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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> it's a pam cooke day. >> eye -- pam cook day. >> i'm dave clark. >> a lot of sunshine today. yesterday a lot of fog on the coast. today is looks to be the coast is clear. now we want to mention there is a high surf advisory, waves 5 feet today. there is still low to mid-50s, watch out for some of those waves. cool for some, 30s and 40s for a few, not as many 30s earlier in the week. upper 80s, a few near 90 degrees. oakland forecast starting off with clear skies, 50 degrees. high of 80 downtown oakland, so it will be warm there today. san francisco 78, 55 average is 70, 54. so right there on the low. but 8 above on the average high. near the record of 94, 1992. 51 in berkeley. 54, 55, 56 in oakland. 55 officially in the city.
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almeda also at 57 degrees. look for sunshine today and not much change until sunday when the wind picks up, 40s and east on these temps right here. there is a little bit a breeze in higher elevations at the surf, not so much. another surface here is 70s, 8 east, above average temps for another day or two. 6:01, so far we've made it through the 4:00 hour, 5:00,. >> we were mere at 4:00? >> some of us were. >> good morning everybody. steve, traffic is moderate, so it's not too bad. it's not light but it's not too bad right now. let's go out to the east shore freeway 21 minutes. 21 minute drive, a little bit of slowing here and there getting out to the macarthur bay and bay bridge. lucy showing. we are expecting easier day. i liked it fridays easier day i think everyone is ready for it
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by this point. this is a look at interstate the 80 north and southbound. highway 4 does have slow traffic this morning through pittsburgh, bay point and concord. and san mateo bridge approaches, slower on 80, after 20:38, westbound 92, slows near the toll plaza. 6:02, let's go back to the desk. several major developments about the las vegas shooting rampage, police in australia now helping u.s. officials in the investigation not gunman's girlfriend, marilou danly, questioned after she landed at lax returning from the philippines, she was born in the philippines but lived in australia for many years after marrying an australian man who later died. meantime american officials say there is evidence the gunman, stephen paddock scouted out other cities and may have been
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planning similar attacks in chicago and innermost on near fenway park. >> investigation is going is being lead by las vegas, we are in constant conversation with the center here in massachusetts which is in constant contact with them. >> a memorial service held for police officer charleston heart field, off duty police officer who was ill canned in the shooting on sunday. he had served 16 years in the army as well as the national guard. the coroner in nevada released the names of all of the 58 victims killed and you are looking at their photos now. the coroner's office is releasing the bodies to family members now. official whose set up a hotline, they've had an an assistance center available. a gofundme account to help the survivors, page has raised $10 million hoping to raise $15 million. last night in berkeley
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dozens of students gathered for a vigil for the victims of the las vegas shooting. about 50 students gathered to sing, prey and write messages for the victims. many had a connection to the tragedy, one said his relatives were working near by and heard the gunfire. another student knew one of the victims. >> her name was jordan riviera. and she lived in my home town and it just goes to show how fragile life is. and how -- how much we should cherish our loved ones. >> the student organizers say the event was held to comfort one another and encourage others to take action. las vegas shooting has placed public scrutiny on the use of bump stocks allowing semiautomatic rifles to fire at rapid rates. there is a push for a ban and
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support from the nra, allison barber has more from washington. >> since the brady bill of the the 0s it seems like republicans and democrats would never again agree on gun legislation, in light of vegas it seems like that might be changing. >> you show me the law that would to that, i will be an advocate for the law. >> that is the voice of dean heller. when gunfire replaced the sound of country my social media sunday night, the shooter on the 32 32nd floor of mandalay bay didn't have completely normal guns. many altered with bump stocks, a legal device that replaces a pistol grip and turns a semiautomatic gun into something similar to machine gun used on the battle field. >> every time the gunfires it recoils back a little bit into the stock itself, comes back forward and because you have your finger set in one key
