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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 9, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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to give you an idea, there are different areas throughout the napa valley. you can see the orange glow behind us. you can see all of the smoke there is a little bit of black smoke as well. just behind those trees over there. this is between napa valley country club and highway 121 so just before the lake. people in this area were called to evacuate at 3:00 this morning. we watched fire crews battle a structure fire. we do not know if it was a home or what exactly it was. there is this historic building that is in danger but we have been talking to neighbors who have been packing things up and we have talked to one gentleman who was with us from napa.
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where is your family home at? >> from the fire just around zero but maybe one mile from here. >> what did you see? i was sleeping my brother woke me up at 10:34 so i walked outside and we had a fire about 12 years ago but it was brighter and hotter than this. i just went and packed up my stuff. outside, it looks like you were at a concert with a red ambience light just huge orange lighting. >> so you were hiking toward the fire? first of all why and what did you see? >> i like to take photos and videos so i thought it would be nice to get this perspective. so i hiked up about two miles
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and the fire was raging along the northridge so i took photos and videos but the wind was blowing down the ridge and all of a sudden the wind changed.>> so we heard the wind was blowing really hard. >> yesterday earlier in the day we were talking about this was probably the windiest day. >> reporter: how bad was the fire across the ridge line? >> it was all the way from the base of the houses two miles to the top of the peak. >> so you know neighbors have lost their homes? >> yes, when i got to the top of the trail i saw the first home being burned and i had just been there with a friend. me and my friend had to get out of there. so i hiked on the opposite side more south of the risk trying to take videos.
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>> so you don't know the condition your home is in? >> when i left it was raining hot embers in our yard and the house up the street from hours is on fire.>> reporter: what street are you one? >> it is pinnacle peak off of the westgate. from what i saw all of the homes at the top of the highlands are gone. all of the homes at westgate and pinnacle are gone and the fire transferred to burning tree. it is now across monticello all the way across the whole ridge. i saw tractors going up wild horse. >> how are you doing in spite of all of this? >> my family got out. from the time my brother want us we got clothing and basic personal belongings. my brother and i went back
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because he stayed at the house when i went for the hike and when i came back the last 10 minutes i was running past embers and fire. when i got to the house my brother was ready and we left. so i literally ran away from the fire and went to the house. you can see it down the hill across the ridge. i was 1 1/2 miles up the hill and i can run a mile in six minutes and i was running downhill and this was out running me. very scary. >> reporter: well, i am glad you are okay. not sure if his home is okay but he saw lot of his neighbors homes go up in flames as of this fire. a lot of people in this area in a state of anxiety. not certain what happened to the property.
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we have seen people stopping at this intersection just to kind of look at this ominous orange glow and the fire behind us. >> allie rasmus that is a good graphic description of him saying that he saw houses being burned. thank you for the update.>> we are on top of breaking news from the north bay at least six serious wildfires are burning. strong wind is pushing the flames through very dry grass across napa and sonoma county. >> one of the fire started before 10:00 at atlas peak. cal fire says they have no containment of that fire. each of the fires may have burned 1000 acres or more. very strong wind with low humidity making this a dangerous situation. during the night cal fire says they are focusing on saving lives not fighting fires. >> at this point our priority
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is to get people out. we are forcing evacuations. they are coordinating efforts with chp to use helicopters to evacuate people from their property on the hillsides and get them to the evacuation shelters.>> september and october are peak fire seasons. the national weather service issued a red flag fire warning that runs until tomorrow. fire crews are very busy with dozens of fires burning across the state. the strike team is being sent from fire to fire. >> there are several evacuation centers set up in napa. there is one across from walk church which has been filled but there are other centers. >> there is a center at the fairgrounds at north oak street. another center has been opened at the nappy valley college jim.
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there are some in sonoma county including the community center and the high school gym. you will find a relief shelter at the cloverdale citrus fairgrounds and sonoma county high school. >> we were watching live the journey's end mobile home park in santa rosa destroyed by this fire. this is close to kaiser permanente hospital. we found out this morning the tubbs fire has grown to 20,000 acres. leigh martinez has moved to now. you have moved away from one of the evacuation centers.>> yes, we are off of dry creek road and linda vista avenue. over the horizon is i don't
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know if you can see the orange flames on the hillside. counted five spots where you can buy from the ridge. very smoky and there are a couple of hot lots of the fire looks to be exploding on one portion of the ridge. crossing over highway 29 headed toward the lake that is what you are looking at this bridge is on fire and several different slots at least four spots the smoke is very heavy, it is very windy to recap where we were, we were at the community church and there is evacuation there but it felt up a chaplain there were 350 people by 5:00 in the morning they opened at 11:00 several people were forced evacuees and others were just concerned with the
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fire being so close to their homes so they felt more comfortable packing up their belongings and going to the evacuation center to wait and see what was going on and to get the news from there. there will be another evacuation center at napa valley community college. also, the napa county fairgrounds is also an evacuation center. people wanted to grab important documents photographs and hard drives. they know that their kid do not have one of the men worked at the wineries he said he does not have work as to if he has to report to work. the last that he heard the winery lost our -- power. so they are waiting until sunrise and then it will have the information if they can go back to their homes or if they
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need to make other plans with local family. there are also people visiting from michigan and they asked is the vacation over? i don't know what to tell you. they wanted to check out the wineries and now they are at the evacuation center. >> so, the air quality we were talking earlier it is hard to breathe? >> reporter: it is still very strong. it is not as heavy as it was before because we experienced a lot of wind. it is very windy. is a little cool this morning i don't know if that is helping. we have placed more phone calls into cal fire to find out the latest conditions are. we spoke with cal fire in sacramento but they are reporting to the nasa team. it is kind of spotty in certain areas with cell phone reception.
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i'm not sure if my calls are getting through. >> you mentioned some people brought their pets to shelters what about those with large animals?>> reporter: the last that i heard about large livestock, people are taking them to the fairgrounds. there was large animals at the community church. several people decided to stay in their cars in the parking lot because there were so many people. they felt they needed more privacy. some people were just walking around because they had nothing else to do, they had no word if they should report to work and very early in the morning plus with the cell phone service being spotty a lot of people don't have power. there kind of waiting it out.>> we just lost her.
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leigh martinez we will get back to you. tens of thousands of people in the north bay had to evacuate as crews are scrambling to control several fires. this is in napa mendocino and lake county. there is a fire on canyon road in mendocino. this one is the redwood valley fire with the redwood complex fire. in clearlake though sulfur fire as triggered evacuations near clearlake oaks. there is a fire on puerto rico road near calistoga. the tubbs fire has burned more than 20,000 acres further south there is also a fire near cirrus point. in napa county there is the atlas fire near atlas peak road and silverado. >> overnight 50 miles south of these fires we woke up three
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times to hear the whipping wind with free. we have seen the wind calm down a little bit. >> just a little bit. the wind has improved a little bit but it looks like the santa rosa fire is headed southeast toward rohnert park. thank you for your information everybody. christin says rohnert park two areas are being evacuated. let's hope that things calm down a little bit because of the fire. maybe it has lost a little bit because the wind is tailing off. philip price says i wish that was the sun that it is all the smoke and fire. i don't care where you are if you smell smoke close up the house because this is really thick. people are smelling smoke everywhere into san jose and santa clara as well.
