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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  October 4, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the men and women who risk their lives four hours. what did she know ? the gunman's girlfriend meets with investigators as they tried to find something that will point to a motive. bump stocks band. >> something we should wait. now was not the time. ladies and gentlemen, went is the time ? >> democratic senator dianne feinstein working to win republican support for a bill that would outlaw the little- known aftermarket accessory that may have helped las vegas shooter kill so many. 4 on 2 starts now. president donald j. trump consoles survivors of the las vegas shooting rampage. and praises the bravery of first responders. some of whom took them fire themselves while rushing to the victims. and emotional visit for the president and first lady, to a city still reeling the tragedy. i am heather holmes.
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>> i am alyana gomez . and los angeles, the gunman's girlfriend is being interviewed by the fbi. >> within the hour, her attorney spoke out he denied his client had any knowledge of the high-rise massacre. we are in the newsroom tracking the latest developments. >> we are tracking the new developments. within the last hour, we learned the las vegas gunman specifically requested the hotel room at the mandalay bay they gave him a vantage pointe to shoot into the crowd. he checked in on thursday. that room was not available until saturday. he moved into it then. as you said, the attorney for the shooter's girlfriend spoke as well. marilou danley knew nothing about the plans by her boyfriend to commit an massacre. she is working with investigators, after returning from the philippines last night. president donald j. trump and the first lady landed in las vegas wednesday meeting privately with victims and doctors at university medical center, following saturday's at sunday's mass shooting at an
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outdoor music festival.>> we met patients were terribly wounded. and the doctors, nurses and all of the people at the hospital have done a job that is indescribable.>> reporter: the president travel to las vegas headquarters to think officers, first responders and dispatchers for their heroic efforts. >> in the depths of horror, we will always find hope. and the men and women who risk their lives four hours.>> reporter: at the same time, investigators were questioning the gunman's girlfriend at a field office in los angeles. marilou danley is cooperating. a person of interest, and she has an attorney. there hoping she can provide clues for what drove stephen paddock to 59 people from his high-rise hotel room. her sisters in australia said she did not know anything about his plans. they say stephen paddock intentionally center overseas so that she would not be in the united states for the attack. they wire terror district he
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wired her $100,000 according to ap.>> she does not know anything. she was sent away. she was sent away so that she would not be there to interfere with what he was planning. to authorities in las vegas plan on giving an update on the investigation and about an hour. we are hoping to hear more about what marilou danley may have known. that is coming up at 5 pm. we will carry the conference here on 23. >> we are very interested to find out what she told investigators today. as more and more names of victims come out, we are finding more connections to the bay area.two california high school graduates in san ramon were among the 59 victims of the las vegas shooting the pair graduated eight years apart from each other. >> reporter: there is a memorial stone on the california high school campus has the names of alumni and
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staff who passed away etched in stone. on the stone this morning is a picture of denise cohen along with flowers and balloons.she graduated from cal high in 1977, and her family said he had even been planning to homecoming next weekend. >> think of her and the weight we remembered her. a strong, cheerful person. with a lot to live for.>> she says her daughter had just started a new job in santa barbara with a property management company. in their last conversation, denise was excited to go to a country music concert in las vegas. she never came home. she and a friend work shot and killed in the mass shooting sunday night. she is survived by her two adult sons, three grand children as well as a brother and sister.>> she loved them all. and we will miss her. took her mother says she plans to be a strong advocate for things such as background checks for gun purchases. more awareness of mental health issues and better security and concerts and events.>> there
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will be a lot of thinking of what can be done so that this does not occur. we need to be more prepared, so that she did not have to go this way. so many people will suffer that she died this way. it is not right. parents do not look forward to the kids going before them.confirmation earlier on tuesday >> reporter:that stacee etcheber - a novato mother of two and wife of a san francisco police officer also died in the shooting. etcheber graduated from cal high ramon in 1985. hundreds of people gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember her at her children's elementary school in novato. etcheber and her husband were at the concert when shots rang out. during a lull in the gunfire, her husband stopped to help some of the injured and told his wife to run. he went with his instinct and his instinct was to help his instinct was to help people, brother-in-law, speaking of his brother actions. and i don't want him living with that regret at all. i guarantee his wife tried to help people too. that's just who those two were.
