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look at monitor ra. there's a big difference already on the coast. most of the coast is clear. the mountains are cold, sunny and warm like us during day and temperatures will adopt bump up through today and tomorrow and we'll see a system diving down and that will give us another windy pattern. a high fire danger will exist for the north and east bay hills. look for sunday and monday. 70s and 80s lots of sun. we hope it's friday light? >> yes, sir. i'm happen to say that 08 westbound looks good if you're driving through the county. vacaville a nice looking drive as you push into valet o'here. no major issues here if you're driving farther down the eastshore freeway it looks good. 17 minutes. the last few days it's taking an hour and ten minutes to do that
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same drive. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's light in almost all of the lanes. a former hercules police officer convicted of attempted murder is scheduled to be sentenced. john good ner found guilty of murder and stocking against his estranged wife. in january of 2015 investigators say good ner fired multiple intrundz her bedroom. she was not hurt. good ner was with the hercules m.d. for 15 years and medically retired in 2009. our time is now 4:31. man jailed for armed robbery who was meanly released is -- mesnely released is back in jail. how the inmate's post on social media led to his recapture. >> reporter: david lopez is back
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behind bars at the main santa clara county jail after enjoying a week of freedom due to a clerical mistake. >> it's unacceptable. >> reporter: spokesman revengegy cook says the mistake happened september 28 when a civilian clerk received paper work releasing lopez. he had served his time for grand theft and was cleared to go. but the clerk didn't notice additional concurrent paper work for arm robbery. lopez was sent to eight year in state prison for that crime. because the clerk didn't see the second set of paper work no one noticed the inmate was gone until a week later when he was scheduled for transport. >> we notified all our executive staff. our detectives and they started a search for the inmate. >> reporter: even though lopez considered armed and dangerous had a week's head start the
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search that began at 7:00 in the morning was over about four hours later. investigators say the big break came curtsy of lopez himents who took to social media posting selfies at stores and restaurants. he was arrested at a golf course. >> this is the second major gaffe regarding inmates premature release. last november two inmates used tools to cut through jail bars and went down bed blankets. they were caught a week later. >> sheriff's office department officials say the clerk who signed off on the release is subject to corrective action. >> any time you have an inmate who is released who potentially has violent charges, that is something we take great care with. and we want to make sure that we protect the public>> reporter: administrators may implement additional safe guards to prevent a repeat which ends with
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lopez back in a cell and possible facing additional charges. california is now a sanctuary state as governor jerry brown signed legislation protecting undocumenting immigrants and signed ten other bills. under the sanctuary state law police are barred from asking people about their immigration status or from participating in some federal immigration enforcement activities. the bill was introduced in response to wide spread fear in immigrant communities following the election of president trump. puerto rico will take a long time before the island will be able to recover. the governor announced the power will not be restored until next march. only 9% of the population has electricity. administer pr hopes to increase the no more -- puerto rico hopes to increase the number to 25% within a month. police are helping to direct
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traffic at big intersections. a local bay area film maker from puerto rico is going to puerto rico now to hand deliver donations. eli jake cob housing the groub heading to puerto rico. he called for the berkeley community to take donations. taking 300 pounds of diapers, medical splice and generators. he said it was an honor to collect all the donations>> my heart is full. it's an honor to represent the bay area. and bring these donations. >> he will be in puerto rico for a week and a half. he still is looking for more donations for another trip at the end of the month. you can find out more and how to donate on our web site, look under web links. for the first time in more than 15 years san francisco is
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expanding its recycling program. they are changing the bins and what you can put in as part of a move to recycle more items and christina ren done tell us it's a plan to get to zero waste. >> reporter: if you live in san francisco listen up, your recycling routine is gettingen upgrade. >> everything here goes in the blue bin. that is new. >> reporter: the city's department of environment along with garbage recovery says blue recycling bins are getting bigger. blake waste bins are getting smaller. >> we are further reducing the need for the black bins and getting that much closer to our zero waste goals. >> reporter: items like empty coffee cups, juice box ice cream containers with wax layers or plastic coat religion all recyclable thanks to new state
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of the art equipment. >> reporter: plastics are too. as long as they're all put into one plastic bag before going into the blue bin. >> san francisco is on its way to get to zero waste. we are going to get there sooner than 2020, i believe f we keep going at this pace. >> reporter: workers are also driving reconfigured trucks to acome daip date more recyclable -- accommodate the less waste. the changes are the biggest update to the city's recycling and compost program. >> i hope that all of you will take it upon yourself to change a little bit of your own lifestyle and we will get there one day. >> reporter: and if you're unsure what items go where check sf >> reporter: they will be rolled out across the city over the next two years. all residents can start using
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their blue bins differently today. our time 4:38. a new audit could pu the water tunnels program at risk. the state auditor found an unqualify fied consultant to help build two tunnels to move water from northern california to communities in southern california. that awe it finds a study that looks at the cost versus benefit was not done properly. auditors around with the complex project is over bijt and behind accidentaling. a new option for domestic disputers. the car pool lanes are converting to express lanes on monday. the toll lanes will operate from 5:am -- 5:00 to 8:00 a.m. allowing solo drivers in ooe-x direction they will pay a toll based on real time traffic conditions. >> everybody using the lane will have to have a fast track toll
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tag. if you want to travel toll free you'll need a fast track flex tag. >> axe alaska sesz to the lanes will remain free for car pool, buses, motorcycles and qualifying clooer clean air vehicles. officials have more plans for new express lane all over the bay area in the next few years. a recent report on the worst roads in america has oakland and san francisco at the top of the list. oakland is trying to pave over the pothole problem by filling hundreds of them. thanks to a voter aapproved bond measure. oak labd is is spending 25 million. more than two miles of city streets have been repaved. 2700 potholes were filled in the last weeks. >> wi are -- we are on track to hit an all time record of filling 20,000 potholes in the year 2017.
