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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 7, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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in chicago turn themselves in in the bay area and what is next for the college professor after one of them made an appearance in the alameda county courtroom. a man suspected of two violent attacks on bart train, images released today. u.s. works to enforce the u.n. sanctions against north korea. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, i am gasia mikaelian . >> i am mike mibach. the police have released surveillance photos of a suspect at the news conference at 6 am this morning and just a few hours after these photos were released bart relieved to get these tips. the first attack was at the bayfair bart station is a mandrel and the man punched and hit another man in the head with bolt cutters on the train.
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the same man on saturday hit another person on the train near the embarcadero station. alex savidge is at the news conference that wrapped up and he will have more details coming up in a live report. a man accused of a brutal stabbing in the midwest turned himself in and the bay area. >> the chicago professor facing homicide charges and being extradited back illinois and allie rasmus is live at the courthouse with an update. >> reporter: right now the 42- year-old wyndham lathem is in the east county hall of justice in dublin at the alameda county courthouse. he is waiting on the hearing that will start the process to extradite him back to illinois. he will be arraigned on murder charges he faces. the hearing has been pushed back to 2 pm this afternoon. wyndham lathem is accused of stabbing to death trenton cornell-duranleau , a man he was in a personal relationship
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with. wyndham lathem is a former biology professor at western university and booked into the santa rita jail friday after turning himself in to the u.s. marshals in oakland. the murder he is accused of happened in his upscale chicago apartment on july 27. another man that the police say was involved in the murder is andrew warren and he surrendered to authorities in san francisco friday. a british citizen and at oxford university employee. the two men made a $1000 donation at a public library in the name of the big dome. while on the run from authorities, wyndham lathem recorded a video of himself apologizing or "making the biggest mistake of my life." both men were on the run for about eight days before turning themselves in in the bay area and explain why wyndham lathem came here after the crime .
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>> to see his transit family, and that is where his closest friends and family are. >> reporter: we counted at least five members of the family with friends and family in the courtroom for the hearing that was supposed to start early this morning but it has been postponed. when asked about his mental state, his attorney said that wyndham lathem is doing fine after they had said he was under a psychiatric evaluation and intense observation because he was said not to be doing well psychologically. the defense attorney is asking the public to reserve judgment until the case gets tried in the court. >> the defense has received dozens of phone calls and letters in support of dr. lathem and these friends and colleagues that have known him for decades described him as a kind, intelligent and gentle soul and a loyal and trusted friend.
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what he is accused of is totally contrary to the way he has lived his entire life. with that being said, this today is a first step in a long process.>> reporter: the family of the victim, trenton cornell- duranleau are in michigan and said they hope whoever is responsible for his murder will be brought to justice and warren is still in the san francisco county jail and scheduled to be arraigned on friday. we have been waiting since 9 am for the hearings to begin on wyndham lathem and it was the process to start to transfer him back to illinois where the crime took place. is expected to be arraigned in alameda county and the hearing has been delayed until 2:00 this afternoon. mike kaw law henry lee -- my colleague henry lee will have an update this afternoon. the man accused of killing kate steinle was back in court today and the 54-year-old one
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francisco lopez sanchez was in the courtroom as they discussed a schedule issue with the trial. lopez sanchez is charged with first-degree murder and his lawyer said the gun accidentally went off and lopez sanchez is in undocumented immigrant that had been deported five times and the start date for the trial has yet to be decided by the judge. >> we have not figured out a date certain when we will commence trial but tomorrow they will certainly handle that to make a final determination on the trial date. >> the attorney for lopez sanchez said the jury selection could be in one week -- begin one week after pretrial motions are heard. at 4:45 pm in east oakland the shooting occurred in one victim was found at the scene and the others made their own way to the hospital. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening and so far no arrests have been made. the oakland police are
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investigating the discovery of the body of a man yesterday at estuary parked in found at the embarcadero south of the posey 2. there is no description of the man or how he died but we know that homicide detectives are leading the investigation. the santa rosa police department is investigating the deadly police shooting over the past weekend after receiving a 911 call saturday morning. the caller said someone at the house was acting crazy and had a 12 inch kitchen knife. when officers arrived they found the man hiding under a bed with a large knife in his hand and officers used less lethal measures like electronic control devices and chemical agents to get the man to comply. after the the attempts failed they say the suspect advance from the officers with a knife and at least one officer shot and killed the man. the officers involved were wearing body cameras and they are all on administrative leave. the sonoma county sheriff's office is investigating the
