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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 18, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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welcome back. the solar eclipse will be here in our area at 10:15 in the morning on monday. the forecast looks like it will be partly cloudy. for the totality, not only will you get the solar eclipse, but you will be able the view four planets. down here it is 75% to 78%. the further north you go, santa rosa, a little better. the further south you are, monterey, not as much, but still pretty good. a little forming in southern california that could stir things up and give a little southerly surge. i think the clouds will be in the forecast but inland looks good. low clouds in the forecast this morning. they will burn back. yesterday they burned off much sooner over san jose. the temperatures warm up and even retreated off san mateo
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and santa cruz coast. at the surface there is an on shore breeze that has been coming down since 2:00 in the morning, still west-southwest 18, then gusts to 39 a couple hours ago. 50s and 60s on the temps, about a 5-degree spread. thunderstorms over the central sierra for us. temperatures a little warmer, near average, maybe slightly above. 60s to 80s and a few 90s. 6:01. he is wearing two hats. he is talking about the traffic. is it light, alex? well, unfortunately not. i want to tell folks about another problem, this one in the far east bay we are tracking this morning. i will put the maps up to show you where this is. highway 41 shut down in both directions right now in the discovery bay area because of what is reported to be a deadly head-on crash in that area that happened early this morning. this is highway 4 right at discovery bay boulevard where the closure is and because of that investigation, they have
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the highway shut down and they are diverting traffic on to byron highway. if you are trying to get into or out of discovery bay, this will be a big problem for you. highway 4 shut down in that area because of a deadly crash this morning. we will keep track of that closure as we move throughout the morning. in the meantime, here is what things look like on highway 24 in lafayette. it is getting busier. all the folks heading westbound. no crashes we are tracking in that area, fortunately. here is a live look at the east shore freeway. it says the macarthur maze, but that is the east shore freeway. lots of folks making their way westbound to the mcarcan thursday maze and likely san francisco.-- macarthur maze and likely into san francisco. no crashes but certainly slow. tragedy strikes the oakland firefighters. two firefighters new to the department were shot last night
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in san jose. >> one died and the other is in the hospital this morning. ktvu's leigh bulluck is at the -- lee martinez is there at the scene where authorities are trying to sort things out. lee? >> reporter: they just reopened this portion of taylor street. we talks to witnesses out here that said the shooting happened outside a liquor store. oakland fire officials say the two firefighters were all duty. police were called out to the 300 block of taye lor street. one of the probationary firefighters 30 years old was pronounced dead at regional medical center. the second firefighter, a 26- year-old, had a single gunshot wound and was in stable condition at valley medical. there was a polynesian music event here last night. it is unknown if this is the event that the firefighters had attended but the headliner
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spoke to us this morning about the shooting. >> i came out. i was load margin i gear out and saw two people -- loading my gear out and saw two people laying on the ground in front of the store. >> reporter: the suspect ran from the scene. they have been working overnight searching the area for the shooter. east taylor street was closed off at north 7th and 9th streets while police, k-9s and helicopters searched the area. as of midnight the last word we had there was no suspect apprehended at this time. i do not know if that has changed at this point. oakland fire officials tell me they are on their way here to san jose. earlier this morning we saw a procession from this area taking the firefighters to those separate hospitals and, again, one of those probationary firefighters has died. >> hurt. lee martinez live for us in the south bay. thank you. meanwhile spain is on high alert this morning following the latest in a series of
