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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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us with this endeavor. then you have the carr county commission chairman, steve sicelak. he has been instrumental getting resources to the first responders as far as refresh. s and food and support of the entire county commission. i have been on the phone the entire night with the mayor, carlin goodman, and she responded to unc to check on the patients, and she is in the process of visiting the other hospitals and showing the support of the city. and then obviously we have our congressman reuben cewen. he is in town to show support. any other questions of the members standing before you? yes, ma'am. >> i know, at one point, you said it's not -- [ indistinguishable ] >> we have to establish what is motivation. there are motivating factors associated with terrorism other than a distraught person just intending to cause mass casualty. before we label with that, that
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will be a matter of pro. no, we have not. we have not. we have not located any items within the room or his house at this point. >> yes, ma'am. it was a matter of normal practice. whenever we use a dynamic entry. we have information he's been there since the 28th of september. so i have no idea whether he prevented the housekeepers from entering the room or not. that's just a matter of continued investigation. all right. thank you so much. we'll provide you an update probably in the next two hours. thank you. >> thank you for joining us here, mornings on 2. just to let you know, we've been listening live to the press conference in los angeles, the update
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there that they still have the death, the number of deaths more than 50. they said it's really hard to tell at this point. at least 400 people were taken to the hospital. it was a huge crowd of people outside, 22,000. so we suspect some people were injured just in the trying to run and get away, and they're trying to account for everybody. and two things you should know if you're trying to found out about loved ones or friends. they said the los angeles police headquarters is the place to go. also, if you have any information, you know someone who may have video, any cell phone video, there's 1-800-call fbi. they are the central location they will be gathering the information on what happened and trying to piece together some of this. >> we will be bringing it to you throughout the morning on mornings 2.
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>> that's our top story this morning. thank you for joining us here on "mornings on 2." . >> and we are going to continue with this breaking news in los angeles, and we're repeating what pam just said. at least 50 people were killed last night. a gunman opened fire on a crowd of thousands at an outdoor country music festival right near the mandelay bay hotel and casino. >> [ gunfire ] >> yeah. more than 400 people, again, taken to the hospital, including from what we understand, several police officers. los angeles police confronted the gunman on the 32nd floor of the hotel. they have identified him. we just heard this in the press conference: sixty-four-year-old steven craig paddock of mesquite, nevada. they say that the gunman is
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dead. they believe that he fired the gun on himself, turned the gun on himself after police were getting close to that hotel room. they say that it looks like there's evidence -- >> just heard what sounded like gunfire. >> people were attending this concert. they thought they heard fireworks, but they realized it was gunfire. they began to look for shelter anywhere they could. aall right. the number of casualties, again, could go even higher. it's already the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. . other people managed to get away without being physically injured. we understand an off-duty nurse said her instinct to run away may have saved her life. she said the shooting seemed to go on forever, but she said she felt compelled to
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return to help others. >> people started piling out towards the exit, and we all ran out down the street here towards the mgm. . >> now, she said it was difficult, but she will try to focus on how many people, including paramedics, police, and people who only know first aid tried to help others. time is 6:05. police say the woman who at one time was considered a person of interest in the case is no longer a suspect. investigators say they don't believe 62-year-old mary lieu danely was involved in the shooting. we've been told she was out of the country at the time. >> the motive still unclear. los angeles police say they are
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looking into the background. so far doesn't look like a background for this shooter, and the police now say the gunman killed himself. >> now, the fbi, as you heard, is assisting and overseeing the investigation. the agents want anyone that has video of the shooting to contact them. reporter loren blanchard joining us live in los angeles. you've been there quite some time. fill us in on more of the latest. >> reporter: good morning, pam, dave. the latest numbers really sobering: 406 people sent to the hospital. fifty people are dead this morning, this after the suspect, steven paddock, he opened fire on this crowd. police confirming they found paddock dead in his room. police also confirming they found ten weapons in that room that he allegedly was using or was about to use on this crowd at this