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it looks like the wind has turned a little bit for some. i know that the sulfur fire in the clearlake oaks area is a major fire as well in mendocino county and potter valley. it looks like northeast at lake county they have winds at 30 miles per hour. the east is there but humidity is extremely low. lakeport at 37% containment. cloverdale you have the east wind at 30% containment. napa county at 25% containment. almost 70 degrees with the northwest wind. american can turning southeast 53% humidity so it is amazingly dry. with that fairfield gusting up to 30. santa rosa has come down. petaluma southwest wind and there is a little bit of a
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variable with the wind direction in santa rosa. it is not all north or northeast. 50s and 60s for your temperatures. i think some of these sites have been lost the red flag warning until tomorrow morning at 5:00. the wind will be tailing off until 11:00 and i think it will verify because after the noon hour it should calm down. things should improve at the surface eventually, smoking and windy conditions from this system that went to the internet you can see this in nevada and salt lake city. the good news is we have another system coming and it will be much cooler arriving wednesday or thursday. 60s and 50s for most people. lakeport at 48 so we have a few signs of a westerly breeze for some but it is mostly north.
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napa airport 20 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago because of the northwind. east at sfo that is not very common. it is howling out to the delta. davis 25, vacaville gusting up to 44. fairfield there is no fog just smoke and haze. this system already this is the one that caused the wind today it is all about sunshine and smoky hazy conditions, breezy and windy at times but decreasing breeze throughout the day. tomorrow not as bad and then cooling begins wednesday. i have some news about highway 37. they are thinking about reopening. highway 37 is being reopened now eastbound only. westbound is closed but eastbound is going to be reopened headed
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away from vallejo. we have some other slow traffic in the area. highway 101 in the north part of santa rosa is closed between river road and shiloh. a lot of slow traffic on the 101 from santa rosa all the way into novato because of the normal commute plus a lot of people are leaving the area and emergency vehicles. this is a good area to avoid as we move toward napa county we have a lot of closures at highway 121 and highway 12 as well. a lot of these freeways and highways are close so please take off the roads. help chp get those emergency vehicles in and out of the area by staying off the roads unless it is not necessary. we have been looking at the region might affect people not being able to use 37 they have been on 80 and it has been busy
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from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze and a lot of people are using the richmond bridge. highway 24 is slow through lafayette over to where the tunnel and at the bay bridge it is looking better as the smoke is not as thick as it was earlier. so far the south bay commute is relatively quiet. we will check more on that coming to. let's get back to the desk. firefighters are helping crews across the bay area. last night san rafael and other county fire crews announced they will send crews. alameda and contra costa announced today they are sending crews. many more crews are expected to follow. a quick piece of information in rohnert park, there are mandatory evacuations in parts of rohnert park. that is just a heads up to you
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there. our coverage of the wildfires will continue throughout "mornings on 2", we will have more live coverage coming up. the sun is up and we are getting a better look at what the fire has left behind. we will have evacuation updates and where you need to go.
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welcome back to "mornings on 2", cal fire and local fire departments are battling several fires in napa and sonoma county. there are mandatory evacuations
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for several areas including the silverado country club area. evacuation centers are set up in napa, sonoma and lake counties jake. -- with schools across the area closed today. fire crews from all over the bay area are coming to help battle the flames. we have been told there have been injuries related to the fires but we do not have details to pass along it. >> we have been bringing in live reports from alex savidge in sonoma county at the journey's end mobile home park which is on fire. people have been evacuated from the park and we spoke live minutes ago with a cal fire firefighter who called the fire explosive growth overnight. it started at 200 acres last night and the latest estimate was 20,000 acres and growing with zero containment on the
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fire burning in sonoma county. the cal fire firefighter says we are still saving lives so at this point it is people over property and it will always be that way. certainly it is urgent potentially deadly situation in the north bay with a number of large fires but it is always going to be people over property. all hands are on deck so if you have not received a phone call or a knock on your door to evacuate but you think you might have to, if you feel in danger than get out. it is not the time to wait for someone to tell you to leave. it is better to be early rather than late. again, these are live pictures of the mobile home park. it is too early to tell you how many structures have burned but we do know that some people have been injured in the fire in sonoma county.
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let's talk about the school closures. a number of north bay school districts have enclosed. napa valley, santa rosa, petaluma and i'm guessing there will be more district officials making that decision. if you have to leave us on the air you can take this with you in the form of the ktvu mobile app and all of our reporters are tweeting out information as we get it. ultimately we are trying to keep you safe. >> we want to go back to alex savidge in santa rosa. you have been busy and these pictures behind you so give us an update. >> good morning, it is not good news at the orchards community. this is a community on piner road and marlowe. i have one of the neighbors giving an update on where we are. this is the scene in santa
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rosa. unbelievable devastation. you can see this in the orchards neighborhood. there are many many homes on fire. i was speaking with one of the neighbors how many homes? >> probably 60 homes. >> reporter: do you know your home? >> we are okay. we got a break. but the wind can shift. currently we are in good shape but it is a disaster. i have never seen anything like this.>> reporter: take me through overnight and this morning. >> my neighbor called me at 2:15 and said there is a big fire going on. so i came out and they were coming across with the wind blowing in your -- the area. i left and took my wife down 2
7:26 am
1/2 miles and i dropped her off and walked back. so this is it.>> reporter: unbelievable. do you think that everybody got out safely?>> i would hope so but there are elderly people here. so i went knocking on the doors but you can only hope. it came on quick. >> reporter: how fast did the whole block go up? >> the first house went up at about 2:30. and then we left and when i came back in a few hours all of this was totaled. they are burnt right to the ground.>> reporter: we hope that everybody had enough warning. >> there are about half a dozen fire trucks and they have done their job saving me and all of
7:27 am
those on that side. but the wind switched on the side. >> we will guess this is the result of one of those spot fires. how far would you say we are from highway 101? we are west of highway 101 and you can see over here this is a separate fire. this is one community called the orchards. according to neighbors there are dozens of homes that have been destroyed. looking east over this back wall there is another neighborhood that is on fire right now. those are the railroad tracks. so you can imagine, we are pretty far from highway 101. we are pretty far west about two miles or so so you can
7:28 am
imagine the fire came in and you had the incredibly strong wind and it took the big members and drop them into the neighborhoods like this one where we have the huge fires. we have fire crews here but you can imagine there is not a lot that they can do to try to save homes like this. they're going to stand by and protect these homes. >> the man there said he was going door to door as a neighborhood leader so perhaps he was able to save some lives today.>> reporter: yes, that sounds just about right. in these situations the sheriffs office and police department and fire officials, they will try to get there to knock on the doors and issue the orders and get people out but the best thing is to have your neighbors who can see what is going around coming to knock on your doors and that is what
7:29 am
we had in this community. we are trying to get more information from the firefighters about exactly how many homes may have been lost in this community and we will try to get more information on if everyone in the community called the orchards, if everyone made it out. >> we are watching these live pictures. we can see the firefighters springwater. do you have any idea how many waters were on this side of the street? we can see this home destroyed, do you know if there were several homes?>> reporter: from what it sounds like there are a number of homes on this block and we can give you perspective. we are going to walk this way and give you perspective. this home is okay. this was the home this was
7:30 am
fred's home. look around the corner however you can see one of the fire trucks and one of the engines trying to get water on this but all of these homes are a total loss. do you guys know how many homes are burning? >> no, no idea. >> reporter: is everyone okay? thank you. just trying to get a little information from the firefighters but you can imagine they are in the midst of this. they don't really have time to tally up everything. good morning to you, sir. are you okay? >> yes. >> reporter: so what happened? >> i woke up and they said get out.
