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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 4, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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they say the sharks could be in the mix to make it back to the playoffs. the puck drops at 7:30. today at 9:00, more information is coming out about the shooting in las vegas, we will talk about the issue with your children -- will talk to an expert about talking to your children about it. also on this national coffee with a coptic, we talk to a san francisco officer about the importance of the event. [ music ] a lot of activity happening outside of cleveland elementary and san francisco, get some fresh air in the lungs, walk or roll to school. there is the mayor and the middle surrounded by little ones. we bring you into the 9:00 this morning, did you walk to school when you were a little castaneda? and do your little ones walk
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now? >> i had to jump in a car. and now we are a little too far for the walk. if we were down the street, for sure, they would be walking. >> i did not, but i walked home. i got a ride to school but i walked home. does that count? >> i will give you a half-point [ laughter ]. i walked to joel mitchell elementary every day and livermore. my mom used to walk with us. she would watch me sometimes. now parents have a lot of anxiety about letting kids walk by themselves. today is a reminder that for the most part, it is okay. i like seeing the parental and mayoral involvement. first we will begin serious news. investigators in las vegas are still searching for a motive to the deadly attack.>> federal agents are questioning the gunman's girlfriend who landed at los angeles international
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last night.>> let's go back in front of the mandalay bay with officials calling the girlfriend a person of interest.>> reporter: dozens were killed, hundreds were injured, and now the fbi is interviewing that woman, mary lou daly, the girlfriend of the lone shooter, stephen paddock, who is responsible please believe, he is behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern american history. mary lou danley arrived at los angeles international airport late last night. she was met by federal officials who are believed to be questioning her about her connection to 64-year-old stephen paddock. they say she was in the philippines during the attack, possibly sent thereby paddock so she wouldn't interfere. >>
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>> reporter: as las vegas and the nation continue morning, more than 100 survivors remain hospitalized. many are struggling to come to terms with the emotional impact of what they witnessed. >> people were trampling over each other, it was not, it was pretty much a war zone. >> it hurt so bad. i didn't want to die. i wasn't ready to die. >> reporter: president trump will meet survivors today. he is using the city and talking to victims and first responders as the investigation and mourning process continues. >> it is a very sad day for me, personally.>> reporter: we are seeing an uptick in security here on the strip. hotels around the area have added more personnel as well as using hand-held metal detectors to check guests for weapons. >> we heard yesterday, the investigators called the
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girlfriend a person of interest, not a suspect, you have more information about her? what makes yes. we are getting brand-new information. law-enforcement has told us that she return voluntarily. they were able to track her down using "law enforcement tools." they were able to track her in the philippines. she returned voluntarily. they remind us that she is not under arrest. what they said is the expectation and the desire is to get her fbi interview done today. >> when you mentioned an uptick in security, it got me thinking, the president is touching down in just 30 minutes, any word on white house officials whether or not the president will make his way to the mandalay bay or anywhere near where the concert venue was weak >> reporter: they are not releasing that information right now just because of secret service protocol. we will see very shortly once he gets here. but we have seen quite a few of those officials around. you have to imagine, this area
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is very much being watched just in case. >> you can imagine there president making his way to the hospital. >> the airport is right there, so he is going to be right near where the shooting happened. it is a powerful moment if he were to do that. this is a challenging time for the president to address the emotions of the nation. maybe that visit would work, maybe it doesn't, but obviously, the hospital is first and foremost.>> as we work to learn more about the gunman, police are investigating the motive behind it. we are also learning more about the lives that were lost and stories of survival. >> coming up, we will be introduced to a 20-year-old survivor. and now we go to the high school of -- the alma mater of two people who did not survive.>> reporter: they will
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be discussing ways to pay tribute to denise cohen and stacy rodriguez escalera. they graduated about 8 years apart, it doesn't appear that they knew one another personally. it is a said coincidence that these two victims both grew up in the same community and both went to the same school. there is a memorial stone on the campus of cal hi that has the name of alumni who passed away. on the stone is a picture of denise cohen. she graduated back and 1977. she was 57 years old. she attended the 1991 harvest festival. she and her friend were shot and killed. she is survived by her two adult sons and family. her mother says she is heartbroken and angry. she plans to be a strong advocate going forward for things like
