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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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down on child trafficking. a massive raid at a home in the east bay and a small purse just -- protest under way. ice is coming to oakland to terrorize community and students.donald trump needs to be out now. >> the home was raided by federal agents work we learned it was part of an investigation into human trafficking of children. >> henry lee was there when the search warrants were served. >> reporter: take a look behind me.there is an active protest of 12 people.earlier in the day homeland security agents raided this home as part of an investigation involving children. the presence of police during the raid thereby has raised concern.
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>> reporter: federal agents converged at the home on 27th street in oakland at 7 am.the family inside said the agents told them they were investigating the families janitorial business. authorities say this is a criminal investigation into human trafficking of children and nothing to do with immigration violations.the woman said agents part of customs enforcement came for her brother and brother-in-law from guatemala.>> i was sleeping at the time. i just heard screams and rumbling.i told my husband to let me go outside and check what was going on. i had heard already that ice was doing sweeps across the bay area. they put me against the fence to check if i was armed or anything. they said tell everybody to come outside.>> skybox -- skyfox had cameras rolling as protested -- protesters yelled.officials
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declined to provide details of the investigation. protesters were upset to see the oakland police outside of the home.>> i am upset that opd is involved. being a sanctuary city.>> sanctuary city and oakland officers do not work with agents on immigration matters but because this was a case of human trafficking and not immigration the chief instructor the officers to provide traffic control and not to take part in the rate.>> two officers blocked off the street and start but as agents conducted searches.>> they asked us if we can provide traffic control what they carry out their duties for this federal criminal search warrant in connection with the human trafficking, we will due to -- do the traffic control. we make sure our community is safe.>> back out here live
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there is about one dozen protesters protesting peacefully. was originally a plan for a march in the neighborhood i have been told they will stay here for a few more minutes to protest trumps immigration policies to support the rights of immigrants.henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a protest under way at the sheriff's office in the oakland. at the sheriff's office in the oakland .5 pictures from skyfox over the demonstration on lakeside drive.>> organizers tweeted a message from white supremacist. the department spokesman said it was accidental and has apologized the crowd of 150 people are gathered now. there is a crew on the scene. more fallout from president trump's handling of the emotionally charged protest in virginia and new attention being focused on confederate statue's and monuments.should they be removed or preserved?
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lauren blanchard is live from the nation's capital. >> reporter: president trump's comments about the violence over the weekend in charlottesville is getting backlash. the clashes over monuments are ramping up.>> an announcement about infrastructure but that is not the only topic addressed to the president.>> what about the left? >> the fallout continues about what many can dish consider a sympathetic tone from white supremacist. this is him continues to pour in from both democrats and republicans.>> he does not know right from wrong, truth from false and american patriotism from white nationalism.>> trump not backing down as the stage is set for clashes over the monuments as of the debate grows over whether or not to take down the statues.>> the
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media is looking for opportunities. they are not looking at this great program but looking for any opportunity to call him a misogynist and at this and do that expect trumpets back to the personal golf club in bedminster new jersey.his departure comes shortly after announcing he has decided to do away with the manufacturing counsel in strategy and policy form. the tweet after the later pulled out after condemning the comments about last weekend's violence. >> as the west wing struggles it announced they had a new interim communication director. her name is hope hicks and she has worked in the president's campaign. it was an emotional memorial service in
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charlottesville for heather higher -- heather heyer. many of those who attended were wearing purple which was her favorite color. the paralegal was killed on saturday when a car ran into counter protesters demonstrating after the rally soon. >> no father should have to do that. i love my daughter. i love my daughter .0 a look at you guys, you loved her too.>> they try to kill my child to shut her up.guess what, you just magnified her. >> trump called her a special young woman in a tweet and the governor and senator attended the memorial. the two a state troopers who died when the helicopter crashed will be laid to rest this friday and saturday. president obamas treat -- tweet
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has become the most liked tweet ever. he posted a quote from nelson mandela along with a photo of himself smiling at a group of young said no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or background or his religion.were the 3.8 million people have liked the tweet.this morning former presidents bush released a statement. the father and son said america must always reject racial bigotry and hatred and all forms. california they seem far removed from the civil war states but there is tributes here. tom baker reports on the attempts that limit the symbolism. >> reporter: is this a heat of the moment of history or a long overdue remover of confederacy honored statues placed after the civil war to intimidate african- americans?
