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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 29, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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texas to see the damage from the hurricane. details about his trip and the possible disaster relief. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for watching up with us. it's tuesday, august 29. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's get over to steve and talk about the weather and everything related. >> we will do our weather first. >> it's hot. >> that is hot but it will be cooler today than yesterday. we will have a small break and then it looks really hot this weekend. until we get there there is a bigger fog bank and more of an onshore wind. you can tell when you are driving in, you can see things going across the freeway. it's making a move out the vallejo and i think it will fill in and head into the napa
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valley. some areas inland will not get it but when you get gusts up to 30, that is stronger than yesterday. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. 57, cloverdale. kensington, 57. low clouds and thunderstorm activity over the sierra. for us, a little cooler. moisture continues to stream up as though there may be a few clouds. 60s through the 90s, a couple 100s. cooler for most. and here is mr. sal. >> how much hotter around the bay this weekend? >> this one may be on the coast and bay. about 110 for livermore. this could be our first offshore event, maybe. >> plan accordingly.
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>> as we say in weather, a lot can change in 24 hours. traffic wise we are off to a decent start. coming in from tracy on 580 and 205 look really good. not a lot of traffic. this is what we want for this time of the morning out to livermore, dublin and castro valley. this is 880 north- and southbound. traffic is moving along very well. also looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is lightly traveled on the way into san francisco. officials in texas say more than 15 trillion gallons of water has fallen on southeastern texas with more than 5 trillion more expected by thursday. 30,000 people are in shelters with many more looking for place to stay. the reports sound like a lot of numbers but there are human
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faces behind each statistic. >> i plan on staying here for as long as they let us stay here. >> we are still breathing. but it humbled us. it really did. if no one is humbled by this, something is wrong. >> rescue teams in galveston and houston and in all the small towns in between are finding stranded people on rooftops, floating on cars and hanging onto trees. emergency officials do not expect that to change anytime soon. >> we are just beginning the process of responding to the storm. we are still involved in the search and rescue process. >> so far there are three confirmed deaths but that number is expected to increase because of the number of unconfirmed reports of missing people. fema says they expect to be
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working to restore lives and property along the gulf coast for years. president trump flies to texas this morning and will see the storm damage and response first hand. the president will fly to corpus christi. he will be briefed on relief efforts and from there we'll go to austin to be with state officials. yesterday the president promised texas will get the help it needs. >> we will get through this. we will come out stronger and, believe me, we will be bigger, better, stronger than ever before. the rebuilding will begin and in the end, it will be something very special. >> president trump is not expected to go to houston today. he will keep from interfering with the rescue operations there. we want to check in with steve paulson. i know you are tracking it from here. >> they are almost done with the rain but it is still raining. >> it's unbelievable.
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>> 30 inches, 40 inches. they had nine inches in an hour and a half in a couple locations. they are almost on the backside. you can see it right there. there are some bands coming in. the remains of tropical storm harvey are moving but they will still get rain through most of today. look toward victoria and austin, it slowly to clear out. look at the meandering path. it would onshore, zigzags, came back out into the gulf and picked up a lot of moisture. it's moving east at 3 miles an hour. it's barely crawling along. some of the wind on the backside in corpus christi and brownsville has let up considerably. houston hobby still getting gusts of almost 40 miles an hour. the good news is it is moving ever so slowly and it centered right there. by tomorrow they will be in a
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better situation. as that moves off there was still have heavy rain. today looks to be the last really heavy day and after that things should start to get better. not good. this is like katrina part 2. they will be paying for this for years. have you seen photos of the freeways? they are underwater. >> the hard part is, they could get more rain. we are just heading into this season where they get a lot of rain. >> you don't want that to happen. they are going into september. every urban rescue task force in the country has been called to texas. that includes 80 firefighters from oakland who will perform water rescues and medical help. for team members of a menlo park fire protection district left on sunday. they will reach their temporary home base later today. the state of california sent
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management personnel to coordinate operations across texas. all the teams are expected to be there for at least three weeks. the california national guard is also sending help. amber lee tells us that 90 reservists were deployed out of moffett field. >> reporter: at dusk, members of the 129th rescue wing headed out to board the plane that will transport them to the houston area. some are part of a para rescue guardian angel team and especially trained with skills ranging from the ability to perform minor surgery to sharpshooting. their mission is to save lives and help flood victims. >> binding isolated personnel on rooftops or in flat areas and hoisting them onto the helicopter. >> reporter: two helicopters were loaded onto a plane that will be used on this mission. other supplies and equipment are also being transported. >> i'm thankful that i serve