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position then it fires like that. >> a number of republicans like heller say they are open to banning the device after all fully automatic guns are heavily regulated around largely banned. >> this seems to be a way of going around that so obviously we need to look at how we can tighten up the compliance with this law so that they are -- so fully automatic when ons are banned. >> we welcome that. >> even the nra is opening the door for a discussion. >> what the nra has said is we ought to take a look at that, see if that is in compliance with federal law and it's worthy of additional regulation. that being said, we didn't save ban, we didn't say confiscate. >> democrats all of this is one thing, inadequate. >> if this majority believes that a bump stock prohibition is enough, they have been
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smoking something. >> nancy pelosi says some will argue legislation on bump stock is is a slippery slope to even more gun control, she says she hopes that -- she says she hopes that it is. time is 60:00, back here in the bay area security will be tighter for hardly strictly bluegrass festival starting at noon today in golden gate park. where alex savage is at the park with more on the security, alex. >> reporter: good morning to both of you, if anyone is coming out, i know a lot of people certainly will becoming out here, they will likely notice a lot more police officers on hand after that attack on the country music festival in las vegas this week, san francisco police say they will be stepping up patrols for this weekend easy vent. hardly strictly blue grass festival gets under way running
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through sunday night. a half million people are expected to pack the various meadows here at golden gate park, because this is a free festival there will be no fences up around all of the meadows, music stages will be set up so that means the festival goers will not have to pass through security checkpoints. >> although we don't have checkpoints for bags, we are going to, you know, if there is a being that is unattended obviously we are going to make sure that people are safe and, you know, lost and found, bring it to loss and found, if it's a suspicious package handle it that way. >> reporter: people coming down this weekend can bring their own beer and wine to the festival, but hard alcohol is not allowed and glass is prohibited. organizers also say cameras are okay, just please leave your tripods at home and leave any
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other large equipment behind. some of the performers said this year's festival include randy neuman. emmy lough harris and cheap trick getting under way starting at noon today here at golden gate park, a lot of people coming down here, that means a the love traffic, parking at a premium, the best way to get down here is to use mass transit. >> all right. >>al egg, before you go, have you been able to talk to anybody around, are they concerned that i know you mentioned there is no fences so no bag checks, i mean, it seems a little bit -- it could be scary for people. >> reporter: you know what, we have not. just because it's so early, we haven't been able to talk to anybody out here yet. but, you know, the thought did occur to me, you know, it's so wonderful this has been a free festival here and one of the most popular music festivals in the bay area. now with security top of mind after las vegas you likely will have a lot of people thinking
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about the fact you have now entirely open area, no security checkpoints, that may be could be something that is reexamined in the years to come. for now san francisco police essentially say they are going to step up patrols an try to keep an eye on things. >> everybody can have fun. time now 6:10, developing news from japan, a magnitude 6.0 quake overnight hit off the east coast of japan, it was near the now destroy destroyed fukishima power plant. we have no word of knife damage or injuries and no tsunami warning. stay right here with us on mornings on 2, we'll bring you more information, more video from japan as we get it. well this morning, 2017 nobel peace prize was awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons, i cam is a coalition from 100
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countries that is seeking to eliminate nuclear weapons through an international treaty. says the geneva based organization is receiving the award for its work to draw attention to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences of any use of nuclear weapons. >> congratulations to them. 6:00 is 11, we are watching -- 6:11, we are watching san francisco because it is going to be a spectacular show had weekend, later this morning we'll tell you when you can catch the best pilots in the world for are this year's air show. governor jerry brown making it official california is the first sanctuary state. nice friday, temperatures above average here, we'll keep an eye on see if any fog pops up. so far not yet.