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plans are in the works to come up with a tribute to the two victims, who graduated from the school and died in las vegas shooting. and san ramon, tran 24.>> someone touching stories. much of the investigation focused on the shooter's girlfriend officials desperately seeking any insight into what turned a man with no evident criminal history into a crazed gunman. carolyn shively live in las vegas with more on fbi interview. and what they want attorney is saying.>> reporter: police here in las vegas, as well as the fbi are looking to this woman to provide some answers. the number one answer is what was the motive ? she apparently was not able to give them the answer that they wanted when interviewed her at an fbi field office in los angeles. she said in a statement, through her attorney, she had no warning. none of his actions or no indication said when he was planning for this concert. two weeks ago he said i have
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two tickets to the philippines. she was excited. she went on this trip and he wired her money. about $100,000. that's what he gave was this is for you and your family to buy a home. a very generous move is what she thought. not unusual. they have several homes throughout nevada. also in texas and florida. she said this was not unusual for him. she was horrified to hear what happened.>> it was not unusual for him to forward her money. let's talk about the guns. the large number of weapons that he had in the homes. one of them that he shared with her. did you make a statement in regard to that ? was she aware of the weapons ?>> reporter: not coming through the attorney. reporters did not get a question to question -- did not get a chance to question the statement. it was an amazing amount of
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guns. 47 different firearms. 23 in the hotel room. ammonia nitrate in the car. more in their reno nevada home. more in mesquite, nevada. an amazing amount of guns. literally thousands of rounds of a munition. we do not know if she knew about this. apparently, some of the guns have been upgraded taking them from semi automatic to automatic. she did not have answers about that today. from what we have heard from her attorney. >> the motive still remains a mystery. caroline shively in las vegas. senator dianne feinstein, a longtime gun control advocate introduced legislation today to ban the bump stop devices. authorities say the las vegas government converted 12 semi automatic guns to automatic fire using the bump stop devices. the band would not apply to sales or possession of the devices u. s. government agencies or departments. this comes as senator feinstein revealed her daughter was considering going to the root 91 country musical festival -- root 91 country music
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festival.>> we own daughter was going to go. i have an email from her. going to go with neighbors. for one reason or another both families decided they would not go. there going to stay at that hotel. that is how close it came to me. >> up stops were for limited hand mobility persons. it can increase the rate of fire tran45 and 60 rounds per minute. to between 400 and 800 rounds per minute. there are signs that republicans may be open to senator feinstein and her band. -- van. stroke gun control on capitol hill is a discussion. after dozens were killed. democratic lawmakers now making the case for new legislation that they say, could possibly
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prevent an attack like the one in las vegas. including banning so-called, stops. the device used by the shooter to convert semiautomatics to fully automatic.>> why can't we keep a weapon from becoming a military battlefield weapon ?>> reporter: other democrats want legislation to go much further and ban the types of guns used in the attack. a new legislative push is not sitting well with republican leaders.>> they are accusing democrats a play politics with the national tragedy.>> they will not give us a hearing or a vote. if you do not like what we are bringing forward, you bring something forward.>> reporter: max suggested he is willing to discuss gun control laws, but so far, he is not giving a timeline. other members of the administration say it is not the time to talk with new legislation.
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>> with the president and vice president are focused on is making sure we are there for the first responders and the victims. showing them the support of the entire nation. took a handful of democrats have started refusing to participate in congressional moments of silence for the victims. saying action, not silence is what is needed to solve the problem. in washington, allison barber, fox news. the san francisco police department is standing hand in hand with city lawmakers working to prevent auto break-ins. rainy season a few weeks away. the santa clara water valley district taking steps to prevent the flooding we saw last winter. will talk about that after the break. and our weather today, lots of sunshine. look what has developed and returned to the coast. lots of fog. we will talk about a warming trend. and we will highlight the warmest day.