7:31 am
and so i got out and came back. and everything was gone. everything. >> reporter: you made it out does anyone else live with you? and they are okay?>> they are okay. >> reporter: are your neighbors okay? >> i helped a few of them get out but i don't know about everybody else. >> you are just feeling grateful you got out? as the fire came so quickly? >> yes, it just happens fast.
7:32 am
>> reporter: i'm very glad you are okay. what is your name please?>> gerald. >> reporter: gerald, thank you very much. what street is this that you live on? thank you, gerald. i appreciate it. i am sorry for your loss. there you have it, that is one of the neighbors. it is just heartbreaking to walk down the street. that is gerald who walked up to me and what do you say, one of these was his home and he is now wandering around the streets trying to make sense of it. >> the pictures for us back here are astounding. it looks like a war zone. >> yes, and now you can get the sense as we come around the corner. dozens of homes leveled by this
7:33 am
fire as it swept through and this is a massive fire that started east of santa rosa and was driven by the extremely strong wind. to me, from what i can gather was going to be one of those spot fires. one of the embers that gets picked up by the wind. we have seen it time and time again. the embers drop into the neighborhood and it does not take a lot before you have your entire neighborhood on fire.>> you have been showing us the smoke. i mean, the sun is up but it looks like nighttime. >> reporter: to be honest you could have fooled me. i have a pretty good sense of these things and i kept feeling like the sun should have been coming up sometime soon and we still have not seen it yet in
7:34 am
santa rosa because the sky is thick with smoke. >> alex savidge, thank you for keeping us there and we will keep checking back with you in sonoma county. at the same time we are getting word that classes have been suspended at sonoma state. there is no mandatory evacuation but no classes today. as we look at the map tens of thousands had to evacuate as the fire crews are battling several fires fueled by the wind burning in napa, sonoma, lake and mendocino county. this map shows there is a fire on canyon road in mendocino county they are calling this the redwood valley fire or the redwood complex fire. in clearlake the sulfur fire triggered evacuations in the area of clearlake oaks. in santa rosa so much. the fire on porter creek road
7:35 am
and between santa rosa and calistoga. the tubbs fire has burned 20,000 acres. to the south there is a fire near sears point and in napa county there is the atlas fire near atlas peak road. >> i mentioned evacuations in rohnert park and i would like to get some more information on that. first evacuation centers are in napa county at crosswalk church. that center is full, there is another at the napa county fairgrounds on north oak street in the calistoga. the third center has been opened at the napa valley college gym. in sonoma county there are evacuation centers including the community center and veterans memorial. there is a relief shelter at the cloverdale citrus fair and another at sonoma valley high school. i mentioned rohnert park.
7:36 am
mandatory evacuations are in effect for rohnert park the area of golf course and snyder that is area g. also, snyder and holly so there are a mandatory evacuations around golf course and snyder as well as snyder and holly. voluntary evacuation requests for other parts of rohnert park but the headline of the fire is if you feel unsafe get out now. better to move too quickly. >> once again, sonoma state your classes have been suspended today. there are no mandatory evacuations yet but we will keep you posted. we are also keeping you posted on your traffic and your commute. people are driving for their commute and this is mixed in with the fire closures. highway 37 eastbound they have reopened eastbound only,
7:37 am
westbound is closed. eastbound you cannot get to vallejo and westbound is closed. we have large sections of highway 12 and 121 closed. we have a lot of slow traffic between santa rosa into novato. also part of highway 101 there is a hard closure in santa rosa from steele lane to mark west springs in both directions. a lot of fire activity on the west side of the freeway and to the east as well. this is a good area to avoid. authorities have asked you to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary. there is going to be a lot of traffic on some of the roads that are opened as people are trying to move around. this is 80 westbound between carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. people are taking to interstate 80 using the richmond bridge
7:38 am
with some come into the bay bridge. highway 24 through lafayette is slow which is looking like a normal commute at the bay bridge. in the south bay we are looking pretty good on the freeways. we have been checking in and nothing major on the south they freeways. 7:38 this smoke is getting bad. >> we have reports down into the summit at highway 17 with ash flying. close up the house. also, in the oakland hills we have strong wind causing some tree limbs to come down. people might be coming down from the oak area might encounter that. >> i thought that was fog but there is no fog. >> there is zero fog it is all smoke. smoke is even making it to the mendocino coast. also probably from clearlake
7:39 am
oaks. orange and gray haze in martinez with the smell of smoke heavy. keep those windows closed. i am getting reports in daly city down into santa clara and in the santa cruz mountains. probably a good idea to close the windows and this is the sunrise showing a lot of smoke in sausalito. that is all making its way to san francisco. there is a hint of the wind turning a little bit, but this is classic october set up with hot temperatures and low humidity with the northeast wind. have a slight westerly component there turning in all kinds of directions. so the wind is there for much of sonoma. napa county is coming down a little bit but the humidity is in the teens. american canyon
7:40 am
had north winds at 70 degrees and now it has turned west southwest with the humidity going up a little bit so that is a little bit different compared to a couple of hours ago. santa rosa at the airport in north, napa airport is north, but novato and petaluma are southwest. concord is east and out to the valley it has been coming down a little bit. there were gusts of 68 miles per hour in petaluma but rohnert park at 68 degrees with the wind northeast compared to the westerly component at bodega bay. there is a little hint of maybe an onshore breeze but the red flag warning continues until tomorrow morning. the breeze continues to come down in the higher elevations you will have good gusting but
7:41 am
by 11:00 a lot of these should be decreasing. it will be breezy but not as windy as it was. it is all smoke and haze with a zero fog so it is all smoke and haze coming from this system. if these and 60s for your temperatures. half-moon bay 66, 50s for some and 60s for other. people from concord to pittsburgh have been sending me pictures of the sky looking to the north. a little bit of the east breeze at sfo. vacaville gusting up to 44 miles per hour. it will be sunny today and this is the warmest day of the week by far with a system coming from the pacific northwest bringing cooler conditions and higher humidity but today it is all about the 80s for some. sunny and breezy tomorrow but
7:42 am
not as windy as today and then the cooling begins wednesday and then things cool off at the end of the week. napa county sheriff's officials have mandatory evacuation orders for a number of areas because of the fire. people on old sonoma road and cowansville and wildfire -- wildhorse valley road have been ordered to evacuate. also people in the montecito neighborhood being evacuated. as far as evacuation shelters there is a shelter at the napa valley college gym at -- and people seeking shelter were being told to go to the crosswalk community church but the shelter is now full and can no longer take any more people. the animal shelter at 942 court is helping house smaller animals
7:43 am
. i was just looking at the cal fire website and there is a long list of fires on the cal fire map there are a number of points showing fires in the bay area. we do know that the tubbs fire in napa county according to cal fire which updated us 10 minutes ago is now 20,000 acres. the atlas fire in napa county which started around atlas peak road that is standing at 5000 acres. north in mendocino county the redwood fire is at 4500. those are the largest fires and it is not just cal fire. local fire departments are sending their crews to the area. this is some of the damage left behind from these wind whipped flames from overnight. we are 50 miles south of the fires and we woke up a number
7:44 am
of times hearing the wind howling to the neighborhood. i had to drive very carefully because the roads were covered with tree limbs. so when you multiply that for those in the middle of the firefight it is a very desperate situation. we have heard from a number of people who took it upon themselves to go door to door to help their neighbors get to safety. now they are either at evacuation centers or standing around the neighborhood trying to find out what is left of their home. we can see from these pictures there are a couple of firefighters in this area. it is almost 8:00. the sun has been up for 30 minutes and looking at pictures in oakland there is sunshine and haze as the smoke is traveling across the bay area with people waking up and wondering if their neighborhood is on fire.
