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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  October 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> now investigators are trying to figure out why a multimillionaire real estate investor would go on a shooting rampage that is turning to the worst shooting rampage in u.s. history. >> the death toll now stands at 59 people with more than 500 injured. police say they found more than a dozen guns in the hotel room where he opened fire on the concertgoers below. >> our reporter has been monitoring the bed and she is in our newsroom tonight.>> reporter: the suspect's former home in reno, his current home in mesquite, the hotel room, and the concert venue are all under investigation at this time. the shooting was captured on cell phone after cell phone at that concert. it is just an horrific scene. in moments of confusion and panic, the music stopped sunday
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night. a barrage of bullets rained down on more than a crowd of 22,000 people, killing dozens and injuring more than 500 people. >> we have an active suit -- shooter. >> shots have been fired from mandalay bay. >> everyone said hit the floor, so everyone was just literally laying on top of each other trying to get out of the way. the shots just coming. >> reporter: the suspected gunman, stephen paddock, opened fire from a room on the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel. a s.w.a.t. team found him dead inside of his hotel room, and officials recovered 17 guns and some explosive devices. they found more guns at his retirement home in mesquite, nevada which is about one hour northeast of las vegas. >> we retrieved and excess of -- in excess of 18 firearms,
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and several thousand rounds of ammunition. >> reporter: police are also searching a former home in reno. the fbi discounted any leaks to isis after the terra group claimed responsibility for the attack. >> this is a crazed lunatic that is full of hate. we do not know much about his background.>> reporter: speaking from florida, pat ochs brother said they are in shot. he spent big money at casinos and never showed signs of violence.>> was he upset about politics or anything?>> nothing . he has no religious or political affiliation. he just hung out. >> reporter: 100 for patients
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is overwhelming, but our staff hamlet very well. they were making sure that they got the appropriate care whether they was in the emergency department or outside. several gunmen said they sold weapons to paddock after he passed all weapons checked and showed no signs of him being unstable. investigators are trying to talk to his girlfriend when she returns from tokyo. >> we have a reporter who just landed in las vegas and is joining us on the phone. >> reporter: well frank and julie, i have made it to city hall, which is closer to downtown las vegas. we actually did not get on the strip, but we drove down i-15. it was interesting because we
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drove on the backside of the mandalay complex. they had those gigantic display signs promoting their acts, and the one from mandalay bay basically said our prayers are with all the victims and our hearts are with all of the first responders. that is really the only indication from our vantage point looking at mandalay bay that anything had happened. we are at city hall downtown, right now with the mayor of los angeles is speaking to a crowd that has gathered here. there is going to be a vigil here for the residents of las vegas to show their support for the victims and offer prayers and any kind of emotional support. the mayor has been talking about the response from the city, the first responders, the people who come out to donate blood, and all of that. 22,000
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people turned out last night to watch the show at mandalay bay, and unfortunately this tragedy happened. but she said we are starting to see the good side of this now. >> how hard is it to get down there because much of the strip has been blocked off?>> reporter: city hall is not on the strip. it is closer to fremont street. it is away from all of the casinos and resorts on the strip. as we drove down the freeway, we could she -- see signs of the roads that were close. down here at city hall, they do not have those kind of issues. the only thing that you would know about anything being different is that every flag is at half staff. >> we will let you continue to gather information, and we will be hearing and talking to you a lot in this newscast and future newscast.