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here at the 1/29 and i'm able to come in today and do some really important stuff for our country. >> reporter: this reservist for three years is also the mayor of milpitas. he and others received orders to reap port to the base. he is not flying to houston. he helped in preparations. >> i'm providing logistics and readiness and support moving 10,000 pound cargo. >> reporter: national guardsmen say the mission in houston is what they trained for. >> it's what we live and breathe for. you can't put a price on a life. when we are test out to do these message -- these admissions, everything that we are called to do and everything we wake up and do, we are ready. >> reporter: we asked the captain if others will be deployed. he tells us not at this point but should there be a need, they will be ready to go. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. harvey is not just wreaking
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havoc on a chunk of texas, experts say it's taking a toll on the american economy. according to reports, the storm could cause $40 billion in property damage and $7 billion in lost economic output from restaurants and retailers. south texas is one of the top three centers for oil refineries in the country. we will probably see a hike at the pumps. prices may jump by $0.25 in the coming weeks. insurance experts say a small fraction of the homeowners affected by flooding have flood insurance. they estimate only 20% are covered by insurance. most homes in houston are not in zones designated as a flood risk. many will depend on federal help to rebuild once the waters go down or they will be forced to go into debt or use their savings to fix their homes. the red cross said its bay
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area offices have been busy with calls from people and companies that want to help you save ramon-based, chevron, has contributed $1 million. bmc software in santa clara is also pledging a donation. tech companies amazon in google are also matching donations. the salvation army silicon valley chapter is accepting donations saying they will continue in the weeks and months ahead. >> is horrific. it's one of those uncontrollable tragedies. the need is great already. as the storm goes away, the need will be greater. >> the american red cross and salvation army say cash donations are the best way to help. the web links section of our website,, has links to a number of organizations that are helping hurricane harvey victims. there is a push to cancel free speech week at the university of berkeley. more on why the berkeley mayor
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wants to call off the event next month. creating a new school district in the east bay. the vote that could make that one step closer to reality. traffic is moving along relatively well if you are driving on 80 westbound out to the macarthur maze. we will tell you more coming up. we have a cooler pattern today for most. there are a couple locations inland that will not have the effects. enjoy the next cooler days because hot weather is on the way for the weekend. it only takes a second for an everyday item
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him back to mornings on 2. chp has identified both the victim and suspect in a deadly hit-and-run crash last weekend. the man who died was christopher patti. he served as an attorney for the university of california for nearly 30 years. was recently he was the chief counsel. investigators say patti pull to the side of the road on his like to look at his phone when he was hit by a bmw. >> it's just too bad. sunday morning he went for a bike a circle ride. it's not fair. had the right gear on current reflective stuff and a flashing light.'s helmet. he did everything right. >> investigator said they are looking for jonathan ritter, seen here in this photo. he could face a charge of vehicular manslaughter.
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officials say he borrowed the car involved in the crash and has been seen in the community since then. they hope he will turn himself in but officials say they do not think his friends will try to-. san francisco police are searching for a female bank robber who robbed a bank near union square yesterday afternoon at the wells fargo on center street around 4 pm. the woman approached a bank teller, demanded money and ran away. if you have any information, call police. it's not clear if this robbery is connected to an fbi investigation where authorities are looking for a bank robber who has targeted wells fargo banks around the city. also today, the contra costa county board of education will vote on whether to move forward with creating a new school district in walnut creek. they will decide whether to recommend two state officials, the creation of the northgate unified school district. the district would take five schools from the mount diablo district.
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if the board votes to recommend the district, it will be sent to the state board of education for a final review. i saw a lot of cars on the road early this morning. is everyone behaving so far? yes. i'm beginning to find out there is something going on at the bay bridge. am going to see if i can dash can you look at the bay bridge with the emeryville camera, please? i talked to them here. there is a man back there who may be able to help me. while they are doing that let me see if i can pull up something else. i just got word that something is going on on the bay bridge. we will get to that -- there we go. can they bring up the emeryville camera? this just came to my attention. right now, as i see come all the traffic at the bay bridge is stopped completely.
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we don't know why. i'm trying to figure it out. right now the bay bridge is not getting through. it's not getting into san francisco. we do not know why but this is a huge problem. i'm looking at all things that could possibly be. it could be they are holding the bridge until construction crews clear. that would be the most innocuous thing. they are holding traffic temporarily until may be some debris or construction crews clear. right now traffic is not moving onto the bay bridge. linsey said they are filming a movie. that's not going to go over well with people who are tweeting me. we will see. they are filming a movie up there and some people aren't dash some people are on twitter. -- some people are on twitter. let's look at gilroy. traffic is moving along well as you drive through. are they moving the?
