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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 11, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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what is needed. >> now, officials in sonoma county recommend that you call ahead to a shelter before you bring a donation. you can find a list of ways to help fire victims on just look under web links. crews in solano county trying to save two homes. we will have the latest update on their progress. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well, fires continue to rage across much of the north bay. welcome back on another busy morning, wednesday, october 11th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. it is busy. we are focusing on the deadly fires burning across northern california this morning. most out of control still. cal fire will give us an update in a few minutes live. we will bring it to you live. 185 people have been hurt.
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more than 2,000 homes and other structures have burned. at least 115,000 acres, an air bigger than the entire city of san jose have burned. fires still burning across sonoma and napa counties. flames pressing along lake, mendocino and yuba county. 200 people are listed as missing. some are trying to reconnect in the middle of the confusion out there. since monday, 60 people have been located. this man is missing of santa rose a his friend told us last night by phone that mike's home was destroyed in the fire. no one has heard from him since. and there is sad news about one of the people reported missing in santa rosa. a family member contacted us and said a fire inspector went to the home of 27-year-old christina hanson and confirmed she died in the fire at their home. christina used a wheelchair. she was last heard from early
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monday morning. family members say she was on the phone with her stepmother, describing a red glow coming close to her home. >> so many people i talked to in santa rosa said they got out with minutes to spare. >> really. >> steve, these stories of watching an orange glow in the distance and realizing it was coming towards them and getting out with just minutes to spare. >> 65 miles per hour wind and 90 degree temps will do it. we have a different pattern today. thank goodness. the humidity is up, way up. it was in the teens. at 10, 12, 14% early monday morning. now up 80%. most locations are showing more of a westerly breeze today. still a northerly breeze at cloverdale and both locations there. geyserville is northwest.
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humidity 52, 63, 61%. that is better than 10, 12, 15% by far. the temperatures are noticeably cooler. we're down about 20 degrees compared to monday. fairfield has a west/southwest. that sends the fire out to solano county. 50s and 40s and even 30s on the temps. red flag warning and wind advisory starts at 5:00 mainly for the north bay hills and then the east bay hills. different than sunday and monday. it is producing an on shore breeze right now. 50s on the temps. we will see low clouds and fog. a different setup than yesterday when we had the smoke coming back towards san francisco. another system on friday will keep the breeze blustery conditions going. highs in the 60s and 70s. here is sal with an update on the roads. >> we do have -- it looks like -- i have to go around. it looks like my mic -- that
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was my mistake. i took my mic off. that happens. i guess live television. i want to show you the closures are going to be there in sonoma and marino owe sonoma county. we still have the freeway open. however, hopper river and airport off-ramps are closed in the fire area. but the main roads are open. i also want to show you that some of the other closures are still there. we saw alex savidge at the closure of highway 128 at chalk hill. also 128 is closed east of st. helena on the way up to lake beressa. we're also looking at the san mateo bridge. we had a six-car pile-up earlier. that has been cleared. fortunately it was not an injury accident or serious injury accident so they opened it up. i'm no longer advising you to
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take different bridges. this is a look at the drive from the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. 45 minutes is the average time to get out to the bay bridge toll plaza. also an average commute of 20 minutes. at 7:05, back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. firefighters in solano county busy watching the atlas fire. >> christien kafton is live near green valley with the latest on the fire and the evacuation orders where you are christien. >> reporter: yeah. we've been monitoring the progress of the fire. so anybody who is from the area will be pretty familiar with the area that we are in. we have been watching fire crews from cal fire trying to save this home. we saw the fire make a sudden run here to the right. now, there is a home that is upslope there. there is another property over here. there is another home to the right. firefighters now working to try to save that home, trying to block the progress of this fire. earlier we were telling you
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about a home up on the hill over here. if we can turn and show this home here to the left. we had firefighters here trying to save a home up on the top of this hill. at this point, we still see the outline of the home. we know there are firefighters up there. we have not been able to get close to them at this point. it appears that they have at least for now stopped the forward progress of this fire. now they are trying to prevent it from going to a neighboring home and property. earlier we told you there were two home that's were threatened. i watched as one firefighter used essentially a hand unit or a small unit on a pickup truck to spray enough water to save one of the homes here. now the concern is that the fire could very well spread to another nearby home. now, just about half an hour ago or so, we were in the middle of a live report and we heard from a fright had pulled up on to the scene who told us what the strategy is at this
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point. >> there is a residence in this driveway and then one up above. we have both units. we're making sure that the fire goes around and not damaging any of the structures here. . >> reporter: so as you heard, the strategy at this point, trying to kind of guide the progress of the fire, trying to get the fire to go in a particular direction to avoid homes. that outbuilding that we showed you earlier at this point appears to be safe. but of course their property -- number one priority is preserving life and protecting people. the second priority is protecting homes and outbuildings take a distant third after you work to try to save homes, after you work to save people's lives of course. we're monitoring the progress here on this fire. again, that firefighter confirming for us that this is in fact the fire. this isn't some kind of a back fire. this is the active fire they're working, trying to contain, trying to put it out. not a back fire or something like that where they're trying to prevent the spread of the
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fire. so that's one of the reasons why they're taking an aggressive stand here, trying to make sure that they can do what they can to block the progress, try to guide that fire around homes in the area. back to you. >> christien, you said the fire took a turn in the past few minutes here. i don't get the sense it is windy where you are. are the slopes playing into that? can you explain what is happening with the changing dynamic? >> reporter: absolutely. so as you can see -- and you nailed t gasia. we're on kind of a steep slope here. once the fire runs uphill, it burns quickly. from the position that sid and i are, we're downslope. we figured this was the safest location to be to bring this live coverage to you. we also have our vehicle pointed out of the area so we can get out quickly if we need to. it is a little more difficult for the fire to make progress downhill. you can see the fire starting to make that run uphill. and, again, to the right. and there is a home over there.
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so once we're done over here, we're going to try to move closer to see how that home is doing and see if in fact the firefighters are starting to move over to that location. at this point, though, firefighters do tell me that the two homes here that he have with been monitoring for the last hour or so have both been evacuated. that is good news. a deputy we spoke to earlier said they have been telling people to evacuate the area. we are in the green valley evacuation zone. they have been telling people to evacuate and get out of the area. they say if people decide they want to stay and protect their home, they are making them sign a waiver so they understand that they are putting themselves in a dangerous situation. >> christien kafton in solano county. thank you for the update. president trump approved a disaster declaration for california because of the destructive wildfires. >> i spoke with governor brown last night to let him know that
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the federal government will stand with the people of california and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. >> the fights penguins were at the white house. before the president congratulated him, he reflected on a difficult few weeks for the entire country. from the devastation of hurricanes harvey, irma and maria to last week's shooting in las vegas and now of course the major wildfires burning in both northern and southern california. the disaster declaration allows the federal government to provide funding to state and local governments to help fight the fires and ultimately to rebuild. >> yeah. new video this morning to show you just how dangerous it is on the front lines of the fire. coming up at 7:30, new overnight video from the sonoma fire department. crews continue to fight the flames. this is the new comfort food.
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>> the time is 7:13. there are newman da new mandatory evacuations to tell you about. calistoga is under a fire advisory. people don't have to leave but they should be ready to go on very little notice. ktvu's allie rasmus is live there. you have seen people evacuating throughout the morning, haven't you? >> yes. i just got new information. we got to briefly talk with a firefighter from the mountain fire department. he was definitely in a rush. he couldn't stay and talk for long. he said he was just over in the area of mountain home ranch road, which is beyond the canyon, over the hill. he said 40% of the homes on mountain ranch road are gone. they have burned down. there are spot fires throughout the northern part of calistoga and mountain home ranch road is
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where the fire is right now. and they were very busy over there. and he said unfortunately that they lost about 40% of the homes in that area. mandatory evacuation for allred dents north of grant street in calistoga went into effect at 3:00 this morning. we saw a lot of people heading out of town in the middle of the night. we will show you video from earlier this morning in st. helena, which is nine miles from here. they were gassing up, trailers and campers with them. ready to leave. we spoke with residents this morning who may not be in the mandatory evacuation area, but they live in calistoga and they know it is a good idea to get ready to leave. >> we cleared the woods around the house, the winery and up and down the mountain. but if you have a fire storm, it's going to go right through. we're getting ready to go. >> reporter: and most of the gas stations in calistoga are out of gas.
