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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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well. the low was moving off and we have a cooler pattern with 60s, 70s and 80s. maybe lake county could see a few 90s. it is 4:59 am. we have traffic getting slower as we drive on 580. the altamont pass sees traffic that is slow on 580 coming up to the altamont pass, and also this morning on 205 driving through with no major issues. if you are driving through the main part of livermore it looks okay as you drive over to castro valley into the hayward area. here is a look at interstate 880, and you can see traffic moving along okay. there have been no major problems as you get up to the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get to the toll plaza and you can see traffic is moving along nicely into san francisco. no major problems yet. we are looking at the bridge
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and traffic will be doing very well driving into san francisco, and all the bay area bridges are doing well. it is 5:00. pretrial motion set in the case of the undocumented immigrant that is accused of killing kate steinle and lopez sanchez is charged with first- degree murder, and the superior judge that was assigned to the case will hear the legal motions today. kate steinle was walking with her father and family friend along the waterfront in july 2015 and the bullet hit her in the back killing her. lopez sanchez had been deported five times before the shooting. the trial date has not been scheduled but jury selection is expected to start this week. one suspect linked to the homicide in illinois will face the judge today and wyndham lathem will be a rain this morning, accused of being
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linked to the july 27 fatal stabbing in his apartment and wyndham lathem teaches microbiology and immunology at the northwestern university. officials say he is not doing well psychologically. the other suspect, andrew warren, works at the oxford university in england. both men are wanted on first- degree murder for the stabbing death of the 26-year-old man in the chicago apartment of wyndham lathem. the bart police will give us an update on two recent attacks on passengers and they say the same suspect committed both attacks. the bart police released the surveillance photos of the suspect and take a look. the first attack was that the bayfair bart station in san leandro. the man punched, kicked and hit another man in the head and possibly it was a ranch on the
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train -- wrench on the train. on saturday they say the same suspect hit a man in the face twice at the embarcadero station. we will have a live report in about 30 minutes. the oakland police are investigating the discovery of a body at the estuary park and the body was found just after 9:00 yesterday morning on the embarcadero south of the posey 2. there's no description of the man or how he died and homicide detectives are leading the investigation. the oakland police are investigating a shooting that injured at least two people for 40 5 pm yesterday at 106 avenue near e street . they have not released the details of what happened but say that the injuries were not life- threatening. they believe there could be more victims that went to the hospital on their own and they have not said whether an arrest
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is been made or whether they have a suspect description. it is 5:03 am. the police in santa rosa are investigating a deadly shooting by the police that occurred saturday morning and investigators report receiving a 911 call from the home on west still lane. the caller said someone at the house was acting crazy with a 12 inch kitchen knife and had already heard a woman at the home and the police arrived to find a man hiding under the bed and they say that three officers spent several minutes trying to talk with him and they say the suspect came toward the police and one police officer shot and killed the man and the officers involved were wearing body cameras and they are all on administrative leave during the investigation and the sonoma county sheriff's office is leading the investigation and so far they have not released the name of the man. an apartment fire under
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investigation that started at 7:15 pm at addison street near sacramento street. one person was taken to the hospital to be treated for burns and the firefighters were able to get the fire under control in about one hour. >> we were able to stop the fire and keep it isolated to the third floor to minimize the damage to the building. we were able to get most of the tenants back in the facility. >> the building has 27 apartments. firefighters say three apartments have smoke, fire and water damage so the families are not allowed to return home but those are being helped by the red cross. the city of san francisco wants to turn a mcdonald's restaurant into affordable housing and they want to buy the mcdonald's across the golden gate park and this area has been plagued with drug deals and shootings. just last thursday a man was shot inside the mcdonald's and
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the san francisco board of supervisors has made an offer to purchase the land and specifics of the offer have not been released. the spokesperson from mcdonald's says that the proposal is under review. >> i am excited that mcdonald's is open to the possibility of selling the land so that we can do something productive with it. >> and 2015 the san francisco city attorney threatened to sue mcdonald's after reports of several crimes and mcdonald's a great to have a security guard on duty during business hours, to increase the number of security cameras, and to make efforts to prohibit loitering. the oakland firefighters will make a final sweep of the oakland hills around the area of the last week fire that burned 20 acres to make sure it does not flare up. the fire started wednesday at the grizzly peak boulevard and they are looking for signs of arson and the investigation is just beginning. it is 5:06 am.
