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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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record breaking temperatures expected today. we'll tell you what pg&e is doing to prepare and what's next. and we have the forecast for the day and the labor day weekend. >> i don't remember this. >> wow, that is rock steady. this is the whispers this is rock steady, one of their top songs. >> that, i do remember the song. i didn't remember the band. this is going to be hot. loot of news. hurricane and the u.s. state order to close the russian consulate. >> yeah. >> a lot of news. welcome back. good morning. mornings on 2:00, friday
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morning, september 1st. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's get to the forecast. >> lady and the mood,. >> the twins. >> very, very good. yes, i recommend them. >> going to be hot today and that includes the city. i would not be surprised if the city comes in at 100 degrees. it would not surprise me at all. 110 in santa rosa, heat warning, heat advisory, excessive heat warning. take your pick. it's warmer officially. the official temperature in san francisco is 71. that is warmer than stockton, vacaville and livermore. put that one down in the old weather diary. may not see that again on a september 1 for a long time the coast is always the toughest part because interest is always a teeny bit of fog an could have a temperature spread. sausalito hit 97 yesterday.
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you get that offshore breeze and all bets is off. the fog is not a factor down to monterey, at least not yet. some low cases in the 70s. cupertino, 72. 61 in sanest cruz. 21 bolder cruise. 61 lo-cal. we have a lot of fires from the north and east. and tropical storm lydia may send some cloud cover here sunday into monday. 90s with a lot of 100s. all right, sal. 5:02. >> a little lighter today because of the mere fact that it's not only friday but the holiday weekend? >> sol day weekend but then people will get on the road. get on the road as quickly as possible. be like your dad. get on the road early and try
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to beat traffic. that's just the dad thing to do. here is a picture the golden gate bridge. nothing there. lots of times, in the morning, we don't get to see the shot because it's going to be fogged in but today, it's not. let's move along to the livermore valley. it's lighter than it normally is here. normally, we have slow traffic right through here on 205 and 580 from stockton and the central valley. it's light. there have been no major problems here in dublin, getting into the main part of the area, 880 north and southbound moving along well. this is a look at the bay bridge. things will be light. but how it goes on holiday weekend, people may not be going to work but going somewhere. they are trying to get to the bay area so plan accordingly. at 5:03, back to the desk. >> definitely feels like day to
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crank up the air conditioning but cal iso, the california independent operation system is asking people to limit the use of electricity. they have issued earn alert because of the triple digits throughout the state. pg&e says they are prepared for any electrical outages. since it's going to be really hot, we are all looking for a way to cool off today. >> yes. christien kafton is live where they are anticipating a very, very busy day. >> reporter: we are at a tears distribution center. you can see the field of transformers here behind me. this is an indication of how pg&e is prepping for what they are anticipating to be a very busy day today as the temperatures begin to crank late. temperatures are expected to
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skyrocket throughout bait area. penalty g and e warning customers about the possibility of outages as those temperatures peak this afternoon. as you said, cal iso looking at the issues -- or issued a flex alert from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. saying that system will be near peak energy demand. >> what we're anticipating mainly is later today, we are expecting outages at that time. our technology team is using technology to pinpoint where we expect outages, how many crews we'll need at different locations. >> reporter: pg&e asking customers to conserve wherever possible. set the thermostat perhaps a little higher than you are used
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to, to where it's comfortable. some homes will get potentially dangerously hot. that means that everybody is being asked to check on neighbors and pets. just to give you a sense, this is nowhere near perhaps as accurate as steve paulson but we are getting 67 degrees here in fremont. to give you a sense of how warm it was -- again, this is not the most accurate thermometer but as i was crossing the bay bridge, the thermometer on my car was reading 72 as i was crossing the bridge at 3:00 this morning. those temperatures only have one way to go once that sun comes up. and that et cetera up. >> our out at this time, out in the field covering many parts of the bay area, 5:00 in the
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morning. so you can feel the difference out there. does not look like there is any wind either? >> reporter: absolutely no wind. keith, my photographer, is in shorts right now, completely comfortable. so, again, this just is an indication of how many those temperatures will go. it's 5:00 a.m. right now. temperatures here 6. this would be a nice comfortable day if it was already mid-day. now we are looking at those temperatures just launching from this point. so it's only going to get hotter from here, guys. >> all right. very cool, christien, thank you. >> very dangerous for some people. thank you, christien. the heat has led to a red flag warning as well across northern california as crews battle two big wildfires northeast of sacramento. the ponderosa fire is burning in butte county east of oroville. crews there are dealing with the 100-degree plus temperature and strong winds up there.
