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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 12, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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violence and chaos erupt amid a deadly white supremacist rally in virginia. the horrifying scene as a car plows into counter protesters. ask the protest -- and the protest that aims to protect representer's rights in alameda. >> ktvu fox 2 at 6:00 starts now. >> i'm alyana gomez. we start with the white supremacist rallies in virginia. at least three are dead after a car plowed into a crowd of counter protesters. joe has the latest from virginia. >> chaos on the ground as violence breaks out in the streets between white nationalists and counter protesters. adding to the confusion, a car
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running into a crowd. police in riot gear ordering people to disperse. hundreds faced off ahead of a planned white nationalist rally. president trump reacting this afternoon. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides. >> things got heated as protesters shouted each other down and then began throwing punches and pepper straying one another. >> it's not a good day for charlottesville, not a good day for the commonwealth. we were hoping it wouldn't escalate to this violence on all sides. >> it's the latest confrontation in the city since they voted to remove a statue of robert e. lee from a downtown park. the governor declared a state emergency. -- a state of emergency.
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>> that was joe waldman reporting. many people including senate republicans are calling on the president to call this terror attack what it is. this from marco rubio. it says it's very important for the nation to hear president donald trump describe events in charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists. more on this tonight as more information is becoming available. dropping information in the last hour -- developing information in the last hour, a suspect has been arrested. the president of china called for calm in the escalating tensions between north korea and the u.s. president trump spoke to him by phone. mr. trump reportedly pressured china to convince north korea to halt its nuclear program. the phone call followed a string of new threats by president trump against north korea on friday. meantime, residents of guam are remaining cautiously optimistic about the threats by north korea to the tiny island.
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the governor of guam received reassurance from john kelly and president trump. >> this is a threat to the united states. it shouldn't be democrats or republicans. everyone should be unifying behind our president. sthang you so much, sir -- thank you so much, sir. >> north korea is 120 miles northwest of guam. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in president trump's crass hairs. blanchard takes a look at the troubles within in congress. >> even though congress is spread across the country for august recess it didn't stop the president and a member of his own team, mitch mcconnell, from expressing frustration with each other over the failure of the obamacare repeal and replace plan. >> seven years they've been talking repeal and replace and it didn't happen. i was not impressed. >> i think had excessive
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expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> some have wondered if the public fighting will hurt the president at a time when his agenda has struggled to pass a deeply divided congress. a number of senators are standing up for mcconnell after president trump sent out critical tweets and comments aimed at him. republican analysts say it's not a fight senators want to pick because their re-elections are tied to the president. and ultimately they believe the base will side with mr. trump. >> that's why you see the president fighting so hard to hold them accountable. it doesn't stop with the senate or house, it hurts all republicans, the fact that the leadership in d.c. can't pass the promises they made. >> at least two brutal hurdles. not only does congress need to come up with and pass a budget, they have to raise the federal borrowing limit to avoid a partial government shutdown by the end of september. on top of that, the president's
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team working to fund his border wall and come up with a tax reform bill. while the president is struggling to pull his own party together, to accomplish anything they will need democrats on board. three weeks until congress returns. in washington lauren blanchard ktvu fox 2. -- fox news. advocates gathered on the steps of city hall in support of a recently approved amendment that requires landlords to cite specific reasons for evicing a renter. -- evicting a renter. lee martinez has that story. >> the island of alameda doesn't have very many available rental properties, and renters say they fear an eviction would force them to move far away. >> i came home the other day and saw a white envelope on my door. i was too afraid to open the door. there was nothing on the outside. i was literally shaking with
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fear. >> these renters say eviction is a very real fear and they've long been battling property owners for rent control and just cause evictions. >> they accuse people of being drug addicts, prostitutes, the no cause e-- for no cause evictions. >> on may 17th, renters won a battle. alameda city council voted to amend the ordinance to adjust cause protections for tenants, meaning landlords will need to cite a specific reason to evict a tenant. one local landlord says he's fighting on the renter's side. >> represent control won't affect de-- rent control won't affect decent landlords. it allows for maintenance. just cause eviction works for tenants. any landlord who thinks they're going to be affected by rent
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control is a jerk. >> the demonstration was brought on in part because of a recent petition that was circulating around the city, asking for a charter amendment. >> it would take the current -- essential nonrent control off and freeze it into the charter so that it couldn't be amended in any way. >> they've been going door to door and getting people to sign. and actually lying and misleading people into signing. >> that petition followed another petition filed in june by a group representing landlords to restore the no cause provision which will put just cause on a november ballot. alameda's rent stabilization ordinance will set in december of 2019. several law enforcement agencies broke up a sideshow last night in san jose. the crackdown came after a
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recent increase in sideshow activity in the south bay. this is video of an earlier sideshow. hundreds of people participated in last night's sideshow which spread from city streets on to highway 101. partially shut down by car stunts. the california highway patrol and san jose police showed up at the scene. officers wrote several tickets. no reports of injuries from last night, but at some of the earlier incidents there have been reports of gunfire and people setting off illegal fireworks. cal fire crews working in napa county where flames have burned 114 acres and are threatening structures. there's no mandatory evacuation orders but there's a warning in place near turtle rock. the fire is being called the canyon fire because it started near sage canyon road on the southwest side of lake berryessa. it's 60% contained. turning to morgan hill where
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the tillton fire has groan to -- grown to 100 acres. no buildings are threatened and there are no reports of any injuries. according to cal fire's latest report the tillton fire is 70% contained. basketball star kevin durant is apologizing for comments he made about india. during an interview pub lired this week -- published this week said india is a country 20 years behind in terms of knowledge and experience. durant said he meant no disrespect by the comment. he adds he plans to return to india to run basketball camps. coming up. facebook launches a new app in china. what's behind the new feature by the social media giant. and it's become an annual bay area tradition. how more than a thousand women got together to honor all the women who went to work during world war ii. a bit of a drop off in temperatures today. a little bit cooler forecast over the next couple days.
