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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 4, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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violence and hate, we can change our world. >> the people of last night's vigil also talked about politics. they say it's important for people to speak out and make their voices heard to elected officials that they support gun control measures. new perspective of sunday's mass shooting and who police are now talking to in their investigation. >> reporter lauren blanchard is in las vegas with the very latest on that. good morning lauren. >> reporter: good morning pam and dave. new video show us exactly what las vegas officers were seeing when this gunman opened fire, what he had in his possession, almost two dozen guns. las vegas metropolitan police released body cam footage from the night of the mass shooting showing officers [audio not
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understandable] . >> we're having a little problem with lauren blanchard in las vegas but talking a lot about the investigation, the element of -- amount of guns. >> and the person of interest, the girlfriend. >> we are going to continue to follow that. we'll check back in with lauren in just a moment. thank you for joining us right now. we want to check in with steve. noticeably cooler. very much so. a little rebound but it is cool out there. thank you. yesterday it was probably a little colder. many 30s, especially towards the north also in the santa cruz mountains.
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52 degrees in claire yesterday. perfect temps, i would agree with that. low is ejecting out rapidly. didn't stick around very long but made it's presence felt with the pretty cold air mass. it fired thunderstorms and snow up in the sierra but things calmed down rapidly. that's moving out. peninsula temps, a lot of mid- 40s. they may drop another couple of degrees. on the coast 50 degrees. stanford at 44. activity, thunderstorms, snow up in the sierra but that calmed down once we hit sunset and the low kicked out. yesterday was a day of fog and cool temps. so far nothing showing up yet in those areas. low kicking out and high pressure building in. temperatures slowly warming up. 4:32 you said you're
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keeping your eye on something. is that gone? ? we always have our eye on the silicon valley and other commutes if driving on 80 westbound driving out to to the velero area, no major crashes. 1001, and 280 -- 101 and 280, off to a nice start. 4:33 let's go back to the desk. thank you we want to go back to lauren blanchard who is there in las vegas covering the latest on the investigation now. lawyeren? >>reporter: hi pam and dave i think you can hear me this time. what we are seeing from police is video showing us exactly what the svrz who were on the ground during -- officers who were on the ground during the shooting what they were seeing as the gunman opened fire he
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had in his possession almost two dozen guns. las vegas metropolitan police released body cam footage from the night of the mass shooting showing officers trying to figure out where all the bullets are coming from. busts of gunfire heard over and over as police urge buy standers to get down. as for weapons, stephen pad dock had a lot of them. 23 rifles were found in the hotel room along with a device that would allow some of them to fire hundreds of rounds per minute. overall the shooter had nearly 50 guns in the room and at two different nevada properties. another part of the investigation and focused on pad dock's girlfriend. mary lieu dan lee has been out of the country but arrived at los angeles airport late tuesday night and was greeted by authorities who are questioning her about the massacre. pad dock's brother doesn't think anyone was involved but
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stephen. >> people are saying he must have had help. stephen didn't take help, he didn't have help. >> one moment will change the way people our family. >> on our channel 2 website we put together a special section on all the latest investigation from las vegas and what we are finding out about the victims. look for the link at the top of the home page. a full scare terrorism drill at san francisco zoo overnight. every year they practice a response to a terrorist attack. that includes the coordination of various agencies including airport staff, the san francisco fire department and police department as well as various state and federal agencies. a team of more than 40
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volunteers also participated. last night in oakland, one man killed and two others hurt in three shootings along international boulevard. take a look at the map. we've pinpointed each of the shootings. the man was killed in the third shooting that happened just before 6:00 outside of a jack in the box restaurant on international boulevard near 25th avenue. in the first shooting, a 911 call came in at 4:39 in the afternoon at 74th avenue near international. police didn't find anybody at the scene but later found the victim went to a hospital. now here's video from the second shooting. it happened just before 5 p.m. last night near 14th avenue. one man was shot and was taken to the hospital. so far no arrests have been reported in any of those shootings. the police haven't said whether the shootings were related. the san francisco police department has released body camera footage of a deadly officer involved shooting that
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happened on september 24 at an apartment on salmon street and pacific avenue. they were responding to a domestic dispute when they shot and killed a man. the man was armed and released photos of the gun recovered at the sr. investigators say the man was in a fight with his girlfriend and fired the gun three times before officers forced their way inside the apartment. >> upon entering the residences, two of the officers discharged the department's weapons and mr. murray was struck by gunfire. >> the man was holding his girlfriend and her two young children hostage in a bedroom but they were not hurt. over the past 3 months there have been several thefts of laptop computers at coffee shops in alameda. amber lee was at a coffee shop hit by thieves last night. >> it was a quiet tuesday evening inside the coffee shop.