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country music festival along the los angeles strip. chaos in los angeles with gunfire erupting late sunday. a mass shooting unfolding near the mandelay bay hotel and casino. >> there were a lot of people shot, unfortunately. >> reporter: officials at a los angeles hospital reporting people dead and dozens of people injured, including many critically. >> there was a shooter on the 32nd floor of the mandelay bay. officers responded to that location and engaged the suspect at that location. he is dead. he has been identified. he is a local resident. >> reporter: the gunfire erupting as a large country music concert was taking police in the area prompting droves of people to flee the area and take shelter anywhere they could. >> people started piling out towards the exit. we all ran out down the street here towards the mgm country music festival. it was during the headliner,
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which was jason aldean. >> reporter: large numbers of police rushing into the area, locking down all along the famed los angeles strip, looking for whoever is responsible. >> we do not know. it's an ongoing investigation the right now, we believe he is the sole aggressor. >> reporter: this as witnesses reported seeing multiple victims and gunfire raining down on the convert venue. >> one girl had shrapnel marks on the side of her face, and she said it appeared the bullets were coming from mandelay bay into the concert, and they were just dropping. the people were just dropping. >> reporter: police are asking people to be patient as they work to identify all of these victims and notify their next of kin. they are asking people to be patient with this process, because there are so many. they are also asking anyone to donate blood just because there's so much of a need at this point. pam? dave? . >> thank you. loren blanchard in los angeles. thank you. our coverage of the los
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angeles investigation continues online at we will also have live updates from loren blanchard there in los angeles throughout the morning. sunny, guys, but breezy to windy. there's some major differences on the lows. a good 15 degrees in lows. it all has to do with the wind direction and speed. most is out of the north or northwest. 70s, 70s, and up 7 0s, 8 0s. system is digging in. you can see the air flow coming out of the north, the northwest. the good news, that has turned the water temps much colder. that breeze is going to make for very high fire danger. the strongest gusts along the coast, higher elevations, also out to the valley. it's dry. there won't be any cloud cover wit. it is very brief, and zips by fast. high fire danger tuesday, maybe
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wednesday. sfo, 66. 64 out towards fairfield. 49 palo alto. just major differences some areas. 15 degrees warmer napa than -- than they were 24 hours ago. livermore plus 11. san jose is only 1. hayward is minus 3. there's some cool readings, warm readings, and everything is settling on the west coast. this system will retrograde for a cooler pattern. 7 0s on the temps, upper 7 0s, 8 0s. 6:10, sal. do you have something? no. we have traffic, steve, that is getting busier. people are on their way to work. traffic is going to be moderate as you drive between the carquinez bridge and the maccarthur maze. . northbound 101, traffic still looks all right. southbound traffic also looking good heading south
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into san francisco. this is interstate 880 in oakland. and you can see traffic is moving along very well. southbound, a little bit slow, beginning at 238 as you head down into union city. at 6:11:00, let's go back to the desk. . >> company executives are expected to turn over information on more than 0,000 ads that ran during the 2016 presidential election. all are believed to be linked to russian companies. now, this is the latest in the investigation into potential tampering in the election. our time is 6:11. today the circuit court will start a new term with many controversial cases on the agenda. on sunday, five circuit court justices attended this, a red mass, most wearing red ties met to celebrate the legal profession. services like this occur all over the world. today the high court will hear some of the nation's
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most controversial debates. >> it's only one prediction that's entirely safe about the upcoming term, and that is it will be momentous. >> the circuit court will look at cases involving police, tracking a suspect from a cell phone, and whether public employees have the right to refuse to pay union dues. the one case they will not tack up, at least for now? president trump's controversial travel ban. after the submission revised that ban, the court removed the case from its calendar. time now is 6:12. o.j. simpson a free man. however, a plan for life after prison is not going as planned. coming up, we're going to tell you the reason some people -- someone is blocking his plans to move to florida. >> also san francisco's cable cars, not as popular as they used to be the we'll tell you why there are suddenly fewer passengers. this is the new comfort food.