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there are a few pump that's have diesel left. we have seen some trucks filling up on diesel. again, people heading out, this is the major closure -- road closure. because beyond here, about four miles away from here, mountain ranch road, that's where firefighters told us that the fire is active there and several homes have burned. the firefighter that i talked to said 40% of the homes he estimated were gone on that road. and 29 -- highway 29 southbound is the only way to get out of calistoga. you can take silverado trail. but that loops around to south 29 as well. so this is why we have seen -- mostly the flow of traffic behind us here, people turn around at this n and head south on 29 this morning. back to you guys. >> allie, i know on mountain home ranch road, there are residences and ranches where people come to vacation, hold weddings, there's a lot of animals as well. have you seen horse trailers
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coming out, large animals being rescued. >> reporter: we have seen horse trailers all morning. it is a rural area. people like to live in large properties where there is space for their horses and other animals. we met a woman who had horses and a goat as well. we have seen a lot of trailers. we tried to get beyond -- closer to where the fire is on highway 128, heading up this way. we were actually stopped by some of the volunteer police officers. they wouldn't let us go past to where the fire is. again, just found out from one of the firefighters who was just up there that mountain home ranch road is where the fire is very active right now. >> allie, quickly before you go, you said earlier a lot of gas stations were out of gas. or at least some were. >> reporter: yeah. here in calistoga, i mentioned a short time ago, these two gas stations, the 76 station and the one next to it, an independent station, a fast and easy mart, just diesel is left.
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i saw a gasoline tanker truck coming through the intersection. i'm not sure if that is for just regular vehicles or that may be heading closer to where the fire trucks are staging. that may be for some of the emergency vehicles. we have seen emergency responders from all over the bay area here. just before the live shot, we saw ten oakland police patrol cars coming to help direct traffic. we have seen chp officers. the guy that i was talking to right here, he is have the oakland office, the chp. over on 29, we talked to another chp officer from castro valley. the communities in the north bay getting help, mutual aid from law enforcement throughout the bay area. >> allie, you put your mask on. it will help you breathe better. be careful out there. >> allie rasmus reporting for us. let's help you get around if either you're in the fire area or on your daily commute. sal, you've got two jobs here today. >> that's right. we will start with the fire
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area, gasia and dave. i circled an area of highway 101 where the road is open and traffic is moving well. there are off-ramps closed. river, hopper, buy centennial and airport in this area. and these things change quite a bit. you're driving along and may see a ramp that is closed that we haven't mentioned because the situation is very fluid. we are looking at parts of highway 128 chalk hill. this is where alex was a while ago. this stretch is closed for active fire as you heard him report. and near lake beressa is closed east of st. helena. highway 29 is open. and officials recommend if you're leaving calistoga, use 29 and heading south towards napa. that is open. let's get to other parts of the bay area commute. that cleared an hour ago and traffic is recovering. dumbarton and bay bridges are also busy.
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80 westbound a little slow from the carquinez bridge to the maze. taking about 50 minutes, 5-0, driving out to the macarthur maze. at the bay bridge, moderately heavy. looking at highway 24, it is sluggish through lafayette. northbound 280 traffic seems to be slow as norm as getting up to the west valley. 7:19. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. a different pattern than sunday and monday. thank goodness. the wind will pick up later. not too bad right now. but more signs of a northerly breeze later. pretty cool system has moved through. that is a huge difference right there. the temperature about 20 degrees cooler. also we have seen more of an on shore breeze right now. the humidity way up. take your wind forecast. not too much until late they are afternoon. 5:00 or so. that's when the wind advisory
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kicks in. and for the red flag warning to kick in for the north bay hills and the east bay hills later by 11:00. most of the wind direction stays northwest. occasionally you may get a northeast. nothing like what we just saw. temperatures are cooler as well. some of the humidity is 95%, 93%, 90%. these are way higher than what we had. near geyserville, 51%. it is a northwest wind for right now. we expect that to turn northerly later on. even out to the valley, a lot of west/southwest. that smoke has been pushed out into sacramento. lows are very cool. 30s, 40s, down as much as 20 degrees. look at all of the fires. just so many. it is hard to stay on top of them. we will have updates throughout the morning, gasia. >> thank you,. it is being called the worst air quality ever recorded in the bay area. next, what you need to know about all of the smoke that is likely drifting into your neighborhood even though you
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> there were new evacuations in sonoma last night in the geyserville area. we will bring alex savidge back in as he reports live from sonoma county to show us and tell us what it is like there today. alex. >> reporter: well, gasia, good morning to you. we have talked about how there are so many fires burning across the north bay. and this actually is another fire that we really haven't
7:24 am
covered before in the past. this is called the pocket fire. this is the fire that is burning here, maybe a mile or so away from our location. this is just east of the town of geyserville. it is threatening geyserville. this is the fire that has prompted the evacuation orders for many people living in geyserville. authorities are saying that anybody living between highway 128 and the russian river should be evacuated. people in the downtown geyserville area should be prepared to evacuate. now, as far as our location right here, we are at fox ridge road, near river road. and you can see this fire actively burning. you see some dark smoke here. really all around us. kind of surrounded by this -- by this fire. it is actively burning not far away from geyserville itself and not far away from homes. according to cal fire, we have as many as 1600 homes that are potentially in the path of this fire. and, again that, is why they
7:25 am
have issued the evacuation orders. the pocket fire already has charred about 1800 acres. again, this is a separate fire from the tubs fire which is burning just south of here, which is the fire that caused so much destruction in santa rosa. had a lot of people reach out on twitter, several people i should say reach out on twitter and a lot of folks trying to get more information about this particular fire, which, again, is threatening the town of geyserville this morning. this is known as the pocket fire. and, again, it is a couple miles east of town right now. you can see, gasia, we have a lot of dark smoke here all around us. this fire clearly is very active. and you have to be quite concerned. calm conditions right now, but obviously we know that will change later today. >> i know what it feels like, alex, to get the pleas from our viewers saying just a mile from where you are, my parents live or two -- you know, two blocks around the corner is my old high school. i know it is overwhelming to get the responses but you are
7:26 am
thankful to get the feedback from the viewers. >> reporter: we are. when we did our last hit we were south of geyserville and talking about the tubs fire. and people reached out on twitter and wanted information about the pocket fire. it hasn't gotten much coverage. that is the case when we have so many of the large fires actively burning out of control across our area. obviously there are some fires that don't get as much coverage. but this is the fire that right now, again, is burning through the hills just east of geyserville. and it is burning out of control right now. as you can very well see from our live picture. a lot of homes are threatened and a lot of people concerned. again, the evacuation orders have been issued for people. it's not quite clear exactly how many people the order affects. but anyone living between highway 128 and the russian river should be evacuating. >> thank you, alex savidge, in
7:27 am
geyserville. the time is 7:26. huge wildfires are spreading smoke as you know all over the bay area. the air quality is the worst ever recorded for smoke. >> pam cook is back with the warning being issued by the bay area air quality management district. >> something that we're all talking about. we all feel it. overnight the wind shifted. that means that the smoke is moving into new areas, getting worse in other areas. the unhealthy air is moving into alameda, contra costa, san francisco and san mateo counties. it is also getting worse in and around the fire zone in the heart of wine country. air quality there has reached hazardous levels. people with asthma or any respiratory conditions are most at risk. elderly, small children as well. many schools have decided to keep kids inside during recess or no pe or sports because the smoke is too dangerous.
