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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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wildfires burning out of control. entire neighborhoods are destroyed. this as the death toll continues to climb. good afternoon. i'm mike mibach. we have new information about the fires in northern california counties. an official confirms that at least 13 people have been killed. 100 others are injured and 200 have been reported missing. 45 over those have been located. state officials have surveyed the damage and submitted a request to fema for assistance. 2000 homes and businesses have been destroyed and there are new evacuations taking place in the green valley rockville area. officials do not have an accurate count of evacuees. they do say there are -- they are more concerned about life and safety. the napa complex is still binary -- burning.
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it's comprised of three. here is a look at how widespread the fires are. the redwood complex fire and mendocino has burned 21,000 acres. the sulfur fire has burned 2500 acres and is 10% contained. the pocket fire has burned 500 acres. the tubbs fire has burned 27,000 acres with zero containment. the nuns fire has burned more than 5000 acres and the atlas fire has burned 25,000 acres. the partrick fire has burned 1000 acres. the 37 fire has burned 2000 acres and is 15% contained. vice president mike pence offer gratitude to the firefighters by pledging federal support to help battle the fires. >> president trump asked me to come here this morning to
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assure the people of california that we will continue to work closely with governor brown, the state of california and each of you to support your courageous first responders and, alongside the families affect did through loss of persons and property in the wake of these wildfires. >> he said the federal government will pledge more than $570 million to the state. he made the announcement while speaking at the office of emergency services. one of the hardest hit areas is santa rosa. gasia is joining us now. >> reporter: coffee park i'm being told is a new way of returning -- referring to this neighborhood. it's also referred to as crestview. devastation as far as the eye can see. you and i and the rest of the ktvu family has been reporting in situations where you found
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the fire touched one home and not the others. that is not the situation here. home after home after home, hundreds are destroyed. the only things we were able to recognize were driveways and a lot of stone chimneys. mailboxes were also left untouched. for the most part there is nothing left of the hundreds of homes in coffee park. we have been here for the later part of the morning. let me take you across the street to what used to be the home of brenda and brent vogel. they have lived all over the bay area and bought this house about four years ago. they just did some extensive remodeling and called it their pride in joy. you will see this. these are the truck's rims. this truck was left. you can't really recognize anything. there is a washer and drier a little to the left.
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it is completely dried out. nothing here can be salvaged. they said they got out 20 minutes before their home burned. it was thanks to their neighbors telling them to get out. they got out with the clothing on their back. obviously they are bracing for what will be a long rebuilding process. >> it's going to take a minimum of a year. contractors and housing is a real problem appear. we will just keep living. and we will start all over. >> this is material stuff. you can't take it with you. you have to learn -- we have both moved a lot through the years. it's probably not as hard on us as people who have lived here all their lives. that is a different deal. my family came and they succumb do you want this or that?
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i said no. it's not in good condition. i have memories here. >> reporter: she is holding onto those memories. she has very little else left. they told me that there safe was looted from the bird outside of their home. they have heard similar stories from neighbors. there was law enforcement posted where we were coming in and we were not allowed to come through until we said we were with channel 2. essentially, there is nothing left of this home. the couple was told to come in to check on their own property. they were told to not wander around checking on other homes. officials said they have deep concerns. there was a man who lived behind them who was in his 90s. they have not been able to get in touch with him. this is a very sad situation. their spirits were quite high.
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it's impressive to see people coming into this neighborhood and checking in on what is left of their homes and they are telling us to have a good day and to stay safe. you talk a lot about community. it is a heartwarming feeling but they are facing a lot of devastation. this is a very active and changing fire. i would like to bring in leigh martinez. she is at the nuns fire which is forcing more evacuations as that changes and grows. >> reporter: that's right. we have very smoky conditions but have not seen flames since 8 am. i was talking to cal fire and they say the smoky conditions could remain for another day or two because the ground is still smoldering. we have low wind and high pressure. none of the homes up here and white oak have burned. we had fire crews positioned themselves overnight, protecting these houses. the fire did not jump the ridge.
