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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 23, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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scheduled to be on federal land it is san francisco that will and footing the bill for extra security. >> i pray nobody gets hurt. >>reporter: mayor edley flink by the police chief reacting to the national parks service to edition the patriot prayer really at chrissy field center. >> these people are coming into our city to recount -- have it. >> we will not let this reality terrace apart. >> it became more real after a rally in charlottesville turned deadly of white supremacists showed up with counter practice -- clashed with counter protesters. >> i asked them to honor our request and not dignify people who are coming in here under the guise of patriot and prayer words. >> that means not going 2:00 p.m. >> no guns will be allowed
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within the permitted areas. >> the national park service issued 26 permit conditions including no firearms, sticks, large back packs, animals or bicycles or anything that be -- that would be used as a weapon. >> by the way it's on our dime. >> even though it's on federal land they will provide security . some have criticized city leaders saying they should not try to squelch free speech but they said the patriot prayer group is only here to stir up trouble. >> we will not let this really destroy our city and we will do whatever it takes to flip the script. that's why that city will hold a counter rally friday and saturday at noon and they are asking if folks want to exercise their first amendment right they do it here rather than at chrissy field. i am tara moriarty back to you.
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what are the park officials saying. have you been able to talk with them? >> no. actually we have put in several calls and stop by their office and we have not heard back from them and we went to their office immediately after the press conference to ask what sort of access the media will have because if there are no sticks or large objects that would prevent us from going and we have first amendment right as well. we went there and there was a sign on the door that said closed until 8:24 a.m. tomorrow. still no word but on behalf of the media they're working with the national park service to come up with some kind of strategy and let us know about it to keep -- keep us informed. >> tara moriarty tonight. thanks, terry. >> they say they are not racist
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or white nationalists and they have no interest in violence. today heather holmes spoke with one of the leaders of patriot prayer and heather said the group is absolutely nothing at all like what mayor ed lee is staying. and gibson said he's not a white supremacist and resist the label of conservative. he's pro-gay rights in the drug war and against the patriot act. he has acknowledged the right shows up and i asked him about an accusation made by the san francisco bear ed lee and here is the mayor followed by gibson's response. >> i ask our public and our residents a san francisco bay area to honor our request did not dignify people who are coming in here under the deck -- under the guise of patriot and prayer words to really
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preach violence and hatred and incite violence. that is their purpose. we know that is a fact by simply watching how they've acted another series. bear ed lee says he points to other rallies. is that true? >> absolutely not. they don't give examples and they are not specific what it is they're talking about and this is the issue about politics. they spew out lies but they don't back it up. >> gibson said his group's rallies have been hijacked by far right groups in the past much like in our list -- much like anarchists do. he said people from across the political spectrum would be speaking at the rally. >> we stand up for free speech and love and freedom. we are done with the politics and i'm done telling people who to vote for. we have too many
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people that believe someone is an enemy because they have a different ideological perspective and we need to get beyond that. i believe politicians cannot solve our problems in this culture right now. >> just a few final notes on patriot prayer raised in portland, oregon. it does not up here on a list of hate groups by the southern poverty law center but they have attracted white supremacists in the past. >> you asked about the group of speakers who will be coming up in talking at the rally and it's not what you might think. >> and he uses this as proof that the group is not a white nationalists or white supremacy group. he said only one of the speakers at the rally is white. all of the others, african- american, latino interns gender and they talk a variety of issues and some trump
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supporters and he said it's all about free speech. >> in the past he has invited up opposing speakers to talk about issues as well. did that and it -- at a previous rally in the hope is these two sides will not get close enough and in the past he has allowed those with opposing views to speak at his rally. heather holmes. heather, thank you. robert e lee and stole wall jackson -- and stonewall jackson were covered up two days after the counsel voted to cover the monuments and leaders say the act was in honor of heather hire, the 32 -year-old woman killed during a white naturalist really in charlottesville later this month. >> uc berkeley professor resigned from his post today. the professor says he's stepping down in response to what he
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called the president hate filled rally in phoenix. he also was against the trump's -- mr. trump's -- he used the letter to spell out the word impeach. >> another speech and another protest. president trump's letters to paris brought out almost a dozen groups to protest. max reno is there with the message in the protesters that gathered outside. >>reporter: president trump signed a bill into law overhauling the process veterans use to get claims for their veterans. as a service officer the appeal process can be up to seven years and they were always afraid that they might die before the appeal got through.