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deadly terror attacks. >> the detailed areas now that have been hit are here. the most recent overnight in a seaside we sort called cambrils down the street from barcelona where the initial attack happened. >> the death toll now stands at 14 with 100 other people injured. the assailants are using cars to ram into innocent people. now more on the the international manhunt for all those responsible for the two attacks. >> reporter: three major incidents in spain, all of which may be related. isis claimed response about for the attack in barcelona. there have been arrests, but the driver of the van in that attack is said to be on the run. police in the spanish seaside resort town of cambrils respond to the latest attack, a vehicle that struck pedestrians and police. five suspects said to be wearing fake bomb vests were reported killed in a shootout. all of this just hours after a
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horrific attack in barcelona. a van careening into pedestrians along the city's famed las ramblas promenade, killing more than a dozen and wounding more than 100. >> that is when i jumped off and ran, as well. i didn't look behind me, so i didn't see any bodies or anything or the driver, but i caught them out of the corner of my eye. >> reporter: police believe the two attacks were related and may be connected to an explosion on wednesday that left one person dead. from president trump, a response on twitter, offering assistance and calling on spain to be tough and strong. vice president mike pence traveling in panama promising justice. >> the united states of america, together with our allies, will find and punish those responsible and drive the evil of radical islamic terror from the face of the earth. >> reporter: many see these kinds of attacks increasing now that isis is losing territory abroad and the use of vehicles reflects and all too familiar tactic being adopted by
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terrorists. >> the terrorists have found essentially the perfect weapon that requires little training, a vehicle. we can't stop all vehicles and all crowds. this is why the strategy to stabilize syria, to finish off isis as a state is so important. >> reporter: these attacks happened months after the state department specifically warned americans traveling to europe to be extra vigilant in. washington, fox news. >> and in response to the attacks in barcelona, local police are stepping up their patrols to make sure people are safe here. the san francisco police department has announced it will put more officers on patrol at the popular tourist spots like pier 389 and barcelona's wharf. a family's 43-year-old jared tucker said he and his wife, heidi, were vacations in spain when he and his wife
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got separated amidst the chaos. now they are looking to find out what happened to tucker. time now 6:08. three charities are canceling fundraiser at president trump's mar-a-lago in florida, part of the backlash for the president saying both sides were to blame at a white nationalist rally in charlotteville a week ago. the american cancer society cited a commitment to diversity in the announcement to canceling. a cleveland clinic and a charity that raises money for emergency services in israel also pulled out. a man arrested in a violent pro-trump rally in berkeley back in march has been charged with a felony. 41-year-old kyle chapman was one of ten people arrested after clashes broke out for people rallying for president trump and the counter- protestors. he was charged with a felony count of possessing a lead
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pipe. now here is more on him being asked what about he was caring. >> reporter: why do you have a knife? >> knives are legal to carry in the state of california. check your laws. >> he was arrested on suspicion of beating protestors. he could face a year in jail if convicted. a new lawsuit against police. in minutes the department in the center of the new legal action by the young woman at the center of a police sex scandal. >> and new safety standards at sfo. changes being made at the airport after a close call on the tarmac. >> we are keeping an eye on what has turned out to be a pretty busy morning commute so far. a couple of issue, including a closure offer one lane at least on the freeway in the north bay. we will tell you about that coming up. >> and the friday weather looks good, similar to yesterday. maybe a tiny bit warmer for a few inland. all that and more, including the weekend, coming up.