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several southbound lanes of the golden gate bridge will be closed overnight to make pothole and pavement repairs and the officials say only one lane will be open southbound between 9 pm and 4 am. all southbound traffic will be diverted through the toll booth at the far east side of the toll plaza. the work will start tonight, and closures are expected to continue through friday. right now it is 5:07 am. the university of california campus was hacked and we will talk about the computer breach at ucla that could've exposed thousands of confidential files. fighting back against the trump policy on sanctuary cities and the lawsuit the city is filing and the reaction about the white house holding -- withholding federal funding. not looking bad in the south bay and it should be a nice drive into the valley
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:10 am. france has lost a tower
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counterterrorism investigation and a man was quickly surrounded by security and surrendered at the eiffel tower. no shots were fired and no one was hurt. the eiffel tower stayed close for the rest of the night and it was evacuated. a man had been recently discharged from the psychiatric hospital and later told the police he wanted to attack a soldier and had been in touch with a member of the islamic state that encouraged him to do so. north korea plans on retaliation against u.s. for the tough new sanctions on the exports and the report says the country will launch a thousandfold revenge against the u.s. this statement comes two days at the u.n. voted unanimously to improve the sanctions against north korea. >> the most important element is the message this seems to north korea about how unacceptable the committee finds what they are doing.>> the new u.n. resolution band many north korean exports -- ban
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many north korean exports saying it will slash the north korean revenue by $1 billion. the goal is to cut off the money that the regime uses to fund its missile program. the city of chicago plans on suing the department of justice over a threat to withhold federal funding from sanctuary cities in response to the new trump administration guidelines that require cities to share information with federal immigration authorities to qualify for the public safety grants. chicago says it is unconstitutional. vice president mike pence is pushing back against the new york times report that he is thinking about running for president in three years. doug luzader has more on the latest war of words between the white house and the media. >> reporter: with the results of the 2016 election still hanging in the year it is not surprising that democrats are looking ahead to 2020 but they may not be alone. >> all i am preparing for every
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days to do everything i can to see that president donald trump is reelected in 2020. >> reporter: but is vice president mike pence thinking about his own bid for the white house in three years but he says no. he calls the new york times piece filled with the speculation offensive and the white house counselor kellyanne conway tried to say there is no concerns. >> zero concerns, and that is complete fiction and fabrication. >> reporter: the report says it is not only mike pence and that other and beaches -- ambitious republicans are getting their ducks in a row in case the president does not seek a second term and a lot of this has to do with the on going probe into the russian and the 2016 election. some see this as simply a run for 2024 and not necessarily 2020. >> it would be political suicide for the president to look at 2020 so i don't by this and i think they are looking to
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2024. >> reporter: the president himself looking behind the scenes to prepare for his reelection efforts as democrats go through the jostling to field an apartment -- opponent. >> reporter: marilyn congressman john delaney has thrown his hat in the ring, but he is first even though he is not a household name. the justice department is trying to stop leaks of confidential information out of the white house and the deputy attorney general rosenstein is leading the investigation into who is leaking stories to the media saying they will hold everyone accountable no matter who they are.>> if we identify somebody that is violated the law we will prosecute them. >> including anybody that breaks the law.>> the deputy attorney general clarifies that the justice department is not pursuing reporters and says "we don't prosecute journalists for
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doing their jobs." it is 5:14 am. sal is watching our commute as a lot of people get on the roads. >> that's right. we have a pretty good-looking commute from gilroy to morgan hill. northbound 280 traffic is not too bad from gilroy into morgan hill and into san jose, and he continues to move nicely into the valley. the early commuters driving to the silicon valley are getting a nice computer on all the approaches, 230, 280, 101. the bay bridge continues to get more crowded. the hour between 5 am and 5:30 am is when it changes to get more crowded in some of those lanes. it is 5:15 am. we have a cool pattern with a hint of things to come in the middle of the month and looking
