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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  October 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2.
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thursday, october 12. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. unfortunately it's very windy in some areas. >> we have a comparison. i will not show it right now with what happened on sunday versus now. the wind is picking up. nothing like we saw. 20-25 is bad enough. because of the breeze from the northwest or norsk -- north, that is sending the smoke toward the peninsula and out to the sacramento valley. the east bay also saw some yesterday. also in the south bay. very unhealthy as you go north. i spoke to a friend of mine in sonoma and she said it's awful and then an hour later it's gone. it does move around depending on the wind speed and direction. the highest gusts will be this morning. 35-40.
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overall we are looking for a decrease in windspeed later today. that will be temporary because there's another piece of energy coming down on friday. wind advisories are out. red flag warnings her out, mainly in higher elevations. it's in the north and east bay and the santa cruz mountains. humidity is lower today than yesterday. we have lost a lot of observations in napa county. mount diablo had gusts of 50. it is north in oakland about the caldecott. atlas peak is north at 22. humidity 27%. we had about 90% humidity yesterday. humidity will go down quick. some locations have no breeze and others have a lot of breeze. 40s, 30s and 50s. if you get a breeze it's in the 50s. if you don't, it's in the 30s.
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no fog today. we will end up with a lot of upper 60s and low to mid 70s. another piece needs to come by and that will pick up the breeze on friday for one more round. 60s and 70s for your temperatures. we do have closures in the fire area and you will see them if you are driving in sonoma county. we've not had much of a commute in the last few days. many people are not going to work. that's the purpose -- for this thing from their my pick we do have closures on highway 101. it's open through santa rosa but the off ramps are close. highway 37 is open but there are some places you cannot drive off of 37 like 121. they do not want you going up to highway 12. a lot of closures no lake berryessa on 128 and near calistoga. a lot of local closures of roads.
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obviously this is not an area you should be driving and unless it's necessary. let's talk about the solano county commute. vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. traffic on 80 looks okay. if you're driving to the carquinez bridge, it's open and traffic is light. from the carquinez bridge to the maze, 18 minutes. at the bay bridge it is relatively light. the fires continue to threatened several neighborhoods in sonoma county including the oakmont, glen ellyn and bennet valley areas. >> the tubbs fire is spreading in more than one direction. firefighters are doing what they can to keep those flames from advancing. >> yesterday the fire was working down a hillside and bennet valley, on the ground. a strike team was in place. crews worked to scrape away as much fuel as possible and the cal fire helicopter made several passes as well. firefighters say conditions were pretty good yesterday but those conditions can change. >> we are very aware we will
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have a 180 degree shift in wind. that's why it's good right now that this fire is doing what it's doing. taking out the fuel that would be pushed by higher wind, therefore, it eliminates the problem. that makes us available to go someplace else. >> despite the size of the fire, officials say many of the cruise on the scene are offering to stay after their ships are done. when the city of napa -- people are warned to be ready to evacuate. as jana katsuyama reports, the atlas fire is one of two fires burning on each side of that city. >> reporter: concern is focusing on the east side of napa. residents stood watching flames on a nearby ridge. the area is one of many under an evacuation advisory in case the wind picks up. >> we are ready to go. the smoke is thick. they advised us to get ready to go. >> reporter: people packed napa
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city hall where the city held its second community meeting of the day. >> we are seeing this is his story. >> reporter: officials warn the wind may change through the night. >> there have been some changes in the weather starting today which we are starting to see with the north and northeast wind. >> reporter: skyfox 2 captured video capturing the massive atlas fire stressed along ridges and burning near lake berryessa. on the west side of napa we saw emergency evacuations a day before. strike teams monitor flames. >> its extreme. is unpredictable because the weather is constantly changing and that's making it difficult for us to get containment sooner than later. we are very concerned. we continue to be surrounded as a city with direct tv. -- with fire act city. mcclellan airpark in sacramento is a base for the
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cal fire tankers that are fighting several fires from the sky. the air operations director said it's a nonstop effort involving a dozen planes that have already used twice as much fire retardant as an average fire season. >> the last two days have been record-setting for us in the gallons of retarded we have used. we pumped over 450,000 gallons in the last two days. >> these planes can fly from sunrise to just after sunset. along with dc-10 in d.c. seven the plan includes a 747 400 supertanker with a capacity of more than 18,000 gallons of flame retardant. there are mandatory evacuation orders and mendocino county were two buyers are spreading. the sheriff's office ordered everyone to leave the potter valley area. that is split between mendocino and lake county and people are supposed to be out by now. anyone still in that area is being told to head south to highway 20 to get out safely.
