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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 5, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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been stolen and taken to italy. he was known for his generosity that inspired the modern day santa claus. >> the clock is ticking for thousands of young immigrants. more on today's daca deadline and what lawmakers are doing to try to protect them. plus, coldplay took the stage at levi's stadium last night, going past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. we will take a look at what it means for future shows at the venue. ♪[music] thursday, october 5th. beautiful day to jump in an f- 18 plane over the golden gate bridge. maybe the new sales force tower. no official performance but the blue angels will be up later this afternoon for practice sessions. welcome to the 9, everyone. i'm going to leave work eventually today and take both of my children out of school
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early and we're going to watch the practice sessions. i'm okay with that. >> they don't need to get the math or reading in. we're going to go -- >> what are you going to tell the school. >> there is an appointment. >> very important appointment. >> is that okay. would you take your children out for personal reasons. >> very infrequently. when i do, i'm honest with the front office and the teachers. >> you're okay with it. >> i'm okay with it. >> i think it is type. the practice for the blue angels officially perform friday, saturday and sunday. we will begin the newscast in the state of nevada. still no known motive in the vegas massacre. but investigators are learning more about the man responsible. >> lauren blanchard is bringing us the latest from las vegas. lauren. >> reporter: yeah. police and federal officials are pouring over evidence not only from multiple homes for this guy, but also the hotel room. but still they are no closer to finding a motive for the deadliest mass shooting in
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modern american history. dozens were killed and hundreds injured when stephen paddock opened fire on a country music festival. the mourning continues here and the victims begin the recovery process. >> we feel we're here with a family as opposed to just nurses and doctors. >> reporter: police and investigators are trying to piece together paddock's movements before the shooting. but he had no close friends, no social media presence and rarely spoke to neighbors or family members. officials say he rented a room overlooking a different music festival the week before the attack. but they're not sure why or how it connects to sunday's shooting. >> what makes a mad map go up on the 32nd floor of this building behind me and just spray bullets down on concert bores. >> reporter: meanwhile police and first responders are still reeling from the attack. many only now starting to process the events they witnessed. >> that was intense.
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but when it's going down, you're going in there trying to fall back on your training. >> reporter: and federal officials analyzing paddock's electronic devices say they have found no connections to terrorism and no obvious signs of mental illness. >> thank you, lauren. that las vegas shooting has restarted the debate over gun control on capitol hill. >> most republicans continue to resist. >> more there washington with the latest. >> reporter: president trump nearly scolded the press yesterday during his visit to las vegas saying he wasn't going to get into the politics of gun control. instead, embracing his role as comforter in chief. with heroes who ran straight into the gunfire, the president provided praise. >> we're defined by our love, our caring, and our courage. >> with those wounded at the
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local hospital, he offered a warm smile and thanks to the doctors who saved them. >> we met quite a few people. and believe me, they are very lucky to be here. >> reporter: while the president spent hours in vegas, even driving past the crime scene, he didn't want to talk about what investigators are finding there. an arsenal of weapons, many modified legally to replicate the killing capacity of a machine gun. >> gun violence problem? >> we're not going to talk about that today. >> reporter: democrats couldn't wait to talk about the weapons modification called bump stocks. >> why can't we keep a weapon from becoming a military battlefield weapon? >> reporter: and while some republicans seem willing to talk about banning bump stock, steve scalise wounded by a would-be mass murderer says new restrictions on guns aren't the answer. >> you know, if you look at what happened in my case, you
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had people on-site with guns to immediately counter the shooter and take him down. >> reporter: in the wake of sandy hook and the orlando shootings, democrats took over debate on the house floor. of course had a strong gun control advocate in the white house. still they weren't able to get anything meaningful done on the issue of gun control. since then, are the political climate has only gotten tougher for them. fox news from washington. this leads to our question of the day. do you think that bump stocks should be banned? 80% say yes. 20% say no. carol says absolutely. i also think that gun makers should be required to build in protections to ensure their guns can't be made into semi or fully automatic. >> someone else says cowards need to be addressed. why are they so afraid of life that they need to stockpile weaponry. >> let us know on twitter and comment on our facebook page. following the las vegas shooting, fake news about the