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that fire is now 30% contained. it has burned ten homes, though, and more than 3500 acres since it started on tuesday. the other fire is burning in nevada county near grass valley. fire crews are also gaining ground on that fire. it's now 40% contained but cal fire says has burned 280 acres since it started burning on wednesday. evacuations center has open to help dozens of families who have been forced to evacuate and leave their home. the state of merge emergency declared by governor brown. a temporary shelter is in
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weberville. state agency of emergency are standing by. and four guards are in trouble at the santa rita jail. ate cued deputies are justin lynn and eric mcdermott who joined the agency two years ago and sarah krause and stephen sarcos who joined the staff three years ago. >> it can't be explained, can't be understood. we are embarrassed, shocked, ashamed. that's why we took such actions. >> former deputy stephen sarcos is the only one to resign so far. the other three are expected to be fired. members of the russian community are rushing to their consulate before it's shut down
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tomorrow. the u.s. department ordered the building in pacific heights as one of three facilities shut down. the other two are annexes in new york city and washington, d.c. word of the closure traveled fast and people who are needing to do business with the russian consulate are scrambling. thousands of russians and russian americans feels that's a sat signed the time. >> you know, we share economic, i.t. >> i had to drive down get my passport to go to the world cup in russia next year and then today was like the only day. that's why i had to rush over here. >> reporter: the closure was ordered in response to russia's decision to limit u.s. diplomats in russia. the state department says it's not expelling any russian personnel here in the u.s. they will be allowed to work out of their other diplomatic or
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consular row cases. time. is now 510:67:89 has your privacy been invade by those license plate readers? coming up, we'll tell you what the california supreme court says about that. the trump administration is poised to ask congress for $6 billion in aid for hurricane harvey. i'm christine fisher in washington. we'll have more on that. plus the president's trip to texas this weekend coming up. we are off to a nice start. it is a little lighter than usual when it comes to the bay area traffic. will it stay that way? we'll let you know.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. with storm survivors reeling from exten is siev damage from hurricane katrina, president trump is expected to ask congress for billions of dollars in federal fund. >> all of this as fema's disaster account is about to run out of money. >> we expect congress to move quickly on the initial legislation. >> vice president mike pence in texas promising storm survivors they'll get the aid they need to recover from hurricane katrina. back in washington, the white house is preparing to ask congress for nearly $6 billion for response and initial recovery effort. >> this congress will come together and make sure that those resources are there. >> last night, lawmakers on the house appropriations committee
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approved the request from the trump administration to transfer a billion dollars from the general fund to the emergency disaster fund. that will ensure that fema will be able to access that money. but the debt limit needs to be increased. >> we have to come together. >> reporter: president trump announced he will donate one million dollars from his personal fortune to the storm victims. the hours says that president has not decide whether or there he will end the donation even though the president severs at hon nary chairman for the american red cross. >> he asked that i check with the folks in this room, since you are very good at research and have been doing a lot of reporting into the groups and organizations that are best and most effective. >> the white house says that the donation will come in stages and this is only the initial act. president trump will head to
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texas tomorrow to tour houston and will be immediating with congressional leaders some time next week. kristin fisher, fox news. milwaukee county sheriff clark resigned. he repeated allegations that inmates were mistreated in his jail. he had voiced support for a crackdown on illegal immigration, gun rights and patrolling muslim neighborhoods. there are reports that clark is planning to join the trump administration. earlier this week, president trump tweeted an endorsement for a book written by clark calling him, quote, a great guy. time is now 5:16. the irs may now be involved in the investigation of president trump and his alleged connection to russia. the daly beast says that special counsel robert mueller asked the agency to join in the investigation than financial
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crimes may be a part of the probe. the irs deals with money laundering and tax fraud. they also have access to tax returns which the president has not released. and swell bell was at a dna testing company. last week, the president signed the rapid dna act. traditional d.a. a testing can take weeks but new hi tech tests allow processing of samples in less than two hours. swell well says that dna lab will identify criminals faster. they say that will help clear people wrongly accused. time is now 5:17. let's get you moving on a friday morning. sal, it is a hot friday morning. is our commute snot. >> you know, fortunate, it's not. >> good. >> and that's good because we don't have a lot going on. i just want to keep it that way. hopefully people are -- maybe
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they are not just going away, leaving the bay area. starting with 101 in gilroy. traffic is moving along really well. it is right now going the other way. no major issues, northbound 101. going up to highway 17, that traffic continues to go along very well up to the 17 interchange. westbound bay bridge is backed up going into san francisco. 5:18, let's bring stephen. >> go ahead, sal. at 5:18, meteorologist steve paulson. >> thank you, sal. [ laughter ] >> let's get to it here. we have a very, very warm condition. some may be flirting with all- time record high. santa rosa, livermore. if not today but tomorrow. even san francisco, that would
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not surprise me to see them hit 100. you know, right on cue. you had fog and now you're going to have to sent and summer has arrived. blazing hot here. heat warning is out, excessive heat, spare the air. lots of smoke coming from the fire. we get a north-northeast wind and that's what brings it. alameda is 70. in the city, 71, 70, 72, 73. it's warmer in san francisco than in stockton and vacaville and livermore. yesterday, 100. shy the forecast high. today, we are starting warmer. sometimes, the smoke and haze can take a few degrees off of it. tropical clouds coming in sunday and monday would take temperatures down. by next monday and tuesday, we should start to be dropping off. might be a little bit of fog but i don't think it has much of a chance.