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about 700 people live in that evacuation zone. mendocino county fires have burned about 30,000 acres and a 5% contained. six people and mendocino county died in the fires. three more victims were discovered yesterday. alameda county fire photos have been deployed to the mendocino lake county complex fire. they sent out these photos yesterday afternoon. firefighters from oakland and santa clara have been sent to help. in lake county people to live in middletown are being advised to evacuate. the fire is burning towards their community. it could be in serious danger if the wind shifts today. the sheriff said the order is not mandatory at this point. if people do not want to leave now, they should have a bag ready with everything they need to take with them and be ready to get out on a moments notice. make sure the gas tank is full. the smoky skies are causing
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problems as far south as san francisco international airport. sfo put it ground delay program and effect yesterday, limiting the planes that could take off or land every hour. that gave pilots more space on the runways. airport officials say that meant more flights were delayed by an hour or more. 80 flights ended up being canceled. the smoke did not affect flights in minetta san jose or oakland international. the faa has not decided is fs -- sso operations will be affected today. the extent of the destruction from these biters are hard to get a handle on. governor brown said it's too soon to say but he does expect the cost to fight the fire and to rebuild will run into the billions of dollars. he did assure us in california that the state and federal government will have the resources needed to recover. >> individually there are great
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tragedies. people have died and people are injured and their homes and loved ones are deeply affected. that cannot be recovered but material basis, we will. >> the governor said because the california economy is so large, it can absorb even a disaster of this size. people who have lost their homes or cars in the fire are filing insurance claims. aaa, which provide auto and home insurance for thousands of people, now has a trailer set up at the sonoma county fairgrounds. customers can file their claims there. the trailer is at the fairgrounds at 1350 bennett valley road in santa rosa. it's open from 7 am until 7 pm. aaa said it's providing debit cards to help customers with their immediate living expenses. 285 people are still reported missing in sonoma
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county since the fires started. the good news is 300 other people have been found. they were thought to be missing. here is the number to call if you are searching for someone or if you found someone who was reported missing. the sonoma county missing person hotline is 707-565-3856. if you need financial help, the redwood credit union has set up a north bay fire relief fund. call the redwood credit union at 707545 call the redwood credit union at 707-545-4000. if you want to donate to that fund go to any redwood credit union or donate on red red credit union's website. next, we will tell you how other parts of the bay area are pitching in to help the fire that comes with special attention to children. we do have traffic moving along pretty well on the east shore freeway.
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there was a convoy of law- enforcement vehicles heading northeast on 80. this happened yesterday and i believe these are resources heading to the fire area. we will let you know more about this coming up. smoke advisory continues because we have more of a north or northwest breezes. that is taking the smoke from the fire areas to the east bay and south bay peninsula and out to the sacramento valley. we will talk about that and current wind speeds. what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories...
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a funeral will be held this morning for stacy etcheber of novato. she was killed in the mass shooting in las vegas. she was a mother of two and was
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at the music festival in las vegas with her husband. the san francisco police officer. the funeral will be held at saint mary's cathedral in san francisco. there will be a visitation at 9 am followed by a funeral mass at 10:30 am. along with her husband and two children, she is survived by her parents, two brothers and a sister. she was a graduate of california high school in san ramon and will be honored at a ceremony before tomorrow night's homecoming game. as the fires continue to burn, air quality is an issue throughout the bay area. the smoky conditions are expected to get worse today and tomorrow. several counties have issued hazardous level warnings. the environmental protection agency index has increased levels to orange. this signifies that sensitive groups like children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions should avoid going outside. yesterday governor brown
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addressed the devastation from the wildfires saying that climate change has played a role. >> that's the way it is with a warming climate and dry weather in reducing moisture. these kind of catastrophes have happened and will continue to happen and we need to be prepared to do everything we can to mitigate. >> the governor, who has positioned himself as a world leader on climate change, acknowledged the federal government has pledged to help california recover from the fires but said at the moment any of the federal resources are focused on hurricane relief in florida and texas. governor brown says it's going to take a lot of money and resources to help the fire victims and many people are answering the call to help. >> >> reporter: the poor air
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quality is a sad reminder of the north bay fires. many people asking how they can help their neighbors. >> i have seen photos and it's completely devastating. many of my close friends from college live up there. >> reporter: jacqueline graduated from sonoma state and is a second grade teacher in fremont. after seeing images of the destructive wildfires, she knew she had to do some thing and she did. her classroom has become a donation center for fire victims. the community bringing in everything from the trees and books. giving extra attention to children in need, especially with schools burned down. >> i can't imagine not knowing where i will finish my education or start it. >> we have people drop off capri son for the children and boxes of crackers. >> reporter: and plenty of school supplies hoping to provide art therapy to the
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children. >> this is a pencil only box. >> reporter: she enlists the help of family and friends. >> she lost her home and this is her wedding week. her house is completely destroyed and burned down. she supposed to be getting married in calistoga. >> reporter: lindsay is jacqueline's cousin and a stylist in pleasanton talking about her friend. the salon also is accepting donations with two carloads. >> it's been huge. >> we have gift cards. we had some and give us $400 worth of gift cards from the company. it's been amazing. >> reporter: back at the school, they have started a campaign where every student brings one dollar knowing it will take a village to help the big rooms rebuild. >> it's a good learning experience for students. to show you can help someone out even if it's not someone you know. >> i hope these items bring them joy and a sense of relief and hope and that they know
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there are people out there who care. >> reporter: ktvu, fox news. there is a lot going on this morning. sal is back watching the commute. how does it look so far? the commute is light. i want to mention closure areas on highway 101 and 37. they are open through santa rosa and 37 is open from vallejo to napa. we have a local closures. there are so many. one thing we can say in general is or authorities would like you to stay off the roads unless it's necessary, especially local roads. fire equipment is still moving through. also, power outages remain. if you come on a traffic signal that is not working, treat it as a four-way stop. also, sonoma county transit is
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not running and has not been running for a bit. the transit service has been suspended indefinitely. we will keep you posted on some major things. we go to the altimont password 580 and 205 shows slowing coming into livermore. no major problems driving out to castro valley. 880 north- and southbound look really good in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a line of cars on the left. that is typical for this time as they are hitting a flow. after that, it looks good onto the bridge. that is not fog that you see, it is smoke. there was a little fog yesterday but not today. let's see what's going on. there is a difference between these two systems from sunday and monday into what is happening today.