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>> the country was debating our discrimination rules and laws in place for a long time after the civil war.>> two years ago, california state senator proposed a law banning the use of names of confederate leaders on roads and parks, buildings, schools and other public property.>> there were places people were named after streets.>> private property such as a stained glass window in a hotel is not subject to the bill. the best in the compromise that the count -- teleport bragg named after a confederate general would not require a change its name. governor brown vetoed the law saying it was a matter for local
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schools and districts. they are only a handful of sites including fort bragg that have anything to do with the confederacy. brigadier general of the confederate state army is buried in the cemetery.monument in the hollywood cemetery removed yesterday. there is a five remaining markers of the jefferson davis highway in southern california. >> the peoples and symbols belong in our history important lesson for all of us. they don't belong in a place of honor in a public facility or public place. >> one of california's oldest places is the former unincorporated springtown your salinas renamed confederate corners in the 1860s when southerners settled there.
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tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news congress run -- congresswoman pushing forward for the 25th amendment. we spoke to her short time ago by phone. >> there has been a mountain of evidence that has been growing that would suggest that the president is unstable. he is impulsive and that it would be dangerous for him to be in a position of determining whether or not to push the button and engage us in a nuclear war. >> she echoed the feelings and twitter saying potus is showing signs of a product behavior and mental stability the place the country in danger. time to invoke the 25th amendment. for that to be done it would take the vice president and cabinet declared him to be unable to fulfill his duties.
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it would take a two thirds vote in both houses to remove the president from office. coming up, forced to leave the country tonight.the nurse enter final thoughts before her and her husband are deported back to mexico sales of cannabis on the black market could increase after the legalization of pot in california. a bit of a warmer forecast and low clouds and fog but tomorrow the neighborhoods could top 90 degrees.we will take a look at the high coming up.
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the city of east palo alto on the murder capital of the nation. the rate was the highest in the country.this year it has not seen a single killing.ann rubin looks at what is contributing to the change. >> reporter: this is what east palo alto used to look like in the early 90s.the woman needed citizen guards after being shot for speaking out against drug dealers. the task force was formed to deal with rising crime and the
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city was dubbed the murder capital of america.the pastor remembers. >> it was nerve-racking because you could be at the barbershop and a bullet could come through the barbershop so that mr. price who was the owner at the time put up with proof glass. >> now things are changing.>> michael is that the community knows the 36 police officers by the first name.>> the police chief prefers to do his patrol on foot. the crime rate has fallen.last year the was three homicides and the sheer so far there has been non-.>> people are willing to come up and -- stop stitching it is dying because of the relationship and trust
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established.>> 99% of the community is hard-working and doing the right thing. they need the 1% to be dealt with and we are calling people out and holding them accountable.>> other factors contributing to the dropping crime rate. community programs that clean up graffiti and gentrification bringing in opportunity. her son was shot that she said she is grateful for the change.>> i don't have any wood to knock on but we have not had a homicide and thank god work i am thinking that that is pretty good. if we can keep it that way.>> the chief who has been with the department for 2 1/2 years is not resting on his laurels.he hopes to add three new positions to increase visibility and increase response times. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. the legalization of
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marijuana around the corner in california and many retailers are expected to go legit and obtained a license.experts predict that underground sales on the black market will continue.economists say california growers produce farmer marijuana -- far more marijuana that is concerned -- consumed.officials say regulations and local government push back may prevent consumers from having access to the regulated rocket place. bart is considering delaying start time to allow workers to work on the train. the proposal will delay the start time of the first train from 4 am to 5 am.>> reporter: we know of one scheduled train that is happening in december 2018. tran16 will run the trains an hour later.they can do work and
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at a meeting yesterday one of the bart board members included starting it earlier and it could do maintenance work idea that is being explored and upper discussion. the bridge and other alternatives who would be impacted and 2400 people take bart train during the 4:00 a.m. an hour. a later start time will be inconvenient. >> the train is really crowded. i think it is really going to be a bed commute for a lot of people.>> these are only five car trains. later it will be like sardines.>> changing the schedule earlier system wide is an idea. what is driving is the fact
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that bart has a 45-year-old system that needs maintenance and the trains run between 4 am and midnight and it does not give the crews a lot of time to do any maintenance overnight.that is the idea behind pushing the start time an hour later but just an idea that will have to wait. tran03. the overall trend in the headline is a warming temperature but not much in the way of major heat.highs in this afternoon reading from 60s to the ghost in san francisco to 70s and 80s toward concord and livermore and antioch is at 89 degrees. on the satellite you can see clouds over nevada and showers and thunderstorms to the sierra.low clouds and fog through the coastline and onshore wind transporting the fog back into the bay.the temperatures are ranging from
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62 in san francisco and 80 toward fairfield. fremont in this mid-70s in live camera looking toward san francisco with patchy fog working its way into the area. for this evening we are expecting clouds. tomorrow morning will be like this morning. locked into the static weather pattern but we will work the numbers up a little bit. san francisco by lunchtime is 66 and by 3:00 is partly sunny and upper 60s. tomorrow morning we have a pattern at 8:00 with clouds clearing to the shoreline.if you locations close to 90 degree mark. still to come, the second freeway shooting over the past three days.the investigation after shots were fired at two
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teenagers in an suv. the 49ers and the broncos on the same field for a joint practice.a preview of what is to come. busted for shoplifting in san francisco but police did not make the arrest.details on the private security company accused of extortion and false imprisonment.
