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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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officials say that operation was meant to stop car thefts and burglaries. we get new details from rob mouth and live where they just provided us with information about that bust. >> reporter: the agencies they said it was very important to put their egos aside to make the community a safer place and they said this operation was a success. they conducted a series of raids in the area and san francisco in an effort to get guns, gangs off the streets. >> it only takes one round from one gun to and alive.>>
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reporter: it was spearheaded and led to 75 arrest. the operation was conceptualized and spread to other line areas of debate area. >> we were being plagued. >> reporter: multiple agencies join the investigation. at 1.1 thousand officers dedicated, many of them working undercover in dangerous environments. >> these offenders engage in a wide range of criminal activity that includes firearms and traffic activity, auto theft and burglary. all of which are threats to our society. our while the federal charges where the bulk of the arrests were made, many of them took
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place in daly city the collaborative effort from law enforcement sent a strong message. >> as many of them said when they were arrested leaving out the insanity that goes with it, they said i am really messed up. they knew what they face and that is what they will be spain -- saying to anyone else in their world. >> law enforcement agencies say while these types of investigations are dangerous, they go a long way in addressing gun violence and the operation will continue. san francisco police have arrested a man for several child pornography offenses. they arrested the 32-year-old from san francisco for allegedly uploading and trading child pornography online.
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they found thousands of videos and pictures during a search of his home. a facebook page appearing to belong to him says he's a traffic court nader and his bail has been set at $275,000. police looking for three suspects who tied up a man and robbed him. the suspect broke into his home around 11:15 this morning and they demanded his property and tied him up. his home was ransacked and they took a laptop, jewelry, cash and other items. he was able to free himself and called police. family, friends and fans of a local musician are morning after he tried to track down -- chase down someone who robbed him. >> reporter: this was a known musician. he has been identified as dave
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deporis . he was eating at a cafi here it was just before 1230 when police say someone came up and stole personal items belonging to him. he chased after the suspect. they rounded the corner and as they continued to chase the thief got in a getaway car and the man was struck by that car to the 400 block of ridge street. we understand that witnesses chase after that car and tried to put blankets on him. he was taken to the hospital where he died. >> property is replaceable. a life isn't. anyone that is a victim to a crime, please call the police department and let us help you and investigate. there was a tragic incident.
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>> reporter: police are not releasing information of the suspect or the vehicle. a resident sent out a note to everyone giving his account of what he saw and also what he heard from other neighbors. he said he understands the car is a red or wine colored audi suv and we understand people are saying he was after his laptop. it was a laptop that was stolen. several people have started a memorial with pictures and flowers. there will also be a vigil happening one hour in berkeley where his friends will be gathering. >> she was an interesting mind and a great artist, musician.
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creative. i miss him and it has been very shocking to the small community. >> that video happening suspect that memorial happening in about an hour. it will be happening around a converted school bus and police are saying that their asking anyone with information to call them and if any businesses or residences have information please contact the police. the getaway driver who was responsible for dragging him down the street. anyone with information reach out to police. >> that neighborhood is going through a rebirth. was he inside the cafi or at a table outside on the sidewalk? >> reporter: he was at a table outside. we will pan over so you can see these small tables.
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it was a quick and grab of his laptop and he went crazy aspect chasing after the suspect. it isn't very much further where the other street is and that's where the suspect jumped into a car and he was dragged. >> heartbreaking. thank you. sheriff deputy faces a new felony charge in the sex scandal involving a teenage girl. prosecutors charged him with having unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl when she was 17. deputy perez face other charges in this case. he is at the center of a scandal involving several law enforcement officers. the former deputy chief was introduced today as a new chief of police in portland, oregon and asked about being the first black woman to leave that bureau. >> i would hope that my
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qualifications is what got me here. actually i know that is what got me here and it so happens to be that i'm an african- american female. with that said, i realize i wear many hats and represent a lot of things to a lot of people and because of that there is an added responsibility and expectation placed on me. >> she takes over a police department that has been criticized. she is 41 years old and spent 19 years with opd. tensions between the united states and north korea remains elevated. he says his fire and fury statement may not have been tough enough. lauren is in washington dc with more. >> reporter: another day and another threat from north korea claiming their military is in the final landing stages of
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planning a missile to warm. they warned they are planning to strike soon and their target is guam a small island territory home to to bases and more than 6000 troops. the hostile relations between the two reaching a tipping point this week with the rogue regime getting riled up over president trump's comments they would be met with fire and fury if threats continue. >> frankly people that were questioning that statement. maybe it wasn't tough enough. >> reporter: rex tillerson arriving in the u.s. after spending several days in asia trying to get them to tighten the economic news around north korea.