7:45 am
again, these are live pictures. it is daylight but it looks to be late in the evening because of the smoke and haze. you can see the sun glowing orange. >> i have heard from so many people that are having problems breathing. even if you are not in napa and sonoma, people are having breathing problems. there were a lot of people affected by these fires in napa and sonoma county. >> we can see firefighters at work putting water on the flames. really this is just the outline of what used to be there. the outlines of homes and vehicles. earlier we heard from cal fire and they said they know there have been people injured during
7:46 am
the evacuation of the mobile home park that alex savidge was reporting from. it is the journey's end mobile home park. at that point the firefighter said there was explosive growth overnight. so again, firefighters are doing their best to tell people when they need to evacuate but we are saying this again, if you feel the time may be right or the time is coming soon to get out act sooner not later because just minutes can make all the difference for your health and safety. >> will continue to cover for you right here on "mornings on 2". breaking news coverage of the fires in sonoma and napa counties will continue. you can smell the smoke no matter where you are in the bay area.
7:47 am
we will have an update on your evacuations and the firefight when we return. the fire has affected your travel in the bay area. a lot of roads have been closed and people are using other roads which is putting traffic in some unusual places. we will tell you more coming up. it looks like the breeze might be tailing off but we have the wind advisory until 11:00 and the high fire danger until tomorrow morning. close the windows folks it is one of those days. this is the new comfort food.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome back to "mornings on 2". we are bringing you an update
7:50 am
of the wildfires here at 7:49. in napa county, 20,000 acres have burned. the containment is very little and just a very serious situation. this is on highway 128 and bennett lane in calistoga. this is the tubbs fire. the patrick fire in napa county off of patrick road west of napa at least 100 acres have burned and very little containment. >> let's move to the atlas fire with updated information this one was atlas peak road. the newest numbers we have is 5000 acres have burned in napa county. also we have another fire in sonoma county near highway 12 north of glen ellen and it is at 300 acres. i mentioned it was on cal
7:51 am
fire's website. the list of fires picks up over one page. we are bringing you information on the largest fires impacting the most people. so many people reaching out sharing information they have about evacuations and road closures. we appreciate this reporting.>> let's go to pam cook in the studio and you are getting updates. >> i just got off the phone with the sergeant from the sonoma county sheriff's office. i wanted to get an update on the rohnert park area because that was the last report of the fire moving in that direction and the fire is currently running along the ridge of sonoma mountain. they are evacuating people in rohnert park. the evacuations are mostly focused along crane canyon road , roberts road and lynch road.
7:52 am
the fires moving southeast of crane county toward penn growth in that area. i know that we gave you the update recently about sonoma state university. cancels their classes until noon and possibly longer. he did tell me the fire is further to the east of banned sonoma state university. it is southeast of rohnert park expressway, but the traffic in sonoma county is gridlocked. if you don't have to go to that area in terms of an emergency, do not drive in and around sonoma county and he has not spoken directly with the marin county but i will say it is best to stay away from that area as well because he confirmed there would be a number of emergency vehicles traveling through marin county to get to sonoma county.
7:53 am
the 101 has not been affected other than north of santa rosa. the 101 further to the south has not been affected but it is gridlocked and the other thing he mentioned was very long lines at the gas stations. so a reminder to all of us, keep your gas tank full because you never know when there could be an emergency. this is what they are currently dealing with now but again it is burning along the ridge of sonoma mountain and people are being evacuated from rohnert park. >> we try not to go below a quarter tank and we have a backpack by the door because you never know what could happen. it is not just about earthquakes either.>> as we have watched live the fire is moving quickly changing directions because of the wind and i asked if there was any advice as far as who might be
7:54 am
thinking about evacuating next because he said it is moving east currently. southeast of rohnert park expressway. if you are in that area now is the time to get out. >> it is interesting to hear the officials tell us to rely on our own instinct. if you feel the time is close then leave early. that is great information, thank you so much. we are on top of a developing situation and we are getting a first look from above. skyfox 2 is showing this huge plume of smoke. i have neighbors that are saying is it our neighborhood on fire? i went outside to check the hillside. if you are in the far east bay it is not your neighborhood. this smoke is coming from the north bay. there are a number of substantial fires a couple of them are very large. we have been watching throughout the morning as the
7:55 am
flames are growing. we have reporters bringing us first-hand accounts of people who have been forced to leave their homes also talking with people who are being neighborhood leaders going door to door helping their fellow residents get to safety. look at this smoke. >> even outside of the studio, there is the same atmosphere. i was looking at a message from a lady who said her daughter and her roommates are leaving sonoma state headed home to hayward. the traffic is heavy, gas stations are full and there are all types of various adjustments and concerns because of what has happened. andrea maclachlan checked in, prayers for everyone who has not been able to evacuate from the napa fire and her video shows what is happening out there. there are more pictures coming from twitter. this is bree.
7:56 am
thank you for your photos. these photos that you send and give us a better idea. dominic says looking out of his door the flames are right outside. thank you for checking in dominic. this is from sports plus. the price of wine looks like it will be going up. >> the flames have done a lot of damage around napa cite -- and sonoma county. >> we have road closures with some downed power lines. sal castaneda has been monitoring the changing traffic situation in the north bay. currently santa rosa and highway 37 are the hardest hit areas but there are a lot of closures in this region. highway 37 eastbound has been reopened but westbound remains closed. also i want to focus on southbound 101 in santa rosa
7:57 am
closed from mark west springs to steal lane. we have closures in the napa area including highway 12 and 101. smart train service is not running today and santa rosa transit is not running. silverado trails has been closed and we will have a lot more closures coming up in the next update. for now let's get back to steve paulson. >> as steve gets ready, we have been watching this wind dying down a little bit compared to overnight. we will bring in steve paulson as he monitors the changing weather with the intense firefight and people are being forced from their homes. sam just snagged it from you frenchie. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
i ran away from the fire, when i got to my house and you could see it coming over the hill. i was running downhill away from the fire and it was out running me. very scary. >> homes on fire and hospitals it evacuating. >> we are following the breaking news from the north bay fire. i live in the far east bay but i could smell the smoke and i thought my neighborhood was on fire. >> this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> is 8:00 on this busy monday i'm gasia mikaelian and i'm mike mibach. we have fires burning in multiple counties. one of the fires has burned 20,000 acres. >> let's bring in one of our many live reporters in the area.