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well, stroke of the pen yesterday governor brown medical call a sanctuary state. >> ktv christian kafton. >> signed the bill yesterday protecting undocumented immigrants from deportation, severely limits who state can hold. under the sanctuary state law police are bar from asking people about immigration status
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or participating in some federal immigration enforcement activities but does not permit immigration officials from doing nair jobs in california. introduced in response to widespread fear following the election of president trump. california home to an estimated 2.3 million immigrants without legal authorization. opponents say the bill will allow violent criminals to slip through the cracks, but block what they view is a racially motivated federal policy. sends a clear message to the trump administration, in california we value inclusivity and diversity. >> federal partner the can't go into the jail the, there can be no cooperation at the jail level, at the jail level we have some of these violent people. >> the new sanctuary state law goes into effect january of 2018. 6:15 is the time, let's check in with sal for a look at
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traffic, what are you keeping an eye on. we are keeping an eye on commutes in the east bay. and 24 going to start there with a drive through lafayette. as you drive into the tunnel from lafayette, it hadn't been a bad commute. 680 interchange. now if you are driving to the toll plaza there will be a backup here stretching for a 10- 15 minute delay. the 80 is slowing down as you drive 238 down to 92. westbound 2 is moderately heavy getting out to the san mateo bridge. today's traffic jam themed is tom petty. >> i understand why. >> yes, sir. >> a lot of requests. >> go ahead and get them in. >> that include mud crutch, too? >> it could. it could. >> just curious, thank you. high surf advisory for the
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coast. also watch out for sneaker waves. october is the harvest moon, it was closer to the autumnal he question knox. -- equinox. nate heading northward into the gulf. extremely warm. well above average. it looks like now again the cone could change. but it looks like somewhere around new orleans sunday as a category 1, category 1, okay. i've seen 5-6-inch rainfall amounts coming in sunday. 70s, 8 east, upper the east, sunny for all. everybody. -- 80s. sunny for all. everybody. above average on the temps certainly today. all the way into the weekend. average is .70, 54 low. 94 the record high 1992. so far it's fog free. yesterday we had fog for a few that kept a couple locations on
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the cooler side. if you noticed systems dropping in have been overland, called inside sliders they favor the sierra nevada or lee side of the syria, not here. 40s and east, a couple 30s still holding on: lima valley was, 58 cloverdale. 94 in windsor. had 41 roanoke parks, there is difference mill valley 47 degrees. some locations over by berkeley, seeing upper 50s, slight offshore breeze there. two bits up in truckee. ukiah 42. breeze is a big factor. another system will take the place of that one. again, go overland, not over us. that looks to be a stronger one. so good mornings, not as cool as the last couple days. sunshine, if we don't top out today it will be saturday on the temps, windy and still warm
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but not as warm as sunday and upon day. big news is the fire danger and red flag warning, east bay hills could get some gusts. .0s, 80s, to 90s, temperatures continue to be above average for everybody. checking in at 78. mostly cases 78 to 79 inland. october, it can happen a year ago we are getting rain, we had really good rain in october last year. does october tell us anything about the upcoming winter. usually nothing. >> no indication necessarily. >> usually nothing. >> usually pretty nice for fleet week. >> usually is, i agree. thank you, steve. 6:19 is the time. new information about whole foods and a data breach, 8 bay area stores were hacked and we'll tell you which ones they are. plus the end of an area, a popular grocery store closing after almost 50 years, what the owner plans to do with the
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love the intro. >> they are all good. >> love the song. >> >> tom petty, that's our theme, favorite tom petty song, so many, i'm sure we are not going to be able to play all of them. this one believe it or not from 1991. fans were not even born in 91. i know pam you were just a little girl. >> right. >> right. lynn, thank you for sending us your request. all tom petty this morning, if there is a special you want to hear let us know. i will play your request every friday morning, use the hashtag on ktvu, on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> good choice. still bouncing other heads. >> i have a hard time picking my favorite, to be honest. a much loved independent grocery store is closing after 47 years! >> yeah, jean's fine food is closing on october 15 october 15th, the store is 75-year-old
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own sir retiring. he was close to finalizing a deal with a major grocery chain but that fell through and amazon announced it was buying whole foods. >> it was hugely significant. as a matter of fact as soon as that news hit, that began to impact our negotiations. >> jean's fine foods is one of two supermarkets in saratoga, customers say they are sad to see it go. whole foods says customers of eight bay area stores may have had their credit card information hacked. a security breach was found affecting people who pay for their food at store's table service restaurants. the main checkout registers were not breeched. bay area stores were talking about are cupertino. dublin, mill valley, the san jose store on almeda. santa clara, walnut creek store and two locations in san
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francisco. also on fourth street in the south market area. house democratic leader nancy pelosi blasting the trump administration for eliminating illegal protection for transgender people in the workplace. jeff sessions says the justice department will no longer interpret that the 1964 several rights act applies to discrimination based on gender identity. while the obama administration used civil rights act to protect transgender people the trump administration says the justice department cannot expand the law beyond what congress originally intended. house democratic leader says it's another remind the administration's content for the lgbt community. hollywood film producer harvey weinstein is taking a leave of absence from his movie studio. following accusations of sexual harassment that stretch back 30 years. new york times reports there are accusations from employees as well as actresses including
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ashley judd. some women claim he pressured them into giving him massages or watch him shower. reports that he reached settlements with at least eight women. married with two young children. he told the paper he realizes his behave a i don't remember has cause add lot of pain and apologies for it. time now 6:26, what changes for recycling if you are in san francisco, in our next half- hour, how san francisco is changing the way garbage and recyclables are collected.