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>> for american legion member david elmore this was the focus not followed -- politics. volunteer and let's take care of them when they get back. >> a vastly different cause for hundreds of protesters. reno resident said the president means to be more thoughtful. >> we saw -- stand on the side of love and we feel his actions are hostile and divisive frankly threatening. >> other said he failed to address the deadly violence. >> i think he was wrong and he didn't stand up and he was a presidential. >> some of the base mixed in with the crowd including scott armstrong who voices support for the protesters. >> i appreciate the fact that they are protesting peacefully and it's their constitutional right and i think if they want change they should do it through the legislative
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process. reno police made no arrests during today's protests. >>reporter: the american legion is nonpartisan and has served presidents from both parties since 1935. >> before we let you go, max, how was his speech today compared to last night in phoenix? >>reporter: certainly a different tone in many applauded his speech last night his campaign style speech and talked about his response to charlottesville while others were happy he stayed on message. >> max resnick in reno. max, thank you. the protests in phoenix bud to a handful of arrests and officers used pepper spray and gas and four people were arrested and more than 20 hurt.
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new at 5:30 p.m. a mystery in costa -- contra costa county and a woman's body dumped partially covered by a tarp. >> first i want to help the homeless. >> a day to dream. what would you do with the $700 billion? a powerball ticket buying prince. >> got the with -- at the weather figured out and we will talk about the rest of the week in the warm up coming up.
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all it takes is $2 for some chance to win $700 million and that's how big the jackpot is and millions of people have
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been buying tickets and dreaming about what they could buy texas alone they were selling 18,000 tickets a minute. >> we are live in alameda and hopefully you purchased a ticket of your own, tom. >> we are at the 76 station and a popular place near the corner of point of vista and webster here in alameda and you will see what is up here $7 million and that's what people are hoping they can win. we will put it in perspective. >> many california voters saw just thought it would cure school financing woes and lotto officials say this. 99% of all funds back into the community in the form of prize
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payment retail commissions and bonuses and their contributions to education. since the california lottery began in 1985 k threw 12, and other qualified institutions receive just over $30 billion in the budgets of all the recipients have been 2.2 trillion but dollars. in other words the lottery is funded less than 2% of all of their expenses and helpful but far from a cure. >> to maximize the money you receive they collected over 30 years and you get $17.5 million a year after paying taxes and nothing in state taxes and your total payout $525 million and if you choose a lump sum payment the cash value is $442 million and you pay $110
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million in federal taxes and your total payout $333 million and almost $200 million less than accepting yearly payments. what can you buy for that $333 million? >> buy me a home for my wife and kid. >> first i get me a car and then i want to help some of the homeless. >>reporter: a whole lot more than that but that cash gives you tons and tons of options and we look at that coming up-6 -- 6:00 report. "ktvu" two news. >> here is a look at the biggest lottery jackpot. three people split of $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. in 2012 three people split $656 million in the other two
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jackpot were more than half a billion dollars -- jackpots were more than half a million dollars. >> what's it like if you get the 1st and the second? >> i can't imagine. i think you get installments. >> because the taxes would be brutal. >> you still get a lot of money. >> so what do we have going on nationwide? we have harvey and that's a name you may have heard. it will be a hurricane here by friday and cause problems for the gulf of mexico because it is basically out there where all the oil derricks are down toward texas and right now it's a tropical depression but the models and everyone is in good agreement and everyone light up the area with heavy rain but you have hundreds of oil
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derricks that are removable and they are drilling for oil and they will have to do a lot of shifting of gear and that's why a sidebar as we go forward friday, saturday and sunday it will rain beat the band in houston, chris christie, brownsville they could see a foot or a foot and a half of rain and it's not like they haven't already seen a lot of rain they had a lot of flooding issues here in the spring and in the winter and that will keep going right through the weekend and we will talk more about that most likely on thursday and friday and that system develops into a damaging hurricane and hitting populated areas. as we look at the fog there it is and the fog is in the monterey bay area -- monterey bay area and the fog is around just like today in today's highs are generally upper 80s and low 90s.