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police believe he is the only person who planned and carried out the deadliest shooting in u.s. history. they are searching his home for any additional information about the shooting. the sheriff says as many as 400 people have been ten to hospitals, but that number may go up. they're still searching for people who may be hiding still. . dozens of people are in critical condition. there's still no known motive for the shooting. well, when the shooting began last night, country music star jason aldean was on stage performing. he quickly ran for cover. now, he posted this message this morning on instagram. it reads: "tonight has been beyond horrific. i wanted to let everybody know that me and my crew are safe. . my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved tonight. it hurt my heart this would happen to anyone who was just coming out to enjoy what should have been a fun night." country music star jake owen just performed on the stage moments before the
6:17 am
shooting, and he tweeted: "praying for everyone here in vegas. i've witnessed the most unimaginable event tonight. we are okay. others aren't. please pray." gunshots were ringing off the stage, rigging, road cases. nowhere knew where to go. thank you, los angeles police and responders for keeping us safe." . it is 6:17. we want to check in with sal for look at traffic. hopefully the commute is looking pretty good. >> yeah. it's a little bit slow in some areas, pam, but it's not terrible commute right now. . a typical commute, as you can clear. northbound and southbound 11, traffic moving along well with no major problems. so this monday commute, we're kind of easing on into
6:18 am
it. i do see some slowing on some of these commutes. looking at the silicon valley commute, we haven't started there yet. you have your window of opportunity to get on the road before the crowd. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. >> you're right, sal. it is clear out there. a 19-degree deference on some areas that aren't far apart. so it depends, if you don't have any breeze, it's cool. if you don't, than it probably won't. mid-70s around the bay. upper 7 0s, maybe a few mid-80s if you get enough north wind. that breeze coming from north, that's the good news. bad news is it's high fire danger. the water temps have come down. fso 17 northwest. out to the valley it is just roaring along. 53. san francisco 55. the coldest they've been in a long time. you get that northerly breeze
6:19 am
or northwest, and that turn the water cold. 40s and 6 0s. lakeport is 44. berkeley 60. fairfield 64. woodside is 47. redwood city 63. san matteo 61. there's some major differences on these temps. everything as far as this pattern goes will be retro grading a little bit, heading back to us tomorrow, which will allow temperatures to cool off a little bit. we'll start to see warmer temps by the end of the week. 70s higher elevations out to the valley. than it locks like warmer temps kick back in. it's october, so you get wild swings. >> okay. that's true. it is the typical fall.
6:20 am
6:19 is the time now. still ahead, a plane's engine destroyed in mid-flight. coming up next, with ear going to show you the frightening landing and what investigators have to say this morning. >> and later on fleet week comes back here to the bay area. what you need to know before you head into san francisco. at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all.
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imagine what we can do for you.
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florida's attorney general had said she does not want simpson in florida. >> now she's mag all the rounds. so, you know, what? god bless her, but here's the consequence of it she is dehuman friesing and polarizing people who have the status of convicted felons and parolees. mr. simpson is not a slave or indentured servant. >> o.j. simpson has five years of supervised parole meaning he cannot leave nevada without prior approval from the parole board. his lawyer predicts simpson will probably make the move to florida sometime by the end of the year. many of the passengers on
6:24 am
board an air france flight that was supposed to go from paris to los angeles are still stuck in a remote area of newfoundland, canada. part of the engine on the right side had broken off, similar to a problem that had grounded jets years ago. the crew made an emergency landing at the private coos bay airport, which is not designed for jerusalembo jets. the airline is still making arrangements to get those passengers here to california. our time is now 6:24. there's a new report that says fewer people are riding san francisco's cable cars, believe it or not. sf gate reports rideership was down 25% last year. now, this comes as muni raised the fare to $7 each way, or $14 for a round trip. now, because of that drop in ridership, the transit agency lost $13 million in cable car ticket sales
6:25 am
last year. this year, the numbers are looking better so far. but 3,000 fewer people are riding cable cars every day compared to 2014. >> hmm. 6:25 is the time now. we do continue the follow that breaking news out of las vegas. we do know at least 0 people were killed in a shooting at that outdoor concert we'll it will you what witnesses encountrd and what police have to say about the gunman. >> fleet week has begun. but before the celebration, they're doing some much-needed disaster training. coming up, how the marines will be helping the city of san francisco after an earthquake. . >> good morning. you can see traffic is going to be busy if you are going to be driving on almost any of the bay area commutes. right now, in the east bay, for example, we have some slowingful we'll tell you more about the morning commute when we come back.