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well good morning to you, thank you for joining us, friday, october 6th. each' stave clark. i'm pam cook, it is about 6:30. if you want to cool off it is going to be warm, the maria has issue add beach -- national weather service has issued a beach warning. some strong rip currents, life guards are warning conditions could be deadly for people who are not use today that in particular. >> yeah. but it looks beautiful out there. >> i know, it looks pretty. as we know, our beaches are not maybe as user friendly as others in california coast. >> and that water got colder, too. it's about 52 to 56, cold
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enough. >> yeah. >> that will do it. >> that's cold. >> that's cold. we have a high surf advisory through today. we talked about rip currents or sneaker waves. bodega a bay is 52 degrees. half moon bay to monterey. we do have a quiet pattern here for us. sunday the wind will pick up, until then a warmer friday. probably about the same into saturday. 70s, 8 east, upper 8 east, maybe patchy fog. but so far the coast is clear. 78 in san francisco today. 8 above average. 94 in 1992. is your record high for the day, but it can get warm in the city, today will be a warmer day. series of systems continue to move in mainly nevada east, not so much here. but they can be wind producers an 40s and 50s on your temps. again there are a few 30s to the north, a lot of 40s and east, 48 american canyon, 57 martinez.
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lafayette 49. 45 san ramon. so cool readings and others on the mild side, north and northeast breeze does that coast. looks like the pattern will continue, saturday stronger system will move in. sunny and warmer, 70s, 80s, upper 80s to a few near 90 degrees. 6:31, moderate traffic, is there something on your screens? there is a little bit more traffic, steve. we don't have anything major right now, starting with the south bay at this time. interstate 280 down town san jose, let's go there and can you see the traffic is just a little bit busy, however, we don't see a lot of stop and go traffic here just yet. even when there is stop and go traffic on 280, this is usually the last end. with that said you can see it's more crowded than it was even the last half-hour as we look at the south bay, do you want to remind you there is an accident on the expressway on ramp to northbound 680. that one just called in a few minutes ago and traffic is slow
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there. this is a look at the commute on the south bay freeway as you can see. the traffic is going to be okay. that crash on 680 at capital expressway is not causing a big delay just yet. peninsula traffic looks okay. likewise traffic for san francisco. 880 across the bay is doing fine. bay bridge we have 15 minute wait. 6:32 let's go back to the desk. continuing our coverage of the las vegas mass shooting as authorities struggle to find a motive behind the attack, there is more focus on the gunman's girl friend. australian government announced it is helping the u.s. investigate marilou danly, she lived in australia for many years. u.s. investigators suspect the gunman, stephen paddock may have scouted other cities and plotted to attack a chicago music festival. as we told you earlier one the shooting victims in the vegas attack was a wife and
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mother from navado, leaving behind her husband vinnie, and their children who are 10 and 12 years old. friends will remember stacey for the way she lived her life, they describe her as being devoted, driven and passionate about her family. and say the important thing now is to help her children deal with losing their mother and help her husband become both dad and mom. >> we'll do the best we can to help him. it is going to take a long time for him and his life will change immensely. but if anybody can be the mom and the dad, all wrapped into one it is going to be him. >> the funeral has been ten testifily set for wednesday in san francisco. a gofundme page has been set up to help her children. in just two days donations are almost $250,000. a vigil is set to take place tonight in san francisco to demand action be taken to
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end violence. the bradycampaign to prevent gun violence is part of the a national day of action following a law against mass shooting. partnership with gun violence prevention coalition pushing for common sense gun laws, taking place at city hall scheduled to start at 6:00 this evening. a candlelight vigil will be held at san jose city hall as a tribute to michele vao, that vigil will include loved ones sharing memories an impact she has had on their lives. event will conclude with the lighting of candles around the city hall ro tundra representing unity, strength and resilience set to begin at 7:30. 6:34, happening today, a former hercules police officer convicted of a tempted murder is soon to be sentenced, found guilty of attempted murder, assault with a firearm, criminal threats and stalking
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his estranged wife. investigators say goodner fired several rounds into her bedroom but she was not hurt. he was with the hercules police department for 15 years. the criminal cases against three police officers accused of sexual misconduct with a former teen prostitute have been dropped. yesterday almeda county prosecutors through out the case against oakland police officer i didn't owe verda, last month a judge said there was in sufficient evidence to prosecute former oakland officer brine bunton. accused of sex acts with jasmine while she was under wage. she testified reluctantly against perez and buntin. >> i speak in the grand scheme of events it's enough that the office of conduct was exposed.
