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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 6, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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the gunman in the las vegas mass shooting. new reports he was scouting out the locations of more music festivals in other cities. >> the bluegrass festival in golden gate park is this weekend in san francisco>> good morning. friday morning, october 6. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> welcome to steve paulsen here with your weather. >> little warmer you guys. thank you. it's still cool but not as cold as the past couple of mornings. it will be a nice day. telephones above average for everybody. >> temperatures they max out upper 80s another one sunday and the breeze might be a factor. 40s and 0s on the temps. not the 30s exset up one observation at 39. 50s for a few areas. 40s, 50s. a little bit of a northeast
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breeze for some. not too bad. today looks like a sunny and mild to warm day and up in the sierra is beautiful. one system moves through there. high pressure and winds up. 70s, 80s. coast looks clear. patchy fog. 8z to near 90 for a few. >> happy friday to you, steve. >> thank you. >> we've made it to friday. right now westbound 580 we have slow traffic here i approaching north flynn where there's some lane blockage. give yourself some extra time. on fridays we usually have a little bit better of a commute through the altamont pass. hopefully we're going to have that. not as slow as we could be on a friday. taking a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. you can see traffic is moving nicely with no major issues as
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you drive past the oracle arena. and this morning at the bay bridge toll ma za traffic is light as you drive into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. we have breaking news coming in now from japan. a magnitude 6.0 quake hit over night off the east coast of japan near the heavy damaged nuclear power plan that was hit back in 2011. so far there's no word of damage injuries and no tsunami warnings. stay with us we're going to bring you video from japan as soon as we can get it. turning to our coverage of the las vegas shooting. all the victims killed in the attack vz v been positively identified. the announcement as investigators exam tn possibility that the gunman may have planned to attack other cities including chicago and
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boston. we have more outside the mandalay bay hotel>> reporter: the on going investigation has turned up chilling possibilities that have authorities here talking to officials in other cities. >> reporter: investigators say there's evidence stephen paddock was eyeing major venues beyond las vegas. they haven't said definish tiffly if he was planning a similar massacre somewhere else or what his intentions were. he did book a hotel room in chicago owe looking the sum ir -- summer fesz festival. there's unspecified evidence that shows fenway park in boston. >> reporter: investigators are factoring in all of this as newly released cell phone video shows another view of the massacre. the footage from raymond page working in the area shows the chaos as thousands ran from the gunfire. it was one of those bullets that
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struck and killed charleston heart field. the 34-year-old and father of two was remembered as a service thursday night. >> any time at headquarters now i can't talk wu you about life. >> reporter: one of many being held across the city to mourn the dozens of people killed. >> reporter: authorities released the identities of every person who died. 36 women, 22 men. the oldest 66 years old the youngest just 20. last night in berkeley dozens of students gathered for a vigil for the victims of the vegas shooting mas sker. >> reporter: about 0 students were there singing, praying and writing messages for the shooting victims. many students had a connection
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to the tragedy. one said his rel tiffs were working near by another student knew one of the victims. >> her name was jordan rivera. she lived in my hometown and it just goes to show how fragile life is and how much we should cherish our loved ones. >> reporter: the studented organizers planned the vigil to comfort each other. one of the victims in the attack was a wife and mother from mother rin county. stacy leaves behind her husband a san francisco police officer and her children, 10 and 12. they want to remember her for how she lived and describe her as devoted driven and patient about her family. they say the important thing now is to help her children deal with the loss of their mother and help her husband step into
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the role of dad and mom. >> we will do the best we can to help hip. i know lit take a long time for him. his life will change immensely. if anybody can be the mom and dad wrapped into one, it's going to be him. >> funeral services have been set for wednesday in san francisco. a go fund me page has been sed up to help the children. in two days donations are nearing $250,000. meantime the office in clark county nevada released the names. you'ring at their photos. the coroner's office is in the process of releasing the bodies to family members and they -- officials have set up a hot line as well as an assistant center. a go fund me account to help the survivesers is approaching $10 million in donations. they hope to raise $15 million. in the wake of the las vegas
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attack at an out door country music festival there's increased security at this weekend's hardly strictly bluegrass festival in san francisco. one of the largest events each year. reporting on the challenging police face protecting spectators at an out door concert. >> reporter: a causal free family event. the festival in golden gate park. this year new security concerns risen in light of the las vegas shooting at an out door music festival that left 59 people dead. >> since the las vegas shooting we are definitely put other measures, our department as a whole, has done a lot of increased patrols. >> reporter: hardly strictly is expected to draw nearly 250,000 people each day of its three day run. because there's no natural