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over 600 people are still missing after this week's deadly mud slide in sierra leone. over 400 bodies have been found since monday. government officials are still warning residents of more slides and flooding since rain is expected in the area for the next few days. mass funerals are being held for the hundreds who have died and sierra leone's president has declared seven days of national mourning for the country. and this morning the
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japanese government tested an alert system in the anticipation of a possible missile strike to guam from north korea. alerts were sent to devices, local governmental agencies and offices. the north korean government threatened to aim missiles to guam but tensions have eased somewhat in recent days. sfo the making changes to its landing protocol in response to a near disaster last month involving an air- canada flight. the pilot of the plane aboarded a landing at a taxiway filled with planes waiting to take off within feet of them. pilots will not be allowed to make so-called visual approaches and will have to use the plane's satellite navigation system. city leaders in san francisco will celebration the
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completion of a project to make one street more environmentally friending. the city made improvements along holloway avenue. they made the area more bicycle and pedestrian friendly as well. there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony and block party at 12:30 this afternoon. 6:14. a check of traffic on your friday. nothing light about it. we have all kinds of stuff going on. >> it has been a tough morning around the bay area. we have had a number of closures and still tracking a problem up in the north bay. we will pop the map up here and show you this issue that has been there all night. this is a closure southbound 680 at marshview. this is kind of in the benicia- fairfield area. this began as a big rig fire. they had to shut down both of the southbound lanes. a short time ago they got one lane back open as you can see here from the live pictures. traffic getting by in the fast lane as crews continue to work to try to clean up what is a huge mess in this area. a big rig caught fire about
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10:00 last night. that semi burst into flames and sparked a grass fire in the area. it happened underneath the overpass as you can see. they had to check for damage. the traffic is backing up southbound 680, almost all the way back up to i-80, so keep that in mind as you head out the door this morning. my thanks to the photographer for the live pictures this morning. here is you go with the bay bridge toll plaza. it is getting busier and busier, but no major problems, crashes are stalls as you try to make your way into san francisco which should not be all that bad. let's go right here to steve now. we will talk about the weather. i got lost in your traffic report. we have a lot going on. fog will be in the forecast. certainly the coast, and the bay. inland looks good. everything starts about 9:00 a.m. maximum is 10:15. so, if you can get away from the low cloud deck.
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if you are heading up to oregon, as well, that looks pretty good. partly cloudy into idaho. about 75 to 78% partial here. okay? people have asked me, do you think it will affect my pets? no, i don't. i am going fishing, what do you think ? i don't think it will matter, either. if you are going fishing and things change, you can let me know but that is my two cents. low clouds for somement breaks from clouds -- some. breaks from the clouds and parts of the coast, a tall order in august fogust for many. 57 to 59 in san francisco. 09 in oakland. everyone is close.-- 59 in oakland. everywhere is close here. 57 in fairfield, 56 in santa rosa.
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glen allen 54. cloverdale is 57. mid 50s for everybody. petaluma, novato 57 degrees. low clouds will give away to hazy sunshine. 56 in monterey. a little cooler. 57 in ukiah, thunderstorm activity weak compared to wednesday when it was going bonkers over the sierra. morning fog, then a'sy sunshine. a little warmer for a few, near average to slightly above. 60s and 70s coast and the bay. 80s to 90s for those away from the coast. santa rosa 82. fairfield 89. livermore 90. we started the week around 70. morgan hill 88. 60s and 70s in oakland and san francisco. not much changing saturday. a little cooler sunday to monday. >> all right. all-important monday. the eclipse, a back to school day for oakland, san francisco, livermore unified, live it up this weekend. >> summer is over. >> that is it. >> good stuff. >> we are done!
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almost. >> yes. thank you, steve. on to sports now. serious news, oakland raider shaun smith facing felony assault charges after being accused of beating his sister's boyfriend last month. prosecutors for the l.a. county d.a.'s office announced the charges yesterday, posting $80,000 bail yesterday. if convicted he could go to scale for seven years. he will be a-- go to jail for seven years. he will be arraigned on september 29th. . the radars have three full -- raiders have three full weeks of practice before the season opener in tennessee. marshawn lynch was asked about sitting during the national anthem. >> it is the elephant in the room on saturday. there was a lot of tension
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about you not standing for the national anthem. >> i think that elephant just left the room because a little mouse ran in here. didn't they say elephants are scared of mouse or something. do something physical in order to get my body back to, you know, playing ability. it is probably the hard itself thing for me because i am not a morning person, but after that was over it was straight. >> and off to santa clara now where the 49ers and broncos held a joint practice. the two teams will play a pre- season game, number two, tomorrow at levi's stadium. later in the day more on practicing against your opponents. >> a couple days of going against the other team is always fun, but competitive. i have a hard time with the practice level and game time level, because i want to go so hard and make the tie but coaches don't want you to play
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that much because they understand what you do, bring to the table. when this season starts, man, i will definitely be ready to go. >> the 9ers and broncos tomorrow at levy. smart training in moran. the new commuter system at the north bay finally hitting the tracks next week. what you need to know about the services. and new research could lead to a cancer break through. how scientists may be able to detect the disease earlier than ever. stay right there.