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real fruit and 90 calories... you'll be wowed! try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. the santa clara valley water district is taking steps to combat invasive vegetative growth along county waterways. the efforts serve another purpose. which can yield benefits with the beginning of the rainy season around the corner. jussi gary joins us from the san jose studio. >> reporter: the county spends millions of dollars trying to be back the growth of invasive vegetative species and santa clara county. those efforts hill in comparison
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tran to protect property and lives. by mitigating at least one of the factors that can lead to flooding along the coyote creek. in a section of heavy overgrowth and note does not san jose, valley water district crews trying to say the coyote creek from an onslaught of encroaching vegetation.>> it is a large-scale effort that will hopefully interred increase ecological habitat and wildlife along the coyote creek corridor.>> reporter: permits allow removal of over 16 acres. commonly called giant reads. they have been cut down on the west side of the bank. on the east side it is overgrown and presents a danger with the coming rainy season. >> when they come through caring trees, debris and trash, it gets trapped. it is not able to move downstream.>> reporter: last february, the coyote overran the banks. flooding three san jose neighborhoods. hundreds of residents were
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displaced the rising waters. due in part to historic rainfall. a release from anderson dam. and overgrowth in the creek. which crowded the water way and pushed water levels higher. >> i lost everything i owned.>> reporter: richard santos says 1 million tax dollars have been spent over the past five years. cleared 132 acres of land. part of that money also goes to removing homeless and cameras along the various waterways. it leads to more trash in creeks which increases the potential for flooding.>> their water quality issues from clothing and tenants. and garbage that they leave after they are done with it.>> reporter: after the vegetation is cleared, crews have to spray pesticides to prevent regrowth. they will have to keep an eye
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on it for the next five years. the next giant read is resilience. they look like reits after they have just been cut. crews are staging equipment and rock springs section.. do want to constructed 90 foot long arm. they hope to begin construction of the firm next week. -- pharma next week. it is going to be time to talk about the approaching rain. seen some cold weather in the mornings.>> the weather pattern is changing quite a bit. look at this, alive camera
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looking at the golden gate bridge. the fog trying to blanket the coast. the fog is resurfacing of the past couple hours. a cold start this morning. pulled enough to start out in the 30s. a sampling for santa rosa in nevada -- novato. 32 degrees to start out wednesday morning. on satellite, you cannot kick out the old system. a cold us off earlier in the week. monday and tuesday. gradually moving out of town. there is the fog bank covering the coastline. expending in coverage over the past two dig through 3 hours. up towards the headlands. san francisco, 65. lots of 70s out toward napa, walnut creek and san jose. santa rosa, 80 degrees. live camera looking toward the
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marine layer. this will gradually clear out as we had to thursday. with the fog dancing with the golden gate bridge. overnight lows starting out cold. close to 40 degrees and upper 30s in santa rosa. san jose, 50 hayward, 51. here is the deal in san francisco. tomorrow morning, patchy fog and 52. we should have sunshine by lunch. temperatures on track to reach mid 70s. fog tomorrow morning near the coast and portions of the bay. it will gradually clear out. we are expecting more sunshine and a bit warmer in the forecast. will talk with the highs and the weekend is almost here. a student carrying and nerf gun triggered a lockdown. a maintenance worker contacted campus security at 1045 this morning after seeing someone with what he believed to be a long gun with aftermarket parks.
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livermore police detained the student and determined he had a nerf gun he was using as a prop students were told to shelter in place for an hour before please give the all clear. in san francisco, lawmakers are focusing on car burglary. the city has seen a dramatic increase in car break-ins since 2012. unfortunately, the trend has continued this year with even more hard car burglaries reported. city leaders have put their full weight behind a plan but new police chief l scott to increase foot patrol around the city. >> we made a decision that it is best, to change our legislation. not in agreement, but to change it to become a resolution. which indicates to the public, that we are on the same page. >> the bottom line is we will get judged by our results.
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we can have a pretty strategy. at the end of the day, a year from now, you will look at the police department in the body standing before you. did it work ? we are committed to doing everything that we can to address this issue. >> in addition to foot patrols and focusing on hotspots, the department will look in a pilot program, using surveillance video and pushing education programs to get people to keep their valuables out of sight. after the to massive rock avalanches, one which killed a tourist, geologists are looking at the danger in yosemite. what they can learn about what is contributing to the rock falls.