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we do expect updates throughout the morning. at least 50 people are
6:29 am
confirmed dead. at last check, 406 others have been taken to the hospital. now, police say a loan gunman opened fire in a country music festival that was happening there on the las vegas strip. >> allie rasmus in our newsroom. . >> reporter: las vegas police put out two calls for the public. they are asking the public for help with collecting evidence, particularly video evidence. . they referred it to the fbi to help with this investigation. area hospitals in las vegas are also in urgent need of blood donations. authorities believe 64-year-old steven craig paddock was the sole person responsible for what is now the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. police say paddock is dead, that he shot himself before police entered his hotel room. the last update, las vegas authorities say more than 50 people have been killed in this tragedy. more than 400 people being
6:30 am
treated for injuries at local hospitals. . >> [ gunfire ] >> now, this is what witnessed heard. police haven't specified what type of weapons used. las vegas police say there were 22,000 people attending that sold-out concert in an open field. the gunman had set up a cache of weapons and ammunition above the scene of the concert in the room of the mandelay bay tower. they also say paddock, the suspected gunman in this incident, did not have a prior criminal or military record. >> stan craig paddock, 64 years
6:31 am
old, a white male from miss coat, nevada. we have no investigative information or background associated with this individual that is derogatory. the only thing we can tell is he received a citation several years ago, and that citation was handled as a matter of normal practice in the court system. >> all the heard some pops when jason aldean came on and performed. at the start, we all thought it was probably, like, an electronic thing, a malfunction or stuff. >> feedback. >> i'm like, "okay. even's all right." all the sunday, people started dropping by the stage area, up front by us. >> trying to direct traffic so people didn't get hit by cars. i mean, that was my biggest concern at that point, getting the gunshot victims away from the -- away from the scene, and now i'm just log for my colleagues. >> now, authorities have not revealed anything yet about a possible motive, and
6:32 am
there may not be one. during the overnight hours, police were looking for this woman marylou danley as a person of interest. now however police say she is not connected to this incident. she was out of the country, in fact, when all of this happened overnight. but right now police are going through paddock's residence in mesquite, nevada. it's about an hour and a half away from las vegas to gather evidence. they said they first had to clear the residence of any possible explosives. so it is a slow process, they said, in their last update. there's a hot line set up for people who are willing for family members or loved ones, and we may have that number for you. the fbi is involved in this investigation. they're asking people to help them turn over any evidence, cell phone video that they may have taken as this terror unfolded on the las vegas strip. back to you guys. >> yeah, allie. by the way, that number for the fbi is 1-800-call fbi for more information.
6:33 am
>> yeah. >> thank you, allue. our coverage of the deadly las vegas shooting rampage will continue throughout the day. you can also get updates online at all right. here in the bay area, weather brings a red flag warning today. >> yeah. >> so i know usually that means that hiking trails on mount d,ablo and mount tam could be closed. i was trying to check on that. that's pretty dry. >> very dry. low humidity. october usually -- fire season october. we get the wind, dry conditions, no cloud cover. this is a north wind. it is north, northwest. so 70s and 80s today. let's get to it here. sunny and windy on your monday. there's the red flag warning. goes through tuesday. that covers mainly the higher elevations, but i've seen gusts of 40 miles per
6:34 am
hour, the las cameras reservoir. and coming right down the coast as well. the water temps have cooled off dramatically. that breeze is kick up its heels big time. to 32 at vacaville. they've had gusts to 28, 0. north at fso, more of a west here at san jose, mountainview. most locations are north and northwest. it will be a breezy day, sunny as well. but 50s, 60s, some 40s. santa claire is 49. coopertuno is 59. . boulder creek -- 10, 15- degree differences on some of these lows. these temperatures will be with us through wednesday. warmer temps will kick back in. 70s for most, 80s through the interior. 6:34, sal. anything on your screen yet? . >> we do have slow traffic,
6:35 am