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the city of san francisco has won a ruling against a private company that partners
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with department stores. >> the city attorney alleged the company had extortion. >> reporter: stores don't get handcuffed by police and attorneys say they answer to a private business called cec or corrective education company.>> they would intimidate and get someone they suspected of being a shoplifter and say unless you sign this form and pay us money we will report you to the police.>> the problem is it is illegal.>> the law is clear.this is text book case of extortion. >> a judge agreed.>> what spoke to me was that this company was establishing alternative
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systems of justice.>> they claim to partner with law enforcement and credits itself with removing 10,000 people from the criminal justice system. the company said in an email saying was shocked and dismayed by the ruling. we are disheartened for our partners and for those californians who face a lifelong scarlet letter because of one bad choice.>> if this company or every other company wants to partner with law enforcement, they can do so but extortion and false imprisonment is not the way.>> walmart and kroger's are named in the suit which he filed in 2015 on behalf of the people of the state of california. they were founded in 2010 and currently operates in more than 25 states. they think many of the offenders were not even guilty of a crime.>> people were fearful and signed up for this bogus program.>> he said there were 13,000 accused shoplifters using the program and that
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could potentially translate into millions of dollars in restitution fees not to mention tens of millions in penalty phase. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. a nurse and her husband are being forced out of the united states because of their immigration status and what she has to say in her final plea before she is forced back to mexico leaving three have her children behind. a message about charlottesville goes viral and his rant about white nationalist and the unity keeps trying to spread.
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authorities converged on a home in west oakland and an investigation into human trafficking of children.agents arrived at the house on the 27th street at 7:00.agents detained the woman's brother and brother-in-law from guatemala on a controversial raid. agents were involved. trump had no appearance today following his criticized remarks.on twitter he said he has disbanded two panels after the resignations of corporate
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ceos. some democrats criticized republicans for not speaking out against the remarks. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 5:30 pm . the family of six is being separated under federal deportation orders.>> the parents and their 12-year-old son plan to fly to mexico. the three daughters are going to stay and continue to go to school.the latest from congestion -- cristina rendon. truck the family applied for an extension for one more year but that request was denied and the mother is tired of fighting.>> in the heart of east oakland, the family is at home together
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in their living room is filled with suitcases.>> we are going to go with the flow.>> the battle to legalize their status has repeatedly been denied.she has expected that her and her husband was deported to mexico after spending 23 years in oakland.>> of course i want to see my mom.have not seen her for so many years but i wish it was a different circumstance.>> they are bringing her son with them and their three daughters stay behind. the 21-year-old's finishing her final year at santa cruz.>> i cannot be there. >> the last day on the united states they went to a notary, bank and sent their 16-year-old on her first day as a high
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school or.>> you will do what you are supposed to do.>> they did not go to the immigration officers to file another stay of immigration.>> the charted -- tragedy. i'm not fighting anymore.>> the family is sharing hugs, smalltalk and eating the stable before going to the airport.>> i hope the flight stops or something that they shouldn't go.>> no amount of distance whatever break their bond.>> i am not losing hope. i am disappointed.>> maria was a nurse.the boss told her they will hold her job for her if she returns to the us.her flight leaves tonight at 11:20
