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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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a tree limb snaps and crashes onto a college campus, leaving a toddler injured. the internal memo written by a google employee that has people outraged. good sunday evening. >> we will get to those stories and a moment but were first -- but first we have breaking news. a double shooting on 106 avenue, this happened about 4:45 pm. our photographers on scene after the shooting, one of the victims was taken to the hospital but we do not know the condition of either victim. please have not said if either one has been arrested or if they have a suspect description. we will have more for this story
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on the 10 pm and 11 pm news. a 2-year-old girl suffered a head injury after a tree limb crashed. >> they were attending a company picnic when the tree fell. >> reporter: firefighters say it was amazing no one else was hurt, more than 100 people attended the company picnic. it was a branch but a huge branch, firefighters say the people picnicking under the tree heard the snap and then the branch fell 2 seconds later. the tree branch was larger than some of the other trees on campus. 50 feet long, three feet in diameter. it snapped off unexpectedly and smashed tables and chairs. >> 20 minutes before there was a whole group of people sitting in chairs under the tree. they moved for whatever reason.
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>> reporter: a children's play table and strollers were crushed. a mother and her child were the only two injured, the mother suffered a broken toe and her daughter has a fractured skull. the little girl is still at stanford's children hospital. another scheduled company picnic was moved to the front of the campus.>> i can see when the wind is strong, it makes me nervous sometimes. but, i don't think it's ever too big of a deal. >> reporter: she was moving back into her dorm on sunday morning, she heard about the tree. despite her faith injuries, this is not the first one to come down. >> during the winter, one of the other trees outside that building fell over. >> reporter: her father is a bit more nervous for her and the other students. >> reporter: this is an old college, those are pretty concerning to me. with the drought we had, the
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wind appear, the rain, it's a big concern especially with these big sequoias. >> reporter: he says the fire has brought down several trees in the area, college officials declined to comment but parents hope they decide to inspect the remaining trees. >> we wish for the best, no hard wind. >> reporter: the uncle of the 2- year-old girl said she is undergoing surgery, on injuries to her eyelids. any idea on how she will recover? there is a picture of her. with a fractured skull, there is concern there. permit that information came to us later this afternoon, originally they said the injuries to the mother and daughter were minor, but then when we had the interview, they declined to discuss further and then later this afternoon we heard it was much worse than originally reported. >> two seconds, not enough time
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to react or run.>> i'm sure we will be hearing more about this. thank you, lee. an investigation underway in hayward after police shot at a suspect mccarthy. the shooting happened when police responded to a report of a stolen pickup truck. the owner of the truck told police he saw the suspect steel has struck, followed the suspect and called police. when police arrived, they saw the suspect driving away and his truck. the suspect then crashed into parked cars on the street and at one point the suspect appeared to be driving towards them. the suspect was not struck by the gunfire but police were able to apprehend him and he is in custody. we are learning more details about a deadly police shooting yesterday, investigators say a resident at a home on west steel lane called 911 before 6 am to report someone at the house who
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was acting crazy and causing a disturbance. police say the suspect was armed with a kitchen knife, a man was found in one of the bedrooms hiding under a bed. investigators say they tried to talk to him for several minutes to de-escalate the situation and then used a taser on him but apparently it had no effect. police say the suspect advanced toward them and one of the officer shot the man and killed him. a team of 20 detectives were called to the scene, authorities said they canvassed the neighborhood and interviewed witnesses, the officers involved were wearing body cameras, they have been placed on administrative leave. san mateo county coroner identified a victim as jon jones of union city. the shooting happened about 5 am and an apartment complex. police have not made any arrests and they have not released a suspect description. new details regarding the mental health of one of the two homicide suspects from chicago.