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we have very different conditions today than yesterday. yesterday fire crews were spread very thin. today, mutual aid has arrived and we have about 500 firefighters working in sonoma county. cal fire said they will start attacking the fire. something firefighters could not do yesterday because the fires were explosive and moving rapidly. their focus had to be on getting people out alive. 24 hours later, cal fire officials say they are in a different place. we have little to no wind and it was cooler this morning. this morning, fire raged on the rich dauer oakmont traveling high and fast. by daylight it significantly calmed. the strategy today is to utilize the large teams of firefighters brought in from across the state. >> it is a very large, coordinated effort with something called an incident action plan for each of these incidents.
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these are being managed by type 1 incident management teams who are coming up with plans geographically to put resources on the ground, working off of engines and bulldozers and water tenders. getting canned crews out there to cut line on the ground and utilizing helicopters and air tankers. >> reporter: overnight sonoma county lost more homes to fire. today damage inspection teams will go into neighborhoods to assess the damage and determine how many homes were destroyed. >> the damage inspection teams will go through these areas and methodically ensure they have accounted for every structure that has been damaged or destroyed. those numbers will come out on a daily basis. that job is fairly painstaking and slow going. many of the structures, there's not much to identify what they were. it could be a too many. >> reporter: 5000 people evacuated in sonoma county. there are still people missing.
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cal fire wanted to get this phone number out to the public. this is a hotline number in case you have someone who is missing or you have not been able to get in touch with someone after evacuating. call this is 707-565- 3856 . this is being coordinated with the sheriff's office. if someone is reporting missing and someone checks in, they can take that person off the list. law enforcement and napa county and other agencies held a news conference. we brought that to you live during our 9:00 hour. alex savidge is and napa and has the latest from authorities. >> reporter: the napa county sheriff told me there are a lot of families trying to get a hold of missing loved ones. a lot of that may be the communication systems are not working well in this area. cell service is spotty in many areas. at the same time, the sheriff says he suspects they could
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potentially find there were other fire victims and some of those burn zones and napa county. authorities say the atlas peak fire has claimed two lives. sara rippey and charles rippey who were unable to escape the flames. this 25,000 acre fire continues to burn homes in the hills east of napa and fire crews have no containment. this fire and others started late sunday night and exploded in size because of those powerful wind gusts. investigators are working to figure out how those fire started around the same time. >> unusual. yes. to have that many fires start. all fires are being investigated currently. there is no indication that i have received as to what the causes were, however, being on scene to the atlas fire come the winds were extremely
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erratic. branches were blown off trees as we were trying to make access. during those conditions of high wind, a lot of things happen. >> reporter: the atlas peak fire and napa county has burned 125 homes and businesses including many well-known wineries. the governor has made a disaster declaration to get more money and resources. on top of that, local lawmakers are stepping up. congressman mike thompson said he has sent photos of the destruction directly to fema asking for federal assistance for the fire victims. >> all of those have been submitted to both fema and to the white house so they understand exactly how serious and devastating this fire is on the people of our area. we expect them to be moving quickly. >> reporter: hundreds of evacuees are still in 1 or 4 county shelters. fire officials are working on a plan to try to get some of
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these evacuees back into their neighborhoods to see if their homes are still standing. right now the fire chief said those burn zones are not safe for people to return. if you are trying to reach a loved one who may have been in the path of one of these fires, officials and napa county say your best bet to track them down is to log onto a website that has been set up. it is evacuation centers are set up and napa, sonoma and marin counties. the napa county -- napa valley college gym. napa county fair grounds come across what community church and napa valley junior college. in sonoma county at veterans buildings in santa rosa and sebastopol. anna lee high school, sonoma valley high school, lawrence cook school and sonoma community college. the petaluma hillsburg
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sebastopol anthony kim and community centers and also at the cloverdale plat for grounds and new life christian fellowship church in petaluma. in marin county there are shelters at the marin center and terra linda high school. let's check in with rosemary orozco. a good day for firefighters out there to fight the flames. tomorrow could be a different story. today is a good day and a switch in the pattern is coming our way as early as tomorrow. right now we have a variable wind and relative humidity is up and the wind is down. this direction over atlas peak, winds coming in from the southeast around 14 miles per hour. napa from the west and fairfield from the east. with that variable wind, just about everyone is seeing the smoke at times depending on which direction the wind is going. poor air quality is in store. i also want to point out relative humidity is up from yesterday. not but reporting 35%.