steve, and it's getting slower. we also had a minor crash turns out near ashby avenue. it was a motorcycle and another car. looks like there on the shoulder or something's on the shoulder. traffic is going to be moving by in all the lanes, and fortunately, it wasn't a major accident. however, traffic is already slow, a 40-minute drive between the carquinez bridge and maccarthur maze. another 40 minutes if before you make it on to the span. if you're driving when you get there in san francisco, it's crowded, but not stop and go. northbound and southbound 101 are crowded near the 80s split. you can see traffic is moving along well. southbound traffic is still slow as you drive south from 238 to dokoto road. southbound is also slowing down this morning as you drive out of pleasanton and head down to the sonoll grave. now at 6:5, let's go back
6:36 am
to the desk. >> happening today in san francisco, hospitals and the u.s. marines are staging an emergency medical drill. it is a planned exercise as part of fleet week, but also very timely after the 3 big hurricanes that slammed into texas, florida, and puerto rico. more on what's going on out there. lee? >> reporter: yes. now, this is just practice in case there's a. organizers say it's probably going to be earthquake. they have not arrived just yet. we are going to be seeing kind of a collaborative effort between the marines and our civilian first responders. what we're seeing in the parking lot is just a test. the military and state of california health care workers are setting up multiple field hospitals. this is if we have something
6:37 am
huge, like an earthquake, multiple casualties, multiple people hurt. organizers yesterday, they kind of gave us a run down of what we can expect to see a little bit later this morning. >> you're going see how san francisco can handle medical surge capabilities, right? zuckerberg hospital will be overloaded with patients. you're gong see the different capabilities offered to help them deal with the that surge. >> reporter: what you're seeing now is the marine shock trauma platoon that is sergeant up to work alongside the civilian first responders. now, what we're told is that this is just for natural disasters, like we saw with the hurricanes, the same as what we would see if. if we do have an earthquake, this is what would happen. this is not for a mass casualty situation, a mass shooting like we're seeing in las vegas. that's not going to happen. they leave. they do not augment local law enforcement at all. around 10:00 is when they're
6:38 am
going to do their medical simulation. they're going to operate individual hospital tents with these simulated fake patients. that's what we'll see at 10:00. this is part of fleet week. fleet week has a celebratory event. they're also here to do very important drill work. >> okay. >> and they're on the move, too, moving these tents over. >> yeah, we see. all right. thank you, lee. we'll check in with you throughout the morning. also part of fleet week, the uss essex warship kicked off events yesterday. as it crossed under the golden gas bridge. that event is a way to meet and honor the men and women who serve the country, recognized by the department of defense as the model for fleet weeks across the country. the week includes a parade of ships and on-board tours, air shows featuring the blue angels and much more. >> we have -- the bands are going to be in town. we have different neighborhood band performances that are going to be occurring around the city. the marine sailors will be
6:39 am
here. you'll see them out and around the city for sure. >> fleet week started in 1981. it attracts thousands of people to the area. it runs until october 9th. our time is now 6:39. an investigation underway in half-moon bay where a chp suv hit and killed a pedestrian over the weekend outside of a popular restaurant. it happened saturday night just before 8:30 near sam's chowder house seafood restaurant along highway 1 south of capstrano road. a man was hit by a highway patrol suv that was going northbound on highway 1. the man was crossing the highway after leaving a wedding reception. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the investigation continues. time now is 6:39. if you are heading to work and you take cal train, you might be in for a bit of a surprise. coming up, the changes that start this week. >> also the warriors play 2 preseason games in china this week. we'll see why they had to fly
6:40 am
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pope frances called the shooting a isn'tless tragedy, and said he's dopily saddened by the tragedy. at least 50 people are known to be dead. hundreds more taken to hospitals after a gunman opened fire overnight on an
6:43 am
