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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 12, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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2 investigates listened to dispatch audio that may give clues as to how the fires may have started. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's thursday, october 12. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we were talking about how we could feel and smell smoke and the wind. >> for some there is no wind at all. >> where is that? >> it moves around. for others it is very breezy. nothing like sunday or monday but the wind is picking up and the smoke advisory continues. there were many locations around elsa brontk, berkeley and walnut creek reporting ash. today is very unhealthy in the north bay, as you can see. we still have a red flag warning . it mainly applies to people
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about 1500 feet. lake county, mendocino county and the east bay and north bay hills. there could easily be gusts up to 40. it is turning more toward the northwest and north. 70s. 10%-20% humidity. yesterday we had humidity up to 80%. windsor from the north. 65% at hawkeye. some of these are higher elevations. atlas peak, north at 22. humidity at 27%. there is a west at southwest wind at fairfield. napa has south. sonoma, north at 8. it's more offshore or northerly. mount diablo has had some good gusts. 32 and 37% in oakland. the system the came through yesterday did usher in cooler temperatures.
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there is a northerly breeze but it's not upwards of 40 or 50 miles per hour for some. it could get over 20 or 25. the system came through. we will be on the drier side of that now. 30s, 40s and 50s. hillsburg, you were in the 50s. we had higher clouds yesterday. the onshore push continues for some. late port, 36. napa airport, 56. when you get that north wind you could be on the mild side or no breeze at all. today will be tougher for firefighters in the morning and i think conditions will improve this afternoon. temperatures are in the 60s and 70s. right now we do have some closures in the fire area. highway 121 northbound away from sears point maybe closed. highway 101, traffic is moving
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through however it is going to be subject to a lot of closures near the freeway. the freeway itself is open. in the fire zone between santa rosa and windsor there have been a lot of closures. in calistoga there are closures and also closures near lake berryessa. all morning we will update this. these things tend to change. we are also looking at the regular commute. slow traffic on 580 as you drive to the altamont pass. the rest of it looks good from livermore, pleasanton and hayward. interstate 880 traffic looks good in front of oracle arena. if you're driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light. the northern california wildfires continue to grow and the cal fire fire chief said the situation is going to get worse before it -- it gets better. there were 23 confirmed death. 180 people are hurt.
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more than 3500 homes and other buildings are damaged or destroyed. the fires have burned 265 square miles. that is bigger than the combined sizes of san jose and san francisco. you can see on this map or the fires are burning. there are concerns some of the larger fires are moving towards each other. they could merge into one huge fire. there are 8000 firefighters on the fire lines in mendocino and through sonoma, napa and lake county. crews from nevada, oregon, washington and arizona are heading this way. they will be needed as there are now 21 wire fires burning across northern california. debora villalon's reports that the fire threatening the bennet valley area east of santa rosa. >> reporter: named for nuns canyon road word started, this one destroyed dozens of homes
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in glen allen and is still spreading and merging with smaller fires. >> that ends up making a half circle around the town of sonoma. >> reporter: that's why cal fire is taking no chances on the sonoma and of the fire and clearing residents from aguascalientes. a small town next in line. moon mountain, directly above, is already full of fire. it's turning across the ridges even without much bluster to push it. even with dozier lines cut in, new wind could be disastrous. >> if the wind kicks up and kicks the embers up, there is long-range spotting. that's where amber goes a way out and drops into the town. then the wind will feel that. >> reporter: by now, everyone knows how that could end up. a firestorm like sunday night that becomes unstoppable. especially if firefighters are saving people. if this threat was not real before, it is real now and
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families who have not left are packed, watching the wind and waiting. >> if this neighborhood goes it will start catching the rest of the neighborhoods quick. hopefully it does not hit these houses over they and they can contain a. >> we are in this for the long haul. it will continue to get worse before it gets better. >> reporter: the outlook from fire officials is not optimistic and crews are digging in. and bennet valley using water drops and letting fuel burn away so it will not be there if wind kicks up. the san francisco firefighters have been at it all week. >> glen ellyn, bennett valley road, my crews have been working really hard. i'm very proud of them. the atlas fire, which started sunday night, is only 3% contained. it started near atlas peak above the silverado trail.