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tragedy started spreading online. >> joining this morning to talk more about this via skype is san jose state university professor peter young. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> is it the people putting out the fake news or the agent good rights that bump it up to the top to blame here. >> a little bit of both. when you have groups of people who are a18thtialing the fake news, they have the ability to produce a whole line of content and vary it up depending on the platform and push it out. the alda rig that's have been put in place to stop these are not as effective as the companies that put them out hoped for. i think they're going to have to increase the human monitoring as well as continue to work on the algorithms themselves. >> we're talking about algorithms on-sites such as youtube, facebook, social media site that's bump up what
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appears to be fake news. >> correct. correct. and of course i think we need to look at the large elephant in the room and talk about ad revenue. these generate additional ad views and so forth. so the tendency to kind of allow them in the past i think has been one of the driving forces. i think that, you know, money drives a lot of things, unfortunately. >> i'm sorry. go ahead, mike. >> peter, you talk about the human element. the editors at the companies. >> right. >> if you remember reports that were criticizing these individuals about kind of suppressing conservative viewpoints last year and so forth. so if you start going back to that, aren't you -- do you think we will start seeing more of those reports about the judgment, the human judgment of what is put out there compared to the algorithms. >> sure. the bias will always be there unfortunately. we have -- i've been in situations where we've had
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human monitors. we took some of that criticism for, if you will, being accused of suppressing speech, et cetera. but there are certain things that can be allowed and should not be allowed. that goes along the pale of politics and the social aspects of the critics. i think that the human aspect regardless of the criticism in the past is still an important part in this process of looking at fake news. >> peter, it is one thing to, you know, see news as mike said with conservative or liberal, you know, slant, if you will. it's another thing -- because i woke up on monday before i went to work, i looked at my phone. there was a blatantly false information accusing someone of doing this who turned out to be had no relation to this. you know, can people who are the targets of fake news -- what recourse do they have? >> i'm not sure about the recourse. of course we have a problem with following the trail of some of these news reports.
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and that's going to be difficult. but i find it interesting that facebook is now it has now added an eye button to a number of the stories so you can click on that button and find out the actual publisher. it is curated by wikipedia and look at related articles. if we as citizens begin to use some of these tools being put in place right now physically, that we will start to see a decrease in some of these types of stories. we need to be vigilant as citizens as much as these companies, i think. >> how, professor young, does the president awes use of the phrase fake news complicate things? i lot of people say he calls it fake news when he doesn't like what he is hearing. >> yeah. the fake news, the term fake news actually has been around for quite some time. you know, it is synonymous with
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yellow journalism back in the 1800s. so we have not -- it's not something that is a new phenomena. unfortunately the president using twitter as his vehicle is stirring things up a little beyond what any of us had hoped for. and so it doesn't help. and i think it engoldens a lot of the troll farm that's are putting these things out. >> in the end, do you think the big companies, google and facebook, are willing to bare the costs and political risk of fixing this misinformation when all is said and done here? >> yeah. i think there is no question. if facebook was slow to -- slow to the party inners it of making corrections after the elections and they said sort of -- it is not us. but now they're feeling the pressure. google, the same way. i think we're going to see apple in their news app also taking steps. so the cost of prevention is only going to enhance their
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bottom line. they do a better job of taking care of the fake news issues and so forth. i think they're going to see greater traffic. >> all right. pre forcer peter young, san jose state university. thank you for joining us this morning, professor. >> thank you. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, fleet week in city by the bay. more on the events and when you might be able to get another glimpse of the blue angels. today is an important deadline for young undocumented immigrants known as dreamers. the action they need to take to retain their legal status. plus, we will tell you about the push right mere in california to protect undocumented college students.