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too much of an offshore breeze. san mateo, santa cruz, down to monterey. monterey came up. bodega bay. once you get the wind to turn west, that fog will come pouring in but that's not going case. we temperatures are running about 10 degrees warmer. cloverdale at 75. 54 in grayton. 5 about halima valley. i know that calistoga, around 100. temperatures will be really hot, even on the coast. tropical storm lydia is moving up the coast.
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90s to 100s to 103, 104, 110, 114. did the earth get knocked off its axis, dave, or what? >> i don't know. >> about the same on saturday. tropical clouds come in sunday mooned, cooler as we head to next week. >> head for the shades, steve. >> do what you can. >> all right, steve. are california schools ready for an active shooter situation in we'll tell you what a state audit found. and expanding to compete with amazon. details next.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:24. church leaders and homeless advocate gathered in downtown san jose at the proposed site for a new campus for 2800 employees. they call it google village. church leaders and homeless advocate worry that will only add to the homeless crisis and they want google to include housing for minimum wage workers. >> while this product is still not a done deal yet, it's already affecting home prices in this part the south bay.
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realtors say they are seeing what they call the google effect. ever since june when san jose announced that google wants to develop a transit-oriented complex around dardon station, real estate prices have skyrocketed. the proposed complex could bring in up to 20,000 jobs to the area. >> folks don't want to drive 20 to 90 minutes each direction to go to their jobs anymore. i would say rose garden, willow glen, santa clara, downtown san jose, a lot of places are going to benefit financially from the residential increase in prices because they are so close to where folks work. >> google is still having an effect on its home base of mountain view, 13 years later. realtors say that average sale price in that city went up $254,000 in just the last year. it is 5:25. macy's and best buy are expanding their same-day delivery service trying to compete with amazon. macie as will expand is same-
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day service this fall into 15 more markets including austin, texas; orlando, florida. best buy will expand its same day delivery service from 13 to 27 metropolitan markets beginning next week. amazon offers same-day service to members of its amazon prime program. president trump is expected to end the obama era program, one that protected young people from being deported. when an announcement on daca is coming along. and we are riding to help with the rescue and recovery in texas. good morning. we have a truck that's overturned on the east shore freeway. we also have a look at the other commute. san francisco is looking good.
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san francisco and sfo at 20 degrees, warmer than stockton, livermore and vacaville. it's going to be hot today. we'll show you how. people love my breakfast burritos. and my french fries. wait! what if i put them together?! a burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, creamy guacamole, bacon and crispy french fries. i'll call it the california breakfast burrito! boom. someone got that, right? scrambled eggs. guacamole. bacon. french fries. you'll call it the california breakfast burrito. boom. good work everyone. another winner.
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introducing my new california breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box.
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good morning to you. welcome back. four joining us on mornings on 2. friday, first day of september. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. it is 5:30 and it's hot.
