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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 2, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the tunal performer was on stage when there were hundreds of gunshots >> we are looking at an excess of 50 individuals dead, and other 200 individuals injured. >> the sheriff says that number could go higher. so many people in the hospital. the police in los angeles and the fbi trying to piece together exactly what happened during last night's deadly shooting rampage. as we welcome you back to "mornings on 2," it's
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monday. it's october 2nd. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. this morning, employees in los angeles, of course, just gave an update just a short time ago that 50 people are dead, and again at least 200 are injured. this is after this gunman opened fire outdoor. this was an outdoor concert on the los angeles strip overnight. >> loren blanchard is in los angeles now. loren, thank you. you've been getting updates. exactly what do you know now? >> reporter: good morning, pam, dave, those numbers really just absolutely startling. just a couple of hours ago, they were half that. shows how this thing was happening. many injured. we know the name of the gunman, the alleged gunman. his name was steven pattock. officials also say he is dead, and they found numerous firearms within his room that they say he used to shoot down on this crowd of people just
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watching a country music festival along the los angeles strip. >> reporter: chaos in los angeles with gunfire erupting late sunday, a mass scene unfolding. >> there were a lot of people shot, unfortunately. >> reporter: officials at a los angeles hospital reporting people dead and dozens injured, including many critical. >> officers responded to that location, and engagedded the suspect. he is dead. he has been identified. he is a local resident. >> reporter: the gunfire erupting as a large country music concert was taking police in the area, prompting droves of people to flee the area and take shelter anywhere they could. >> people started piling out towards the accident, and we all ran out down the street here towards the mgm country music festival. it was during the headliner,
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which was jason aldean. >> reporter: large numbers of police rushing into the area, locking down the famed los angeles strippings looking for whoever is responsible. >> we do not know. it's an ongoing investigation the right now, we believe he is the sole aggressor. >> reporter: this as witnesses reported seeing multiple victims and gunfire raining down on the concert venue. >> one girl had shrapnel and marks on the side of her face. she said it appeared the bullets were coming from mandelay bay, and they were just dropping, the people were just dropping. >> reporter: we saw some folks as they were walking from the mandelay area. one man had blood splattered on his shirt. he said they were standing so close to some of these people that were shot that that was their blood that splattered on him. he said he and his wife tried to perform cpr on a number of folks in the chaos issues it was hard for medics to get around. as we are now finding out,
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there were so many injured and so many killed. pam? dave? . >> and loren, we understand there's a person of interest, his room-mate. a woman has been located. do we know if she's in custody, and what connections she might have might have? . >> . >> reporter: yeah. we heard about this companion. that was actually the first identity that police gave us, marylou demely. police are nearly confident they have located her. they have not said whether or not they actually have her in custody, but they did say they are very certain they have located her. of course there are a number of questions they have for her. they found both cars that were in question. so police at least making some headway there and we'll see what comes out of what they're able to tuck to her about. >> loren, quickly before you go, we're looking over your shoulder. what's happening behind you. you've been out there all
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night. what's it like out there now? >> reporter: yeah. well, dave, over the last couple of hours, this has kind of settled down. before, there were a number of ambulances and cars running up and down. it has quieted down as a lot of these people have kept going up the road. things quieting down here, but certainly not over on the strip. >> loren blanchard from los angeles, thank you. well, president trump is reacting to the shooting this morning. he tweeted: "my warmest condolences and sympathy to the victims and families of the terrible los angeles shooting. god bless you." . our time is now 4:35 on this busy monday morning. we are going to check your weather. steve paulson is here. >> thank you so much. we have clear skies. it is going to be a breezy windy day. temperatures coming down a little bit. there will still be 80s. look at fairfield.
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due north, gusts to 23. there's pretty good gusts up to vacaville. even livermore north and 18. a system digging in from nevada and actually the inner mountain region. it's a dry system. they don't have a lot of moisture if any. it will be sunny today. but breezy to windy, and temperatures, well, they're all over the place. 40s, 50s, and 60s. . there's a huge difference in a lot of these temps. juan berkeley, 64. that's that north wind. 65 downtown san francisco. i mean, there's just going to be some mild conditions until this system kind of digs back in here tomorrow, which will cool us off a little bit. it's coming overland. a breezy to windy day. 60s, 7 0s, 8 0s. good morning to you. salamo county, let's start there, and traffic is
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going to be okay. you're driving vacaville, fairfield, continuing to the vallejo area, continuing on to the east shore freeway. takes about 16 minutes to drive from the carcenas bridge to the mac arthur maze. traffic is light so far. at 4:37, let's go back to the desk. >> an investigation underway at half-moon bay. that's where a chp car hit and killed a pedestrian outside of a popular restaurant over the weekend. it happened before 8:30 saturday night near sam's chowder house seafood restaurant near highway 10 south of capastrano road. authorities say a suv was going northbound on highway 101 when it hit the pedestrian, a 74-year-old man who was crossing the street after leaving a wedding reception. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a community in the oakland hills is in shock
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after a retired real estate agent was beaten to death, reportedly by his estranged son. investigators say 80-year-old earnst clark was attacked in his home late friday night. his middle-aged daughter was also injured. she was taken to the hospital, and has been released. relatives say police have arrested clark's 38-year-old estranged son, aaron. he is being held without bail, and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. time is 4:38. police in roneford park, searching for the person who robbed a salon at gunpoint. happened yesterday afternoon. everything was captured on surveillance camera. police say the man walked out of business, pulled a gun, demanded money. then ran away with an undisclosed amount of cash. police are hoping you'll see these pictures and recognize a suspect from these surveillance photos.