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sauces and toppings. with everyone's favorite, chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. only for a limited time, at olive garden. >> many young undocumented immigrants known as dreamers are facing a key deadline today to legally remain in the country. >> it is their last chance to apply for an extension of daca. >> alex savidge is joining us
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now with more on what daca recipients are being urged to do. alex. >> reporter: an important day. a lot of so-called dreamers must reapply for the daca program by today to avoid losing their legal status. as many as 48,000 daca recipients have not yet taken that action. that is part of the reason that we are going to have a news conference in a few minutes. local lawmakers, activists and professors from the university will be speaking here on campus in pa effort to get the word out about the deadline. last month the trump administration announced it would be ending the daca program, deferred action for childhood arrivals that protects them from deportation. they are calling on governor brown to sign a bill on his desk that would protect undocumented college students here in california. that is assembly bill 21 that would ensure that students with daca status have access to financial aid and legal
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representation. an anthropology professor at san jose state talked about the importance of this legislation for his undocumented students. >> it would alleviate a lot of the anxiety that a lot of our students are feeling. as it stands now, they are aggrade to, you know, come to -- they are afraid to, you know, come to the campus in fear of being picked up. they are laboring under a lot of great deal of uncertainty. >> reporter: the daca program first began under the obama administration and protects about 800,000 young undocumented immigrants here in this country who, again, were brought here to this country by their parents when they were children. now, it is set to phase out starting this march. that was the decision brought about by the trump administration. as it stands now, 150,000 daca recipients will lose their status before that march data approaches if they do not apply for this extension by the end of the day today. that extension would allow
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those dreamers to avoid deportation for at least the next two years or so. and, again, we have the news conference that will be getting underway shortly on the san jose state university campus at about 9:30 is when it is suppose today begin. we will bring some of that to you live during the 9. back to you guys for now. >> thank you, alex. ahead of that we're happy to have barbara pinto here in oakland joining us on the set of the 9. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> are you seeing a last-minute rush? >> yes, we are. we had a few people come in earlier this week where they hadn't talk today an attorney and didn't know that they were eligible inform renew. so fortunately we were able to overnight it. >> today isn't the day to get it stamped in the mail. it has to arrive in phoenix. >> yes. it can't be post marked. it has to arrive by today to meet the deadline. >> are you getting people who are avoiding doing this because now -- because they don't trust
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that, you know, once you give your name to the government, they have the name. and if something happens, then that's -- those are the first people that will be deported? >> that's part of our discussion when we have met with people. because of course there's always that fear and the concern. and so when we talk about the risks and the benefits, we do have that conversation. but so far everybody we have met with have decided to move forward. and hopefully those who really have that deep fear at least went to talk to an attorney and aren't going to come into our office next week. >> right. >> don't put it off. >> right. exactly. >> in congress, there is some bipartisan support for extending the protection. but debate is going on right now. some people have suggested in order to extend it, they would be willing to give money for a border wall. or other border security measures. what's your thoughts on that with regards to the negotiation going on in d.c. >> right. so there's a lot of different proposed legislation. different versions of a dream act.
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some allowing dreamers to have a more permanent pass of citizenship, some longer, some more strict than others. and i think that the important thing -- of course our immigration system is broken and there needs to be a lot of fixers. for dreamers, we don't want to use them as a bargaining chip. as -- in order to be able to get them protection, then add in other stuff to the bill. of course there needs to be broader fixes, but it's -- you know, as of now, if we can fix at least one part of it, then that would be the best. >> barbara, are the dreamers you're coming in contact with, are they hopeful? are they scared? what are they telling you? ing you? >> all of those things. a lot of them are optimistic. a lot of them have the fighter mentality. this is the only country that i know. i guess there is no other option than to be hopeful and
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advocate for something better for our community. >> to the point that they might stay here illegally if it comes to that? probably. and a lot of them are looking into different options. some of them are eligible for other fors of relief. thankfully through daca they came through our doors and other organizations to find that out. because, you know, sometimes it's not until you flag yourself for something that you come in to talk to an attorney and you find out that you are eligible for this or this other thing. >> are most of the families that you're helping latinos or are there a lot of other ethnic groups. >> most of the families we represent are latino. other organizations are seeing more of a mix of asian and african immigrants as well. >> you're confident this won't be the last time that dreamers, daca recipients can renew? you have hope that down the road, everyone will be allowed to stay who is a dreamer now? >> yeah. that's very difficult.