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very cool. the canadian forecast model drops in this deep area of low pressure on his around the 15th, one week from tomorrow. all of the forecast models are in sync with the cooler pattern. it looks like a start of what looks like it could be a pattern change, long-overdue. there is a northerly breeze coming down parts of the coast but the thunderstorms were the big story yesterday over the sierra, shasta and up into northeast california. northern california into the sierra nevada we had some big booms. that has died down to move off and it looks like we will be dry are today. -- drier today. fairfield 60, half moon bay 60 and sunnyvale 61 and livermore 69, as close as i've seen in a long time. 61 in american canyon and
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brentwood, not much of a difference. usually we find a big spread like last week but not the case. low clouds making a strong push west of vacaville and west southwest in travis but not roaring wind. 60 in sacramento, ukiah and monterey, rare for august. this low is settling in over us and working its way to the east to arrive today and tomorrow for this cooler pattern. we will rebounder the temperatures but a quiet week with inland temperatures bumping up a little bit but not looking near 100 or anything. just some upgrades to the low 90s. today we have 60s, 70s and 80s. livermore should be 89 but coming in at 84. it was a long and hot july for many but we have settled into this cooler pattern today without much change going forward. >> looking pretty good. thank you. it is 5:17 am.
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the debate over the diversity in silicon valley as a google employee goes on a rant about why he thinks there are not more women working at the company. we are feeling pretty confident and we definitely fit in this tournament. there is not a top team in the tournament and we all have a good shot. just three wins away from taking the world we start the big tournament today in the little league world series. people love my breakfast burritos.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:20 am. the oakland a's beat the angels, 11-10.>> it is deep to right field and calhoun is near the wall and that is gone.>> the a's trailed in the 8th inning but the chris davis home run brought them within two runs and chad pender gets a single up the middle and scoring ryan healy putting the a's within one run. with the runners in scoring position here comes bruce maxwell up to the plate. >> i line drive base hit and one run scores and here it comes with the throw to the plate late and the a's take the lead. >> all runs coming in with two out to and the a's recorded 18 hits and they hung on to take the game. the a's will host the mariners
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tomorrow night at home. when the a's played the mariners they will see a familiar face, in the visitors dugout will be the all-star first baseman gonder alonso traded to seattle for boom powell. he had a career-high of 22 home runs this season and alonso is expected to help the team competing for the wildcard spot. powell was the 2012 draft pick and has been traded three times in the past 19 months. the giants beat the diamondbacks 6-3 thanks to jared parker. >> the runner goes in it is a high drive, to centerfield and it is out of here. >> [ cheers ]>> jarrett parker it the first homerun of the year and the giants had the 2-1 the lead and parker shows he can throw with that strong arm. he gets i hop and a strike to the plate and conley tags out
5:23 am
martinez. the giants added more runs to take the series from arizona. tonight the giants will host the cubs at 7:08 pm. today marks 10 years since a very bonds hit the record- breaking 756 home runs. >> it is deep and it is out of here. [ cheers ]>> it seems like yesterday. he passed hank aaron to be the all-time home run leader. they are expected to mark the anniversary of barry bonds tonight. it is 5:23 am. a very important game for the bay area little league team and canyon creek plays the first game in the elimination tournament of the west region. if the players of san ramon win
5:24 am
three games in the tournament they will had the pennsylvania, and they have already proven they are better than more than 300 northern california teams to get this far. the coach says every player on the roster has made big plays to get them this far but the players want to face the biggest challenge of all, the little league world series. >> it would be really fun, like a lifetime experience. for my entire life i've wanted to play in the little league world series. >> it would be so need to go to we was part -- williamsport and do something i've watched every year on tv. >> canyon creek will play the southern california team that has one win in the tournament this afternoon and the little league world series started in 1947. seven bay area teams that made it to the finals but only the 1962 san jose team took the title. it is 5:24 am. honoring the bay area music
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legend, honoring this anger -songwriter musician jerry garcia. we break down the new number showing crime is up dramatically on bart this year. good morning. we have traffic that will be okay on the sunol grade heading south with no major issues driving down the san jose. no major issues with the weather, cooler with a bigger breeze and fog bank that may stick around for couple of days.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> [ music playing ] >> that will make you smile on the monday morning. >> mamas and papas. "monday morning" as we see these live pictures looking out over the estuary in the bay area. welcome to this beautiful monday morning. it feels good outside as well. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, august 7, i am dave clark.>> good morning, i am pam cook. coming up on 5:30 am on this monday morning, a nice cool breeze. >> my friend texted me yesterday saying he enjoyed this nice cooler pattern and it was nice yesterday.
