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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 2, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and we plan to engage her upon her return to the country. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> we believe he had a device to smash the windows. >> so far we have heard a description of the suspect. is the investigation looking into potential ties even loose ties to extremist groups? >> obviously we will do that. we will run it down to the very end, but right now at face value we have not been able to identify that.>> so he checked in on thursday the 28th? did he have tickets to the concert? >> i have no idea. >> the know what he did between checking in and the night? >> no we are following up on that, there will be hours of
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video surveillance we have to recall. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i don't understand what you are relating to how could it happen? this individual is described as a lone wolf, i don't know how it could have been prevented. it was not evident that he had weapons. we have determined there has been employees going to and from his room but nothing was noticed. that is what we know now.>> [ reporter asking question ] >> you are correct, any special event that takes place in the
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southern nevada region it is required to supply police officers to ensure security. the mandalay bay did a great job of hiring police. they had sufficient staffing for the concert. when this individual decided to fire upon the crowd which was 22,000 people it is difficult to manage that size of crowd. as described, officers responded immediately in conjunction with the fire department. they were able to identify where the weapon was being discharged from in proximity. it is hard to tell the floor from the outside but when they gained entry in conjunction with security and through phone calls they were able to call it down to the possible floor. when they made entry into the hallway they immediately knew
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what room was in question. >> there have been dramatic reports about what happened in the room when swat officers entered. there was so much smoke from the shells that there were smoke alarms going off. >> i don't know about the smoke alarms but i have been told he had killed himself and we will have to go through our body camera and existing video to see if we engaged him at the same time.>> [ reporter asking question ] >> no ma'am i can't get into the mind at this point. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i believe we have most of
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las vegas boulevard opened. directly adjacent to the mandalay bay remains closed. we will ensure we go to the proper intersections to limit the hindrance of traffic. we are looking at a minimum of 12 additional hours for documentation. for the crime scene and the removal of the bodies. >> do you know about how long he was able to shoot for and was there any return fire?>> no i am not aware of return fire nor of the timeline but we had swat officers discharge weapons at the location. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> the fbi and atf is helping us with that aspect.>> [ reporter asking question ] >> i am not sure because we had people that were deceased and
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injured outside of the vicinity ncert so that would be hard to make that determination. we will have to talk to all of the injured individuals. >> [ reporter asking question ] >> i don't know. people have been displaced in five separate hospitals so it will require extensive review. thank you very much, i appreciate all of your time and i appreciate everybody here and their support of our police department. we will keep you regularly updated. i can't give you an exact timeline but we will keep you informed as we receive information. have a great day. >> you been listening to the latest press conference from las vegas, nevada. sheriff joseph lombardo says the number of people killed now at 58. the number of injured has jumped to 515.
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there was one fbi official who said at this point there's no connection with terrorism and governor brian sandoval says we are angry and grieving. when i went to bed before this took place i was shaken when i woke up. to see this and hear the sounds and putting myself in the shoes of those concertgoers. >> we get up so early and the first thing you do is look at the phone and to see this. it just leaves a pit in your stomach. we will be finding out a lot more with reporters in las vegas. >> lauren blanchard has been in las vegas all night. we just saw the death toll has gone to 58. have you seen more people coming out to help? >> reporter: the number keeps
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rising. it is sobering, more than 500 people injured in the shooting. the death toll has climbed to 58. it is very sobering on the ground. i was walking and talking with some folks who were staying in the hotel. have not been able to get back to their rooms. they're trying to find a path that is not blocked by police. these folks are trained to figure out what has happened. they were here for a convention or just visiting, this is not what they were expecting. so folks here are still in shock trying to make and process these numbers. i was talking with a gas station clerk and she could not believe her ears when i told her the number before which was 400 and now we are learning it has risen by another 100. the sheriff says they will need
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nearly half a day to process the crime scene and process even more of the bodies. he is telling us to expect the numbers that only the injured but as well as the deceased to keep climbing as they make their way through this absolutely massive crime scene. >> i notice there is no traffic where you are standing. that is right where the strip begins near the las vegas sign. people coming to las vegas right to there. that is one of the first hotels . i don't see any cars is las vegas boulevard shutdown? >> reporter: in this area it is shutdown. there is no traffic unless it is police or ambulance. but you are right, this is a very popular tourist destination. there is that iconic las vegas sign. not a single person is there. that is something you never see. the whole area shutdown.