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87 in concord and running cooler than we were yesterday. a degree cooler in santa rosa and similar today. very similar to what we had today -- so as we press forward tomorrow thursday a lot like your monday, tuesday and wednesday and it's warmer in the inland valleys in the real heat up comes -- the real heat comes on saturday and sunday when temperatures could easily get into the mid-90s most of us in the inland valleys and it would be a fire concerns and you can see the fog not too drizzly and you can see up by sausalito the sun breaks in the son comes in over here by tiburon in those areas. not on the golden gate bridge. the fog is there. especially out toward lafayette in those areas these are the forecast highs
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which are similar to what we had today. that's tomorrow. but then saturday and sunday we see temperatures go up and it gets hot in the fall gets minimized and no that is your day on thursday. >> last night the president fired up his base with that speech in phoenix the former director of national intelligence said he found the president's speech downright scary and disproving and we talked to our political expert. >> google taking taps toward suing the company after he was let go in the high-profile lawyer he just hired. >> a rally for colin kaepernick in new york city and what civil right activists are demanding from nfl commissioner roger and coming up at 6:00.
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it's time to expose the crooked immediate deception and challenge the media for their role in fermenting divisions. let me be very clear to democrats in congress who oppose a border wall and stand in the way of border security. you are putting all of america's safety at risk. >> president trump last night in arizona at one of his campaign style rallies. he fired up his base but received a different reaction
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from those that serve in government. he had a much more tempered environment compared to last night. >> u.s. profession james taylor is here -- professor james taylor is his. james clapper's -- james clapper has worked with every president since john f. kennedy and this is what he said right after the speech. >> i don't know when i listen to something like this from a president that i found more disturbing. having an understanding of the levers of power available and he's talking about nuclear weapons i found this downright scary and disturbing. >> yeah he actually mentions the close and hillary clinton warned this frenetic personality that donald trump has and the -- the idea in which he spoke
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and explained the process is streamlined that in less than 10 -- in less than 5 minutes that's where you hope general kelly and others -- around him are strong and reliable. >> do you think that's crossing the line? >> the american psychological association unleashed and came to an agreement that this is now fair game to revisit this question going back to watergate to avoid going into personalities and psychological profiles. this is new territory for the professional classes that look at these areas. >> the president spent a lot of time criticizing the media saying the deceive the american public and they are not fair. be honest. do you think he has a point? >> i think the media is obsessed with donald trump. if he was saying all the right things the media would still be
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obsessed with them because he is a phenomenon and i think he is obsessed with the media as well and there is a freudian dynamic here because he was greeted by the media and at the local new york level and the national level and over $3 billion of ads run in the campaign he was largely created by the media and for him to hate the media and if i was a psychologist i would say there is something that is something deeply freudian going on. >> last night he said he blames the social and political upheaval on the media. what do you think about that? >> that issues here in this country are much more deseeded -- deep-seated and 16 million people wanted him to get things done. and at this point he can't point to any clear affirmative legislative accomplishments.
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the standard is by 100 days set by fdr and donald trump says he's the most effective in history and he cannot point to something like the new deal for the spare deal or the great society agenda is trying to carry out and not even the affordable care act and this is what donald trump has got to get to moving beyond the one third of his electric that he is appealing to. for years i heard barack obama could only be the president of only black america turkey have to be the president of all of america and the embedded -- this individual is making an appeal around race and seems to be warning off the other two thirds and that to me is phenomenal. said something significant and he's not afraid to shut down government to get
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the money to pay for the border wall. >> this man had threatened and used a government shutdown against barack obama twice and they said they would make him a one term president and i'm sure they wish he wasn't a president now in this new york times report if it's true about the tension between mitch mcconnell and donald trump and mitch mcconnell is safe for another four years despite low ratings and he doesn't have to worry about anything. donald trump has no power over mitch mcconnell. he's attacking senators in arizona. donald trump doesn't understand fdr, lbj, treatment those presidents who were legislatively successful, you have two get involved and work them lbj got up and congressman faces and donald trump is tweeting and that's not the way
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you get things done the way the other presidents have got things done. >> we have much more coming up. james, thank you. mysterious death and a woman's body dumped partially covered with a tarp. plus. >> somebody saw something and somebody knows something. >> today police and the families of two murder victims hope -- hope their plea for help help track down a killer.