5:29 am
long overdue and possibly a hint of things to come with extended outlooks very cool for the middle of the month. this low pressure system has fired up the fog bank which is expanding. a lot in the 70s with major thunderstorm yesterday over the sierra, northern california and up through shasta. as close as i've seen in a long time, northeast, south and west everyone within a few degrees of each other. atherton and menlo park running 55, union city 61 and san mateo as well. we have an onshore breeze and westerly breeze in place ushering in cooler air. 60s, 70s and 80s, slightly below average temperatures for everyone to near average. it is 5:30 am in general this is when everyone picks up in the traffic. >> there is a crash and fire department and medics are on the way.
5:30 am
the open fire department is trying to get through at the bottom of your screen, and we see another emergency vehicle coming through. this means we have a jam at the toll plaza due to an accident westbound and it looks like the oakland fire is just arriving along with chp. let's move along to take a look at the other commutes, westbound 80 at vacaville, vallejo and fairfield not a bad commute with some slowing on 37 west. you can see northbound 280 traffic moving well up to 280 up to the 17. the bart police arrested a man over the weekend at the lafayette bart station after he tried to take a suitcase from a man waiting on the train. when the man tried to stop him from stealing his suitcase the suspect punched him in the face and others stepped in to help out. the victim was not seriously injured.
5:31 am
the suspect had drugs and drug paraphernalia on him when he was arrested. that is only one of the several recent attacks at the bart station and coming up in about 30 minutes the bart police will give us an update on they two other recent attacks on passengers and the same suspect committed both attacks. alex savidge is at the lake merritt bart station and open where the news conference will take place.>> reporter: good morning. authorities are expected to release new details about the two unprovoked attacks on passengers in the recent days. in a half hour the bart police will hold a news conference in the lake merritt bart station and that is when we should learn more about the two recent crimes. investigators have released these surveillance images of the man wanted in connection with both of these crimes. the most recent attack was saturday on board the san francisco bound train
5:32 am
approaching the embarcadero station. without warning this man punched a passenger in the face twice and ran off. last thursday investigators say the same man struck a passenger in the head with a metal object on board the train at the bayfair station in san leandro. the victim in the case suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and again the attacker got away. they believe it was the same man . according to the report from the san francisco chronicle, so far this year there has been an increase in violent crime across the bart system. during the first six months robberies were up 35% and assault are up 27%, obviously an issue that bart is dealing with right now. we expect to get more information on the two recent attacks on the passengers when the news conference is held in a half hour at the lake merritt station. >> that is alex savidge in
5:33 am
oakland, thank you. a baby and mother are treated for injuries after the huge tree branch broke off and hit them, and leigh martinez reports from where it happened during the company picnic at the menlo college in atherton.>> reporter: the tree branch was larger than some of these trees on campus, 50 feet long and three feet in diameter that snapped off unexpectedly smashing tables and chairs that the company picnic. >> 20 minutes before there was an entire group of people sitting in chairs under the tree. they had moved for whatever reason. >> reporter: the children's play table installers were crushed and the mother and child were the only two injured. the mother suffered a broken toe and the two-year-old has a fractured skull and is still at the stanford children's hospital. sunday another schedule company picnic was moved to the front of the campus. >> when the wind is really strong you can hear the trees
5:34 am
and that makes me nervous sometimes. i don't think it is too big of a deal because i have faith in the trees.>> reporter: this is senior was moving back into her dorm sunday morning and heard about the tree accident. despite her faith in trees this is not the first one that came down. >> during the winter there was a newer tree outside of that building that fell over. >> reporter: her father is more nervous for her and the other students. >> this is an old college and obviously the trees were planted at the time the college was founded which is a concern to me. after the drought and the wind and rain, it is a real concern with these big sequoia trees. >> reporter: menlo fire says the weather has brought down several trees in the area and the college officials have declined to comment but the parents hope the college will inspect the remaining trees on campus. >> we wish for the best with no hard wind.