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look, they are letting everyone go. this was just a minor inconvenience. at 4:18 am, let's go to steve. what's the name of the movie? road rage![ laughter ]i would not be happy. at least they are moving now. good morning, everybody. if you like cooler weather, today and tomorrow. after that, it does not look good. today, the fog is make a big push in temperatures will drop 5-10 degrees for most unless you're up toward lake county and ukiah. santa rosa did cool off yesterday by 8 degrees compared to sunday. the fog is also heading toward venetia and crockett and american canyon. also some and oakland and toward the caldecott and filling in nicely all the way down to santa cruz and
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monterey. water temperatures came down a little bit. that helps. you get an onshore push. winds from the west and southwest. a delta breeze is awake this morning. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. some inland locations are running warmer. vallejo and american canyon in the upper 50s. berkeley, low 60s. moraga, 59. low clouds and fog and there's plenty to go around. 40s in the mountains. 57, monterey. a few thunderstorms popping over to carson city and reno on the lee side. for us we get a good surge on the fog. the moisture continues to stream up. there could be a few clouds. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. it still hot. antioch and brentwood in the 100s and areas to the north will also be worn.
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wednesday will be the coolest day for a while. for maybe 10 days. it looks blistering hot for many. there will be someone 10's in their dash there will be someone 10 -- we will have temperatures 110. >> i ran the dryer overnight because that hits the house. >> my air-conditioner has been knocking on the back doors saying i need a break. and i keep it pretty warm. 77 or 78. it would go all night. >> and that bill will go right up. 420 again. grab that extra coffee or two. coming up we will tell you with the latest study says about
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because our in-laws moved in with us. lucky so great. those are moms. yes, they are. and our adult children, they're here too. so we save by using tide. which means we use less. now we get three generations of clothes clean in one wash. has anyone seen my pants? i found 'em ellen! put those on, dad! nothing cleans better. number 1 trusted, number 1 awarded. it's got to be tide. welcome back to mornings on 2. the mayor of berkeley asking uc berkeley to cancel free speech week. the mayor says that event could lead to more violence and
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problems in berkeley. free speech week is expected to host speakers like milo yiannopoulos and ann coulter . both speakers were scheduled to speak in the past but there were protests and their speeches were canceled. the event is planned for september 24 through the 27th. berkeley mayor spoke out about the protests on sunday you think he satisfied so many were able to protest peacefully. the rally was canceled but many showed up to denounce bigotry and hatred. a small number of pro-trump demonstrators show up but one group did set off smoke bombs, knockdown barriers and intimidated people. the mayor said for the most part people exercised their first amendment rights peacefully. >> there was a real concern going into sunday there would be a brawl. the fact that only six people were injured and thousands were
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not injured and were able to peacefully demonstrate, that's an accomplishment. >> police arrested 13 people. if you were cited for carrying band items into the park. others faced more serious charges such as assault. the berkeley police department says new tactics were used to control the protest. >> we try to have smaller teams of officers that could intervene in and instigation carefully. we had officers at access points where people could enter the park. they were there to remind them what the city ordinance was and what it covered and what people were not allowed to bring in. >> berkeley police said they tried to enforce regulations concerning band items like paper spray dash pepper spray. they put up barricades to protect pedestrians in case someone try to use a car to ram protesters like what happened in charlottesville. you've heard of, the talk,
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were parents to their kids about the birds and the bees. some families of color have a different kind of talk. they talk about power, the police and their skin color. alex and dewayne walton said the conversation started with the conversation about those with a police officer that left them feel like they were racially profile. that my the couple said the time had come to talk to the sons about how to interact with the police when they are stopped by law enforcement. things like using polite language, never showing frustration, not making sudden moves so they don't escalate a situation. they told them society, and sums cases specifically the police, could see them as a threat because of their skin color. >> it was hard because they are our babies. they should be able to be 9 or 10 and play and not have to worry about this type of stuff at that age. they should be adult problems.
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>> they say they know their sons will face discrimination in life in these talks are about survival. the waltons are the only families having these tough conversations about sex. we are continuing the conversation with a one hour special called barriers and bridges, race in the bay area. tonight i will host, along with garcia mckay alien stories about conflict and culture in connection from everyday people. it's a chance to hear about who we are, where we've been and where we are going from everyday people. please tune in tonight at 8:00 on ktvu plus. >> a tough conversation to have. $13 for a pack of cigarettes. the city that is raising taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products in an effort to cut
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down on tobacco use. north korea launched another missile, this time it flew over japan. we have new details about the latest launch as tensions are rising along the korean peninsula. traffic is moving on the bay bridge. we are looking at it now and it looks like things are lightning up heading into san francisco. it does look a little cooler today and tomorrow. after that we will turn it up.
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this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on?! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents across your entire laundry routine. good morning. the is a lie pictures from houston. we are looking at george bush intercontinental airport. it is closed. it will probably stay closed at least through tomorrow because of harvey. flightaware showing flights are planned for thursday


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