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>> we see that pressure campaign which is a long-term campaign and that is working. >> reporter: john slamming the fbi after they revealed they raided the home of paul manafort. calling the raid a gross abuse of the judicial process. >> they didn't trust him or they didn't trust his lawyer or they were worried the documents would disappear. >> reporter: he also under scrutiny from congressional investigators has reportedly already turned over 400 pages of documents. wall street seems to react the jitters with a selloff. the dow was down 204 points today just under 1%. the nasdaq was down and the s&p 500 dropped 35 points.
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some analysts say with a big games lately some traders may have been looking for an excuse to take profits. google ceo abruptly canceled a companywide townhall meeting. the engineer generated debate and some anger with his memo and later lost his job. he wrote that women have a harder time being leaders. google ceo says that he had hoped for a frank and open discussion and he said some of the questions had been leaked of some employees were being named online. he said google are writing in concerned. there are reports that some employees have been harassed online their opinions about the memo since it was made public last weekend. coming up, a bay area nurse and her husband face deportation.
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how they struggle to get legal status. >> this administration, they want good people and that's what my family is. no major heat in the bay area. this is what we are setting up tomorrow. that is all after the break. , and another bizarre twist in a housing battle. a landmark is going head-to- head with the city again.
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a giant inflatable eagle, a $14,000 tree and a restraining order against an elderly woman. all part of a strange new twist in a housing problem that we have been covering. >> we told you about a landlord that started demolishing a home with a tenant inside. we were called back to the property for and other dustup this time involving a tree. >> reporter: we did not think this story could get any messier. and the many -- in the middle of the housing crisis we told you about a tenant forced out of his home. more legal trouble for the landlord who says he is a victim as well. at 71 years old she uses a cane
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to get around her house. she says she finds comfort on her porch. >> i come out to get fresh air. why can't i come on my porch? now i can't be within 10 yards. >> reporter: she is talking about a restraining order filed against her by the next-door homeowner. this house or what is left of it is where we found him demolishing a unit while his tenant was still inside. this is where our news coverage inspired him to display a giant inflatable eagle visible from 580 calling us fake news and where he posted trump signs that jones says inadvertently caused people to target her. do you think he is putting your safety at risk? >> i know so. i've been living here all my life and i have never encountered anyone like this man bringing the birds, putting trump signs up there.
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>> reporter: why does he have a restraining order against you? >> i feel this man uses techniques to benefit himself. an the latest twist is this city notification saying she illegally removed a tree. work the tree he cut down was worth nearly $14,000 and they expected to be replaced. he is now demanding money from the city. >> i feel like a character in a novel. >> reporter: he received a permit to get rid of two big trees, but when they started an inspector told them to stop and the city had made a mistake. he removed the trees anyway. >> reporter: why not do it the right way? >> we did and we got the proper permits and the city decided to mess with us. i can only assume it is retaliation. >> reporter: for? >> the only thing that i can assume is that the political
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connection of my former tenant. >> reporter: that former tenant whose sudden eviction resulted in the city suing him for violating landlord-tenant laws. >> this last year has been a disaster. >> reporter: something he says he can agree with. currently the city has a stop work order on the property and they are only allowed to do yard work or cleanup. the city does not -- did not get back to us. >> i still do not understand the restraining order. >> reporter: there has been a dispute and they got into a confrontation and she raised her voice ended the document he wrote that he had feared for his safety and that she was reaching for something. she said it was ridiculous. there is a court hearing coming up. if you have a tip for our team we want to hear from you.
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give us a call. a san francisco appeals court decided the popular beach has to be open to the public. the decision says the public now has access to martin's beach south of half moon bay. this comes years after billionaire investor by the land leading to the beach and restricted public access. according to the court he violated the coastal act established in 1972 to protect public assess -- access. >> today, what the court said, in no uncertain language is that the public has a right to access the coast. >> a judge has ordered him to remove the gate preventing the public from the beach.