8:01 am
leigh martinez is live in napa and we have alex savidge in santa rosa. we will continue coverage now with alex savidge. >> actually let's go to steve paulson. the conditions as we speak? >> things are improving but we still have high fire danger from the northeast with low humidity although there are signs of a westerly breeze for some. all of this smoke in the air you might want to close the windows down into the santa cruz mountains. the smoky sunrise all the way near heights elementary. we have people sending in pictures from all over and this is san rafael harbor there is ash all over the boat and at the harbor. we have a northerly breeze although it has turned west for some but northeast for most.
8:02 am
north in clearlake so that is offshore even into cloverdale with humidity in the teens. at least peak it is coming down but still 17% with relative humidity and the same for napa. american canyon has turned recently to the southwest but that is due east of the port chicago. santa rosa is currently due north. offshore at oakland north and also north in vacaville and fairfield. 60s and 50s for most of us. rohnert park at 68 degrees. i think we have lost some of these operations because they are not reporting. we have a red flag warning until tomorrow morning but the breeze should tell off eventually.
8:03 am
we have some good gusting in the east bay hills and higher elevations so that will continue but at the surface things will kind of calm down a little bit. we are on the dry side as the system moves through we have that classic october set up with warmer temperatures and lower humidity. okay sal, we have multiple closures? thank you steve. santa rosa has been hit hard by one of these fires. alex savidge has been there throughout the morning. i know you were at that mobile home park that was destroyed and since you have moved to the west part of 101 where we have another community destroyed. >> reporter: good morning to you, devastation in this community in santa rosa. this is the orchard community.
8:04 am
look behind us and you can see what we are looking at here. this entire block was leveled by the fire. just destruction everywhere you look. we are estimating numbers and we believe dozens of homes have been burned possibly up to 60. one of the people who lost their home today is pat keenan. i'm sorry for what happened and what you're going through. so your home is up the block on the right-hand side? >> yes, there it is. >> reporter: show me what you got out. >> my grandparents survived the fire of 1906. so i grab these pictures. that is my grandmother in 1911
8:05 am
from ocean beach. i have another one here of my grandfather. >> reporter: how much time did you have to grab these? >> i would say maybe 20 minutes. >> reporter: so what happened exactly? described what it looked like.>> the fire jumped. there was a house across the street that was not touched and one house would go and then another and then the embers and the wind made the difference. there was just heavy wind with flying embers. just fires everywhere. >> so the question i know that you made it out safely but if you looked on the block we know this is a senior community. obviously the concern has to be whether or not all of your neighbors were able to get out.>> we had adequate warning from the police department so
8:06 am
we had adequate warning. they told us to just leave. >> reporter: so you were a firefighter for 38 years. you have been through a lot of fires and you never had the fire come to your doorstep. >> not like this. no sir. >> reporter: have you ever seen anything like this? >> well, it looks like it is the whole county not just the city. there are flames smoke and fire as far as you can see. 40 miles south and north, just everywhere. >> well, i am glad you are safe. you just want to let everybody know you are safe. >> yes, we are safe. i even have a mask. protecting my lungs.
8:07 am
>> reporter: there is a lot of smoke. so we will flip around and show you the scene of the block. so obviously a lot of families and a lot of people whose homes were destroyed by the fire here. you have to suspect with this situation this was a spot fire obviously because we are two miles west of highway 101 so we are a good distance from the leading edge of the fire. imagine the wind picked up the embers and dump them down on this neighborhood and before you know it this whole block was exploded in flames.>> this is the result of a spot fire i guess.>> reporter: yes, that is nothing of it show but based on where we are in relation to the actual leading edges of the
8:08 am
fire which we have seen over on the east side kind of the east side of highway 101. the closer to the kaiser hospital area. this is a good distance away from that and the entire neighborhood went up in flames. so with these conditions you know what happens with the giant embers and a drop-down on a neighborhood. they can carry and clearly they dropped down on this neighborhood and leveled the entire block. we are still trying to get more information about how many homes might have been lost in this neighborhood and if everyone made it out. talking with the battalion chief for cal fire, he told us they have reports of people being injured as a result of the fire. we don't know if it was in this community but people have been injured and they are assessing that.>> when you say the entire
8:09 am
neighborhood, just from your perspective, do you think may be more than a dozen homes or what have residents said? how many homes do they think have burned?>> reporter: i think people here are guessing maybe 60 or so that were lost in this area. that is just a guess. it would not surprise me as i look down here and we just had the wind shift. the wind just kind of shifted in our direction. this entire block i wouldn't be surprised if there were 50 or 60 homes here and the fire goes for a long way. it goes further down these blocks than we could safely walk because the fire was a whipping around. you can see the wind and it is
8:10 am
pretty clear this is what happens with the red flag conditions. >> when we first joined you a few minutes ago the wind was still but now it has picked up. talk about the changes you have seen since your live reporting as this wind advisory continues. >> the unpredictability is what is so concerning. we started off talking to you and the wind was calm and there have been times when the wind was very calm and then all of a sudden it kind of picks up and it can pick up these embers and who knows drop them on the next neighborhood one mile away. so that is what firefighters are up against. they are trying to stay ahead of the fire. in talking with the battalion chief, they would like to save
8:11 am
structures but their biggest concern is staying ahead of the fire as it moves and to make sure people in the path of the fire are aware it is coming so they can evacuate. >> alex savidge thank you so much. stay safe we will bring you back in a few minutes. more incredible views of the fire, we have skyfox 2 in the area showing us plumes of smoke with active orange flames. if you are familiar with the north bay, the fire for the large part is burning in rural areas but also in some shopping district areas. there are homes like neighborhoods packed full of homes so it is not purely wildfire or urban. clearly cal fire is getting help from local fire crews. we know that they are getting assistance from all over.
8:12 am
certainly you can see the plumes. >> i'm curious when we might start to see the air attack on the fires. i was thinking about the timing of the fire and how bad the timing was. just a few hours after the sun went down the atlas fire came and then now we have to wait until the sun comes up and that is when they start to launch the air attack. so it has been nine hours of watching these fires burn and has a lot of the firefighters have told our reporters, this is not about structure it is about saving lives. >> i remember there was a small fire in the east oakland hills near merritt college and we watched how crews were dropping
8:13 am
water on flames from the air. it was like they marked out the boundary for the fire and here you can see the crews are dealing with each completely different situation. explosive growth from this fire according to authorities. it started at 200 acres last night at 10:00 and by 6:00 the fire had grown to 20,000 acres. at that point they said they were still saving lives and certainly that is the number one responsibility. they will always protect people over property. speaking the people, a lot of schoolchildren were rattled out of their element. there were closures for a number of schools. we know that all schools in napa valley unified have been closed. officials are telling everyone to stay away. also in santa rosa the campuses
8:14 am
in the sonoma valley unified school district are closed. and then add to that the winter unified being closed. classes have been canceled in the calistoga mark west alexander valley cloverdale bennett valley lincoln valley and kenwood school districts as a result of the large fire. it is difficult for cal fire to get an overview of each fire. we do know one of the biggest fires is the south lake fire near the silverado country club. >> this area has been evacuated the silver -- silverado country club. allie rasmus joins us from that area with the latest.>> reporter: we have driven about one mile into some of these neighborhoods in this area.