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it is now moved south and east into solano county toward lake berryessa. officers in the eastern sonoma valley have been going door to door warning people the fire could hit their neighborhoods. this video was tweeted out by the chp in san francisco. new evacuation orders were issued for lovall valley road. people are strongly encouraged to leave. overnight, new video from alameda county fire of teams deployed to the partrick fire west of napa and east of sonoma. the flames are very intense as you can see. fire crews have been working around the clock since sunday night. the evacuation orders and geyserville continue to expand. mandatory evacuations are in place for highway 128 east to the river rock casino and south on 128 from kaiser wrote to kal pine. authorities say 3-4 homes have
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been destroyed and 5000 acres have burned. one woman described the moments as neighbors got the word it was time to get out. >> it was just neighbors calling neighbors. >> were you scared? >> yes. it was feeling stunned and trying to decide what is important to me. i was kind of in a daze putting stuff in the car and shaking. until it was time to leave. >> firefighters say the flames are heading southeast in the direction of the river rock casino. the biggest worry they have right now is if the wind shifts to the west, that would put more homes in danger. as soon as the sun comes up, expect to see more at -- air attack force over one country. 37 helicopters and 36 planes including air tankers and spotter planes are assigned to the northern california fires. those choppers have been flying cannot carry as much water or flame retardant as the plane. the planes cannot fly because of the thick smoke preventing
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pilots from safely dropping fire retardant. the wind has helped clear the skies enough so that can happen during daylight. the four standard tankers based in santa rosa have been flying since monday. they will now be joined by bigger tankers from mcallen airbase in sacramento. the larger tankers can carry three times more flame retardant than the smaller planes. we have new information on some of the victims of the fires. linda tunis died when the fire swept through the journeys end mobile home park on mendocino avenue in santa rosa. her daughter posted this photo of her on facebook. her son found her body in the ruins of her home yesterday. a teenager for mendocino county also died in one of the wildfires. his parents and sister are in the hospital with severe burns after they try to escape their home. the sheppard family was in there car when it caught fire early monday.
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they were trying to walk out. that's one 14-year-old, kai shepherd, was killed. his mother, father and sister are in the hospital with severe burns. we are finding out more about the life of one of the santa rosa fire victims. 27-year-old christina hanson graduated from cal high in san ramon. her family described her as full of life. she was born with spina bifida and had been in a wheelchair since she was born. she moved to santa rosa, lived in an apartment behind her father's house. the family thinks the fire hit her apartment first and that her father tried to save her. christina died. her father, michael hansen, is recovering from third-degree burns. >> this really was a nightmare come true. right now we have to shift our
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focus to her dad and make sure he's okay. i think if she were here right now she would be worried about everyone in her community and making sure that everyone else that is out there missing was found. she would want to be at shelters helping and i think we just need to honor her that way and try to live the way that she would be living. >> christina hanson will be honored tomorrow at cal high homecoming football game along with two others. they died in the las vegas shooting. hansen's family has set up a memorial fund for christina hanson and her father. you can find that link on our website at kaiser and sutter hospital's are teaming up to help reunite families with their missing loved ones. both hospitals were evacuated sunday night and monday morning when the fire started. now the hospitals have set up
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reunification phone lines to help family members find missing loved ones who were transported from those facilities. kaiser's family reunification number is on the screen. it's 855599 kaiser's family reunification number is on the screen. it's 855-599-0033. sutter santa rosa family reunification number is 707 sutter santa rosa family reunification number is 707-543- 4511. you are also being encouraged to continue to report missing persons to the sonoma county hotline. that number is 707 that number is 707565 that number is 707- 565-3856. i will put those on our website. i'm pretty sure they are there. we are following reports of power lines that were down around the same time the fire started. details of dispatch audio. that 2 investigate listened to four hours. other clues about how several fires for the -- started.
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welcome back. more california national guard crews arrived at moffett field to help the firefighters in the north bay. these photos are of the 1/29 rescue wing and the 146th airlift team arriving just before midnight. the team is made up of 100 guardsmen and women in the los alamitos area near long beach. the team will provide support for shelters in napa and solano county. the california national
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guard is helping firefighters on the front lines. charles schultz airport is serving as a hub for a blackhawk helicopter and its crew. yesterday they surveyed the fire zone from the air and can wayne went along for the ride. from above the massive devastation the fire has caused really comes into focus. the burn areas are hardly recognizable. they flew over the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa and fountain grove neighborhood and everywhere you look its devastation. >> it reminded me of those old world war ii documentaries of dresden when that german city was firebombed by the allies and was left in ruins. that's kind of what that neighborhood look like. it was wiped out. >> as the helicopter approached the mount st. helena, the smoke
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became so thick it cut out almost all visibility making it impossible to survey the damage. the cause of the fires is still under investigation. there are a lot of questions about whether pg&e equipment may have played a role in sparking the fires. candace nguyen has been listening to hours of dispatch audio and it reveals firefighters reported downed power lines and blown transformers in several locations. tonight -- the night those firestarter. >> reporter: radio communication between dispatchers and firefighters. >> power lines are down. >> reporter: in the late hours of sunday evening when investigators say the north bay fire started. and not long after, burned tens of thousands of acres, destroyed thousands of homes and claimed lives. although the cause of the fires has not been determined, 2
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investigates listened to hours of dispatch audio between fire and law enforcement agencies after the first fires broke out on sunday night. they reveal more than a dozen reports of downed power lines, blown transformers and flames. >> we have been advised that were power lines downs with a transformer blown. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after those reports, flames spread, further crippling pg&e infrastructure around santa rosa. >> all these power poles are down. >> reporter: pg&e said it maintains an unwavering focus on delivering safe and reliable electric and gas service. the company acknowledges heavy wind and weakened trees contributed to brush falling on its electrical lines throughout the north bay but pg&e did not comment on whether they were the source of any of the fires. we went to check back in with sal with a look at traffic.