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too hot for most of us. >> i know. >> let's check in with steve. a few days before we get relief. saturday on the coast, not inland. and sunday clouds will roll in. it is going to be really hot. do not be surprised if san francisco hits 100 officially. can you go from 98 to 100 degrees. 90s for most and inland, anywhere from 104 to 114. the starting off very, very warm. in fact, 20, 72, 71, 72, 72 in the sittism one observation, oakland at 75. warmer at sfo and san francisco than stockton and vacaville. so that's not something that we see very often, at least not this time of the the year. there might be a patch or two of some fog but it's offshore. it's not going to around to
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anything. a lot of 70s and 60s, a few 50s. this is warmer than buchanan which you rarely see, having to do with an east wind. 73 in orenda. look at el cerrito, running warmer than sobrantes. take your pick. >> it's a lot like las vegas, too, steve. >> don't tell me that's it's a dry heat because so is an oven. >> las vegas without the regret. [ laughter ] >> good intentions on thursday and friday, though. >> yes, we do. we have a problem that i have to get to right away and that is westbound interstate 80, west 80, big rig hit the
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overcrossing there. may have been too tall to go underneath and flipped over. two lanes are blocked. they have issued a sigalert for this. traffic will be affected. we at some of other commutes in no county. when you get to the problem here, you will see traffic building up for about a mile. so you have to give yourself extra time. it's already taking 36 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the maze. 5:33. back to the desk. >> all right, sal. doctors warn, be careful today because of the heat.
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we all should be drinking lots of water and stay in the shade. cooling centers will be open throughout the bay area including in antioch, vein that, concord, san jose. doctors pay pace yourself, cut back on strenuous activities and stay inside as much as you can. some bay area schools will close early today because of the heat. in orin county, schools will close at noon. loma prieta unified, students will get out at 12:30 because they tonight have air conditioning and that school often has power outages. the san ramon valley unified school district is canceling middle and high school sports this weekend because the heat. and also because of the smoke
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and haze from wildfires butte county and grass valley. outdoor and indoor activities are canceled. that includes football, tennis, volleyball, marching band and cheerleading. turning now to our continuing coverage of hurricane harvey, 39 people are now confirmed dead. the texas department of public safety says that nearly 7000 houses have been destroyed. tens of thousands of homes are damaged. and reports from washington says that president trump is asking for $10 billion to help in the recovery effort. and we went to the small town of hart tan where people and animals are getting help. >> reporter: no easy way to get to wharton, texas right now. you could take a helicopter or
5:35 am
an air boat. not practical options for the east bay task force 4. >> no life safety issues now. they are stranded. we are trying to develop plans to get into the town of wharton. >> the team's boats are loaded on to national guard trucks which can go through the roads. >> we found towns submerged. we have found annie rate who is waiting to get out town to get the dialysis treatment that she missed. >> no matter how well i feel right now, i may still be sick. >> reporter: anna sanchez was stranded in the outskids of hart tan rescued by bay area firefighters. >> we were brought here and we are waiting for shelter. >> reporter: from oakland, california? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: what do you think
5:36 am
of those guys? >> they are awesome. >> people who have been in the water for four or five feet of water are probably sick of being in the water. now they are looking for medication, running out of medication, or wanting to get dry are three or four days of wet. >> finally, it was time to head back. and in the darkness, some the rescued pets, including this emaciated dog were fed and given lots of attention. the human rescues are over for the night. but volunteers are still trying to find horses and other animals on the loose. >> this is dark, people are still going out. this is not ending. i mean, sheriffs are having to get people out of the water to get them to stop because are still trying to go in. just whether they can, whether they are tired or not, they are
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going. a fire battalion chief with the u.s. forest service was killed in a traffic accident while returning home from fighting a wildfire near yosemite national park. 47-year-old battalion chief was on his way home when another driver suddenly had a flat tire. he ran into helming's pick-up truck. he had worked for the forest service for 20 years. there are several reports that president trump, as early as today, may announce plans to end the program known as dark crash. the deferred action for childhood arrival program allows people who were brought in illegally into the u.s.
5:38 am
allows people to remain for two years. >> woman woman says there is a sense of betrayal, fears that the p president donald trump may end a program that would give her a better life. the government gave us a promise. come out of shadow, give us the information and we'll make it right for you. i did that. i thrusted the government. now, they are saying they might use that against me. >> reporter: daca was launched in 2012 under president barack obama allowing those who came into the u.s. to get renewable work permits that were good for two years. if daca ends, once those permits expire, dreamers fear they have to leave the u.s. >> this part of me that is out of my control is not fine. >> reporter: several recipients say that daca changed their lives. >> gave me a little bit of taste of what it is to be an american. i always felt it in my heart. i was never able to do it.