5:35 am
>> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. current and former ucla students are warned about a security breach after someone hacked into the server containing personal information of some of the students. the cyberattack targeted information provided by students before april 2016 which includes names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth and medical information. the university is sending notifications to that potentially affected students. >> it is not something technically i need to worry about but both my parents would, which i guess is battle my part because eventually it will affect me. >> reporter: ucla is offering one year of free identity protection services to anyone affected and said that it has already made improvements to prevent future cyberattacks. it is 5:35 am. jury selection begins in the billing lawsuit between
5:36 am
singer taylor swift and the former denver radio host and each side says the backstage photo proves their side of the story and this photo was taken added event showing taylor swift in the middle and david mueller is the man in the photo and his hand is below her waist and taylor swift accuses him of groping her and complained to the radio station which fired the man and he said nothing inappropriate happened at the photo shoot. >> if the jury believes she is right in that he groped her and they simply have to believe it is more likely than not then she will prevail and it is possible the jury will say that neither of them proved their case and they will not award damages to either side. >> mueller is seeking $3 million in damages. if taylor swift wins she wants one dollar and for him to be held responsible for the harassment. taylor swift is expected to
5:37 am
testify in the case. grateful dead fans honoring the life of jerry garcia over the weekend in san francisco.>> [ music playing ] >> the 15th annual "jerry day" concert was held yesterday at mclaren part celebrating the garcia legacy and he grew up in the neighborhood and died in 1995 from an apparent heart attack after being treated at the drug rehabilitation facility in marin county. he would have turned 75 this year. >> it is "jerry day" and he will never go away. he is here for life. >> the city unveiled a new bronze plaque to honor jerry garcia and it is on the amazon avenue near one of his childhood homes. it is 5:37 am. still ahead, technology giving students a creative way to cheat and we have more on the way teenagers are going for
5:38 am
an unfair advantage. bringing overseas manufacturing jobs back to america and a foxconn plant with 13,000 jobs. traffic busy up to the bay bridge for the crash on the toll plaza and we will let you know more coming up. it is a banner day and not only of cooler pattern but the august full moon. ♪
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[brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 5:40 am. a chinese manufacturer bring golf the u.s. and the consumer electronics maker foxconn plans on building a factory in michigan with a multibillion dollar investment creating thousands of jobs.
5:41 am
this comes one week after the company announced he would invest $10 billion to build a factory in wisconsin to create 13,000 new jobs. google is dealing with a sexist memo outraging many people after the engineer posted a note on the internal network, "there are not as many women in tech due to genetic differences." saying that google should stop trying to bridge the gender gap and focus on ideological diversity. google says the engineers view is not endorsed, promoted or encouraged by google. it is 5:41 am. the search for the uber ceo in the final stages after reports that they wanted to hire a woman. there are three men on the shortlist and the report says that they tried to hire several top female executives that came
5:42 am
up short as uber replaces travis kalanick the chief executive officer that resigned . landing another investor in downtown san jose and the city is partnering with google on a massive development near the dear don station. google is praying -- planning on investing on the campus that would accommodate 15 to 20,000 employees and trammell crow just purchased land across the street from the station and working with google to create at least 8 million square feet of office space and advocates say it is important that new housing is included in the project. >> if you are bringing in 10,000 workers, create 10,000 bits of housing so you do not displace the people already they are. >> the transit hub good service mark, caltrain, amtrak and the light rail. they have already approved the start of the negotiations between the city and google.