7:28 am
>> if you have symptoms, obviously go in and see your doctor, go into the er and get evaluated. an important thing is you may not have any symptoms up to 36 hours after the exposure. if we get the winds, that will push the air quality out of the region. if we don't get winds, it just sits here. that is good for putting out the fires but not for air quality. >> this morning, just a short time ago we spoke to scott alonso with the health department of sonoma county. he passed on a lot of good information. where to get masks. what should i be concerned about. sonoma county is the website to go for information. (707)565-3856 is the number to call for information. if you have people missing in sonoma county. it is a great website to reach
7:29 am
out to them to find out more information. the masks that you're recommended to use is this n95. it says it on the side. it has a filtration system. and scott was telling us on the phone you can get them at the evacuation centers. you can get them at pharmacies. i also heard in the news room some of the pharmacies might be out of these. >> yeah. >> but we did hear a wet rag over your face if you are suffering from immediate conditions. it might be helpful. try your pharmacies. and the n95 with the filtration system is the one to look for. >> good to know. i just grabbed what was in the garage. i think today after work i might go and have some of those on hand just in case. >> you were up there. >> i was up there. i grabbed what i could. i wish i knew better. now thanks to you we do. thank you, pam. >> the time is 7:29. new evacuations were ordered overnight. we will tell you where the newest fires started during the night.
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>> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2, wednesday october 11th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we continue to follow the latest on the devastation caused by fires in the north bay. adam housley is bringing us the latest situation there. >> reporter: gasia, about 5:00 last night, 5:30, the fire jumped the ridge from napa into solano county. we were on the ridge watching
7:33 am
the fire come. it was as if someone turned the fan on and the fire exploded across the hillsides here jumping the road. spotting as they call it three quarters of a mile away at one point. the fire in fact we got here this morning at about midnight and the fire was still burning all around us. as the sun has come up, the smoke has settled in and people worry that this is the calm before the fire storm. so far they have saved the homes down here at ground level. the same can'ting said up on the hillside. they lost several homes. they won't be -- they won't know until they assess the situation. the glass house went down. it burped at the top of twin sisters road. we're about five miles in from the 80 freeway. much of this area was evacuated about 5:00 to 6:00 last night.
7:34 am
we saw people taking their cows and horses out. basically grabbing whatever they could to escape the flames. i am noticing that they have settled down here, it is called laid down. there is no wind as you can tell. the smoke has settled in. everybody is trying to see what happens here. fire crews are trying to tap down what they are with the hot spots. if the wind comes back as expected there are a lot of areas that are burning low that could quickly blow up really into large -- large flames like we saw last night. >> adam, thank goodness many people left. have you seen people remaining? we have heard of people putting water on the roofs and that sort of thing. >> reporter: yeah. we have seen some. i saw them last night. we got some sleep and got back here at midnight. we saw people that stayed around. the fire crews were going around as they did in napa county and they go house to house and tag it with a yellow
7:35 am
ribbon letting everybody -- in this area it is a yellow ribbon letting crews know that the house has been notified. if you stay at that point, it is up to you to get out unless they were nearby. they were doing that around 5:00, 6:00 last night. this morning driving around i saw someone on a four-wheeler pulling -- in the vineyards they use to that spray down certain pests. they were using the four- wheeler, pulling the tank with water to put out some of the hot spots on the ground. i saw some crews on the hillside doing the same thing. it is a wait and see situation, hoping the wind doesn't come back. >> adam, talk briefly about the air quality out there this morning. are you getting any wind? >> reporter: we had a little wind earlier when we were here. right now it is a light breeze. so no wind. that is what everybody is hoping for, that it stays like that. i can tell you it was much different last night and even this morning early on. the air quality wasn't so bad at midnight.
7:36 am
the last hour or so has settled in here. like we saw yesterday. it is like a thick fog of smoke. that affects firefighters as well as we know and those who decided to stay. the thick fog -- i should say the thick smoke is what is affecting people right now. and just it is hard to tell because the sun has come up. but there are literally little red flares all around here, by the hundreds. that is the issue as we all know when the wind comes back, the smaller bushes, sums burning that can explode into much larger flames. >> adam housley, thank you for the update. you stay safe as w thank you. we will talk more about the weather. we saw the smoke and haze just hanging there thick in the air. that is the story across the bay area. >> yesterday it was san francisco and san pablo bay. now it is more east getting the smoke. sacramento getting the smoke. the wind has turned. by the way, alex savidge is autopsy the pocket fire. cal fire issued an update just
7:37 am
now. i posted that on my facebook page. up to 1800 acres. they just issued one for the tubs fire in the last five minutes and also for the pocket fire. find my page and the information is there. i post it as soon as they send it out. geyserville northwest at 16. northwest at 10. just heard from mark. he is up in northern hillsberg. he says our wind is picking up. i believe it. you can see it, 15, 16, 10 miles per hour. cloverdale has a north at 14 or a northwest. so predominantly it is northwest. that is much, much better than a northeast or an east. humidity is up, way up. on sunday and monday, the humidity levels were in the teens. you're seeing 67, 89. district has turned northwest at 5. 88%. american canyon is west. 90%. that takes a lot of the green valley fire smoke and sends it
7:38 am
out towards vacaville and all the way out to sacramento where we're getting reports of smoky conditions. even yuba city, there are reports there. everything has turned compared to yesterday. system digging in from the pacific northwest. here is your wind forecast. now, watch how -- things really begin to pick up 5:00, 6:00 tonight. northeast at atlas peak. northwest santa rosa at 22. northwest at 20 at ronard park. it does not get near sunday night and monday where it was 60 to 70 miles per hour. the temperatures then were in the 80s to near 90 degrees. north/northeast and roaring. wind is not good but it is 20 degrees cooler than it was and the humidity is way up. expecting more of a northwest breeze today and tonight. that is why the smoke has moved out towards eastern solano county and the sacramento valley. because the wind is more
7:39 am
westerly now. winds at 39. theme temperatures were in the upper 60s a couple days ago. that is a huge difference. that helps the firefighters. the relative humidity is higher. that helps. the only bug aboo if you will is the wind. lake port at 39 degrees. a lot of 50s. cold air settling in with the system. it ushered in fog that. is the area of low pressure digging in. there will be one more friday night. i'm concerned that will have a over land trajectory. but we will tackle that as we get closer to it. 60s and 70s. here is sal. >> steve, we still have plenty of closures in the fire area. sonoma and lake county and napa county. we are focusing on the roads here on highway 101 in santa rosa. highway 101 is open. but there are some exit ramp that's are closed in the area of the main fire right here.
7:40 am
hopper road. mendocino and some of the other off-ramps in that area. river road. so please give yourself extra time. we haven't seen much of a commute as is typical for the morning commute. lots of times with he see a lot of slow traffic from santa rosa to pet loom a that hasn't been the case for the past few days. people dealing with more urgent things. this is a look at highway 128, closed from tubs to chalk hill. from left to right there. you can also see 128 is close near the lake because of active fire activity. we get closer to the main part of the bay area commute. highway 24 and 680 have been slow. nothing out of the ordinary there. highway 80, interstate 80 is going to be okay as you drive into san francisco. at the bay bridge, it is backed up for 25 minutes. there is slow traffic, a little hazy for us to show you. southbound 101 recovering from an earlier accident at cesar chavez. back to the desk.