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over the past 10 days yosemite national park has seen several major rock slides in the same el capitan section. one slide killed a british climber. another sent a man to a hospital. both major sides took place in the same area. mark tamayo a major issue in the park. geologists are working to find out more. >> more information, the better. the video from last week revealed the power and force of the rock falls. when you see the footage, you may wonder what is triggering the rock falls. it is safe to visit the park. or should you avoid it ? can we expect more ? to answer the
4:25 pm
questions, i want to welcome brian collins, a geologist at usgs. i note you went to yosemite last week to study the multiple events. can you give us a general idea of rock falls in general. is a common you 70 ?>> there have been a number of rock falls over the years. the national park service and the u. s. geological service together worked on documenting many of these. we have a database that contains 1000 entries. since the year 1857. it is incomplete in earlier years. more or less, these days we have 80 rock falls per year. we find out about them and there are more that go unreported. 80 per year is the number we generally use and what we see. >> 80 rock falls of that size or smaller magnitude ?>> generally on the smaller side. the most recent rock fall was
4:26 pm
the 29th largest that we have recorded since 1857.. the majority are smaller.>> after two days of rock falls, you went to the park to visit. what did you do ? were there any lessons learned. -- ?>> the national park service and u. s. geological survey work very closely on these types of things. the usgs gives a heads up to the park. that is myself in the photo. we work with park service, mainly the national park geologist. what we do is carefully examined the source area. looking for potential instability. we examine the deposit. where the rock fall inns up to see where the impacts, as to if her structure trails etc. -- as to infrastructure trails
4:27 pm
etc.. struck from the standpoint, are there -- from the standpoint are there any early observations ?>> two things stand out. one of those is the two rock falls are next to each other. there more than likely linked. that is not always the case. there are a number of different triggers. we think how close they are, indicates that one likely triggered the other. we do not know which is which. the larger failure the happened on thursday may have started to move and pushed out the smaller one on wednesday. it could have been the one on wednesday triggered the larger one. we do know that all the rock falls occurred on 7 pm on wednesday. and the larger one on thursday. they all occurred in late afternoon. we think that has something to do with a thermal trigger. where the heat of the day makes
4:28 pm
the rock expand. and it occurs all the time. and the maximum temperature of the day gets to the breaking point. we suspect it has something to do with the rock falls happening in that waterfall area. which brings a lot of water down. it could also be a lead up.>> should people avoid these areas ? should they have caution before heading to the spots ? >> yosemite is open. it is a safe place to go. rock falls, you could say they are common. 80 per year. they are happening below cliff's. those areas are higher hazards. to be and this rock fall source area that is active would not be recommended. people are free to visit them. it is important to understand
4:29 pm
that rock falls are important to avoid. >> thank you for your time. ensuring your research. it looks like we could learn a lot more about rock falls with your research. it is important research underway. oakland officials working to find a way to help the homeless in their city. in about 10 minutes we will sit down with the mayor. struck back out live to las vegas to learn more about the investigation taking place with one of the deadliest mass shootings in u. s. history. ktvu 2 news weeknights on fox 2.
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struck back now to las vegas in the search for answers about the mass shootings. his girlfriend said she had no clue about his plan. carolyn shyly -- carolyn shively is in las vegas.>> reporter: he made visits to the hospitals as well as las vegas police departments. talking to police officers who were so heroic on the night of the shooting. he spoke with survivors. some of the nearly 530 people who were injured.>> tremendous waverley -- bravery. the people themselves were
4:33 pm
incredible. people leaving ambulances to have someone else go because they were hurt.>> reporter: president donald j. trump visiting a las vegas hospital as fbi agents remained busy reconstructing the life, behavior a pattern of activity of stephen paddock. the gunman and sundays deadly mass shooting.>> the mass murder on sunday night fills america's heart with grief. america is truly a nation and morning -- in san francisco. >> reporter: investigators looking into anyone who had contact with stephen paddock. agents also questioning his girlfriend, marilou danley. who was in the philippines sunday and returned to the u. s. late tuesday. she is being called cooperative, but also a person of interest. she has contacted a lawyer.>> she is a good person. has a good soul.>> reporter: investigators are working on a potential motive. the fbi director saying today,
4:34 pm