9:20 am
and hopefully there are some -- there's a -- something better that comes to it. if it isn't daca, with the different lawsuits, if that doesn't continue, then i hope there is a more permanent solution, permanent legislation for these dreamers. >> thank you for joining us today. the deadline to have the daca applications at where they need to be in phoenix, not just putting them in the mail. that is important to highlight. thank you for joining us, barbara. coming up this morning on the 9. $8 an hour, is that too much month pay to park. one place in the city where that might be a reality.
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>> a federal lawsuit has been filed against alameda county and triad family services agency after a 3-year-old girl died after ingesting methamphetamine while living in a foster home. it was filed on behalf of her brother who now lives in a different foster mother.
9:23 am
his current foster mother is in the process of adopting him. when they were returned to their mother, villanueva kept in touch with the children. that's how she knew that the little girl passed away two years ago while the children were in a stockton foster home. >> the reason for the lawsuit is so that doesn't happen to any other family and more importantly to any other foster child. >> the lawsuit says that the girl died after being hospitalized for ingesting the drug and then returned to the same foster home. there was no inspection of the home before she was returned. we asked alameda county council and family services for a comment for the story. a spokesman for the city says it won't comment on pending litigation. and we did not receive a response from triad. two officers were injured involved in a collision on highway 101 near the woodside exit in redwood city.
9:24 am
all southbound lanes were shut down for nearly two hours because of the crash. the officers were on their way to assist on a call when the officer driving lost control of the car, slammed into the center divide. the two officers were taken to the hospital but are expected to be okay. san francisco is putting the finishing touches on a plan to adjust parking meter rates according to demand. christien kafton has more on why those rates could be as high as $8 an hour in some spots. >> reporter: this might be one of those $8 meters right here. to give you a sense where we are, we are in san francisco's marina district. this is chestnut street, a great spot to check out all of the activities for fleet week this weekend. this might be the kind of spot where you will see the $8 meters. the city's municipal transportation agency is working on a new plan. under that plan rates would be adjusted every three months and could vary according to demand. in low traffic areas, it could be as low as 50 corrects an hour or as high as $8 an hour
9:25 am
as we said. the pilot program found that rates dropped more often than they went up. pilot programs in the marina district and in the fillmore and the downtown areas all seem to indicate that increasing rates actually improves parking turnover. final say on the plan will come october 17th. that is when the sfmta is expected to meet and suspect this idea. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. i don't know. 50 cents to $8 is a big difference, you know. i don't understand. pick a rate and stick with it. >> the pilot program was near at&t park. >> on game days, they went up. >> but it was cheaper than putting car in the lot. >> i understand a special event. if you're just going to work and you work on chestnut street. we will find out. >> no one wants to pay more. >> bart riders will have to wait a little bit longer to ride the new trains. bart had initially said the new train of the new fleet would
9:26 am
roll out in september. now bart is saying it is targeting to debut the trains by thanksgiving. this delay is to allow bart more time to deal with mechanical issues. the project will replace 669 existing cars with 775 new ones by the year 2022. automakers have been putting more and more technology into dashboards of new vehicles. that is making some drivers take their eyes off the road for too long. features like radio, gps, wi- fi, social media, even text messages. the technology is designed to increase safety. but according to a study from aaa, drivers are more distracted now than ever before. the study finds that it becomes more complicated to use with more features. the distracts factor only increases. right now there are suggested safety guidelines but no enforceable federal standards for in-dash display. >> i always make sure that i cash eyes with the person in the car when i'm a pedestrian
9:27 am
crossing the street. if they're like this and you're walking in front of them. >> just wait. >> just wait. coming up on the 9, we continue to follow the latest developments out of las vegas. what we're learning about the actions of the gunman in the weeks before the shooting. >> i keep saying we should be dead. we should be dead. we should not be alive. plus, we're hearing more chilling accounts of the shooting from survivors here in the bay area. how they jumped in to help others instead of running for their own lives.