7:41 am
>> cal fire posted new information on the acres burned in the north bay and containment of a number of fires. we welcome the public information officer on the phone to bring us the latest. daniel. >> good morning to you. right now we are battling 22 wildfires across northern california that have now as of this morning burned almost 170,000 acres. as you have been reporting all morning, the fire conditions increase overnight force ugh us to evacuate additional communities across the north bay. >> which areas have seen the biggest growth in the overnight hours? >> so on the tubs fire burning in sonoma county, the one that did all of the destruction in santa rosa. it continued to burn in the northern portion of the fire, forcing evacuations to the communities of calistoga. the atlas fire was burping outside of napa. it has burned down into the green valley community. that area too was evacuated. so what we're seeing is really
7:42 am
fire activity increasing on several fronts, forcing the additional evacuations. the good news right now is that we're not seeing the same strong winds that we saw sunday night and monday morning. as you just reported too, we are bracing for what could be another bit of wind come tonight and tomorrow. that could challenge us and hamper our efforts. >> daniel, dave clark here. i was about to ask you about adjusting to the wind change. also psychologically how are the firefighters dealing with the fact that now we have 22 fires? >> you know, you have to understand the challenge this week has been for us. seen just the mass destruction. obviously it is our job to protect life and property and protecting life was the priority and has been the priority. to know that 17 people did not make it out alive is heart breaking for us. to see homes destroyed, the communities we protect destroyed, many of our firefighters lost their homes.
7:43 am
a fire station was destroyed. so the destruction and the death toll has been very difficult for us as -- as you can imagine. but we have to stay focused. was we do have to be prepared this this fire is nowhere from being over. we need to continue to strategize, move resources around, preparing for the north winds to push the fires in a more southerly direction today and into tomorrow. so definitely it's going to be a long couple of nights fors. we have been working around the clock. beating back the flames. making progress on several fronts. but, again, there is a lot of work left to be done. >> daniel, talk briefly. how effective has the big super tanker plane that you brought in, how effective has it been. >> flying the 747 converted aircraft that now drops fire retardant is a huge tool in our tool box. we have a fleet of smaller air tankers that are incredibly effective getting into smaller canyons and areas. using our smaller air tankers, large air tankers and the very
7:44 am
large 747dc-10 and other large air tankers helps us drop a significant amount of retard apartment -- retardant. you add that with our hand crews, our firefighters on the ground, bulldozers, all of the equipment working at the same time in orchestra. that's how we stop the fires. >> how many men and women do you have fighting the fires on the ground. >> we have several thousand firefighters on the front lines, many of which have been working 24, 36 hours straight in a row, day and night trying to beat back these flames, trying to get people evacuated. trying to get them out of harm's way. we have been continuing all week long to bring additional resources from other parts of the state in to provide us some ability to allow the firefighter that's fought the fires sunday night and monday morning a little bit of rest before they go back out on the front lines. thousands of firefighters across the state battling the fires. >> two quick questions, daniel.
7:45 am
first of all, how long do you expect the fire fight to go in the north bay. secondly, how does this stack up against other major fire incidents in california's history? >> you know, fires like this is not uncommon for us. while it is not an everyday occurrence, if you remember back in 2008, we had over 2,000 lightning sparked fires across northern california. when we get to these levels where we have multiple fires burning at the same time, the competition of resources, we really have to strategize and be able to manage a lot of things at once. this is what we train for. we practice for scenarios just like this. this is why our city fire departments, our counties, volunteer fire agencies and even our federal fire agencies are so important to help our cal fire firefighters be able to handle this exact situation. >> and real quick, daniel, the fire fight could go on for days, weeks? what is your estimate. >> it is likely that we will be out for weeks at a time.
7:46 am
obviously tonight and tomorrow will be a test. what do these winds do? if these significant winds continue to fan these flames and we continue to see growth, this could push down into the later part of the month. it is just too early to tell. we're ready tore the fight. we're hoping that the cooler temperatures will aid in our abilities to slow down these fires and get a handle on them. >> daniel, thank you for bringing us the latest on mornings on 2. we extend our gratitude to all of those helping to fight the fires here in the bay area. >> the time is 7:46. a disaster declaration for california. we will tell you more about the help that is on the way from the federal government.
7:47 am
7:48 am
7:49 am
>> 7:48. new video from the sonoma county sheriff's department. you can see how dangerous the conditions are for law enforcement officers and fire firefighters working the front lines of the fires. this area in particular was taken in the area of frans valley road at about 2:00 this morning. you see embers going over the patrol car and a number of trees and branches on fire. the officer is driving through this very dangerous area. speaking of driving, sal is watching our commute. it has been a busy commute. >> it has been. >> yeah. >> we're going to get to the closures next report. right now i'm going to do the traffic on the east shore freeway and the typical commute that's have been building. it's been getting very slow on 80 between the carquinez bridge and the maze. more than an hour now. you get to the bay bridge, another 20 minutes before you make it on to the span. san mateo and dumbarton brims
7:50 am
bridges are slow over to the peninsula. now it's time for steve's weather. it is 7:49. >> sal, some people are asking me about the sulfur fire in lake county, maybe with a northwest wind towards middle town and 29. do you know what i'm saying? >> yes. i know it is closed there at calistoga, right? >> yeah. highway 29 is closed from tubs lane to western mine in lake county, steve. >> okay. okay. that's -- people are asking me. >> right. >> thank you, sir. all right. that is a concern. because remember the wind on sunday and monday was west east. so it went from calistoga back to santa rose a a different setup today. cold air is moving in as well. we're down 25, 30 degrees compared to sunday, monday when we had had 80sand 90s. with the northwest wind it could send the fires in a different direction. it would go northwest to southeast incede of east -- instead of east to west.
7:51 am
cal fire sent out some updates on that. here is the wind forecast. mainly northwest. then turns northeast. that's what we're concerned about. about 5:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. tonight. not 50 or 60 miles per hour. what is interesting though is you can see how it stays a little northerly northwest to north. even santa rosa showing a slight northeast at 7. nothing compared to sunday and monday. where it was 60 from the east to northeast. kelseyville is 39 degrees. lake port is 39 degrees with humidity in the 70s. not the teens. same for geyserville, northwest. geyserville, northwest. geyserville, northwest. 59% humidity. the wind is picking up 15 to 20. some of the trees are beginning to move. santa rosa it is calm and 38 degrees. so there is cold air moving in.
7:52 am
atlas peak is north at 58 degrees. 88% humidity. american canyon is west. 90% relative humidity. and that takes a lot of that smoke in the green valley fire and sends it towards solano county and sacramento has a ton of smoke moving in. look how cool this is. this is the west southwest wind for vacaville. 39 in windsor. occidental, 36. santa rosa is 38 degrees. remember on monday morning, these were about 68 to 70 degrees. so that is a huge difference. the humidity is way up. the temperatures are way down. but any time that you get the wind, there is santa rosa at 39 degrees. so that cold air is working its way in. that will certainly help. there is also low clouds. a couple systems toed and one on friday. much cooler today. 60s and 70s.
7:53 am
i don't know about that 77 down in santa rosa until they pick up a north wind. then that could happen. cool and breezy and blustery pattern. things should calm down by the weekend. >> thank you. steve. dozens of horses saved as flames rush in. when we come back, the owner of a popular ranch share her story as they return to nothing but debris. ah, dinner.
7:54 am
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7:56 am
actually good news about the biggest wildfire burning in southern california. almost everyone who was evacuated from homes in orange county, they're allowed to go back home. but they may have to leave again if winds shift. that fire destroyed 14 buildings, most of them homes. 22 more buildings have been damaged. we're also getting a closer look at the fire damage near santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood. take a look. a ktvu photographer took this video on old redwood highway. homes were destroyed. pg&e crews are cleaning up downed power lines. this is incredible. the clover leaf ranch was destroyed. they were able to save 30 horses but two died. one is still missing. >> everything is gone pretty much. there's like a row of summer camp cabins that survived. but the old clover leaf camp,
7:57 am
the whole property there. this is the office and the owner's house there. >> we were there when the owner arrived to see what was left of cloverleaf ranch. very emotional. that has been a big part of the community for generations. neighbors stepped in when it was time to evacuate. >> it's a big loss for my family. we actually just celebrated our 70th year in business. and my grandparents started it. so to see what a lot of blood sweat ask tears that we put into it just gone is difficult. i'm really grateful for the people who helped us. some amazing people came out of the woodwork to save our horses and get everyone out safely. >> right now, pg&e crews are trying to get the power back on to the area. it is not clear when that will happen. the time is 7:57. fires in the north bay are just growing. we will have the latest for you on new evacuation orders overnight and how much the
7:58 am
fires have grown. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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8:00 am
>> mandatory evacuation orders in effect because of the tubs fire. we will have the latest coming up. the town of geyserville threatened by fire. we will tell you about the evacuation ordered issues overnight as the pocket fire moves closer to town. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is wednesday, october 11th. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. we continue to focus on the deadly wildfires still burning across northern california this morning.