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welcome back. a $1,000 award is being offered for someone that shot and injured a federally protected hawk. the spca is treating the bird now. they hope to release it back to the wild when it recovers. san jose police arrested a father and son after finding 1,200-pounds of illegal fireworks at their home. the 43-year-old and 18-year-old were arrested and police served a search warrant after receiving the complaints about the use and possession of fireworks at their home back in july. doctors say a blood test can save millions of people stricken with cancer.
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oncologists at hopkins university announce the blood tests can spot cancer at its earliest stages meaning it would be much easier to treat. but scientists behind the report say they need to study the blood test much further, but it is an important step in the fight against cancer. the time is 6:24. recent studies show a new therapy can help children with peanut allergies eat peanuts without having an allergic reaction. researchers say it is still too early to call the treatment a cure for food allergies. 6:24. researchers say they may have found a link between the time you eat and skin damage. the eating at abnormal times can make skin more prone to sun damage.
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scientists from sex and southern california said they fed mice on an abnormal schedule which led to the mice producing less of the enzyme used to repair the skin. they need to do more studies to see if the results would be the same for people. a local store owner in spain tells us about the deadly attacks in barcelona after he witnessed the terrible scene. >> reporter: san jose police conducting a door-to-door search looking for the gunman that shot two oakland police officers. one man is dead and the other injured. the very latest from the scene. >> and we are keeping a close eye on the friday morning commute. for most of you things are looking pretty good, but we are still tracking one problem in the north bay, a freeway closure that we will give you the details on, coming up. >> it has been tough for some in the coast and in the city as they say, "fogust." but will we see sun in i think so. more on the forecast coming up.
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happy, friday, everyone. welcome back. we have the school districts going back soon. some on tuesday. a couple more days to enjoy.
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>> a couple. >> what is the staple's commercial where the dad is like, yes! >> yes. we have a pretty quiet pattern here. i don't see much change here, not even going into the weekend or even on monday. it looks like there will be fog near the coast and over the bay, and unless something gets chewed up, but i don't see it yet. it could happen by monday but until then fog to the north and south. it burned off sooner on tuesday. not something they have had much of in august. thunderstorm activity mainly in the central isolated area of tahoe. low clouds will give way to hazy sunshine. there is still a lot of smoke in the air from the fires to the north. also northern california, idaho, washington. art asked me, steve, will that obscure some of the eclipse? i don't think so. not enough. at least i hope not. 50s and 60s on the temps.
