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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 5, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a layer of warm air confronting the marine layer. back up to around 84 inland today. the beaches in the upper 60s today. relatively clear skies out there. we do have a fog bank. with this northerly wind, it could continue into the afternoon, especially north of the golden gate bridge. solid overcast out towards muir beach . santa rosa cooled down to 40 degrees. this morning, fair skies except for fog on the coastline.
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patchy coastal fog. today upper 60s into the 70s and even low 80s today. more on your 5-day forecast in a few minutes. good morning, sal.>> good morning. let's take a look at what we have at the westbound bay bridge. traffic will be moderately heavy. carpool lane still looking good. no problems on i-880. things are getting backed up as you drive past the coliseum. southbound 101 in redwood city has reopened. this is a look at highway 4 out of antioch into concord. it looks a little slow.
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better news on 680 today. the roadwork they've been doing out there was picked up early and 680 looks pretty good. back to the desk now.>> investigators into the las vegas shooting say a lot of should -- a lot of planning went into that shooting. >> experts say he must've had help to carry out the attack. and they believe he had an escape plan and expected to survive the attack. they won't say why they say that. one week before this event, he rented another hotel room overlooking another music venue. >> reporter: the girlfriend of stephen paddock has talked with the fbi and has promised complete cooperation with their
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investigation. she said she was surprised when he center to the philippines. she was even more surprised when he center money to purchase a home for her family. she said at first she was pleased but then she thought he was breaking up with her. she said she had no idea what he was planning. and officials say many acted heroically throughout the gun fire. three bay area women died. 25 of those that died were from southern california including a teacher, a chef, a nurse -- a nurse and a fisherman. and two couples that survived the shooting are back home but they are haunted by what they heard. >> i am a huge live music
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fan.>> reporter: fun at the las vegas festival. these friends wanted to experience it together but now they wake up crying because they cannot forget what they experience.>> can you go back into your real life?>> i kept saying we should be dead we should be dead. >> i saw a woman who was shot in the face.>> i tried to save as many as i could. a lot of faces. i'm still trying to process all the wounds and all of the different people . it is very hard to talk about.>> you cannot un-see what we saw.
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the images, the bodies, the blood, the hurt, the crying, the chaos and panic. you just go right back to it.>> reporter: the bruises on kim's leg was when she got knocked down and trampled at the tropicana when people panicked. the worst part was when she had to call her children. >> i told my daughter i didn't know if i was going to make it and i told her that i loved her and to tell jt that i loved him. i didn't think i was coming home. >> i was waiting to die. there was no question it was going to happen.>> reporter: jen and her husband performed cpr on a woman until she passed
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away. they carried her on a piece of broken fence. now she wishes she could remember that young woman's face so she could comfort their family. >> i would tell them that we stayed with her the entire time. she was never alone. [ crying ] we have created a special section on the las vegas shooting on our website at . look for the link at the top of our home page. three u.s. army special forces were killed. u.s. officials said three u.s. army special operations commandos were killed wednesday and two others were wounded when they came under fire in southwest niger. the officials said the two wounded were taken to niamey, the capital, and are in stable condition. the officials were not authorized to discuss the incident publicly so spoke on condition of anonymity. this is one of many ongoing efforts in north africa as they battle terrorist groups. coldplay performed for a
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packed house at levi stadium and went past the curfew. the management of the stadium wants that curfew extended.>> reporter: this is an ongoing debate. right now i am in front of levi stadium. coldplay performed last night. they took the stage after 9:00 and wrapped up at 11:00. the management company has been asking santa clara council to make an adjustment to the curfew rule, extending it up to 11:00 instead of 10. they have asked the city leaders to extend that at least four times this year. but that is been rejected. a city council member is here.