5:43 am
a proposed willow campus will be built on 59 acres in menlo park that facebook owns across from the existing campus. the plans include nearly 2 million square feet of office space with 1500 square -- units of housing including parks and classes. it is 543 a.m. -- 5:43 am. there is a crashed at the toll plaza and we have been following this for you. i can see the emergency vehicles are still out there. they have been pulled off to the side but still slowing people down and obviously people are looking at it. this is westbound, west of the toll plaza where they pulled over in this parking lot area but the damage is done. the toll plaza commute is going to be slow. the good things is they have
5:44 am
pulled out of the lanes but we still have the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. the altamont pass traffic busy through this area. it has been slow on 205 with somewhat of a big back up on 205. livermore to dublin not bad but still slow traffic on 238 making that castro valley y. it is 5:44 am. let's bring steve in for our forecast. >> today is a full moon. we can put it on snooze for four hours. taking you back 48 hours with this low here in some shape and form impacting the weather since last week after it tapped into the monsoon moisture. it went well to the west and put on the brakes to move toward us which enhanced our fog bank. you can see that thunderstorm
5:45 am
activity yesterday in northern california, northeast and over the sierra which is what is bringing in this cooler pattern today and tomorrow. i still think we have a piece of energy rotating on tuesday allowing us to stay in this pattern. you can see the circulation around this low which is why we are cooler. we have a northerly breeze coming in behind his chewing up some fog but still plenty to go around with this big all bank today. -- fog bank today. the lightning detection with nuts yesterday afternoon associated with this low. this picks up farther to the north and east. that low sliding ever so slowly out of the picture. 60s and closed for everybody, and the last five weeks we have had a huge difference between the coast and inland but not today. 55 santa cruz, kelso 53, in
5:46 am
santa clara 62. cupertino at 59. west at the sfo and oakland airport, west southwest out to the delta at 20, not screaming breezes but it is there with everyone in place for cooldown. 60 in sacramento, monterey and ukiah. a money morning trifecta and all three at the same temperatures in august -- monday morning trifecta and all three at the same temperatures in august. we have a secondary peace coming in around wednesday and in the temperatures bumping into the upper 80s with a few low 90s. of toward ukiah and into clearlake or vacaville, still in the 90s. but santa rosa, sonoma and fairfield, even concord, walnut creek and livermore in the 80s, low average temperatures. we have not said that since about june. it has been a long stretch of above temperatures for inland,
5:47 am
one of the hottest july we have had in years. 60s on the peninsula and coast, subtle changes inland but it looks like a quiet week. by the way, the august full moon is also known as the sturgeon full moon or the full grain moon. they would harvest in august. remember you would plant back in may. >> yes, i did. >> you and your john deere tractor. >> i've been harvesting all summer, thank you steve. it is 5:47 am. during the night actor chris pratt and anna faris announced that after eight years of marriage they are legally separated. they said they both tried hard for a long time and are disappointed. they have a son turning five later this month and say that their son still has two parents
5:48 am
that love him very much and they will continue to love and respect each other. in the movie theaters of the weekend the movie, "the dark tower" coming in number one at the box office. >> [ video playing ] >> "the dark tower" opened with lackluster sales taking in 19 men dollars the first weekend but enough to come in number one and contributing to the slowest box office weekend for the summer in theaters. this movie has been adapted from the stephen king novel. that "dunkirk" sliding down to number two and the world war ii film took in $17 million for the worldwide total of $300 million. "the emoji movie" adding $12 million to the total. many people on vacation and not watching movies right now. the deadly amusement park
5:49 am
accident at the ohio state fair after the fireball ride malfunction killing one and injuring four others. what we are finding out that could have caused the ride to break apart.