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shooting, and the police are not releasing the name of the man that was killed. secretary of state rex tillerson putting pressure on russia and china to have sanctions a north korea and this is the president continues to call the russian collusion into the election a hoax. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson on the sidelines of the economic conference in the philippines urging russia and china to appalled sanctions against north korea and adding pressure days after the un security council voted to punish north korea for escalating the nuclear missile program with the recent launches . >> we have an expectation to china and russia that they will do everything they can to help north korea understand the reality of the future and to bring them to the negotiations table. >> reporter: relationship with north korea intensifying as kim jong-un threatening to bolster
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their nuclear arsenal and tensions are rising with russia as the top diplomat for the u.s. says that relationships with russia have been harmed due to the meddling of the election. adding that the united states and russia to find ways to work together. >> sanctions are only successful if they are effective and that could go either way. >> reporter: the president addressing the russian involvement in this election in a series of morning tweets again calling the claims of russian collusion a hoax. the president is in new jersey on a 17 day trip and says it is not a vacation but working in new jersey while the white house undergoes long plan renovations. vice president mike pence is pushing back against the new york times report that says he's thinking about running for president in 2020 calling the new york times article, " disgraceful and offensive, the latest attempt by the media to divide the administration."
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some political analysts say that mike pence may be preparing for a run in 2024 and not 2020. >> i think it would be political suicide for the vice president to look at 2020 and i don't bite and i think he is looking toward 2024. >> the new york times says that it is not only mike pence but other ambitious republicans getting ready in case president trump does not seek reelection. a dramatic water rescue in texas and how some drivers were stranded on top of the vehicles in san antonio. we take a live look outside right now with cooler weather this week in our meteorologist steve paulson has look at the full forecast. the debate on sites where cities turned to the courtroom and we have the details coming up.
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the wreckage of the u.s. military plane that crashed off the east coast of australia has been found. the australian navy die team will start the process of recovering the plane later today. three marines are presumed dead after missing after the crash in the marine corps says they have notified the families and that recovery efforts could take several months to complete. 23 servicemembers on the mb 22 osprey survived the crash. the man that shot the off
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duty sheriff's deputy after 1:00 this morning after an argument between the deputy and suspect for the shooting. the deputy was shot three times and another man was also hit in both are expected to be okay. a manhunt is underway in missouri to find a man that shot and killed officer gary michael who was killed in the town of clayton 75 miles from kansas city. the man pulled out his gun and opened fire during the traffic stop. officer michael was able to shoot back but the suspect drove away before running off and the police identify the suspect as ian mccarthy and michael had been with the department for less than a year a lawsuit brought by the illegal immigrant and our reporter has the story. >> reporter: president trump threatening to withhold federal funds from the sanctuary cities is being challenged in the city of chicago, filing a lawsuit against the justice department saying the move to withhold funds is illegal and would hurt
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the cities drive to reduce the violent crimes. >> we filed this lawsuit because the justice department is attempting to impose unlawful conditions on our receipt of these critical public safety grant funds. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed in federal court on monday, the mayor rob emanuel says that he should not have to choose between this police department funds. >> we will not let our police officers be a political pawn in a debate. >> reporter: in san francisco there slamming the approval settlement of $190,000 to the illegal immigrant that claimed the police turned them over to immigration officials in violation of the city sanctuary ordinance. >> it is a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. we have a settlement offer that would likely not be awarded by any jury.>> reporter: the bill introduced last thursday by the texas senator would put an end
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to payments like that and republicans say that building americans trust act will strengthen enforcement of existing laws and put sanctuary cities out of business. >> it is the responsibility of every city and every citizen to cooperate with the law enforcement, and that is what we are demanding. >> reporter: in addition to chicago the justice department sent letters to four cities, baltimore, albuquerque, san bernardino and stockton saying they will lose funding if they do not comply with immigration laws. ktvu fox 2 news. happy full moon monday. the full moon was just after 11 am this morning for most tough to see because of that low cloud deck. this is courtesy of that area of low pressure, 60s, 70s and 80s inland. this is the coolest the inland areas have seen in some time
