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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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victims were oakland firefighters, one of them 30- year-old jake walter died from his injuries. they were leaving a party at the taylor street night market.>> i was loading my gear and i saw people on the ground in front of the store.>> i went back home, i don't want to get shot. >>reporter: the search began for the shooter who ran, authorities found 27-year-old oliver juinio hiding in the yard behind some trash cans. >> witnesses gave a good description and where he went and we were able to locate him in the neighborhood nearby.>>reporter: he faces murder and attempted murder charges, they don't have a motive. authorities do not believe he knew the firefighter they are checking to see if there was contact at the night market. they will review surveillance video and interview witnesses for answers.>> we don't have a
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concrete reason as to why he targeted these individuals.>>reporter: authorities hope more witnesses will come forward. anyone with information is asked to contact san jose police. i'm ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. as a result of this tragedy we have a somber cloud over the department and our family. coming up we will hear from the oakland fire chief as well as friends and neighbors of jake walter's. they say he was living his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter. they showed some pictures of the people that had been killed during the attack. they recognized one of the pictures as jared. >> confirmation that a bay area man is one of the 13 people killed in yesterday's terror attack in barcelona.>> we learned more about what led up to both of the terror attacks
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yesterday in spain. surveillance video shows the white fan used in the attack in barcelona speeding down las ramblas. authorities say an extremist cellmate of nine people plotted to use the vehicles and explosives to target tourists. 13 people died in barcelona. another was killed in a resort town 60 miles away.>> what we are most concerned with is managing to sort out the facts and put the criminals where they belong and being efficient to avoid repeating these events. >> police believed the attacks were planned for some time. five attackers were shot by police at the second site. the only american known to be killed was jared tucker of lafayette. he was there with his wife celebrating their anniversary. >> the family received the news today and rob roth spoke with his father.>>reporter: it was a
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delayed honeymoon that turned it said. daniel tucker spoke with pride about his son jared and spoke of the pain of losing him. jared and heidi married a year ago but they delayed their honeymoon until this month. dan tucker said this morning it was heidi who confirmed to authorities it was her husband. >> they showed him some pictures of people that were killed and they recognized jared. >>reporter: they were visiting las ramblas in barcelona, that's him sitting on a statue a day before he died .>> jared was a wonderful person.>>reporter: the family said thursday heidi wanted to look at jewelry so jared went to a restroom and moments later a white van plowed into people the couple lost sight of each other. jerrod tucker would become one of 13 killed in a terrorist
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attack. >> i'm not angry, necessarily i just don't understand how this could happen how anybody would want to do this to innocent people.>>reporter: jared help to run his father's company. he built the waterslide.>> he has literally remodeled thousands of swimming pools in the bay area.>>reporter: the trip was the first time jared had been overseas.>> i am pleased that he had a few days of real happiness, before this horrible thing happened. i can honestly say i'm sure he died happy.>>reporter: jared tucker leaves behind a wife and three teenage daughters from a previous marriage. they were going to fly him tomorrow.>> that is such a heartbreaking story. san
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francisco police plan to increase patrols at some of the popular tourist spots. in some areas, measures are in place to prevent a terrorist from driving onto a sidewalk. rob malcolm shows us the short barriers that are already near at&t park and the company behind them.>>reporter: i am in front of at&t park and you can see these green barriers, these are designed to withstand 30 mile-per-hour impact and some are movable. the company behind it said they are just now proving their value. as a truck barrels towards the security barrier, the result is incredible to watch. >> when you see those videos remember that it's over with in a second. >>reporter: this video shows
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these steel poles save lives.>> they defend embassies and nuclear power plants, those are the things that you can put in places like barcelona to keep vehicles from gaining entry to an area.>>reporter: it deals with unimaginable carnage and while the attack was tragic it was also preventable. >> there are two questions about barcelona and its how do you get a ban there in the first place and how do you keep them from going 1600 feet?>>reporter: these barriers will -- credited in times square. the safety measures are in place at at&t park and levi stadium and golden one center. public venues are considered soft targets and stadium