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he plans on taking this all the way to the supreme court. the outside lands music festival set to begin tomorrow. the three-day concert featuring food, wine, and music has become one of the best-known festivals in the country. as our reporter found out it is not always popular with neighbors. >> reporter: crews are putting the finishing touches on the main stage. this is the centerpiece of the stages that will feature dozens of usable asked. >> we have music for everybody. all different ages and has been the biggest difference is we are gourmet food music festival. >> reporter: not just food, wineries and breweries in their
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own special section. the cost is $25 for three ticket, when 54 one day. than 200,000 people are expected. that is about the population is police will be here on foot -- that is about the population of modesto and police will be on horseback. not everyone is looking forward to the festival. some have complained about traffic, rowdiness and noise. promoter say a monitored noise levels and this man who lives on 19th avenue says it is not the noise it is the vibrations that rattled the walls and that is not monitored. >> if you ever heard these cards with the heavily amplified things, park one of those in front of your house for three days. four the festival in its 10th year is going strong. >> the festivals around the
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world and there are five in the united states that are the big five. >> some advice for festivalgoers, where layers because it can get cold. parking around here will be mission impossible. temperatures will be on the cool side. here is a look at day one and here is a look at the lineups for tomorrow. there might be some breaks in the clouds and temperatures mainly about 60 degrees. as far as highs today, we have temperatures ranging from a chilly 58 out toward pacifica, 80s and the warmest location out toward antioch and san jose
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in the upper 70s. the fog is hugging the coastline pushing back into the bay and we have showers and thunderstorms to the north. we have a pretty good onshore wind that will help transport that fog back into the bay and once again we has showers and thunderstorms to the north. for us, temperatures are cooling off to the coast and san francisco 58, fairfield 81 degrees. here is the live camera a bit of haze in the sky. temperatures overnight clearing back to the shoreline and temperatures up by a few degrees . we will take a closer look at the forecast highs. a test tribute. but i never
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witnessed anything like that. there is an outpouring of community. >> procession for the marine who died suddenly during deployment. fans turnout for the last open practice before the first preseason game saturday. mark will be here with the story, coming up later in sports. another great bought. details on this latest deal, coming up.
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the body of a 20-year-old marine arrived at the airport today and was escorted to his home. the honor guard led the procession for marine lcpl. lenin priego who died stationed at the pentagon. along the route first responders and others came out to pay tribute. there is no official word on the cause of his death. >> he was born in mexico and became a citizen while he was in the marines. our reporter tells us even though those who didn't know him came out to show their support. >> reporter: a hero's local. for the 20-year-old fallen marine he joined the marine corps when he was 18 years old and served at the pentagon within two years. he was to receive the marine of
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the quarter award for his outstanding service, but he died . >> he was a great person all around. caring and loving and always their support.>> reporter: family and friends wanted to show their support. >> i am a military mother and i feel for his family. >> there is such an outpouring of community and the representation from the police and the firefighters, every single overpass that we touched , these guys were lined up and saluting. we had flags waving. >> his family says the community support is an honor. >> it was a heartfelt, absolute thank you to my son. that is what this is all about. it comes down to, this is america and this is what we do
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and this is what we believe. this is freedom in action and this is what it should be. >> what a nice tribute. >> it really is. when you see people come out like that and people who did not even know him. it is so powerful. coming up next a bay area nurse and her family facing deportation. >> i've been trying to be strong. >> how their struggle to get legal status may separate the family. excitement growing for the eclipse now just 11 days away. stay with us, the news at 6:30 is next.
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. now to today's top stories. the ceo at google suddenly canceled a plan -- plant companywide town hall meeting. was supposed to follow issues following a memo by an employee who has been fired. in the memo, a google engineer wrote that genetic differences may explain why women are not equally represented in tech and leadership roles.
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googles ceo said some employees were worried they might be outed for asking questions at the town hall. struck a local musician was killed trying to taste -- chase down a robbery. police have identified the victim as 40-year-old david the porous. he was at an outdoor cafi wednesday before noon when he grabbed his -- would be thief grabbed the laptop. he got into a car and the man was dragged. he fell from the moving vehicle and died at the hospital. federal, state, local law enforcement officials say 75 people have been arrested and charged in a nearly two-year undercover operation. authorities as they was launched to stop car theft and home vehicles -- -- in san mateo county. the focus began identifying street and mid-level chemicals that often escape was enforcement. a bay area nurse facing
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deportation. >> frank was there for an emotional news conference. when he talked about the impact this will have on the family. >> i try to be started second. >>reporter: maria mendoza interest her battle to legalize her family status lasted 15 years and denied it. the mother of four, husband and son board a plane back to mexico on a one- way ticket. leaving behind three daughters it is 60, 21, 23 with no chance of returning for the next 10 years >> i asked him to not come to the airport i want to make sure they make it back home spot
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where he entered -- either chuck weber and maria is a cancer care nurse and had a hospital they own their own home and worked in the united states a valid work permit until this pestering. suck this administration doesn't want good people. >> we have bad hombres here and we will get them out. spot they do not want -- my parents have never done anything wrong. no criminal convictions. none of us have ever been in trouble with the law. ever. not even in school. took a spokesperson for i.c.e. said over the last 15 years the couple's case went through an exhaustive review by the immigration system. the courts have consistently held that neither of these individuals has a legal basis to remain in the us. their oldest daughter is 23. and will be the legal guardian for her two younger sisters.