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>> the wife of a san francisco police officer is missing after that deadly mass shooting in las vegas. that officer, vinnie etcheber, was at the concert with his wife stacee. at this point, stacee has not been found. the officer brother said he right now is on his way to las vegas to help try and find stacee. >> reporter: no one had seen or heard from stacee as of 10:30 pm last night. that is when shots rang out at the concert in las vegas. she was with her husband at the time. >> no one knew where the shots were coming from, and there was three separate successions of shot. >> reporter: the brother was driving to las vegas to help, and vinnie etcheber told stacee to get cover while he
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assisted some victims.>> he told stacee to run and she ran, but he has not seen her. >> reporter: since stacee left her phone at the hotel room, there is no way to contact her.>> we never knew that someone on the 32nd floor of a hotel would do something as drastic as that. it is sickening to know that someone has such elaborate plans. i do know one thing, if our officers were there, then they would be there to help if anything happened. it would not surprise me that they covered people and got people out of there as fast as they can.>> reporter: there was six off-duty officers of their own at the concert. one had a girlfriend that was reportedly injured at the shooting. >> he certainly loaded up a couple of people in the pickup
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truck, and dropped them all. >> reporter: the hospitals have been on lockdown all day and not releasing any information about victims.>> we are asking prayers that stacee comes home safety along with other victims . >> in a statement this morning, president donald trump called the las vegas shooting at -- an active your evil. the president thanked first responders were acting quickly to prevent further loss of life . the fbi and the department of homeland security will work with local authorities to help with this investigation. she also said that he and the first lady would be praying for those that was wounded in the families of those that had people killed and to call for unity.'s >> our bonds cannot be broken by violence, and though we feel anger at this senseless event, it is our love that defines us
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this day and it always will forever. later, president donald trump and the first lady were among those that observed a moment of silence at the white house for all of the victims. the president announced that he will visit las vegas on wednesday to meet with law enforcement, first responders, and families of the victim.>> it has been an chaotic scene with so many people killed and several crime scenes that need to be processed. >> i reporter george is now near the las vegas strip. what is it like caroline where you're at right now? >> reporter: there was shock and horror at the scene last night. they are processing for different crime scenes from the homes that the alleged gunman on to the concert floor and now investigators are trying to find out why he did this.>> caroline, what do we know more
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about the shooter? he is a 64- year-old white man from mesquite, nevada, and it appears he acted alone, but so many more questions need to be answered. what are you hearing about him and how someone could have done something so horrific?>> reporter: the motive , as the sheriff just gave a briefing, said that is what they are looking for. it is obvious that he had been planning this for a long time. they found about 18 guns in the hotel room, and thousands of rounds of ammunition and thousands more in mesquite, nevada. there was also electronic devices that they are looking into. another s.w.a.t. team is going into another home in northern nevada that he owned. that seems like a very different image than the one that was painted by his brother in florida. he said he was just a normal
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guy. he did like to gamble, but he was just a regular guy who may have snapped.'s family members are absolutely shocked that he could have done that. police say it was well thought out. he had to hotel rooms -- two hotel rooms at mandalay bay. he built a plant room -- platform so that he was able to shoot down at these people. when they were able to reach his door about one hour and 12 minutes later after the first shot, he had already shot himself, but had plenty of ammunition left over.>> what has stood out to you that you have seen there?>> reporter: it is amazing to hear the stories of the people who were helping. mothers, teachers, throwing children on the ground and throwing their bodies over them.
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there is a heartbreaking story of a first responder and attending the concert and giving someone cpr, and then was shot in the back. officers and everyone shouting instructions, scooping up strangers, climbing and doing whatever they could to get out of there. it did not sound like a stampede where everyone was out for themselves, but they wanted to help everyone. there is amazing stories of heroism that is coming out today, and we will be hearing more and more as this goes  farther along.>> what we need to focus on is just that. the shooter was essentially a sniper shooting from a high- rise hotel on to them victims below.>> we will now be walk- through how all of this unfolded. >> this all unfolded on the south end of the las vegas strip.
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you see the casino here, and it is the last hotel and resort on this end of las vegas boulevard. it was in one of these towers where two windows were busted out. stephen paddock checked in that that's back into that hotel days before, that is before he opened fire on a crowd. it was dark when witnesses described seeing flashes coming from these broken windows. the shooter had a clear advantage and here is why. the gunman was position high above the crowd at least 1000 feet to the concert venue. but with this unobstructed and unprotected view, you can see how the concertgoers were like sitting ducks. when this played out, jason aldean was playing on the stage, and it was the last song of the night, and everyone thought it was firecrackers, and then jason aldean ran out the stage. the problem is there was only three exits. some say it was
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like a death maze because people was pushing down fences or just jumping over them trying to escape. meanwhile, the gunman was reloading and firing again and again, and it took just over one hour to reach his room. many of these casinos also were on lock down all the way into the morning, and it was not until late this morning that guests could go back to the room and get their belongings.>> thank you brooks. coming up here is a show of humanity after an horrifying thing that happened in las vegas. people are lining up for as long as eight hours to give blood. >> also, the confusion after the mass shooting.>> the confusion after the mass shooting and we will hear from
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survivors who just return home this afternoon. and confusion about tom petty as he is hospitalized, and it appears to be very serious. a red flag warning is going back into affect for parts of the bay area, and i will let you know how long it is going to last when we come back.