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>> mr. mark tamayo and i have been here on the air since 4:00 in the morning. and you guys sleep in until, what, 5:00. >> gasia is right behind you. >> i was in early. pam cook was actually out at the coldplay concert last night that we have been reporting went past the 10:00 deadline. i hope she is sleeping in. >> the morning zoomed along nicely. >> a great morning. >> all of the days we talked about it raining every day in
9:30 am
january and february and march. >> yeah. >> and then the days it was over 100 in june and july. now i'm full of good news today. >> i like good news. >> we're in the comfortable range. looking towards the golden gate. we cleared out nicely. but still some areas of fog near the coastline. the beaches not warming up too much today. still always a wonderful view looking towards the gate there from that perspective. beaches in the upper 60s. still have fog around the bay in the 70s. and inland neighborhoods will reach the 80s. pretty chilly out there. on the cool side. santa rosa, 49 right now. san francisco, 58. and san jose in the lower 60s. 61 degrees. here is a look at the fog pattern out there with the winds. the winds are coming out of the northeast. that is typically a warming wind direction. that helps clear out the clouds. now, we could still have leftover patchy overcast near portions of the coastline in the early portions of the afternoon. not warming up too much.
9:31 am
nice around the bay. 70 and the warmest locations inland on track to reach the 80s. we will clear out the clouds for friday and saturday. lots of 80s. and the warmest location close to 90 degrees. sunday and monday, we will see the off shore winds develop. possibly the strongest of the season so far. we could have winds gusting to over 30 to 40 miles per hour. whenever you have this that this time of year, the -- >> that means warmer and drier. >> yeah. we could have a fire warning kick up for the bay area. >> if you're not doing anything this weekend, the safeway open starts today. >> okay. >> the start of the golf season although it just wrapped up. up at silverado. lefty and phil mickelson will be there. >> i can watch, right. >> thank you, mark. investigators in las vegas now say a lot of plans went into stephen paddock's rampage. the clarke county sheriff now
9:32 am
says that paddock must have had help at some point to carry out the plan. also authorities believe paddock expected to survive the attack and had an escape plan but they won't say why they think that. they also say he rented an apartment in a high-rise building that overlooked an alternative music festival that was held late last month. paddock's brother says the gunman was, quote, a private guy. and investigators say it is making it harder to find a motive for the shooting. paddock's girlfriend last talked with the fbi and is promising her complete cooperation with the investigation. she was surprised when he sent her to the philippines and more surprised when he wired money to buy a house for her family. she said at first she was pleased but then thought it was a way of breaking up with her. she says she had no idea what he was planning in las vegas. two bay area couple who's survived the shooting are back
9:33 am
at home in petaluma. they are haunted by what they saw and heard that nine. they talked about what happened and what they wish they could forget. >> i'm a huge, huge music, live music fan. so i wanted to experience it all. >> fun at the las vegas festival. kim and jennifer wanted the memories. now they wake crying because of what they can't forget. >> i keep saying we should be dead. we should be dead. we should not be alive. how are we alive. >> can you go back into your real life? like how do you -- how does that look? >> these two couples could have run but never left the field after seeing people near them wounded. >> her face, she was shot. and then i looked over to my other side right next to me there was somebody getting cpr. >> joel, an emt, tried to save all he could examine and is traumatized about i those he couldn't. >> i saw things that i'm still trying to process. and all of the wounds and all
9:34 am
of the different people. so it's pretty hard for me to talk about. >> you can't unsee what we saw. the images, the bodies, the blood, the hurt, the crying, it just -- the chaos. >> yeah. >> the panic. it -- you just go right back to it. >> big bruises on kim's leg are from getting knocked down and trampled. that was later at the tropicana where people panicked fearing another shooter. for kim, the worst moment, her call to her daughter from under bleachers as bullets rained down and ricocheted. >> i don't know if i'm going to make it. i love you. and she is, mommy, mommy, no. mommy, no. you need to tell jt that i love him. i said i'm going to die. i don't think i'm coming home. >> i remember just waiting to die. like i -- there was no question for me that it was going to happen. because the shots were still going.
