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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it looks like nothing will lock in and it will be cool for a few days before it warms up, back to the cool weather and that is the rule for today. some inland highs in the 70s which is rare for those well inland. there will be a few 80s, and this system is ramping up the fog bank. you can see this moving into mendocino county with a dip in the jet stream. the main messages windy, breezy and cooler with highs mainly in the 60s and 70s. we start off in the 50s and 60s without changing much, upper 60s with everyone close. union city at 61, fremont 62. mild conditions with the south wind in advance of the system holding up the temps. 70s for many, santa rosa, napa and concord, 60s and 70s for the coast and be. -- coast and be.
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-- bay. >> the streets are backing up? yes, you can see traffic that will be very busy on 880 southbound driving toward the closure with people getting off the freeways. northbound traffic is getting through and one thing we want to mention is this will affect 238 which makes the big turn onto the freeway, and i don't suggest that and i would suggest for you to get on the freeway somehow if you can on the winton avenue or 92 south. again, northbound is getting through but southbound has been closed for police activity. we will find out more. we have a reporter on the scene and we will let you know when we get the pictures. let's move along intake at the
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tracy commute, 205 and 580 traffic which is normal, which is to say there is a lot of slow traffic through the altamont pass. from livermore to pleasanton traffic is okay. from 880 north into 238 and downtown oakland it looks good. the bay bridge toll plaza is mostly light traffic. it is 5:02 am. we have continuing coverage on the white supremacists rally in charlottesville, virginia and the man set to make his first court appearance after driving his car into the crowd, james alex fields jr. facing charges of second-degree murder and he drove his car into the rally killing heather heyer and injuring dozens. the police in riot gear were already trying to break up the classes, and two officers were killed when their helicopter
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crashed into the woods while trying to respond. we are learning more about heather heyer, she lived in charlottesville and worked as a paralegal and her friends say she was a passionate advocate for social justice, and that she died standing up for what she believed in. people at the law firm where she worked described her as a compassionate person with a big heart that brought a sense of humor to the office. the go fund me page is raised over $225,000 in just two days. writing prayers for her in chalk on the sidewalk and covering the ground with flowers and candles. one man injured when the car crashed in the crowd returned to the scene in his wheelchair and said he was just one of many people that said they felt they had to honor the life of heather heyer with their presence at the vigil . >> i am here to honor her life and the ultimate sacrifice that
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she gave for charlottesville. i want to remember her and hope this never comes again in our neighborhood. >> the family of heather heyer did not attend the vigil last night but the childhood friend compared her death to those that died in september on the september 11 terror attacks.>> others gathering at the square to protest the white supremacists, neo-nazis, or kkk and to honor heather heyer .>> people said the current political climate and the message to the white house is to blame with those white supremacists, neo-nazis, or kkk feeling more comfortable and empowered. >> i think that things are escalating and that they have been escalating. it can happen again but i'm confident we will survive. >> rally organizers say they
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know there are no guarantees this will be the only violent outbreak but the only way they know to get their message across is with piso -- peaceful gatherings like last night. the police reported that the protests were peaceful with no vandalism or injury. vice president trump getting criticism for his response to the violence in charlottesville, virginia. >> we condemn this egregious degree of hatred and bigotry, violence on many sides. >> there were some republican lawmakers even criticizing the response of the president. >> we need to call this white supremacists him evil and let the world hear that it is something that needs to come from the oval office. >> he missed an opportunity to be explicit and these groups believe they have a friend of
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donald trump in the white house. >> the white house issued a statement, "the president said very strongly in his statement that he condemns all forms of violence, bigotry and hatred. of course that includes white supremacists, neo-nazis, or kkk and all extremist groups. taking the social media to react to the attacks,, "all americans must condemn the bigotry." from the republican candidate and florida senator marco rubio, "it is very important for the president to describe the events in charlottesville for what they are, a terror attack by white supremacists." >> love will always trumped hate , #stand up against hate. >> former president barack obama, "no one is born hating
