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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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about this permit being denied. the mayor was in meetings this afternoon, and we have yet to reach him. the city said the permit application was incomplete, it was missing critical information, and it was not turn understands before the 10 business day deadline, and say my say it labs any explanation for security arrangements with roughly 300 people expected to attend. the civic center spark right behind city hall, and this is where the rally is supposed to take place. we have reached out to the organizer of rally for comment, but can v yet to hear back from her. she has said she does not want any violence at the rally, and any hate groups would be turned away. just yesterday, she told a ktvu staff member that they would
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reserve the right turn away anyone spreading hatred. >> first of all, to the fascists, we don't want you hair, and we're not going tole to rate you being here. learn that lesson. you will learn it soon enough. >> reporter: it is still possible that this rally will gather on sunday as scheduled, because many groups have gathered before without a permit, and, again, the altamont county sheriff's office and berkeley police each say they will continue as if this rally is still on. they haven't changed any of their plans, so they're preparing for the possibility of a large crowd here on sunday. >> so berkly is just saying this is the final word? they still have several days to try to work out what is necessary. are they just saying no, we're denying the permit? >> reporter: that is what we understand. apparently, there it was a 10- day business day deadline, and there also were many parts of the application that they say were not filled out correctly,
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or did don't into enough detail of how this ally would be organized. because those things weren't filled in, they have, in fact, denied it, so it doesn't look like there will be any chance to get that permit, or have the city decide to change their mind before sunday. >> all right, thank you, kristina. the denial has not ended carolinas bout right wing groups coming to the bay area. a rally is still scheduled to take place on saturday in san francisco, and a free speech week is set for next month at berkeley. today a group called unite against hate hopes to put up thousands of signs sending a message of love instead of hate. members went door-to-door, asking people to hang them in their store fronts, churches, and hopes. >> want to send a message that oakland is not a place that will be welcoming of bigotry, racism, or anything like that. >> so far the grass roots group has hired an artist and printed more than 40,000 signs. half of those are being put up now in oakland, and authority
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half in berkeley. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on this weekend's controversial protest. we are working to bring you updates on-air and on-line. >> we're following developing news. a big rig has jove turned on eastbound 580 on the altamont pass near the split with 205. the truck spilled 40,000 pounds of empty wine bottles this afternoon. alameda county fire said the driver lost his breaks and pulled off the road to use the hill side to stop, and that's when the big rig flipped over. traffic heading east on 580, that's the commute direction, at a crawl with one lane still blocked to help with the cleanup. all of that red you see on net traffic map, that shows you just how far the backup stretches there on 580 where that big rig overturned. caltrans is on the scene.
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the chp said it could take another hour are so to clean up all of that glass. >> b.a.r.t. is recovering from major delays after an event in san leandro. a person died on the tracks at the bay fair station. b.a.r.t. declared a medical emergency and shut down the station. at this time, officials have not provide deed tails about the american's death. delays are still said to be about 20 minutes. >> tonight oakland police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. it happened shortly after noon today at the intersection of 7th and willow streets, right over a b.a.r.t. overpass. a man was shot several times, and died at the scene. at this point, there is no word on that man's identity or what led up to the shooting. >> one of 8 people accused of killing a mother from oakland was sentenced today map judge sentenced 27-year-old alex davis to 40 years to life in prison. he was convicted $of second- degree murderer in the death of
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shamili harris, a 30-year-old hospital worker and mother. she was shot and killed stray bullet in march of 2015. there was gun battle up the street from her home. she was trying to get her kids inside of her house. she literally died on her sidewalk just a few fee feet from her door. the attorney for the defendant spoke outside of the courthouse today. >> i asked for manslaughter. you know, it was shootout situation, and it's unfortunate. it's tragic, as a matter of fact. >> davis was one of three men convicted of the killing earlier this year. prosecutors have connected five other suspects to the mother's death, as well. >> a bay area man accused of being in this country ill likely just learned he will soon be let out of jail, in time to see the birth of his baby. as henry lee reports, he's been in jail for six months, and the baby is part of the reason an immigration judge set him free
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today on $3500 bond. reporter: supporters of 27- year-old ramos of oakland held a rally in san francisco today. the father of three has been in jail for six months for an immigration violation. they say while they were pushing for his release, they also stand with others if similar situations. >> this ask just to kline a light on the many cases we have been pushing back against, the deportation of families like this. >> reporter: his wife is pregnant and due to give birth in two weeks. the company have three children, including a son with cerebral palsy. she said to all of the familiesing you something like this like me, stay strong, may everything opportunity to well. it's a little difficult, but we won't be defeated. cameras were not allowed in immigration court as ramos's attorney successfully persuaded a judge to release her client. the judge said she didn't think ramos was a danger to the community, even though he's had two arrests, including one for
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being time this legal limit while sitting in parked car after drinking alcohol. the judge set bond at $3500, which supporters say they'll help pay. before the hearing, ramos's attorney said federal immigration officials have been unfair to her client. >> we've asked three three times and been denied. a fourth time and haven't gotten a response. so immigration is aware of his family's circumstances, and they just don't care. >> reporter: ramos must still attend all future court hearings. the immigration judge, though, said she didn't think he stood a good chance of staying in the country. just last week an oakland nurse was computerred. 46-year-old marina mendoza sanchez and her husband were forced to return to mexico after being denied permission to remain in the the u.s. the couple's 12-year-old son went with them. three older daughters are staying in oakland. they entered the u.s. ill likely 23 years say go.