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and eventually we warm back up in the five-day. all the changes and updates after the break.
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developing news at san jose international airport. normal operations have resumed after some unsafe items may have gotten through security. airport officials evacuated 200 people in terminal a just after 4:00 this afternoon. they did a sweep and deemed it safe. a spokeswoman says inbound traffic may be affected. it's best to call your airline to check for delays. at least 43 people in egypt are dead and more than 120 others are hurt after two trains crashed into each other. investigators say a train
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coming from cairo crashed into the back of another train waiting at a station. people who lived nearby heard the crash and rushed to the scene to help survivors and people who were hurt. this is the worst train crash in egypt in more than a decade. the cause is still under investigation. officials in china issuing a yellow weather alert in beijing after severe storms. hundreds of flights were disrupted and officials warn of rain and wind causing land slooidz. -- landslides. president trump declared the opioid epidemic a national emergency, saying it exceeded anything he's seen. as grif jenkins reports the government is trying to reduce the issue around the nation. >> more than a hundred americans dying from drug overdoses every day. that's more than the number of people dying daily from car crashes. now president trump is declaring the opioid crisis a national emergency and waging a war against it.
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>> we're going to spend a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a lot of money on the opioid crisis. >> it offers states and federal agencies more resources, money, and power to fight addiction. the white house stays it will rapidly increase treatment capacity, fund better programs, and better educate health care providers on the misuse of prescription drugs. many communities are applauding the president for shining a light on a national problem they say has been overlooked. >> we've known for quite some time that we have a significant issue with opioid overuse, abuse, overdose in this country. so it's time for us to get serious about turning the tide. >> but some others accuse the president of political grand standing, throwing money at the problem rather than pursuing cultural changes like sentencing reform that could make a bigger difference.
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>> it's affecting our behavioral health centers. it's affecting our justice system because we have added expenses to the courts. >> the emergency declaration builds on a previous report to combat the crisis. the final report is due in october. in washington grif jenkins ktvu fox 2 news. facebook anonymously launched a new photo sharing app in china. it launched earlier this year and is called colorful balloons. it does not carry facebook's name. it's an effort by the company to make inroads in the world's most pop you lus kun -- populated country. china's government controls websites. the mountain view community center shut down today for renovations expected to last a year. crews will be adding
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multipurpose rooms, replacing aging plumbing systems, and beautifying the building. it's expected to be closed through early 2019. in richmond thousands of women came out to take back the title for having the largest number of row see the -- rosie the riveters in one place. ♪ >> it was red and white po ca dot dan -- polka dot bandannas near the rosie the riveter h historical park. last year 2,22 look alikes came tout -- 2,222 look alikes came out to set a record. >> we are doing what's call the rosie rally. the rosie rally is focused on honoring the rosies that worked here during world war ii and all the rosies that worked on the home front during word war
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ii. >> she was part of a wartime propaganda effort during word war ii to empower women to take on jobs typically done by men. turning to san francisco where perspective students are starting the year prepared. thousands received free brand new backpacks filled with everything a student needs to succeed in the classroom. the students were given school uniforms as well. the event in the bay view hunters point neighborhood was part of a giveaway organized by the san francisco public defender's office. >> we're participating in a lot of giveaways for our youth so they can get ready for the school year. our recruits from the police academy are learning the importance of giving back to the community. >> they were able to hand out about 2,000 backpacks. two lakes in the east bay that were closed because of toxic algae re-opened. the lake in oakland has been
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closed since lake june. and quarry lake has been closed since late february. recent tests show the algae levels have gone down at both. they hope they will stay open for the rest of the summer. and i hope we get some warmer temperatures, mark, i know he's monitoring the forecast for us. what are we expecting for the week? it's been quite cool. don't want to see the triple digits yet. >> i think we can hold off on the triple digits. >> let's do that. but warm enough to partake in lake activity. >> i think you're filling out your weather form. like a sandwich. warmer temperatures, we have to wait a few days. take a look at the highs from this afternoon. upper 50s in pacifica. chilly in san francisco, and lots of 80s inland. the warmest out toward antioch at 93. the fog bank up and down the coastline and stubborn overcast
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from point reyes towards ocean beach and monterey as well. a good onshore wind that transports the fog back to the bay. this has been the forecast loops itself over and over again. the clouds push back into the bay overnight. the bay will push back to the shoreline tomorrow. san francisco a cool 57 degrees. lots of 70s towards santa rosa and napa. livermore 76. santa fe 71 degrees. looking toward the bay bridge. more overcast. moving into the bay for tonight and if you don't have the overcast look up. the perseid meteor shower is peaking this weekend. up to 40 miles per hour probably more in the range of 25 to 30. it's a free show. if you don't have the low clouds and fog of course.