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courtesy of this strong glow that generated about 200 lightning strikes sunday in the sierra northeast and northern california. it was close to the bay area and ushering in this cooler air mass as much as 25 degrees for some. the higher elevations lifted the fog bank over the seer yesterday and it was rocking and rolling. they died down overnight but we expect it will pick up later today but not with the intensity we saw yesterday. the bay area and inland seen this fog bank that have rolled into the areas that of not see much fog over the last five weeks. water temperatures are very warm compared to several weeks ago in upper 50s near 60 translating into mild conditions overnight on the coast and san francisco. the low never got below 60 which is why they started out warm, other locations inland about 60. 60s, 70s and 80s, below average
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on some of these temperatures in concord, livermore, santa rosa and san jose and they were above most all of july. the fog bank making it cooler today but near average on the coast with san francisco at 67 which is the average. it should be about 55 at the ocean temperatures but not much of a temperature difference for the coast and the bay. inland we can see it is 1 to 3 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. we have the's onshore breeze and the wind has picked up out for the delta which is a sign of a cooler pattern. everything is in place for a major cooldown with more thunderstorm activity over the mountains, and also over the sierra. they seem to push off a little bit more out of the area with the low making its move. for most of the week it looks pretty quiet and a little bit warmer inland. we could see upper 80s with low 90s but cooler for all of us today and tomorrow. probably today is the bid
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against -- biggest cooldown day. temperatures inland with some 90s but that is up and clearlake and vacaville, everybody else in the 60s, 70s and 80s. livermore should be 89 and 84 is the coolest they've seen in a while, the same for concord. 60s and 70s around the bay, san jose slightly below average but san francisco is where they should be at 67. mild on the coast with the financial having a lot of 70s. subtle changes here and there but quiet with warmer weather on wednesday. dramatic video showing the water rescue at san antonio, texas. a man was trapped in his car and surrounded by the rushing waters and firefighters are using the latter on the fire engine to rescue him in the top of his vehicle. the area has seen more than
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five inches in the last 24 hours and the flooding led to evacuations and other water rescues similar to this one. the open firefighters are making a final sweep of the oakland hills and last week the fire burned 20 acres on wednesday afternoon at the grizzly peak boulevard. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the apartment fire in berkeley is under investigation and it started on addison street near sacramento street. one person was taken to the hospital and treated for burns. the building was evacuated as firefighters worked to put out the flames quickly and were able to get the fire under control in about one hour. firefighters say that three apartments have smoke, fire and water damage in the red cross is helping those that were displaced. up next, what you need to know ahead of the first solar eclipse seen in the u.s. in hundreds of years.
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the tech companies have been nudging the stock index is slightly higher in the afternoon trading. the energy and banking sectors as you can see with the dow jones of 16 point. oil prices are heading lower, the nasdaq up by 28 points. the san jose area topping the new list of cities where people make the most profit on selling their homes and looking at more than 100 mocked a pilot in
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areas. -- metropolitan areas. homeowners that sold in the second quarter gained an average price of $51,000 since the purchase, the highest average since the recession and with reports say that san jose has reached 75% in the second quarter. san francisco, oakland at hayward group together and ranking second with seattle, washington followed by modesto. the new version of the model x sold for under $80,000 and the price drop because they have become more efficient at manufacturing the model x suv. they saw demand increase after the company unveiled the lower- cost model 3 last month. the project to develop a section of downtown san jose has landed another investor, partnering with google on a massive development on the diridon station and they plan on creating a campus that would
12:24 pm
accommodate 15,000 to 20,000 employees. trammell crow purchased the land across the street from the station and working with google to create at least 8 million square feet of new office space. the advocates say it is important that new housing is included in the project.>> if you bring in 10,000 workers you create 10,000 bits of housing so that you do not displace the people that are already there. >> caltran, amtrak and the city light rail with the approval of the start of negotiations with google. a lot of people taking the time out of the day to look up at the sky with the total solar eclipse visible across much of the u.s. on august 21. >> this is the first total eclipse exclusively visible in the u.s. since 1776. we have the details and information on how you can help nasa the day of the eclipse.>> reporter: the first coast-to-
12:25 pm
coast total solar eclipse since 1918 when it cross from washington state to florida and the path is similar going from the pacific to the atlantic. >> the total eclipse of the sun happens when the sun, moon and earth lineup perfectly and the moon will cast a shadow onto the earth. there's a 70 mile wide strip across the u.s. from portland, oregon to charleston south carolina. everywhere you are in north america you will see a partial eclipse where a little bit of the sun will be blocked. >> reporter: nasa scientists have 11 different spacecraft observing from space and they want the observers on land to enter the data about how the event will affect their weather conditions, and the information you collect will help scientists understand how the sunlight interacts with the earth's atmosphere. >> we want people to help us observe how the clips will change the atmosphere on the earth.