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wyndham latham surrendered, a sheriff spokesman says he is under close observation and not doing well psychologically. he scheduled to be arraigned on monday morning, he is an associate professor at northwestern university. andrew warren, turned himself in on friday in san francisco. both men are wanted on charges of first-degree murder in the brutal stabbing of a man in chicago. google is dealing with the sexiest memo that has become an outrage among employees. it said there were not as many women in tech due to genetic differences. he said google should stop trying to bridge the gender gap and focus on ideological diversity. it was reportedly posted for several days, it went viral this weekend. google's new vice president issued a memo saying it is not
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endorsed, promoted or encouraged by google. excessive corrosion on a support beam is what manufacturers say caused an amusement park ride to break apart. it caused the death of an 18- year-old man and injured seven others. one young woman remains in a coma. the ride passed inspection hours before it fell apart. the manufacturer said the corrosion dangerously reduce the thickness on the wall of the beam, holding the passenger on the fireball ride. they ordered similar rides shut down worldwide. mike pence is lashing out against the new york times, angry about a report published that suggests that republicans are secretly positioning themselves for a run at the oval office in 2020. the article says a growing number of republicans do not think there will be a second term for president donald j. trump. the times says the vice president has created a political fundraising committee
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bridging donors and the ministration. this morning he said, the article is disgraceful and offensive to me, my family and the entire team. the allegations in this article are categorically false and represent the late attempt by the media to divide the administration. he added his team is working to get president donald j. trump reelected in 2020. the new york times has not responded. rod rosenstein said the justice department does not intend to go after journalists and crack down on leakers.>> we need to look at everything before we get them, the facts and circumstances, the harm, the circumstances, that is more important than who it is. we identify no matter what their position. if they violated the law, it warrants prosecution. he also said robert mueller has the authority to investigate any crimes he might uncover in
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the russian pro-. the president has repeatedly dismissed the investigation amid frequent reports that mueller is looking into the financial dealings of members of tramps -- trump's campaign. a global campaign to punish north korea's mezzo -- missile tests. this comes a day after the un voted to impose economic sanctions on north korea. lauren blanchard has latest. >> reporter: after to an intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month, the security council approved the tougher sanctions. the u.s. ambassador said it was a good step but she is not ruling out other options. >> we hope we don't have to do anything but all options have been on the table. they will continue to be on the table. >> reporter: it bans exports including coal, iron, lead and
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seafood products. prohibiting countries from increasing the number of north koreans working abroad. it will slash the north korean export revenues by $1 billion, a third of the country's total export revenues. the goal is to cut off the money, the regime uses to from the missile program.>> we gave them a kick in the gut with $1 billion of sanctions that will start to feel right away. permit he is urging his north korean counterparts to stop provoking the goodwill of the international community but he also said the u.s. and south korea need to stop increasing tensions. urging all to return to negotiations. the chinese ambassador to the un says the asphalt from china and russia, nations who have -- yes vote from china and russia. >> the fact that they adopted this demonstrates the emmis --
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unity. >> reporter: the president and the un will watch closely to make sure the sanctions are fully enforced. the emotional ceremony today in japan, marking 72 years since the bombing of hiroshima. how folks in the u.s. are coping following days of severe storms and flooding. we are back to a typical summer time weather pattern, mild temperatures and lint and the fog hanging out coast side.
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japan is marking a somber anniversary, 72 years since the
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u.s. dropped an atomic bomb on two cities at the end of world war ii. 140,000 people were killed in hiroshima, three days later 75,000 were killed and nagasaki. during the ceremony, the prime minister renewed calls for a world free of nuclear weapons. japan has already adopted the policy and does not produce or allow nuclear weapons on soil. officials in israel said the plans in place to ban the alta zero network from operating in the country, the communications minister said he plans to revoke the press credentials of journalists effectively preventing them from working in israel. he said he was asked -- he's asked them to block transmissions and seeking legislation to ban them altogether. officials have long accused them of bias against the jewish state. the defense minister has likened its coverage to [null]
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germany style propaganda. the minnesota governor spoke out against the bombing of a mosque five minutes after the first morning prayer. the bomb went off in the imam's office, the governor and other public officials took a tour of the mosque and called it a terrorist attack. >> the criminal act of terrorism, we think the good lord was not present in his office. it would appear this person intended the destruction to this site. this is unthinkable, unforgivable. >> the center is not just a place of worship at a venue for lectures, computer classes and other events. there is now a reward for information leading to the arrest of the bomber. severe storms making their