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a patron tells me he stops in at pete's to do work on his computer. suddenly a group of teens walked inside and approached the victim. victim. >> they grabbed my laptop. >> reporter: when the victim got back to the coffee shot after chasing the teen with the laptop he realized his wallet and backpack were also taken. another patron this is the second theft he's witnessed in the last two weeks. >> i'm overwhelmed. working here for a year and then some, i think it's really bad business. >> alameda released this video of coffee shop thefts. on october 4 thieves stole a laptop at the starbucks, the
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same suspects went to the starbucks to park street and grabbed a laptop from another customer. as of this night, the police say there have been 11 incidents and the suspects descriptions are not the same in all the cases. voeft gators are advising patrons to take precautions. >> considering using tracking software so that you can find it if it does become lost or stolen. >> the victim in the latest robbery said he was sitting by the front door and was distracted. . >> i'm definitely going to be more careful. i was lost in sending the e- mail out. >> police say these are crimes of opportunities and are asking anyone who recognizes the suspects in the surveillance video to contact them. in alameda i'm amber lee fox2 news. time is 4 #39d. san francisco will become the -- 4:39. san francisco will become the
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first city to disclose antibiotics in the food we're using. it require safeway and trader joe's to report what is in the raw meet and poultry sold in their stores. anti-buy particular resistance is a major problem. every year americans become infected with bacteria resistance to antibiotics. this is allowing grocery stores to shift towards anti-buy particular free meat and poultry. it is claimed california is not doing enough for whales. the claim argues the department of fish and wildlife is liable for en tanglements --
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entanglements. . a young woman from resign either park -- resign either park -- resign neither park -- rohnner -- ron -- rohnert park tells of her witnessing of the tragedy. highway 24 westbound 24 is not a bad drive to the tunnel. >> not looking like a bad day. a little chill with temperatures in the 40s and a few 50s. a nice fall day on top with upper 60s and 70s. who are these people?
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try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. welcome back. with all of the videos from las vegas being played over and over it might be a little too much for children to handle. >> a bay area psychiatrist tells us how you parents can talk to children. >> for children, child psychiatrist seeing the massacre online or on tv or hearing about it can be traumatic. >> some children are a little more as vulnerable and this could be bringing up a lot of them. >> reporter: this woman a medical psychiatrist at oakland's children's hospital
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in oakland. parents and teachers should look for signs that younger children may have a harder time processing what happened. >> they'll think they are not safe potentially. will this happen again? will it happen to me? why would someone do something like this? and not understand. >> reporter: a child reacts differently to seeing a natural disaster such as a flood or wildfire. >> this is different it is something that's been pepper rated by -- pepper rated by another human being. >> reporter: and parents -- per pet traited by another human -- perpetrated by another human being. >> asking them what they know and understand about it and acknowledge bad things happen and it isn't something we're not going to pretend didn't happen or sweep under the rug
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but that bad things happen and we're strong enough to tolerate and face it. >> reporter: most children will emerge without emotional scars. iffy motional trouble lasts more than a week it is best to seek a professional. coming up today on the 9. we will have a psychologist in the studios to discuss further on how to talk with the children about the tragic events. time is now 4:46 it's fleet week in san francisco. tens of thousands of people will be going to san francisco because of it. yesterday's events included the opening of a veterans's art exhibit and resource fair at the marines' memorial club and the blue angles will practice and perform. san francisco police have been planning for months with the navy on providing security during fleet week. >> any time we're up here supporting it's an all hands co-
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op operation. everyone is fully engaged in making sure it is safe and enjoyable for people coming out to visit. >> events continue through monday. tonight for the first time in nearly 6 months the san jose sharks will play a game. the sharks didn't make it past the first round of the playoff season. tonight they open the season against the philadelphia flyers. the sharks could be in the mix to make it back to the play yofs but the entire pacific division is considered tougher this year than last season. san jose takes the first step with the puck drop at 7:30. >> they'll have the good luck charm steve paulson urging them on. >> looks like you're wearing shark colors. >> i did. and sal has your morning commute. you taking care of the folks, sal. >> i am and looking here to see if there's anything major. doesn't look like it.