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she is a recipient and is not a us citizen. if that program shut down she could be deported. like i would like to stay here and make sure elizabeth goes to college. i don't know what happened to him. -- to them. >> it is hard to think about. >>reporter: frank, ktvu fox 2 news. the city of san jose issued an apology wrongfully citing homeowners were setting up illegal fireworks. maureen naylor tells us everyone signed and it is not getting a reprieve. >>reporter: these are the citations issued for the first time this year to dozens of residents accusing them of illegally setting off fireworks and requiring them to pay $500
6:37 pm
fine. flock when i called my friend who is firehouse without i said i was not home. he said normally the city would come out and cite you and take what you have >>reporter: between may and july the city received 1000 reports a fireworks 161 warnings and ultimately issued 45 citation after neighbors complained the neighbors are attracted and at least a handful of people cited and it says there is nothing to do with illegal fireworks. >> we are sorry for those without were wrongfully cited for the english they had to go through. we want to make sure they do a better job in the future. like i'm relieved and have the it was a long month. took amy is one of three s. san jose resident living on garrison circle received the sanitation.
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wednesday attorney sent this letter to the city attorney threatening legal actions. the city attorney sent this letter they were dismissing citations based on the on reporting. slightly called the city and they said it would be $500 to talk to someone. stock what compounded it is that is that for those residents to appeal what they need to pay the fee upfront. we will. took group writing site will be shutting down and they will reimburse the people who paid fines. they have surveillance video one of the neighbors setting off illegal fireworks that was not cited. was going to crackdown on illegal fireworks and think they will revamp the online reporting. but in the future have any more evidence-based. they will investigate before issuing citations. maureen taylor, ktvu fox 2 news.
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more than 100 applebee's and ihop restaurants are closing. details on the parent company today. struck first responders recognize at the deadly shooting in san francisco.
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the company up to chain restaurant is closing more than 150 stores. proximal he 135 applebee's restaurants and 25 ihop restaurants are set to close their doors.
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the company, dyne equity, says the two chains open 125 restaurants globally between the company officials say the closers will help the change in the long run. no word on which locations will close. another san francisco brewery has been sold. new belgium brewing company has agreed to buy magnolia brewing for $2.7 million. magnolias owner filed for bankruptcy in 2015 and the brewery says the two pubs in the city will remain open. the deal comes a week after san francisco's anchor brewing was sold to sapporo. a san francisco city official honoring first responders who rushed to the scene in the due to the workplace shooting at the big ups facility. adderley invited the police officers and firefighters to city hall. the active shooter situation at the ups house left four people dead and two others wounded. no officer fired a shot during the confrontation. we still don't know why the shooter, jimmy lam, opened fire on coworkers before killing himself. solar eclipse glasses are
6:43 pm
flying off the shelves. spot they were going to 100 an hour. sloppy preparations underway across the country as the total solar eclipse approaches. in weather we are tracking low clouds and fog that is worked their way back into the bay for tonight. a little bit of a warm up and the friday forecast. we will talk about the temperatures and changes as we head into the weekend.
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now to the preparations underway across the country for the total solar eclipse happening 11 days from now.
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fox news reports from columbia south carolina where officials are getting ready for a boom in tourism. took the upcoming solar eclipse has amateur astronomers buzzing with excitement as a local officials in the path of the event are busy preparing to make sure everyone is ready and safe on the big day. stock on the date of the eclipse, we are going to open up the charleston county emergency operations center. the public safety officials will gather so that they can share information, related to events that have been associated with the eclipse.>>reporter: thousand are expected to the line where the total eclipse is real but. law enforcement and south carolina are warning of increased traffic due to the influx of visitors expected for the event. sparkly anticipate gridlock. we will ask everyone to not stopping traffic.
6:47 pm
we would be issuing citations. >>reporter: it is the first coast to coast eclipse to traverse in nine years. astronomy enthusiasts cross the universe are gearing up for the big event, literally. the owner of this store in arizona sizzler viewing glasses have been selling like crazy. >> unbelievable high demand. we are going through 100 an hour. >>reporter: his tips are to be sure that the pair you are buying are safe because you will need them if you want a directed view of the celestial event.>> by a reputable band -- mike brandt with the right density. >>reporter: the eclipse will take place monday, august 21 and will travel from west to east with folks here in south carolina getting the last glimpse. and columbia south carolina trace garnier fox news. we are watching the weather closely because they were thing that could happen is if you high clouds moving overhead. to -- probably just the typical low clouds and fog. watching as we head towards the special day.
