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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 3, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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country music festival across the street from the mandalay bay hotel. 59 people were killed. and more than 500 others were injured. >> authorities say paddock took his own life when police rushed into his room on the 32nd floor of the hotel late sunday night. inside the room, authorities say they found more than a dozen guns, two were sitting on tripods. right now investigators say they don't believe the attack is connected to terrorism. >> we have team coverage tonight. ktvu's ken wayne is in las vegas with an emotional story after sitting down with a bay area woman who was shot in the back. >> but first, cristina rendon reports from the newsroom. >> reporter: investigators focusing more attention on what the girlfriend of paddock may have known about the attack. she is set to return from the philippines tomorrow and that's where paddock transferred $100,000 to in the days before the attack. >> reporter: this is our first look at the mandalay bay hotel
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room where suspected gunman stephen paddock shot at hundreds of people at a concert in las vegas. 23 guns were found in the hotel including semi-automatic rifles. he carried the guns to the hotel inside 10 suitcases and had cameras set up inside and outside of the room. >> i anticipate he was looking for anybody coming to take him into custody. >> reporter: more guns, thousands of rounds of ammo and bomb-making materials were found at his home in mesquite. the clark county sheriff says his girlfriend marilou danley is a person of interest. she is scheduled to return to the u.s. from the philippines on wednesday to answer questions. officials do know this was not a random act. >> this individual is premeditated. premeditated, the fact that he had the type of weaponry and amount of weaponry in that room, it was preplanned extensively and i'm pretty sure he evaluated everything that he did in his actions. >> reporter: he had a business degree from cal state northridge. in the '70s on the '80s he was
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a mail carrier, irs agent and held an auditing job in the defense department and later worked as a defense contractor with no criminal record and no signs of financial trouble for the professional gambling, his own brother is searching for answers, too. >> he was a private guy. that's why he can't find out anything about him. that's why there's no pictures. is he such a weirdo because he didn't have a facebook page and posted 50,000 damn pictures of himself every day? who's weird? >> reporter: meanwhile, memorials are popping up on the strip and private donations are pouring in for the victims. >> there's a lot of need and we are going to do everything we can to raise money for each individual. >> reporter: that commissioner created a "go fund me" account to collect donations and that site has collected over $4 million to help families pay for medical expenses and funeral costs. >> thank you. want to show you a live picture from las vegas.
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we're waiting a live update from authorities there in las vegas. when this press conference starts, we will carry it live. also today, we are learning and hearing more stories of heroism and survival amid the chaos and terror in las vegas. ktvu's ken wayne is in vegas tonight and talked to a woman who was shot in the back. she is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: she certainly is. and she knows it. we are at the south end of the strip. if you look behind me, you can see the southern end of las vegas boulevard remains closed. you can see the police cars at the end and over on the left, you can see the sign for the route 91 harvest music festival. that's where 20-year-old savannah chasko -- we're going to a live press conference in las vegas. >> available to victims or family representatives of victims involved in the shooting. information is how
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to report information if you are a witness, how to provide photo and video information. as soon as we have information on how to retrieve lost property, we'll post that on the page, as well. after this incident, one of the most striking visuals in addition to the absolute carnage was the sheer amount of personal items left behind as people fled from the terror. one of the biggest items left were vehicles of the concert-goers. so for those people who are waiting to get that property returned to them, i have an update. there's a dirt lot on the corner of giles street between alibaba and mandalay road. there's approximately 150 vehicles over there that citizens have not yet been able to recover. those cars can now be picked up by the registered owner by meeting officers at the corner
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of reno and koval. we'll officers assigned there posted at the corner to escort you to your vehicle. so again, we ask the owners of those vehicles that have patiently waited to get them back to meet our officers at the corner of reno and koval, bring your identification so we can match you to your vehicle. the sheriff in this previous press conference was asked a number of questions by you, and i understand in the insatiable appetite of the media that you want some answers. um, i'm going to try to answer a couple of those questions that you asked. but i'm also going to just make it very clear to you that i need some patience from you. this investigation is a long time from being concluded. we recently went down to the mandalay bay. i can tell that we're days away from completion of the processing of that room. we are getting very close to the completion of the processing of the site.