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perimeter for it there's no security check points. >> all right we don't have check points for bags, we are going to -- if there's a bag that's unattend, obviously we're going to make sure people are safe. >> i did have negative thoughts that our world is imploding. >> reporter: lori visiting from florida says they won't let what happened in vegas dictate their lives. >> reporter: that includes attending large scale public events. >> whether i'm home, out in the neighborhood. public events. have an awareness of what is around you. where are exits, where is security, ws is not security. >> reporter: police say the security catch phrase of the weekend is see something, say something. no hard alcohol or glass will be
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allowed inside the venue although you can bring your own beer and wine. cameras are allowed but noi tripods or equipment. ride share. our time is 4:09. a woman died yesterday in san francisco after falling 300 feet off a cliff at fort funsta. near lake mer send. sky fox flew over the area. you can see emergency workers at the base of a very steep cliff. authorities have not told us the woman's name or away caused her to fall. oakland police are accused of violating the sanctuary city policy while providing traffic control during an immigration raid in august. oakland privacy advisors commission talked about it last night. oakland police police provided false information during the raid in which two mem were --
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men were taken into dust custody. at the time oakland police said the man were being gated for human trafficking. but no one has been charged for it. >> all my information supports opd participated in a raid that led only the civil immigration arrest in violation of our sanctuary city policy. >> the commission voted unanimously to recommend that the city council demand a detailed report of the raid from the police chief. an oakland police officer at the meeting said officers were told to provide traffic control only and not to participant in the raid. the criminal cases against three east bay police officers accused of misconduct with a former teenage prostitute have been dropped. >> reporter: probation reports r prosecutors through out the case. on wednesday a judge dropped the
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case involving sheriffs deputy perez. and last month a judge said there was not enough evidence to prosecute bryan button. they were all accused of sexual acts of jaz min abusiness land while she was under age. her attorney said chef testified reluctantly and he's not disappointed can cases have been dropped. >> [ indiscernible ] >> in a statement district attorney says there are different interpretations of the law involving the crimes and she will appeal. san francisco recycling program is exxanding. the reason the changes will
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become zero waste. ? a surprising stance by the nra. how the mas sker in las vegas is sparking a new conversation about the device the gunman used. good morning you can see that traffic is off to a nice start in most areas. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split looks good. >> skies are clear. it will be a sunny and warmer fall day. will this be the warmest day in the next couple? we'll take a look.
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> welcome back. the u.s. military has suspend exercises with gulf countries over the on going diplomatic crisis targeting ka tar. ? june four countries launched a boycott of kwau tar accusing it of supporting terrorist groups. u.s. has a major military base there. it stopped the military drills in an effort to encourage all the countries to work together toward a solution to the crisis. investigators looking into possible interference by russia in the u.s. presidential election. went to london to interview a former british spy who compiled a bunch of allegations. investigators from special council robert mueller's team intrude chris steel. a former british intelligence officer who claims russia
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collected compromising final information of then candidate trump. top economist say the tax plane could cause inflation and increase the federal def statistic sit. including up to $6 trillion in personal and corporate tax cuts. the president of the san francisco federal reservice say it will eventually lead to high inflation and possible a recession. president trump is expected to announce next week that he will desert fie the international nuclear deal deal with iran. the "washington post" says the president will say the 2015 deal is not in the national interest of the united states. under the term of the agreement the president must certify it every 90 days. he has certified it twice already. desert fieing the deal would move the issue to congress where
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lawmakers would have to decide to reimpose sanction ones iran. iran has threatened to walk away from the agreement if it happens and restart its work on nuclear weapons. following the massacre in las vegas the nra is endorsing tighter restrictions on bump stops allowing semi automatic rifles to fire hundreds of rounds per minute>> takes the actions of the gun bouncing it back and forth so your finger is in place and basically the dpun is moving, bouncing your finger off the trigger. >> bump stock devices were found on 12 weapons of the hotel of the gunman. in 20 they ruled bump stops were attachments and aloud each state to decide. yesterday the nra issued this statement. >> the nra believes that device designed to allow semi automatic
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rifles to function like fully automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulation. >>s i think it's possible that the democrats decide they would settle for regulating bump fire stocks there could be a bill. >> now henry brady, dean of the uc berkeley public policy says a limited gun control bill might pass congress but warns if both parties try to add or lossen other regulations it's possible nothing will be done. >> our early friday morning community. >> good morning. right now we have a nice looking start to a friday commute. we like it to stay nice and quiet. we can wish. northbound 101 from gill roy to san jose looks good. traffic is going to be okay if you are driving into the silicon valley. there have been no major problems.