8:01 am
most of those fires are raging out of control. there are now 17 confirmed deaths. 180 other people have been hurt. since sunday night, at least 115,000 acres have burned. that is an area bigger than the entire city of san jose. fires continue to burn across sonoma and napa counties. flames also pushing across solano, mendocino, lake, butte and yuba counties. the numbers will be updated in the next hour. when that happens, we will bring it to you. 200 people in sonoma county alone are listed as missing. people are trying to reconnect caused by the confusion caused by the fires. since monday, nearly 60 people have been located. among the missing, mike of santa rosa. his friend rachel told us by phone last night that his home was destroyed in the fire and no one has heard from him since. sad news about one of the people reported missing in santa rose a a family member
8:02 am
contacted us to say a fire inspector went to the home of 27-year-old christina hanson and confirmed she died in the fire at her home. christina used a wheelchair and was last heard from early monday morning. family members say she was on the phone with her accept mother, describing a red glow approaching her house. more people in napa county are being told to get out as flames continue to approach. >> cal fire has been telling everybody in calistoga north of grant street they must leave immediately. the rest of calistoga is under a fire advisory. allie rasmus is in napa county where she has seen people evacuating throughout the morning. >> reporter: we're at lincoln avenue and foothill road in the middle of the town of calistoga. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect. there's a lot of road closures in the area. where highway 29 and 128 sort of intersect. according to the chp officer and officials out here, southbound 29 is the only way
8:03 am
out of calistoga because of all of the road closures throughout the year. we have seen a lot of people heading south since the early morning hours, especially since this evacuation order first went into effect for all residents north of grant street. it was around 3:00 a.m. when residentsed told us neighbors started knocking on their doors. nine miles away in the town of st. helena, a lot of people were getting ready to leave. >> we're in survival mode right now. trying to stay safe. >> i've got my dog. at 4:00 in the morning, you do what you can. >> reporter: a lot of gas stations in calistoga are running low on gas. some only have diesel available. mandatory evacuation orders in effect for residents in cal stowing a north of grant street, because of the tubs fire. which has been burning since sunday night. it has gone through and damaged areas of town. and parts of sonoma and napa
8:04 am
county. and there's also an advisory evacuate order. that means voluntary evacuation order for all of calistoga residents. be packed up and ready to go in case the fire conditions change and they have to leave in a moment's notice. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> yesterday seemed like a better day in terms of fighting the fire. >> it is cold. in the 30s up in santa rosa. but the wind length more northwest. the humidity is way up. remember on sunday night, monday. >> 12%. >> yeah. the temperature was 68, 70 degrees. i'm seeing 39. >> good. >> i did want to add, there is an evacuation notice for middle town lake county because of the tubs fire. >> yeah. >> whenever i see info, i post it on my facebook page, folks. if i see something new from cal fire, i post it. that is the best that i can do for right now. i have too much on my hands as
8:05 am
you probably know. david says this morning it the first time that we have seen blue skies in two days. that's because the wind direction has urn ited. it is now more west and northwest. sending that smoke and haze towards eastern solano county and all the way out to sacramento. looking at cloverdale north, cloverdale east/northwest. geyserville northwest. northwest. hillsberg, northwest. the humidity, 50s to 60% versus 12, 14%. look at lake port. 38 degrees. 38 degrees. so there is cold air moving in. predominantly a north/northwest as well from sonoma, napa to atlas peak. american canyon is west. 47 degrees. 88%, 90%, 93%. just under 50% for atlas peak. that was northwest. now it turned northerly. a system is moving in. cold air spilling in rapidly.
8:06 am
a lot of upper 30s in the russian river. this is the wind forecast. not so much right now. the breeze has picked up from hillsberg up to geyserville and cloverdale up to the northwest. now we're more concerned about a north/northeast. atlas peak has a northeast at 10. nothing compared to the northeast at 60 on sunday night and monday morning. then it turns a little more north/northeast. santa rosa gets a northeast at 7. napa airport atlas peak north at 27 miles per hour tomorrow morning. so, again, the difference is the temperatures are down 25 degrees for some. the humidity is up considerably. but the wind will pick up. even though it will be more north/northwest. south/southwest. that is taking the smoke, a complete reversal of yesterday when it was northeast t came back to san francisco. now it is going out to the
8:07 am
valley. 40 in windsor. that will keep the temperature held up. very cold air and patchy low clouds. 50s on the temps. 40s for some. santa rosa is 37 degrees. sonoma county airport, 37 degrees. that is down 30 degrees compared to a couple days ago. that will help firefighters big time. another system coming in on friday. that will keep the breeze going. it is not the east wind yet. it is more of the northwest. 60s, 70s on the temps. all right, sal. 8:07. anything good? >> well, we do have traffic that iset going by on the ma i engineer roads, steve. 37 and highway 101. unlike the first day where there were several closures. i want to look at the areas closely. if you are driving on highway 101 in santa rosa, you are getting through. some of the heavily devastated fire areas, those off-ramps from the freeways are still closed like river, hopper, b
8:08 am
eyecentennial -- bicentennial. 128 is closed from chalk hill over to tubs. a large section of that closed for fire activity. 128 near lake berressa is closed. highway 12 has detours closed in the area. too many to mention in this traffic report. this is a look at the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. this commute looks okay. the bay bridge toll plaza we have about a 20-minute delay driving through. in the east bay commute, we've had slow traffic where you would normally see it, including the dumbarton and the san mateo bridge. there goes 280 northbound. the train there. traffic is moving along pretty well. there is slow traffic in the south bay. 8:08. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. there were new evacuations
8:09 am
in geyserville last night. alex savidge has the late yeah on the pocket fire. >> reporter: people in the town of geyserville is on alert this morning. that's because there were new evacuation orders issued overnight by authorities in this area. it is because of the fire burning in the hills east of town. this is called the pocket fire. it is a separate fire from the tubs fire burning south of here, still in the area around santa rosa. but the pocket fire has already charred 1800 acres. you can see it is still actively burning on a number of different fronts. according to cal fire, there are as many as 1600 home that's are threatened. this is near fox ridge road and river road that you're looking at. because this fire is actively burning and is still out of control, evacuation orders have been issued for people living between highway 128 and the russian river. those people are being told to evacuate immediately. people living in the downtown geyserville area are being told
8:10 am
to get ready to leave. right now the condition is fairly calm for firefighters. we do see a lot of dark smoke in the area, up in these hills east of geyserville. but we do expect the weather conditions are going to change later on today, with gusty conditions, red flag conditions in that area. that has to give firefighters and people living here in this area a lot of concern. in geyserville, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. and we just got an update from pg&e. its crews are making progress to restore power to tens of thousands of people in the fire disowns that have been without electricity for days now. cal fire gave pg&e crews clearance to go into some of the burned areas. it was able to restore power to 20,000 customers reducing the fire-related outages to 53,000 customers. pg&e will continue to work with cal fire to safely bring back power. president trump approved a declaration for california because of the destructive
8:11 am
wildfires. >> i smoke with governor brown last night to let him know that the federal government will stand with the people of california and we will be there for you in this time of terrible tragedy and need. the penguins were at the white house before the president congratulated him. he reflected on a difficult few weeks for our country from the devastation of hurricanes harvey, irma and maria to the shooting in las vegas and now the wildfires burning in northern and southern california. the disaster declaration allows the federal government to provide funding to state and local governments to help fight the fires and ultimately rebuild. the devastation resulting from these fires prompting many people to step up and offer help. coming up in our next half hour, more on the warning from officials about how giving could actually lead to problems. we have an update on the atlas fire burning in solano
8:12 am
county and an update on the two homes that firefighters struggled to save all morning long. that is coming up. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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8:15 am
we have been watching the fire monitoring a couple homes. the wind is picking up. tell us more. >> reporter: yeah. mike and gasia, we are in the green valley evacuation zone. there is active flames here still. this is the scene we have been monitoring this morning. a pair of homes on sassoon valley road. firefighters have been working hard this morning. they appear to have saved the two home that's were threatened in the predawn hours. this is what it looked like hours ago. we saw the fire here earlier this morning. we also watched firefighters setting back fires, trying to control the direction of the atlas fire, trying to kind of direct it one way or another, trying to route it around homes. they were finally able to stop the progress of this fire. and once they were able to do that, we made our way upslope and we could see the home. this home did everything right. this he had adid i defensible space around it. cal fire crews were able to save the two homes here on the
8:16 am
road. we now have the latest update regarding the progress on the atlas fire overnight in solano county. the conditions today are similar to yesterday. they are maintaining the green valley evacuation zone from green valley road at mason north to valley end lane. they also have approximately 42 evacuees staying at the community college which is about two miles from here. the solano county fairgrounds is also available for those with large animals and livestock. crews are working hard. again, it looks like they saved the two homes in the area. in the last half hour or so, sid, my photographer, and i made our way down the road and turned on wooden valley cross. we met with one of the neighbors there who say they have been monitoring the progress of the fire overnight. there is a valley over about a mile and a half in the direction that we're looking right now. a mile and a half to the north.