12:26 pm
this is a wonderful natural experiment i know this shadow will change things like temperature levels, humidity, clouds. the only thing that people need to be involved in the experiment is a very simple chief thermometer and the app to download for free. >> reporter: even if you don't want to be the amateur scientist, they say just go out and see it. >> the entire process of the clips for the moon to go across the sun will last a couple of hours, and most places if you're lucky enough to see the moon entirely cover the sun that will be two and half minutes of total darkness. from start to finish a couple of hours with the dramatic part only a few minutes. wherever you are in the u.s. you will see at least a partial eclipse. this does not happen often said don't pass it up even if it just means getting your eclipse classes are making a camera to see it. >> reporter: for tips on how to see the clips and where go to eclipse a suspect is behind bars
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after a violent attack on the bart train and the latest developments after the police announce that arrest late this morning. a lady and her baby rushed to the hospital after the tree branch lands on them at a picnic in atherton.
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the bart police have arrested the man they say committed two violent attacks on passengers. >> it happened this morning after they released images of the suspect to the public and alex savidge is joining us live. that did not take long, a couple of hours from the news conference to the actual arrest. >> reporter: it was pretty quick. the man is accused of two unprovoked attacks, attacking unsuspecting bart passengers for no apparent reason. a few hours after the surveillance images were released to the public the officers were able to capture the man. this afternoon the barclays are crediting an open fire inspector that saw the images that were put out publicly and spotted the suspected attacker near ninth and broadway in oakland around 8:30 am this morning. the fire inspector flagged down the bart police officer for help and eventually the barclays in oakland police department will able to take the man -- were able to take the man in custody without issue.
12:31 pm
they believe the man is behind the two violent attacks aboard the bart train. in one casey plays a man in the face several times on sunday and last week on thursday in a separate case he struck the passenger in the head with bold colors near the bayfair station in san leandro. the bart police were certainly worried he would strike again. >> we were very concerned because we do not know what his mental instability is. he could do this in the bart or in the city. we were very concerned and we are happy it came to a peaceful ending this morning.>> reporter: in both cases the victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries and both are expected to recover. so far the bart police are not releasing the name of the suspected attacker they believe was behind this also the past week but they said it was a 41- year-old man from berkeley that has been taken into custody. he is being booked right now
12:32 pm
and facing charges of battery and assault with a deadly weapon. the bart police said he has a past criminal history but did not go into great detail. it is mostly for property crimes and one was a violent crime. again they have not released his name yet. they are confident that this is the man seen on the surveillance images, the man that attacked two unsuspecting bart passengers in the past two days. >> we have to tip our hat to the fire inspector. the barclays said a man at the lafayette station tried to take a suitcase from a man waiting on a train. the victim tried to stop the man from taking his suitcase and the man punched him in the face. other stepped in to help and the victim was not seriously injured, and the suspect had drugs on him when he was arrested. breaking news out of san francisco and two arrest made
12:33 pm