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i think yesterday at this time it was down into the teens and we were looking at single digit humidity by the second part of the afternoon. santa rosa is, with relative humidity at 42% with the wind coming from the southwest. better conditions than yesterday. most folks in the central and north bay are seeing a lot of smoke. it's a little better for folks in the inner east bay and the santa clara valley. that's where air quality is expected to be moderate, bordering unhealthy for folks with respiratory issues. if you are inside the central bay area along the coastline, expect conditions to be smoky today. if you do have respiratory issues, limit your outdoor activities. the north bay is unhealthy for everybody. pay attention to how you are feeling and be aware of what's going on and limit outdoor to the if possible.
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for today, temperatures are cooling. temperatures will range from the mid 70s to around 80 degrees. relative humidity is much better. the wind is like to it. by tomorrow things start to change. the national weather service has decided to issue another red flag warning for wednesday afternoon leading into thursday afternoon for the north bay hills and east bay hills. when i come back i will have details on this switch in the pattern and what we are expect thing in the coming days. with that, we will be right back after the day. -- after the break. so, it looks like a stripped hot water valve. speaking of hot, how about you strip for me and i'll get your water back on?
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the california office of emergency services held an update in sacramento. cal fire and fema laid out the latest on the fight on a state level including help coming from other places. >> we have thousands of personnel assigned to these incidents and many more pouring in as we speak. we have firefighting hand crews coming in from nevada. we've also requested resources through our federal partners and the forest service. they are bringing additional fire engines and other personnel's from outside of california to bolster our efforts. >> cal fire spoke about the help and access to planes and helicopters including fire retardant available to firefighting crews. let's check back in with
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gasia. i liked the interview with that couple. is it safe where you are for people to come back in? are they allowing folks to come and or do they just wander in by themselves? >> reporter: there is no wandering. second of all, that couple told me the only reason they were left in is because a gentleman was on crutches not related to the fire. here we do find families coming back trying to find anything. when you ask about safety, there is law enforcement posted at the entrance to the neighborhood. it's sort of a carry on at your own risk situation. at this home there is still a small fire burning. it does not look like it's threatening anything but you can still see some active orange flame. i can still feel heat radiating from these ruins.
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the family came here with shovels and facemasks. they have been digging through the rubble of what used to be their home. i asked if they found anything and they said nothing. the dad pointed to this which i think is a heartbreaker. this used to be a 1970 trans am. his father bought this new and he had just spent a lot of time and money restoring this. you can see it's nothing. we have some families looking for any tiny thing they can pick from the rubble. and we have huge reminders of large and expensive pieces of our lives that are no longer here. just these brick chimneys and columns are are that is standard. i am in the coffee park neighborhood of santa rosa where you see widespread devastation. we spoke to another couple who set their save had been looted from their home and issued a caution to people taking about coming in and looking around.
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law enforcement is posted here for those driving in. that is the situation in santa rosa. i'd like to bring in another member of our crew. allie rasmus has been in the atlas peak area. what is the latest? >> reporter: we are on atlas peak road near the silverado country club. this is the area where the atlas peak fire originated and has grown to 25,000 acres. we see once again the random and sporadic nature of a fire like this. the home behind us looks like what is left of a garage. maybe a washer and drier. someone was able to save the home and the rv on the property. other homes in the area, not so much. i want to show you on the other side of the street, you can see
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this home is in perfect condition. that's been the case with what we've seen with this fire. you drive down the street and you see several homes in perfect condition. you turn the corner and you see half a dozen homes leveled. we went back to another neighborhood a mile from here. it's off of mount george and all of hill lane. and that area there were 10 homes burned by this fire. we did see people returning to their homes this morning even though the evacuation order is still in effect. we did talk to one man who stayed on his property as the fire burned. he watches neighbors' homes go up in flames. he was able to reflect on of fire crew and leave them to the nearest fire hydrant. it was about a mile away. the garage burned down but they were able to save the home.