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>> president trump used twitter today to attack republican party leaders, experiencing anger about the failure of the healthcare bill. fox reporter garrett teny is in washington d.c. tonight with more on the growing tension there. good evening, garrett. >> reporter: well, the infighting clearly is continuing, as president trump tweets a new line of attacks slamming mitch mcconnell, paul ryan, and,s, the media. >> he campaigned on the wall. he won on talking about building a wall, ands here going to make sure that that gets done. >> reporter: the white house is again claiming president trump is committed to both getting his border wall and it's working with senate and house leadership. but today the president was tweeting a much different tune with a tirade including:
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. >> reporter: that tweet came around the same time senator mcconnell was largely praising the president back home in kentucky, with this being the closest he got to criticizing president trump. >> i'm a little concerned about some of the trade rhetoric, not only by the president, but by the people who are running [ indiscernible ]. >> reporter: will they be able to set their difference aside? speaker ryan vowing that congress is on the same page as the president. >> and we're working together to move that shared agenda. for me, it's really important that the president succeed. >> reporter: and the white house tells us there are plans for the president to meet with leader mcconal and ryan as soon as congress get backs in town after labor day to try to plot the path ahead. >> as someone who works in washington d.c., does it seem like more and more republicans are starting to distance
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themselves from the president, or would that be overstating things? >> reporter: well, it's certainly -- the ground is set where they are more able to do that now. as they are clashing with leadership, it really opens up the door for them to distance themselves from the president as leadership does, as well. so it essentially gives them that free pass to do that, knowing that leadership will have their back. whether or not that continues to happen and really picks up over the next few months will be aning and think to watch, especially with all of the big issue items that congress has on their plate over the next couple of months. >> thank you, garrett. coming up, race and policing. coming up, part two of our series of barbershop town hall, as law enforcement addresses concerns with the community. >> not all cops are racist. most ofst of us are not -- most of us are not. i am not.
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>> we're tracking hurricane harvey. we'll talk about that coming up. and a warning for parents about a well-known app for kids. police say some are using it to prey on children.
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a warning tonight from bay area law enforcement about smartphone app that is very popular right now with children. authorities say musically is meant to make music video is, but unfortunately some are using it to prey on children. we have the latest on how it's
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happening, and what's being done to stop it. >> parents right here in the bay area are just as concerned after finding graphic messages and photos of their children being shared and liked by potential predators. it's called the world's largest creative platform. the app musically allows users to create music videos and share it with their friends, followers, or even strangers. >> she's in her own house, recording this on her own cellphone. okay? if i wanted to comment on her, i can send her a comment. >> reporter: sergeant brian spears with silicon valley's internet crimes against children say they have been monitoring criminal activity on this app for two years, but it wasn't until an illinois
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father's recent facebook post went viral that more parents became aware of the app. >> a parent was concerned after finding her 10-year-old daughter featured on one of the music videos without her shirt on. >> reporter: sergeant spears demonstrated for us how easy it is for predators to create fake accounts, and engage sexually with a minor. >> now i can cannot on what she is wearing, and she scan get this message direct to her 14. most parents have no idea. >> it's an absolute nightmare, because this is happening in your home, where you feel your child secure, and something that you think is so innocent truly is not. >> reporter: parents i spoke with never heard of the app. >> i don't think i would want my kids to use that app, and f that was the purpose of other people to crew 0 view them dancing, i would -- to view them dancing, i would
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absolutely say no. >> my husband and i are aware of those things, and it makes -- and it's a factor in our decision on whether or not they have a phone. >> parents have to be involved. let us help you learn about these device. let us help you, you know, educate you, ran over out on our website, e-mail us. that's what we're here for. >> if your child has this app, i want to show you how to protect them from strangers. this is the actual happ app here. and the tab let, you click on the profile down here. once you're at the top, you can click on the settings icon. click on settings, and when scroll down to where it says privacy. make sure that only friends can direct message me, and private accounts are both clicked. that way it should stop anyone other than you're child's friends from seeing their videos and messaging them. >> it's interesting, i'm going to go do that as soon as i get home. my youngest daughters, it's a
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running >> okay our family how main music videos she is making. she makes them all the time. do of is this happening a lot that predators going tune this app and trying to solicit kids, if you will? >> its frightening, but, but yes, frank, it's really sad. they say it's getting worse. that they are seeing more and more potential predators preying on children and commenting on their photos, because the kids are downloading this these videos without knowing there are privacy settings. the oakland school district says it is working to make sure the water at a high school is safe to drink after high levels of lied were found in drinking fountains, and showers there. they are provided bottled water for their 3400 students, and new spigots are being installed
