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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 Weekend  FOX  October 8, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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this is mornings on 2 weekend. >> welcome to mornings on 2. it is sunday at 8 am. i am clotting wong. -- i am claudine wong . as you can see on the traffic map, the line in red shows you how this incident is affecting interstate 80. normally on sunday it would be a calm morning. let's take a look at our interstate eight 80 shut down. we are trying to get more information for you. it will be shut down for quite
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a while. we had initially heard that both directions of 880 but it looks like one direction. nothing is getting through. >> we will stay on top of the story and bring you more information as soon as it comes into the newsroom. meanwhile we are keeping an eye on nate. it is now a tropical storm.>> nate made landfall twice overnight. the fbi is continuing its investigation into the deadliest shooting in history. fleet week activities continue and crescendo today. 9 am the ships will open again for two hours -- tours. you can
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see the blue angels for the last time today. >> it was gorgeous yesterday. thank you rosemary can you give us a pretty forecast? >> i can do it again although it is going to get a bit breezy. the wind is expected to move into the bay area today. here is a look at the bay area. there is a little bit of haze. mostly clear skies in store today. here is a view at the temperatures. 54 in santa rosa. 49 in oakland. livermore 51. we have a westerly breeze. three miles per hour in napa.
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--. the wind is moving in and that will heighten our fire danger. that will be a red flag warning. for our north bay, east bay and south bay wind gusts could reach 55 miles per hour. it is fairly wide spread. for the east bay as soon as you get away from the east bay shore we have it for our hills as well. if there is a fire started, it could spread very rapidly. we also have winds that will bring up a wind advisory. it will start -- the strongest winds will start at around 7 pm. the guests could reach -- the gussets -- the wind gusts could reach 55 miles per hour.
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temperatures will continue to cool as we get into the business week. thank you rosemary. times 7:03 am. nate has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm. it has moved inland from mississippi to alabama. >> winds are at about 85 miles per hour. it first made landfall last night in southeastern louisiana. it then went back out to sea and came back ashore at 1:30 am near biloxi mississippi.>> the worst hurricane that has impacted mississippi since hurricane katrina. >> i have been in contact with the fema director. they assure me that they will give us every assistance possible. >> there are no reported deaths
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or injuries reported in the united states so far. there are flooding issues. power was knocked out for more than 100,000 people. coming up in about 10 minutes, we will talk to a reporter who is in new orleans. an investigation is underway for a early morning shooting. it happened just before 4 am. a man was shot in the back. he was taken to the hospital. the shooter remains at large. a two-year-old girl that was taken from her home in san francisco has been found safe. her father, who did not have custody of her, is now under arrest. he took two-year-old jalanie forston from her home. the
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mother was assaulted during the objection. a number -- an amber alert was activated. three people have been in -- three people have been arrested. this morning a california patrol is looking for a hit and run driver who laughs for people who -- who left for bicyclists injured. for cyclists were hit. one had to be airlifted to santa rosa hospital. the other three were left serious -- seriously hurt. the truck was a white man in his 20s or 30s with beer stubble and a crew cut. the truck did not have a license
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late. the passenger side mirror was damaged. >> this is a benefit for the bicycle coalition. it is this single most priority in our work is safety. >> despite the crash, they will be back on the road next weekend. it holds its bike oktoberfest. the fbi continues its investigation into the deadly shooting in modern history. the vice president was in las vegas yesterday to pay his respect to the 58 people died. he visited the memorial that has been set up for the shooting victims. he also honored the emergency personnel that rushed into help. >> we find hope in the heroic actions in the las vegas
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metropolitan police department, the fire department and all of the first responders who without regard to their personal safety rushed into harms way. >> the government is -- has taken all of the items left at the scene and is hoping to return them to the owners. rally in charlottesville. that is coming up. working together to solve healthcare problems, donald trump is working with democrats to resolve healthcare reform. nate makes landfall. i will tell you more in just a minute.
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ktvu fox 2 .