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have residents already complained about the show from last night? >> yes. there were text messages and messages on next-door. people complaining about the traffic and the noise. people could hear the concert through their windows last night.>> reporter: a lot of people say they don't realize that there are residential areas nearby. >> yes, this impacts tens of thousands of people. right across the street there is a school. there are several schools in the neighborhood. tens of thousands of residents in the area are impacted.>> reporter: there is a $750 fine if you go past the curfew. that seems like a very minor
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fine. >> we cannot arbitrarily assign a number for the fine. there are regulations involved. this is not about the money. the bottom line, this is about the neighborhood and the promises that were made to them in order to get this stadium built.>> reporter: organizers say this 10:00 curfew is causing the city millions of dollars in revenue because a lot of acts will not perform here because of that curfew. >> we never saw the proposal on that and we have no idea where these numbers came from. it never came to city hall. but at the same time, it comes down to looking after the neighborhoods. and there are opportunities for the weekends when the curfew is
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11:00 on friday and saturday nights.>> reporter: is there any sort of compromise that can be worked out with the weeknight curfew at 10:00?>> we put together a proposal that our new city manager will take out to the community and work with our city staff to get data and find out how the residence have been impacted by these weekday events. we want to hear from them. they are impacted the most. once we have that information we can make some decisions going forward about what we are going to do.>> reporter: over the next six months, the city will be sending out surveys and doing some feedback sessions with residents, people who live within a one mile radius of the stadium. they are doing this before making concrete decisions down
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the line. across the country, cities are doing everything they can think of to become the second headquarters for amazon. coming up, what one city is willing to give up to be selected by amazon. we have a warming trend across areas today except for the coastal areas. ah, dinner.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . two highway patrol officers were hurt this morning in a crash along 101.>> reporter: let's show you the first good news, traffic is now moving along 101 southbound and northbound. this happened at 3:15 this morning. a chp vehicle with two officers were responding to another officer who lost control and hit the center divide. officers inside were transported. for more than one hour all lanes of 101 southbound was closed down and traffic was being diverted. now traffic has been allowed back on 101 southbound.
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we hear that the officers are expected to recover. again, it appears that all lanes of 101 southbound and northbound in the whipple avenue area are now open. >> that accident cleared up early enough that the traffic dissipated gasia, and that is good news. let's take a look at the other side of the bay. the east shore freeway. in the last few days it has been a one-hour drive and right now it is a 27 minute drive. one thing we have going for us, we've had some really tough
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commutes on 680 in the last few days. but that is better now. this is a look at the toll plaza now. this is 880. north and southbound traffic is moving along well. 680 is doing well and so is 242. highway 4 is slow but that is because of traffic coming over from antioch. now let's go to meteorologist mark tamayo for the weather report . >> a bit of a warming trend today across parts of the bay area. we have fog near the coast and san francisco. those fog horns were going off all night long.
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upper 60s for today around the bay, upper 70s inland and low to mid-80s as well. no rainfall for us just yet, just low clouds and fog down towards the golden gate bridge and monterey bay and muir beach . let's check in with some of these current numbers, san jose at 51, san rafael at 50. this cooler weather pattern started off earlier in the week . it is taking out of town as high pressure returns. patchy fog near parts of the coastline. we do expect more sunshine
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friday into saturday with high pressure building in. the next concern will be sunday and monday as the system moves over this ridge out towards nevada. that could bring some winds on sunday. the beaches should be beautiful tomorrow. be extra careful along the coach -- coast because the swell will be building bringing rip currents and high surf. today, temperatures in the 60s and 70s around the bay. 80s inland. oakland upper 70s today, antioch up to 84, san jose at 83. patchy fog near the coast into
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the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead, your 5- day forecast. sunny skies friday and saturday. we are keeping on -- and i on the wind speeds for sunday and monday. be careful this after -- this weekend on the beach. those waves can be out there and deceiving. it can be calm and then five minutes later very rough.>> many people have been checking in, including to shema. san francisco hopes to find tune a plan to get the homeless off the streets. where hundreds of units will be
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delivered coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 . it is 6:22 and we are in outer space. these are live pictures of a
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spacewalk outside the international space station. we are as close as you can get to the astronauts. these are live pictures and they are working on a robotic arm that will replace cameras outside the u.s. destiny laboratory. this space walk will take more than six hours. they have a lot of work to do. i believe that is a drill. this is incredible. this is the 203rd spacewalk. we wanted to take you live in space.>> that is stunning. the time is 6:23. santa clara opened a sobering facility where you can take people who have had too much to drink or abuse drugs . it will
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be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. when it is at full capacity people will have to be moved to the jail. all law enforcement agencies will be allowed to bring people to the sobering center after the first of the year. trade unions are going to work with the city to build modular housing for the homeless. the oakland city council took a step tuesday toward addressing the homeless crisis. members approved a measure to move people from encampments and into temporary shelters called 'tuff sheds' as they wait for permanent housing. they will be built off-site. mayor libby schaaf had hoped for three outdoor navigation sites for these structures to be built, but the city will start with one. the mayor says it will get more homeless people off the streets. we have to build more affordable housing. we cannot wait for those new structures to be built. we have to take action now. this is a very temporary measure but it allows people to get off of the sidewalk. >> modular housing will not become the standard but the
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union agreed to provide homes for the lowest income people in need. and san francisco is giving free hepatitis a vaccines to the homeless. the homeless are most at risk for infection from the virus, which is spread by poor hygiene . the clinic is scheduled for next wednesday, october 11, 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the graham auditorium in san francisco. and there could be a new plan that could cost you $8 for street parking per hour. opponents say they don't think it will work because people will pay more to park elsewhere and that ridesharing could
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benefit. they will talk more about this plan at the meeting on october 17. if approved, it could go into effect before the end of the year. and a bakery is told to remove an ingredient from their granola. the fda sent them a letter saying that love is not a common ingredient meant -- ingredient. they think this fda warning is part of silly overreach. coming up, more about the investigation into the massacre in las vegas. also, the clock is ticking for thousands of young immigrants in this country. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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this is mornings on 2 . a busy thursday morning. i am gasia mikaelian in early for pam cook . >> i am dave clark . >> there is no known motive for the masker sunday night -- saturday night in las vegas.