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legendary singer tom petty has been hospitalized and is reportedly clinging to lie. he is 66 years old and he was rushed to the medical center last night and earlier today, there was widespread confusion about whether petty was a lie. the coroner's office has not received a report of his death.
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he was found in full cardiac arrest and unconscious in his home in malibu. a short time later, a decision had been made to pull his life support. dmz then updated his store -- tmc then updated their story and said he was still clinging to live. it was a -- an emotional day today at the oakland airport . our reporter was there and he spoke to several people who were at the concert. >> reporter: at oakland airport the morning after the most horrific act, there was hugs and tears and relief. despite the fact that they were returning unarmed, the emotional responses showed time and again the death of terror that the gunman brought. >> at the moment, i had my phone out and was recording the concert and taking pictures of friends. then, i thought it was
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something that other people should see. >> shots fired at the concert. >> i saw the performer run behind the stage, and that was when i knew something was wrong. the security was running around and trying to control people. the scary part was getting back to the hotel and trying to go to your room. that was chaos in the hotel as the elevators were not working and blood was on the floor.>> reporter: the barnes family survived the slaughter. >> we heard the shots and thought it was fireworks at first. then we saw people on the ground calling for medics. we were stuck for a couple of minutes and just try to stay low and drop down. no matter how prepared you think you offer something like that, then it just goes away. >> reporter: the sisters
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survive the slaughter. >> someone knocked down the fence, and reread through the fence and hid underneath the car. someone knocked this girl down and i picked her up and dragged her along with me. it went on for about 20 minutes, even when we were running past the venue, you could still here and going on. >> we had tickets to go to another concert, but we sold them back because we do not want to put our self in that situation anytime soon. >> the security from our hotel told us to run is something happened. they did not even know where the stairs were. we did not know what was going on and some said there was terrorist going to every hotel. >> people were walking around like they were dumbfounded. they was in a state of shock.
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and it is possible that some of the survivors good suffer survivors guilt, which is common after an event like sunday night. >> authorities in las vegas put out a call for blood donors because so many people were wounded, and people are really stepping up to answer that need. the way to give blood at one blood bank in las vegas was eight hours. they were waiting outside early this morning even before the facility open. the sheriff and the governor both stressed the need for blood donations. the mandalay bay resort has opened up a hotline for victims and family members that were impacted by this tragedy. they also put out a call for volunteers to help provide crisis counseling for guests and employees.
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within two hours, they tweeted that there was enough counselors to help all of those in need. if you would like to learn more about how to help the victims, then go to our website at breaking news now in oakland where a massive tree has fallen over. this is a live picture from skybox.>> we want to show you this area in the 6000 block of snake road. we were told that the tree is about 100 feet tall, and that the tree fell onto a car and the power in this area is reportedly out. so far we do not have any report of an injury, but we are working to get more information about the situation. >> when we get more information we will bring it to you. in the meantime, we will begin our chief meteorologist to talk about our weather.
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>> we do have a red flag warning that will stay in effect for the next couple of days. it is for the northeast wind that will be gusting. so here's the red flag warning just like we have been seeing, and it is not unusual for this time of the year. we get this kind of a pressure pattern which gives us these type of winds, which can be dangerous. the one in north bay stays in effect until tomorrow night. so we have some strong gusty winds that could continue into tuesday. so we have a little bit of activity with that snow up in colorado. there is a tornado watch in that box just west of wichita. then in denver and aspen, they got snow today. this is as we are looking at the transitioning seasons.
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there is lots of activity that is not going to bring rain, but when you see things start to get going like that, you can count on things to flip around. you can see the clouds that are like this so that is an indication that we will be warm. the sinking air will be there, but it will not compress to reach record high temperatures. temperatures are in the 70s, and it is 3 degrees cooler than yesterday. you can take a look at the winds at 22 miles per hour, so what happens tomorrow? just like today. when i come back, we will talk about far beyond that and get into some rain chances. but the mall, lots of 70s with maybe a couple of low 80s. coming up, here the oakland
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police department as they go to federal court and what today's proceedings could mean for the department.