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some of these folks wandering around a lot of them are media and the others are people carrying suitcases likely from mandalay bay or other hotels. just trying to get out of the strip because mandalay bay has opened up for folks to come back to their rooms but not every entrance is opened. i was just talking with some folks were trying to walk this way to get to their rooms but they were turned around and told to keep going back. these are very long blocks and now they are trying to figure out a way around the area. this desert area. there is not much when you get off the strip so they are trying to figure out how to get back to their hotel rooms. >> lauren blanchard, thank you for your live reports. let's welcome in sergeant jd nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department. your department helped train the las vegas metro police.
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>> right, las vegas metro came to us two years ago. obviously they have good trite -- training but they wanted to test their abilities here. >> hundreds of people were injured 50 people dead. did you train for anything like this? >> we get difficult convoluted scenarios based on real-life events. we have the only exercise that combines police fire medical bomb squad and all the things necessary. we do this over 48 hours. so although everybody says it is done, it is not done for the police because they are doing search warrants, they are going all around. it is going to be at least 48 hours for them. >> what do you think of the suspect from what we know? there is a gunman perched on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. to me this is a well thought out
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plan. the individual thought this out planning this in advance. >> he was there with 10 guns. they will find out a lot more as this progresses. i think the sheriff said it best. to get in the mind of the psychopath is difficult. >> he had an automatic weapon. they are legal -- illegal everywhere. how did he get that weapon? how can a person get the weapon? >> people modify weapons or there are a lot of things that can be done. there is a black market for automatic weapons. i'm sure that will all come out as they go through the investigation. >> a lot of people are struggling to get inside the mind. should we read anything into it was the kind of music or perhaps even the gunman's
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hometown of mesquite which is about two hours north of las vegas. anything to be learned from any of these?>> until you know more about the guy we don't know. that could all just be where he snapped over a few days we don't know. >> the worst mass shooting in us history. the one before it was last year. and then before that 10 years and then five years. think back to columbine in 1999. 15 people died and that was unthinkable and then we have 600 people or 500 people injured. >> columbine was a game changer because at that time the scene had to be secured before medical went in but now that has changed. that is something that we do. we get medical in as quickly as
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possible because minutes save lives. when you hear that gunfire if he is allowed five or 10 minutes who knows.>> so the very first police officers arrived and what is the strategy? someone is shooting. is the strategy to get people out of harms way? is it to engage the shooter? what is the first thing? >> all of the above. initially you want people out of harms way but there is a lot. you have to have people that are trained. you have to have supervision that makes good decisions to get to the shooter. so what they did, they are actively going toward him and we don't know exactly what happened but you have to put pressure on the guy so he will stop shooting. >> i would imagine law enforcement look at what is happening in real life and then
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taylor the training. can you stay one step ahead of the psychopath? >> that is always going to be the tough question. you read into everybody's mind and you can make scenarios and most officers that i know have some kind of plan formatted in their head for different scenarios. this is something different however. >> so do you ever feel you might be outgunned? >> in this case i'm sure they felt like that. clearly this was an automatic weapon. i don't know what they had in response. >> so do police need to increase what they carry? >> well, go back to paris they wait for the event to end and then bombs go off. >> again, it is a soft target
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but, the police you have to be trained and you have to have the best equipment. you have to have people who are willing to go up there and supervise and command. >> so in this case the people with the guns are willing to die for what they are doing. >> correct. you have to get somebody to the person who is doing the carnage as quickly as possible. it sounds like they were within 15 minutes and that is phenomenal. if this had gone 30 minutes or 45 minutes think of what we would be talking about. >> we have seen reports of people telling police thank you. so obviously we thank you for your service to this community. >> thank you for having me. coming up next on "mornings on 2", oj simpson is a free man after a low-key
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release from the prison. next why his plans to move to florida are in jeopardy. a war of words between the president and the mayor of san juan, puerto rico.