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stricter background checks for gun purpose -- purchases, mental health checks and more security at large-scale events. >> she really did not deserve to die this way. she needed to be recognized and remembered. she needs to be remembered as a person that was a patriot and a leader in her community. she was loved by everyone.>> reporter: confirmation of cohen's death came after we learned another cal hi graduate was one of the victims, 50-year- old stacy rodriguez echevarria. she was the wife of a police officer. she graduated in 1985. last night, hundreds of people gathered for a candle light vigil to remember her at her children's elementary school in novato. her and her husband were at the concert. when there was a lull,
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her husband, an off-duty police officer stopped to help and told his wife to run to safety. she was shot and killed in the massacre. the family says she was planning on attending the reunion at cal hi later this month before her life was tragically cut short. her homecoming is next friday. again, the alumni association, the school district is working on plans to come up with some sort of tribute for the two women. they say it is still in the very early stages and they haven't worked out all the details on that just get >> the images and stories coming out of las vegas are difficult for many adults to wrap their mind around. it is especially hard for children who may feel worried or depressed or frightened. for more on how to handle that, we are joined by psychologist dan peters. thank you for coming in. >> i walked in monday, the first thing my daughter said was, because i was supposed to fly with the two angels and i didn't, she said how was the
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flight? it caught me off guard because i didn't have a chance to plan ahead. i said a lot of people got hurt and dad had to be at work. but she led the conversation. >> exactly. that is key. you reacted well without preparation. i think what we really need to do as parents is focus on our own emotion and our own energy around us. our kids are picking up on a lot. they pick up on us. they sense us, they hear us. they see what we watch on the news. i think it is key first to figure out how we manage our own emotions. because just like when they fall and look to us to see whether they are okay or if they should cry, that doesn't change throughout life. >> you are saying keep yourself in check and maybe put your children in a bit of a bubble when it comes to turning on the radio or television? >> a big bubble. especially when they are younger. we need to manage the media, it comes at all levels. they hear it in the other room.
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they don't need to know what the world is really like yet. they will find out. even our older kids, -- >> they will find out when they are emotionally ready to find out? >> they find out at school, they find out before, we can't imagine that they are ready to process it. some kids, it goes right over their head. i think that is great. other times, they will come to us because they hear things that are really disturbing or see these images that are disturbing. that is when i think we need to follow their lead and see where they are and answer the western enough to satisfy their curiosity. we want them to be able to move on and you'll secure in this world.>> my kids haven't asked, so i shouldn't say anything?>> i think that is a judgment call. if they are going to hear it at school and they are a little -- if they are little younger, you can let it go. if they aren't worth, fifth
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grade, you can say you will hear some things in school, there were some said rings that happen. you just aged to their interest level. >> what about parents at home with teenagers who are on social media who can hear the 911 calls on the dispatch, let's say for example, they said mom, dad, i feel anxious, how do you respond to that? do you say there's nothing to be anxious about?>> you need to validate his feelings -- those feelings. you need to say how are you feeling? what are you hearing? our own anxiety can spin out of control and run with it, or saying no, it's fine. again, it is going with their cadence to try to answer.>> i don't know if spin is the right word, but you have to have a positive outlook . the world is not as bad as this one event. >> you need to have a realistic
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, then and optimistic. you need to validate the reality of what occurred in for the kids that are older and go to concerts and know people who lost evil, you have to start with what is real, then you have to talk about yes, these are incidents. they are rare incidents, go with statistics. get them refocused on the optimistic part of our world. >> my little boys somehow heard about the hurricanes, they were very concerned about the hurricanes. i was able to say, that will never happen here. with a shooting like this, i can't promise that. that is where i'm having difficulty. >> i think it is easier with the hurricanes, we do the same thing in our house. i think you go with probability and statistics. there is a chance that people can get struck by lightning and win the lottery, the odds are very very low, and one of the things of fighting anxiety is to talk about probability and put things into perspective, it is very, it is highly unlikely.>> i talk about distance, this is 3000 miles away.