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mid 50s to upper 50s to low 60s. brentwood 63. martinez 59. lafayette 56. fog and thunderstorms in between sunshine, hazy sunshine, with highs about where they should be, 60s to 80s to low 90s. started off quiet, then got very busy for mr. alex savage. you have one issue in the north and one off to the east. is that still the case? >> thank you for mentioning that. we have highway 4. we will mention this right away for folks. highway 4 shut down in both directions at discovery bay boulevard because of a deadly crash that happened overnight. now we want to tell you about another issue in the north bay in solano county. those are the live pictures we showed you there of a big rig that caught fire late last night. we still have the right lane of southbound 680 shut down at this point, right at marshview road. southbound 680, still the right lane shut down for all the clean-up going on since the
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big rig fire happened late last night. it caught fire near the overpass and the fire spread to the brush along the roadway. a major clean up operation. in the meantime the right lane of southbound 680 still closed at marshview. there you see it on the map. certainly an area to avoid, significant back ups up to i- 80. now a live look in the south bay. things getting a license busier along i-280 in san jose as folks try to make their way up to the downtown area. we aren't tracking major crashes or slowdowns in the south bay. at 6:31, back to frank. a developing story in the south bay. two firefighters in the east
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bay. >> reporter: the hunt is still on for whoever shot at the two oakland firefighters. take a look here. you can see the san jose police officers going yard to yard now. we have seen them in this area here for the last hour or so. conducting searches like this. they have recently moved down the block and have started going back into the backyards of the homes in this area. we have video of what happened here about half an hour ago. san jose police officers going into the back of a home, again, 30 minutes ago. they came out at that time and did not appear to have anyone in custody, following the overnight shooting of two men we now know to be oakland firefighters. the firefighters were celebrating here in san jose when someone opened fire. we learned a 30-year-old firefighter was killed. another firefighter injured and hospitalized at this time. we also have video of an oakland firefighters procession earlier this morning. we heard that firefighters from the east bay have made their
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way down here to san jose. they are standing vigil at the hospital. we have information that some of the top brass from oakland's fire department was here in san jose overnight. meanwhile, coming back to the live shot, you can see the line of san jose police cars here on this block near 11th and jackson. we have seen them going into the backyards of homes here. so far they are not commenting specifically on what they are looking for. they are certainly keeping the public out of some areas. we have seen people walking through, driving through the area, so although they are going through those home, they don't have what i would describe as a hard perimeter at this point. we are still looking to find out more details about what officers are looking for, why they have focused on this block. we will continue to work on in a and get you that information as soon as possible. >> christian, thank you. the time is 6:33. new information on that terror attack in spain.
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a short time ago shorts announced four people are in custody, all in connection to yesterday's van attack in barcelona. last night's car attack in the coastal resort of cambrils, not far from barcelona. three of the suspects are from morocco while the other is from spain, the youngest suspect 21 years of age. none of them have a criminal history related to terrorism. five assailants were killed during the cambrils attacks. these two have combined killed 14 people and injured hundreds of others. across the world people are showing their solidarity for barcelona. in tel-aviv the government building went back and forth in colors from the spannic and israeli flags. >> through face time we spoke with the owner of a barcelona restaurant in walnut creek. he was workings at his
6:35 am
restaurant in spain when a van slammed into a crowd of people at a popular promenade. he described the horrible scene as injured pedestrians scattered throughout the streets. >> caller: there was screaming and people running and running, you know, looking all over the place. and it with us scary. all the streets are closed. you cannot even get on the freeway. it is just -- you have to walk all over now. >> several employee the at the restaurant in walnut creek are from barcelona and have family there. they describe the city as a beautiful place that embraces people of all different races, cultures and religions. >> and president trump tweeted a debunk story that claims a u.s. general wiped out islamic terror for decades with executing muslim insurgents with bullets coated with pig's blood. he said...