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another person because of the color of their skin, religion and background. people must learn to hate so if they can be taught to hate they can learn to love." the california attorney general will make an announcement in san francisco about the californian response to the trump administration threats to the sanctuary cities and joining at city hall for press conference at 10:00 this morning to announce a move to push back against the federal government threats to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. at noon today there will be a rally at the highland hospital in oakland for a nurse scheduled to be deported tomorrow to mexico after living in the u.s. foreign undocumented immigrant for 15 years. she and her husband and 12-year- old son will plan to return to mexico after being denied
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permission to remain in the u.s. and leaving behind her three daughters that are 16, 21 and 23. >> they are holding a rally at the highland hospital to call on immigration authorities to stop the deportation of sanchez and her family. thousands of students said land for the next few days before classes start. on standby to strike as tensions continue to boil between u.s. and north korea and experts suggest a new missile test could happen this week. we have freeway closure on a daddy southbound in the alameda county. here's what you are facing with southbound 880, it is at a standstill due to the police activity just down the freeway a couple of miles. i recommend you not use 880 south out of oakland into san lorenzo. here's what you will be facing and more about this is coming up. it looks like one of one of
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the coolest days we have seen since june.
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it is 5:11 am. hundreds protesting the border wall marching in texas over the weekend hoping to swing lawmakers against approving funding for the wall. it would cut through the
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wildlife refuge near the town and the area is federally protected. the spending bill puts over $1 billion to start construction on the wall. 17 people were found locked inside a trailer outside of the gas station in texas and immigrants from several countries could've been locked in the trailer for at least eight hours before being discovered sunday morning. the man and woman in charge of the big rig were detained and immigrants were from mexico, guatemala, honduras and romania. this comes less than one month after a trailer with nine people dead found in the walmart parking lot in san antonio. the driver of that truck was charged with the death and could face the death penalty when convicted. president trump getting a head start on the reelection campaign.>> [ video playing ]
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>> here's the first ad for the 2020 reelection campaign for the president which debuted over the weekend. he attacks democrats actions along with the praise for it the president trump accomplishments. he filed for reelection on his first day in office. the tensions could rise this week between the u.s. and north korea after the north korean missile test potentially could happen within the next 24 hours. doug luzader has more on what the white house is doing to try to de-escalate the tensions. >> reporter: two events to watch, august 21 when the u.s. and south korea begin joint military exercises. tomorrow is a national holiday in north korea which has the region on edge. >> reporter: the island of guam is feeling the heat with a peace demonstration today in the u.s. territory long in the crosshairs but seldom like this. >> we do not want to harm anyone in north korea and we
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don't want harm to come to us or anywhere else in the world. >> reporter: will kim jong-un follow through on threats to launch missiles toward guam after tomorrow which is the anniversary of the japan surrender which could give the holiday pretext for the north koreans. >> reporter: the cia director mike pompeo is measured. >> i've seen no intelligence that would indicate we are in a place of nuclear war. >> reporter: the intelligence community being criticized for being blindsided on how quickly the north korean missile and nuclear technology has progressed and president trump returns to washington to ramp up more pressure on china to crack down on what is seen on unfair chinese trade practices. but will it help to persuade china to lean on the north to back down or drive china from
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the conversation on how to handle kim jong-un. >> reporter: in the meantime the chairman of the joint chief of staff's is in korea saying the u.s. is preparing a full range of military options. doug luzader, fox news from washington. closures at southbound 880 at lewelling and it is still shut down.>> it is shut down at southbound 880 near lewelling in the san lorenzo area of the unincorporated alameda county. traffic is barely moving and it looks like they will try to get some of these cars off the freeway which could be the good move. southbound 880 is definitely slow toward the closure. here is the marina boulevard and you can see the nordstrom rack, very familiar to some of you driving i-880. northbound is getting through but not southbound.