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mentors dose managers are thinking safety first. >> they need a security protocol that if you have crowds that are exposed to heavy traffic who might be a target for a terrorist attack, which is basically any crowd anywhere, you need to protect the perimeter.>>reporter: they do at times annoyed pedestrians, some think they are needed. >> it will make people feel secure, this didn't happen when we grew up. >> i appreciate the effort that they put our safety first as fans and americans.>>reporter: they expect to be more busy in the coming years in light of the terrorist attacks overseas and they would like to see more
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of these barriers in place in wide-open spaces throughout europe. rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. traffic is moving on whipple avenue in redwood city after a law enforcement shut down the street for much of the day. homeland security and special agents with the dea issued a search warrant at a home on clinton street. the agents were seen wearing hazardous material suits but it led to special dose speculation. they say there was no threat to the public elicits were precautionary. other details were not available. a multi unit building caught fire in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood. it started just before 11 am on washington street near alto plaza park. the building was nine units and all nine apartment residents were displaced. one resident suffered minor
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burns. they say the fire started on the second floor in the bedroom.>> the first engine company was able to put a line in and distinguish the fire.>> as i was walking out, a window shattered right next to me. the fire was scary and the window shattering was even more scary.>> the american red cross is offering help to those who have been displaced by that fire. the cause is under investigation. coming up, president donald trump chief strategist exits the white house. we have details about the departure and what he is already saying. concerns about guns being brought to a planned right-wing rally in san francisco next weekend. ekend.
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we are nearly 7 months into the trump presidency and today we learned about another high profile departure from the inner circle. steve bannon a divisive advisor is out. today we learned he is already back with breitbart news as executive chairman.'s exit is the latest in a string of departures from the west wing.>> lauren blanchford joins
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us from washington with the latest. >>reporter: he was president trump's top advisor and chief strategist but now it steve bannon is out of a job, he is already back at breitbart. the news coming just as president trump was touching down in maryland this afternoon on his way to camp david to huddle with his sister -- security team. just three days ago president donald trump spoke about bannon. >> he's a good man. he is not a racist, we will see what happens with mr. bennett. >>reporter: just a day later in an interview bannon contradicting president donald trump when asked about north korea and said there was no military solution. bannon is the latest departure in less than eight months of the trump presidency. >> steve bannon has been very controversial from the start. as the president pointed out
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the other day, he wasn't with him all the way. >>reporter: white house director of communications anthony scaramucci who feuded with bannon was ousted after just 10 days and reince priebus was also shown the oval office door, bannon's exit comes as trump continues to be heavily criticized for his reactions to the so-called alt-right rallies in charlottesville.>> steve bennett brought in the conservative wing of the republican party and got people behind trump and that may have been the most important contribution he made. >>reporter: white house officials say the decision for the departure was mutual between bannon and the new chief of staff john kelly who has only been on the job for three weeks. we are told bannon gave his resignation august 7.>> thank you. and and and -- the trump presidency that we fought for and won, is over.
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we will make something of this presidency. >> joining us now to talk is david mcewan, bannon has been controversial, divisive from the beginning and why have him leave now? >> one reason is the pressure has been building for some time and there is no clear direction. they are trying to figure it out and you have a war going on within the gop, if there's any group that's happy about this been a departure it would be the gop establishment. if you want legislation done and moving forward how does a president move forward as a national populace given the events of charlottesville. that will be important and tall task moving forward. >> he has had controversies with the tenure that bannon had. do you think the north korea conflict was the tipping point that led to his ousting? >> the tipping point was steve
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bannon and once a trade war with china, we need china to assault north korea. the pressure has been building, steve bannon was on the outside looking in and had a direct line to the president. that changed with general kelly and that would change moving forward. it was an amicable parting of the ways but not one that steve bannon would like to have had. >> john kelly was brought in to restore discipline and get rid of the chaos. is this a victory for john kelly?>> it's a victory for john kelly but a victory for jared kushner, he's the one who's whispering in the president's ear and he is a kid -- key element.>> steve raleigh -- bannon is out and is already made controversial comments. willie still have the presidents here?