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a mystery in contra costa county after woman's body is dumped in a remote area. a body was spotted near the town of byron and world contra costa county yesterday afternoon. henry lee says they know who the victim is but they are now searching for her killer. >> a woman's body was found near this dirt access road off camino diablo by an employee of a nearby sand mine and was partially covered by a tarp. the employee called the sheriff's office just before four. >> there was a did -- a deceased adult female and it was determined to be homicide. >> investigators say the victim is a san francisco woman in her late 40s and the motive is not known and authorities are
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holding her identify -- there holding her identity. >> the cause of death is pending toxicology tests. a neighbor gave us this picture. i've learned the body was covered by a tarp and dumped within 15 minutes of a mind it -- a mine employee. the mine uses class for wine bottles and other beverages and thomas saves a rear. >> it's a rural area and our last homicide was 10 years ago in 2008 so it's a very safe quiet area. >> anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. in contra costa county. henry lee. "ktvu." a man arrested with child pornography and a cache of weapons.
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deputies arrived and he refused to come out about barn but eventually he gave up they seized child pornography drugs and weapons and included and they are 15 assault rifle and 15 hunting rifles and 15 handguns and he's being held in dublin and his bail is set in nearly $2 billion. >> the lake county sheriff's department is mourning the death of deputy robert rosenfeld who was killed last night after his patrol car crash into a tree while responding to a disturbance. investigators believe the 50 -year-old officer suffered a medical emergency shortly before the crash. he lived in lake county and works as a law enforcement officer for many years. a suspect facing murder that killed an off-duty modesto police officer. investigator st. michael chris shaw was writing in downtown
5:34 pm
modesto when the volkswagen hit him from behind he was pronounced dead at the scene. his colleagues are stunned by what happened. >> michael will be well missed in our community. he was a leader. >> investigators say the drunk driving suspect matthew gibbs remained at the scene and he's being held without bail at the stanislaus county jail. a crash on interstate 880 backed up traffic for miles. it involved the truck in two cars and happened at 11:30 p.m. in the south bound lanes of the 238 interchange and one of the cars ended up under the truck and then ambulance responded but there's no word on the seriousness of any of the injuries. the families of two murder victims joint police asking for help. four people who are responsible for those homicides. "ktvu" is more information on the plea for help finding the
5:35 pm
gunmen. >> what happened at a birthday celebration at an art gallery and according to police it was a large gathering with 300 people at that event near 15th and harrison in downtown oakland when the shooting happened on august 14th of last year. the first victim craig fletcher cook's was shot by multiple gunmen and he tried to step in after group of men started harassing his girlfriend. the gunmen fled the party and started shooting as they ran through the overflow crowd outside. macquarie was hit and killed in the third man was also struck but survived. the homicide investigator made a passionate plea for more information he says they have surveillance video from nearby businesses and they've spoken to a number of witnesses and they recovered one of the weapons used and they need more information. with the 300
5:36 pm
people at the party someone must have some other bit of information that can help them. >> someone that was there at the event and maybe it didn't seem significant but they remember a certain individual that we are -- that was wearing a particular jacket or a particular clothing or particular look to them that just didn't seem right or that they were standing there when this fight broke out and they remember something specific as far as one of the individuals involved and all those things are important to us. >> i keep the decision on his funeral -- >> she said craig cook's family has not been the same since this happened and she made a heartfelt plead for the public's help. >> somebody saw something. somebody knows something. all we ask is you just come forward so we can have justice for these boys. you know and life can move on as best as we can.
5:37 pm
>> oakland police say the family members were too upset to speak but they are hosting a commemorative art and skating event for their loved ones in berkeley and police do not yet have a description of the suspect they are ready to release. there were four men fleeing the initial shooting inside the building and they want to remind anyone with information they can come to police and remain anonymous and there's a $25,000 reward for information in this case. in oakland, "ktvu" news. >> how google and walmart want to change the way you shop. a travel warning for americans heading to mexico and what happens in popular tourist areas.