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>> it smelled really smoky inside. there's going to be a lot of dry-cleaning or something, i guess. we are very lucky. >> reporter: the atlas fire did grow overnight. it crept into the hills into solano county. the video you are looking at, you see smoke rising from the canyon in an area called green valley. there are about 600 homes there. solano county officials called for a mandatory evacuation of that area. they were concerned that the fire, with the wind, would pick up and come over the ridge line. it has not done that. the fire did not spread into that area and has not spread as of this morning.
12:24 pm
the weather conditions are better in that area but mandatory evacuations for that neighborhood are still in effect. evacuation orders are also in effect for atlas peak road and hartman. we have seen some homes that have been destroyed but we've also seen homes in this area still standing as well. it's very random when it comes to which homes were impacted and which were not. many folks are trying to come back and see what the conditions of their properties are. >> reporter: very much a situation that every house was impacted in santa rosa in the coffee park neighborhood. this is a widespread devastation. many similar scenes. we showed you this truck that was burned out. here is another vehicle that was burned out completely. the family is more upset about
12:25 pm
that trans am. everyone i have spoke to said we have each other. we have our lives. we are okay and we will be okay. we will have more coming up after a short break.
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have a firm motive behind the attack. stephen paddock opened fire from a suite at the mandalay bay . he shot a big crowd of about 22,000 that had gathered for a country music festival. 58 were killed and 500 others were injured. stephen paddock killed himself when police surrounded his room. investigators examined more than 1000 leads ranging from his finances to political views and relationships with people including his girlfriend. after the gop attempt to overturn the affordable care act failed, president trump may be considering taking steps to reform the healthcare system. he could sign an executive order. he tweeted "since congress can't get its act together on health care, i will use the power of the pen to give great healthcare to many people fast. " this comes at the white house is putting finishing touches on an executive order that expands healthcare options by allowing people to band
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together to buy insurance beyond state lines lowering prices for some consumers. if we could make it deal on a temporary basis because obamacare is imploding. ultimately we will have it back to the states. >> critics fear the plan would not be subject to the same rules as obama care plans like protecting people with pre- existing conditions and could lead to a spike in premiums. the executive order could he signed possibly later this week. our coverage of the north bay wildfires continues. we go back out live to gasia in santa rosa. ah, dinner.
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back to our continuing coverage of the fires in northern california. cal fire official now confirms that at least 15 people have been killed in the fires. 100 others are injured and 45 of the 200 reported missing have been located. officials have surveyed the damage and submitted a request to fema for help. 2000 homes and businesses have been destroyed and there are new precautionary evacuations taking place in the green valley-rockville area in napa. officials do not have an
12:33 pm
accurate count of those who have evacuated. they say they are more concerned about life safety. the current death toll is now at 15. there is fear the final death toll count will be worse. authorities are looking for those missing. friends and family have been trying to locate loved ones. cell phone service has been spotty making it more difficult to find loved one. sonoma county said it's possible many missing are safe cannot be reached because of widespread loss of cell service and other communications. let's check back in with gasia mikaelian. 24 hours ago we were sitting next to each other in the studio. what's it like for you to report on it from the studio and also to be there? >> reporter: i've been breathing smoke for the past eight hours. i thought it would be better today. it's difficult. you can see it.