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this is farther away than grandma and grandpa, i tried to , and my boys are very small, so they understand that. >> but we all are one. >> but i think that would be too much for them. my older one is very sensitive to my little one is probably going to be okay under any circumstance, it is also known what you are dealing with. >> yes. individualized for each child. >> it's good to have you here. thank you so much. coming up, we'll take a look at the struggles in florida are facing -- puerto rico is facing. there is a water shortage as well. more on puerto rico in a moment.
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in puerto rico, the official death toll from hurricane maria has now risen from 16 to 34. that announcement came shortly after president trump traveled to the u.s. territory to assess the devastation.
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the president spent time there meeting people in san juan. he helped hand out some basic necessities that have been in short supply since the storm hit. the president has received some criticism for saying that puerto rico suffered a relatively low death toll from hurricane maria appeared to "real catastrophe." >> every death is a horror. but if you look at a real catastrophe like katrina, then you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds of people that died, what is your death count as of this moment? 16 people, certified. 16 people versus in the thousands, you can be very proud of all of your people, all of our people working together.>> again, the death toll officially has now been listed at 34. a group of nurses from the bay area are in puerto rico helping. >> people leading the relief
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effort says there is just too much devastation for the president to see in the time he was there.>> mike tobin is in puerto rico.>> reporter: when they say it is getting better and puerto rico, that means gas lines are down to less than one hour. it is a arkwright from normal. transactions are still all cash, so the lines pileup at the atm. most hospitals are on emergency generators. the elderly and week away from the hospitals are helplessly sweltering with no air conditioning. they emphasize distribution of food, water, and medicine, but ultimately everything goes back to the issue of power. >> if you are talking about a hospital that is dependent on generator power, then i am worried about the generators. are we giving them enough gas? are we maintaining the generators? >> reporter: the farther you get from the coast or the city, in pensie, people are still working -- washing clothes in
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the river and gathering water from an underground stream. the percentage of people with power are still in the single digits. fema relief is on the way through the bottleneck at san juan. u.s. naval hospital ship comfort arrived in the port of san juan. the talk at them which threatened to given, and power crews were back leaders in the relief efforts say they only make decisions based on greatest and what can be done. >> i haven't seen at single thing does a single decision eating made based on washington. >> reporter: they answer the question of when life will return to normal. they say the problem is too big. there are too many moving parts to provide a solid answer. mike tobin fox news.
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>> the first grants to victims are being issued to victims. it was set up by houston and so far as given millions of dollars to help. more grants will go out next month. nearly half the charities receiving the money say they will use it to provide temporary housing to victims or help to repair their homes. harvey destroyed nearly 200,000 homes. there was a job fair in florida to hire more than 180 people for so-called disaster relief jobs. that includes clearing debris and landscaping. the regional employment programs say the storm affected so many people that program administrators say they are doing their part to help the community while also relieving some of the economic burden that families are now facing. we will speak with a fleet week spokesperson about when the blue angels will take
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to the skies for either practice or what on the show over the weekend. >> we are all bay area people meeting every day to get things done. our stories are your stories. news for bay area people from bay area people. mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news. to a cozy mattress, can be yours for less. and we believe... that cozy should never be costly.
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tomorrow is the deadline for daca recipients to renew expiring documents. under this program, this was established by the obama administration, they can work or go to school without facing deportation. the trump administration announced it is ending the dock up program -- it is ending the daca program tomorrow's deadline only applies to recipients whose applications expire by next march. the federal government will not accept new applications or renew those that expire after march. rex tellers and says he is committed as ever to uphold the agenda of the trump administration. just about two hours ago, he held a news prince that he denied resigning over disputes
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with president trump. >> i have learned that there are some who try to sow dissension to advance their own agenda. i do not, and i will not operate that way. the same applies to everyone on my -->> he was addressing that growing tensions have caused them to be on the verge of resigning. tellers and says he has never considered leaving. it will be a sunny and clear day. i am just wondering, steve, you said that this could be the day that starts the change? >> it will be, yes. it was pretty cold this morning, but all signs point towards warming conditions all the way until saturday. the only thing i'm concerned about is fog. the water temperatures are called. it is a perfect fall day, but it was darn cold this morning, 10 were at 33, ellsberg 34,
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sebastopol 34, geyserville at 35 degrees. it was cool but sunny and nice. we've seen some 70s and 80s warming up. a northerly breeze may kick in for a bit which would allow slight warming. but overall, temperatures are a little cooler. the trend to warm it up is there , the low that give us the cooldown yesterday, it moved out fast but not before it gave some thundershowers and snow in the sierra. left behind cold temps with 18 in truck he. we will be warming it up over the next few days and looks nice, sunny, and warmer as we headed to the end of the week. humming up, our
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coverage of the shooting in las vegas continues as president trump is just minutes away from landing in las vegas. lawmakers are discussing gun control in the wake of the deadly incident. it is national coffee with a cop day, and notable departments are participating.