stephen paddock did not leave an obvious thumbprint. this, as survivors continue to share their stories. including a tennessee woman, whose husband died protecting her.>> he wrapped his arms around me from behind. we started running. and, that is when i felt him get shot in the back. >> reporter: marilou danley is the girlfriend of the shooter. she released a statement through her lawyer, who was in on those interviews. she knew stephen paddock as a kind, quiet, loving man that she hoped to spend the rest of her life with. she had no indication of what he was planning to do in las vegas. carolyn shively in las vegas. did stephen paddock just stop ? that is often a question brought up regarding a suspects motive after these horrific mass shootings. joining us to talk about this is a health science professor
4:35 pm
from indiana. >> i wish to send my warm wishes to all victims and survivors.>> i know that you have done extensive research on mental illness and how it plays a role in firearm violence. how would you profile the last -- the las vegas shooter.>> the moments we look at mental illness as a cause, is in the 50 million american people struggle with mental health issues. we should not be using the term mentally ill and snapped. for someone who was a shooter. for someone, we should be patient with the investigation and let the true facts come out. we should not continue to stigmatize people. of all the documented violent crimes last year, mentally ill -- mental illness was response
4:36 pm
will for five percent. >> right now, we do not know is stephen paddock was mentally ill. investigators have not made that determination. they have called sundays rampage a premeditated attack. in this case, you say he may not have snapped.>> the term snapped does not exist in a medical dictionary. for someone to plan extensively to have so many weapons in and shoot so many people, that means a mind that is functioning with a high level of intelligence. i will be surprised if he was psychotic.>> we seem to be having issues with our skype connection. we thank you so much for your time today. hopefully, we can begin this conversation again. is more details in the
4:37 pm
investigation continue to come out. at san francisco international airport, authorities are doing what they can to prevent an attack here. first responders held a full- scale terror drill overnight. practicing for an emergency they will never see. the scenario was an active shooter at the airport. the goal was to make it as realistic as possible. we will use the concourse for a terrorist event involving an active shooter. this is something we have been planning for months. given the tragedy in las vegas a few days ago, it takes on a new residence.>> dozens of airport employees played victims to a fictional shooter and some related gunfire and smoke. and added to making the drill as well as possible. the first responders practice their skills. the federal government mandates the test be done once every three years. airport staff say that they drill every year on a variety of scenarios. is to be ready for anything. coming up, oakland mayor libby
4:38 pm
schaaf is in studio to discuss her plan for the homeless. and whether, lots of sunshine for the bay area. fog is trying to regroup during portions -- near portions of the coastline. 90 degrees in the five day forecast.
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oakland city council to step last night towards addressing the homeless crisis. members approved a measure to remove people from encampment into temporary shelters as they wait for permanent housing. oakland mayor libby schaaf joins us. i know you were pushing hard for this. is is an outdoor navigation center. will have test shelters. you have to be happy. >> i am. long-term we have to build more rapid rehousing center like henry robinson. which is been successful. we have to build more affordable housing. we cannot wait to get the new structures built. we have to take action now. this is a temporary measure. and allows us to get people off of the sidewalk. and into a safe space with supportive services.>> how does this work and what area of the city will be targeted first ?>> we identified three locations. our promise to the people that live around those locations,
4:42 pm
not all of whom are excited about this plan. let's be honest. is that we will give priority to the main encampments that are near those sites. we look for the most frail that are in the homeless population. those are the two criteria that we will be looking at. proximity to the tuff shed pop up shelter site. as well as fairness. once we have encampment and offer them the opportunity to move into the tuff shed shelter, we will clear that sidewalk and we will keep it cleared.>> if someone is offered this opportunity to go into one of the sites, and be set up with services, and the long-term effort and goal of getting them into permanent housing in the past, some people see that as the cycle continuing.>> these are adults. we cannot force them to take these options. often homeless people do not
4:43 pm
want to move into the shelters, where there is a large room with cots. there are often hours of check in and check out. these are more similar to the tent situations that they currently have. they provide some form of privacy. allow partners to stay together. and they allow us to move an entire community together into this new area. so that they can stay together as a community. we are hopeful that this model is actually going to be more attractive than the traditional shelter.>> each one of these can house 40 people ? >> yes. we want to keep it manageable. we are limiting the sites 240.>> they can stay there for how long ?>> our goal is to get them into a better situation within six months. tough sheds are not designed to be permanent places of residence. they are not tiny homes. they are temporary.>> 40 people
4:44 pm