12:34 pm
look at the sky. it's very hazy and great. you can feel it when you breathe. nothing compared to what the people who live here in the coffee park neighborhood of santa rosa have been dealing with. they have been doing the hard work of digging through what used to be their homes. they are looking for any sort of something that can be saved. we have young men and women working with rakes. you have not really found anything have you? >> we will let you get back to it. a lot of people are doing the same thing. i see very few things pulled from the burned remains of these hundreds of homes. there is still some ash flying through the air. it's interesting to hear everyone's stories about how they got out. many say they were alerted by a neighbor or spouse who said let's get up and go. there was very little packing and getting out the door with anything more than the clothing on their back. we heard earlier from brenda
12:35 pm
and brent vogel. they were the ones with the burnt out truck and their home they had remodeled. they ended up at the finley community center. they say the city's response after their evacuation has been wonderful. they could not say enough about the city of santa rosa opening its arms and shelters and putting its arms around those who needed help the most. and brenda went around offering something very special. let's listen to that. >> yesterday when we were there , i am one of those were i can't sit for very long. i got up and went around the building. i gave everybody hugs. i asked everyone if they wanted hugs. i figured, we all need to be together. some people were like, don't touch me. i said okay. everything will be all right. >> there were some teenagers
12:36 pm
who want out of there were to bring food and for people. we have dogs. people forget how great teenagers are. they were doing a lot of great work. and family has been taking care of us. we will leave the area. get away for a few days and then we will come back and start all over. >> reporter: so many people leaning on friends and family who live just outside the burned area. they are thankful to have a warm place to call home if not just temporarily for have -- perhaps for the next weeks and months. i talked about sifting through the remains of these homes. if you left your wedding ring behind or the family bible, something obviously meaningful, you would be thankful to find it. i want to show you one thing that gregory's family was able to pull up. it's a concrete turtle. it's missing part of its head but they said, we could
12:37 pm
recognize this. at this point when you are looking for anything that reminds you of home, now you may hold onto it. out of all this, that is all they were able to pull. but the search continues. >> all it takes is one item. you bring it back with you. you hold it and rebuild from that. no matter how small or big it is. it could be a photo or that turtle there. whatever you can get. thank you. i want to show viewer some before and after pictures from santa rosa. this is the k-mart off of cleveland avenue. this is what it looks like now. the entire building is destroyed. a trader joe's down the street was also damaged. this is what it looked like before. now you can see the building is heavily damaged.
12:38 pm
this is a home on hadley hill drive in santa rosa. all that was left standing was the front gate and the brick wall. many businesses damaged or destroyed our wineries along the silverado trail. that includes the signarello estate winery. this is what it looked like before the fire and now there is nothing left but build up her -- burned building. signarello is known for its cabernet seven jan but owners say they are not sure what they will do about this year's vintage. fire evacuees are at a shelter in marin county near the civic center. folks are being temporarily housed at the marin center exhibit hall where they are being provided with cots, food and water. as of midnight last night there were about 700 people in the shelter as well as in terra linda and west marin. no donations or volunteers are needed at this time. we spoke to one family who said
12:39 pm
they are living in a state of limbo. >> you don't know what to do. you don't know whether to stay on alert. will evacuate again? we don't know if the fires are contained. we just don't know. >> the marin shelter has room for a couple hundred more evacuees. small pets are welcome. if this location reaches capacity, a contingency plan is in the works. we are also tracking other fires in northern california. a look at the conditions in mendocino county and we will check back in with meteorologist rosemary orozco.
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a wildfire burning in mendocino county has spread across 21,000 acres. the redwood complex fire is blamed for one death. the sheriffs department said two more were hurt. the fight is about 10 miles north of ukiah. officials estimate 75 homes have been destroyed. nearly the entire redwood valley is under mandatory evacuations. animals from the area are being taken to the ukiah fairgrounds. >> it's hard. it's hard to live through these incidents and it's hard to see people struggling themselves to get through it. being here in making sure we have what people need. >> i don't know where we would have gone. i think we brought 30-something goats.
12:43 pm
this is a lot of investment for me and a lot of my heart is in this. >> there is no word on what caused the fire but the sheriffs department said there were strong wind gusts that not down power lines. cal fire said that buyer is 0% contained. and like fire a fire burns near highway 20 and sulpher bank road. so far 2500 acres have burned and that fire is 10% contained. officials have not given numbers on how many buildings have been damaged or destroyed. mandatory evacuations are in effect. you've probably noticed how poor the air quality has been because of these fires. doctors say that smoke can cause health problems, especially for children, senior citizens and people with breathing problems. fire department phone lines were damp with calls from people worried about fires close to their homes. some schools called off after recess and practices.
12:44 pm
>> we are making masks available to kids if they feel like they want some extra support. when kids are not feeling well we ask them to head home. >> schools reported a higher than usual numbers of absences yesterday. while the smoke is not as bad today, officials warn people with breathing problems to be careful. if possible stay inside, close windows and put air- conditioners on recirculate. nasa has released a picture of the smoke coming from the wildfires. you can see smoke pouring into the bay area and off into the ocean. you can see how big these fires are fire crews are trying to contain the rapidly spreading fires. in sonoma and napa, the issue of downed power lines and phone lines remains difficult for people to get in touch with each other. we are joined by pg&e. crews are out there working hard trying to restore power.