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let me show you this on the map, southbound 880 just after 238 at lewelling boulevard. i would recommend maybe when done -- winton, and again northbound traffic is getting through. if you are driving into downtown oakland it should not be a problem but you could see a rubber neck or delay. we don't know when exactly they will open this and they are saying it could be a long time, hours closed possibly. moving to the gilroy commute, northbound 101 between gilroy and san jose is just fine driving into the san jose area. the silicon valley commute looking good. it is 5:16 am. good morning everybody.
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we have a change and not so much a little change but a big for some with the coolest day since about the 12th of june. it will be cool in lake county and mendocino county as this system sweeps through and chewing up the fog eventually. wind gusting up to 43 miles an hour at the altamont pass and last night gusting up to 51. it will be a blustery up to windy day as this system approaches. it will eventually chew up the fog but it will be of breezy and blustery day. it will entered the northwest by later this afternoon later tonight. 50s and 60s with high clouds moving in. 54 to 57 in the city, 59 in alameda and upper 50s in oakland. everyone is pretty close. it is a little bit cooler in
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san francisco with a few reports of drizzle. 56 for gilroy, 59 boulder creek, santa clara and cupertino as well. this is a uniform isothermal system. i doubt any of this in sacramento reaches the ground but it is an end result of cooler days and it has been a long time since we've seen no highs in the 70s. this system coming down to scout everything out so look for morning fog and clouds, cooler and breezy to windy as this system sweeps by many. 70s inland and if concord comes in under 80 it would be the first high in the 70s since june 12 when it was 74. i say 78 but the weather service says 74 but either way i think it will make it. it will be cooler in lake county , 60s and 70s. santa rosa could get a north wind which could help them to
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warm up a little bit but that has to kick in by about four clock. -- 4:00. we have another cooldown sunday and monday after gets warmer tomorrow through saturday. happening today in berkeley a bar improvement project getting underway with the main entrance of the downtown berkeley station closed for part of the improvement project and also the entrance at addison. the concourse will be out of service for about six months while they do the work. bart said that both entrances are expected to reopen early next year. >> if you need a clipper card there are thousands left over at your the warriors parade. bart ordered 40,000, $15 cards expecting a big rush to the parade and they ended up selling just over 1000. as in subsequent events and pride activity, they sold more
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cards but still have about 2100 cards still that have not been sold. we are following the deadly attack that happened over the weekend at charlottesville, virginia as vice president mike pence condemns the actions of the white supremacists. if mondays stress you out it could be your job and we have more on a new study that finds many people not satisfied with the current work.
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it is 5:22 am.
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in the space shooting in police activity in san leandro at interstate i ate 80 -- i ate 80 -- i-880 and we have christien kafton live at the scene. >> reporter: good morning. it will be a traffic nightmare for a lot of people as they tried to piece together what happened. you can see what appears to be one of the vehicles involved chp telling us this was the apparent carter car shooting that happened around 2:30 am. it is unknown how many suspects there could possibly be but we hear there were at least one victim, a man shot in the head and taken to the hospital with injuries to the head in critical condition. you can see the chp investigators are still at the scene trying to figure out
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exactly what happened this morning and who was shooting at home and where the suspects are -- whom and where the suspects are. there could be numerous suspect in a white vehicle and an unknown maker model in the vehicle at this time and we show you what this means for commuters on southbound 880. the photographer set up to show you what this means for those hitting the road with a two and half mile backup leading into the welling boulevard. at this point lewelling boulevard has all four lane shutdown and it is unclear who was shooting and it was an apparent carter car shooting was one male transported to the hospital in critical condition with shots to his head. obeid description of the white vehicle. we are working to try