that is 80 people potentially a year. our cost ?>> it will cost four to $50,000 a year. -- $450,000 a year. to have security and housing navigators, mental health and addiction support. all the support. we are hopeful that some people might even be able to transition from the tuff shed shelter to permanent housing. it all depends on what their issues are and how effective and quickly we can help them.>> a lot of people would say that is a lots of money. half $1 million to potentially help 80 people. what do you say to those critics ? that state this idea does not make nearly a sizable dent in the problem ? it comes at a rate taxpayer expense. >> the taxpayers are already paying for homelessness they are paying the emergency room
4:45 pm
it district visits. they pay for 911 calls. they pay for the fires at encampments. they are paying and health risk. they are paying in a lot of different ways. we would rather pay to solve the problem. and continue to clean up after the impact. >> what is the next step ? >> the next step is reaching out to the county and private sector to see if we can get the funding to provide these supportive services to more than just this one site. we also have been asked the council to identify additional sites. so that there is one in every part of the city. and equity analysis was requested. that is our goal. this is not a long-term fix. we have to do something now. this has to be the most effective use of the dollar and the most compassionate way, not just for the and sheltered residents, but for the people who live around them.>> as you mentioned, trying to get ahead of the rainy season thank you
4:46 pm
for joining us. talking about that and the rainy season coming up in colder temperatures, we think of the homeless. it is so cold at night. especially in oakland. >> this week is not extreme yet. you are noticing the change this week. with frost advisories to the north of the bay area. we are talking about 30s. it is that time of year for things to transition to the cold. this looks like a summertime shot looking toward the golden gate bridge. areas of fog hugging the coast. temperatures tomorrow, after the cool goes, warming to the 80s. there is the fog trying to hide the golden gate ridge. headline for tomorrow, we are excited more sunshine. a warm up as well. around the coast, near 70 degrees. around the bay, upper 70s. inland, talking about 80s. if you just take a broad glance, you will see clear
4:47 pm
skies up and down the west coast. a fog bank happens to be right here in the bay area. the onshore breeze transporting the shallow fog bank underneath the golden gate ridge. pushing it back into the bay. it is coming closer and the fog is out for ocean beach. the golden gate and the headlands. we could wake up to a few patches tomorrow morning. as far as current numbers, we have san francisco, 55. santa rosa, 80. fremont, upper 70s. concorde, 81. this system cooled us off earlier in the week. it produced winds . it will move out over the next couple of days. the area of high pressure returns. thursday, mostly sunny skies. a bit warmer, 70s and 80s across most of the bay area. we will continue with the warming trend as the warmer pattern develops. sunny and warmer into the weekend. saturday will be the warmest day of the week. here is the forecast model. it should paint patchy fog. a few patches tomorrow morning.
4:48 pm
mostly sunny skies in afternoon. a patch or two near half moon day. the greens link up to 60. oranges are the warmest locations around 84 degrees. mostly 85 degrees for thursday afternoon. santa rosa, mid 80s. vallejo, 83. oakland, upper 70s. lots of 80s out toward livermore, antioch amberwood southbay, san jose, 82. roy, 82. santa cruz, 80. click on over to san francisco, mid 70s. san bruno, 76. here is a look ahead. five day forecast and temperatures are trending up. look at sunday. 70s all the way to the low 80s. 90 degrees. the next concerned will work its way back to the area of sunday into monday. we could have stronger offshore winds develop . we have been talking about fire danger. those winds could potentially be strong . talking 30 miles
4:49 pm
per hour in the bay area hills. there is a chance we can have another fire warning kicking up especially by sunday into monday. >> something to be on the lookout for. >> especially at this time of year. we are approaching the peak of fire season. it is on our radar. i am hoping for beautiful weather tomorrow for a beautiful event to help prevent premature birth. i will mc the march of dimes auction in san francisco look at that tiny thing. this is a member of the roman family from the bay area they know all too well the hurdles of a premature baby. the touch in medical situation. there little boy spent an incredible 49 days in the nicu. he is driving now. that is due in large part to the great work and great research of the march of dimes. i'm so honored to be a part of this. tomorrow night. i hope everyone comes with their wallets. ready to open them wide for me
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first apple than amazon and then google. it was not just a new phone, the company assembled a crowd in mountain view. for starters, the simple straight forward home many. good for a podcast or news update. google also showed off the pixel book. a stunning $1000 laptop that
4:53 pm