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the traffic is still looking good as you drive throughout the entire bay area. we have that accident 580 at greenville. it's been there are for a bit. traffic is a little bit slow over the altamont pass getting to greenville road. if you get on the freeway after are greenville road it's better for you. before, you're going to get slow traffic in the area. >> 280 in san jose where traffic is light through the downtown area and the bay bridge as you drive into san francisco. >> it's 4:19 steve. >> good morning. we have clear skies. see if any patchy fog forms. it was there yesterday but didn't prevent the city from getting to 74 degrees. it's going to go from one situation to another and that would be sun, sun and wind but -- by sunday into monday. sunny and warmer. we started that process slowly
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on wednesday. continued thursday. we'll keep ramp -- ramping it up. temperatures drop off the fast this time of year. >> by sunday-monday the system will dig into the intermountain region of nevada and we'll gel get that offshore breeze. it ramp up. sunday night and monday night. that is the way it looks. patchy fog yesterday. so far quiet. there's one system. they're staying to the east of us. not over water yet. next weekend there's hints of that happening. 40s on the temps. 50s and warmer each day here. more 50s now instead of 40s towards the east bay. american canyon. 47 -- 27 up in truckee. 40 ewe kai ta. 51 in mont ray and overall a lot of sunshine.
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and for us high pressure today and tomorrow theng then system will dig in from the pacific northwest and that will ramp up that breeze. sunny for all. 80s on the temps and near 90. they don't stay there lopping but still sunny and warmer and the wind picks up sunday and monday. that gives us higher fire danger. that's when we see it october. >> that's what we worry about the wind pick up. more express toll lanes are opening in the east bay. the long awaited change on one of the bay areas busiest highways that senators a few days.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do.
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so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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>> welcome back. japan's transport minister says unauthorized technician have been found certifying vehicles at five nissan plants. they car rid out spot inspections at all plants in japan. those -- during those inspections they found stamps of certified technicians were used to sign off final vehicle checks conducted by none certified technicians. nissan decided to recall a million new passenger cars it sold in japan over the past three years after discovering the final inspections were not properly authorized. insurance company cigna no longer going to cover the cost
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of octobercy cotton. this after prunt said the opioid abuse crisis is -- if any oxcy alternative. this comes more than a year after the insurance company said to cut opioid use of customers by 20 #25%. netflix sub kriebers will have to pay a hieb higher price for streaming shows. those who pay 9.99 a month will pay a dollar more. the four screen service there l go to 13.99. they are adjusting as it adds more television shows and movies. a man rearrested after being released by accident. the clerical mistake that is blamed and how social media
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tracked down that inmate. >> san francisco and oakland top a list they don't want to be on. what oakland will do to pave over the problem. he problem. >> good morning we see this we have a nice looking commute here on 80 westbound. coming out to the mccar they are maize. we'll tell you more when we come back. >> clear skies. a warm fall day. we'll take it into friday and what about the weekend? you can see the breeze will be picking up sunday and monday.
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>> i want to hang glide over a krewe view like this welcome back. >> it's about 4:30. i would not hang glide or jump out of a plane. steve has. >> doing it once was good enough. i enjoyed it but it was good enough. you should hang glide. >> we have clear skies. looks like a warm day. temperatures each day since monday when we had the cool conditionsened the lows have been bumping up and the high temps as well and we see the systems are called inside sliders. they go over parts of the sierra. they're dry. we get the breeze occasionally and that's theme over the next couple of days. 40s, 50s out of those 30s the most. 60 pacifica already though. 45 min low park.
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look at monitor ra. there's a big difference already on the coast. most of the coast is clear. the mountains are cold, sunny and warm like us during day and temperatures will adopt bump up through today and tomorrow and we'll see a system diving down and that will give us another windy pattern. a high fire danger will exist for the north and east bay hills. look for sunday and monday. 70s and 80s lots of sun. we hope it's friday light? >> yes, sir. i'm happen to say that 08 westbound looks good if you're driving through the county. vacaville a nice looking drive as you push into valet o'here. no major issues here if you're driving farther down the eastshore freeway it looks good. 17 minutes. the last few days it's taking an hour and ten minutes to do


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