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we have a significant amount of time left there, as well. however, the southbound portion of las vegas boulevard is completely open. we are also working diligently as we speak, i believe we just opened up two of the northbound lanes. and the completion of the northbound lanes should occur sometime this evening. so bearing in mind that the investigation is dynamic, ongoing, continuing, and i don't have a lot of answers for you yet, clearing understanding that nobody wants to answer to why more than the police and the victim's families, we have a responsibility to get it right. that's why it takes time. there is at best interesting reporting about how long the shooting lasted and how long it took to us get into the room. first question is how long did the actual shooting last. i'm prepared to give youings
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in on that. the first call came in to our dispatch center at 10:08 p.m. about shots fired. the suspect i can tell you that we know now that he fired off and on for somewhere between 9 and 11 minutes. we know that the suspect fired over a dozen or so volleys and we know that the firing by the suspect ceased at 10:19. so i want you to think about that the minute -- first minute the police are aware of shots being fired at 10:08 and it stopped at 10:19. that's a remarkable response by this police department. also, another question that came up, how long was it before our s.w.a.t. team entered the suspect's room? somebody said you heard that it was 72 minutes and why so long? as i just mentioned to you, as the sheriff mentioned previously in the briefing, we had patrol officers actually working another event at the mandalay bay who heard the
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shooting and they took it upon themselves to form up into a team, enter the stairwell, begin ascending the floors and also evacuating hotel guests. the s.w.a.t. team had to arrive first at the mandalay bay before they could take any action. as i mentioned earlier, there was a very heroic security guard who was shot during the search for that suspect. that security guard went up to the room, he was advancing towards the room when the suspect fired through the door at the security guard and struck him. he was able to provide additional information to the police on exactly which room that we were looking at. however, at that time, it's important to note that the shooting had stopped. we consider it a barricade thach because it's no longer an active shooter. we're no longer hearing any shots. the floors had already been evacuated of the guests. the suspect was now isolated and contained within a room. at the point this s.w.a.t. team made their decision based
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on when it was appropriate to enter. i want to make it clear again to you that while there was that slight delay, the suspect was no longer firing into the crowd. it was a question about the validity of the crime scene photos that somebody had leaked. i can confirm those are in fact photos from inside of the room. they are in fact photos of our suspect. and as the sheriff mentioned previously, we have all opened up an internal investigation to determine the source of the leaks of those photos to the public. you asked what we found in the sheriff's or in the suspect's room and the sheriff spoke a little bit about cameras being located. to clarify, there were two cameras located in the hallway so that the suspect could watch as law enforcement or security approached his room. and there was another camera placed inside the hotel room door peep hole so that it could see down the hallway.
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at this point, you had a number of questions about the weapons and the fac from the atf to my right, jill schneider, will answer or provide a statement to you but not take any questions. >> good evening. i'm special agent in charge jill snyder of atf san francisco field division. special agents from the san francisco field division's las vegas field obvious responded to the shooting that occurred on sunday. additional agents from other location within the san francisco field division as well as agents from atf los angeles, dallas, phoenix and boston field divisions have been working on this investigation. we know that you have many regarding the firearms in this case. there's also been a lot of unofficial information being recorded -- reported regarding
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the guns. we would like to clear up any conflicting information regarding the number of firearms and the current status of the trace information. please understand that this investigation is ongoing and i won't be taking questions at this time because we're still working through all of our investigative findings but i'll give you the facts that we have as of this time. currently, 47 firearms have been recovered. these firearms were recovered from three different locations. those locations consisted of the hotel room as well as verde and mesquite, nevada. they were purchased in nevada, utah, california and texas. the gunman purchased rifles, shotguns and pistols. at this time, none of the guns recovered appear to be homemade. there were 12 bump fire stocks identified on the firearms in
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the hotel room. the atf firearms and ammunition technology division provides determinations on devices such as bump fire stocks and the legality. the classification of these devices depends on whether they mechanically alter the function of the firearm to fire fully automatic. bump fire stocks, while simulating automatic fire, do not actually alter the firearm to fire automatically making them legal under current federal law. it is still being determined which firearms were used in the shooting. all of the firearms have been traced. we are still awaiting the results from some of the firearms that were located at the mesquite residence. as the investigation proceeds, atf will continue to conduct interviews and provide our resources and full support to the sheriff and all our local law enforcement partners. thank you.