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to get more information and we hope to have that in a few minutes and we will update the situation in terms of how bad the traffic impact will be as they conduct the criminal investigation while looking for the shooters. >> you get a sense from the investigators weather was a targeted shooting, road rage, any indication on the motive? >> reporter: that is one question where looking at and trying to determine from chp whether it was a targeted shooting or an ongoing threat to the public. there is a b sergeant here and i will see if i can talk with him briefly for a quick moment. one question were trying to get right now is a sense of whether it appears to be a targeted shooting. >> at this point all the information we have is vague in nature. we have three passengers in the compact vehicle with one victim
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that sustained a gunshot wound to the head and in critical condition at this point. the officers are speaking with the spanish speaking passengers to get a better assessment of what occurred out here. until we know farther we cannot comment on that, and we hope to have more information within the coming hour. >> reporter: thank you. still looking for three suspects in an unknown make and model white vehicle. there you have it, still working to determine what they can about the incident as we speak. >> good work, thank you. >> and it is a challenge when the shooting happens on the freeway because most people don't get a good look at the car involved. back that may not even know it is happening with the car behind you or next you. we will bring you updates throughout mornings on 2. two new fires burning in our state this morning with one of them in the yosemite national park and the other in southern california, and we
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have the latest on evacuations in place as they try to contain the fire's. virginia and the nation morning the lives lost in the violence with the latest coming up. good morning. you can see traffic is going to be okay at the maccarthur maze coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a big problem on 880 southbound and here's what it looks like getting out past san leandro. we will tell you more on how to avoid this coming up. we cannot avoid this cooler pattern with this system sweeping in from the north with a hint of fall today. breezes and cooler temperatures the big factors. wear
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2 as we continue to follow the developing story out of san leandro with a car to car shooting at i 80. the southbound freeway has been shutdown on interstate 880. a man is in critical condition after being shot in the head by someone that sped off and another car. chp continues to investigate as we follow this traffic situation causing a major backup in the area. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, august 14. i am alex savidge. >> i am gasia mikaelian . pam
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and dave are enjoying the morning off. some areas are dealing with fog and drizzle, the wind is changing. this is not that strong but the wind is whipping in from the north. it will not bring rain but it is enhancing the fog bank with some drizzle. this will be a wind producer later on, and we have the southwind turning north -- west northwest. partly to mostly cloudy and partly sunny this afternoon and breezy, west, southeast at san jose with 50s and 60s. looks like we are stuck here with 55 in mill valley, 56 in windsor, cloverdale 55 and napa 56 with everyone close. higher clouds and mostly cloudy this morning with the wind changing today. low and high clouds, breezy and
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windy with highs in the 60s and 70s, even 80s with areas that have not seen that in a very long time. 76 in livermore, 75 in san jose. we have an issue on i 80 -- i-880. >> that's right, the i 80 -- i- 880 traffic is very slow heading past san leandro southbound. the photographer is right here at marina boulevard with traffic backing up and it is very slow beginning at this vicinity heading down to the closure at lewelling . traffic is okay northbound but southbound will be slow. it is not backed up to the oakland airport exit yet so if you are trying to get to the airport you can still leave downtown oakland without major
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delays. i am assuming that will change as the backup grows heading south of. we will show you on the map southbound 880 backed up big time heading down to the closure with 238 also affected with everyone coming on, a big mess in this area. 80 westbound with the solano county commute looking at the solano county super commute, southbound traffic is okay. vacaville, fearful and vallejo having no problems. a lot of people already on 37 getting out toward marin county. so if you are commuting on 37 i would get out there as soon as possible. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up and the metering lights have been turned on. it is 5:33 am. the community of charlottesville, virginia continues to mourn the loss of a woman killed when the car rammed into the crowd saturday.