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members from the oakland police department appear before a enteral judge overseeing department reforms today. >> there was an unexpected announcement by the judge connected to the sex equitation regarding the officers. our reporter is at the office building tonight. >> reporter: the federal judge
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today said he agrees with the department's decision not to discipline the higher ups who sought the investigation into the sex equitation -- exploitation scandal. it was said that there was no need to discipline the officers. today, the judge agreed and said he accepts that conclusion. the bots police investigation led to the department of the chief, and only after federal court intervention was are more investigation. the new police chief was criticized for promoting police officers who do not handle the case correctly. both the chief and civil rights attorney spoke out about the issue. >> those promotions were mine, and as i said, i stand by them,
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and i appreciate that the judge has heard my position, and now i have said my piece about that. we are now going to be moving forward with the team that we have. >> this has been a huge issue for us in terms of having positions in place and that command officers who engage in misconduct or do not make good decisions about investigations will be held accountable. but we do have to accept the judge's decision and go forward.>> reporter: reporting live from san francisco this is henry lee. coming up, we will go back to las vegas for a live update, and we will talk to a law enforcement officer about how an officer prepares for a mass casualty situation. >> also, o.j. simpson is a free man and coming up where he is now and
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what is some of the rules that he will have to live by. woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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>> authorities in las vegas are saying 59 people are now confirmed dead following last night's massacre at a country music concert in las vegas on the strip. police say the government, stephen paddock, was found dead in a hotel room at the mandalay bay resort. 527 people was wounded as he
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fired into the crowd to the windows of his hotel room. president donald trump call the shooting an act of pure evil, and said he will visit las vegas on wednesday.>> police officer say that stephen paddock acted as a sniper by breaking two windows, and then began shooting at all of the victims hello.>> our report has been on the scene all day, and caroline joins us live right now. >> reporter: acnn of shock and horror as this -- acnn of shock and horror as this gunman opened fire on all of these victims. the government opened fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel, and sent over 22,000 people running for their lives. >> you could just see bodies dropping, and people getting trampled. i saw people in front of me get hit with bullets. >> your heart is racing, and you think i am going to die.
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and swat teams swarmed the hotel room of the shooter. >> where did he get automatic weapons? he has no background like that.>> reporter: stephen paddock was not on law enforcement radar, and the police believe that he acted alone. >> we have determined at this point that there is no connection to an international terrorist group. >> this is a crazy lunatic, and at this moment, we do not know much about his background.>> reporter: hospitals were overwhelmed by the number of victims coming to them. >> thank you caroline. >> for more on how law enforcement response to a mass shooting like this, we are joined by this law enforcement officer, and one thing that they did not prepare for is for
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someone up on the 32nd floor with thousands of rounds of ammunition shooting down. how do you prepare for something like that? >> you are exactly right. we have never seen that before. you know, as you was there in our urban shill training for 48 hours, and we put our people in the bay area through extensive training. >> with us first calls started coming in, and they said at first they thought there was fireworks, and then it took a few minutes for people to realize they was gunshots, and when the calls come in, how to first responders go about this? at first you know, this was reported as a coordinated attack. >> absolutely. they are going to send officers to all of the places that they think an active shooter are at.