5:39 am
>> reporter: conception hollis is among the 200,000 daca recipient who is may now be at risk for deportation. >> i am so horrified that our government is even considering breaking this type of promise. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf says that her administration is doing whatever she can to protect daca. >> even though local government power is super received by the federal government. >> we have continue to do research to see if there are legal steps that we can take. >> i'm so thankful that there is a big group that you guys are supporting us. >> daca recipients say that they are apprehensive. >> i call that psychological terrorism when young people don't know where they are in the balance so we are standing in solidarity with them and with families tonight who are waiting to find out what is the outcome. >> i don't want to go back to the shadow, go back to a life
5:40 am
that i had before. i've been a good citizen. i have never been in any trouble. i went to college. i done everything that was asked for me. >> organizers say that the day that president trump announced the end of daca, they plan a mass demonstration at the federal building in oakland. the san francisco police department is taking a new approach to a citywide problem. recent numbers show that there have been nearly 32,000 car burglaries in the city over the past two years. chief bill scott announced yesterday he will dismantle the department's task force on car break-ins and shrink the narcotics unit. he will deploy roughly 100 officers to the street. the change comes as some members of the department expressed frustration that the thieves that they do catch are released from the jails only to
5:41 am
reoffend over and over again. >> we have issues that go beyond sfpd. we can make arrests all day long. we can't control anything beyond that. what we can control is where we put our cops. another strategy is the launch of a new campaign called park smart. signs will be posted all over the is city warning people not to leave valuables in their cars. many california school and colleges are not prepared to handle an active situation. some schools filed the same safety plan every year and many had no plans for handling a shoot-in. there is no man dade about being ready with guidelines for a shooting emergency on campus. people worried that license
5:42 am
plate readers would violate people's privacy unless it is in an anonymous data. the aclu sued the l.a. department. the supreme court asked the lower court to consider methods to make the data anonymous before releasing it. time ills 5:42. governor brown goes to russia next week. he will be talking about climate change. he will leave on sunday. first, he will stop in aclass to meet with climate researchers and talk to officialings at the pacific rim country at a forum promoted by russia to promote cooperation within that region. governor brown will make opening remarks and then attend a panel discussion. right now, it's 5:43. our coverage of harvey continues in the next hour at 6:00. we'll tell you where this storm is today and show you what's being done to save families
5:43 am
still stranded on their roof tops. and amazon now has its first kid-friendly app for alexa. we'll tell you how parents can give kids permission to use alexa. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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welcome back. amazon has unveiled first kid- friendly app for its alexa home assistant. the new app called skills includes games including sponge bob and sesame street and story telling feature. the game allows kids to interact by talking to alexa. hundreds of developer says that they are interested in yeting new interactative experiences for alexa. parents have to verify consent before children can use those new kid skills.
5:46 am
and the latest new futuristic project by elon musk. reportedly $27 million in funding has been collected for it. the wall street journal reports that musk is paying for this with his own money. the annual harvest wine celebration in livermore has been canceled because of the extreme hot weather in the forecast but there is still plenty to do. ktvu's rosemary orozco has some things to do. >> and it's comic con. it wills at the mosconi center west. hop over to the park on saturday. polynesian music, dance and food will fill the county fair building. peninsula, 47th annual
5:47 am
milbrae art and wine festival. celebrate with music, food or fun. >> or the lebanese festival in restwood city. explore greece at the greek festival in belmont complete with food, dancing and the kids area all weekend long at the greek orthodox church. >> in the east bay, the 2017 brazilian day will feature. or head to the scottish festival at the alameda county fair ground in pleasanton where you will find gathering, games, dance, music and more. north bay, the sausalito arts festival is this weekend. rub shoulders with wine growers, winemakers and chefs at taste of sonoma in sonoma
5:48 am
county. in sport, a's are away, giants are home. time is 5:48. let's check in with sal. you were talking about a sigalert. >> 880 westbound, a and hit a crossing. 80 westbound is going to be slow now and the backup is building heading towards san pablo dam road. the traffic may be affected eastbound but mostly westbound here and we do have a crew on the way but i will let you know that if you drive from vallejo, down into richmond, this is going to affect you. you have to narrow down to a couple of lanes. this was a big rig that apparently hit the overcrossing, flipped over and there is debris. let's take look at the traffic here on the bay bridge. looks okay. getting on to the span, it's light at the toll plaza. normally, it's already slow at this time.