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way across the u.s. causing damage. and oklahoma, roofs worked harm -- were torn off of holdings. 30 people injured and thousands lost power. streets and businesses have been closed, the weather service sent a team to survey the damage.>> a patron and three restaurants, were eating when the storms came through and they started getting calls of people who were trapped in restaurants because it had the roof closing and. -- closing in. >> it dumped up to 10 inches of rain in some spots, reports coming in of 2-3 feet of standing water in some areas as the levels overwhelm the city pump is so some -- pumping system. >> reporter: -- a sinkhole,
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the closure of the bridge, costing the town $5 million leaving $1.5 million in reserves. a meeting on tuesday will be open to the public for people to submit questions, the starts at 6 pm in chambers. fairs and parking fees are going up in two months starting october 1. monthly parking prices will increase $55-$82.50. the discounted ride take it will be eliminated. january 1, the price of the goal pass will rise from $190 -$237. the increases are needed to pay the rising costs of operating the system. fans of jerry garcia gathered today. they
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were rocking out, it celebrates the life and legacy of the singer-songwriter and musician. jerry day was founded in 2002 when the community came together to fundraise for a playground. the district is his childhood neighborhood, there are signs, plaques and events in the area that honor him. >> this is jerry day, celebrating jerry garcia. he will never go away. he is here for life.[ laughter ] >> he would've turned 75 this year. legos took over the santa clara convention center this weekend for the bricks by the bay convention.>> as sally rasmussen explains, it was a chance for enthusiasts to learn from master builders. >> reporter: from this replica of the san francisco ferry building to medical castles,
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thousands of creations were on display. attribute to all things lego, meant to dazzle the eyes and fascinate minds. >> everything is an original creation, no instruction books allowed. the builders can when prizes. -- win prizes. ethan created this ship. >> i wanted to create everything that looks and functions, actually did. i am in a -- i am a mechanical engineer, working on the next mark -- mars rose -- rober. -- rover. >> reporter: jack spent a year figuring out how to make this masterpiece.
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what you call this?>> gbc. you can take that side and i will work on the side. >> reporter: this creates a maching that whisks -- this creates a machine that whisks this ball. >> i like to tinker with it, i enjoy that. >> reporter: hobby and full- time passion, inspiring the next generation of engineers. let's check in with mark, were you a lego guy?>> a big one. that reminded me i should set up some legos and the weather center.>> mom and dad love one walk across the carpet? >> weatherwise, including some temperatures this weekend with the heat and humidity moving
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out of the bay area. ranging from the 60s, 70s around the bay and the hottest locations inland, not so hot. 80s-90 degrees out towards antioch. showers and storms, look at these lightning strikes popping up, once again we have showers and thunderstorms developing to the east and the bigger change today, more thunderstorms to the north of the bay area. we're tracking some showers and thunderstorms in the north, keeping the temperatures on the cooler side, san francisco 60, san jose lower 70s, 72 degrees, towards the bay bridge. a good onshore wind, you can see the top on the bay waters and there is the fog we will be dealing with.
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what has been happening, the marine layer has been deepening so the temperatures inland are not so hot because this air for the inland neighborhoods, even though it's not foggy, the impact is the cooler breeze kicking in. and san francisco tomorrow, clouds, fog and possible drizzle. by 12 by 12 pm, 65, and by 3 pm, 65 and partly breezy. this high build and poor tuesday and wednesday, but we are not talking about a major warm-up but a bit of a bump in the temperatures. here's the forecast, the fog possibly drizzle near the coast and bay tomorrow, then the clouds kurt -- clear back and temperatures tomorrow not a big change from today. we will take a look at the highs and a few 90s sprinkled on the maps, walnut creek, 85, oakland 73, san jose 79, the
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coast with patchy fog and temperatures mainly in the lower 60s. here's a look ahead, the 5-day forecast, temperatures trending up on tuesday and wednesday with the warmest locations approach in the mid-90s and into the weekend, no big changes but thankfully, no triple digits. >> i think a few days ago we were thinking it might read -- reach 98 on thursday. the oakland a's, part ways with another home star. >> the hot bats continue for the giants. ♪
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mathematically, still alive that's about it. it's all about making wise decisions for the giants. no matter where the team is in the standings, jerrett parker waited a long time for this. this is his first homer of the year, a two run shot, two more in the third, hunter pence goes
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down, two runs score on this. is 4-1. korbin allows another to run hit in the fifth, this time it's nick hundley, they took the series. just because the trade deadline is over doesn't mean the a's have stopped dumping veteran talent. the latest, alonzo. unlike the a's, the mariners are in the hunt for the postseason. they trail kansas city by a game and a half in the american league second wild-card spot. as for the a's, you know the story by now. they could a minor leaguer, powell. on the field bruce maxwell couldn't keep his grip on the bat but there were good things to come. they trail 10-5,
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davis road one the other way, that is homer number 29. noris and pender send go up the middle, maxwell holds on, single to right and pender scores in third. they hang on to win 11-10. see you tonight at 10 pm.>> goodnight.
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