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although slow traffic dave and pam, if you are driving sante altamont pass. slow traffic on eastbound 580 # at north flynn. westbound the traffic is busy as you drive into the area. no major problems from livermore to dublin pleasant ton or on 680 from danville. this is a look at interstate to oakland and traffic is moving well. people on the road this early hour usually have a pretty slick commute getting to the toll plaza with no issues. some of the cash lanes are crowded. 12 minutes before the hour of 5:00 and now steve paulson -- that's it [ laughing ]. >> i was waiting for maybe one more. >> steve paulson and then you take it away, you take it away.
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away with you [ laughing ]. >> thank you. sunny and nice. back in town and a lovely fall day. 60s and up 70s to near 80 degrees. saturday, maybe a little cooler pattern as another low drops toward us by next monday and tuesday although models are not in cinch on that. the low -- sync on that. the low we had yesterday fired up thunderstorms and snow in the sierra and left behind a chilly air mass. 40s and 50s on temps. 45 santa clara, a look toward the valley which was a very cool day yesterday as was much of the coast because they had to deal with low clouds and it was low to clear. bolder creek is checking in with 39. 53 cooper teen notice.
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44 -- 46 -- 45 in gilroy. 23 in truckee. 48 in reno. a few 30s up in lake county. lots of 20s right anned lake tahoe right now -- night now including the lake tahoe right now. keeping an eye to see if the fog decides to form. the water temps are cold enough and with an on shore breeze it wouldn't surprise me if we get a little patchy fog. a northeasterly breeze. 60s into some 70s and 80s. after a cool yesterday a little bit of a rebound today. temperatures close to see onable avrmgdz today -- seasonable averages today.
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60s on the coast, 70s on the peninsula and warmer weather takes us into saturday. and maybe fog sunday into monday. well the blue angles fly saturday, and sunday. >> it looks fine, saturday, yes. you and pam i was parking my car yesterday, saw a husband and wife next to me at the super market and it was mattkane and his wife. >> they replayed the other night the replay of his perfect game. it was emotional watching it. it was spectacular to see it again. did you say hey? >> i did. right now 4:51. the giant season is over. and a serious heart continue will be treated and how soon
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this guy expects to recover. unbeaten sports coverage from the bay area home team. the power of 2.
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welcome back. the time is 4:54. both jared kushner and ivanka trump have been find for not submitting finance forms on time. both kushner and ivanka trump were find $200. now they serve as unpaid aids
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to president trump. they also listed different values for some of their joint assets. some of those values had discrepancy aensz of hundreds of thousands of -- discrepancy paensz of hundreds of thousands of dollars. higher pay and better working conditions are coming for people who work for been and jerry's ice cream. they agreed to improve the pay and working conditions for the employees of the company. the company ceo signed what he's calling the 'milk with dignity' agreement. he says it ensures the human rights of the workers and a better relationships with the farmers. 4:55 the giants manager mitch boji will have a heart procedure during the off season.
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he will have an owe blags procedure repairing an ate real -- atrial a fib ril layings. -- afibrilation. he calls the procedure routine and expects to be back later this month. a company leader passed away. he says the company generated more revenue during the 8 years he was ceo than it's 45 preceding years. in his last year as ceo the company had 53 billion dollars in sales. intel says he died in his sleep but did not give an exact time
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of death. the north bay community comes together to remember a woman killed from their community in the massacre in las vegas. one of three victims with ties to the bay area. mary lieu dan lee, girlfriend of the gunman. she returns to the united states what investigators expect to learn from her. slow traffic 242 near 680. nearby where they're doing construction work. highway 24 looks okay but 242 at 680 you may want to think about going around the problems and we'll give you options straight ahead. another cool morning although it does not look to be as cool as yesterday morning. taking a look around san francisco, oakland and berkeley areas. low to mid-50s. a few 30s, we'll talk about that coming up. .
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. released by the camera video showing the chaos and terror of the deadly shooting rampage as it happened. police officers desperately trying to protect people and save lives as they also search for where the barrage of bullets were coming from. a huge request expected to be sent to calmer -- congress.
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mornings on 2 continue. thank you for joining us it's wednesday morning october 4.>> we are getting you moving this morning checking your weather steve paulson is in the weather center. looks like a nice fall day. yesterday we had a few upper 40s even into oakland and we are running older warmer. alameda the warmest at 57, 53 berkeley, the system has moved out its northeast of nevada will be on the dryer side. it did increase the fog in san


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