5:50 am
5:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back. it is 5:51 am here on mornings on 2. serious corrosion on the support beam being blamed for
5:52 am
the deadly amusement park ride at the ohio state fair that caused the death of an 18-year- old man on july 26 with four others injured. one woman is still in a coma. the dutch manufacture said that the corrosion dangerously reduced the thickness on the wall of the been holding the passenger gondola. there's no word on what caused the erosion. they have ordered similar rides worldwide to be shut down after the accident. we are still following the latest on the giant sinkhole in florida that forced evacuations. it is happening in land weekend four more homes were condemned because of the cinco with more in danger. the crews are racing the clock trying to save the homes but for some it is too late. >> the news that we will not be able to go back in ever to the house is sad. it also offers closure and it
5:53 am
offers you a direction, which for the last three weeks we have not had. >> the crews have filled in 20 feet of the sinkhole which brings it down from 265 feet wide and now 245 feet wide with two more weeks of work expected on the sinkhole. nearly 30 people were injured after the fast-moving tornado touched down in tulsa, oklahoma and most of the damage in a shopping district with some buildings completely destroyed and dozens of homes damaged. the twister hit at 1 am yesterday morning and the tornado sirens did not go off because the storm was moving so fast and changed directions. two people are in critical condition. the same severe weather system calls flooding in louisiana with over one foot of rain falling in new orleans saturday. they will spend much of today cleaning up the water and mud. the rain moved in fast and
5:54 am
caught many by surprise and some calling this the 100 year flood that brought back memories of hurricane katrina. the local military family was happy to spend the day at the amusement park. they did not realize how special the day would be until they were at six flags discovery kingdom sea lions show. they saw a familiar face. >> this is a great story and rob malcolm tells us the sergeant deployed to kuwait in january walked out on the stage to surprise his kids. >> reporter: as usual the crowds were treated to the entertaining show at the sea lions stadium at six flags. for the thomas family it appeared to be an ordinary show. they were hiding in the park for much of the day with technical sergeant jacob thomas who son appeared on stage. deployed in kuwait for six months he surprised his family and the 21-year-old sea lions
5:55 am
took no offense to being upstaged. stationed at the nearby travis air force base sergeant thomas headed to the park to be reunited with his family of five and none saw this coming. >> i was talking to my little sister and my stepmom said look , and i looked up to see my dad which was crazy. >> i was more concerned about the kids. this is offer them, not for us. all the attention, i am not used to this.>> reporter: family and friends were given the vip treatment, front row seating and no waiting in line and a full day at the park where they later got to visit the other animals. >> it is great and they are all extremely happy, and we are all happy he is home. >> reporter: safely back, and much more to do with the thomas family as they catch up, share stories and reconnect as they all look forward to all things family. >> it is going to be nice to
5:56 am
have a break from the kids even though that may be awful to say. we have four kids and i am also on active duty so we have a lot going on. >> reporter: today sergeant thomas wanted to be a humble and silent hero and taking in this very public moment as he looks forward to private time with his family. >> reporter: the staff at the park said they arranged the reunion within a matter of days with travis air force base around the corner they say they have a lot of air force families visiting the park and they were happy to oblige. rob malcolm, ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is a very nice story. coming up on 6:00. the bart police will hold a news conference in a few minutes and coming up at 6:00 we have the latest on the man that may be behind two attacks at the bart station.
5:57 am
call it very early speculation but we are talking about the race for the white house. i am doug luzader in washington and we have more on this straight ahead. we have a problem on the bay bridge with a big crash westbound just before treasure island. very few cars are getting through with the big backup on the bay bridge and also at the toll plaza we will tell you more about this coming up. the weather has taken a turn for the cooler which has been a long stretch of hot weather or humid weather but it is being replaced with this fog bank.
5:58 am
5:59 am
a man wanted for a chicago homicide is set to face the judge in the bay area this morning, the strange details that will be revealed in the case. the bart police will hold a news conference in a moment to give us an update on the suspect that is being blamed for two violent attacks, and the bart system is experiencing
6:00 am
a surge in crime. mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning it is monday morning august 7. if you are just waking up you should know there is a crash on the bay bridge but that is something you need to know this morning. thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark and we are talking about your weather on this monday morning with steve paulson right here. >> a new pattern finally. july was one for the books and it was hot. so not so much the coast but inland, but that low pressure has picked up the fog bank and lifting it pretty far inland to usher in cooler air. it triggered the movers yesterday up over the mountains and in northeast california and into the sacramento valley


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