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and lost job or had their reputation severely tarnished. >> in a statement almeda county district attorney says that there are different interpretations of the law involving the crime and she will appeal. our time is 6:36, a woman died yesterday in san francisco after falling 300 feet off a cliff. it happened near lake merced after 5:00 a.m. sky fox through over that area. you county see the workers at the base of a steep cliff. another new law signed by governor brown said california landlords cannot threaten tenants that are not documented. it strengthens state law to protect immigrants from intimidation and retaliation in their homes. banned from threatening to report tenants to immigration
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agents. well the blue angels are set to take skies today as san francisco's fleet week continues. you may have seen or most likely heard the blue angels practicing over the bay yesterday, doing practice runs ahead of the air hoes today and again on both saturday and sunday. other teams that be performing will be the canadian snow birds a leap frogs. 6:37, the fleet week celebration this morning takes us out on the water, pam, for the parade of ships. >> yeah, ktvu lee martinez, boarding a canadian ship later this morning, lee. >> reporter: yes, that's right, we are boarding around 7:30, so the ship that we are going to be boarding is actually behind there, we can see the lights on it and it's huge. the full fleet of ships participating in fleet week they will be participating in
6:38 am
the parade as well. the ship we will be on is the canadian winnepeg in the royal can aid i can't be navy since 1994. the san francisco fire department's fire boat named st. francis will lead the parade and first to go under the golden gate bridge at 11:00. following the uss essex warship coming into the bay on sunday. you also see the uss champion. the us john dillard and the one that we will be on board the canadian royal navy hmcs  winnepeg. that is starting, you will be able to see the ships starting at 11:00. the best place to watch all this happen, this is going to be on the marina green. if you want to stick around for that, at noon is when the air show starts.
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it is a fun filled day. lots to see on the bay and up in the skies. >> as usual. insurance coverage for birth control at risk for millions of women. we are going to break down the new plan for the white house it may exempt employers from covering contraceptives. coming up next, youtube is altering its algorithm, what is being done to crack down on conspiracy theories. a new push, why getting prescriptions covered by insurance will be a little more challenging. good morning, we could see that the commute is getting just a little bit busier on some of the freeways as we get closer to the 7:00 hour, including here, on inter tate 880. and under clear skies, 30s, 40s and 50s on the temps a lot of sunshine around warm or above normal.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. taking a look at the numbers, disappointing jobs report came in, it's not surprising because jobs were certainly affected by the two major hurricanes to hit the u.s. live look at the dow off 21 points. the s&p 500 and nasdaq are slipping about the same percentage wise as well. following the las vegas mass shooting youtube is trying
6:43 am
to find a more secure and safe way of distributing information, changing algorithm for search results. searches after the massacre pulled up conspiracy theories and false information. some serve results included false stories about multiple shooters and gunshots coming from the fourth fourth of the mandalay hotel. youtube wants to promote authoritative news sources to the top of search results to counter the spread of fake news and conspiracy theories. time is 6:43, cigna the big insurance company is taking action to stop opioid abuse. cigna will no longer pay a coverage for oxycontin, the president trump said the opioid abuse crisis is a national emergency. cigna is imposing a financial penalty on customers using oxycontin alternative too much. this comes more than a year after the insurance company said it intended to cut opioid
6:44 am
use among its customers by 25% by the year 2019. a new audit could jeopardize governor brown's delta water tunnel's project. the state auditor says unqualified consultant was hired to build the tunnels. the study compares costs versus debit done incorrectly. the complexity of the project has resulted in major increases in the cost. first time in 15 years san francisco is revamping its recycling program, they are changing the bans in what you can put in them as part of a move to recycle them. blue recycle bins are getting bigger. the green compost examines will stay the same. black waste bins are getting smaller. starting now, items like coffee cups, juice boxes, milk cartons and ice cream container with
6:45 am
the layers and plastic coatings are recyclable. >> san francisco is on its way to get to zero waste. and we are going to get there sooner than 2020 if we keep going any pace. >> now clean plastic bags are now recyclable as well as long as they are all put into one plastic bag in the blue bin. workers are driving reconfigured trucks to i can't mom mow date more recycle bees and less waste. you can just check sfrecycles dot org. right now it's 6:45, check in with the news room. good morning. >> good morning, pam and dave. police on the peninsula are looking for a man seen in surveillance video answer target store. how they say this at the center of the screen victimized a woman and the help police are asking for this morning.