6:36 am
the execution happened in 1902 supposely in the aftermath of the spanish-american war. the story has long been discredited as fabrication. this morning people were gathered to remember one of two virginia state trooper who is died in a helicopter crash while monitoring the white supremacist rally in charlotteville. a funeral for trooper burke bates will be held in richmond, virginia. he was a passenger in the helicopter providing video to police in downtown charlotteville last saturday. the helicopter pilot, lieutenant jay cullen's funeral is set for tomorrow. it is still not clear what caused the helicopter to crash. and a republican from the jewish caucus resigned from the group, stepping down hours after the caucus criticized president trump's response to the rally in virginia. he left because of the criticism, saying the group was supposed to be on a non- partisan mission. the group condemns president trump for saying there are very
6:37 am
fine people on both sides of the rally and both sides were to blame. we are learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting in livermore. a man shot and killed a match at a mobile home fire after a two hour standoff. neighbors say the man was acting bizarre and challenging meme to fight. police say they had no choice but to open fire. the man may have been upset about marriage problems. >> it is very scary to think that it could have affected a lot of people in this place. it affected my mom's house. you know, it is very sad that somebody had to lose their life. >> police say a crisis forecaster was brought in to try to calm -- crisis negotiator was brought in to try to calm the man down before the shooting. the man's name is not released yet. 157 people were killed by police in california last year. 42% are civilians involved in the incident were hispanic,
6:38 am
30% white and 20% african- american. six officers were killed in 2016 during violent encounters. the five hour barricade situation ends peacefully in fairfield. police got a call about 3:00 yesterday afternoon about a disturbance inside a home on michigan street and gateway boulevard. officers arrived and heard gunshots inside and set up a perimeter around the hopefully. they used tear gas then and a man and woman inside the home were surrendered and have been detained. no word on anyone being hurt. a father in hayward was killed after pushing his 3- month-old son in a stroller. three people are now facing murder charges this morning. the 29-year-old was shot to death on july 19th according to court documents. the suspects are involved in a gang. police say the shooting was targeted. time now 6:38 on your friday. the young woman at the center
6:39 am
of a police sex scandal has filed a lawsuit against the city of richmond. jasmine abuslin is the daughter of an oakland police dispatcher. she was a former police prostitute. she says police officers from across the bay area exploited her and had sex with her, some of them when she was still a minor. she settled a lawsuit with the city of oakland for $989,000. the lawsuit against the richland police department seeks unspecified damages. facing charges after a riot. at 7:00, the daly city man caught on ktvu cameras at a violent pro-trump rally back in march. and up next, why nestle springs water is being called a colossal fraud. >> and a few closures around the bay area you need to know about, including one in the far east bay. details on that will we come back. >> a pretty good fog bank out
6:40 am
there. we had sunshine for most of the day after the fog retreated. i think we will see similar on this friday forecast.
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taking a peek at stocks early in the session, the dow lost 42 points. taking a peek at the nasdaq and s&p 500, those indexes also seeing small losses. comcast is expandingies the program of inexpensive high speed services for low income
6:43 am
residents. they can receive high speed internet for $9.95 a month and have the option of buying a computer for under $150. comcast says it part of the company's effort to close the digital divide for americans that can't afford a computer. got $2? you could be a business area. you have another chance to -- bazillion area. you have a chance to win $510 million, a half a billion dollars. this is one of the largest lottery jackpots ever. the odds of winning not so great. 1 in 293 million. the next try is tomorrow night. nearly a dozen people have filed a class action lawsuit against nestle saying the poland spring bottled water sako hassal fraud after -- colossal fraud after labeling
6:44 am
the spring water but having it actually coming from a principle source near a parking lot. time now is 6:44. commuters in the north bay will have a new option to get around starting next week. the new smart train is expected to begin service friday 25th. the new rail service spans 43- miles up north from santa rosa to san rafael and will run from 4:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. during the week. the area's first regular rail service in 70 years and many commuters are hoping it reveals a little traffic. >> they know when they will leave their home and get to their destination on the train. you can't do that on highway 101. >> the fare is half off until labor day. after that a round trip can cost as much as $23 but commuters can buy unlimited monthly passes for $200ments and now we are -- $200. now we are talking about i
6:45 am
had kids going back to school next week. >> it is hard to believe storm is coming to an end. school is about to start next week for a lot of folks. traffic we will certainly see it pick up once you get everybody going back to school. we will talk about this morning's commute. overall across the whole bay area it has within res ipsa loquitur light. we have had some problems we have been tracking. here is one as we show you on the maps. a full closure of highway 4 in discovery bay for what is reported to be a deadly head- on crash that happened right there on the highway at discovery bay boulevard early this morning. you have a full closure of highway 4 in the discovery bay area because of this accident and the investigation. so, keep that in mind as you head out the door. i will now show you the bay bridge toll plaza where things
6:46 am
are busy but not an immense back up to the maze. no crashes or stalls as you try to get across the bay bridge to san francisco. finally slow traffic on the san mateo bridge headed westbound past the toll plaza. frees up a bit as you try to make your way across the span and over to the peninsula. 6:46. here he is. >> are we talking eclipse here? >> me talking eclipse, yes. until monday. tuesday i will not, but until then, yes. that is correct, and thank you, alex. >> of course, sir. people are saying should i leave today? you may want to get up there to oregon and idaho where the totality will be. this will be, again, starting at 9:00 a.m., 10:15, including the totality. oregon looks good. you will be able to see four planet, venus, jupiter, mars and mercury. i know it is a totality.