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in the netherlands police detained a fantasy -- a spanish man who may have been planning an attack. dutch officials are questioning the driver. investigators say it's too early to link his arrest to a recent terror warning in the netherlands which prompted the cancellation of concert in rotterdam. north korea appears to show advances in their ballistic
5:41 pm
missile program. they showed leader kim jong touring a plan -- plant showing two types of missiles and the pentagon is reassuring the public the u.s. would be ready to shoot down any missiles head toward u.s. territories. >> our missile defenses are deployed in alaska and california have the ability to intercept any threat against the u.s. >> u.s. and south korea began joint military exercises as north korea called throwing fuel on the fire. a travel warning for americans headed to mexico. foxnews says it applies to the whole country including the most popular resort areas. >>reporter: a new warning about some of the most popular tourist destination south of
5:42 pm
the border. like cozumel and poco. for those -- for those years -- for most years they've been spared but crime is now spilling in and americans should think twice about visiting. >> this is an important line being cross. you think about cancun and moffat on and it's greek -- creeping into places that's surprising. >> it cites increased terminal activity related to the ongoing cartel violence like kidnapping, carjacking and even homicide saying u.s. citizens have been murdered in carjackings and highway robberies and most frequently at night and on isolated roads. although there is no evidence americans are being targeted based on their nationality. as to how it will affect tourism it depends on who you talk to. thousands go to mexico every year and they are familiar with the violence and will be cautious while others say they might put their travel
5:43 pm
plans on hold. >> i think you need to pay attention to the warning. >> it's hard to believe anything that comes out of washington. >> a record 35 million people visited mexico last year digging in $20 million for its forced industry we will see if the warning affects the numbers for 2017. anita vogel. foxnews. still to come. a family devastated after losing everything and in a deadly buyer. tonight a community rallies around trying to help them rebuild after the tragedy. it's warming up and we will let you know how much warmer as we head into the next couple of days.
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amazon opening a brick-and- mortar bookstore in san jose and they had a soft opening last night and it's official opening is tomorrow morning but amazon's success comes as retail stores in a different san jose neighborhood are struggling as jesse gary explains one grocery store is closing its doors because of a series of problems. >>reporter: for the rest of the week subcontractors will pull the guts out of this supermarket in south san jose. in 18 month slide culminated with the closing in june of 2015 and that's when the problems began. >> we see a lot of people
5:47 pm
running around that are mentally ill and doing drugs and drinking just being drunk in front of the store. >> i peeked through the window and you could see people running around everywhere. >> community leaders called for a cleanup and new businesses. >> executives say the removing of shelving and sanitizing started last month and it will be tricky because the owner hasn't tried to fill the space. district two complement the minutes. >> you try to sit down with the owners about what the issues are and what the holes are and how they can come up to a resolution. >> is avoiding direct competition with its other store but not so according to chelsea minor says by phone we
5:48 pm
want to do right for the community and we don't want to create an unnecessary burden and adds our oic has not presented a potential sublease or no word from our oic about the. about potential new tenant and they are sitting on a property and instead of risking a competitor and siphoning off business. >> a community meeting has been scanned and -- tentatively scheduled where all sides can get together and present their side in the debate and find a resolution that works for everyone. at city hall i am jesse gary. >> walmart is getting into voice activated shopping unlike amazon it's not doing it alone. it announced today it's teaming up with google to offer thousands of islands -- items
5:49 pm
in the service will be available at the end of september. >> the wine grape harvest is set to begin local clergy and the priest and a rabbi in the past are blessed the crops. the vine maker say it honors the vineyards and the people who make the annual harvest a reality it's expected to begin at the end of this week. >> the harvest is looking excellent and we had a cool down which is a good thing and we had a hot start to summer and it was great to get the sugars and assets going but now we are getting the hang time meeting things have slowed down so the sugars and acids can really develop nicely to give a nice balance and a high quality harvest. >> today's blessing as a prelude to the 36th annual wine
5:50 pm
celebration held over the weekend. more on our weather with chief meteorologist bill martin in the weather center. >> warmer today and tomorrow but it has been subtle. some places were cooler and some warmer but the take away is tuesday, wednesday and tomorrow are very similar and then it starts to warm up more significantly and we are splitting the fog here and we see thunderstorms up on the slope of the sierra nevada. they died down for the most part. not directly east of us but 87 in fairfield and 87 in concord and the right now numbers are cooler and let's look out at the richmond area, the san rafael fritchman bridge. i always say the san rafael fritchman bridge.