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>> no, he will be providing pressure. 99% of politics is timing and that will be important for this administration moving forward, the calendar will be important as will the discipline. steve bannon will be looking over their shoulder throughout. >> what is he thinking, will be be an ally for the white house? >> he will be a thorn as they move forward. they will try to ally uncertain issues, tax reform and immigration, building the wall and the controversy around that as we move forward on difficult questions, bannon will push hard for those things and the president will want to cut a deal and that will put daylight between bannon and republicans in congress. >> you mentioned some gop senators were cheering his removal, do you think that this will ease some tension that's going on between those in the republican party?>> mitch mcconnell will be happy, if the white house can get on message and move forward, next month
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will be difficult when congress comes back. the white house has a lot on their plate and general kelly has to get the white house on message. that is a tall order. >> what do you think the reaction is among the supporters? to they like to see this steve bannon leaving?>> we have seen that three quarters of republican identifiers believe the president is doing great and he will move forward draining the swamp. that will be difficult without steve bannon. the problem is what happens to the middle of the country, those purple people, the middle voters. we want to tape -- pay attention.>> thank you for your perspective on this.>> thank you. san francisco city leaders have serious concerns about a right-wing rally that's planned for a week from tomorrow. the patriot prayer group has a permit at crissy field, it's
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federal property belonging to the national recreation area. officials are concerned about a self-proclaimed militia group called the oath keepers that may provide security. san francisco police says state law permits concealed weapons. >> on federal property, those same laws are applicable, however there are conditions that can be placed in a permit to prohibit weapons within the permitted space. >> the golden gate national recreation area has said it will make their decision on granting the permit by next friday, the day before the event. it's nice friday out there, we had some stubborn fog working its way back in across the bay. temperatures are up and these are the highs from this afternoon 68 san francisco, 80 santa rosa, 90s in livermore in antioch and 83 and san jose.
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the satellite showed showers and storms across portions of the sierra and there were reports of hail on the yosemite valley. the fog bank with an onshore wind will transport those clouds back into the bay tonight. no big changes in the short- term. the current temperature showing santa rosa 73, walnut creek 81, san jose 76, half moon bay 63 degrees. this is looking towards san francisco and it's an interesting perspective. we have fog working its way back into the picture and it should be around in the morning. temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s. 57 degrees by lunchtime and we should have patchy fog but we will scale back on the cloud cover and we will reach the upper 60s tomorrow afternoon. this is the cloud pattern at 8
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am saturday that's clearing back to near the shoreline and temperatures tomorrow most areas might be about the same or cooler in a few spots, it still looks nice for the afternoon. oakland 73, san jose 80 and two games to talk about for saturday evening with the raiders and the niners and temperatures from 65 in oakland to 70 degrees for kickoff tomorrow night. we will look closer at your weekend outlook coming up and also the forecast for the partial eclipse monday morning. the city of stockton join sacramento county and a lawsuit blocking the controversial delta tunnel project governor brown plans to build two tunnels from the river to other parts of the state and still it faces hurdles. stockton's lawsuit accuses the state of ramming through a project that would harm the water supply. new regulations on pesticides in california, the state has increased the distance from homes and schools that farmers can apply pesticide from 150
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feet to 450 feet, certain pesticides may be placed on a list of chemicals known to be harmful. the state could begin enforcing stricter rules next month. a synagogue is reviewing its security plan after vandals smashed windows and alameda. we will have the latest on the investigation and the crime caught on camera. cya college field-goal kicker had a lot riding on this practice kick. why his teammates were so excited later on. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine.