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>> reporter: police are pouring over the actions leading up to the shooting. they say at this point they don't have any clues to explain why this happened. officials say stephen paddock had rented another room during another music festival in mid- september. this is now being factored into the investigation. they found out he specifically requested an upper floor for his suite at the mandalay bay hotel. that's where he brought nearly 2 dozen firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition. investigators' say the transport of such a large amount of equipment is questionable. >> it is troublesome that this individual could move this amount of gear into a hotel
6:31 am
room unassisted. it's troublesome because of the amount of stuff he has at both homes.>> reporter: his girlfriend was interviewed for hours. she denies knowing anything about the massacre. investigators believe someone know something. >> we cannot respond to every little twitter feed that may indicate a theory. we are focusing on the facts.>> reporter: president donald trump was here yesterday with the first lady meeting with law enforcement and survivors. one said that the visit was comforting.>> and we are hearing reports that there may have been other targets by this gunman. what do you know about that? >> there is a new report today that stephen paddock had rented
6:32 am
rooms around the time of a large music festival in september. we have reached out to that hotel in chicago and we have received a no comment response. chicago police said they had nothing else to add but they were on top of security measures at that event.>> do we know if the gunman had reserved rooms for an attack that was not carried out in the past?>> reporter: yes, this was one week before the shooting and there was another music festival here in las vegas and he rented rooms in a condominium over that. obviously, nothing came of that but police are looking into this. and if the report from tmz in chicago is true as well.>>
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thank you, lauren. some of the people working at the concert have been left in limbo while investigators are looking for clues. >> they were running for their lives and didn't pick up what they needed to complete their jobs.>> they cannot go to work now because their belongings, ids, credit cards are left behind. including our work licenses. now we can't get to those items and so we have a lot of people unable to work. >> some workers say their cars are in areas that are taped off by investigators. police are processing those cars first we have been told.
6:34 am
and police are stepping up safety procedures for fleet weekend. >> we want everybody to feel safe.>> police patrols will be increased this weekend. more than 1 million people are expected to be in town this weekend for fleet week. and there is a blue grass festival as well. i had fun last night at the rotary club at the crow canyon country club. i was lucky to be there. i met a lot of people. i wanted to say good morning to them all as we go over to meteorologist mark tamayo, who
6:35 am
is in here for steve. i had a great, great time. a bit of a warming trend today, especially away from the coastline. this is our live camera showing some beautiful colors out there. temperatures today on track to reach the 70s and 80s away from the coastline. this area of warm air is compressing the mayor green -- the marine layer. a lot of fog towards the golden gate bridge. back up to 78 around the bay. inland neighborhoods up to the mid-80s this afternoon. we have fog hanging out up and down the coastline up towards
6:36 am
pacifica and ocean beach. santa rosa at 40, berkeley at 50 and livermore in the upper 40s right now. fair skies this morning with coastal fog. this afternoon, more sunshine and upper 60s with partly cloudy skies for the coast, 70s around the bay and mid-80s inland. right now, traffic will be moving along better than the last few days. 280 is not bad on the southbound commute. we do have slowing on 85 and the 101, which is to be
6:37 am
expected. this is a look at the peninsula and that looks pretty good so far. we are off to a good start on the 101 from san francisco down to the peninsula. highway 4 is slowing a bit. but the 680 commute is more like normal this morning, a little bit of slowing through pleasant hill, but not like the last few days because of roadwork. this is a look at i-880 in oakland, not a bad commute. at the bay bridge a backup of about 20 minutes. slight improvement today from the last two days. many young undocumented immigrants known as dreamers who were
6:38 am
brought to the u.s. illegally as children are facing a deadline today if they want to stay in this country.>> reporter: good morning. today is the deadline for some dreamers to reapply for the d.a.c.a. program or they could lose their legal status. later this morning lawmakers will be holding a news conference on the san jose university campus reminding d.a.c.a. recipients of that deadline. they are calling on governor brown to sign a document that would protect college students. it would provide financial aid and legal representation. earlier president donald trump said they would be ending the d.a.c.a. program and phase it out by this coming march.