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the satellite and writer we have the fog hanging out and showers and thunderstorms a developing in northern california just to the north of clear lake. here is the fog bank hugging the coastline all the way down toward the monterey bay and down towards santa cruz. a pretty good onshore wind as well. the wind at 10 or 20 miles an hour. we will check in on those in a little bit. right now there is a fog over san francisco pushing into the bay. here we go with thunderstorm activity beginning to calm down to the north of lakeport. the thunderstorms are dying off. current numbers, we check in on those. we have seven cisco 58. san jose at 70. the string of 70s towards walnut creek and livermore. 80s are pretty warm towards concord and fairfield right now. checking in with wind speeds, wins around 12 or 14, 16 miles an hour. a bit of a breeze. checking on ffo with wind gusting to 30 miles an hour out
6:49 pm
of the west. here is the live camera looking towards oakland with hayes but still mostly clear skies with the fog bank will work its way back into the area overnight. in san francisco, tomorrow for friday, 7 am, clouds and fog or possibly dinner -- drizzle. so patchy fog and a 64. highs tomorrow close to today's readings. 66 degrees in downtown. partly sunny skies and breezy. this area of high pressure is building an a little bit. we warm up the numbers slightly for friday forecast. the skype moves in over the weekend with minor cooling into early next week. monday probably 60s and 70s. here is the deal for this weekend. 60s and 70s into the upper 80s but the key headline. there is no major heat inside. notable digits in the forecast. you go with the fog tomorrow morning and your portions of the bay. this is it a clock on friday. possibly drizzle. clouds back near the coast with partial clearing. in lynden, more sunshine with readings back up into the upper 80s and even a few 90s
6:50 pm
sprinkled towards clear lake and st. helena. walnut creek is 89. oakland, 73. hayward 75. san jose, forecast high of 81. the temperatures are little bit warmer than today but these were all minor changes and will continue with the theme. i don't know how many times i used the word a little bit but that is what is happening. looks like more will drop -- will drop off money. spark a good-looking forecast. the raiders preparing for the opening preseason game. saturday night against the arizona cardinals. kickoff is at 7:30. mark will have more on how the raiders are getting ready for the game coming up next in sports.
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now we will talk about the raiders. one of the majors in the pga. >> if you get the lawn mowed saturday, you can sit around and watch it.>> i will be watching football. it is just about that time, but this is one of the big ones back in north carolina. at the pga championship. right off the bat, we have something to talk about because there was in a's on the par three, fourth full and i'm sure you are familiar with reduced luton. 176 yards.
6:54 pm
it is hard to believe. the rest of the round didn't go so well. it was 5/76. how do you to a hole in one end and up 5 over. here is were macaroni -- roy mcllroy. he is tied with jordan. here is one of the coleaders. a birdie at 18 wind up with a 4 under 67 and the same, 4 under 67 for the gentleman by the name us or bjorn olufsen. he is tied with kisner and a nice birdie putt for him to wrap up his around at 18. as frank alluded to, we are headed for a great weekend of nfl football. football fans do not care at this point, that it is just exhibition football. hard to believe that the napa portion of the raiders preseason
6:55 pm
is almost over. this is the last day. spot this is the last time the fans will watch the practice. cleo max starting with the team out of context. corey james came on strong towards the end of the year.. >> we are playing together and communicating. doing all the right things. i know i'm going into the second tier and being more comfortable. spiky is extremely athletic and gifted. with a block arising you have a base to be able to strike he is making progress's blackjack is
6:56 pm
a former linebacker. witters and cardinals,; 30 saturday. pretty much the better -- biggest ripoff. you have to pay full price. if you're a football plant -- a football fan there is a game off. beers host the broncos into -- chicago. the danvers have the defense. micah glenn picked up by chris. pierce junior. bring it back. 50 yards denver takes a quick is 7-0 lead at halftime and it is 10-7, denver over the bears. does the nba do a great job he bitterly continues. they release 80s of the schedule. the full slate will be announced next week.
6:57 pm
opening-night were supposed to rockets. the much improved. the houston rockets and then they will be on national tv coming up after that. ian clark will be with the pelicans. christmas day, the third christmas in a row. but this time, the warriors are hosting it. in the meantime, bad news for one veteran. zach randolph is a sacramento king. he was arrested last night in southern california on marijuana charges. and intention to sell marijuana. legal prodigal -- problems for zach randolph. a game between the cavs and world assessment warriors is becoming a classic. >> it is hard to believe they have done it three days in a row. the ratings are skyhigh. >> thank you. see you later everyone.
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