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oj simpson started the day as a free man. parole officials say for now simpson plans to live in the las vegas area. simpson says he wanted to live in florida where his children and friendly but the attorney general says she does not want to simpson in her state.>> basically she is scoring political points now she is making all around. god bless her but here's the consequent. she is dehumanizing and polarizing people who have the status of convicted felons. yes mr. simpson is a parolee
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and a felon. >> simpson will start five years of supervised parole so he cannot leave per at -- nevada without approval. president trump will be going to puerto rico tomorrow to see the relief efforts following the devastation of hurricane maria. >> we are getting the roads open and we are getting a lot of things done at a record clip. >> there has been criticism of the response in puerto rico with the mayor of san juan accusing the government of inefficiency. president trump defended the response by saying we have done a great job outside of politically motivated ingrates. >> instead of tweaking against the mayor of san juan who is watching her people died, if he would just roll up his sleeves and get to work. >> the trump administration says there are 10,000 troops on the ground in puerto rico. nearly half of the people in
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puerto rico are without water and 95% are without power. the president will be going to las vegas after visiting puerto rico. rex tillerson says diplomats are negotiating directly with north korean counterparts. he made the comments following meetings in china. tillerson says the us is exploring the idea of a new round of talks with north korean officials. he prays that the chinese president for his help in pressuring north korea. >> this is a relationship that continues to grow and mature on the strength of the relationship between yourself and president trump. >> president trump tweeted yesterday seemingly in response to the suggestion of renewed negotiations with north korea. the president called rex tillerson a wonderful secretary of state but says tillerson is wasting his time and being nice to rocket man has not worked in
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25 years why would it work now? he went on to say previous presidents failed but he will not. coming up next, gunshots at a country music festival sending people running for their lives. up next an update on the situation and in 10 minutes we will take you live to las vegas. here at home a uc berkeley student beaten on campus. we will tell you who police are looking for this morning.
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we are following breaking news from las vegas where 50 people have been killed and 515 when people at the concert heard hundreds of loud pops they thought it was fireworks but then they saw people falling to the ground. the suspected gunman was found inside of a room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. the gunman shot and killed himself after police could talk
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to him. he is a 64-year-old from mesquite, nevada. investigators believe he acted alone. police are trying to determine a possible motive. this is the deadliest shooting in modern us history. a student from uc berkeley is recovering after being knocked unconscious outside of a residence hall over the weekend. >> we saw a guy surrounded by police. >> out side of spens-black hall in berkeley they saw a young man lying on the ground they thought it was because of alcohol they had no idea he was the victim of a brutal assault. >> it is definitely scary because this is close to where we sleep. it is supposed to be safe. >> a male in his 20s unconscious in the courtyard area on the near side of the gate. >> the 911 call came in at 12:30
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in the morning. some students say they heard yelling from their dormitory windows. one witness says a verbal altercation may have occurred prior to the attack. >> i have never seen this happen at this university so i am hoping it is not a continuous problem. >> the victim a student was taken to the hospital and released sunday morning. a friend of the victim says he was badly bruised and hit in the back. the attack was unprovoked. police notified students and staff through email. >> i was surprised because i was walking out here last night. >> descriptions of the men are vague. two hispanic males last seen on durant avenue. >> it is an open campus so people can come whenever they want. >> dsos are rare but students
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are on heightened alert. a reminder to be aware of surroundings and stay in groups. >> you are always worried about safety and environment so just be smart maybe carry some pepper spray. >> we saw several cameras on campus now police are reviewing surveillance video for clues. they are also heightening their presence in this area. from berkeley i am azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news fewer people are redding san francisco cable cars. ridership has gone down 25% last year and this comes as the fair has been increased to seven dollars each way. because of the decline the transit agency lost $13 million in cable car ticket sales last year. numbers this year are looking up, so far ridership has dropped
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by 3000 trips per day compared to 2014. coming up next, police week is underway in the bay area. we will show you the emergency drills ongoing at the hospital.
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we went back because i am a nurse and i felt i needed to. so i went to three different scenes. the first was okay the second was worse and by the third one there were dead bodies there were like six. there were so many people just normal citizens, doctors cops and paramedics or nurses just off duty everyone was working together. it was completely horrible but it was absolutely amazing.