8:15 am
a short time ago we saw the property owners of people living in the area. this ranch is the all of hills ranch and there were last- minute holdups even though the entire area has been under mandatory evacuations since the overnight. we have seen people trying to douse the fence posts that are on fire and we saw people moving out their horses as well. in this area, you can get a sense that this is the impact that the wind and the embers have in creating a problem that continues as the fire spreads to different locations because you will drive to the neighborhoods and you will see homes unscathed and then you'll see a barn engulfed in flames. so, this is a very sporadic area where the fire has destroyed structures and homes. in some cases several homes have burned.
8:16 am
the smoke out here is pretty thick and the wind continues. we have felt the wind pick up recently, but we have smoke in the area with vineyards behind us and near the hillsides you can see the fire line. we have evidence of fire in a number of different locations. even though people have been told to evacuate we have seen people coming back to their homes checking on property going back and forth. again, people leaving town with their horse trailers and pets although you get the sense some people are reluctant to leave everything behind. so, things are in flux in this neighborhood. we spoke earlier to a gentleman and his wife who said they had just minutes to leave their home. >> we are just anxious.
8:17 am
we just don't know what is going on. the people that called us at 10:30, we are pretty sure they lost their house. they had 30 minutes to get out. that is the only reason that we would have known. we were getting ready to go to bed and then we looked outside and we could see the fire getting closer. >> there are bits of ash and charred wood coming down in the neighborhood. a lot of people were driving to the area even though people were told to leave their homes and they were told to get out. however, we have seen people coming back to check on the property. we saw one man earlier who was using the hose to what the ground around the property.
8:18 am
there are folks in the neighborhood as people are keeping an eye on everything. we have seen neighbors talking to each other keeping each other informed. we will have another update and we will go to another location. communication and cell phone service completely went out one hour ago so if you are trying to get in touch with someone you might have a difficult time doing so. it seems most of the people have been listening to the warnings to get out. >> thank you for the update. fires -- fire agencies are getting help from across the area. marin county sent out several engines as well as a bulldozer. if you have to go to the area, think about the roadways. 37, 121, 12, 101, 128 those areas are very slow going.
8:19 am
>> that is right, stay off the roads and less necessary. today is not the day to be driving in napa and sonoma county. highway 37 is open eastbound but closed westbound until further notice. if you want to go this way then you can but westbound is still closed. we also have a closure on highway 101 in sonoma county and santa rosa is closed between mark west springs and steele lane. we have a lot of different closures like highway 121, 12 and 129. the roads that are not closed are jammed with people driving around because of the closures. there are a lot of city streets jammed for people out of there. also there are lines at the gas stations for people who are filling up to get out of the area. this is a good area to avoid. smart train is not running today and neither is the santa rosa
8:20 am
transit. also the golden gate transit has canceled several lines in sonoma county because of the fire. i do want to mention some of these roads getting into the bay area have been slow. this is highway 101 and we are also looking at 80 westbound. people have been on 80 trying to get away from 37. highway 24 is also moderate so please stay off the roads in the north bay according to chp they need the roads to be opened for more fire equipment. let's get back to the desk. >> we have a number of large wildfires burning in the north bay. one of them burning more than 20,000 acres. we will bring you more coverage in just a moment.
8:21 am
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for just two bucks, get a forgrilled pocketh. filled with your choice of ham, or sausage, freshly cracked eggs, and two melted cheeses. jack's breakfast pockets, each for just two bucks. only from jack in the box. welcome back to "mornings on 2", we are staying on top of major evacuations as a result of wildfires in the north bay. evacuations in sonoma, napa, lake and mendocino county spec -- as we have skyfox 2 in the area looking over the fires. we have been able to see orange flames at times poking up
8:24 am
between this thick gray cloud. people from 50 miles away can see this and smell this. people in my neighborhood in the east bay were waking up to the smell of smoke. we have mentioned the timing of the fire starting at 10:00 with a lot of people sleeping or going to bed. through the overnight the fire raged and firefighters have their hands tied. >> we are still waiting for the launch of this massive error attack which i assume is getting ready to go. i don't know what decisions go behind this. the atlas fire burning in napa since last night 5000 acres and then the tubbs fire has burned 20,000 acres between calistoga and santa rosa but no word on any containment regarding those
8:25 am
fires. there was a hospital evacuated in the santa rosa. we just gotten update on the situation. the kaiser permanente medical center in santa rosa, all patients have been safely evacuated and transferred to the kaiser facility in san rafael and other hospitals. all surgeries and appointments that were scheduled for today have been canceled. >> let's bring you up to date on the evacuation centers in napa county. there was one at crosswalk church but it is now full. there is evacuation centers at the napa county fairgrounds and another at the napa valley college gym. >> a couple of centers in sonoma county including the sebastopol community center and the veterans memorial as well as
8:26 am
sonoma valley high school. we just received a statement from the mayor of the city of santa rosa. the mayor says in a statement as we wake up this morning to the smoke and ash and take in the magnitude of damage i hope we can each take a moment to reach out to our friends and neighbors. >> he goes on to say we need the community to hold us up in these difficult times. residence under the evacuation orders should leave immediately. things are not important right now, it is your life that is important. >> let's turn to steve paulson and we were talking earlier about the historic brown barn. >> also the hilton in sonoma. >> these are not wild land areas.>> the fire is coming
8:27 am
from the hills jumping the highway. they are on the east side of 101. mendocino avenue and by centennial as well. this picture was sent in from kent. this was showing the fire with the smoke everywhere. i have had reports from the santa cruz mountains as well into san jose even toward the valley. it looks like most of the wind is northeast. the only sign of a little westerly wind is kicking in for american canyon but now it is east. northwest with gusting to 30 and 40 in a lot of areas.
8:28 am
the higher elevations are getting those 30 plus wind gusts. 50s and 60s for most temperatures. i think these sites have been lost to the fire so they have not been reporting. red flag warning through tomorrow morning until 5:00. though wind advisory stops at 11:00 for the surface but higher elevations will have good gusting. the heavier gusts have moved off . we have fog screaming from the south impacting us tomorrow. we are now on the dry side of the system with lower humidities and temperatures reaching the 80s today. sal what do you have for us on the commute? we have a lot of closures like highway 37 westbound. a lot of people cannot get into marin county or sonoma county. remember eastbound 37 is opened but officials do not recommend
8:29 am
that you drive in the area unless you have to. southbound 11 is open from rohnert park very slow traffic. a closure on highway 101 between mark west springs and steele lane. sonoma county transit buses are not running and neither is the smart train. the smart train service may start up this afternoon but they will reevaluate after the morning. you can see we have a lot of closures on highway 12, highway 129 and silverado trail. we have a lot of fires in the area. the commute for this morning in marin county is ordinary on 101 as people are going through the smoke. on 80 westbound we have people on this freeway so people are coming to the richmond bridge. highway 24 is busy through lafayette and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza we have an ordinary backup at 10
8:30 am
to 15 minutes and in the south bay traffic has been a little bit light. let's get back to the desk. we had been talking with people who have left their homes, let's bring in on the phone matt from santa rosa. tell us about your evacuation? >> i am currently in winsor five miles north of my home. >> did you make the decision to evacuate or was it mandatory?>> my neighbors knocked on the door and said there were flames on the hill less than a mile away. so we got out and started hosing down the house. we had embers blowing into the yard. she left with the kids and the dog and i stayed behind to put out the flames. when i was leaving my neighbors house across the street was on fire so i put that out.