6:46 am
the deadline for dream he he weres has passed, 1,950,000 people he will to renew protected information they had to do that by yesterday. we now know tens of thousands of people missed the deadline and are now at risk for deportation. these stories and more when i see you pam and dave in a few minutes. time 6:46, sal is right over there as well, watching our commute so far so good, sal. we do see traffic it is getting busier. but on fridays we have just a little bit lighter commute especially early morning hours. about 280 is getting slow as get up to highway 17. it seems like it's a little earlier than it is, 6:46 a.m. and that means that we are going to start seeing slow traffic in the south by, can you see it on the map on 101 and 285 although it's not as deep as it normally is.
6:47 am
mostly red, you can see looks good on the peninsula, slowing in san mateo. 280 is a smooth shot from san francisco down into palo alto area and into the city. 101 it doesn't look too bad. northbound 101 approaching the 80 split, you can see it's okay, a little bit crowded near the ups building and if you are trying to get into san francisco from oakland will you be waiting for 20 minutes at the toll plaza. 6:47,. sal, your friday traffic jams is. >> tom petty songs. send them in. does that include the traveling -- >> have i toll you we are getting mostly tom petty and the heartbreakers. >> thank you, sir. it looks like a beautiful friday unless you don't like anything over 75. then we have a clear skies, the full moon, the harvest moon is wednesday. and still though very easy to see in the sky, and
6:48 am
temperatures 30s and 40s and 50s, and it does look like tgiff, i believe that's thank goodness it's fabulous friday. beautiful angels, beautiful start, looking for the marina green, looks nice. i would say nice, sunny and warm, starting off with the 50s. 55 downtown san francisco, 55 to 58 degrees. average is 70 in san francisco, today we are going 78. now that is officially can be different. but the record high 94 in 1992, we will be above average. sunny for all, 70s around the coast. the 0s as well. 8 east around the bay. upper 80s to 90 degrees. san mateo forecast cool 48, saturday at noon. 82 for a high today. looks good, fog yesterday. not a lot but a little bit of a thick fog. not much of a breeze yet unless
6:49 am
you are in the higher elevation. 40s and 50s on the temps. going up a couple degrees each day at the peninsula. look at lossal toes hills, 58 warmer degrees. pacific a 47. 49 san mateo. belmont 54. looks good. sunshine, temperatures above average. you can see a series of systems continuing to work nair way in but they are east of us. that will pick up a wind on sunday into monday giving us high fire danger not until later in the weekend. 70s, 8 east, and 90s -- 8 east and 90s on the temps. temperatures drop off quick. these will be above average, we'll take that into saturday. sunday will be a day that the wind picks up, monday as well, pam. thank you, steve. east bay commute will look different by this time monday
6:50 am
morning. we are going to show you what to expect if you travel along 680. and no more home games for bay area high school football team. the safety concerns for players. at stanford health care, we can now use a blood sample to detect lung cancer. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines.
6:51 am
if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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took him for all he was worth. >> don't hear that song very often. that is a good one. >> excellent song writer, really. this is you're so bad and felt, it's not a typo. our theme is tom petty song. any special tom petty song you want to hear, i will play your requests every friday morning. >> love it, sal. >> use the hashtag on ktvu twitter, facebook or instagram. time is 6:53, if you commute in the east bay there be a new option for you on interstate 680 on monday. between walnut creek and san ramon will become express lanes. >> toll lanes will operate from 5:00 a.m.