6:39 am
but 150,000 d.a.c.a. recipients will lose their status before that march deadline if they do not apply for this extension. that extension would allow dreamers who were brought here to the u.s. illegally as children to avoid deportation, potentially, for up to two more years. that d.a.c.a. news conference will be getting underway this morning at 9:30 a.m. again, calling on governor brown to provide protections for undocumented college students. a federal lawsuit has been filed against alameda county after a 3-year-old girl died while ingesting methamphetamine while living in a foster home.
6:40 am
now her 7-year-old brother lives in a different foster home. the reason for the lawsuit is so that this doesn't happen to any other family or any other foster child. >> the lawsuit said mariah died after being hospitalized for ingesting the drug and then being returned to the same foster home. they say there was no inspection of the foster home before they returned mariah to it. we reached out to child and family services for their reaction. a spokesman says they cannot respond while this is in
6:41 am
litigation. two people were found dead near an illegal marijuana grow operation over the weekend. this 17-year-old was with her son. he returned with a gunshot wound and without her son. he delayed the investigation and didn't say where her son was that. the name of the other person found shot dead has not yet been released. the leader of a church in yuba county has been arrested. that along with 17 members of the sugar leaf church. investigators served search warrants at 12 different
6:42 am
locations and they seized 1500 pot plants, $2100 in cash and eight guns. investigators were alerted when someone said there was an armed man on the grounds. when deputies arrived, there was a shoot out. the man on the grounds was killed and two deputies were injured. coming up next, new regulations for uber and lyft . also dunkin donuts is expanding. ah, dinner.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team,
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they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) one georgia city is taking an extreme step. stonecrest decided to ask for state approval to form the city of amazon on 345 acres of city- owned land. this because amazon wants to build a second headquarters. officials plan to submit a bid to amazon by the october 19 deadline. state regulators say they don't want to require
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fingerprint for rideshare drivers. the state public utility commission said the extra check would not provide a greater level of safety. critics say cab drivers have to provide fingerprints. the safety commission still wants background checks and a ban on sex offenders, those with serious crimes or duis. dunkin donuts will be offering 18 types of donuts instead of 30. this menu change is part of the plan to reset dunkin donuts. the chain is already experimenting with just calling
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itself donuts. as long as they keep the old- fashioned chocolate, i am good. >> sal and i can keep them in business, personally.>> that is right. we show our support. and gasia is good, she never eats that stuff . >> every now and again.>> northbound 101 is moving very well along the split. you can tell by these pictures that the commute is crowded but not stop and go. trying to get into san francisco, if you use the east shore freeway, traffic will be busy. 43 minutes. it is getting up there. 10 minutes ago it was more like
6:48 am
30 minutes. 15 to 20 minutes waiting at the toll plaza. this is i-80 in oakland, crowded. highway 4 is slow. 680 is a little better than yesterday. in san jose, northbound 101 and 280 slowing at the interstate. now let's get the weather report from meteorologist mark tamayo . >> a bit of a warming trend today, especially away from the coastline. a nice start for your thursday morning. a chilly morning to start. this afternoon, upper 60s all the way to the mid-80s. here is the fog bank up and
6:49 am
down the coastline. we have a northerly wind right now. this afternoon, we could have some overcast areas including monterey and half moon bay, and ocean beach. right now 40s in santa rosa, san francisco at 49 and san jose at 51. we started out the workweek with this guy. it is now moving out of town and that will warm things up. the fog is along the coastline. friday and saturday, the clouds clear out. the next biggest concern is sunday into monday. this system could generate some strong gusty winds for the bay
6:50 am
area ills. especially for the north bay and east bay. heads up tomorrow and into the weekend if you are heading towards the coast. waves could be 5 to 9 feet with the increase in this well. also an increase in rip currents. 60s for the beaches today, 70s around the bay, low to mid-80s inland today. san jose at 82 today and san francisco up to 73 today. ocean beach mainly in the upper 60s. more sunshine expected friday
6:51 am
and saturday. things cooling off sunday. a possible fire warning kicking in by sunday. coming up, keep your eyes on the skies. you could get a preview of the blue angels. at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain,
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imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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>> welcome back to mornings on