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well, right now, we are giving you a life picture at the airport in las vegas. resident trump is aboard air force one expecting to land at any moment. the president is on board air force one with the first lady. they are expected to meet with survivors and offer condolences to those who lost loved ones. the president is also scheduled to meet with doctors and nurses. it is important to note that there are at least 35 patients
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at two hospitals who remain in critical condition. it will be interesting to hear what kind of message the president delivers to those there on the ground in las vegas. we know that the president called the shooting and active. evil. >> some people who were being shot or shot at ran to the airport for cover. we will see whether or not he goes to the crime scene.>> ken wayne was with one of the attendees talking about the events of sunday night. >> reporter: getting shot in the back doesn't sound like being lucky, but if you have to get shot, savannah chas go knows that she is lucky.>> it's pretty close to my spine. they didn't tell me how close, they just said i was very lucky and it was in between the bones that come out of my lower spine.>> reporter: she was at
9:29 am
the country music concert with three friends. >> we thought it was the speaker at first. >> reporter: as she and her friends ran, she felt something hit her in the back.>> it was a hot pain, you know when you hit your funny bone and it stings, you just can't do anything. it just stunk so bad. i dropped to my knees and i rolled over to my back and i was like, guys, i can't go.>> reporter: a young man next to her also went down.>> we lost one of our friends, my friends boyfriend. put mac she made her way to the mgm and found in amulets where there were already three victims. >> one man was shot in the butt and i was laying on his lap. i apologized. his wife was shot in the butt. then there was a person next to me being resuscitated. they did not make it.
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>> reporter: the hospital was so crowded, she was put on a gurney and had to stay in the hallway where the scope of what had happened began to sink in.>> i would hear people screaming and crying, that is when it would hit me. >> reporter: later, she learns the fate of her friend who went down, he didn't survive.>> we are all trying to be as okay as we can.>> reporter: she leaves las vegas with a friend gone, a bullet in her back, and insight uncommon for anyone let alone a 20-year-old. >> i see mgm right through the window right now, and i get some anxiety just because that is where i ran into. i am not going to, i'm not going to not come back. i won't be fearful of what this is or what happened. you can't let the fear become you. you need to be stronger than that and stand tall.>> reporter: she will be meeting with
9:31 am
medical specialist when she returns to the bay area to determine whether or not the bullet should come out. if it is too close to the spinal cord, it should come out, but doctors may decide that it is best to leave it in. if that is the case, she could be carrying that bullet in her back for the rest of her life. in las vegas, ken wayne, ktvu fox news. >> look for the link near the home page at the top on new gun control laws are been called for. lawmakers were urged to have the courage to do what is right . >> now is the time to come together, be responsible. democrats, republicans, everyone.
9:32 am
we must never stop fighting. light, fight, fight. >> democrats say it is time for action but republicans disagree and say the tragedy in las vegas shouldn't be used to push for gun control laws.>> i think it is unappropriate to use a tragedy like this. it's not the time to discuss legislation. >> president trump said gun control will be addressed as time goes by, in his words. it is coffee with a cop day. coffee with a cop began 6 years ago in southern california as a way to improve community relations. this morning, participating departments include san francisco, santa clara, berkeley, and others.>> we've
9:33 am
been asking you on this national coffee with a cop day, the question of the day is how would you rate your relationship with the local police department. 12% say it needs work, but almost half of you, 49% say you don't have a relationship with your local police department. joining us today from a cafi in the mission district, we say good morning to the tenant. -- good morning to the lieutenant. some people say they don't have any relationship, i imagine that is troubling.>> it is troubling, but we try our best to improve relationships. coffee with a cop is one of those things we do to let people in the community talk to officers one on one, they are doing it in a situation where they aren't called. they are just here. you can talk about crime, you can talk about your favorite color, whatever you want. it's just to see police officers in a different light.