5:51 pm
>> [ laughter ] >> [ overlapping speakers ] >> what do you sally? >> richmond san rafael? >> okay so there is the fog lingering. the fog will get across the bay and the most areas tomorrow is a lot like today. cloudy tomorrow morning in san francisco. this is the model showing the sky cover and even so salida in parts of oakland in the temperature take away here in san francisco is downtown by the ballpark 69 degrees 70 degrees tomorrow and that's not too bad. forecast 93 in vacaville in the temperature trends are here and then it goes up on the five day especially on saturday and sunday. so, there it is. 82, santa clara. it's flatlining. i could have done this in 10 seconds today
5:52 pm
tomorrow similar. 66 is the half moon bay in the five day forecast is there and saturday and sunday we see temperatures, and 90s are conservative and i think it will be easy for eastern livermore to get 98 or 99 and 99100 degrees readings severe much warmer on your bay area and that means it becomes more prevalent and we do have a fire yesterday and similar conditions and it doesn't preclude having a fire when the weather is like it will be but the weekend just adds and increases the odds of a fire. >> bill, thank you. >> thanks, bill. >> six months since the oroville vin -- dam crumpled and forced the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people and crews are trying to finish the repair work
5:53 pm
before the next heavy rains begin. hundreds of workers are on the job 20 hours a day six days a week with huge dump trucks cranes bulldozers and other equipment. construction repair and crew -- began in late may and the goal is to finish it by november 1. coming up. a fire left three families grief stricken and homeless but today the silly -- the city rallied around them and the generosity that included a new place to live. >> what civil rights activists are demanding from nfl commissioner roger good out. an engineer was let go following a controversial memo in the high-profile attorney you just hired coming up at 10:00.
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the community is coming together at a recent fire at the mobile home park. >> and ruben explains philanthropist and community members donated money and a new home to help out. >> the fire ripped through this home took three lives. to 10 years old and their uncle six -- two 10 years old and there uncle 62 and it left community members determined to
5:57 pm
help. >> they basically are homeless with no place to live in knowing that i don't think you can help them. >> what they needed was a home and they decided to donate one a brand-new home worth about $200,000 but council members realized the family might need more help so they reached out to q hall the billionaire founder of the rear antigen supply the same man who donated $5 million to san jose flood victims later this year and agreed to give $100,000 to the family to do -- to clear the fire debris. >> the thing is to give them some comfort. >> the generosity didn't stop there and a sortie -- assorted groups raise an additional $135,000 for the family. >> we know we won't make the pain go away but it does so
5:58 pm
much about the heart we have when we see people rushing in. >> and for the families to support means the world and we have a translator. >> the support of the community and there is no way to express gratitude for that. >> they start clearing debris and after that. of the new mobile home ready within 60-90 days and and san jose, and ruben, "ktvu" news. >> the university of california is not following its own rules on layoffs. they are supposed to justify any action when they replace university employees with less. >> it -- expensive contract -- contractors. the study found that some employees within the system
5:59 pm
didn't know the rules were in place. "ktvu2" fox two news at 6:00 starts now. >> san francisco bracing for violence after controversial political rally. >> people are coming in tour city to recap it and god pray nobody gets hurt. >> city leaders expected the patriot pair rally will attract eight groups and just like the charlottesville situation two weeks ago. good evening. >> the organizers are calling it a victory for free speech and today we learn the national park service granted a permit citing the first amendment and it set at the presidio this saturday at 2:00 p.m. comes with 26 conditions that have to be met and they include no guns, no backpacks, no bicycles or anything that might be used as a weapon. in a news conference mayor ed lead -- and lee made a plea for
6:00 pm
peace. >> i ask our public and our residences -- a residence to not honor the request and not dignify people coming in here under the guise of patriot and prayer words. san francisco police say they are providing security along with the park surgery and highway patrol. >> live tv coverage and we spoke to the leader but first to christina and more than two dozen businesses have to close down because of this may out -- rally. >> this is the first time in recent memory that businesses and tourists stopped here. it's been close for a really and the only way to get here is to walk here in cars and bikes are not allowed. >> it will look a lot different come


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