6:54 am
to 8:00 a.m. on weekdays, allow solo drivers in each direction but those driver also have to pay a toll that varies based on real time traffic conditions. >> everybody using a lane will need to have a fast track toll tag. and if you want to travel toll free, will you need a fast track flex tag. >> access to the lanes will remain free for carpools, buses, motorcycles and qualifying clean air vehicles. there are more plans for express lanes all over the bay area incoming years. a recent report about the worse roads in america, oakland and san francisco are at the top of the list. oakland is trying to fill hundreds of potholes. thanks to a voter approved bond measure. oakland has $25 million to spend on improving the infrastructure, 2700 potholes are been filled in the past three weeks. >> we are on track to hit an all time record in the city of
6:55 am
oakland of filling 20,000 potholes in the year 2017. >> almost half of oakland's 800 miles of streets need some repairs. and the faster the repairs are made the more money the city will save. oakland says his district has seen two lawsuits a month involving damaged cars and injuries that are blamed on bad road conditions. san francisco also spends millions of dollars every year on road repairs. well this morning at 10:00 there will an groundbreaking ceremony in oakland for a new housing development. it's called coliseum connections featuring 110 apartments. the rents on half of the apartments will be reduced to make them more affordable to middle has families. mayor libby safe and larry reid are among those expected at the groundbreaking. hepatitis outbreak has claimed 17 lives and experts
6:56 am
think it has not peaked. health officials believe it could take a year or more to stop the outbreak of the contagious illness. so far at least 568 people have been infected, mainly in santa cruz, los angeles and san diego. health officials believe homeless are spread tgiff. some communities have gun vaccinating homeless people. santa cruz county has distributed 1400 vaccine doses. san francisco providing free vaccines to homeless people. 6:56, government of puerto rico says the power won't be back on for everybody in the island until next march. that's after hurricane maria mocked out power to the whole eye dark are -- mocked out power to the whole island of puerto rico. puerto rico hopes to increase that to 25% within a month. in the meantime the police are
6:57 am
out helping to direct traffic at big intersections since the traffic lights are out and that has lead to many accidents. well back here at home, oakland police are accused of violating the city's sanctuary city policy while providing traffic control during immigration raid in august. oakland's privacy advisory committee held a public hearing about that raid last night. board members say oakland police provided false information about that. the raid on august 16th. where two men were taken into custody by federal immigration agents at the time oakland police said the men were being investigated for human trafficking. but the commission says no one at the house has been charged with human trafficking. >> all evidence in my position presently come to me supports opd participated in a raid on august 15 august 15th that lead only to a civil immigration arrest in violation of our sanctuary city policy. >> the commission voted unanimously to recommend that
6:58 am
the city council demand a detailed report of the raid from the oakland police chief. oakland police officer that meeting says officers were told to provide traffic control only and not take part in the raid. well high school football team in marin county is being forced to move its games an practices because of safety concerns. the games at terra linda high school have been relocated after the artificial turf field was deemed unsafe. that field will likely be unuse ability for the rest of the school year. which means other sports like soccer won be able to use that field either. the coaches say there have been injuries in the past month but it's not clear if the problem with the field caused them. >> turns out inspection and we failed to it, i don't know if they took off too much turf so we are not able to hit or do any contact on it, it's not safe for the kids. >> football team is playing on that field since their is under
6:59 am
construction. city school district will pay to replace that turf field. price is expected to be up to a million dollars. cal football aims to bounce back tomorrow, traveling to seattle to play the washington state huskies. washington is ranked number 6 in the country. golden bears are the heavy under dogs. cal defense looked good earlier in the season but things have changed after back to back lawsuits. tomorrow's game starts at 7:45 p.m. meantime the sanford cardinal hopes to make it three wins in a row in utah. bruce love coming off a historic game against a arizona state, he set a single game school record, 301 yards rushing. tomorrow's game starts at 7:15. spartans will try to break a four game losing streak. san jose state racked up 462
7:00 am
yards in offense, struggling to store touchdowns, tomorrow's game begins at 4:30 p.m. we are learning details this morning about that deadly attack in las vegas, more on the shooter's girlfriend, along with reports the gunman possibly scouted out other big events. goff goff making it official california now a sanctuary state what this means also reaction from law enforcement plus hundreds of thousands of clubbers will be packing goad in gate park this weekend for the big heartly strictly blue grass music festival, some of the security measures put in place in light of that deadly attack on a country music festival in las vegas this


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