in the deadly shooting of the san francisco photographer at the popular twin peaks lookout point. the 71-year-old photographer was shot and killed last month by a couple while taking pictures. the investigators say they believe the suspects were after the victims expensive camera. we will stay on this story and bring you more details on the 4 on 2. the baby and mother treated for injuries after a huge tree branch broke off and hit them at the company picnic in the college and atherton. >> reporter: the tree branch was larger than some of the trees on the campus. it was 50 feet long and three feet in diameter, and it snapped off unexpectedly smashing tables and chairs at the company pick. >> -- picnic. >> 20 minutes before there was a group of people sitting in chairs under the tree. they had moved for whatever reason.>> the tray table and
12:34 pm
stroller were crushed and the mother and child were the only two injured. the mother suffered a broken toe and the two-year-old daughter fractured school. the little girl was still at the children's hospital. sunday another scheduled company picnic was moved to the front of the campus. >> when the wind is strong you can hear the trees it makes me service sometimes but not too big of a deal because i have faith in the trees. >> this senior was moving back in her dorm sunday morning and heard about the tree accident.>> reporter: despite her faith the trees this is not the first one that came down. >> during the winter a newer tree outside of that building fell over and i think it was the wind. >> reporter: her father is more nervous for her and the other students. >> this is an old college and obviously the trees were planted when the college was founded which is a concern to me because of the drought we had in california, with the
12:35 pm
wind and rain, a big concern over these sequoia trees. >> reporter: the menlo fire said this weather has brought down several trees in the area and the menlo college officials have declined to comment but they hope that the officials will decide to inspect the trees on campus. ktvu fox 2 news. the city of san francisco wants to turn the mcdonald's restaurant into affordable housing and they want to purchase the mcdonald's at the golden gate park, an area played with drug dealing and shootings. last thursday man was shot in the mcdonald's. the san francisco board of supervisors has made an offer and the specifics of the offer have not been released but a spokesperson for mcdonald's says the proposal is under review. >> i'm excited that mcdonald's is open to the possibility of selling the land so that we can do something productive with it.>> back in 2015 there was a
12:36 pm
threat by the city to sue mcdonald's over the violent crimes. google is dealing with what some call a sexist internal memo outraging a lot of people. the engineer posted a note on the internal network saying they were not as many women in the tech due to the genetic differences, and that google should stop trying to bridge the gender gap and focus in stead on the ideological diversity. google issued a statement a response saying the viewpoint expressed by an engineer is not one that the company endorses. she did defend the engineers right to express his opinion saying "part of building an open and inclusive environment means fostering a culture in which those with alternative views, including different political views, feel safe sharing their opinions." more than 30,000 current and former ucla students are warned about a security breach and they hacked into the server.
12:37 pm
the cyberattack targeted information provided by students before april 2016 including names, addresses, social security numbers, dates of birth and medical information. universities sending notification to the potentially affected students. the former all-star don baylor has died and was drafted by baltimore and played for the yankees, red sox and even won the world series with the twins in 1989 -- 1987, don baylor was the first manager of the rockies and he managed the cubs. baylor died this morning after battling cancer at the age of 68. a massive sinkhole threatening homes in florida and the list that has forced evacuations in the neighborhood. we have your extended forecast coming up.