8:17 am
just across the napa county line. they have been monitoring the progress of the fire. it has been slow but steady progress overnight towards a dozen or so homes in the area. now, we watched the fire moving. at this point it appears to be moving slowly. but, gasia, you were talking about now that the sun is up, the winds pick up. >> right. >> reporter: fortunately there are cool temperatures. relatively still which is good news for the firefighters. what they could use is humidity. it does not feel humid at all. it feels like we're dry. we're anticipating that once the sun comes up and starts warming the air, the air will move around and we could see the fire moving more aggressively towards the home. >> yesterday i saw and felt a big change in santa rosa from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 in the afternoon. it was a world of difference. >> reporter: absolutely. and it is just a couple of hours that can make a substantial difference. if you take a look here, this
8:18 am
is the home that we were telling you about. we made our way up there. again, it can't be stressed enough. the homeowners did evacuate. but they did exactly what you're supposed to do. they had a defensible space. at least 10 to 12 feet. they had a concrete patio around their home, which is, again, really, you know -- it could have been the difference between having their home go up or having their home survive this fire. one more thing. you might notice over here, over my right shoulder here, you can see where the fire line seems to have stopped for right now. that is a cement culvert or a drainage ditch that firefighters were able to use as a fire break. that is their strategy, using whatever geography they can, using whatever skills they have to set back fires, those kinds of things. the firefighters here this morning, there were three positioned up at that home. we saw another two here up this road that we were showing you
8:19 am
early this morning. they have now all left this area. moving on to their next assignment. they all say they are exhausted. certainly they're working long hours here. we're wishing them all the luck in the world as they continue to battle the atlas fire here. >> and these men and women, they are why water tenders, they are in engines, they have hose lines. they're not getting any help from above with water drops. right? >> reporter: yeah. no. at this point -- these were -- >> at that location. >> reporter: yeah. these were trucks, right. almost like pickup trucks capable of carrying a couple hundred gallons. they're really using it not to try to extinguish the fire, right. that is not the strategy. they're trying to kind of direct the fire. so if they can blunt it on one side and kind of encourage the fire to grow in one direction or another, away from the homes, that is a sacrifice they're willing to make. >> thank you, christien. at 8:20, let's help you get out the door whether you're on
8:20 am
your daily commute or working your way around the fire area. >> gasia and mike, we have a look at the freeways. we're going to take a detailed look at the fire area next time because it is pretty detailed. i will say this, highway 101 and 37 are open. most of highway 12 is open. although there are detours in the area. and lots of portions of highway 128 are closed near calistoga and lake beressa. we will look at that more directly next type. this is a look at the east shore freeway. i want to alert you that traffic is slow. about an hour between the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. another 20 minutes getting into san francisco. once you get over the bridge, it looks okay. an earlier accident on 101 near cesar chavez. that has been cleared. san mateo bridge has been off and on. we had a much earlier accident in the morning that slowed things down. now it looks like normal, which is to say it is slow all the way across, likewise for the dumbarton bridge. the silicon valley commute is
8:21 am
slow. all of the freeways are slow getting up into sunnyvale and saratoga and cupertino area. this is the skyline. let me go back to this. i'm sorry. this is a look at highway 87. also very slow. check this out. slow late in the morning here. driving up to downtown. that is what you're facing in san jose. at 8:21, let's go to steve, thank you, sal. we have a different pattern than yesterday. yesterday it was calm. north/northeast. and all of the smoke and haze was coming over san pablo bay and into san francisco and out to the pacific. sunrise in counsel toe -- in downtown santa rosa. the wind has turned more northwest. you see the multiple fires. the complex fire, i'm posting it as soon as i can. i'm having issues posting it. i'm working on that. you can see the fires there that are now -- you get the
8:22 am
smoke in the air. when the wind turns westerly or northwesterly instead of back over the bay, it accepts it east, solano county, contra costa county, all the way out to the sacramento valley it is smoky. there is the south/southwest breeze. that will do it. all right. the breeze is picking up for some, especially around -- to the northwest. more towards hillsberg north. atlas peak north at 10. 48% humidity. the humidity, look at it, 89, 91. 95. 56 for sonoma. 88 around st. helena. these were in the teens a couple of days ago. now 30sand 40s on the temps. 28 lake port. cloverdale north at 14. geyserville northwest at 14. hillsberg is at 52 degrees. we are getting a northwest breeze. because of that system there. but some very cold air is
8:23 am
coming in. here is your wind thanksgiving for tonight. watch how -- yes, it will pick up, especially later this afternoon and tonight. it never really turns east. it might dip to the northeast at times. there will be gusts to 30 miles per hour. that will take us into thursday morning. 37 at occidental. some down 30 degrees compared to monday morning. red flag warning and wind advisory kick in at 5:00 today. that's when things will pick up in the north and east bay hills. >> thank you, steve. it is being called the worst air quality ever recorded in the bay area. in a minute, what you need to know about the smoke from the north bay fires.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> the wildfires are spreading smoke across the bay area. the air quality is the worst ever reported. >> pam cook is here to tell us about the measures to take to protect ourselves. >> you see more and more people wearing the masks. the particles can get into your lungs. people with asthma or respiratory issues are most at risk. many of are us experiencing dry throat, watery eyes and chest tightness. overnight, the wind shifts. that means more are affected. the smoke is moving into new areas. the bay area air quality management district says the dry air is moving into alameda, contra costa and san mateo
8:27 am
counties. it is getting worse in and around the fire zone, in the heart of the wine country. air quality is hazardous levels. this morning we talked with scott alonso of the solano county health department. >> if you can stay indoors, please do so. some of the masks aren't as helpful. these are very harmful particles in the air. there is a lot of smoke all over sonoma county. even in areas where there wasn't a fire, there is still smoke. stay indoors and in a safe place. >> use an n-95 mask, a mask with filtrations. some of the other masks are not as effective. they are flying off of the store shelves across the bay area. we locating people finding them in and around some of the spots. for more information, check the sonoma county website. that is sonomaca.