outdoor concert, the country music concert on the las vegas strip, making it the worst shooting in modern american history. witnesses at first thought they were hearing firew because of the rapid fire. later they described it as sounding like a machine gun. the gunman killed himself before police were automobile to get to him. they are looking for a motive for the attack. police are planning to search his home after they determine there are no explosives inside his home. also president trump is expected to speak about the tragedy at 7:30 this morning our time. ktvu mornings on 2 will bring that to you live. an investigation is now underway in france after a terror attack sunday morning. a man with a knife attacked and killed two women in the southern french city of marseilles. the islamic state group is claiming responsibility for the attack, claiming it was carried out by one
6:44 am
of its soldiers. the awe tacker was shot and killed by police and police in edmonton, canada, are tweeting and attack as an act of terror. the same man drove a u haul van into four pedestrians. the suspect was finally chased down. police found an is,s flag in the van. the suspect is in police custody. police in rhoner park searching for a person who robbed a nail salon at gunpoint. happened yesterday afternoon. everything was caught on surveillance video. police say the man walked in, pulled out a gun, and demanded money. than he ran away with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you recognize the suspect, he was last seen wearing a baseball cat with a
6:45 am
cal bears information. if you have any information, call rhoner park police. it is too many to check in with scott for a look at what's coming up in our next hair of "mornings on 2." . >> coming up continuing coverage of the latest from las vegas. it's left at least 0 people dead, more than 400 people injured. throughout the morning, we'll keep bringing you updates on the investigation, and efforts to learn what could have motivated the gunman to open fire. also good news, tesla is sending help to puerto rico. what the electric car maker is sending to puerto ruco, no not its cars, that will adultly help people there who were told it could be six months before power is fully restored to puerto ruco. >> thank you. time is 6:45. it may soon cost you loss money to ride a taxi to
6:46 am
fso. >> "the san francisco examiner" says some taxi companies are considering charging a flat rate of $0 to fso. . at cal train, fares and fees have gone up. the monthly parking rates went up from $55 to $82. the discounted 8-ride ticket, it's been eliminated. starting january 1st, the price of the go pass will go from up $190 to $237. cal train said they had to raise the prices to pay for the rising cost of operating the system. 6:46 is the time. let's check back in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on in the commute, sal? . >> we're looking at the east
6:47 am
bay. we've had slow traffic, pam and dave, on highway 24, and on 680. people are on the roads. obviously we have a lot of slow traffic here on westbound 24 near lafayette. but we don't have any major accidents. we've had some minor things go on that cleared quickly. we had a crash, 80g,lman. a little slow traffic in the background here. also slowing all the way up toward the carquinez bridge and pockets to the maccarthur maze. it still is definitely full strength this morning trying to get to work. this is a look at 101 in san francisco. it is getting pretty slow here at the 80 split with no major issues right now on interstate 880 in oak, the traffic is moderate, but slow from 238 town into fremont. let's bring steve in with today's forecast. a forecast with a lot of sun, but breezy to windy. not for everybody, but for most. this is a northerly breeze.
6:48 am
strongest gusts are out to the east. i've soon gusts almost to 40, about 50 at mount duablo. sunny, breezy, windy. up 70s, 8 0s, near average this time of year. red flag warning, as you might imagine. we get that north wind. we are on the drier side of this system by far. it will can't to dig in from the inner mountain region. the breeze is the big story. 22, gusting to, like, 26 at the napa airport. northwest, northwest, north, north. akito out toward vacaville. . that's going to keep temperatures held up there. high fire danger, north at fso. westerly to san jose. more most it's a northerly breeze. . lakeport is 42 degrees,
6:49 am
fairfield 64. huge differences here. 52 point raise. o dental is 60. 62 glenn allen. i know there's a lot of 40s to the north. . . big system, now it's producing pretty good snow moving into parts of montana. some of these temps will be near average about this time of year. some a little above. . 70 to near 80 degrees. tomorrow looks a little cooler. after that, sunny and cool weather with a decrease in the wind by the end of the week. >> thank you, steve. 6:49 is the time. both area football teams riding losing streaks. coming up, we're going to take you to the 49ers locker room after that lover time loss in arizona. >> and the raiders return from denver with a loss. we'll tell you what coach jack del rio had to say to reporters.