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>> here is a beautiful sight for sore eyes. temperatures will begin to cool off this afternoon just a bit. we have strong winds coming our way by the second half of the day. into the evening hours i will have what you can expect coming up. the max turning back to where nate made landfall just two hours ago. the powerful wind -- storm hit the shore. >> reporter: in new orleans things are pretty good. everyone keep -- keep saying the city dodged a bullet. that is the best way to look at it. around 90 p.m. the hurricane lifted was -- hurricane warning was lifted for this area. the mayor canceled a mandatory curfew that was expected to
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last until this morning. people were able to come back out. however, the eastern side of the storm was as strong as predicted. there are 100,000 people in mississippi and alabama without power this morning. >> i would imagine there was a lot of anxiety. they had not had a major hurricane since katrina in 2005 . what was it like? >> reporter: in new orleans people seemed to be maybe not necessarily thinking it was going to be as bad as officials were warning them. officials were warning to expect the worst and hope for the best. people were still out on bourbon street and owing to restaurants and bars. they were not listening to the advice of sheltering in place.
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however, in mississippi they have not had a hurricane since katrina. this was a big deal for them. what they are dealing with is a lot of flooding that came with a storm surge last night. again, a lot of people without power. the mood there is very different than what it was here in new orleans. people seem to pretty quickly think they were going to be okay despite all of the preparations. the storm was moving very quickly and it missed new orleans for the most part. we really only got about 40 minutes of rain yesterday evening. >> that is good news. when you are talking about mississippi and alabama and the flooding, you hear them asking for help. is there a plan to mobilize now that the storm has gone that way? will they start moving resources in that direction?>> reporter: all of the states had
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declared local states of emergency. in new orleans, we have seen the coast guard flyover in the last couple of hours. they are resuming bus services. even though it is sunny, they do still have warnings for people in boats and fairies. a lot of these different areas will be taking -- taken a look at by the governor. he had spoken to donald trump and donald trump assured them that if they needed federal aid they would be willing to step in. in this area, a lot of the effort went in -- into preparing for the worst to happening -- happen. luckily, they did not need to use it. >> that is good news. >> all my god when you think about harvey, irma, maria and nate.
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thank you so much for your life report. let's go to rosemary now. i feel so much for the gulf coast . it just seems like they cannot get a break. when one gets a break, the next area gets hit. >> everyone is getting it from texas to florida.>> the thing about the last system here is that it is moving quite fast. she said it only rained 30 to 40 minutes. harvey was moving like two miles per hour and maria was 10 miles per hour. it looks like nate has made a good path moving north and east about 23 miles per hour. that is good news when it comes to how much rainfall is going to it any particular area. wins right now are about 45 miles per hour. we will continue -- it will
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continue to deteriorate. first, you can see areas over alabama are get hit -- getting hit quite hard with thunderstorms. that will continue for the afternoon and into the coming days. this is what we are expecting nate to do by tomorrow. it is moving northeast and moving into areas like new york, new england and massachusetts. as we get into tuesday you can see the winds at 22 miles per hour and falling apart as it goes. that is some good news. here at home, we have high pressure in control of the weather pattern. the gradient pressure is kicking in the winds. it will bring heightened fire danger to the area. it will also bring a wind advisory to the area. for today, mostly sunny skies, do expect the winds to pick up.
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that will last all the way into monday. you could have wind gusts between 45 to 50 miles per hour. that will take downed power lines, not everyone will experience that but we definitely have a shift coming into our weather pattern. right now, outside the door it is mostly plenty -- sunny skies. some folks are starting out cool but by the afternoon it will be nice. for the east bay we have temperatures ranging from 79 in oakland and 80 seven -- 87 degrees in front would. by the water in santa cruz it is going to 79 for the afternoon. along the police in a, 76 in san francisco. the numbers very similar to yesterday. although again as we get into the evening hours it could turn
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quite breezy. if you are going to be doing hiking in the hills, expect the breeze later in the day. temperatures will not change a whole lot as we get into monday. upper 60s at the coast. 70s inland as well. our fall -like pattern will continue. the wind could cause us some trouble. we want to get back to the story we talked about at the top of the hour. it is happening right now in the city of oakland. look at that red section it is on the interstate 880, the red is marking traffic that is stopped. we are going to the live camera to show you that both directions of 880 were shut down. we do see traffic moving in one direction at this time. we have a limited view. the other direction is
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completely stopped. >> yes, forget about it. there is a southbound lane blocked. >> we are trying to get new information about what happened. it started at 6:14 am. the chp saying all lanes shut down for police activity. we contacted oakland police and they said it is a chp manner -- matter. they are advising at least a 30 minute delay. we are working to get more information and will bring that to you as soon as it is available. again, the backup is stretched out in just the last 10 minutes.>> the oakland raiders are home today so hopefully they get that cleaned up. some people are probably getting an early start to take -- tailgate. we will see how they get that cleaned up. in
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the meantime coming up next, thousands of potholes need to be repaired across the bay area. as mentioned, the raiders is derek carr going to suit up today? on the chance that he will -- what is the chance he will be playing against the raiders today.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage.