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police are hoping that surveillance video will help them find the vandals who smashed windows at a synagogue in alameda. >> they are calling this a deliberate anti-somatic act. tom baker talk to the president of the temple.>>reporter: the latest and what synagogue say is a rise in tide of bigotry to place here in alameda at temple israel. at 11:10 pm temple officials found two windows smashed and chattered, police and harbor bay security were notified and one window was where children painted stars of david and another indicated that the building was a new temple of israel. the president sent an email to the entire congregation
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informing them of the incident. it also told members that a security plan initiated earlier in the year would be re- examined for the safety and protection of the congregants. police took a rock, used by the attackers for analysis. >> they are all saddened and their souls are heavy. as a community, we are very strong and resilient. we know that we will get through this because we care for each other. >>reporter: inches the first three months, the anti- defamation league said the number of incidents has increased by 86%. it's not getting better. tom baker ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next, an east bay police department named in a federal lawsuit, the allegations just filed on behalf of the young woman at
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the center of a police sex scandal. his friends and family say he always wanted to join the fire service. he fulfilled that dream and after the break we hear from colleagues of the oakland firefighter killed overnight outside a bar in san jose.
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and other day and another shakeup at the white house.
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steve bannon is out of the presidents office. john kelly and bannon mutually agreed that today would be his last day. bannon is returning to breitbart as its executive chairman. >> authorities have identified a 17-year-old boy from morocco as the driver of the van that plowed into pedestrians in barcelona. he was shot to death along with logic other extremists in a resort town where another attack took place. 14 people were killed including a man from lafayette, jared tucker was in barcelona for a belated honeymoon. >> police and fire vehicles escorted the body of oakland firefighter jake walter to a cemetery in oakland. he was shot and killed outside a bar in san jose last night. he was off duty and out with workers when a fight broke out. he was shot and killed and another was injured. a suspect is in custody but a motive remains unclear.
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you are watching ktvu fox 2 news. we learn more about the firefighter killed in san jose. colleagues say jake walter had always wanted to join the fire service. >> he was able to fulfill his dream and henry lee spoke to the fallen firefighters friends and colleagues about their loss. >>reporter: friends of 30-year- old jake walter gathered at his family's home in oakland. his relatives requested privacy as they were escorted to san jose.>> the result of this tragedy has left a cloud over the fire department. >>reporter: he graduated from class to 16 of the oakland fire academy in april. he was with fellow recruits when he was shot. they did the best they could to save him, while comforting a second firefighter who was shot and wounded. >> when it's one of your own they are doing everything to ensure the member has the best outcome. unfortunately, we lost a member but we also did stabilize and
6:32 pm
provide viability for the second member. >>reporter: flags were at half staff as firefighters mourned and continue to respond to calls. that was walters calling, he grew up in oakland and loved everything about the city. on his facebook page is picture is the oakland a's logo he graduated from cal state east bay and worked as an emt and with the city's parks and rec department helping children. >> the world is a little darker without him. i don't think you could find a person that did not have a great experience with jake, even if it was for 15 seconds. he left an impact. >> he's so young and to find out it's my neighbors son was beyond horrible. i cannot imagine what they are going through. >>reporter: they say it was important to bring him back to the city he had hoped to
6:33 pm
protect. funeral services are pending. henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> these are more photos and if you would like to leave condolences visit our facebook page. richmond faces a lawsuit, it claims several officers from the richmond police department victimized jasmin abuslin in exchange for street protection when she was a sex worker. the suit claims the department turned a blind eye to the exploitation. she is seeking emotional distress damages. >> every day is a challenge. it's difficult, she got by one case and she has had to testify in criminal cases. >> four officers linked to the scandal were fired last year and last may she settled a suit with the city of oakland for
6:34 pm
$989,000. tomorrow, students at san francisco state will use their cards to commute to and from school. in a partnership between the school and bart id cards will include a fully functional bart pass. the project is paid for by a student surcharge on student fees.>> it's a pilot program that start saturday and it will allow san francisco state university students to get a 25% discount on all of their trips to and from daly city station. if people want to see if there school would do this, they should contact their school and ask about it.>> the hope is that other schools will join in, there is no end date to the pilot program. people who work in an industrial area were surprised to learn a mountain lion was spotted near their workplace. security captured images and
6:35 pm
people who work there late are told to be careful when they walk out to their cars.>> i am glad that i leave early. i'm going home.>> experts say a mountain lion attacking a human is rare. we have a great diversity in the state department.>> a new diversity policy after the break. people love my breakfast burritos.