9:35 am
>> jen and her husband justin put themselves around a woman until cpr was of no use. they carried hadder to the street on a piece of broken fence. >> it was just us. half of us were alive and helping and half of us were dead or injured. >> jen wishes she could remember the young woman's face so she could comfort her family. >> i would tell them that i was -- we stayed with her the whole time. she was never alone. she was never alone at any point in time. >> in petaluma, ktvu fox 2 news. we have created a special section on on the las vegas shooting, including the latest on the investigation. plus, what we're learning about the victims and the survivors. just look for the link near the top of the home page. happening right now, today is the deadline for daca recipients to file for renewal of their status. with see here in front of the san jose state campus, we do expect a number of people to speak in support of governor
9:36 am
brown defending daca. we expect to hear a bit later on from assembly member caller. they are calling on governor brown for action. we will listen in very briefly. >> has a long record of service as an attorney in the santa clara county public defender's office and as a san jose city council member. in sacramento, osh introduced assembly bill 21, sub titled access to higher education for every student. >> learning a little bit more about ash who is expected to speak. he represents east san jose. that's where he is from. once he starts to speak, we will bring you the latest online and of course in the news at noon. in response to the las vegas tragedy, san francisco are stepping up security for fleet week events that are ramping up this weekend. >> we have no known threat to our city. we want people to feel safe and we want always to have the ability to respond in the event of an incident.
9:37 am
>> police chief bill scott confirmed for us that patrols are in fact increasing for the weekend. one million people are expected to attend fleet week and see the blue angels. and there is the bluegrass festival in golden gate park. every day this week we have been talking about fleet week and sharing with you the multiple activities taking place. for more on what is taking place today, here is david cruz. good morning, david. >> good morning, gasia. >> good to see you. i have friends up in the oakland hills and they get a preview of this weekend's show just by looking out their windows. >> sure. we're out here at the oakland international airport. the teams jetting the -- getting the jets ready right now. they will take the sky a little after noon today and flying until roughly 5:00 p.m. it will be a great show. >> it is important that the pilots fly at the same time, around the same places. tell me why that is so critical.
9:38 am
>> well, you know, safety is our number one priority with our world familiar us san francisco fleet week air show. everything that they do is incredibly well timed and methodical. they're looking at the skyline and monuments. the skyline has changed. we have seen the giant sales force tower go up in the last year. things have changed. that is the purpose of the practice flights. >> will the sales force tower be featured in the show. >> it is not featured in the show. >> okay. i'm not going to see any flying around it, that sort of thing. >> no. no. there's a good safe distance. >> okay. good. very good. other than the blue angels, tell us what people can see starting today. >> so our neighbors to the north, the hmc winnipeg opened for tours. this is the first time that pier 15 and 17. come out and see that. later in the day of course the practice flight that's are happening in anticipation of the air show all weekend line. you can download the app. there's a whole host of events
9:39 am
to check out. in fact, tonight, 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at chief sullivans in north beach, it is buy a burger for a sailor. come out and share livations with them. >> the weather couldn't be better. >> it couldn't be better. i think we will have a great air show. >> thank you for talking about all going on. i know that mike mibach's children have an appointment around 2:00. >> an appointment. we won't be late either. >> we do it every year. >> very sweet. coldplay took the stage last night going past the 10:00 p.m. week night curfew. what this could mean for future shows at levi's stadium. controversy around cam newton. what he said to a female reporter that has a lot of people talking this morning.