8:31 am
so things started to get windy and there was too much smoke so i had to leave. there were no firefighters yet because it came so fast. >> so it seems like you are describing basically a firestorm. is that a safe assumption? >> that is exactly right. is nothing i ever imagined. there were embers blowing around, the wind was blowing all over and it was crazy. >> do you have the hope of your home being okay? what information do you have about your neighborhood?>> i had a neighbor who was on his way up to the area so he checked the neighborhood and called me one hour later and said the whole neighborhood is gone. just completely gone. >> of those who live nearby do
8:32 am
you know of anyone who was injured or did everyone get out okay? >> as i was leaving i was knocking on doors going into houses like the elderly people were all gone. i knocked on his many doors as i could and people putting much evacuated. one neighbor told me as i left the fire patrol is coming in asking. as i was leaving there was a house on the corner in flames and across the street east of me there were two houses burning there. the whole fence line was burning and then i got out. >> what did you take with you? >> i never thought my house would burn so i grabbed a few things. a couple of rifles and ammunition. my old coin collection and some financial information and then
8:33 am
i left. all that i had was the clothes on my back. >> have you thought about what happens next? >> i don't know what happens next. a lot of people have already offered me a place to stay but i think it is going to be a long journey. i am kind of in shock still. >> you talked about never imagining your home would burn. oftentimes we cover fires but did you ever imagine the fire this intense coming down the hillside and going into the neighborhood and jumping the highway. it is just the extent of it and the power. >> no i never imagined. we just left because of the smoke and everything but i never imagined my house would burn down.
8:34 am
all that it took was somewhere there was some grass or flammable material that laid one house on fire and then it passed through. i never imagined it would burn in the city like that. >> so what do you want now? do you want information, do you want to go to your neighborhood? what are your thoughts? >> i would like to go see what is left of my house. that is what i want to see and after that i don't know. i guess just information won't really help. i haven't even processed all of it. >> when they let you go back later today or tomorrow, why specifically do you want to go back to see this? >> i like to get closure. just to confirm my house is gone and to see what is left. i know that it is just material stuff and that doesn't bother
8:35 am
me but there are some things you can't replace. so i guess i just want a sense of closure. i don't know where i'm going next but i think the whole area is tight as far as property. a lot of people lost their homes other than me and the next year will be difficult. >> i know that in minor emergencies are neighborhood get-together and emails and texts each other so are you having those kinds of conversations with your neighbors? >> we do have a facebook page for our association. i have seen a few postings but i'm sure we will be in contact soon. it is hard to say. i have not seen my house burned down yet so i can't say it has burn for sure but i am almost
8:36 am
certain that it has. i don't know what will happen next. >> well, our heart goes out to you and your neighbors in the neighborhood. we wish you the best in the days weeks and years to come. reach out to us and let us know if there is anything we can do here. we appreciate you to take the time to give us information about your experience. everything is gone. >> a lot of people have similar stories and concerns. he mentioned his neighborhood as facebook. i know facebook has activated the safety check because many of us have family here in the area. but, you can get on social media and let them know you are doing okay. >> that lady from the live shot
8:37 am
in the top of the hour wanted to let everyone know she was okay.>> it is interesting, she was smiling and then we talked with another man who lost his home and he could barely get the words out. so this is hitting people all different ways. this is major breaking news with a strong wind pushing flames through some very dry grass across napa and sonoma counties. >> one of the fires started around 10:00 last night on atlas peak in the napa valley just northeast of downtown napa. cal fire crews say that they have no containment of that fire and each of the fires may have burned 1000 acres or more. cal fire has said specifically the atlas peak burned 5000 acres. strong wind with low humidity combined making conditions
8:38 am
dangerous for residents and for firefighters battling the fires. overnight cal fire has said their focus was all about saving lives.>> at this point the priority is to get people out. we are in forcing evacuations. there are coordinating efforts between chp and sheriffs to use helicopters to evacuate people from their properties on the hillsides to get them down to the evacuation shelters. >> there are evacuation centers in napa sonoma and lake counties. some of the centers are already full and we have evacuation centers in mendocino county as there is a fire burning up there. that is the redwood fire with structures being burned. >> let's go back to alex savidge showing us neighborhoods that are devastated as people have lost their homes.
8:39 am
>> reporter: more and more people are seeing the destruction of this firestorm. this gentleman on the left is larry. he just came here moments ago and he pointed to this home right here to the left-hand side. he says that is my place. we are sort of seeing this play out over and over in these neighborhoods. people who have ran from the fire with very little time and very little warning. they tried to escape the flames. they grabbed what they could and got out early in the morning as the fire swept through the neighborhood and came upon them so suddenly. now we have people coming back to survey the damage and they have seen the heartbreak up close. again, this gentleman walked up and told me this is his home.
8:40 am
there is nothing left. this neighborhood where we are is called the orchards community. it is a senior community. 65 and older here in santa rosa right off of piner road. we do believe by some accounts people think as many as 60 different homes were destroyed. any of them here in this area on this one square block. let me show you what is going on in the city. this is one neighborhood and we want to swing over this way and on the other side of the railroad tracks you could see this fence and this is an entirely different neighborhood going up in flames as we speak. this is just one neighborhood here. obviously the devastation is incredible and it was destroyed.