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public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california. how about some hockey on
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this sunday. the sharks are looking for win number one. last night, san jose got hammered by the kings. right here they were tied up at 1-1. carlson pops one in his own net by mistake right there. no fun, sharks lose 4-1. >> let's talk football. the big question for today for the oakland raiders, will derek carr play? he is listed as injured . that generally means that he has a 50-50 chance of playing. derek carr did practice both thursday and friday. the despite that -- despite
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suffering a back fracture a week ago. he is lobbying to play. >> i think sitting one out with be a good idea. >> kickoff is at 1:05 pm this afternoon. also keeping an eye on the niners. they are taking on the colts. eric reed hurt his knee in week two. the niners are looking for their first win of the season. >> say hello to frank gore today . let's take a look at college. the youths ranked 20th -- stanford 23, number 20 utah, 20.
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more love coming, in the fourth quarter love again no one is going to catch him. how about 68 yards? the guy is good and so is stanford. they hand utah its first loss. as for cal, no loving going on in washington. drowning goes up top finding brian, getting 7-0 early. as the huskies go up 17-zero, a record 93 yards in this play. gaston goes in for another score . cal falls 38-7. it is jampacked for nfl football today.
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we have the sports weekend starting at 8:30 am. after that it will be fox nfl sunday. at 10 we thought the game at 10 am. watch afterward for a breakdown on the team's performance. in the meantime, coming up at 7:26 am a change to hiv laws in california.>> dasha hurricane nate has hit -- made landfall and has brought a big surge to the gulf coast. we are tracking its movement. we will have more when we come back.
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this fox to weather report is brought to you by bank of the west. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 everyone. we are following a developing story on highway 880. there has been police activity
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going on for the past hour plus. we have and oakland raider game coming up this afternoon, it is causing a bit of an issue. you can see some of the traffic stuck right there.>> you can see southbound, the traffic is deck. we are getting reports of people driving the wrong way on on route -- on route -- on ramps. the oakland coliseum is already tweeting out to find alternate routes. we do not help -- know how long it is going to last. we have been on the phone trying to get more information from the please. we are told it is a chp matter. it is right on oracle. it is completely shut down in one direction. in the other
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direction it looks like they are letting some people through. >> the southbound lane on the right is weak. we will stay on top of it, as soon as we get more information we will pass it on. stay off 880, it that is a good idea. >> good morning it is 7:30 am. let's hit a could -- quit look at your weather let's go to rosemary. we are going to have temperatures very similar to where we were yesterday and the day before. patchy fog out there and a beautiful sunrise. we do have changes coming. it will be in the way of wind. the wind will increase fire danger, as a result the national fire service has issued a red flag warning. it starts a little later this morning and will last until tuesday morning. we are expecting 25 to 55 mile per hour gusts.