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>> thank you. as this investigation continues on, we continue to hear stories of heroics by police officers, first responders and average citizens alike. i commend all of their actions as they showed immense courage in the face of extreme danger. i want to mention that one of those brave people was las vegas metropolitan police officer charleston hartfield. officer hartfield was at the route 91 concert that night along with his wife when shots rang out. even though officer hartfield was at the concert as a civilian, he immediately took action to save lives. in that moment, he was acting as a police officer. he ultimately gave his life protecting others. officer hartfield was an 11- year member of the lvm pd and leaves behind a wife and two children. [ voice breaking ] >> i'm very grateful for his sacrifice.
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there will be a vigil to remember officer hartfield this thursday october 5th at the police memorial park at 6 p.m. as in all. >> that park is at 3250 metro academy way and it's being hosted by our police protective association. as this community has become accustomed when we do provide information in regards to our critical incidents, we release body-worn camera footage to you. there's a significant amount of body-worn camera footage that we're going through. however, i'm going to play a clip on our new very large monitor for you of a compilation of a number of those body-worn cameras. you will see that the officers were dealing with some uncooperative citizens at times but at all times they were trying to locate the source of the gunfire as well as evacuate those citizens
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that were in the line of fire. i think the video will speak for itself. so if you would like to, i'll try to narrate just a little bit for you as we go through. carlos, if you could play that for me, please. [ video ] >> that wall faces mandalay bay and they are hunkered down behind that wall after initial volley of shots. [ yelling ] [ sirens ] sirens ] >> gun, get down! go that way! get out of here! there's gunshots from over there. go that way! go that way! [ automatic gunfire ] >> at this point they are
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still trying to figure out where the rounds are coming from. [ sirens ] [ more automatic gunfire ] [ extensive automatic gunfire ] [ nonstop sirens ] [ yelling ] >> everybody stay down, stay down! >> where's it at? >> a couple of officers hunkered down next to a patrol vehicle on las vegas boulevard. one of our officers gets shot. >> get back, get back, get back!
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>> this video is obscured. you notice the officers were wearing those yellow reflective vests. that's what you're actually seeing. >> everybody get down, get down, get down, get down! [ sustained automatic gunfire ] [ screaming and crying ] >> very difficult to tell from that video but the officers actually standing over another woman. [ automatic gunfire ] >> get down, get down, get down! [ automatic gunfire continues ] >> heard him say i have a vest on. [ people yelling ] >> where are you! >> go, go.