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people are running two areas, and people are injured, and they assume the shots are coming from the hotel. so, once he figured out where it was coming from, the first thing you have to to do is life safety. you have to get the people as safe as you can, and simultaneously, get people going after the shooter. >> how did they find that shooter last night? what do you do with law enforcement to narrow in on where he is?>> you have to remember they have officers working there, so i am sure that reports are coming in , and so i think they narrowed it down that they had an active shooter in mandalay bay. then, they have to figure out where he is at. you had to figure out what floor he is on, and then, you have to get a plan together to go in there and
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stop him from shooting. >> and you have to do this as fast as possible. >> minutes mean lives. we have seen that over and over. we have trained for that, and one of the key elements is to get in there and get in there fast, and get that threat neutralize. >> we should also say that the las vegas police department trained at the same time i was there two years ago. do you think that that training help them respond last night? >> they are a well trained police company, and are one of the best in the country. our unique thing that we have an urban shield is that we put police, fire, and medical together in one training exercise so that you learn how to work together. should that ever happen in the bay area, we have also had that training. it'd help them? i hope it did. >> we were talking in the break just how calm the voices were of the swat team members that was going in, and we kind of
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got a chill as they remain so calm in a horrible situation. >> they were as calm as could be, and that comes from good training. >> we appreciate you coming in tonight and this is just a horrible, horrible situation. our prayers go out to all of the victims and families. we will have continuing coverage of the shooting in las vegas throughout this newscast. you can also find the latest updates on our website at and o.j. simpson is now a free man after serving nine years in nevada. he was quietly released in the early morning hours to successfully avoid any media attention. pictures were released of him as he left from serving time on
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robbery charges. he is on supervised parole for the next five years, which means he cannot leave nevada without prior approval. coming up, relief is coming to puerto rico and the key service that was restored over the weekend.
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more prospective jurors are
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said to be question tomorrow for the trial of the men charged with shooting and killing kate steinle on a pier in san francisco two years ago. the 50 -- 54-year-old illegal immigrant said he found the gun that killed her, and it went off accidentally. at least 1000 people were called to the court as prospective jurors. that is a higher number than what is typically called. today, people were questioned about possible hardships. the supreme court began a new term today with a number of high profile cases on the agenda. one of them was about a colorado maker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. also, whether public employees have the right to refuse to pay union dues. one case they will not be taking up at the current time is president donald trump's travel band. the governor of puerto rico
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is reporting progress today on getting fuel supplies to the inhabitants of the island following hurricane maria. this is in the midst of mounting criticism about a slow response from president donald trump and the federal government . president donald trump is scheduled to visit the regal tomorrow as food and drinking water remain in short supply. some people had civil service resort on sunday. the issue of gun control is once again front and center. fellow representative gabby giffords wasted no time in calling for gun control following the mass shooting on the las vegas strip. we are tracking that red flag warning and what you can expect weatherwise for the rest of this week. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing.
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yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
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former congresswoman gabby giffords today call for stricter gun laws. >> the nation is counting on you. >> giffords and her husband called on lawmakers to take action on stricter gun laws across the country. you will recall that gabby giffords was shot at a meeting six years ago. the weapons that was used by stephen paddock in las vegas is
5:47 pm
causing an outrage. >> reporter: the shots seemed unending, and fired almost faster than anyone can imagine. while investigators look at the shooter, his weapons are also under scope. john parkins owns the shooting range. he is familiar with gun laws that prohibit automatic weapons sales. >> we have a whole set of laws in california that really do not apply to the rest of the country. we are much more restricted.>> reporter: nevada does allow guns that fire more than one round with a squeeze of the trigger. making that kind of purchase is extremely time-consuming and expensive. >> you have to go through a six- month wait among other things.
5:48 pm
you can get it illegally, but i do not know how. perhaps from the military. >> reporter: another possibility is augmenting the semi automatic guns to fully automatic. this gun cost about 20 bucks, and it sits in the trigger guard. >> you turn it like an old- fashioned gatling gun. >> reporter: but they are not illegal in nevada. investigators rated stephen paddock's home, and they found 18 more weapons, and explosives, and ammunition. it is unclear if any of the weapons were illegally purchased or illegally modified, but passing laws will not keep people from carrying out an act. >> just because it is illegal
5:49 pm