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>> reporter: good morning. it is a somber tone this morning with the number of people coming by the vigil behind me just a moment ago. we saw a woman walking by with tears in her eyes, others walking and stopping to pay their respects, a town reeling from the deadly clash this weekend trying to make sense of this event that cost the lives of three. >> let's call it what it is, they were white supremacists. they were nazis. they do not stand for us. >> reporter: the virginia governor speaking at the prayer vigil for the victims of the charlottesville violence and 32- year-old heather heyer died saturday after car ran into a crowd of counter protesters and two officers were killed when their helicopter crashed while monitoring the protest. the president trump initial
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reaction was criticized for failing to specifically name the white supremacists groups and vice president mike pence ways in on the deal.>> we have no tolerance for hate and violence, and to the white supremacists, neo-nazis or kkk, and we condemn these groups in this strongest possible term. >> if we don't speak out the world will not know we do not agree with what happened they are. -- there. >> the quality group spreading the message on social media quickly to take to the streets and what work peaceful gatherings on saturday and the protest and vigils grew on sunday. >> i commit to take the place
5:36 am
of heather heyer. >> in san francisco people rallied to show their support for heather heyer pledging to echo her message to fight hate and racism. the rally was followed by a march through downtown with other rallies planned in the coming days.>> [ music playing ] >> people gathered at the san jose city hall to protest the violence in charlottesville and they organized the event as an expression of solidarity with groups across the state in the country focusing on music and speeches with community peace the focus. a small group of protesters and contra costa county showing their support for charlottesville, the individual resistors of walnut creek. the message is that all americans should have love, peace, freedom, justice and equality, a message that the protesters in the north bay agree with.
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>> we are all here to make a statement is loud and clear, as unified of the voice as we can that we condemn the racism and violence that we've seen in charlottesville and in other places, and we will not stand for it in our community or in our country. >> the north bay congressman jared huffman speaking out in petaluma last night where they had a drum circle with some holding signs declaring love for everyone and declaring petaluma i hate free zone. looking for three men that shot a homeless man with a bb gun and beat him with a hockey stick and they found the man on springhouse drive friday night. the 51-year-old man said he was sleeping under the overpass when he was attacked and he managed to escape to flag down a stranger that called 911. the main suspect is a white man between the ages of 18 and 25,
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five foot seven inches tall with 200 pounds and stubble on his place -- on his face. a fire started at yosemite national park near the small maricopa county and a large plume of smoke could be seen in the area. the fire has burned through 400 acres in the cause of the fire is not yet known. firefighters in southern california making progress on the fire that forced evacuations. it started near uc riverside and cal fire says the fire has burned over 1000 acres and is 44% contained. they issued an evacuation order but it was lifted hours later in the cause of the fire is still under investigation. today is move-in day for thousands at uc berkeley and they announced 7000 incoming freshmen and transfer students moving in to the on-campus housing today. tomorrow kicks off a new week long orientation for the new student.
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the oregon park service has a warning for those campers ahead of the solar eclipse as thousands are expected to visit the state for the solar eclipse and bringing dramatic changing tides along the coastline and they say there is an increased risk of red tides and reminding visitors not to be camping on the beaches. we will have our special coverage beginning one week from today on monday, august 21 at 9 am. if you feel stressed out at work you are likely not alone and a new report from harvard showing the workplaces are grueling, stressful and hostile with one out of five workers saying they faced sexual harassment and bullying at their jobs. experts wonder if toxic working conditions are keeping americans out of the labor force. only 62.9% of americans were working or looking for work as of july. the amount of income needed to buy a home in the bay area
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has more than doubled since 2012 and the association of realtors says the average income to purchase a home five years ago was just over $90,000 a year and that we get you a $447,000 home and now you must make almost $780,000 a year to purchase a house with the average cost of the home in the bay area now $895,000. the most expensive homes are found in san francisco county and the most affordable are and contra costa county. expert six back the trend to continue as housing demands outpace the numbers of available homes. the actor known for doing his own stunts and what happened to tom cruise. a chance to help the oakland a's designed the new stadium and they are looking for your opinion on where the new ballpark should be built and what features it should have, even how much the tickets should cost. if you're driving in oakland