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i can take satellite back 48 hours. the system the came by sunday was an inside slider. it wanted to northeast nevada and then into salt lake city. a classic set up for a tober. this one came out of the pacific northwest and was more centered over us. the difference would be how much we northeast or east wind we get. temperatures were almost 90 degrees. on sunday, gusts up to almost 80 miles per hour. today, 25-40. this is a cooler system. this was a warm system that came in. the smoke advisory continues. that will go for the next couple of days. very unhealthy in areas of the north but not good for anyone else. red flag warnings have been extended down into san benito county. it's not just the north or east to pay. it's in the santa cruz mountains that well.
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winds in lake county, northwest, northwest, west and southwest. humidity has come down. 50%. yesterday they were close to 70% and 80%. in geyserville, northwest. healdsburg, west. cloverdale, east and southeast or north. humidity is down. we have lost too many sites and napa. those that are reporting show atlas peak north at 19. 29% humidity. some areas are not reporting much information. red flag warning continues out to the valley for everyone. it's not just the north. even with all this cold air we have the freeze warning for parts of mendocino county until 9 am. the higher clouds of cleared out but the smoke is not going anywhere. 30s and 40s on the temps. we end up with temperatures today in the 70s for many. cooler than sunday and monday
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where we had lows in the upper 60s to near 70. dry air is coming in and then one more system cut will come through. the next system will come in tomorrow and that will pick up the wind. hazy skies. the wind picks up on friday into early saturday. after that it looks warmer. upper 80s and maybe a few near 90 on monday. it does look like rain by next thursday. >> we could use that right now. >> a week away. thank you. a few months after a shooting incident before the baseball game, congress taking the field again. the special game they played with some of the people credited with saving lives. what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories...
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hey, buddy! hey. woo! somebody ran laps. yup the new tide sport collection. it's got to be tide. welcome back. president trump's tax reform plan getting pushback from the unique coalition that includes republican lawmakers and unions. they do not like his plan to get rid of the federal tax deduction for state and local taxes. republican lawmakers from high tax states like california, new york, new jersey and illinois as well as labor unions and business groups are pressing the administration to
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reconsider plans to get rid of that deduction. they are worried there will be a financial pinch for their constituents. several bay area sports teams announced a joint donation yesterday of $450,000 to help fire victims. the donation is from the oakland raiders, the oakland a's, san francisco 49ers, the san francisco giants, the golden state warriors and the san jose sharks. in addition to the base donation, teens are asking fans to get to the bay area unite campaign to benefit the american red cross. the wildfires in the north bay are still burning and getting bigger. the biggest concern today, the possibility of strong winds. good morning. traffic is still doing pretty well around the bay area. if you are driving on the bay bridge into san francisco, we will tell you more about the commute coming up.
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the wind is picking up. is not out-of-control. we are getting gusts between 25 and 30. we will look at that and see what's in store for today and friday.
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what's new from light and fit? greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. real fruit and 90 calories... you'll be wowed! try new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. good morning.
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many fires are still burning out of control in the one country this morning. the big concern is the wind. right now there is virtually no containment in many more evacuations. there are reports of power lines down around the same time the fire started. 2 investigates listened to dispatch audio that may give some clues as to how the fires may have started. mornings on 2 starts now. thank you for joining is mornings on 2 . thursday, october 12. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it's a little chilly this morning. >> it was chilly last night. >> 43 degrees when i started my day. >> the cold air is one of the big differences between this and sunday. we had 80s and 90s and lows around the 70s. the wind is picking up her son --


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