12:45 pm
thank you for taking the time. at its peak, what were the outages in napa and sonoma county and where are we at right now? >> good afternoon. we are about 91,000 customers without power throughout our service territory. we are helping cal fire in their efforts in fighting these wildfires. in santa rosa, 50,000 customers and and napa, 25,000 customers. >> this morning i was getting tweets from individuals in santa rosa. maybe a home was not destroyed but they do not have power. when do you estimate power for those 50,000 in santa rosa to be restored? right now >> right now the well-being is the well-being of the firefighters and customers. once it is safe to do so, we will begin assessing impacts. then we will be able to restore
12:46 pm
electric service safely and as quickly as possible to all customers who can be restored. we have not been able to do that just yet. >> people sitting at home right now scratching their head, this will not happen today. it may not take place this weekend or possibly next week? >> we are working on that. we are working with fire officials to make sure it's safe. once we get the go-ahead that it's safe for us to go into assess the damage, we can restore power. >> many times when there are natural disasters and other parts of the country, pg&e often heads there. do you have other crews responding from the state to this area to help restore power? >> absolutely. we've had a lot of trouble. linemen have an impact did. a few houses have burned down. we have been impacted but we are getting support from other
12:47 pm
areas. the company is bringing in other resources to help restore power to sonoma county and napa county. we are establishing base camps and napa and sonoma to do that. >> thank you for the update. we wish your cruise a safe time out there as you try to restore the power. we went to check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco. the wind is generally light. that is great news for the firefighters. on the flipside that smoke out there is lingering. mike talked about the advisories in place and how to make sure to take care of yourself. this is a view from venetia. this is looking toward the car keenest straits. a lot of the bay area is seen this condition today. with the wind light, it's not expected to change. there is a smoke advisory that remains in place. we talked about a spare the air
12:48 pm
alert and taking notes and being aware of your surroundings when it comes to the smoke. here's a look at where we are seeing it at its worst. the north bay. that shade of red indicating it's unhealthy for everyone. when we get into orange, we are talking about folks with respiratory issues, little ones and senior citizens. shade of orange for the coast and central bay. in the inner east bay, air quality will be moderate depending on how strong the wind is. it's expected to remain generally light today. we may not see a lot of smoke. here's a look the wind over atlas peak, napa and santa rosa. it's a variable wind. is shifting that smoke in all directions. that's why everyone along the north bay, central bay and coast feel it and see it today. 71 in santa rosa. the wind is calm. 36% humidity. much better than yesterday.
12:49 pm
coming in from the west, that cool and moist specific -- pacificare. as we get into the wind for today, 5-15 miles per hour. things start to change when we get into wednesday. in the south bay we have wind coming up from the north and northwest over areas like san jose. by tomorrow, a dry front to sweeps through and brings us wind again. with that the national weather service has decided it will issue another red flag warning for tomorrow afternoon into thursday afternoon. the north bay it starts at 5:00. for the east bay it starts at 11:00 tomorrow night and does include the hills at this point with gusts perhaps up to 45 miles per hour and winds will drive down the humidity once again. getting into night, notice the wind continues to be light.
12:50 pm
tomorrow morning things are starting to change. santa rosa reporting a wind up to 19 miles per hour. 19 in san francisco. into wednesday night, the wind is still going. santa rosa, 23. san francisco, 15. the wind is not expected to be as strong as sunday night into monday but that heightened fire danger will be back into wednesday afternoon and thursday. temperatures today are coming down. mid 60s and mid-70s for most. if you low 80s in the inner east bay. temperatures continue to cool as we get into wednesday, thursday and friday. when it comes to the temperatures, very nice weather these days but this time of year, that heightened fire danger will come around until we get decent rain. >> the safeway open last year on the final day there was rain in the area. that was last termer. we had a wet october. no rain out there in the
12:51 pm
distance next week? >> i don't see any yet but hopefully that will change. usually by the end of a sober. as we have been showing you the devastation, it's been heartbreaking for many. here are some of the emotional scenes captured by ktvu crews and napa and sonoma county. >> i looked up and saw softball sized embers coming down my street . it looked like something out of an armageddon movie. >> i was knocking on doors and ringing bells. you can only hope. >> it came on quick, didn't? >> absolutely. >> with these fires it's unpredictable. you think you have five minutes and the next thing you know you do not have any minutes. >> we had no time. there was not really an evacuation it was that fast. people had to get in their cars and go. >> it's just so scary.