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>> stories of heroism on one side and on the other 58 people are dead and 500 were injured in the worst shooting in us history. people say despite the tragedy their time to focus on the positives of everyone rushing to help complete strangers. let's go to las vegas. can you set the scene from where you are now? >> reporter: i want to say something from what you were saying which are the numbers. as uplifting and positive as everybody would like to be we have to remember of the 515 who were injured some are critical. it is possible the death toll will rise. this is the university hospital behind me and there is police around here because they have not been allowing people to go into the area. they having checking ids keeping this area protected
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from anybody getting in and in any way affecting the workflow. this started at 10:00 last night. if you have been following along, this is just a terrible situation where the man got in the 32nd floor room of the mandalay bay. he broke out the window and started shooting below. 22,000 people at this festival, among them was this woman and her boyfriend. for them, it was pretty harrowing because people were falling down all around them. >> it was like a nightmare. just a terrifying with gunshots we did not realize they were gunshots. we did not understand what was going on. we thought maybe it was fireworks it >> the automatic weapons and so we are looking at video.
9:32 am
i want you to talk about this.>> we are loading people on the truck. we were leaving. we were parked on a dirt road and we realized there were people everywhere being carried out on stretchers and wilbur was. we needed to get people in the truck and get them to the hospital.>> reporter: this is one of those heroic stories where they were terrified. they were stacking people on the ground to try to protect themselves. they had the presence of mind to realize they could get people to the hospital faster than waiting for the ambulance. they got eight people in the echo truck unfortunately one of them passed away. all of those other people in the hospitals, there are so many stories in las vegas. and there was just so much tragedy. back to you. >> do you have a sense of
9:33 am
whether or not the hospitals are overwhelmed with patients or are they getting help that they need? >> i don't know the answer to that. i heard earlier this hospital behind me was at capacity but in all of our efforts to reach people inside we have not had a lot of luck and with the police here we can't get through. but that is something we're working on to get a better handle on how the emergency services are dealing with such an incredible crisis. think about the numbers that are dead and injured and what happened off of that 32nd floor. it is horrific. >> hal eisner live from las vegas thank you. for more on the other headlines let's go to dave clark. here are some of the top stories. the investigation in france after a terror attack yesterday morning.
9:34 am
a man with a knife attacked and killed two young women at the main train station. isis has claimed responsibility. they say one of their soldiers carried out the attack. the french interior minister says authorities do not know if this was terroristic. the attacker was killed by police. facebook is headed back to capitol hill. executives will turn over information on more than 3000 ads that ran during the 2016 presidential election. all of them are linked to russian companies. this is the latest in the investigation into possible tampering in the election. juries selection starts today for the trial of a man charged with shooting and killing kathryn steinle two years ago. the undocumented immigrant, jose inez garcia zarate says he found the gun that killed her as she walked with her father on pier 14.
9:35 am
he says that he did not intend to fire the gun and it went off by accident. the chronicle reports at least 1000 people are being called to court to become prospective jurors. this case but a national spotlight on century city policies. those are some of your morning headlines, back to you at the desk. >> the uss essex warship kicked off fleet week in san francisco sailing under the golden gate bridge. fleet week is a way to meet and honor the men and women who serve the country and it has been recognized as the model for fleet week nationwide. the week involves a week of shows and towards. fleet week attracts tens of thousands of visitors. san francisco hospitals and marines are coming together to stage emergency medical drills. leigh martinez live ad zuckerberg general hospital.