6:50 am
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the workplace and elsewhere. google is now relaxing its rules for new subscription sites. new web sites that offer a paid subscription will no longer have to provide users with three free articles per day when reading from google. previously if sites did not give the free articles, they would lose their site prominence. site will choose how many free articles they want to give readers. >> and starbucks is now staying away from online shopping. the company closed its stores yesterday. starbucks said it wants to focus on their stores and the in-person experience. the company will no longer sell its flavored syrups. the time is 6:50. the warriors' next preseason game wednesday in china. head coach steve kerr, he'll get there later than the players. steve kerr couldn't take the team's chartered flight because of a delay in processing his at that point.
6:54 am
now, none of the players were affected, but steve kerr reportedly, he's going to have to take a commercial flight. the warriors are scheduled to play 2 competition games this week with the minnesota timber wolves. they'll come back here to the u.s. on october 9th. meantime, the giants ended a dismal season by winning an exciting game against the padres. derek parker brought the giants within a run with an rbi single. that single knocked in busker it pose say. the panda, packlo sandoval came to the plate. the giants won their final game of the year 5-4, but they have the worst record in the national league, which means the giants will have the second pick in
6:55 am
next year's draft. the detroit tigers will pick first. well, the oakland as end the season on a high note. they beat the texas rangers 5- 2. >> took his hand as they got in the dug out. >> left center. and deep, and that the baby's gone. chris davis' number 43. >> i want to be chris davis. he set a career high for himself for homers in the season. the as finish the season with 75 wins. they will have the ninth pick in next year's draft. the oakland raiders fell to 2-2 in the season. they lost a tough one in denver 16-10. . >> the bottom 16. log for a long ball. he's got the catch. he's got the touchdown. >> derek carr got the raiders on the board with that long pass to johnny holden. but in the 3rd, derek had to be
6:56 am
carried -- taken off the field. he was injured with back spasms, we're told. e.j. manuel came n replacing him in the 4th. but he threw this interception, trying to hit amari cooper. denver held only. denver won the game. here's what raiders coach jack del rio said after the game. >> that's the difference being really happy and being, you know, not so happy, that chain of events. that's how close it is in this league. that's how fine a point it is, the edge that you're looking for. those 2 minutes go a little different. obviously it's a different out come so -- >> the raiders return to oakland. they'll be hosting the baltimore ravens on sunday. the 49ers lost another close one, this time to the cardinals in overtime. >> the blitz is on.
6:57 am
carmen struggles, throws, and it was almost intercepted. >> ray ray armstrong made the interception. the 49ers defense played well, but the offense couldn't get the job done. arizona got into good field position in overtime. that's when carson palmer found larry fitzgerald in the end zone. >> off the field with palmer again. fitzgerald, touchdown arizona. >> well the 49ers are now 0-4 on the season so far. ktuv's joe fonzi has more on this from glendale, arizona. . >> reporter: their young defensive players continue to be a plus. solomon thomas picked up his
6:58 am
1st nfl sack. . >> it was great to get the personal one out of the way. >> reporter: on the err end of the age spectrum, dulen got his 100th sack of the career. the offense failed to find the end zone for the 3rd time in 4 games. 1 touchdown was called back by a penalty the other drives were stopped by out right drops or misread on pass routes pass routes
6:59 am
the players still believe but a win would make belief easier. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. it literally felt like it continued for 20 minutes. every time there was a break we just ran and ran. >> tragedy in las vegas, 50 people have been killed and 400 injured in a mass shooting. witnesses are sharing their stories. this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> 7:00 this monday morning october 2 i'm gasia mikaelian i'm dave clark, 50 people were killed in las vegas when a gunman opened on a crowd that
7:00 am
was gathered for an outdoor country knee festival near the mandalay bay hotel and casino. >> this is the deadliest mass shooting in modern history, 400 people were injured including police officers. a gunman was located on the 32nd floor of the hotel by las vegas police. that have identified the gunman as stephen craig paddock of mesquite, nevada. people attending the concert thought they were fireworks as part of the show. allie rasmus is live from the newsroom. when they realized it was gunfire they ran. >> a lot of terrifying stories of people running for cover. they were out in the open field so were there not many places to go. as for the investigation into the man responsible, police are going through the residency of stephen craig paddock. it is 80 miles northeast of las vegas. they are trying to collect


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