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rex tillerson is starting a new diversity policy at the state department. >> it could have major implications for some high- profile jobs.>>reporter: is president trump's critics condemn his words, secretary of state rex tillerson denounced those who trade in rachel hatred -- racial hatred. >> we do not promote or accept a hate speech. those who embrace it poison our public discourse and damage the country they claim to love. >>reporter: asked he did not elaborate. >> racism is equal -- evil, the secretary is clear.
6:39 pm
>>reporter: during his speech to interns and student fellows he announced a new diversity initiative. >> we have a great diversity cap -- gap and it reflects the american people, it reflects who we are. >>reporter: they must consider one minority for every open position, cultivate majority employees are designed better efforts to improve diversity. >> in and purchase our product to have individuals from different life experiences. >>reporter: 12% of senior officers are nonwhite, at one third of women in tillerson said he wants to draw future employees from beyond the elite corners of the country. >> america's best and brightest are not just from the ivy league, they are from other places as well. >>reporter: he concluded his remarks with advice, he says conduct herself with integrity and you will live a life that is holing complete. compromiser give it away and your life will have neither adding he has seen that happen to others. rich edson fox news. a
6:40 pm
series of barbershop conversations moderated by paul chambers received some honors. >> i am proud to call them nancy's heroes.>> nancy o'malley kicked off her reelection said it's bridging relationships between the community and law enforcement. they feature conversations about race and community policing in violence. we are three days away from the total solar eclipse and the high hopes that scientists have for the amount of information that will be collected during the eclipse. we are watching the weather for monday morning and we are talking about the weekend outlook.
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the total solar eclipses just three days away and for scientists it's more than just a cool event. >> researchers hope to collect data and gain new insight into our atmosphere, plants and animals. >>reporter: the eclipse is coming and there is a lot to learn.>> we have 11 different
6:44 pm
spacecraft that will observe from space. even more exciting to me is that we are asking people all over the country to help us observe how the eclipse changes the atmosphere of the earth. there is a wonderful naturals experiment. the shadow will change things like temperature and humidity. >>reporter: nasa collects data from space and earth and they are calling on citizen scientists for help. >> we need people to download our app, measure the temperature and the clouds and make it more accurate for us.>>reporter: because of the changes in the atmosphere solar eclipses affect plants and animals. >> we have some stories that animals and plants will respond as if it were nighttime. >>reporter: smart phones will
6:45 pm
be a game changer. >> when you have thousands of people outside making up subversions -- observations, you have them engaged in the world and you are gathering the data that scientists have always wanted but have not been able to get. >>reporter: inaturalist and geo- tag uses observations and pictures making a citizen scientists job easy. >> for a link to the nasa app visit and find our special section on the eclipse. we will have complete eclipse coverage coming up monday morning beginning at 9 am. let's check in with mark in the weather center, how's the weather going to play out? between 1015 and 10:16
6:46 pm
am. >> it's just a two-minute window. >> hopefully, we won't have the cloud cover and that's the biggest challenge. we do have fog to deal with and the latest forecast models and today is the first day we can use the models before monday. these are the clouds and showers and storms to the east in the sierra we have the fog bank offshore and the onshore wind is pushing the low clouds back into the bay. numbers are currently 73 santa rosa, 61 san francisco, 76 san jose in livermore 81, this is our camera and you get the idea that the clouds are working there way back in. we started out with temperatures in the 60s and 70s but they are trending up and looking at the overall pattern for tomorrow, this area of high
6:47 pm
pressure has been warming us up and there is no change for tomorrow. sunday into monday we are tracking this area of low pressure that will develop to our south and west. there is a chance this could mix out the low clouds and fog for monday morning and that's what we are hoping for for the best conditions for the eclipse. with the sunshine and the partial eclipse monday morning and the total solar eclipse is along this path, this is the projected cloud cover for monday morning with this model of the nation's midsection, there will be showers in cloud cover there, we are tracking conditions in the latest forecast shows low clouds are likely coast side and possibly low clouds near the bay.