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so many roads are now closed. my daughter and i had to one up to sonoma state university because the was a mandatory evacuation. we went to grab things and so many emergency personnel were trying to get through. >> that's what chp is saying. obviously, sometimes, you have to be on the road if you are evacuating or doing something on the emergency side. but if you do not need to be on the road's, stay off the roads and sonoma county. here's a look at the map. you can see there are a lot of closures. the closures change from time to time because of new fire restrictions. for example highway 121 near 37 looks like it closed overnight. highway 101 is still open but many of the off ramps are closed.
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if you go further to the east near lake berryessa, we have a wide closure of 128 and a closure of 128 in the town of calistoga. also a lot of local closures. be aware that if you were driving, you will see a lot of closures. this is a look at the commute from gilroy to san jose. traffic looks pretty good as you drive from gilroy to morgan hill into san jose and continuing up to the main part of san jose with no major problems. traffic is light in san jose getting up to that area. we also have a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is going to be okay. i'm going to ask steve, looking at this picture, i assume that a smoke and not fog? >> that is all smoke. the breeze kicked in from the northwest. for some there's hardly been any breeze but for others it has kicked up in the higher
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elevations. when you get a north dorr northwest wind -- when you get a north dorr northwest wind -- it's going to take that to the south. that's what is happening. this does show some gusts above 30. i'm seeing that for a few. mount diablo and higher peaks above 1500 feet. we are going to have more of a north wind today. then it will start to taper off. unfortunately there is one more system that will clip us on friday. a smoke advisory for obvious reasons. it made it all the way out to sacramento and folsom yesterday. there was ash falling at many locations. very unhealthy as you head north or south. a red flag warning continues. it's divided up between the north bay hills and east bay hills but now includes the santa cruz mountains. timewise it could go tell 5:00 or 11:00.
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be advised it dances all around. in lake county, we are still seeing a northwest wind. 26%. 53, 50, 73 at lake port. now toward geyserville, cloverdale and healdsburg. most locations are around 50% or 60% relative humidity. there are some that do get the north wind or northwest wind. predominantly it is northwest wind. in napa county, unfortunately what's happened is we have lost a lot of the observations. they have been lost in the fire. atlas peak, north at 22. 27%. yesterday it was at 50%. fairfield has a west, southwest. that could change on a dime. davis, northwest. napa airport, east, southeast. some locations do get a east or
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southeast. vacaville, north. fairfield, northwest. we will have a lot of smoke continuing to move over. the system that went by yesterday brought cooler temperatures but we are on the backside of that now. 30s, 40s and 50s on those temperatures. out by the concord pavilion, 45. 42 in san ramon and dublin. there are some fairly cold temperatures but if you have any breeze at all, it will hold those up. that fog we had yesterday has been chewed up. santa rosa has a north wind and they are at 50. fairfield, 60. buchanan in fairfield, a 12 degrees spread. you do not see that very often. 21 in truckee. ukiah, 39. yesterday they had some fog but that has been chewed up. there will be another piece of energy coming down tomorrow. that may turn that breeze again
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more northeasterly. hazy skies, breezy conditions. 60s and 70s. i agree with cal fire. there's no sign of anything good here until next thursday. there is some hints of rain. the wind will die down as we head toward sunday and monday but it will warm up again. in the middle of this fire disaster, governor brown has a message. why the governor put some of the blame on climate change.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the sonoma county sheriff's office has issued more evacuation orders. there are mandatory evacuations in the eastern sonoma valley. people who live on council road north of lovell valley road or along seventh street north of lovell valley road are being told to leave immediately. there are also advisory evacuations. that means people do not have to leave but they should be prepared to get out quickly. you may want to leave now. that affects the area starting at mendocino avenue and lomita's avenue. also moving south and east to franklin avenue. the boundaries on the end are should not taylor road, melita road and montana road. that extends south to fourth street and highway 12 in sonoma county. the sonoma valley area.
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police are asking people to turn off the gas and water lines before you evacuate your home. in addition to schools being closed in the north bay, several other school districts will close today because of the bad air quality. schools will be closed in the pittsburg , west contra costa, martinez, mount diablo and antioch unified school districts. sports and afterschool activities have also been canceled. to get more information go to our website, 4:28 am. the extent of the destruction from the fires is hard to get a handle on. they are still growing. coming up we will hear what the governor had to say about the state's financial ability to recover.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2.


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