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>> i've known you for a long time, i know you are friendly, and i wish everyone was like you. you have an out going personality, but police officers are all different, some are more reserved and serious, how do you get those officers to reach out and engage with the community? >> one of the purposes behind this is that when the officers come to these events, they see that people do appreciate them, they hear positive things about them. they hear thank you, that makes them feel like, oh, we are appreciated, because a lot of times we go to people's homes, it's not the best time or situation.>> one of the hot issues in san francisco is tasers. do people come up to you and give their two cents about whether or not you and your fellow officers should have tasers in san francisco?>> there is always concern about the cds and how they will work in this police department.
9:35 am
that is something we are trying to explore right now to the police commission. it seems to be about 50-50 around us right now.>> other concerns that come up, how often do they get in front of the chief? do they stop there and the coffee shop? if someone has a valid point or concern, do you guys pass those comments on upstairs to the chief? >> absolutely. anything that is of concern to the police department, we make sure it goes up to the chief, we need to have the most current information. we also have a new email, that is called as a pdc opinions about anything in the police department. >> what are some of the things that people are saying most commonly? did i say i wish we had more patrols on the street? we have more mark officers? what do they say? >> when they come to these type
9:36 am
of events, it is really more of appreciation. that's especially after the events of the last couple days. people have been very appreciative is morning of the police. a lot of people do ask about property crimes as well. they ask how to organize the neighborhoods to help the police.>> we are coming up on 2 years since the mario was shooting by san francisco police officers, that market dark time in months of protest. can you compare or contrast reactions to s at the pd in the city versus wearing you were in the city 2 years ago? >> i think the police department is always striving to improve. we change with the times, we change with the event. there's been a lot of change in the police department already. we will continue to move forward and not look back. we try to learn from our past, that's it.>> thank you for joining us from the mission
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district this morning. >> thank you. women talk about the question of the day, your personal relationship with your own local police departments. summary people tend to think of the police as a whole, as if it's one person when it's really thousands of men and women. a lot of good tweets. they said in napa, we have a great police department. >> carriage i've been saying i've had to work with our local department and i support their hard work 100%. >> and jeremy lowe's as being from the south side of chicago now living in oakland, i would like to have a relationship with just one.>> sunnyvale pd, one of the many departments being part of that, they responded to the question saying come tell us in person. so go to panera bread on east el camino and sunnyvale and voice your concerns in person. the mayor walked to school this morning as part of an effort to get children
9:38 am
moving. we were in san francisco with more on this walk and roll to school event.>> reporter:@this morning's event, it started at the excelsior playground as students made their way to the quarter mile here at cleveland elementary school. we were on hand this morning as students from munro elementary.walking as well. the idea is to get kids and their parents walking to and from school. last year, 95 schools took part in the walk and roll to school, that's about 85% of the unified schools, that translates to thousands of students. about 40% of san francisco students live within walking distance of the school, but only about 27% actually make that walk. the mayor says it is important to get the kids out in the community.>> we are slowing down traffic as that is one of the number one reasons why there might be more fatalities. once we slow down and educate the public, the kids will be that much healthier. walking, biking, skateboarding
9:39 am
to school, i think these are good ways and of course, it will help with our missions. >> reporter: aside from the important health benefits, experts also say important family time happens during those walks. it is important time for kids to connect with parents. as you look here, you can senior cleveland, they have special markings on the pavement to make sure that it is as safe as possible. that is one of the many emphasis sees. they want to make sure that it is safe. fleet week continues. for more, you can check out spokesperson david cruz. good morning david, the sx, should i go? it looks like a neat ship. >> it is an amazing ship. it is open again today starting from 10 am until two a clock p.m.. come check them out today.