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if you have any information, call roanord park, police. there's a hospital drill scheduled at zuckerford hospital. it's designed to train first responders how to operate with military troops in the event of a disaster, such as an earthquake or mass casualty situation where large numbers of people are needed for medical stream. >> zucker berg hospital will be overloaded with patients, and you're going to see different capabilities that are going to be offered to help them deal with that surge. >> the exercise will include the city, county, state, and mar,ne corps, shock trauma platoon. it will be held from 10:00 to noon. the uss essex warship kicked off yesterday as it sailed under the golden gate bridge. the event is a way to meet and honor the men and women who serve the nation. it's opinion recognized by the defense department as
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the model for fleet weeks nationwide. it includes a parade of ships, tours on board some of the ships, air shows featuring the blue angels, and a lot more. >> we have -- the bands are going to be in town. we have different neighborhood band performances are going to be occurring around the city. sailors will be here. you'll see them around the city for sure. >> now, fleet week started in 1981, and has attracted millions of visitors. there's also a very serious part to fleet week. the u.s. navy and san francisco first responders trained together on disaster drills. fleet week will continue until october 9th. 4:40 is the time. police are now looking for a suspect after a 20-year-old woman and 24-year- old man were found dead inside a car. >> also starting today, it will cost you more to ride cal train.
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>> good morning. you can see traffic is off to a nice start here on the san mateo bridge. we'll tell you more coming up. >> lot of sun today. it will be breezy to windy. temperatures upper 7 0s, 8 0s, about where they should be this time of year. in the water, in the water
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more than 200 were hurt. it is the worst mass shooting in modern american history. more than 0,000 people were at the concert near the mandelay bay hotel when a gunman inside the hotel started shooting from the 32nd floor. police used explosives to get
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into the gunman's hotel room. that gunman was shot and killed by police who have identified the man as a 64-year- old man from los angeles. police say they also located a woman who may have been his roommate. they plan to question her as quickly as possible. investigators believe the gunman acted on his own. we'll be bringing you new updates coming up at 5:00. well, cal train fares and parking fee increased. fares went up to 25 cents starting yesterday. monthly rates have increased from $55 to $82.50. the discounted eight-ride ticket has been eliminated. on january 1st, the price of the go pass will rise from $190 to $237. caltrans said the ride increases are needed to pay for the cost of operating the system. a lot of cars on the roads now. it's busy already. how does it look now?
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. >> well, it's busy, as you said, dave and pam. people already out on the road, especially if you're coming in from far away areas. let's talk about that tracy commute. traffic is moving along slowly already on 580 and 205 as you drive along the atmont pass. liver more, it's a nice looking drive to dubl,n with a little slowing at the dublin interchange. there have been no major problems, by the way on interstate 880 and oakland. traffic is moving along well past the climb. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you have a window of opportunity to get there before the large crowd does. at 4:45, let's bring steve in. >> thank you, sal. identities a breezy to windy pattern. it will be sunny for everybody. there's no fog to deal with. especially toward fairfield, vacaville. along the coast, there's a strong northerly breeze. looks like that will be with us most of the day.
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areas to the south, north of livermore, north at hayward. this system is digging in from the inner mountain region. you can see it there as it works its way in. doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. plenty of 80s because of that north wind through the interior. 40s to 60s. there are some that are very mild. redwood city 65, 58 moss beach. fremont is 52. all this is wind-driven. 70 for some down south, especially palm springs. 23 up in truckee. 44yukaya. look for a blustery pattern next few days. then it locks like warmer weather is on the way.