you can convert into a tablet by converting the screen over.>> we believe the next evolution of a smart home is to bring real intelligence into the home. to behave in a more thoughtful way.>> google also unveiled two new pixel smart phones the feature a camera the google promises will take perfect pictures. the new phones come in two sizes and four colors.>> to the come in teal ? the san jose sharks are getting ready in just a few hours for the season opener against the philadelphia flyers. the sharks did not make it past the first round of the playoffs last season. nhl analysts say they could be back in the mix to make it back to the playoffs this year. they add that the entire pacific division is considered pretty tough this year. tougher than last year. the puck dropped at the shark tank at 7:30 pm. a san francisco landmark is celebrating its 39th birthday.[music playing]
4:54 pm
san francisco's pier 39 is celebrating its 39th >>anniversary on wednesday with a ceremony that highlights the city's tourist attraction, which opened on oct. 4, 1978, featuring shops, restaurants and attractions -- namely the california sea lions that sun bathe on the docks beside the pier. sen. dianne feinstein, then the city's board of supervisors president and later its mayor and now one of california's two u.s. senators, attended the original pier 39 ribbon-cutting in a swimsuit as part of a bet with developers on whether it would open on time. mayor ed lee, state assemblyman david chiu and port of san francisco executive director elaine forbes will speak. image gallery 10 photos opening day at pier 39 on oct. 4, 1978. dianne feinsten, then the president of the san francisco board of supervisors, appears in a bathing suit based on a bet to see if the developers would finish on time. photo: pier 39 this month will wrap up 39 weeks of celebrations of pier 39's 39th anniversary in 2017. along with various fleet week events this week, including a chance to meet the blue angels pilots on saturday evening, a "39th birthday bash" is scheduled for oct. 14 with live music and a 9 p.m. fireworks show over the bay. more information about events at the pier can be found at my family loves to go down to the peer. military members working to bring aid to people affected by hurricane maria. will tell you about that when 4 on 2 returns. i started hyperventilating and got claustrophobic.>> he
4:55 pm
was having a hard time breathing.>> it is dangerous for patients.>> how many of you have seen someone injured ?>> 2 investigates on fox 2 news.>> sky fox only on ktvu fox 2.
4:56 pm
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a military operation currently transporting sick and injured victims from areas devastated by recent hurricanes. those transports bringing victims to the u.s. mainland for medical treatment. we have the story. >> reporter: devastations caused by hurricanes have left many without proper healthcare in puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. patients with critical health conditions are being transported to mainland hospitals by the u.s. military.
4:58 pm
for the first time in u.s. history, the national disaster medical system and federal coordination center have been acted in mississippi, louisiana, georgia and south carolina. >> i feel it's an honor for me to help people -- the humanitarian effort. always put myself in the position that if that was my mother or my grandmother, i would want them to come here and get the best care that they could possibly get. >> reporter: the federal coordination center consists of local, state and federal groups who manage flights and free hospital care for hurricane victims on a 24-hour basis. >> we generally plan for a larger aircraft a c-130 or a c-17 with a larger number of folks on board. >> reporter: more than a dozen evacuees have arrived at the columbia metropolitan airport since its activation in september. after landing, doctors check to see if there have been any changes in the patient's health condition. once triaged, he or she is carefully loaded into an ambulance and taken to a hospital. while recovering in the medical facility, a team from
4:59 pm
the department of health and human services monitors the evacuees' status until they are able to return home safely. >> when they are ready to be discharged from the hospital, then their bill is paid and those folks arc for transport to their next location. >> reporter: the emergency task force will continue to bring evacuees to this south carolina airport until the situation stabilizes in the caribbean. terace, garnier, fox news. words cannot describe the bravery that the whole world witnessed on sunday night. americans defied death and hatred with love and with courage. >> president trump travels to las vegas to comfort the wounded, remember those killed and to honor the heroes who risked their lives trying to save others during sunday's shooting rampage. as the president tries to help
5:00 pm
las vegas and the country heal, investigators are digging through the gunman's past including interviewing his girlfriend trying to find out the motive behind the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. an emotional message from the president as he spoke about police officers who ran into the fire and others ran for safety. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the las vegas police department is about to give us an update on the investigation. this is a live picture from las vegas. as soon as that news conference begins, we will carry it for you. there is a lot going on in this case today. with the president's trip to las vegas, new information from police and we're hearing from the gunman's girlfriend for the first time. ktvu's cristina rendon reports from the newsroom. the girlfriend's attorney said late today that she knew nothing at all about this deadly plan. >> reporter: that's right. not only that she had no knowledge of his plan for a massacre but that she is devastated by the deaths and injuries that occurred. that press conference is just starting right now. so we'll take you to those


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