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pm. do they have any opportunities at all to come back to visit their children in the united states or are they barred completely lacks >> at this time they don't have any opportunity. lacks >> at this time they don't have any opportunity .2 of the three daughters may go visit their parents in mexico however there will be for probably at least a year.>> the part of mexico? >> in the state of a small town called santa monica with 100 people. it is two hour drive from mexico city. an investigation following the second shooting in the past three days that happened at 10 am.jackson street in hayward. the highway patrol said someone opened fire on an suv with two teenagers inside. neither of them were hit by gunfire but were injured by flying glass.they pulled off the freeway and went to the
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police department for help.the first spot of the car when it pulled along when they got onto the freeway.>> as they were driving northbound, the same vehicle that they encountered pulled up alongside of them and they observed one of the passengers point at hand, and fire rounds at the vehicle. >> no evidence of a confrontation. in modesto pastors reaction to the violence in charlottesville virginia is going viral. what motivated the pastor to speak out against hate and make a plea for unity. truck he was moved by the multicultural congregation and the higher power when he said what is now part of the video adjust to all haters. >> there is a bunch of stupid way people that are stupid and
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telling people that god is into this and god is not into this at all.>> the ceremony on sunday where he went off script and overwhelmed with passion when he condemned the rally and entitled it charlottesville, let me give you an interpretation of the bible.>> if you believe that god is a god that ordains hate and do hateful ask than that is ignorant. that is not right.>> he grew up in the south and saw the ugly face of racism.>> how can i hate somebody like that because of the covering? that is stupid.that is dumb.>> he was there when the poet -- pastor delivered the sermon.>> everyone felt it. it was totally unexpected.>> he posted the video with millions of views and growing.the pastor hopes the message will unify.>>
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sparrow the moment and from the heart. it is what i really believe and what god believes. >> thanks air crewman missing after hot -- a helicopter crashes. the shooting at the burlington coat factory.
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a shooting outside the burlington coat factory. the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the light but is expected to surround.police have not released the name of security guards but is facing charges. a search under way in hawaii for five army crewman missing after the crash of the black hawk helicopter.the coast guard, army and fire crews were scouring the area. authorities say a debris field has been spotted two miles off the coast of the while you.-- a while who debris in the field and recovered it. we cannot confirm but we did find debris.>> how big of a
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debris field? >> it is hard to say because it was spread out. with the darkness, they could not confirm how big it was.>> official say two blackhawks were on the training mission. jeff sessions renewed the administrations threat to pull federal funding from sanctuary cities. >> we cannot continue giving taxpayer money to cities that actively undermine the safety and efficacy of federal law enforcement and actively frustrate efforts to reduce crime in the room cities.>> sessions made the comments during an event in miami. san francisco in california are suing chop over the threat to withhold money from jurisdictions refusing to cooperate with officials in deporting immigrants. the white house announced that one of the longtime aides hope hicks has been a -- named
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as white house communications director after scaramucci was left back -- go. a permanent director will be made at the appropriate time. headlines around the nation when the video went viral. two men who illegally climbed on top of the golden gate bridge facing consequences and the charges announced today and the jail time they could face. we start out the work week with a cooler pattern but the temperatures are trending up.the warmest day of the weekend.