8:28 am
org. they have updated information on the evacuation centers and what you can do to stay safe. many schools across the bay area have decided to keep kids inside during recess because the smoke is dangerous. they are saying use the mask. and honestly here recommending if you smell the smoke in the air, you should not be running, you should not be biking. kids will not be exerting themselves outside. because it has reached hazardous levels for many of us. >> right. >> it says n-95 on the side. i'm hearing from a lot of viewers who found them at paint supply stores, home depot, as well as the pharmacies. >> i know my children's school they kept everyone inside yesterday. i wanted them to get out. we decided to go to a pumpkin patch yesterday and it was closed. >> i bet. >> there was a sign that said too bad. air is too bad. >> we're having indoor recess as well.
8:29 am
>> a lot of places don't have air-conditioning in marin county so you can't do that recycled air inside. be careful. >> good to know. thanks, pam. >> the fires in the north bay continue to grow, we will bring you the latest on the new evacuations overnight.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:31 am
it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it is such a busy wednesday morning, october 11th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. adam housley is joining us live. i want to tell you, cal fire updated the acreage burned to 42,000. the fire fight there far from
8:32 am
over. >> reporter: yeah. it is interesting -- it doesn't surprise me that the acreage almost doubled. last night we saw it explode over the ridge from nap a just up the hills behind me, you can drive right through the mountains and would hit napa eventually. the fire blew over the ridge from the wild horse valley area in napa. also burning up to lake beressa at the same time. this is not fog. you can see the ash blowing in the air. this is just smoke from a lot of small fires. in fact we drove around. you will see flames about a fight or two high burning low. firefighters are not concerned about them. the problem is if the wind comes back in this area, this he could become a wall of flames which is what we saw about 5:00 last night up on the hillside here when it seemed like someone turned a fan on. it went from being calm and the winds blew at 20 miles per hour and the flames raced across the hillsides. this fire actually spotted, which means jumped three
8:33 am
quarters of a mile away. there is not a lot that firefighters can do when that happens. they try to protect your home but they try to funnel it away from homes and lives when that happens. we saw a lot of people bring out cattle. in fact we helped some people evacuate seven cows off of their land and their property. a lot of volunteers came in and just drove around until they found somebody with horses or cows and said we can help you, put them in here. the human spirit is amazing to see, especially when you have a situation like that, which was so dangerous last night. still this is still evacuated around here. still dangerous, especially if the winds move in. >> are there any firefighters around where you are. >> reporter: yeah. a couple drove by. before you came by, a water tender drove to my left, heading north on sassoon valley road. this is all shut down through
8:34 am
here. sassoon valley is shut down, gordon valley, parts of wooden valley. all small valleys that parallel napa going to your east. we're only five miles or so from the 80 freeway headed up from green valley, if you're driving from the bay over the hill from from vallejo, it is basically to your left. this is where the atlas fire is burning into. firefighters will tell you they are stretched really thin now. we know that from the fires we have been covering in the north bay. you have four active fires right now with sonoma, here, calistoga and over by johnville. >> i know a lot of residents are grateful for the firefighters. resources are stretched thin. did you get a sense of frustration from people who are saying i don't understand why they can't knock the fires down. >> reporter: not here. not yet. in this area of solano county
8:35 am
is new. it just hopped over the hillsides last night. there was not a lot of frustration. people were surprised how quickly it got here. the evacuations and people were told to prepare to the north by lake berressa. they were a tad surprised it came through here. controversy tree club was evacuated the night before last. the frustration is over in napa county a bit. while the fire has burned this direction, there are certain area that's people are not allowed to get back in to check on their house. there are frustrations over in napa county on the silverado trail area. not yet here, mike, because of the fact that it is new here. >> adam housley, thank you for your reporting. we will bring you in throughout the day. along those lines, it is a different jurisdiction by santa rosa tweeted no reentry allowed in the evacuation zones. their safe had been looted. the entire neighborhood had
8:36 am
been wiped out but someone came in and took their safe. >> adam talked about a fire jumping three quarters of a mile. >> when you get the wind, the flames will go that way. >> it seems like the winds were going -- >> now it is more north/northwest. it may backtrack on area that's did not get hit the first time around. we hope not. the good news is that the humidity is way up and the temperatures are way down. a huge difference than sunday night and monday where it was a north/northwest wind at 15 to 20 miles per hour. smoky calm and cool in downtown sonoma this morning. ash on the cars. i believe that. the wind is either northerly or northwest. but some of it has turned. a couple locations showing north/northeast. american canyon west, at lack peak is north at 10. it will probably turn northeast later. there is more of a delta breeze
8:37 am
today compared to yesterday which sent a lot of smoke and haze out to contra costa county from the green valley fire, all the way out to sacramento. the source of the cooldown is the system digging into the pacific northwest. 30s out there. 41 in windsor. santa rosa reporting 39 degrees. a wind advisory kicks in. most of this picks up about 5:00 today and goes overnight into tomorrow. weak system looks like it washed out. 37 in santa rose a i mean, gasia you said yesterday it is cool. really cool now. >> yes. >> that is down almost -- it was up 70 degrees on monday morning. so significantly colder. higher humidity. even a little bit of rain. look at that. not towards crescent city and northwest california. it won't make it here. but the breeze will pick up later on as the system digs in. 60s and 70s on the temps. more of a northwest wind
8:38 am
instead of a northeast. sal. >> steve, thank you very much. we still have closures obviously in sonoma and napa county that will affect you if you're driving through the area. we haven't had a typical commute on highway 101 through sonoma. highway 101 is open. so is highway 37 from solano county over to marin county. as we look at the fire area, the authorities are not letting you get off the freeway in some of the most heavily affected areas of 101 near hopper and the b isentence -- bicentennial exit. active fire. people are being told to evacuate. if you are evacuating calistoga on highway 29 or silverado trail. highway 28 a big closure there
8:39 am
because of fire activity. we can't go into all of the closures because we would be here for half an hour detailing all of them. you will be stopped in a lot of areas. this is a look at the carquinez bridge and the macarthur maze. we've also been looking at the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. getting a little better. the san mateo bridge has improved out to the pence l all of the south bay freeways are slow this morning there. is a stretch in downtown san jose that looks good. as you can see on the map there. here it is. northbound 280 on the right. 8:39. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. in sonoma county, officials issued newman da -- new mandatory evacuations. people around river road and deer path drive. people along highway 12, near
8:40 am
madrone road and agua caliente have been told to be ready to get out quickly if the flames turn direction. this shows how dangerous the conditions are for law enforcement and frights -- firefighters out there on the front lines. this was taken around 2:00 this morning. you see the embers flying over the patrol vehicle. as that deputy kind of made his or her way right through the area. there are new mandatory evacuation orders in calistoga. north of grant street has to evacuate. people we know have been lined up at calistoga gas stations trying to get out of town. we spoke with one evacuee who had to evacuate from oakdale on monday. she and her family stayed with other family in calistoga and now they're being evacuated for a second time. >> it is tough. it is tough. but we have to stay safe. >> we're all in survival mode
8:41 am
right now. trying to stay safe. >> there was a shelter available at napa county college. all other areas of calistoga are under an advisory and can voluntary evacuate. there are wildfires burning beyond the bay area. the fires in mendocino and lake county are being called the mendocino lake complex fire. three people have died in mendocino county. the fire repped across 23,000 acres in the redwood valley area and continue to burn out of control. we know at least 150 homes have been destroyed in lake county. emergency shelters are open in kelseyville and middle town for those ordered to evacuate. evacuation orders however have been lifted for parts of clearlake. dozens of horses safe as flames began pouring in. when we return, the owner of a popular ranch shares her story as they return to nothing but debris. this is the new comfort food.