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sunny and windy today. more sun, and it does look warmer as we head toward the end of the week. today it's 7 0s on the coast, 70s around the bay. maybe some mid-8 0s, especially fairfield to vacaville. they get that north breeze. a quiet week, warmer as we head toward the end of the week. >> all right. thank you, steve. >> you're welcome. 0:47 is the time now. at the movies this weekend, the movie "it" regained the top spot. >> you don't know they're getting closer until it's too late. >> the film brought in another $17 million in ticket sales. it fell to second place last week, but bumped back up into first with strong sales this weekend. the movie is now the highest grossing r rated horror film ever. it was a close fight for number one. the new movie "american made" also brings in $17 million in ticket sales
4:48 am
during its debut weekend. >> yeah. >> and the crime thriller stars tom cruise. last week's top movie, "kingsman: the golden circle" slid to third place, but brought in an extra $17 million. time is 4:48. gas prices may go down again. in fact, they're expected to drop another 5 to 10 cents this week. right now, the average price for gas? 2.66 a gallon, down from the peak on september 12th, at 2.76 a gallon. triple a says prices are still inflated after hurricanes irma and harvey, be thaw eel keep dropping as refinery operations, supplies, imports, exports slowly get back to normal. gas pump prices have another 20 cents cents to before they get back to normal. yesterday marked the start of breast cancer awareness month. in honor, the white house turned pink as part of the monthlong niche tv to raise
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awareness about breast cancer. melania trump urged women to talk to their health care providers about mammograms. the white house turned pentagon in honor of breast cancer awareness month since 2008. it's been a tough week for the 49ers. they lost to the cardinals after a last-second touchdown in overtime. we'll tell you about the teams who still have not won a game this season. my challenge is to be in sync with my body, myself, my life. it all starts with a healthy routine. begin the activia two week probiotic challenge by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge!
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left center, and that baby's gone. chris davis, number 43. >> chris davis had a career high for homers in the season. the a's went on to win. they finished the season with 80 wins. they will have the ninth pick in next year's draft. meantime, the giants ended a dismal season. they won an exciting game 5-4 against the padres. jarod parker brought the giants within a run with an rbi single. this knock in buster pose say. . in the 9th, the panda, pablo sandoval came up to
4:53 am
the plate. . they finished the season with the worst record in the national local. that means the giants will have the 2nd pick in the draft. the raiders fell 2-2 after losing a tight one in denver, 16-10. >> the bottom 16, chris clark looking for a long ball. he's got the catch. he's got the touchdown. >> derek carr got the raiders on the board with the long pass to johnny hotton. in the 3rd quarter, carr was sacked and injured on the play. he left the game with some back spams. e.j. manuel replaces carr as quarterback in the 4th quarter. he threw it up for amari cooper, but it was intercepted. denver held on to win the game.
4:54 am
here's what coach jack del r,o says after the game. >> that's the difference between being really happy and, you know, being not so happy, is -- those chain of events there, that's how close it is in this league. that's how fine a point it is, the edge that you're log for. those two minutes go a little different. obviously it's a different out come. >> well, the raiders return to of course and host the baltimore ravens on sunday. time is 4:54. the 49ers still have not won a game thissen is. they lost to the cardinals in overtime 18-15. ktvu's joe fonzi is in arizona with more on that. >> reporter: no one in the nfl wants to hear about moral victories, but in a season the 49ers hope is characterized by improvement, their young defensive players continue to be a plus.
4:55 am
solomon thomas this could up his first nfl sack, one of the 6 the 49ers have as a team. >> it was great to get the 1st one out of the way. >> reporter: elvis d,mervulle got the 100th sack of his career. 1 touchdown was called back by a penalty. other drives were concerned by out right drops or misreads on pass routes, the kind of things that can age a coach before his time. >> we do think we can get it done. obviously haven't gotten it done. why aren't you making those plays in the moment of truth. all you can do is get better so you're more consistent in making those. >> it's such a feeling. it success. you losing these games.
4:56 am
it coming down to the wire and everything so close. you just got to go out there and take another opportunity as a whole. >> reporter: the players say they still believe, but winning would make belief a whole lot easier. in arizona, joe fonzi, ktvu, fox 2 news. we are coming up on our 5:00 hour, and we continue to follow that breaking news out of los angeles. at least 50 people have lost their lives, hundreds of others are injured. we will have updates from the scene. >> also a violent attack on the uc berkeley campus. the police search now for the three men who beat a student unconscious in their dorm. >> san jose commute off to a good start. northbound 280 traffic is moving along pretty well, getting up to highway 17 and into the west valley. >> lot of sun, but it's going to be a windy, blustery day, and temperatures, they'll be near average. we'll see what's in store the rest of the week.
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the shooter is dead. hundreds of people, though, still in the hospital. thank you for joining us. it's monday, october 2nd . . i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> we continue with that news. again, 50 people, at least 50 people are dead after that gunman opened fire on a crowd. it was a gathering near the mandelay hotel and casino. [ gunfire ] >> this is now the deadliest shooting in north more than history. two hundred were hurt. los angeles police confronted
5:00 am
the gunman on the 32nd floor of the hotel. they've identified him as 67- year-old steven paddock of los angeles, and he is dead. people attending that concert first thought they were hearing fireworks. when they realized it was gunfire, they began to look for shelter, any place they could find out. >> people started piling out toward the exit. we all ran out down the street here toward the mgm. >> a large number of police rushed to the scene, locking down all of the los angeles strip and warning people to stay away. the lags airport, which is very close to mandelay bay, was also shut down as people ran on to the airport grounds, trying to escape. also interstate 15 was closed to all traffic. the latest update, though, both the airport and the freeway are open again. >> now, people who were at the


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