6:48 pm
clear skies inland and the latest forecast model is advancing to monday morning and you can make out clouds and areas of fog near the coast and bay. this is 7 am and we will take this into the 10:00 our where clouds clear back to or near the shoreline and this is potentially good news. fog is the toughest thing to forecast. temperatures tomorrow 70s and 80s with low 90s on the map towards antioch in brentwood. san jose 80, gilroy 88 and san francisco in the upper 60s. your 5-day forecast and temperatures are holding steady into sunday and just a minor dip early next week for monday and tuesday. maybe the clouds will vanish to
6:49 pm
just offshore and we will have decent conditions. >> i hope so. >> i do too. we were talking, have you ever seen one? >> i have not. i tried to google it and i can't find it. the next one is 2024. >> that's about right, this one is getting so much attention maybe we can plan for the next one and take a road trip. >> i'm on board. in san francisco, public schools resume class monday for a new year and the mayor wants drivers to slowdown. mayor ed lee hosted and if it to prevent -- promote traffic safety. school will be back in session and people should exercise caution.>> if we can educate the entire public and in particular the driving public around our schools it's 15 miles per hour. that is lower than all of the
6:50 pm
other streets in our city.>> the police chief said citations will be issued for those who speed in school zones and officers are ready to enforce the speed limit starting next week. 30 years ago dirty dancing premiered in theaters, the summer romance has been dancing its way into the hearts of viewers ever since. there was a $6 million budget and was slated to only be in theaters for one week. somehow, movie magic was made. dirty dancing has grossed just under $214 million worldwide. coming up, the a's are in houston. >> mark will have the highlights.
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baseball fans have both teams in action. will we celebrate a victory? on either side?>> there's a good chance for the giants,
6:54 pm
they are playing a team that's almost as bad as they are. i hate to say it but it's true. the a's are contrary they are dealing with the astros, one of the best teams in baseball. remember when they use to pick on the houston laughs throws, that kid wants to eat a glove. alex bregman with the beautiful play at third and taking a single away from ryon healy. he is a good third baseman with the glove and he can also hit as shown die would attest to -- over and out it's 1-0 and they 3rd, the highest batting average jose altuve a is out there and it's a 2-0 lead in
6:55 pm
the bottom of the sixth those 6th. it's a football weekend is the rams come to oakland and the broncos will be dealing with the 49ers at levi for their first home game. reuben foster, the linebacker from alabama dealing with a shoulder sprain, you wouldn't know it from some of the things he is impressed the coaches with. he has four interceptions with one hand and the quarterback brian hoyer is very impressed.>> it seems to me that he has gotten better each day and he doesn't make a mistake twice. he is leaning on some veterans and he's a great guy to learn
6:56 pm
from. he is a natural football player. >> that will be at levi and at the coliseum the rams are coming up from socal led by sean mcvay who is the new coach of the rams, it's his first year as head coach and the quarterback will be that young man, jared goff and this will be his first game since getting out of college in the east bay and he will play in front of a lot of family and friends.>> it will be nice, it's my first time back since college. >> we know we will go against a great defense in the raiders. they have premier players that
6:57 pm
will pose a challenge.>> absolute bedlam about a practice made field goal, have a look. >> [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ]>> it wasn't a game, why were all of those guys going bonkers at bowling green? a 53 yard field goal who was challenged by his coach to make that kick and win himself a full scholarship. and that he did. he was carried off the field by his teammates.>> a full scholarship?>> and no school loans. that some money kick. thank you for joining us. good night.
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