5:49 am
some people are held up on 80 but going to be a lighter day commute wise. sal, the record high in san francisco today is 90. they should shatter that. shatter it. >> heart is it. >> yes, crush it. i think they'll get up to -- it's been a wild one. it's possible they could top it. possible. >> heat advisory is out. i mean, if you live on the coast or city, you are like, where is the summer? be careful what you wish for. you are going to see 90s for many. inland, it is going to be blazing hot. possibility of all-time record high. santa rosa, 110 twice. that's the forecast for toyed. heat warning, high fire danger spare the air. where is all the smoke coming from? coming down from fires from the north and east as we have a north-northeast breeze. that's why you could not see
5:50 am
maybe mount diablo or mount hamilton. 60s, 70s, 70s in the city. it's warmer at sfo and downtown san francisco than it is in downtown vacaville. it was 100 yesterday. 114 possible today. some of the forecast models go 116 in livermore on saturday. then 102 and 86. today and tomorrow, the coast is clear. i just looked at the navy product on the satellite for fog and i can't find any. east mon bay, offshore breeze. there you go. 71 in the is city. 70 in brentwood, very unusual here. on the peninsula, 60s and 70s. 73 in sanford. pacifica is 72. yesterday, you have to get over to the moss beach, not as warm
5:51 am
but still starting off very warm. you can see the direction. everything is going from land to sea so that will take care of it. temperatures are poised, raring to go. i can easily see 101 in san francisco but i went 98. antioch, 114. a couple of observations that showed warmer temps, say, west of antioch and brentwood and people are saying, how is that possible? east wind. that's how that's possible. >> after saturday, you should start to get better. >> okay, because 100 degrees in san francisco, that is just way above -- >> that's like con cord hot. >> yes, is about to say. >> fresno hot. >> a lot of restaurants don't have air conditioning. >> they don't need it. >> try finding a place to eat and escape the heat is tough, too. >> a major new project for tesla when we come back.
5:52 am
from electric cars to solar roofs. where production is starting on a new tesla project.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. some tesla employees and the fremont factory are complaining about chemical dangers. according to the san francisco chronicle, 2300 works have raids complaints about chemical
5:55 am
training and handling. they say their exposure has caused rashes, dez anyiest, knows bleeds and in one case eye damage. tesla is calling these claims completely false. california law requires companies that use hazardous chemicals to give employees training on the proper use of these chemicals and provide information about the dangers. and tesla started large- scale production of the solar panel roof tiles in buffalo new york. they look like roof tiles but they are made of special glass. until now, tesla has been making the roof tiles on a small scale here its car factory in fremont. the 49ers ended their preseason by beating the chargers 23-14 and did all their scoring in the first half. second and 8, rookie quarterback c.j. bethard starting scramble, we
5:56 am
having through the middle of the field. he's gone 62 yards for a touchdown. 49ers left 10-3. here is rookie victor bolden running back a punt. wake me up when he is in the end zone. he ran 92 yards for a touchdown. two weeks ago, he ran back a kick 104 yards for a touchdown. the 49ers won 23-14. the first regular season game is sunday, september 10th hosting the carolina panthers at levi stadium. the raiders lost to the seahawks 17-13. they were winless in the preseason but an undrafted rookie looked like a star. >> hard hit, picked off by borders. >> that's breon borders with that interception. then with two minutes left in the first half, e j manuel hit keyon carter for a touchdown.
5:57 am
raiders start their regular season on the road playing the tennessee titans. >> coming up next in the 6:00 hour, it will be a collective effort to keep the lights on in the bay area. there is a statewide flex alert today because of the heat. we're going to show you what pg&e is doing right now to prevent the power outages. and four alameda county deputies facing charges for what allegedly happened inside an east bay jail. we'll tell you more about what reportedly happened between inmates.
5:58 am
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good morning. temperatures today in some parts of the bay area could go well over 110 degrees. we'll have more about this weekend's heat wave and what's being done to keep those air conditioners running. >> and the water is receding a bit in texas. another storm is gaining strength. we'll have the latest from houston as rescues continue today. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. friday morning, september 1st.
6:00 am
i'm pam cooke. >> and i'm dave clark. the big story in the bay area this morning, the hot water. we may see some knee records. >> 100 even in san francisco. >> isn't that something? >> yes. >> steve paulson will have the forecast but let's go first to christien kafton. >> pg&e is asking everybody to watch their power usage. thomas sarkisian from pg&e is joining us. first off, what are


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