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>> this way, this way, go, go, that way, that way, that way! >> so before i take some questions, i understand that the coroner is here now. oh, i'm sorry. i was looking right past you, john. this is john, the clark county coroner. >> thank you, undersheriff. again, i'd like to just start by saying that my condolences go out to all those involved in this incident specifically the family and friends who have lost lost ones. i'd like to provide you some updated information on what's happening at the family assistance center at the convention center. we have -- we're fully operational. all evening, all through the night and tomorrow, at noon, we'll make a determination whether or not we are going to be open 24 hours going forward. but at minimum, we will be open from present time to 5
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p.m. tomorrow. so we're still fully operational to answer any questions that the families may have, any friends of the families, and i'd also like to clarify, we are not releasing property at the family assistance center. that is as the sheriff mentioned earlier that's going to be released -- they are developing a plan currently to release that property in the future and i'm certain that will be put out through one of these press conferences. i'd like to also discuss some of the numbers that we have been dealing with over there. i had that question earlier by multiple media outlets. it's estimated we have served well over 1,000 family members and friends there at the family assistance center. we're providing all sorts of services to include bereavement services and our staff at the clark county coroner's office has been meeting with every family that comes in there and i'd like to again thank them. they are an amazing group of people and they have been doing an amazing job in serving these families. i think everybody except for
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the families would consider this a huge success at the family assistance center and rightfully so. i think the reason the families may not is because if they are waiting one minute longer for to us provide information, that's too long. so they have been very patient. i appreciate that. and i just want to send a message to them that we are doing everything we can to communicate with them and get them the information that they need. if they want to come down to the family assistance center, we're there to receive them and communicate with them. if they are not able to attend the family assistance center, i'd like to provide you with a phone number that's been previously published. that's within the state of nevada 211, outside of the state nevada, that's 1-866-535-5654. we have call takers standing by to take missing persons reports. that's tailored off quite a bit. to date, we have received over
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3,000 missing persons reports. and i'd like to clarify what that means so people don't misreport the intent of that number or the intent of me giving you that number. that by no means means that we have 3,000 people missing. we don't -- we believe that all 59 of the deceased are identified tentatively. we're working on positively identifying the rest of them. and we believe that will happen by the end of the evening. we estimate in between 9 and 10 p.m. so that's very normal for us to receive an excessive amount of missing persons reports following an incident like that. so again that by no means we have outstanding missing persons. we have very detailed manifest and we believe that everybody involved in the incident from the decedents' standpoint is accounted for and we are waiting to communicate that with their families. so i'm available to answer any questions that you may have.
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i have limited time to answer questions. so i'll take a few. yes, go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> excuse me? >> everybody who died, died of gunshot wounds? >> yes, the majority of them d i'm not at liberty to tell you whether or not all of them died as a result of gunshot wounds simply because i don't know at this point. >> how long is your list for names [ indiscernible ] >> i'm working with the metropolitan police department to develop that list and we'll make that public. i would imagine that's not going to happen until at the earliest tomorrow morning. [ inaudible question ] >> as i spoke earlier, we have tentatively identified them. but we're working on some confirmation issues. and i'm confident they will all be identified -- we believe we know who every, single one of them is. it's just a matter of confirming that. we don't have the liberty to
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make any mistakes. so we have to get it right as the undersheriff said earlier. we have to get this right so we need your patience and we're going to work through the night to get that right and i'm hopeful that we'll have all of those confirmed by tomorrow morning and the families notified. yes, sir. >> you said the majority died of gunshot wounds. [ inaudible question ] >> i don't believe so. but again i can't confirm that right now. >> mr. coroner, have you completed the autopsy on mr.  paddock? >> i'm not going to speak to the details of the examinations at this point. >> have you completed it? >> excuse me? >> have you completed it? >> i'm not going to speak to any of the details of the collisions at this point primarily out of respect for the families. i hope you understand that. yes. did you have a question? [ inaudible question ]
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that's a lengthy process. the families of the decedents will make arrangements with the local mortuaries and they provide details and provide the transportation back to the home states. one last question if you would. [ inaudible question ] >> how many victims are local and how much -- >> i don't have that estimation but we are putting that together and we should have that by the time our list is finalized and confirmed. >> does the 59 include the sheriff? >> it does not. excuse me. could you -- i'm not sure i understood that and i want to give you accurate information. [ inaudible question ] >> the 59 deaths does it include the shooter? >> no. we have 58 dead plus the shooter for a total of 59. >> got it. >> and when you release the list, are you going to to put