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it is 12:40 pm. the daylit amusement park ride being blamed on serious roast of the support beam and it caused the death of the 18- year-old man on july 26 and four others were injured at the ohio state fair. the manufacture of the right says that corrosion dangerously reduce the thickness on the wall of the being holding the passenger gondola but no word
12:41 pm
on what caused that eruption and they ordered similar rights around the world to be shut down after the accident. we are following the latest on the giant sinkhole in florida which forced evacuations in the community a for more homes were condemned with more homes endanger as crews race against the clock to save the homes but for some it was too late. >> the news that we cannot go back in ever to the house is sad. it offers closure. it offers you a direction which for the last three weeks we have not had. >> the crews have filled in 20 feet of the cinco but still 245 feet wide with two more weeks of work on the sinkhole expected. 30 people injured in tulsa, oklahoma after the tornado touchdown in the shopping district with buildings destroyed and others had the roof torn off with walls collapsed and dozens of homes damaged. the tornado hit around 1 am yesterday and tornado sirens
12:42 pm
did not go off because the storm was moving so quickly and changing directions. the police say that two people are in critical condition. the same severe weather system calls flooding in louisiana with over a foot of rain falling in new orleans on saturday. the rain moving quickly and caught many people by surprise. some call it the 100 year flood saying it brought back memories of hurricane katrina. >> 10 to 15 years down the line you have a rain, not a tropical depression, just rain. we get this kind of flooding? yesterday people were stuck on the jeff davis bridge. it is absurd. >> no injuries were reported with some businesses closed for months while the storm damage is repaired. why we have a cooler monday england due to that bigger fog bank and it is full moon
12:43 pm
monday. overnight there was too much fog to see it but that coastal fog was shallow and thick over the last couple of days but held in check by that strong area of high pressure with that low area pressure coming in making it cooler inland. due to the high pressure system that is parking itself with the tropical moisture the sea surface temperatures came up with the lows hard-pressed to get under 60. the main message with this low is these afternoon thunderstorms which went bonkers over the sierra. you can see the circulation and northeast california and in the northern mountains with big- time boomers and over 200 lightning strikes. we had that last friday in the bay area but over the sierra nevada i would keep an eye out. lifeguards were telling people to get out of the water early yesterday. low clouds are the big story this morning making a big push inland. the coast and bay even with the fog on the mild side with
12:44 pm
loads, water temperatures very warm with bodega bay going down a little bit along with half moon bay, near 60 degrees. the low temperatures in the city and coast are tough to get below 60 but over time water temperatures will cool down. today anne morrow inland gets the biggest benefit from this cooler weather. 70s and 80s in locations that have been in the 90s and 100 for about nine weeks. the above low average and well above the record low. no change whatsoever but a general trend is for cooler temperatures. the onshore breeze is in place and 23 gusting at travis with low clouds on the coast. we will be hard-pressed not to do that again tonight and tomorrow with this low pressure hanging out for another day. warmer after wednesday inland but signs that next week we
12:45 pm
could see an early hint of fall. i don't think it will get that warm this week. cooler for everyone today with low clouds peeling back to the coast with some clearing compared to what we have seen. highs in the 60s, 70s and 80s with a few 90s. ukiah, clearlake and vacaville in the 90s but in between temperatures down below average. as you saw, san jose is a bit below average along with santa rosa yet san francisco is where they should be at 67. 77 at redwood city. a pretty quiet week as we head into the weekend. the a's return home this week to host the mariners tomorrow night. yesterday they beat the angels, 11-10 in the slug fest down south. >> it is the to right field and calhoun is near the wall and that baby is gone. >> the a's trailing big in the eighth inning until crisp davis
12:46 pm
brings in two runs and later we get that single up the middle and the a's within one run. with runners in scoring position bruce maxwell comes to the plate. >> it is a line drive base hit to the right field and one run and the throw to the plate to the right and the a's take the lead. >> open scored five times in that inning with 18 hits in the game. the a's will play the mariners this week with a face at the visitors dugout and yonder alonso was traded to seattle for the minor league outfielder and alonso hitting a high of 22 homeruns this season. the giants beat the diamondbacks 6-3 thanks in part to jarrett parker.>> the runner gets the high drive to center field and it is out of here. >> parker that was hurt most of the season it the first homerun
12:47 pm
of the year at the giants get the lead in the second. parker shows he has a strong arm as well throwing the strike over the plate. the giants added insurance runs to take the series against arizona and tonight the giants will host the world champion chicago cubs. it has been 10 years since barry bonds hit the record- breaking 756 home runs. >> it is deep and it is out of here. [ cheers ] >> bond past hank aaron to be the all-time home run leader and they will mark the anniversary at tonight's game. a very important game for this little league team out of san ramon. canyon creek will play the first game and the elimination tournament for the west region with the players representing san ramon and if they win three games they will had to williamsport pennsylvania.