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prosecutors charged two men for trespassing on top of the golden gate bridge. they posted it on youtube.the district attorney charged them with misdemeanors.the charges carry a maximum punishment of one year in jail and a $10,000 fine.the men are due in court on september 12 a good send attorneys to appear on their behalf. cal fire awards $21 million in grants to local groups to fight in house gases.the money will go toward buying easements in mendocino and it will protect properties from being developed and increasing greenhouse emissions.>> healthy forest and
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some of the pruning and removing trees. the tree mortality areas in the southern sierras.>> the beetle epidemic which is killing trees. the countries used movie theater is sued to block maybe pass which is a new service allowing users to see one movie per day at various theaters for $9.95 a month. amc said the price is not sustainable. he experts joined us earlier. truck when you pay for you maybe the chain is getting the same fate that they would normally get. most theaters are not losing anything. all that is happening is movie pass is taking a loss for
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members. >> with the pass has 20,000 subscribers now but hopes to have 100,000 when it begins. the temperatures are rising. >> reporter: we are seeing 90s in the forecast but nothing extreme and no triple digits but a warming trend. you probably noticed today. at lunch time there was a bump in the numbers and highs are comfortable in the 60s 70s and 80s. santa rosa and oakland and everybody is a little bit with warning and 75 to 89 degrees. san jose is up a couple approaching the mid-80s.on the satellite there is a the fog bag -- bank. it is out there near the coast because we have onshore wind and drizzle making a comeback first thing tomorrow morning and
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we will check in on the numbers out there. san jose is 76 and livermore in the upper 70s and conquered is 81. santa rosa is 70 and san francisco is 72. the live camera toward san francisco and clear skies up above the bay.the traffic on the water. a few people are doing that hanging out right now to at the bay. bit of haze and fog near the coast and portions of the bay tomorrow morning. 50s to the lower 60s to start out thursday. 7:00 is in the upper 50s and lunchtime we should have clouds breaking apart. sunshine throughout the afternoon and partly to mostly sunny and san francisco is flirting with 70 degrees. this guy is calling us off and we start off on the cooler side with monday and tuesday and
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this system is moving from the pacific and high pressure with a warming trend for thursday, friday, saturday and cooling off by the second half of the weekend and late next week. forecast model shows you clouds tomorrow morning starting to clear.9:00 on thursday we expect a day like at the coast and inland is 90s and it works its way close to the bay area.we will have a few neighborhoods around 90 degrees .clear lake tomorrow afternoon and neighborhoods in the east bay and the warmest locations close to 90 degrees.hayward is 78 and san jose is 83 and san francisco has a forecast high
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with more sunshine and 69. look ahead and temperatures are a little bit of a bump in the numbers for friday and saturday.saturday will be warm and we will gradually pick up the cloud bank and cool things off into early next week.the live camera with the sailboats and what it is like to be on the water.relaxing for me. nice visual. perfect. >> it is fun to watch people having fun. >> anything on the water. we are lucky to have the water ways.thank you. a three-day pop-up shop turning heads with its creative twist on the cheetos. m burrell offered an item at a restaurant in lower manhattan.on the menu diners will find cheetos meatballs, tomato cheetos suit -- soup and mac and cheetos.>> fans were
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sharing their own recipes on how they used cheetos. >> i tried to use as many as i could. it was so fun creating this.i had a blast. >> reservations for the spotted cheetah restaurant sold out within a few hours but all of the recipes are available online and a free digital cookbook at the spotted and a free digital absolutely. i like the hard crunchy ones and not the soft ones but mixed up with some.>> the 49ers and broncos had a live scrimmage in preparation for the preseason game and the highlights coming up next.
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not too many summers where we say baseball was six weeks ago but the baseball season winds to a close. the a's are swinging the back just fine and the royals are just fine in the wild car --
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card race. the fifth homer of the year gives paul blackburn two -1 lead. two -1 lead .1 run in and lorenz are -- took on two of two run shot and that is 4-2. they took a 6-4.matt chapman found the seat and nine homers for chapman. not for long after two batters and escobar had an rbi single. the 26 save and the worlds when 7-6. the only real drama for the giants was whether giancarlo stanton would hit another home run for the seventh consecutive game.matt cain getting the start
6:55 pm
because of the doubleheader in washington.things did not start off well for him.the marlins scored a couple.line drive off the bat.the giants paid and a fair ball down the left-field line.the giants with a 4-1.1 .1 run in and ground ball to write. gordon overcomes the confusion by running to the bag himself. 4-1 marland. suzuki getting in on the act. part of the home run. the 49ers are set for the second preseason game and the
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first one at home on saturday against the broncos.kyle shanahan and john lynch have history.the two teams got an early look at each other today in a scrimmage in santa far the sunny rookie ruben foster will be earning a starting spot. he has been described as someone with a nose for the football.that was demonstrated today. >> the difference game and players.but it was a good challenge for us.obviously the receivers when against a good secondary input coverage.far more than our defense. see if we can get opening work obviously for us we got six place. this is a good chance for us to get a lot of place. >> players get excited and the juices get flowing. it is not is unscripted and you don't know everything they are is to competition. it is as close to a game as
6:57 pm
possible. >> a couple of things to check out on wednesday.a pregame ceremony in boston. a cancer survivor was asked to throughout the first pitch.>> jordan, fire it in there. >> that was the photographer covering the event. sometimes you have to open the other i.>> the nationals are riding high.michael taylor in centerfield taking the hit away from the angels. the nationals went down 3-2. veteran photographers keep both eyes open. >> have a good night. >> thanks for joining us.
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