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>> almost half of oaklands 800 miles of streets need work. the faeser the repairs are made the more none city will save. his district cease at least two lawsuits a month involving cars that were badly damaged and injuries from potholes in the streets. san francisco says it too is spending millions of dollars on road repairs every year. whole foods says customers at eight of its area locations may have had credit card information exposed to hackers. the company discovered breach at table restaurants and tap rooms. the main check out registers were not part of the breach. the bay area stores are the one in cupertino. dublin, mill valley. the san jose store on alameda. santa clara walnut creek and two locations in san francisco. the one on pat rushgs o hill and
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4th street. our time is 4:41. after the las vegas shooting rampage everybody is thinking about security and particularly at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival this weekend. san francisco police department plans to keep everybody safe. saint anthony's dining room in san francisco had meals served by a special group of visitors. >> good morning. westbound 24 traffic looks good as you drive to the tunnel. no major problems. where the slow traffic is straight ahead. >> our lows coming up there's a lot of 40s and 50s. the afternoon highs continue to bump up. temperatures 70s, 80s. 70s, 80s.
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>> welcome back. the blue angels are set to take to the skies as the fleet week continues. >> you may have seen or probably heard the blue angels practicing yesterday. they were doing practice runs ahead of air shows today and then again saturday and sunday. other teams that will be performing the canadian snow birds and the u.s. navy's leap frogs. also helping out in the community. about 35 men and women all active members of the military volunteered here po to help serve food at the saint anthony's dining room. we caught up with one woman and she said it's a great way to give back. it counts for why we joined in
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the first place. we want to give back to the people but we can't always have that opportunity to give back. a lot of us are excited to get the opportunity do this. >> many of the very people they served are veterans who have had hard lives. some of those veterans say they appreciated the chance to share stories with the active duty members. fleet week is taking center stage this weekend. it's not the only show in town. >> rose mayor shows us what is going on in our weekend watch. >> reporter: the weekend is approaching in san francisco. fleet week festivities continue in the air and ground. including a full air show, coast guard rescue demonstrations, navy ship tours. live music a prayed of -- a parade of ships and the blue angels. between noon and 4:00. hop over to golden gate park for three days of hardly strictly blue gras 2017.
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over 90 artists are expected to perform on seven stages. the 22nd festival will fill the square. e enjoy arab food and der takenment. . >> celebrating the bay from photography to kayaking lessons. >> reporter: the san carlos wine fair celebrates the 27th year with live entertainment a classic and hot rod car show, food, beverages and more in the heart of downtown. in the east bay celebrate the 43 annual oakland black cowboy parade at 10:00 a.m. on saturday followed by a festival featuring live music, food horse and pony rides and entertainment for the entire family. waterfront inten takenment from 10:00 to #40k. in the north bay the fourth
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annual mill valley fellow festival. sports niners are away. raiders are at home. that is your weekend watch. sounds like it's a gorgeous weekend for everything. but crowded. sal, in the city. i was asking, why are they having a music festival the same time as fleet week seems like they can spread it out. >> vow v you gone san francisco recently? >> it's crowded everywhere. >> throw it all in there's construction everywhere and we're juiced -- used to it. let's look at the commute. traffic is moving slowly if you're driving on the altamont pass. we have an earlier zend accident to blame. hopefully it will get better. it's early for this. but i'll let you know it's there. you can see for yourself. 205 is not too bad yet. a look at the traffic driving
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through dublin. this is 880 oakland northbound and southbound. it's not a bad commute and if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it's light and hopefully will stay this way. let's brink bring steve in. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> we have clear skies. not much of a breeze at the surface. maybe a little bit at the higher elevations. quiet, sunny. yesterday had some fog on the coast. that kept a few on the cool side. it did not really effect others. we still get a little bit of a breeze but it's going to be a big factor on him as we head into sunday and monday. temperatures around oak labd and berkeley andal immediate da low 50s. everyone is close here. 44 santa rosa. 44 in lake port.