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2. it is now 6:53. new this morning, the san francisco public utilities commission warning about a recent phone scam, this one involves water bills. they have heard from several dozen customers saying they have been getting calls from a person impersonating somebody from the water company. they threaten to shut off service unless there is an immediate cash payment made at various drugstores around the city. the sfp says it is not making the calls. it is a scam. it never tells customers to pay the water bills in person anywhere outside of authorized payment locations. all of this has been reported to the police and the fbi and the ftc. the chief of the east palo alto police department has set up a program to have young people work at events and parking enforcement duties. if they are interested in police work, the chief wants
6:55 am
them to go through the police academy and become police officers in their hometown. >> he was like oh, what, you're from east palo alto. it's that connection right away. and it's a little respect that they give you. they're like, okay, maybe he is here to help he had. >> he started patrolling last weekend and he says it is an honor to protects his hometown. the chief has three other candidated owe candidated to go to -- three other candidates to go to the academy next year. the precision flying team the blue angels will hold their first practice over the bay area waters and will perform tomorrow, saturday and sunday. today those pilots will be getting their bearings and checking out for landmarks to focus on during the routine. it is a sneak peek of the real
6:56 am
show because they have to practice at the same time they will be performing. so they can adjust to shadows coming off of buildings and bridges. so you can expect to see and hear them over the bay area waters about 3:00 this afternoon. the bay area landowner who put a gate on his property that blocked martin's beach near half moon bay unlocked the gate yesterday. back in august, appeals court in san francisco ruled the venture capitalist had no right to block public access to the coast without first obtaining a permit. it bought the property back in 2008. for 70 years, the previous owners let the public use the property to get to the beach. a new smart train in the north bay is getting rave reviews from passengers. since the train started running on august 26th, it has carried more than 86,000 passengers and as many as 800 bicycles a day. the passenger numbers well above expectations.
6:57 am
>> it doesn't surprise me. i think a lot of people have been waiting for this to happen. a lot of people have been waiting for the train. >> it is really pleasant. we enjoyed the ride down. it was nice. i didn't have to fight the traffic. >> now, right now the train is running from the sonoma county airport in santa rosa to downtown san rafael. work is underway to extend the tracks to larksberg. that will open in 2019. the sharks won the opener to the flyers. they scored twice in the 1st period but the sharks caught that in half. then it was all philadelphia's wayne simmon who's had a hat trick scoring two power play goals including the game winner. the sharks play against the l.a. kings again on saturday. overnight, the warriors who were in china lost to the minnesota timberwolves 111-97.
6:58 am
>> scooped up by curry. curry shoots a three and knocks it down. they love it. >> steph make it's look so early. it started at 2:00 in the afternoon chinatown. 11:00 here in the bay area. the top players were on display. kevin durant had 20 points. steph curry had 14. he hit three 3s. go ahead, steph. the two teams will finish their tour of china on sunday. they will play in shanghai at 4:00 in the morning pacific time. the 49ers will play -- they're going to play up against an old friend this coming sunday. they will be in indianapolis this week. and they will be up against frank gore. remember him. he had eight 1,000 yard seasons with the 49ers before signing with the colts. the 49ers so far haven't won a game this season. but head coach shanahan is reminding players that a victory can come to just a few
6:59 am
snaps. >> if one or two plays would have gone different, we would be 3-1 and people would be hyping us up, telling us that we are something maybe more than we are. and you have to put that in perspective. you didn't make the plays and you're 0-4. and people may be saying you're worse than you are. >> the game starts at 10:00 a.m. right here on ktvu. now, the raiders play at home this sunday against the baltimore raven. ej manuel will be starting at quarterback while derek carr recovers from the back injury. last week manuel threw for 106 yards and had one interception. as the raiders lost to the broncos. broncos. >> you know, when opportunity calls, you have to go out there and handle your business. the o line and the receivers, everybody was very receptive. you've got it, let's go. they gave me the confidence. the only issue was just the pick at the end. i wish i would have took it
7:00 am
down and ran and helped coop out. besides that, it was solid. >> hang in there. sunday's raiders game starts at 1:05 in the afternoon. with president trump back from visiting the victims in las vegas, the political fight over gun control begins in earnest. i'm in washington with what both sides are saying. and coldplay performed for a packed house at levi's stadium. it went past the 10:00 work night curfew. how lawmakers are responding this morning. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a nice cool thursday morning, october 5th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your thursday weather. steve is off today. mark tamayo is here now. >> happy to be here with you now. talking about a warming trend


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