12:52 pm
[ crying ]. >> it's one of those things you did not think would happen. this is my childhood home. it's unbelievable standing here looking at all of this ash. my bicycles. everything is just completely gone. >> this is unreal. >> it's devastating. all i can say is devastating. i have my life. my wife. my family and my kids. >> my neighbor's house burned down but i saved mine. i'm pretty thankful. i don't know. i'm starting to let it sink in right now. it's not good. >> we bought all the cases of water. 25 they had there. they are low on supplies. >> why? this is a horrific fire. >> i would want someone to do that for me.
12:53 pm
we have the ability and the resources to do it. we have two all pitch in and do what we can, if we can. i have friends who have lost their homes and everything already. this is very devastating. >> i am lucky. my house is fine. my family is fine. my city is not. it's going to take a long time for us to recover. yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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i'm live in santa rosa in the coffey park neighborhood. not one home was spared for blocks we have been driving on. some similarities in home after home. the washers and dryers seem to be holding up okay. they are recognizable. you can't really tell what else anything is in this space that used to be a home. something else we are seeing, there are bits and parts and nails and that sort of thing. i will reference this melted metal on the ground. the rims of this car have melted into these rivers of silver. i've been getting feedback from viewers. someone wrote me on instagram, does that mean the temperature in this fire was around 1200 degrees fahrenheit? i mention instagram because i will tell you, a minute ago,
12:57 pm
what's it like to be here in person? it's surreal. and i'm hearing from all of you at home -- can you go two locks down the way and see if my mom's house is still there? can you go this other school? i'm feeling overwhelmed by the amount of requests we're getting. it speaks to the way people are hungry and desperate for information. also pulling together and be lying on each other. it's that neighborhood feeling that many people say got them out in time. they are the lucky ones. they get to come back to see what is left of their homes. we still see smoke rising -- rising from this home. this neighborhood was built in the 1980s. i have not talked to a single person who say they do not plan on coming back to rebuild. they all recognize it's going to be a long process, months and years in the making.
12:58 pm
they all say they plan to come back. they plan to rebuild and they expressed their deep gratitude for their neighborhoods and for the entire bay area, putting its arms around the north bay and helping with financial donations and food and that feeling of being in this together. i will send it back to you. >> it's been a fantastic community in years past and it is today. i know they will come together and rebuild. i do not have a doubt about that at all. claudine wong was to the fire lines yesterday and joins me in studio. i want to mention we do expect a 1:00 news conference at the sonoma county fairgrounds. this will be with cal fire and sonoma county fire and emergency services. we are waiting for that to begin. when it does we will bring that to you live. yesterday -- tell me about the
12:59 pm
drive-in. when did you know you were getting -- >> the drive in was interesting. we are going in and all these people were going out. it was slow going. you could tell as we were getting closer, all the people that were getting out of the area had the -- as they had been asked to do. there were so many road closures , it was hard to figure out where we needed to go. we went to several different neighborhoods. what struck me was the amount of smoke that was everywhere. we've covered these before and you go to the place that is burning the hottest. it was burning hot everywhere. that really had us trying to figure out which direction we wanted to go in. we were in the neighborhood and everywhere we saw devastation. in some places there were houses standing. we have video to show you. this is the fountain grove area. they talked about this being the
1:00 pm
place where the scariest rescues took place. when we arrived that house was not burning. it was the one in front of it. and then to sit there and see this house doing just fine all of a sudden go up in flames -- then we saw the aerial drops starting. >> we were waiting for those in the wondering if the conditions would improve. fountain grove is on the east side of the highway. you can see the vegetation and bigger trees. the fire came down from calistoga, down the hills and started going into the canyons. >> writes. the fire was coming in our direction. what we did not realize was that burning crossing up and over the hill. there was so much devastation behind it. the aerial drops, they were trying to keep it from moving forward. where we were, at that point, the police officer stopped us


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