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the moon is going to wash out the meteor shower as well a bit. last year was a breakout year. not as exciting this year, but still something to check out this weekend. awesome to see a meteor fly by. as far as lows tomorrow morning, 50s and of 60s. 59 at golden gate park. the partial lineup for sunday. morning fog with mostly cloudy skies. maybe some manufacture breaks in the cloud -- some more breaks in the cloud cover by tomorrow afternoon. 63 degrees toward golden gate park for sunday. tomorrow not a big change out there. the fog clears to the coastline. probably the biggest change is this area of low pressure moving in on monday. that will be the coolest day. warming beginning tuesday, wednesday, and thursday could be a warm to hot day coming up for next week. here's the forecast model showing you this. fog near the coast and portions of the bay.
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sunday morning, 8:00. as we put this in motion the clouds clear to near the shoreline. temperatures inland to the mid to upper 80s. 60s and 70s around the bay. we'll show you some 80s towards sonoma. temperatures not a big change today. most areas a touch cooler in a few spots. inland not too much change. oakland 71 degrees. san jose, 78. coupe tee know in the -- cupertino in the upper 70s. let's see what i can do with that five-day forecast since the weather was requestioned to change. -- requested to change. some 60s and 70s out there. later in the week we warm things back up. the bay and coast could be warm by wednesday and thursday. some more 80s and 90s back in the picture. >> 90s again. >> we will warm back up, but hopefully we hold off on the triple digits just for you.
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and a few of your friends. >> from what i've heard, it's not typical to have that many weeks of triple digits in the bay area. >> yeah. july was off the charts. not only 100 or 101 but 105 or 106 degrees. it's nice to have it out of the area. >> looking good. third round of the pga championships in the books and raiders fans tied for the season. a preview next with priest -- with scott priest in sports. bay area evenings have a rhythm all their own. at ktvu fox 2 evenings are all about you. the 10:00 news.
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look at the crowd there. the second night of a three-day outside lance festival underway in golden gate park. this is video from last night. every year the event draws tens of thousands of people to san francisco. muni says it's beefing up service to serve the crowds. tonight the headliners are tribe called quest and metallica. tomorrow it ends with lourde and the who. looks like fun. >> the who still getting it
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done. >> have you been? >> i have not, but that looked like a lot of people. >> a lot of people are excited about the first preseason game tonight. >> indeed they are. football is back. for the last six months it's been more about the las vegas raiders than the oakland raiders. the preseason get underway in a half hour on fox 2. an actual football game to watch. the raiders in arizona for the opener. we might see some of the starters for a bit, not much more than that. preseason games about providing data points for the coaching staff to make those critical roster decisions for the upcoming regular season. >> this the first game is the biggest opportunity that they've had so far. practice up to this point tells you a certain amount. now how they respond in game conditions is huge. and definitely a big part of it. we'll see. typically a guy or two will stand out in a game like this
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and we'll know more about him. major tournament golf courses are supposed to be hard. quail hollow is upholding the tradition. round three of the pga championship was a struggle especially on the back nine and especially what they call the green mile 16, 17, and 18. graham on 14. 301 yards. look at this thing. dead center right at it and that close. he would eagle the hole at a traffic back nine shot. three under 68 for the day. louie in an uneven round, gets it going on a tough 17th hole. the long birdie putt drops. tied for fourth. your leader kevin kisner on seven. in trouble and out of trouble. one over today, but sits alone atop the leaderboard at minus seven. much more on that tonight at 10:00. and of course highlights of the raiders and cardinals. >> looking forward to it.
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thanks a lot, scott. occupy oakland calls for a rally in response to the violence in shorltsville. we'll have -- charlottesville. we'll have details for you on the 10:00 news. but we'll have more weather and sports and news later on at 10:00. be sure to join us. for now enjoy watching the raiders coming up in 30 minutes.
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[ sam spence's "the raiders" plays ] >> y'all know what we got to do today, man. win by any means, baby. let's go. let's go. "raiders" on 3. "raiders" on 3. 1, 2, 3... >> all: raiders! >> don't be surprised by our successes tonight. >> this is the stuff we dream of. >> this football team is getting ready to be really good. >> boom! >> the raiders have been a great fourth-quarter team. that's been the story of their year. >> let's just keep stacking wins together. it's so good, man, as a team, to find ways to win. that's what we're doing. this football team can be special. >> it's easy to find the beginning of the raiders' recent success. look no further than oakland's leadership. owner


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