6:47 am
winner, winner. for us it looks like fog on the coast. we could see a little fog forming in southern california. i don't think so. you need a northeast wind to scour it out or a strong system. clear inland. a lot of smoke and haze in the skies but not enough to obscure it here. we will get 75% to 78%. further north a little more. further south a little less. the fog looks like it will play into the forecast then. it is playing into the forecast already this morning. offshore in the higher levels of the atmosphere, the land and sea air flow, yet underneath it, it is on shore. with the high building in there is warmer air aloft that tends to chew up the fog a little sooner. around oakland and alameda, 59
6:48 am
or 60. everyone is there. san francisco 58 and 59. we are stuck in the temps. 50s for many. upper 50s to low 60s. san jose 63. a mild 65 on boston hill. many not surprised. 62 menlo park. union city and fremont low 60s. 60 in san francisco, after in monterey. 43 in truckee with isolated afternoon thundershowers but the majority are favoring areas in the central sierra, not northeast california as it was on wednesday. a big fog bank gives way to sunshine. a little warmer but these are close to seasonal averages. 67 to 80s tonight for a few. overall look for the pattern to continue today. today isn't the warmest day. it will carry into saturday. it will be a little cooler than sunday. but monday is still pretty nice. the as will spend the
6:49 am
weekend in houston. first pitch at minute maid park 5:10 p.m. 10 p.m. hunter pence chases it and the giants take game 1 of the series. matt moore takes the pound. first pitch at at&t park is 7:15. this time last year the cal football team traveled to sydney, australia. they crushed the rainbow warriors 61-31. next weekend they will play the rice university owls. the stanford players tell our scott reese they are pumped for what is sure to be the experience of a lifetime.
6:50 am
>> reporter: a college football game on the other side of the world. quite the opportunity. >> the main thing, it is a business trip. we are going over there to get a win. >> reporter: yes, but it is so much more than that. >> any time you get to go with your teammates and explore something, another climate, that is an unbelievable opportunity. >> it is big for me. i have never been outside the united states. this is the furthest i go from home in general from north carolina. >> reporter: the cardinals have had a few weeks to get physically prepared for football. now it is about mental preparations for a 16 hour flight. >> that will be tough. i am not looking forward to that. >> reporter: a language barrier. >> do you speak australian. >> it is just english, right? [ laughing ] >> reporter: how is your australian accent? >> i am not going to even try. >> reporter: and other logistical concerns. as for what is generating the most excitement among the players -- >> i am seeing exotic animals,
6:51 am
kangaroos. >> i am excited to see kangaroos. that is always a big thing in australia. >> reporter: you have to say away. you can't get too close. >> oh, no. i will watch them from a distance. a couple guys on the team want to mess with a kangaroo railroad that seems like a bad -- kangaroo. >> reporter: that seems like a bad idea. >> that is not a good idea. >> reporter: eventually it will all come back to football. the game and the college season will kick off saturday, august 26th at 7:00 p.m. bay area time. 6:51. still ahead, a man shares his story after a painful injury on the job. >> if you are in an accident and then it looks like the odds are against you, your life is worth fighting for. you, too, can be a miracle. >> incredible road to recovery after touching a 12,000-foot
6:52 am
line. >> plus, the oldest american celebrates her birthday. just how many years she was celebrating yesterday.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. >> the time is 6:54. the california department of corrections has released this new mug shot of cult leader charles manson. this photo was taken on monday in the prison 60 miles south of
6:55 am
fresno. he was hospitalized in january but has since returned to prison. some video released by the sacramento police department shows the moment a pregnant woman says she was injured by officers in a case of mistaken identity. >> hands. let me see your hands. put your hands up. put your hands up. up. >> my kids are in the house. wait a minute. >> sacramento police were conducted a search warrant july the 9th that led them to the woman's apartment. a man who police believed was a suspect went inside and police followed. the woman tried blocking officers because her 1-year-old son was inside. >> the officers grabbed this female by the arm and pulls her to the left where she loses balance. she either stepped off the curb or the sidewalk into the grass area and actually fell to the ground. >> officers say they can tell through the reflection through