9:36 am
>> reporter: this is preparation for the big one. if we have a major earthquake in san francisco this is what it would look like. we would have the marines deployed helping out healthcare workers and city health care workers. everyone coming down to help the city come up with these medical services tents. the state brought this one down, this is to try to help as many people that have been hurt in major natural disaster to save as many lives as possible. now, in the hospital parking lot this is just a test. the military and the state be setting up multiple field hospitals. if we have a natural disaster like an earthquake this would be the medical response. the military would be deployed equipped to help in the mass casualty situation. >> all of our training is built around taking care of
9:37 am
battlefield casualties. so we are prepared and trained already to deal with amputations as well as anything from crushed injuries like internal injuries or head injuries. we also have an operating room. so the minor surgeries that need to be done as well. >> reporter: this is another live look inside the tent set up from the state of california health department. this is the equipment they will be bringing down. some of this stuff says this is a test. we were talking to one of the state officials who said during the 1989 earthquake they had to do an amputation at the bridge to free someone to get out of the rubble. so they are prepared to do something like this. fleet week is a celebration but it is also a chance to work with the military to go over
9:38 am
these drills in case we have a major disaster.>> leigh martinez, thank you. to bring you more on what is happening we are happy to be flowing -- joined by fleet week spokesperson david cruz. >> good morning. how are you doing today? >> we are trying to do good but we do have heavy hearts because of las vegas. i know a lot of this training isn't focused on active shooter situations such as what we saw in las vegas but is there anything that could apply to the scenario like last night? >> certainly what you have seen ad zuckerberg general hospital is the medical capability that the state brings during disaster. this is one of those potential scenarios so it is great you are seeing that. first responders and military
9:39 am
are training side-by-side. >> so that is key to work with and talk to people from other agencies who come in to help. let's focus on fleet week. i know things ramp up and we get excited but what can people or families take advantage of in the coming days? >> i am right behind the us navy blue angels they are excited to be here. we are very excited to have them at this world-famous airshow that takes place friday saturday and sunday. for tomorrow it is a great event. if you are a veteran you'll want to come out. we had the veteran resource fair which is very important we put this on to serve veterans in the bay area so please come out for that. tomorrow also have the opening of the ship towards on the uss essex. these are two rate events. we
9:40 am
have a lot of serious stuff happening today but you can download the fleet week app and get a full schedule. >> david cruz, thank you so much. we will be talking with you throughout the week. by the way we have full web links on to get you more information. coming up on "ktvu mornings on 2", seven years ago the warriors were bought by a silicon valley capitalist and now they are one of the most valuable franchises in the game.
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in a few years the warriors went from being seen as one of the worst franchises in sports to the team of the year and championship winners.
9:43 am
ticket sales have gone up 99% and the team value increased by 250%. the author of bay bolt how silicon valley and science built one of the greatest teams in history is joining me live. thank you for coming in. i like this book because it shows me this is not just a book about the warriors got good players. this is a fundamental approach to building a team. >> that was one of the reasons i wanted to write the book. with the criticism we have been hearing it is actually a lot more complex. there is more nuance and i think there has been so much happening with the team over seven years since the team was bought. >> explained for the viewers who may be don't remember how the warriors used to beg people to take tickets.
9:44 am
once they had a campaign that said it is a great time out because they were begging people to come. i would get tickets and not even go. so could you ever believe this would happen? >> the short answer is no. i spent the first two chapters of the book going through the back story reminding viewers that there was a lot of downtime for this team. there were a lot of miserable memories and this was a long time coming. in the first couple of years of the new ownership, there were a lot of growing pains. >> we are looking at a video of steph curry. something great is how management came in and decided to stake their claim on a brand- new, someone who was dynamic and young and had him on the team. >> exactly. they certainly did not know exactly who they had but it was
9:45 am
a combination of having the cornerstone in place and embracing some new scientific initiatives. i wrote about the warriors in 2011. they were the 15 to install these motion camera captures and we didn't know how great they could become. >> they did some controversial things. they hired a head coach without experience. they hired an out-of-the-box general manager and also they do analytics by looking at every single thing. explain how silicon valley has something to do with that. >> so we have this stage where you're not afraid to make mistakes and you are innovating. so they called this stage of development beta, so the premise of the book is everything the warriors have done has been through this specific lens. they are not afraid to make
9:46 am
mistakes and they made mistakes the first couple of years so it was about having this mindset where you empower the employees. you never know where the next idea is coming from. not every sports franchise is run like that. >> a lot of companies in the bay area are run like that so there's no surprise. >> so this wasn't just some random guy who came into by the team, he understood everything. >> how long before other teams catch on and try to emulate it. they can figure this out. >> i think they will embrace the concepts. it is certainly not a cure all. you certainly need the talent. the book shows talent is part of the equation. we are not discounting any accomplishments of the players but everything has to come together. so you have to give the organization a better chance. so you never know a lot of things come down to good fortune
9:47 am
but you could put yourself into a better position by doing certain things. >> i want to make a sports concussion. i remember when they fired mark jackson. he had won 50 games more than 50. i thought it was a bad move. i was drawing from past experience. >> that was a common sentiment. >> now i know what a great move it was. they already knew what they were doing. they already had this vision but they couldn't tell us right? >> a lot of the pieces fell into place. it was very controversial. there were columns that were upset and the warriors were on their way up but nobody thought i mean certainly we knew there was talent on the team but i'm not sure anyone thought this was a championship team. steve kerr was kind of the final piece of the puzzle. there were others along the way but we have seen how the team
9:48 am
has come together under steve kerr. >> well, i really liked the book and i learned a lot of things. some of those it nuances and small details that were in here was great. the book is called eat up all and it will be out tomorrow. >> it comes out tomorrow right. >> we have more "mornings on 2" coming up right after this.
