to
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be okay >> your time is now 4:34 the federal government being sued, accused of mishandling a gun that was later used to shoot and kill an artist. the parents of [inaudible] the gun was stolen from an unintended car in san francisco that was rented by immigration agents. a lawyer for the parents cites the immigration departments failure to control weapons >> ice is losing weapons at a rate of one gun every four days and that is alarming >> police arrested a 21 year
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old for the shooting. r the shooting. reporter: authorities have identified the suspect natally shot by -- fatally shot by police. officers say they attempted to stop a car connected to a recent armed robbery but that car sped off. cellphone video shows that pursuit and it shows a police car crashing into the suspect's vehicle. >> the suspect came out of the vehicle armed with a large edged weapon similar to that of a machete and i believe the officers tried to tell him to put his arms down. >> five police officers opened fire killing the suspect. the district attorney's office has now joined that investigation. time is now 4:36 people in east oakland say they want the city to do
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more about illegal dumping in their neighborhood. >> last friday, jose diaz says he found trash outside his home. >> one day, i was going to work and we found a mattress was outside of our house. reporter: so far the volunteer clean up crews have collected more than 67,000 pounds of illegal garbage. >> the power of the people is what we want to unleash. >> many residents say they want
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to see the city do more. >> the mayor says the new city budget includes funding for one new illegal dumping crew. the director of public works told the audience that the crew will focus proactively on hot spots. >> the idea about stake outs, that came from our work force. the idea of liening dmv, your permit for your car, you can't get your registration unless you paid your citations and fines, that's an idea that came from the community. >> they will find out if they
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can get grants for cameras soon. a fire started wednesday evening and prompted evacuations at the lawrence hall of science and the laboratory. campus police say authorities are now investigating the fire as a possible case of arson. however, calfire will likely make that final determination. oakland firefighters immediately called for help from several nearby agencies. >> they get to ramp up and put people ahead of the curve instead of waiting on us to get on scene and confirm anything. its a big change. >> the fire is 50% contained after burning 20 acres but is no longer spreading. >> time is 4:39. a walnut farmer is suing the state of california. the damage he says he
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suffered after the oroville dam spillway failed. >> and the move by fedex to try to compete with ups for more online shopping orders this holiday season. >> and right now, we don't see traffic that is very, very slow. right now, the bay bridge traffic looks good. >> i realize it's early but look at your screen here. we have lightning strikes from winters, vacaville, lodi, and they're heading east to west, plus it's balmy with light rain. with light rain. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah.
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. fedex will not charge extra fees for packages delivered during holidays. now, ups announced certain charges that will be applied during the holidays. fedex says it will only charge extra for packages that need extra handling. fitbit plans what it calls the best health and fitness smart watch. the company hopes to have that wash ready by the holidays.
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fitbit is facing stiff competition with apple. >> it appears fitness trackers may not be the answer to get teenagers to exercise more. british researchers conducted an eight week study to see if the wearables encouraged teenager to move. teenager -- teenagers to move. the team thought the device would inspire the teenagers to exercise more. however, they found after the initial novelty of wearing the device, the teens did not change their exercise patterns. they found teens were ultimately discouraged from doing it. a teenager who won top
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honors at the county fair [inaudible] >> grooming him on a metal stand. >> as i get older now, its just a part of my life. >> at 12, missy cut her knee on a metal stand like this and developed flesh eating bacteria. >> i can't tell you how proud i am of where she was to where she's come. from hearing we might not have her anymore to all that. >> all that, the best show in
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all divisions. >> she is humble but thrilled at achieving this goal. >> everyone tells me i can't and i can so i push myself. i try not to think back on it. all i think back on is when doctors tell me that i can't and i can. >> even now, missy feels the effects. she had 14 surgeries on her right leg. infection destroys muscle, tissue, cartilage and her knee is bone on bone. >> she doesn't want the attention. she doesn't want people feeling sorry for her. >> standing after a week in the hospital, even returning to soft ball. >> i mean, the leg thing, it's a big journey for all of us in the family. we kind of had to take a step back and realize how important family is to us. >> she really had to fight to do what she was doing but she never said no and i believe in my heart she never will say
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no. >> by day's in, missy picked up yet another best of class honor. >> things happen to people. >> theodore goes up for auction this weekend and weighing are 155 pounds, should fetch a hefty price. missy has a year of high school and then plans to become a paramedic so she can save lives the way her life was saved. >> inspirational story. let's check in with sal. >> so far, so good. there is slight
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traffic at the altamonte pass. it's just a little better than it usually is and considering a nice drive to caster valley. bay bridge traffic is okay getting into san francisco, at the toll plaza there's a little traffic. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> there's plenty going on. let's go right away to lightning direction. you can see the lightning around vacaville and also lodi. if you're over towards
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discovery bay. d says when will this gruesome, awful, muggy weather stop. what do you really think d? it will end towards the end of the weekend. temperatures on the coast are going bonn kerrs. -- bonkers. san francisco just went from 68 to 71 within minutes almost. it's been kind of strange end anding on the wind direction. -- depending on the wind direction. some of this moisture is not producing much. it is producing some light rain. we heard that it is balmy in daily city and that's not something we
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hear all the time. the low is lifting so so is the cloud cover. with high pressure this long and this kind of a flow in the atmosphere, i'm not surprised that the water has warmed up. 82, 85 fresno and bakersfield, california [inaudible] there is a little bit of a breeze here, west, southwest, 17, vacaville's8 so a lot going on. look for
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cloudy skies, occasional thunderstorm activity today very mild to warm for most of those near the coast. inland, i could see 90 to 100. more of the same saturday and then gradually cooling into next week, like lakewood, not cooling off dramatically. >> i don't think they expect that in august. >> people in brentwood are asking for it. >> like my dad used to say when i got my license, keep it under a hundred. >> the giants and the a's battled it out again. and then the people go inside. do you understand charlie?
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. warrior star steph curry playing his first pro golf tournament, today will move on to the second round. some people may say steph was not as good on the golf course as he is on the basketball course, but he was good. he shot a 74 on the first half. his short game was so good he gave fist bumps and shoulder bumped his caddy. he was high fiving fans. he called it an amazing experience. >> the feeling's the same, the adrenaline rush is there but you have a whole lot more time to think about what's going on. as soon as he said my name on the first tee, that's when i could barely feel my hands. i try to
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take a deep breath but still, wasn't anything i could do to prepare myself. >> he brought a lot of people out there. a lot of people are also watching baseball, the giants beat the a's last night. the pitcher put on a show with his arm and bat. jared parker doubled in his first at bat since april. two runs scored. then brandon belk hit a ball deep for his 18th home run of the season. then ty black came to the plate with two runners on. >> block skies it into center field. it is out of here. >> yeah, that's his first homer of his major league career, 416 feet. he also pitched 8 innings and only gave up 2
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runs. our time is 4:56. san jose's mayor was criticized about the flooding of coyote creek. now he's making a big announcement. >> three people shot in broaddy light at san -- broad daylight at san francisco's delores park. >> you can see traffic this morning is doing pretty well. ing pretty well. . >> lots of cloud cover, and lightning. keep your hair strong against hot styling tools...
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. mornings on two continues. ings on two continues.
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