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880 southbound -- i'm sorry, maccarthur maze where all the freeways come together with a bunch of slow traffic at the maze heading toward the bay bridge. for 100 years,
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heritage and innovation have made gillette the #1 shave in america. now get gillette quality at lower prices -- every day. brought to you by 1200 workers in boston -- we're proud of giving you our best. gillette. the best a man can get. the a's beat the baltimore orioles yesterday, nine-three. >> down the left field line and that baby is gone. >> just over the wall with matt chapman flexing his muscles to get the three-run homer to get the a's elite and matt olson added to the lead in the eighth inning and the a's take it. the royals coming to town today with the first pitch at the colosseum at 7:05 pm tonight. the team has sent out emails
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and they want the fans opinions on the best location, options including the open estuary -- oakland estuary. they are also building a new ballpark at the coliseum site and the team is looking to announce the new stadium location by the end of the year. we have a link on our website on and look for the web links . the san francisco giants play 20 innings of baseball sunday and they split the doubleheader with the nationals in dc. in game one the giants get out to the three run lead in the second inning with joe panik driving in two runs. pitcher chris stratton had a dynamite game and had 10 strikeouts with no runs allowed. the giants go on to take the first game, 4-2. >> that ball is hit deep down the line, fair and gone. look at that. >> in game 2, pablo sandoval
5:45 am
goes deep with his first home run with the giants since returning to the team. the dice did not capitalize on the momentum, they had the loaded bases and gave up a grand slam and the national took it, 6-2. 5:45 am is the time. we had over to sal with a major problem on i 80 -- interstate 880. >> that's right, southbound interstate 880 is closed due to the the police investigation and narrowing down to a small point with traffic on i 80 -- i- 880 and these trucks have only moved up a very little bit. this is not advised for you with southbound 880 on the
5:46 am
freeway barely moving. i'm not sure why anyone would choose to get on the freeway at all at this point. it is not moving. northbound on the left is moving through just fine. this is southbound 880 just after 238 with slow traffic and also want to 38. a good alternate for you would be to get on the freeway somehow after lewelling at winton or heading south which would be much better. that would require some surface road are driving to get around the area. talking about the traits commute with a lot of slow traffic on 205 and 580 in from the tracy triangle with traffic slow. livermore to pleasanton looks okay. i think some people are hearing about this and not going this way is a good idea and they will head south instead putting more pressure on interstate 680. looking at interstate 680 and
5:47 am
driving from oakland to the hegenberger road exit you can get there without any major delays. the westbound bay bridge toll plaza traffic is okay. it is 5:47 am. let's go to steve for the forecast. >> good morning. we have a change with these low clouds ramping up with this system dropping in from the north for a partly sunny partly cloudy day, breezy and windy. this could be the coolest day we have seen for mid-june -- sense of mid-june and it has been a hot stretch. highs in the 70s and 80s for many in the 90s for the longest time with this system sweeping by, the first taste of the front we have had yet and it almost feels like or looks like a september pattern. it can be pretty boring but this one is pretty active for this time of the year. west of sfo, hayward and livermore, southeast at san jose.
5:48 am
54 for santa rosa, before in san jose so big difference there with that southeast wind making the difference. 62 in livermore and concord. in the city 54 and alameda 59 and throughout oakland as well. at the east bay we find 60s and 50s. 60s in martinez, and 51 at el cerrito and berkeley at 56, 59 and 58 with everyone close. not a big difference in the temperatures. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning and the breezes will pick up and the wind is already being gusting over 50 at the altamont pass. this should sweet through and clear out a lot of the low cloud deck but not happening in the morning. breezy to windy with a high in the 60s, 70s and 80, coolest temperatures inland that we have seen a long time.
5:49 am
we have a calm morning on tap for tuesday before clearing out with gradually warming inland especially friday and saturday. >> the cool weather does not last long. >> a couple of days. in theaters this past weekend "annabelle: creation" makes a big splash. >> [ video playing ] >> creepy. the small budget film pulls in an impressive $35 million in ticket sales and it is about a nine and orphans become the target of the possessed doll. the world war ii film "dunkirk" still putting up strong numbers after in theaters
5:50 am
for almost a month in bringing in another $11 million in ticket sales in the fourth weekend. "the nut job 2" putting up $8 million for its debut. an important trip for vice president mike pence in south america coming up.