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44 in fair field. concord says 56. 48, 46 palo alto. heading into the santa clara valley. 49 campbell. upper 40s. santa cruz and 40s in the santa cruz mountains with boulder creek at 44 cool degrees. they were in the 30s a couple case ago. 27 in truckee and everything or direction is coming down in the north. looks gooi good in the sierra. the mornings are cold but afternoons are nice. the key on sunday when a system drops down a similar path. their not over water. they do give a tremendous difference in the pressure grade. when you get that you get the wind machine to crank up. we'll have a high fire danger coming in then. 70s to near 90 degrees and peak it out saturday. these systems are going in east of us and so that's why that
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wind picks up. this time of year we get that direction, north-northeast that's why we have the high fire danger. 70s 80s coast and bay. mid upper 80s for some inland. temperatures don't stay there long. it gets dark sooner. warmer weather will take us into saturday. wind cranks up sunday. russian soldiers will have to stop sharing photos on social media. a new law in the country been as all military personnel from posting selfies and other pictures over fares it could reveal their location to the enemy. one concern is over geshgs o location dad data da that could be used to identify the location of the photo within a few feet. people have been able to use this data. time is now 4:50. a bay area high school toobl team forced to move off of their home field. next.
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the problem with the turf out there and why it could be dangerous for the players.
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>> california landlords can't threaten undocumented tenants under a new law signed by governor brown. known as the immigrant tenant protection act strengthen state
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law to shield immigrants from retaliation in their homes. prohibit landlords from threatening to report tenants to immigration authorities. our time is 4:54. a ground breaking ceremony for a new housing development next to the coliseum bart station -- bart station in oakland. the development is near san liandro street. it will have 110 apartments. half will have reduced rents so they're more affordable to middle-class families. mayor shaff council president are among vips expected to be there. a high school football team is being forced to move its games and practices over safety concerns. games t at the high school have been relocated after the artificial turf field was deemed unsafe. the field will likely be unusable for the rest of the
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school year. meaning other sports like soccer will not be able to use the field either. coaches say there have been many injuries in the past month but it's unclear if the issues with the field caused the injuries. >> turns out we did an inception and we failed it they took off too much turf so we're not able to do contact so it's not safe. >> the team is also playing on the field. the school district will pay to replace the turf. it's estimated to cost up to $1 million. >> how about those 49ers? they hope to win their first game of the season this sunday in indianapolis. the 49ers and the colts trying to jump start their season. heading into the fifth week of the season. the coals coming off a loss to the seahawks. they only have one win this
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season themselves. however the winless 49ers are trying to find a break through after three straight losses determined by three appoints or less. you can soo that game here. the game starts at 10:00 a.m. on sunday. the oakland raiders are 2-2 this season so far. they're playing the ravens at the oakland coliseum sunday. the raiders will be without quarterback derrick car who injured his back. he practiced with the team this week. he is still not quite ready to get on the field. he fractured a bone in his back in last sun' -- sunday's loss. the back up quarterback ej manuel will start against the ravens. >> right now it's 4:56. an investigation is under way after -- after a woman fell to her death at san francisco. >> had stephen paddock been planning other attacks. the latest on what authorities
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are now uncovering in their ongoing investigation into sunday's massacre. >> good morning. we are seeing traffic on interstate 880 a little bit crowded. we'll take a look at the east bay commute when we come back. >> skries clear. it's cool to cold far few. temperatures have been bumping up each day and afternoon highs as well. take a look at those on a friday forecast. forecast.
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good morning. more chilling information about the gunman in the las vegas mass shooting. new reports he was out scouting the locations of even more music festivals in other cities. and the hardly prickbly bluegrass festival is this weekend in savopoulos safe -- san francisco. mornings on two continues. good morning, thank you for joining us. take you out to the bay, nice look at the sparkling bay bridge in the city this morning. >> how did do you that? >> our guys in back news room do that for us and the control room and they put up these
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pretty shots. so many to choose from. sounds like it is going to be a gorgeous weekend. friday, october 6th, i'm pam cook. good morning, i'm dave dave. let's go to steve steve -- dave clark. let's go back to steve paulson. lots of sunshine, you two, clear skies. breeze will shall a big factor sunday and monday. we'll focus on pleasant in here. 49 cool degrees, rub bee hill had 4 to 591. mostly cases around 50 to 51. high of 87 degrees. lots of sunshine, temperatures will becoming up even over by the coast which had to deal with some fog. 80s around the bay. mid to upper 80s. a few near 90 inland. everything looks good sunny side up. 45 half moon bay. sunny valley 46. 45 up


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