9:40 am
later today under the golden gate bridge, our neighbors to the north, the winnipeg will arrive, that the second ship your fourth fleet week. >> everyone wants to know, the blue angels are going to be appearing friday, saturday, and sunday, i know that they start practicing on thursday, is that right? >> that is absolutely right. so the blue angels will start taking to the skies tomorrow for their survey flights, and then of course our world-famous airshow friday, saturday, and sunday on marina green. >> when they come, that is when it gets the most crowded, and getting down to anywhere to see them, i've tried it before, there is never any parking. what is the best way to get to a good area to see the blue angels and to hang out for the day without having to worry about let's say, your car getting towed, that kind of thing? >> we highly recommend people to take transit. take bikes, rideshare, if you're going to drive, go to
9:41 am
our website and pre-booked the parking space. you can know where to go and we can keep cars off the road. that is really important. the best viewing area is marina green. we are here today at pier 39. today is the 39th birthday. >> thank you, david cruz, i make come down and check you out. i will come down and see the blue angels. thank you for joining us.>> absolutely. thank you. we drove from the east bay, we drove around and around and around and then drove right back on. >> it was a total fail.>> happy birthday to pier 39. 39 years. coming up, it started out as an april fools joke, but now the idea has taken off, the gummy bear cleanse and how it is supposed to benefit you. the prince of egypt, the hit animated movie, makes the world premiere on stage right here in the bay area. we talk with the choreographer
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who is no stranger to that hit show, so you think you can dance. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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grown right here in california,
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with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. ktvu fox 2 and ktvu plus, the power of 2. the center for performing arts is dissipating the world premiere of the prince of egypt. it tells the story of moses, his brother, and the people who changed both their lives.>> the choreographer for so you think you can dance did the choreography for this. he joined us here. congratulations on the gig. when you were first approached by it, taking the stage, where you perplexed? were you questioning? were you excited? >> i think all of the above. of course, the animation film
9:45 am
as so many things involved that we obviously can't do on the stage, but i was really excited, i've always wanted to work on musicals. that was all great. >> you are looking for people of different ages and sizes and at the city's, different races, tell me about that. >> it is a very diverse cast. yes. we come in all sizes and ages. so casting it was fun, because we looked at everything.>> you looked everywhere? >> so some of the cast is from new york and some is local, some local people as well. so it is great to see them all get along. it's great to work together. it is great.>> i've been meaning to ask you about so you think you can dance, that is a big show in our household, i think that has done a lot for dance because it has put it on prime time. i'm not a dance guy, but my hope family watches, i ended up watching.
9:46 am
you enjoy doing that? >> i do. it's one of the hardest jobs as a choreographer, but one of the most rewarding. i agree that before the show, you didn't know who the choreographers were. for me, as i choreographer, it is a great way to meet such incredible talented dancers. >> i am mortified at the thought of dancing. i won't do it in public and hardly at home. my little brother was an engineering major with a dance minor. he thought he was throwing his miner away, but that dance minor has opened more doors for him in the corporate world, socially, i have nothing but respect for people who do what you do.>> that is an amazing combination. [ laughter ] >> don't you find that if you are the guy on the dance floor at the wedding, everybody wants to go to you?>> i would say also that i wish the world was more like a dance class, everybody gets along. everybody loves the diversity
9:47 am
of everybody in the class. yes. i think dance opens you up socially to everybody.>> where did you find your inspiration for what we will see on stage, and what is something you can share that is completely different from the film that people who go will see? >> first, the script and story always dictates all the steps that i will come up with. that is something that will be does something that is different from the film is the amount of dance, it is not just production numbers, dance is also used to carry along the story. >> that is because you asked for this? >> no. actually it came from our incredible director. he really wanted to see us bring certain things to life through bodies and movement. that is exactly what we are doing. >> has there been a resurgence in dance? i ask you about the show, but just in or quarters -- in all
9:48 am
quarters, it's come forth. >> i think it's about time. i think there's a lot just from the tv show, i'm proud that our show is the first. >> more people are talking about dancing. >> yes. because dancers are athletes. everybody can relate to some sort of dance. >> you have some sort of incredible career. michael jackson, tina turner, whitney spears, any insecurities on the parts of those superstar performers? do they still second-guess, or are they like, i have this. i'm not concerned? >> we all, everybody has insecurities. >> even at their level? >> even at their level. i think what separates them from the rest is there work ethic. that insecurity gets pounded. they will be in the dance studio on days when you feel
9:49 am
like oh, okay were going to do it again. especially the jackson. rehearsal was never enough. >> i love it. let's get our viewers to the prince of egypt. you have all the information waiting for you at look for it in the web links. you will also find it on our mobile apps. thank you for joining us. >> yankee. it was a lovely show. >> we will be right back. bay area evenings have a rhythm all their own at ktvu fox 2 , evenings are all about you. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2.