12:48 pm
they have already proven they are better than nearly 300 california teams with every player making big plays to get to this point that the players want the biggest challenge of all, the little league world series. >> it would be really fun and a lifetime experience. all my life i wanted to play in the little league world series. >> it would be cool to do something i have watched every year on tv. >> it is every kids dream and that would be special for sure. >> this afternoon canyon creek goes up against the southern california team that has one victory in the tournament. the little league world series began in 1947 was seven bay area teams making it to the finals and only the team in 1962 out of san jose took the title. we show you how they get treated to the out of the world opportunity.
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the power of nature is the power in you. nature valley. the grateful dead fans in san francisco honoring the life of jerry garcia over the weekend. >> [ music playing ] >> the 15th annual "jerry day" concert held yesterday at mclaren park celebrating the garcia legacy. he grew up in the excelsior neighborhood in died in 1995 at an apparent heart attack at the drug rehabilitation facility in
12:52 pm
marin county and he would've been 75 this year. >> it is "jerry day" celebrating jerry garcia. he will never go away. he is here for life.>> the city unveiled a new bronze plaque honoring garcia on amazon avenue near one of his childhood homes. jury selection begins today in the lawsuit between taylor swift and the former denver radio host and each side says this backstage photo proves their side of the story taken at the event in 2013. that is taylor swift in the middle and the man in the photo is david, the radio host. he was fired after she complained to the radio station and he is suing her saying that she should have told the police and not his boss. if taylor swift wins she wants one dollar and for him to take responsibility for what he did. calling it quits, chris pratt and anna faris said they
12:53 pm
want to keep the breakup private as possible and added that they love and have deep respect for each other. they have a four-year-old son together. the local military family was happy to spend the day at the amusement park and did not know how special that they would be until they were at the six flags discovery kingdom sea lions show. >> that is where the sergeant that had been deployed to kuwait in january walk out on stage to surprise his family. >> reporter: the 21-year-old sea lion did not take offense when he was upstaged and sergeant thomas headed directly to the park to be reunited with his family of five, none of them knew it was coming. >> i was talking with my little sister and my mom said to look and i looked up and i could see my dad. it was crazy. >> i was more concerned about the kids than myself. this was offer them and not for us. all of this attention, i am not
12:54 pm
used to this.>> reporter: family and friends were given the vip treatment with front row seating, no wait in line in a full day at the park where they later visited the other animals. >> they are all extremely happy, and i am happy they are happy, and we are all happy daddy is home. >> reporter: safely back home they will catch up and share stories, reconnecting with all of them looking forward to all things family. >> taking some pictures of the kids in getting a break, is that awful to say? we have four kids and i'm also active-duty so we have had a lot going on. >> reporter: overwhelmed, sergeant thomas declined to talk on camera and today choosing to be a humble and silent hero as he takes in this very public moment as he looks forward to his private time with his family. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up today more on the recent announcement of the twin
12:55 pm
peaks homicide and the latest on the investigation. later this afternoon we expect to learn more about the man in custody in connection with the recent bart attacks, much more coming up on the 4. the dow jones appears to be on track to finish the session ever so slightly on the upside with s&p making a minor gain and nasdaq up one half of 1%. a teenager says it is easy to use electronic devices to cheat in school with 29% saying they use their phones to cheat on schoolwork or test and nearly 2/3 said they have seen or heard another student using electronic devices to cheat. 31% of the teenagers say they are able to access to the banned content on school devices and they say they are able to connect with social media on those school devices. if you have seen ads for the
12:56 pm
dreamer day at starbucks don't fall for it and starbucks says those ads are 100% fake. the online advertisement said that undocumented immigrants get 40% off on friday in no word on who posted the fake ad but starbucks is combating the ad on twitter and asking you to stop spreading the false information. the cub scouts and girl scouts had an exciting and rare opportunity. they were able to speak with the astronaut 249 miles above the earth. >> that's right, they gathered at a high school in lafayette where they spoke live with the astronaut aboard the international space station asked the crew questions about the expedition. >> what is the most surprising thing you have experienced in space? >> it is so cool. i would say would be a couple of cappuccinos. >> the flight engineer jack
12:57 pm
fischer has been aboard the space station since april and is set to return next month. quite the experience for them. thank you for joining us at noon and you can see more on .
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