7:31 am
-- wind gusts. 20 percent humidity, this could be critical. if we do get fire it could's red rapidly. away from the coast to the entire north bay into the east bay right away from the shore. we have it on our hills and in the inland east bay. the santa cruz mountains are also included. temperatures outside, very similar to yesterday. areas like novato 55 degrees. 54 in santa rosa. 52 san francisco. another chilly start in half down -- half moon bay. going to san francisco for today, we are looking at beautiful weather with mostly clear skies for fleet week festivities. blue angels and airshows going on. we will top out around 75. 72
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four pacifica -- 72 four pacifica. 72 -- 72 more pacifica --. fleet week festivities conclude. last chance to catch the blue angels performing in the bay area this year. here is a look at the fleet week schedule. if you missed it last week, military ships are offering public tours. there are several ships including the uss essex . at 10 am, the blue angels will be
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roaring through the skies about 3 pm. donald trump is trying to new goat -- says trying to negotiation is a waste of time. prior administrations have tried to negotiate and have suffered. he tweeted again. it seemed to undermine tillerson's attempt to keep the line of negotiations open. donald trump is trying to make a deal with democrats on a new healthcare bill. repeal and replace is off the table. working with democrats will only be more difficult following donald trump's rule -- rollback of obama rules on contraceptives. this was last week. the new rule will have no impact on 99 point nine percent
7:34 am
of women. pins is expected to arrive in los angeles. he he is here to raise money and talk about tax reform. he will be here for three days. the event is expected to raise several million dollars for the gop. no longer a felony for people who have the hiv virus to donate lead or expose a partner. the governor has signed a bill changing those to a misdemeanor. it is a step towards treating hiv as other diseases. nearly one month after the
7:35 am
incident in charlottesville, white nationalists are at charlottesville again. this demonstration came just a few days after a statue of robert e lee could be removed. this lasted just 20 minutes and ended peacefully. saturday night live paid -- played tribute to the las vegas victims and tom petty last night. ♪ [ music ] >> that is country singer jason all dean to give a powerful opening to the saturday night live program last night.
7:36 am
he was on stage when the shooting started in las vegas. >> like everyone i am struggling to understand what happened that night and how to pick up the pieces and start to heal. there are children's, parents, brothers, sisters and friends that are all part of our family. as you heard off the top, he was singing tom petty's hit don't back down. petty died at the age of 66. the 1988 song has taken on new weight with his passing and the tragedy. >> that shooting happened a week ago today. we want to pause and take a moment and remember.
7:37 am
>> [ video playing ] >> everyone said hit the floor. everyone was laying on top of each other trying to get out of the way. the shots just kept coming.>> we went back, i am a nurse and i felt like i had to. >> i saw people in front of me get hit with bullets. >> we need to try -- we need your truck and need to get people to the hospital.>> there were people holding the back of their heads, i looked at the ambulance and said i don't need to be here. you need to take care of these people. >> we are angry, we are grieving and confused. people are hurting.
7:38 am
>> he wrapped his arms around me from behind and we started running. that is when i felt him get shot in the back. >> we heard that he shielded her from the bullets, that is the type of person he was.>> people say that sometimes your greatest fear is dying alone, i did not let him die alone. >> my wife was a great person. i was with her for over 30 years. i cannot believe she is gone. i am lost right now. >> she was a vivacious, tough as nails person. someone that never give up. we are going to miss her.>> she was very kind. a very kind
7:39 am
person. >> she was an amazing woman, she was an amazing mom. ♪ [ music ]
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sky fox only on fox 2. >> welcome back, you are taking a look at interstate 880. chp is saying it will be opened in approximately 45 minutes. >> it has been a bit of a mess and a bit of a mystery. there has not been a lot of information just police
7:44 am
activity. you can see the 880 has been caked with cars. of course, there is an oakland raider football game that kicks off a little after 1 pm. gates will open before 10 am this morning. there are a lot of people on the freeway heading that way.>> normally on a sunday, you would not see this. the closure is on high street and fifth street, kind of in that area. in terms of the freeway, it is shut down. it is a parking lot. it is not moving anywhere. again, this chp is now saying 8:30 am. they still have work to be done out there. this picture looks like cars are trickling through one lane at a time.
7:45 am
they do have that waterfront access over there, looks like it was taken from a side road. it is pulling out a little bit as you can see. you can see some vehicles trying to divert traffic. it just keeps growing, and growing, and growing. >> this is from the west looking at interstate 880. we will keep you abreast of the situation. as soon as we get information. right now, eight 80 -- 880 is a nightmare. oakland and san francisco are at the top of the list for the worst roads. there are more than 1000+
7:46 am
potholes. the mayor agrees that we have a long way to go. >> the potholes are a nasty byproduct of the winter that was. >> i know streets in mexico that are better than here. you need a four-wheel-drive. if they fix it we are going to have a block party. >> with two miles of city streets repaved, this most recent pothole blitz covered up over 2700 potholes. >> we are on track to hit an all-time record in the city of oakland to fill 20,000 potholes in the year 2017. nearly 800 miles of streets need attention. the quicker they are repaired, the quick your -- the more money city saves.