6:56 am
the woman that abraham fell on her own. they kicked open the door and detained the woman's boyfriend but he was the wrong man. the morning of july 10th, 2014, 25-year-old daniel maguire was stuck in traffic on highway 17 when a big rig truck's brakes failed and slammed into his car, crushing it. the family filed a lawsuit against the trucking company for negligence and accused the company of trying to cover up lack of inspections. they reached a 9 and a half million dollars settlement. >> it is a large settlement. but it was about making a statement to the trucking industry. >> this is a recipe for disaster. the investigating police officer said it was the worst set of brakes he had ever seen.
6:57 am
>> the maguire family has introduced legislation called daniel's law that would require training for truck drivers in california before getting a commercial license. they hope it will prevent a similar accident from happening again. a south bay man says it is a miracle he is alive after being severely burned after cleaning solar panels at a school. clark owns a business that specializes in exterior maintenance. he was cleaning solar panels at the russell middle school and touched a 12,000 volt line that was exposed. >> i was knocked unconscious and the electrical current set my clothes on fire. and it burned about 50% of my body. >> our life is forever changed, you know. i mean, i don't know what is going to come down the road. but i know that we're a strong family and we will get through it. >> clark has been at the burn unit at santa clara county
6:58 am
medical center since the accident and has undergone eight surgeries and there is more to come. the community has raised $40,000 to help him with the medical bills. two fire stations are opening in a fire prone area near the lake. wildfire season is still underway. it is located in a area where napa saw the worst wildfire season in four years. there was no fire department near the community. firefighters though were certainly hoping this new addition will change that. >> the think about barressa estates, there is one road in and one road out. >> minutes count in an emergency. >> a ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration are set for tomorrow. in a series of barbershop conversations moderated by our own paul chambers received
6:59 am
honors from alameda county's district attorney. rict attorney. >> i'm so proud to call them nancy's heroes. [applause] >> nancy o'malley who kicked off her re-election campaign at the county fairgrounds says the forum is helping to bridge the relationship between the community and law enforcement. the series features conversations about race, immigration, community, policing, and violence. the oldest person in the united states is celebrating her birthday. delphine gibson turned 114 years old ago, celebrating with a visit from the governor. she was born in south carolina in 1903. she moved to pennsylvania in 1928. she attributes her long life to her faith in god. two off duty oakland firefighters were shot after leaving an event in san jose. we learned one has died. we have the latest information from oakland fire department
7:00 am
coming up. and stepping up patrols after deadly attacks in spain. the very latest on the tragedy in barcelona and the bay area city now putting more officers on the streets. more mornings on 2 continues on this friday. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> such a busy friday morning. thanks for joining us on mornings on 2. it is august 18th at 7:00. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat, in for dave clark. let's get you out the door with a look at your forecast. a lot of people talking about monday morning. >> monday? >> yeah. >> monday, monday. there will be some fog here. so be careful on the coast. get away from the coast if you want to see the solar eclipse. partial here starts about 9:00 a.m. maximum, 10:15. about 76% for us locally. a little higher towards santa rosa. lower towards monterey. inland will be fine. possible clouds along the bay as well. the low clouds have been


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