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it online? >> this is the last question. i don't know. but that will be announced through one of these press conferences probably later today or most likely tomorrow at some point. that's all the questions i'm going to take. thank you very much for your time of. [ yelling questions ] >> are you changing that number? >> i can clarify the 59. we have confirmed 59 dead in our office. yes. 58 plus the shooter for a total of 59. and that is confirmed. okay? thank you very much, undersheriff. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> mr. undersheriff, that leads to another question -- >> i didn't call on you first. but go ahead. is there another death somewhere else? we were told previously 59 plus. >> yeah. but remember, we also told that you the numbers of dead and wounded will continue to fluctuate so the answer that the coroner provided you is the most recent relevant number that we have. >> undersheriff, is there any indication that he was planning something else a
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couple of weeks beforehand? in your investigation have you seen that? >> um, no. i'm not prepared to speak about that. but that is part of our investigation. >> with the knowledge that marilou danley is in the philippines and knowing [ indiscernible ] are you absolutely ruling out any connection to terrorism or anything like that? >> we haven't absolutely ruled anything out in this investigation. listen, i'm not trying to be coy, right? but i can confirm to you we have not ruled anything out. but i can also confirm to you that we have not ruled that in. so we have a lot more questions than we have answers today. [ crosstalk ] >> i understand that. >> we're very well aware of that. i'm sorry. go ahead, sir. >> can we get an update on any of the electronics side of things. >> i'll give that to you when we have it. it's not a simple process. it takes time and the fbi is working diligently on that for us. let me finish.
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>> listening to the undersheriff in clark county updating us on the situation in las vegas. one of the most compelling news conferences i have seen. they played some body camera video for the first time releasing it, showing the police as they were facing this barrage of gunfire from the mandalay bay hotel. also, we did get some new information, 47 guns have been recovered at three different locations at the hotel room and two other locations, presumably the shooter's two homes. the guns were bought in texas, utah, nevada and california. also we learned today that 12 of the guns that were found in the hotel room had been modified with what's called a bump stock which essentially allows the weapon to fire like a fully automatic weapon. >> yeah. they described those weapons as rifles, shotguns and pistols. they said none appeared to be homemade. they said all had been traced and they are working now to determine which of those 47 guns were used in sunday's shooting. we also learned that the first
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call came in at 10:08 sunday night about shots being fired. and then went on for the next 9 to 11 minutes. the shooting stopped at 10:19. it was interesting, too, they said that a security guard was actually the first person who made his way up to the outside of that hotel room on the 32nd floor where the 64-year-old gunman stephen paddock was holed up inside and was able to identify the shots came out of there and the gunman shot through the door striking the security guard but that security guard was then able to notify other authorities who were then able to make their way up to that hotel room. >> we found out there were two cameras in the hallway and another camera in the peep hole and that they are still days away from finishing processing that room that hotel room in the mandalay bay just some -- some -- really fascinating and also heartbreaking information. just one other quick point that he made. the coroner made. and that is that we have been talking about 59 people
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killed. that's actually 58 people at the concert and the gunman. we hadn't heard that before, for a total of 59. all right. we want to go back to ken wayne in las vegas where he talked with a young woman from rohnert park. >> reporter: we're right in the middle of the las vegas boulevard in the south end. you can see mandalay bay behind me. we have an emergency vehicle coming this way, the wrong way. it's heading northbound. [ sirens ] >> reporter: on the southbound side of the street. i'm going to stop for a second because of sirens. this is the first time this side of the strip has been opened since the shooting because right across you can
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see the banners blowing in the breeze that's picked up here the location of the route 91 harvest country music festival that was taking place sunday night when the young woman from rohnert park savannah casko was shot. >> reporter: if you have to get shot she knows she is lucky. >> it's close to my spine. >> do you know how close? did they tell you? >> they didn't tell me. they just said i was lucky it was in between the bones that come out of my lower spine. >> reporter: she was with three friends at sunday night's concerts when the gunfire erupted. >> we thought it was speakers going out with a popping noise. >> reporter: she felt something hit her in the back as she and her friends ran. >> it was a hot pain. you know when you hit your funny bone and it just --it stings and you can't do anything? it stung so bad. and i just dropped to my knees and i rolled over to my back and i was like, i can't


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