9:40 am
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9:42 am
>> the coldplay concert at levi's stadium last night wrapped up around 11:00 p.m., going past the 10:00 p.m. week night curfew. it is renewing the debate between the 49ers who operate the stadium and people nearby on how late week night concerts should go. >> reporter: most of the 50,000 fans watching the performance probably very much enjoyed the show. a lot of people who live nearby levi's stadium did not. a council woman who lives a mile and a half from here could hear the show late last night and she was fielding texts and complaints from residents nearby who were concerned that the show went past that 10:00 week night curfew. coldplay didn't take the stage until after 9:00. they performed until when 11:00, an hour past the curfew
9:43 am
for musical affects in santa clara. kathy says that 10:00 curfew has been in place since 2010, before the stadium was even built and tens of thousands who live nearby are impacted when the musical acts go late into the night. >> we're not being good leaders if we just, you know, allow our city to be just taken over for a concert. i mean, this -- these people were here a long time. a lot of people were here about the stadium was. we have to respect that. >> reporter: now, in response to that late performance last night, san francisco 49ers president made this statement saying, public safety officials from been clear that abruptly ending a concert could create a public safety emergency. we follow their direction as it related to the event. we are concerned that concerts may not come to levi's stadium again unless the music ban is resolved in a way that works for everyone. we have already lost one event and we will continue to lose more, costing thousands of local jobs, millions in needed revenue and the world class entertainment options that
9:44 am
other cities enjoy. the one event that they lost is in every reference to an ed sheeran n concert that was canceled because of the 10:00 curfew. the 49ers have been asking to extend the curfew to 11:00 at least four times a year. city leaders have so far rejected the idea. the plan going forward, over the next six months, they will be surveying and polling some of the people who live within a mile radius of levi's stadium to give their input. they will be handing out surveys and doing focus groups with residents and getting more feedback before they make any more decisions on the curfew going forward. from santa clara, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. security was tighter at the coldplay stadium at levi's stadium. >> i haven't seen the sweat team at a concert before -- the s.w.a.t.
9:45 am
team at a concert before. >> police would not say how security was increased but police were more visible inside and outside of the stadium. a nfl quarterback is getting push back after a comment he made while answering questions at a news conference. >> jackie ibanez reports that cam newton is accused of sexism because of how he reagented to a female reporter's question. >> cam newton's controversial remarks were during a press conference. >> i know you take a lot of pride in seeing your receivers play well. devon sanchez seemed to embrace the physicality of his routes and making -- getting those extra yards. does that give you a little bitten joint to see him trump people out there. >> it is funny to hear a female talk about routes. like -- it is funny. but -- it is coming along, man.
9:46 am
this is a big game for him. >> those words prompting rodriguez to tweet, quote, i don't think it is funny to be a female and talk about routes. i think it is my job. the backlash was almost immediate. her publication called the remarks inexcusable. the remarks are disrespectful. and an nfl statement called them just plain wrong. according to a panthers spokesperson, newton late her a conversation with the reporter and expressed regret. however, rodriguez tweeted i spoke with him after and it was worse. i chose not to share because i have an actual job to do today and one he will not keep me from. rodriguez is getting support on social media for her knowledge of the game and experience as a sports reporter. in new york, jackie ibanez, fox news. and some of that social media support that jackie refers to includes espn
9:47 am
broadcaster linda cohen. what is so funny about it, cam? please enlighten us. the popularityity of the golden state warriors goes well past the united states. >> scooped up by curry. you hear the roar as he shoots a three and he knocks it down. they love it. >> overnight when the bay area was asleep, the warriors took on the timberwolves in an exhibition game in china. it took place about 11:00 here in the bay area. the top players were on display. durant had 20 points. curry had 14 points. the warriors lost 111-97. they finish the tour of china in a game on sunday in shanghai. tipoff is at 4:00 in the morning pacific time. the sharks lost their home opener last night to the flyers. the flyers scored first, scoring twice in the 1st period. waynes simmons had a hat trick
9:48 am
with two power play goals including the game winner. the sharks play again saturday night at the shark tank against the l.a. king. >> it is a long season. no worries. it is okay to be 0-1 in the nhl. i saw a poll, 93% of the nba gms think that the warriors will win. i'm with them. >> okay. >> if i was a gm. we will be right back after the break. want in on the secret to ageless skin.