7:47 am
>> i would rather take the money and invest it to fix the road or fix the sidewalk as opposed to just being sued every time i show up. >> some of the potholes are measured in feet. as for the mayor, she says this whole pothole blitz thing is rather personal. >> reporter: did your car see a pothole a time or two? >> you should see my street. somehow, it missed the pothole blitz. >> i was worried it might take time to find potholes as he went out to this -- to do this story. it didn't take long. every other block. >> some of them you can lose your car in.>> that is because of the crazy winter.
7:48 am
hopefully it will not come back. >> i don't know. we are not putting orders in now but that was a lot of rain. >> buckets of rain. remember we were in a drought. it would be kind of nice to see a rainy season again. maybe not as much rain. we are not going to be picky. i guarantee i will get a -- an email saying how dare you say that. we have a red flag warning that lasts until tuesday. we will see the pattern repeated itself until we do get decent rain. here is a clue -- a view across the bay. look at that haze. the wind will improve that. very gusty conditions starting tonight and lasting into tuesday. we are starting out at 54 degrees. 53 in san francisco.
7:49 am
49 in oakland. 51 in livermore. we have a light breeze coming from the north in santa rosa. coming in from the east in oakland. if you notice the arrows, the flow is coming in from the north and will be north east. it is expected to pick up. high pressure will kick up the winds. as we talked about at the top of the hour, we are looking at a red flag warning for the north bay, east bay and the mountains. it will also include a wind advisory. the winds will last into tomorrow morning. wind gusts could be 40 to 55 miles per hour. the this could take down power
7:50 am
lines. power lines down could equal a fire. just something to be aware of. we have -- wonderful temperatures outside. 47 in napa. 55 in san jose. giving you a look at the afternoon for the raiders game, mid-70s at kickoff. upper 70s later in the day. your afternoon highs for today, 77 for sausalito. upper 70s in berkeley. he -- 81 along the water. 79 in santa cruz. 76 in san francisco.
7:51 am
a lot going on around the bay. we have festivals going on. here is a look at your extended forecast. we have temperatures very similar for monday. temperatures will cool off on tuesday, more so into wednesday and thursday. >> it looks like a good weekend. applebee's has a new promotion and they are getting more gas into the restaurant. >> all month long, the chain is serving one dollar margaritas. it appears retirees are looking to spend their golden years on the high seas. >> more seniors are planning a month long cruises instead of using assisted living facilities. why not? both offer meals and access to
7:52 am
doctors. the nightly cost of a cruise averages about $100 per night or 3000 per month. health experts warned that cruise ships offer limited medical treatment. >> that would be fun. coming up, a dog that delayed trains last month is now up for adoption. guess what his name is? that's right it is bart.
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7:55 am
's welcome back, the san jose rock 'n roll festival is -- rock 'n roll marathon is getting ready to start. more than 15,000 people expected to run over the weekend. there is a lot of rock 'n roll music. hopefully you have trained and it is not the first time going on a run. there are a lot of road closures in san jose. the half marathon and 10k start at 8 am. just about five minutes away. the folks up in front, the those are the serious ones.>>
7:56 am
he is an amazing runner. we will keep an eye on that. we have a crew down there. >> if you are in the city, we have fleet week and the italian heritage parade near fisherman's wharf. the parade will feature italian and italian american dignitaries, floats and businesses. the parade starts at 12:30 pm. a wayward dog that made headlines last month is now up for adoption. >> he is a brown hit bull
7:57 am
terrier that ran onto the tracks. that morning, there were a lot of delays. this dog were -- was all over the tracks. oakland animal services hope the dog -- the dogs owner would come forward. it has been two weeks so they are putting him up for adoption. he has been named bart. he enjoys lapse and belly rubs. there are lots of dogs that need homes. we will put the information on our website at . we are still tracking hurricane nate . it is now just a tropical storm. >> it can to -- it continues to move over and inland. we will keep an eye on
7:58 am
highway 880. it has been a bit of a mystery and a bit of a nightmare. we will keep you updated when we come back. stay right the ah, dinner. throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi.
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this is mornings on 2 weekend. >> and they are off. just a few seconds ago. this is the rock 'n roll half marathon in san jose.>> how often does a marathon start right on time?>> not very often. they are off and going for the 25th annual. >> folks are working hard.>> here is the next group. >> i ran a


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