8:42 am
grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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8:44 am
>> the time is 8:44. with all of the fires burning, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. cal fire and google map created this map that shows where all of the fires are burning. 115,000 acres have burned in northern california. two thirds of that have been in
8:45 am
sonoma and nap ecounties and -- napa counties. we are getting a closer look at the fire damage near santa rosa mountain grove neighborhood. one of our crews shot this video yesterday. pg&e crews were working to clean up downed power lines. the clover leaf ranch was also destroyed. they were able to save 30 horses, two dies and one is still missing. >> everything is gone pretty much. there is like a row of summer cabins that survived. but the old clover leaf camp, that or the there, this is the office and the owner's house here. >> good luck to you guy. >> it has been a fixture of the community for years and neighbors stepped in when it was time to evacuate. >> it is a big loss for my family. we actually just celebrated our
8:46 am
70th year in business. my grandparents started it. so to see what a lot of blood sweat and tears we put into it just gone is difficult. i'm really grateful for the people who helped us. some amazing people came out of the woodwork to save our horses and get everyone out safely. >> right now pg&e crews are working to restore power it the area. it is unclear when exactly that is going to happen. the time is 8:46. we will help you -- help you get around to where you need to go. good morning, sal. >> it is a difficult morning. active in the news room as well. in case you hear us positioning our crews to get coverage here. i want to mention one be more time about the closures. there are plenty of them. i will not be able to go through all of them. i will give you the major ones. highway 37 and 101 remain open. those freeways are open. highway 101 is open but there are a lot of closures in the
8:47 am
area where the fire hit hardest. that would be in santa rosa, north of highway 12. a lot of the off-ramps are closed in that area. they keep changing. pretty steady closures of hopper road, river and bicentennial. highway 128 between chalk hill and tubs is closed for fire activity. calistoga has been evacuated. people have been asked to use 29 to get out of town. st. helena area, highway 128 is closed there as well. this is a look at the east shore freeway. we've had traffic getting a little better on the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. into san front -- san francisco. the traffic on the bridges is beginning to recover. the dumbarton as well. crowded over to the peninsula. a lot of heavy traffic in san jose. at 8:47. let's go to steve now. >> thank you, sal. i have an update on the redwood
8:48 am
complex fire. for some reason, maybe it's just me, i'm having issues with my facebook on posting it. i'm trying. hopefully i'll get it resolved shortly. as soon as updates from cal fire come in, i post them. a different scenario for many. a northwest wind or west wind for many. yesterday it was northeast/east wind. there is a good breeze i can canning up around cloverdale northwest, geyserville northwest. 10, 14, 9 miles per hour. hillsberg has a west at 17. look at the cold air. kelseyville at 39 degrees. 30s in the russian river as well. we're down about 25-plus degrees compared to monday. wind has turned northerly at atlas peak. a little off shore in sonoma. northeast again. so this is a change from the last half hour when it was mainly west/northwest.
8:49 am
there is a northerly component. westerly out to the delta until you hit davis. then a north wind. a lot has been pushed off to the sacramento valley or areas to the southeast. the system is digging in. you see the temps. 30s, 40s, 50s. 39 occidental. santa rosa is reporting 37 to 39 degrees. sonoma county airport. wind advisory kicks in at 5:00, along with the red flag warning. east bay hills will be later tonight, around 11:00. there will be gusts in higher elevations. nothing like what we saw sunday night and monday where it was due east, northeast and 60 plus miles per hour and the temperatures were in the upper 60s to 70s. you see 30s and 40s. much cooler. the humidity is higher. if it stays northwest, that is better. any wind is not good. rain on the north coast. it won't make it here though. temperatures will be cooler. the breeze will be more northwest. but 60s and 70s.
8:50 am
not the 80s or upper 80s. and the humidity continues to be pretty high. it will continue to come down. breezy conditions here i think through friday. then warmer and less winds going into the weekend. gasia. >> thank you, steve. the devastation that we're seeing from the fires is prompting many people to offer help. more on the warning from officials about how giving could actually lead to some problems.
8:51 am
8:52 am
hmm i can't believe how great this tastes! i can't believe it comes in... vegaaaan. and organiiiic. try i can't believe it's not butter! in two new ways. it's vegan! and it's organic! >> the time is 8:52. many people in the bay area are offering to help fire victims in the north bay. there are some restrictions as to what you can donate to shelters. >> reporter: seeing these images of family homes in the north bay reduced to ashes, has not spired others to take action. >> gosh, who wouldn't want to help? wow. >> reporter: the out pouring of support and their furry friends have har begun. at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. >> put it by the post.
8:53 am
we're just getting started. >> reporter: this long-time 4h volunteer who has been watching the fire coverage tuesday afternoon started collecting animal feed donations. >> i already have three different families who have offered to drive stuff up to sonoma county fairgrounds. they currently have over 300 horses. and they're expecting many, many more. >> reporter: while one evacuation shelter is still asking for items including diapers and dog food, others are saying thanks but no thanks. one example, sonoma county tweeted evacuation centers are not able to accept donations of prepared food. >> they're already suffering psychologically. >> reporter: san jose state professor francis edwards spent 14 years as the director of emergency services for the city of san jose and teaches about emergency management. she recommends giving money to an established charity saying it has two advantages. >> one they can buy in bulk. theft go greatly reduced prices over what you would pay at the
8:54 am
store for the victims. the other advantage is because they're working with the victims every day, they know what is needed. >> reporter: victims often feel a loss of control after losing a home and what empowers them after wards is putting their own house back together. >> it is much better to give money. that money can be directed towards whatever that person really needs. >> reporter: edwards says well intended donors can actually cause a secondary disaster by dropping off unneeded items that have to be disposed of which is why she recommends giving money to a charity that you know of or one backed by a church or gift cards. maureen naylor, ktvu news. the sonoma humane society and the mendocino county animal shelter are posting photos of animals on facebook. they were found in burned neighborhoods. the humane society is sharing faux at thes of missing
8:55 am
animals. a number of make shift animal shelters are all accepting animals, including some livestock there. is good news to share about the biggest wildfire burning in southern california. almost who was evacuated from homes in orange county are now allowed to go back home. it destroyed 14 buildings, most homes. 22 buildings have fire damage. 8:55. we're staying on top of the latest developments out of las vegas after the mass shooting there. the new timeline being released surrounding the moments before the deadly shots were fired. how's it going down there?
8:56 am
that's good. lica misses you. i'm over it though. (laughter) that's fine. i miss her more than you anyway. ♪ ♪ hey, my window is closing. yeah that's okay. alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪
8:57 am
. the owner of the mandalay bay questioning the new time line of events, the sheriff said the gunman shot a security guard outside of his door then shot bullets down the hall six
8:58 am
minutes before he fired down below. previous reports said the guard was shot after the attack began, there are also reports that a fraught elevator was used prior to the shooting. the hotel said what is currently being expressed may not be accurate. accusations again har wie wie now include rape and now his wife said he -- har harvey weint, -- weinstein now kru rape -- include rape and now
8:59 am
his wife said she's leaving him. north korea has threatened to send missiles into the waters around guam. >> today president donald trump is taking his push for tax reform on the road, he is traveling to pennsylvania to talk about his tax reform plan , , the white house is putting pressure on lawmakers to act. >> they campaigned on tax reform. we committed to that, i think that we will get there but time and again congress has made promises and failed to deliver. >> democrats have said that the tax plan unfairly benefits wealthy americans. bay area voters have to decide whether or not they want
9:00 am
to pay more on the bridge, voters will decide whether or not to crow tolls in the region. if approved, the bay area authority could determine how much to raise the tolls. >> we had fires, left, right, front and back of us, we were watching friends homes burning. >> i piled stuff into the car and headed down the road. >> more evacuation orders issued across the north bay as fires continue to spread. we are minutes away from an update from napa and sonoma counties. welcome to the nine, we have live pictures from the napa county sheriffs department. we expect an update on the fires in just a minute, coming up at 9:30, we expect an update from sonoma county, we are going to bring you that live as well. welcome to the nine. cal fire and google are


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