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president trump has just
9:52 am
landed in las vegas after gunmen kill people. we are taken to the investigation step-by-step. he is meeting with others as well as the mayor and governor. after this, he will go and make a point to meet with first responders and also highlight all of the civilians and ordinary people who were at the country music concert sunday night who jumped in and saved lives themselves. ken wayne is in las vegas tweeting pictures of a very long backup traffic. it is at a standstill. >> sometimes these moments in history can define a presidency. it is yet to be seen. you think about president
9:53 am
reagan and the space shuttle challenger, and president obama with sandy hook and how the president responds. so we don't know what kind of message he is going to deliver. we don't know if he will address the media. i would hope so. but i look back on what he said on monday, and i will read a quick line. "we call upon the bonds of citizenship, that ties of community and our common humanity, we cannot be shattered by evil, our bonds cannot be broken by violence." you would hope, you would think that that is something we will see today more of a from the president. >> something along the lines of consoler in chief. back here, california highway patrol is investigating a fatal crash that happened just after 8:00 this morning involving as many as six vehicles westbound highway 4. one person was airlifted to a nearby hospital. one person died at the scene according to chp. several other people were injured.
9:54 am
we are going on almost 2 hours for the closing. it was a deadly crash, and west bound highway 4 is shut down. i think the only fortunate thing is that it happened after most people had already driven by. we will follow up and get more details at noon. the city council has adopted a two-year ordinance to move homeless people into shelters as they wait for more permanent housing. the ordinance gives the mayor more flexibility to build and provide for people who are living on the streets. the first of three outdoor locations will shelter as many as 40 people in the shed structures for as many as six months. they will have portal toilets, wash stations, and security. the mayor told us the city is also exploring partnerships with qualified nonprofit volunteer groups, and other organizations, to help support these sites. there is a cleanup operation underway at one of the dirtiest part stations in the area. th
9:55 am
they are at the 16th street station in san francisco. they are sweeping up and picking up trash. one of the things they will be looking at is keeping pigeons out of the station. there have been other more serious problems at though including prostitution and drug dealing. they have been coming out frequently to clean up the station because he hates that it is not kept clean. >> i am frustrated with the conditions at 16th street. i think they are unacceptable. we are in a partnership with the city, but for bart to not have a full-time dedicated maintenance person does not make sense.>> he has been told that art is putting a maintenance person at the 16th street station on a pilot basis, but he says he will continue pushing for a permanent solution. there is a new food study that finds tale is actually bad for you. they said the popular superfood can be dangerous. according to researchers, cooked kale is still regarded as a nutritional
9:56 am
powerhouse, but raw tale may not be safe to eat. they say eating a lot of rock kale can interfere with thyroid functions which can lead to hormonal irregularities. researchers say it is best to eat kale in moderation. >> that's good news for you. [ laughter ] >> i put a kale smoothie down every now and then. but before you throw it out, just don't eat it raw. >> i only eat it cooked. it's too tough for me when it's raw. >> who is this? >> [ laughter ] from kale and spinach to gummy bears, apparently, someone once claimed that you can get all the benefits of the healthy greens and a candy. it actually started out as a april fools prank, but now there is a seven-day gummy bear cleanse. it's a little less intense on the green side, but the commies are more apple and lemon
9:57 am
dominated. they also put some vitamin c and vitamin a in there as well as some sugar. they decided to make the commies after paying an april fools prank, the customers didn't realize it was a joke. they said hey, can i buy some? where should i go? the company said let's make that, because people are going to buy it. >> you. >> nope. >> i blame them for my cavity. >> you still eat gummy bears? >> not anymore. [ laughter ] >> thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at noon. have a great day. [ music ] hello folks, i am here with former dallas cowboys quarterback danny white, we are talking about home safety.
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