8:41 am
i am looking over there and we are trained to get a closer look at this neighborhood but we have a thick column of black smoke coming from this community. so fires are burning in this area. >> we may have lost alex savidge. in santa rosa when you see the thick smoke it tells you there is origination of fire active with flames burning when you see the white smoke we tend to read that as good or better news.>> another neighborhood was burning right across the street. >> right, so here we have the bright orange flames from skyfox 2. i was hoping to ask, we have not seen any air attacks
8:42 am
so i wondered if he knew anything. >> right now he is actually near the sonoma county airport and at that airport he is probably just a few miles away but cal fire keeps their planes and choppers in that area. so, the conditions might be so bad the pilots think it is too dangerous to fly in that area. we are reaching out to cal fire trying to get another interview. skyfox over the bay area on this monday morning it is just a historic and tragic day as dozens of homes have been destroyed from napa all the way toward santa rosa. we will be back after the break.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
continuing coverage of the fires burning in marin county and sonoma county we want to bring in sal castaneda with a check of the traffic. i know that 580 westbound is a lot busy.>> highway 37 is actually shut down. you cannot get from vallejo overusing highway 37 as it is closed. eastbound is opened but we do not recommend you get on the road because of the people on the road that are trying to evacuate. some of this could be normal morning commute but a lot of people are just evacuating with a lot of emergency vehicle and traffic. highway 101 is closed further up between mark west springs and steele lane. a lot of activity all over
8:46 am
sonoma and napa county with highway 121 and highway 29 as well as highway 221 being closed. people who cannot get through our coming down through marin county to get down to the richmond bridge in both directions of 80 they are using interstate 80 headed out. you can use the richmond bridge but there are more people on it because 37 is shot shot down. more people are using 580 w. because of this. this is highway 24 in lafayette. from the fires you can see traffic is not getting through and at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light. let's get to steve paulson with your weather. >> 101 has been closed by potter valley and redwood valley. also there are new evacuations near davis lane in pen growth. also, the smoke is just
8:47 am
unbelievable how much has made it and how far. people are asking what you think of this fire? well, take your pick. with the north wind coming down there are multiple fires there are some in mendocino county and lake county as well as napa and sonoma. we have the northeast wind with the smoke making it to the coast into the santa cruz mountains with reports of ash piling up across the city as well. so the air quality will be awful today with 80s and the wind is tailing off but gusting over 30 in the oakland hills. it looks like this will be the worst day as things get better tomorrow and then we have a big cooldown with higher humidity moving in on wednesday. one more day and then we are better off. >> right now i want to bring in napa county supervisor. give us the latest situation in regards
8:48 am
to napa county.>> good morning, at this time we remain in evacuation mode. we are dealing with three fires. together this is the napa fire complex but we have atlas peak, tubbs fire and these are all in evacuation mode. we do not have a very accurate assessment in terms of the acreage burned for the atlas fire, but i do know the tubbs fire is approximated at 35,000 acres. we are waiting for aerial confirmation on the size of the atlas fire so where do people need to go? >> currently we are asking everyone that is evacuating we want you to go to napa valley
8:49 am
college. the gymnasium is open at napa valley college. >> so when was the first time you saw the fire and you knew there was a problem? >> i was contacted shortly after the reports. i have not gone to the fire scene. i am at the emergency operations command center and i have been here since midnight. >> we have heard some people were injured as they try to evacuate. can you bring us up-to-date on that? have you heard of anyone injured ? there are no fatalities which is good news but what do you know? >> certainly we don't have confirmations of injuries at this time. we only have a couple of hours of daylight and there is much to assess. at this time, i simply cannot speculate. i will say that we are concerned
8:50 am
especially for pregnant women from the air quality perspective. pregnant women and young children as well as elderly people with health concerns please stay inside. there is a significant amount of smoke in the area and it is very dense. it can cause all kinds of respiratory issues so we are asking people to stay inside. all schools are also closed in napa county including napa valley college. all schools are closed for classes.>> do you know how much help you are getting from outside agencies? whether it is fire departments or other government agencies throughout the bay area. >> the support we have received has been tremendous and overwhelming. we are grateful for it. cal fire has made a request for
8:51 am
24 strike teams and the teams are coming in. they are coming from all over the state and the fire is activated at this point. we have many different agencies working alongside each other. i just passed a sheriff deputy from contra costa. we have had assistance from solano county and we have a lot of support in place. we are thankful for the support and we continue to need it. we are in safety mode. >> skyfox is bringing us live pictures. so how would you describe what we are experiencing at this moment? >> it is heartbreaking. the most important thing is to get to safe ground. help of your neighbors and be kind to each other.
8:52 am
we are ready to help you at the evacuation centers but help each other at this time as well. we have deputies on the ground and firefighters are on the ground working evacuations. so we ask that you be neighborly nba first responder. >> we have heard from people who say they left with only the clothing on their back. do you expect the recovery to go on for years? what are you preparing everyone for? >> right now we are looking to go day by day. certainly first we need to make sure we secure our residents so we provide their safety and after that it is addressing the fire itself. repopulation is the next step that we go into and we won't really know what we are able to repopulate until we have the assessment done of the damage. again, we are a few days away
8:53 am
from that. >> really quickly have you been in contact with cal fire in regards to the firefight? we were curious about the air attack and when we could see helicopters and planes starting to assist. >> yes, i was briefed on operations and at this time it is not something that the conditions are available for but as soon as they are cal fire will be responding in full force. currently we simply cannot do that. we have to focus on safety. >> that was the county supervisor so thank you so much. pam cook has been busy in the newsroom talking with the sonoma county sheriff's office this morning as those crews are actively evacuating people from rohnert park. >> the fire burning along the ridge of the sonoma mountain
8:54 am
and the immediate concern is for people living around the area that is southeast of rohnert park expressway. the area they are talking about evacuations are from the crane kenney and. this area includes lynch road and roberts road in the canyon creek park county park area. we just got another update from the sergeant with the sonoma county sheriff's office. he says that the fire is burning in roberts road but it is further east than the town so that area is not directly impacted. sonoma state university does not appear to be in danger at this point. the business section of rohnert park expressway does not appear to be in immediate danger as well because it is burning more south of the rohnert park expressway but his request of
8:55 am
course as we look at the flames is to stay off the roads. if you do know not have an emergency please allow for everyone to get through. i am hearing from people in vallejo who have a significant amount of ash and they are hearing sirens. emergency personnel is coming from everywhere. they will need to get through vallejo and marin county to get to those areas. also i spoke to the general manager at the hotel and casino and they are currently trying to help their staff members. many of them have been directly impacted by the fire but he says they have 800 employees they are trying to assist and at this point the hotel and casino have not been directly impacted. i also put in a call to the marin county sheriff's office to see if they have recommendations. we do know highway 37 is closed
8:56 am
and the richmond san rafael bridge is packed. the sirens along vallejo as emergency personnel are trying to get to the area and there are long lines at the gas station. you have mentioned about the airfield in santa rosa that is a big resource so i am waiting to hear back to see if they are able to assist. we know that many of the aircraft's cannot get into the air because of the danger of the smoke. >> right, the supervisor said the conditions are not good yet. >> right, we're waiting to hear back from the watch commander.>> we want to bring you up to speed on an emergency declaration that came across from governor jerry brown declaring a state of emergency in napa, sonoma and yuba county because of this fire. the declaration could expand moving forward into the
8:57 am
afternoon. we do know that there is a fire by clearlake as well as mendocino county. >> the state of emergency will ease access to the funds so people can get help. so many are wondering do they have homes to go back to. before the wildfires started crews put out flames south of the napa county airport with a large plume of smoke being seen from miles away. strong gusty winds helped spread the fire, cars trailers and boats as well as homes were damaged. one woman who lived near the fire says it moved so quickly it was frightening. >> i have been sick so i was laying down and then my neighbor texted me and said there was a fire so i ran outside and sure enough it was huge and i could see it
8:58 am
traveling fast so i panicked and ran in the house. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> much more coverage coming up after the break. hey, it's me, your dry skin. i'm craving something we're missing. the ceramides in cerave. they help restore my natural barrier, so i can lock in moisture and keep us protected. we've got to have each other's backs and fronts. cerave. what your skin craves. for your skin?ronts. insta-detox l'oreal's pure-clay masks with charcoal brightens eucalyptus absorbs oil. red algae refines pores, and new seaweed comforts. pure clay your way. pure clay masks from l'oreal paris.
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breaking news, tens of thousands of people in the north bay had been forced to evacuate as crews scrambled to get a hand on fires burning. this is in napa county, mendocino and lake as well. there is also a fire on canyon road in mendocino county. that is the redwood valley fire and also in clearlake the sulfur fire has triggered evacuations in the area of clearlake oaks. in santa rosa there is a fire on porter creek road. we have the tubbs fire


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