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on the faucets and shower hides around campus. one woman said she was never notified. >> when you enroll your kids, you sign a paper, and i didn't know until i looked at the news here this morning, that it's not safe. >> there is sometime the long term fix of replacing off of the piping at the school. the price of that project is estimated at $2.3 million, and at least a year to complete. >> >> today marks the third anniversary of the earthquake in napa. it was a 6.0 quake and caused major damage to nap ma's historic downtown area, as well as to neighbors vallejo. we have a report now on the rebuilding and recovery that continues to this day. >> reporter: another year, another project in downtown napa. >> pretty much everybody is attach odd a wall now here and at home. >> reporter: it's the seismic retrofitting she has completed since the earthquake destroyed her shop three years ago. structurally, her shop survived, but everything inside
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it was destroyed. >> we sold a lot more china and glass ware before the earthquake happened. everything fell on the ground. she she has managed to first everything, but the earthquakes for third change what she sells. >> there's another earthquake, so if the clothing falls on the ground, you just pick it up. >> reporter: she one of the lucky business owners who was able to rebuild relatively quickly after the quake. in a pa's chief building official said that many buildings are still struggling to make repairs. >> diehling with fema and the insurance company. for businesses and homeowners alike, the first thing they want to do is get back to repairing their buildings right away. that just doesn't happen. >> reporter: the price tag to fix this building, more than $14.2 million. just a few blocks away, the zigzag cracks on the side of
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the old post office still remain untouched. the courthouse was built in 1878. it's one of the many buildings here in downtown napa listed on the registry of historical places. so tearing it down bass never an option. >> the historical nature of this building behind us is one that takes a lot of careful attention to the construction. >> reporter: the county is finally at the point now where they are accepting bids for the $12 million project. construction should start next month. meanwhile, back at the roost, tremble has left one reminder of the earthquake in her store. a paint spatter has become a topic of conversation with her customers. >> i tell them it was the scariest 340 seconds of my life. but there's a positive side to it. i learned to take care of myself in a better way, and to
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practice more gratitude on a daily basis. we're tracking your weather out there. we're also tracking hurricane harvey. few cat 100, forecast to become a category 3 when it comes on shore tomorrow night into saturday morning. so right now, it's a strong storm that will grow perhaps to a cat 3, and then this is -- these are the various models. these are the latest runs. you see four of them are agree agreeing within a few miles of each other. so that's generally what you're looking at. when you see three or four models lining up in a run like this. we're looking at corpus christi. that be the big story as the go into the next couple of days, for rain, storm surge, wind. they haven't had one like it down there in a long time. locally, things will be much
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like today here. there will be some patchy sun popping up there. live camera, temperatures today got into the upper 80s and low 90s. tomorrow, here they come. reds are 49 ovechkin. looks a lot like yesterday, and a lot like tomorrow. this is exactly how it's going to. a classic august weather pattern. but as we go into saturday, and specifically sunday and monday, these purples will start to build in to some of the inland by a valley. so the heat is on. i'll get that all figured out for you, and see you black here after the break. >> -- back here after the break. >> big changes coming to whole foods. >> if the prices come down, we can get more and shop more. >> coming up, die tails on amazon's plan for whole foods, as soon as their multi-billion- dollar buyout and s finalized zed up first, new at 6:00, cast
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the act. the search for a man accused of using stolen credit cards at several stores in the north bay.
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if you recognize this man,
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you're asked to contact the sheriff's. department. >> tonight we know what amazon plans to do with whole foods after buying the grocery chain. tom tells us the first thing on the list, price cuts. >> it's official. the federal trade commission says amazon's take overof whole overof whole -- takeover of whole foods begins next week. >> right now i only get a few things when i come here. if the prices come down, i can make this a one-stop shop. >> many whole foods products will be made available for home delivery to customers who sign up for amazon prime. but bay area customers expressed customers. >> their food is organic. i would hope that that doesn't change just because of a partnership with amazon. so we'd be concerned about what's going to happen with the employees for them to be able to lower prices.
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>> i'm sure amazon is a giant corporation and they have people that understand that kind of re research. >> some neighbors are hoping for a better relationship. >> being friendly to your neighbors, get to know your neighbors. i know that's part of what they want to do, but it never happens. i'm hoping that with the new takeover, amazon will be neighbor-friendly. >> golden gate university author author. >> it's a win for consumers until they become addicted and then i think they'll become price insensitive and that's where the trouble begins. >> she's not worried about the quality in service and doubts that many employees will lose jobs. she is worried that once customers are enlisted in amazon's prime service, they won't pay as much attention to higher prices down the road. >> once people join prime and become a member, they tend to become loyal and they tend to become less price sensitive. >> in the short term, expect the safeway, lucky and other
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competitors to join in a price war. but if competition fall to the side, then amazon will be in charge again, as it always is in some other industries. fox 2 news. and ktvu fox 2 news at 6 30 is coming up next with a frank discussion on race and policing. >> are you racist? >> coming up, part 2 of our series on law enforcement addressing community concerns. new information on president trump's new strategy and the war on terror in afghanistan. the ruling on the death penalty today by the state supreme court and what it means for inmates on death row. stay with us. fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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