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we are staying on top of
9:51 am
breaking news from the scene of an overnight shooting in las vegas. police tell us 58 people have died and 515 are injured after a shooting at an outdoor concert. people say they heard hundreds of loud pops at first they thought it was fireworks. this happened as the final singer of the night was performing. people than started falling to the ground. a gunman was found at the mandalay bay hotel. he shot and killed himself before police could talk with them. the gunman identified as a 64- year-old from mesquite, nevada. police say at this point it is believed the gunman was acting alone. they're calling this a lone wolf attack but they are trying to determine a possible motive. this is now the deadliest mass shooting in us history. with the oakland raiders moving to las vegas the organization says our thoughts and prayers are with the
9:52 am
victims and families of first responders. part of greater nation goes out to las vegas. as for football the raiders lost a tough one in denver 16- 10. >> he is looking for the long ball it is open and he has to catch. >> derek carr got the raiders on the board with that long pass. in the third quarter he was sacked and injured leaving the game with back spasms and in the fourth looking for cooper but it is intercepted so denver would hold onto win. here is what the head coach had to say. >> that is the difference between being really happy and not so happy. those chain of events. that is how close it is in this week. -- league. those two minutes if they went different it is a
9:53 am
different outcome. >> the raiders will return to oakland to host the ravens on sunday. >> the 49ers lost again this time on the last play of the game in overtime to the arizona cardinals. >> to the right, the blitz is on, palmer in trouble. he throws and it is a touchdown. >> that was one of the highlights, armstrong comes up with the interception. the 49ers defense played well but the offense cannot get the job done. arizona got into good field position in overtime that is when carson palmer found larry fitzgerald. the 49ers are now winless on the season. they will play the colts sunday. >> the oakland a's beat the rangers 5-2 to end their season
9:54 am
on a high note. >> it is hid deep and that is gone. chris davis number 43. >> chris davis set a career- high four months finishing with 75 wins. they will have the ninth pick in the draft. saturday after five shutout innings, matt cain walked off the mound for the final time bidding farewell to giants fans. scott reese has more. >> this is just an idea of how special he is. >> matt cain has been a giant since day one. the team first round pick in 2002. he will retire as the fourth player ever to play at least 10 seasons and spend all of them with this franchise. >> this is the team that love you and pick you up as a 17- year-old kid. >> nicknamed the horse.
9:55 am
he was as reliable and durable as they come for one decade. a three-time all-star. 331 regular-season starts. second only to one man in history and in one of the starts , perfection. >> on the ground, from deep third, got him. that is the perfect game. >> it was the postseason that made a great pitcher even greater. in 2010 an astounding 21 innings without allowing a single earned run. for the encore in 2012? >> started game five and game seven. and then game 4 in detroit. a pretty good year. >> arm injuries stalled him in the final four seasons. at age 33 he decided to put himself out to pasture but not before one final ride. >> san francisco had a chance
9:56 am
to say goodbye. >> there were guys crying in the dugout. he will go down as one of the great giants. look at what he has accomplished. >> san francisco, thank you for putting this jersey on me. thank you to the organization. i cannot say enough about the city and how much you mean to me. i appreciate it so much. >> now he will be a full-time dad. i was lucky enough to be there. for the first time in my life i walked into the ballpark first when they opened the gates. i brought my son and it is something we will remember forever. he was just a great giant in that ballpark's whole career. great for the entire organization, it was very special. we are staying on
9:57 am
top of the big news, the shooting from late last night in las vegas. an investigation into the mass shooting in its beginning phases. ken wayne is headed to las vegas we will bring him in with live reports throughout the day. the newest information is 58 people have been confirmed dead. 500 injured and many of those in terrible condition. we expect that death toll to rise. more on this breaking news throughout the morning on we will see you back here at noon.
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>> live from new york city, it is the wendy williams show. now, here's wendy. [cheering] [applause] [cheering]


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