in california, it does not mean that people cannot get one if they are hell-bent on committing a crime. >> reporter: he warns against a knee-jerk reaction toward gun control. from the san jose studio this is jesse reporting. nancy pelosi wrote a letter to speaker paul ryan today urging him to create a select committee to investigate gun violence. in her letter, she says as members of congress our words of comfort to victims will ring hollow unless we take long overdue actions. shares of major gun revenue were up today as people anticipated people buying more
5:50 pm
guns. the sales were up more than 3%. in the past, gun sales have servers in the aftermath of mass shootings. >> we will have continuing coverage coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m. you can also find the latest updates on and twitter, and facebook. fire crews are on the scene today putting a stop to this grass fire that started at around 9:30 am this morning. the fire raced across 100 acres that was driven by 130 -- 30 mile-per-hour winds. the fire was contained at around 11:00 a.m. this morning, and fire officials said the fire did not reach any homes.>> those flames got very close to those homes. that is the fire danger today. >> it is a red flag warning tonight. it is bad, and we have seen
5:51 pm
worse red flag conditions. it has not rained in a while, so everything is dry. when these north and northeast winds get going, as you can see in north bay, the red flag warning will stay in effect until tomorrow. in east bay, it could drops before midnight tonight. we are in a position to where we have not had any rain and are not looking at any rain anytime soon. the rain start usually around the end of october, and then it starts to ramp up. no fog at the coast and we had a beautiful sunset this evening. it is a mild temperature and is 79 degrees out in concorde. it is glassy on the bay. you can see the smoothness, and
5:52 pm
some may say what about the winds you were talking about? those are for higher elevations. down at the surface you don't see much wind on the bay. overnight low temperatures are going to be chilly as it will be 47 degrees in santa rosa. i have been seeing some upper 30s and 40s in the north bay areas also. the orange color is 80s, and the yellow colors are 70s. i think it will look like this all week. there will be lots of low 80s. your five-day forecast is a dry one. we will see a steady
5:53 pm
stream of 80s as we get into your saturday and sunday. the days are getting shorter, so it gets a little bit harder for the temperatures to get into the 90s.>> thank you bill. lawmakers lost a goal to build thousands of new affordable units in the coming years for housing.
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two weeks after filing for bankruptcy, toys "r" us are debuting a new experience that they hope will increase sales. they are rolling out a new augment reality experience, and all that you need is your smart phone and you can see computer generated images as you shop in the store. if you are in the doll aisle, then you will see a baby doll come to live. today the mayor of san jose unveiled a 50 point plan to address the housing crisis in san jose. it involves building new homes at an unprecedented pace. and some 25,000 new houses will be built over the next five years. that is what the mayor just said. he has a 15 point plan to get it done.>> this is a generational moment for us.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: the crisis is one that has left affordable housing in short supply, and has left residents struggling. >> they are overcrowded and overpaying. >> reporter: the mayor thinks that financing rent restricted housing for teachers and nurses, and to build micro housing for the homeless. and doubling down on downtown where he expects half of the new housing to go. >> fundamentally, we need to get out of the way and make sure that those who want to build and develop can do so. >> reporter: community leaders are encouraged by the plan and call it leading by example.>> what he is said is what we hope will make a ripple effect and positive impact.
5:58 pm
>> it is a three-year and five- year plan, but it does nothing for the homeless people right now, and they are dying on the street right now.>> reporter: before moving into the -- into these apartments, he was homeless for seven years. >> i wish everybody would get housing. we should help everybody out, and make them feel better in half hope in life, just like i do. >> reporter: san jose officials recognized that they had their work cut out for them. in san jose, this is ann rubin. morning and confusion and anger as the nation begins to come to grips with this horrific mass shooting in las vegas.
5:59 pm
black across the country have been lowered to half staff in honor of the victims. it is being called the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. >> here is what we know so far. at least 59 people are dead after a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay resort. he was aiming at the thousands of people who are at a country music concert across the street. the gunman fired hundreds of round and injured more than 500 people. the suspect has been identified as stephen paddock, and he was found dead inside of his hotel room. he lives in southern nevada, and does not have a terminal history. they are looking into his financial history to maybe get some clue on what may have set him all. >> reporter: our report has been following this story for us. >> reporter: our gunman acted alone, and there are no signs of
6:00 pm
terrorism. the big question tonight is why the gunmen shot and a crowd of unsuspected concertgoers, many of them who captured the terror on cell phone video. initially, many thought it was firecrackers, but they soon realized that this was the sound of shots being fired on the people. country singer jason aldean stopped mid-performance sunday night. >> we have an active suitor that's make shooter inside of the their ground. >> reporter: people in the crowd had no chance as at least 59 people were killed. in the chaos that followed, more than 500 people were injured either from shrapnel or were trampled as others tried to escape.>> there was a gentleman who was shot, and he said can you help me, so i put them in my car and we had light six people in my car. people were running just to


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