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there's new violence in burkina faso and gunfire could be heard hours after the attack started. security forces arrived with armored vehicles we two attackers killed. the government says they have not yet identified all of the victims but one victim was from france. the attack brings back painful memories at at attack in a different cafi in january of last year that left 30 dead. no one has claimed responsibility for the reason attack. voting overwhelmingly to increase the spending and fronting more cash to the foreign military operation of the paramilitary revolutionary guard. this move comes after anger over the president trump trick to renegotiate the nuclear deal struck with the world powers and 2015 and it imposes limits and visa restrictions with
5:54 am
those groups working with the opposition exiled groups. vice president mike pence with the journey dominated on the crackdown in venezuela. president trump already declaring he is considering a military option to resolve the un-growing rest and hit by violence, food shortages and government corruption. he says the united states will not rest until venezuela is restored to a full and prosperous democracy. >> we have washed in my seven months in office to continue deterioration as nicolas maduro continues to inflict more pain on the citizens of been swell up. you can see the fissures among the various groups and what i believe the resident was trying to accomplish this week was to give the venezuelan people hope and opportunity to create a situation where democracy can be restored in venezuela. >> in addition to the vice president mike pence stop in
5:55 am
columbia is expected to make a trip to argentina, chile and panama delivering a number of speeches and talking about the chance to increase economic ties between the u.s. and the partners of the region. a prisoner in canada gets a standing ovation yesterday at the presbyterian church in toronto after being released last wednesday after more than two years in the north korean prison. the pastor was providing humanitarian aid when he was arrested and was accused of participating and antistate activity. his release was a big surprise and he says he did not know he would be let go until about 15 minutes before it happened. mexican beaches covered in turtles with 200,000 sea turtles leaving the water saturday to lay eggs in the sand as part of the annual migration and the beaches are the resting area for the sea turtle which is
5:56 am
been hunted to the brink of extinction and they will only have 10% of these eggs that will actually hatch and make it to the sea. we continue to follow will developing stories out of alameda county where the police are investigating a shooting on the freeway which has slowed the commute and basically it is now or crawl on southbound 880. we have the details on the investigation underway and the impact it has on the traffic. we have complete coverage from charlottesville, virginia and the man charged with the attack is set to appear in court today. traffic on 880 that is slow and looking at your other commutes including the south bay commute to help you get to work. we have a system coming in today and we have a change in the pattern and we will talk about the low and the high clouds.
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southbound 880 at lewelling is at a standstill due to the heavy police activity. the roadway may not clear four
5:59 am
hours and we give you a live look at the situation and explain the impact on the traffic. we follow the latest from charlottesville with the suspect behind the deadly attack heading to court today. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning everyone and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, august 14. i am mike mibach. >> i am gasia mikaelian. the traffic at i 80 -- i- 880 at lewelling at a standstill. >> reporter: we talked about the traffic impact with all lane southbound toward lewelling boulevard shutdown and the backup is at least two and half miles long. one driver said it took them one hour to get to the exit where they are getting the traffic off. the investigation is underway and we have confirmed that this vehicle is the vehicle that had
6:00 am
the victims inside. four victims reportedly in the vehicle. this began at about 2:30 am with calls to the chp that there was some sort of violence on the roadway. officers responded and said that by the time they began to arrive on scene they have reports there were gunshots or shots being fired rather on the freeway leading up to this incident. officers arrived and said they found one man shot in the head with critical injuries, three other occupants in the vehicle giving the police of a description of the shooters. -- vega -- vague description of the shooters. >> the initial reports are that it was a white vehicle and we have not confirmed the make or model at this point. they are saying there were multiple occupants in the vehicle.


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