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>> more than 150 california national guard troops said good- bye to their families yesterday in stockton. they are on their way to kuwait where they will support aviation missions in iraq as well. this is the second deployment for this troop since 2012. they will be gone for a year. the white house says despite statements by president trump, the u.s. government does not have the authority to reduce puerto rico's $74 billion debt as part of hurricane relief. u.s. treasury and budget officials say it is tied up in a bankruptcy process and most of it is in the form of bonds owned by investors. on hiss visit to puerto rico, the president said in an interview that the island debt would need to be wiped out to help it recover. but the budget director says it will help puerto rico rebuild but the island needs to fix its finances on its own. the former presidents are hosting a concert at texas a&m
9:52 am
university on october 21st, benefiting hurricane relief efforts in texas, florida, puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands. the deep from the heart concert will feature alabama, lyle lovett and many others. all five former presidents came together last month in a video urging people to help out following hurricane harvey in texas. celine dion is pledging support for the victims of the las vegas mass shooting. she returned to the stage tuesday night and said the show's proceeds would be donated to the victims. >> on sunday, we lost too many beautiful, innocent souls. and so many are still suffering. but tonight we are going to let these families know that we are supporting them.  and that we will help them.
9:53 am
through their tragic loss. ic loss. >> she also dedicated the show to las vegas first responders, doctors and nurses. this saturday the unlv football team will wear a red ribbon with the words las vegas. they will play san diego state who will also wear the helmets. a pregame ceremony will honor the victims and the first responders that saved lives. we continue to follow the investigation into the developments in las vegas. we will have that at noon. as more and more photos and videos and stories of the victims are coming out over the past couple of days, we're getting a sense of who they were. >> this morning we leave you with some of the images from sunday night and photos of nearly 60 people whose lives were cut short. >> we got shots fired. >> mandalay bay halfway up. i see the shots coming from mandalay bay. >> we have an active shooter.
9:54 am
we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> shots fired from mandalay bay. there are many people down. >> everybody said hit the floor. everybody was laying on top of each other, trying to get out of the way. and the shots just kept coming. ming. >> go. go. go. >> run. >> go that way. >> we went back because i'm a nurse and i just felt that i had to. >> i saw people in front of me get hit by bullets. i hopped on my friends to make sure they're okay. >> i'm not wearing any clothes up here. everybody that i thought passed on, they have an article of my clothing covering their eyes. >> people holding their necks. there were people holding their -- like the back of their heads. and i looked athe ambulance and i looked at the emts and i said i don't need to bely. you need to take care of these people. >> we're angry. we're grieving. confused.
9:55 am
people are hurting. >> i saw it on the news today. >> he learned that he shielded her from the bullets and that was the type of person he was. >> my wife was a great person. i was with her for over 30 years. i can't believe she is gone. i'm lost right now. ♪[music] >> and she was very caring. very kind heart. just a very caring person. >> she was someone that never gave up. we're going to miss her. >> an amazing woman. she was an amazing mom. i know that's why people fell in love with her. she was an amazing mom.
9:56 am
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>> live from new york city it's the wendy williams show. w>> wendy: >> here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my co-host, my studio audience! how you doin? okay. let's get started. time for hot topics.


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